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Current Events And Breaking News

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The Fraudulent Monetary System & The Occult Meanings Of Mortgage: Why A Mortgage Is A Pledge To The Dead
June 17 2021 | From: FinalWakeupCall / Omnithought

Real money limits the ability of governments to tax, borrow, and spend, which also limits the size of the inevitable debt problem.

Fake money is easier for governments to get their hands on, and easier to promise; especially if you can “print” it yourself.

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That’s why national governments can dig themselves into much deeper debt holes, and it is also why, it can never be a model of financial integrity. Anything short of genuine major reform won’t help, the world needs an authentic transformational reform.

The problems are not taxes, not Russia, not ISIS; the problem is real money, because the average citizen has too little of it, while, The Deep State insiders have too much of it. Today’s money is a fraud, make money honest and allow the free market to set the interest rate.

Link gold to money at today’s free market price. Fire all Central Banksters. Open a gold window at the Treasury department, and exchange gold for the local paper currency at a pre-set fixed rate.

Bring the military home, stop all wars, and ban budget deficits. Every government should be expected to live within their means, without any exception. The result: No debt.

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Expect that it will be like the dawn of a dead country when easy money falls away. The cronies and zombies will rise up. It would be preferable to eliminate these beforehand through the Shoot To Kill practice by the freedom alliance fighters.

To better understand the financial troubles the world is in, read on to learn who has created this mess in the first place.

Perpetual Debt Spiral:

The Illuminati invented and implemented the perpetually growing debt spiral, but now something has changed. A big change of this sort is enormous as it signals the trend to get out of debt. Deleveraging by paying down debt. That is, of course, a contraction. Contraction means depression.

The world is going into a depression and it’s going to get very nastyThe end result will be; nations’ governments are going to have to revalue gold because that is the only thing they will have left.

They will have to resort to that to keep trade going. No country is completely independent economically. All nations need things that others produce. In order to keep the world trade going, there is no other solution than going back to gold.

For at least one hundred years the financial system has been manipulated to the hilt, bringing the world to its knees through the financial engineering of the elite, which should have been alarming enough for every well-educated expert.

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But the majority has been masterfully kept in the dark about the hidden agenda, not taking heed of the bells ringing loud and clear. In-depth analyses reveal that the whole monetary system is – unintentionally – in its final stage of self-destruction.

The excessive currency printing of debt-money has arrived in its final ‘reflation’ stage of self-destruction. Because the debt in the world has grown so excessively, the credit-system has gone into reverse mode, as result of the invention of the perpetual debt spiral.

By not issuing the money for interest payment, an absurd situation occurs in that not enough liquidity is created to repay all debt. And even more ludicrous, when all debt is paid there is no currency left in circulation.

Reflation is no longer possible anymore and the deflationists are being proven to have been correct all along. They are correct in regards to a credit system working in reverse with a negative feedback loop stoking a deflationary death spiral.

Debt Reflation in Reverse is Like Shooting Without Ammunition:

Reflation is a fiscal or monetary policy, designed to expand a country’s output and curb the effects of deflation. This now is going in reverse, changing in the opposite direction. In fact, debt reflation is deflation of debt, making the economic situation worse, leading to contraction, propelling the economy into a collapse.

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Clearly the Khazarian mafia is getting scared and running out of ammunition. The fact that the Khazarian mob controlled Bank of Japan, like the ECB in Europe was forced to resort to negative interest rates, proves their fake fiat monies are worth less than nothing. The US Federal Reserve Board will be forced to do the same thing.

The more people put money in their banks, the more that money is vanishing.

It’s a remarkable time right now. This is all taking place before we are able to identify what the world is going through or where it is headed. People who are AWAKE have long seen this coming, and now we’re in the middle of it.

There are really two converging worlds – the vibrational changes from beyond are attacking the Khazarian Mafia-controllers that block these positive energies, and jam the beneficial signals bestowed on the people by instilling fear and insecurity, meanwhile bombarding us with a toxic cocktail of electromagnetic, chemical, genetic, nuclear and techno-trans humanist influences.

There is just one small problem, what will happen to the currencies of these central bank issuers including and especially those of The Fed, who also are caught up in the negative feedback loop?

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These will vanish as result of their own intentional mistake of not putting enough money into circulation to pay back all the outstanding loans plus interest payments.
Currency survival:

This is the main and most pressing financial question people ever have faced in their lifetimes. Will the currencies survive and thrive in the deflation period or will they be seen for what they are, IOU’s of bankrupt issuers at the very centre of the credit crisis quagmire? If you answer this question incorrectly, you have finished your own financial life.

The key question is, against what assets will the currencies “deflate”? The answer of course is as it has always has been, “gold”.

While the pundits will have you believegold was devalued against the dollar in 1934", this for sure was quite the opposite. And while certain experts now will have you believe the “dollar” was the best investment in the 1930’s, for sure they are wrong!

The Importance of Gold:

Dollars then were “derivatives” – derived from – of gold. At that time, dollars were freely interchangeable at banks until 1933, then the dollar was devalued from $20.67 to $35 dollars that was necessary to purchase one ounce of gold.

In other words, it took nearly 75% more dollars to purchase an ounce of gold – end of story, gold was King during the last and only deflation since then, dollars and all other currencies now will be devalued versus gold again.

The two most important aspects of gold are; it cannot go “bankrupt” nor can it be freely “printed”. Those who say the U.S. can never “go bankrupt” because the debt is in dollars and they will just print more, are 100% correct but horribly wrong!

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Correct, the U.S. can print any amount of dollars necessary to pay off debt. This still doesn’t mean they do not “default”. In other words:

If McDonalds fails to give you a promised hamburger next Tuesday but instead promises you a hamburger every Tuesday for the rest of your life, where’s the beef? It never ever comes, just as there will be zero value to any dollar bill should the U.S. or any other central banker decide to print the Zillions needed to avoid default.

This falls under the category SUPPLY versus DEMAND! In case you don’t understand what is said, “old” dollars will become worthless as they become over-printed to avoid “default” – but devaluation is default in its own right.


In the meantime, wait for the currency event termed “hyperinflation” that is bound to happen; as debtors must navigate a deflationary environment where credit is drying up everywhere they look.

It should amaze everyonethat the world is facing a liquidity crisis after all the trillions of digital currency units added to the system since 2008 – it seems almost impossible to have a lack of liquidity doesn’t it?

As explained above, under debt reflation in reverse; this is the fact debtors face globally and that threatens to shut the system down, because of no liquidity!

Taking this two steps further than the deflationists, what exactly will happen once credit does collapse and the spigot gets shut off? In the case of the U.S., they most likely will “print” to the point of full – rather than the current partial monetization of all the debt.

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This printing will be done by a bankrupt entity with more IOU’s around the globe than humanity can count. How will the massive supply of dollars issued by a bankrupt and fraudulent issuer possibly be a “good thing” for the value of dollars? There is none!

This process, no matter how simple it seems to be, is two-steps too far for the deflationists! The real result of credit freezing up will amount to a national and probably a global famine. It is incredible that the aspect of credit is almost never connected to “distribution”. Forget about actual farming or production needing credit to function, how will products make it to store shelves without credit even if it does “grow”?

Fight The New World Order with Global Non Compliance:

Understand your enemy, and understand the weapons they use. Then use those same weapons against them. The money system is the head of the snake. Cut the head off the snake and the rest of it will whither and die.

There need be No violence, no guns, no banners, no slogans, no group think, just a united act of global non compliance.

Remember, that it is much easier to fight for principles than to live up to them and it takes a far braver man to stand up for what is right and spit in the face of authority than it does to blindly follow orders due to fear of the consequences. Understand that we are all one and the key to real change and unity in this world lies with love.

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It is time for the people of the world to stop and realise that the divisions that supposedly exist amongst us are an illusion. There is no division and its time for everyone to understand the truth of this.

It is through the constantly promoted illusion of division that the system is able to function but in order for it to do so, it needs public compliance.

Its time for us all to collectively stand together and address the root cause of the problems, which lies in the fraudulent monetary system.

Stop complying with it, and you will shut down the monetary system.

Fight The New World Order with Global Non Compliance

The Occult Meanings Of Mortgage: Why A Mortgage Is A Pledge To The Dead

Owning a nice home is a dream that most people have. Deep down, nearly everyone wants to live in a nice home. One of the main obstacles that prevents most people from owning a home of their dream is the high cost.

Depending where people live today, a regular house can cost a few hundred thousand dollars. Because houses are so expensive, most people need to get a specific type of loan from a bank to pay for the house they want to live in. This type of loan is called a mortgage.

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What most people do not know about a mortgage is that it is designed to enslave them with fictitious debt, allowing the banksters to collect money from them and give it to their masters (the Dark Magicians). The main purpose of this deception is to trick people to give some of their life force energy to the Dark Magicians through the magical medium called paper currency.

To learn how the Dark Magicians and their minions are able to trick you to give some of your life force energy to them, you need to find the occult (hidden) meaning of the words mortgage and currency and study them until you innerstand what they mean on a deeper level.

Once you really innerstand the hidden meaning of the words mortgage and currency, you should know that a mortgage is a pledge to the DEAD.

The Occult Meaning of Mortgage

One of the overt definitions of the word mortgage is “a conveyance of an interest in property as security for the repayment of money borrowed.”

defines the word mortgage using these exact words: “A legal agreement by which a bank or other creditor lends money at interest in exchange for taking title of the debtor's property, with the condition that the conveyance of title becomes void upon the payment of the debt.”

Related: Why The Whole Banking System Is A Scam - Godfrey Bloom MEP

Black's Law Dictionary 6th edition defines the word mortgage using these exact words: "A mortgage is an interest in land created by a written instrument providing security for the performance of a duty or the payment of a debt."

The three definitions of the word mortgage in the previous paragraph only define what a mortgage is at the surface level. To find the occult (hidden) meaning of the word mortgage, you need to use an etymology dictionary to help you find the origins of the word mortgage. You also need to split the word mortgage into two words, transforming it into the term "mort-gage".

The word mortgage/mort-gage originated from two Old French words, which are mort and gage. In Old French, mort means dead and gage means pledge. The word pledge comes from Old French plegier, meaning “to promise” or “to solemnly promise or guarantee”.

Dictionary.com defines pledge as “a solemn promise or agreement to do or refrain from doing something”.

Webster's Complete Dictionary of the English Language (1886) defines the word pledge using these exact words: "Any thing given or considered as a security for the performance of an act; as, a man gives his word or makes a promise to another, which is received as a pledge for fulfillment; the mutual affection of husband and wife is a pledge for the faithful performance of the marriage covenant; mutual interest is the best pledge for the performance of treaties.

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"Their liveliest pledge of hope."" It also defines the word pledge using these exact words: "A surety; a hostage." Merriam-Webster.com defines the word hostage as "a person held by one party in a conflict as a pledge pending the fulfillment of an agreement" or "a person taken by force to secure the taker's demands".

To connect the dots, when you take out a mortgage, you unknowingly make a pledge (promise) to the dead, and therefore you agree to be a hostage of the dead. This is one of the occult definitions of the word mortgage. So, what is the dead?

The dead represents the Dark Forces (groups of demons) and their corporations (corpses or dead bodies).

As described in my book titled Word Magic: The Powers & Occult Definitions of Words:

“A corporation is a “corp-o-ration” or “corpse-o-ration”. The plural form of the word corporation can be written as corps. Phonetically, the word corps sounds similar to the word corpse, which is defined as “a dead body, usually of a human being”.

The legal system sees you as a corpse to be used as a ration to feed the Matrix of the Dark Forces. Hence, the word corporation/corp-o-ration/corpse-o-ration.

Do you remember what I said in Chapter 2 about why the government sees you as a legally dead person, because you are considered lost at sea or dead at sea?

The word mortgage also has a strong connection to the words morgue and mortuary. This is why the place where dead bodies are stored is called a morgue. Mortgages are created in a way that makes them hard to pay off, so that when people get a mortgage (a pledge to the dead), they have to work most of their lives to pay it off.

This allows the debt-based monetary system to drain their energy to charge the dead with currency; the currency that people make from many hours of working at a corporation (dead body).

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The word currency and the medium currency are two of the most effective things that the Dark Forces like to use to drain your life force energy.

Below is another excerpt from my book titled Word Magic: The Powers & Occult Definitions of Words. This excerpt reveals how currency is used to trick you to allow the Dark Forces to drain your life force energy.

“As for the word currency, its hidden definition is the “flow of energy”. This is why the stored energy in a battery is called electric current or the currency of electricity. The word currency originated from the Latin word currens, the present participle of currere, which means “to run”.

Now, why would they based the word currency on a Latin word that does not have much to do with paper money or coin? Because it is not really about the paper money or coin. Instead, it is about harnessing the energy of humanity!

To innerstand why currency has a strong relation to energy, you need to find the occult meaning of the word currency. To do this, you need to use phonetics and separate the word currency into two words. When spoken out loud, the word currency sounds similar to the term “current-sea”.

What does a current do in a river? It flows or runs to the sea! Keep in mind that the Latin word currens means “to run”.

The word current can also mean “a flowing; flow, as of a river” or “something that flows, as a stream”. The flowing movement of currents is what causes the freshwater in the river to flow to the sea. Once the freshwater is in the sea, its current is now part of the “current-sea” or the “current of the sea”. Hence, the word currency/current-sea. ...

The word currency also sounds similar to the term “current chi”. In Chinese, the word chi (also known as qi) means natural energy, “life force”, or “energy flow”. Be aware that the Chinese word chi is pronounced somewhat similar to the English word sea. Based on these occult definitions, currency means the “flow of life force energy”.

When you really think about it, currency is a medium for exchanging or transferring life force energy, which is why the Dark Forces are obsessed with using currency to drain your life force energy.”

At the deeper level, when people get a mortgage, they basically agree to sign their life away to the dead. They also agree to make a promise to the dead to charge it with their energy, so that the dead can stay alive. In other words, they agree to make a solemn pledge to the dead to ensure that the dead will be paid and charged with life force energy.

Phonetically, the word dead sounds similar to the word debt. A word that has a strong connection to the words dead and debt is mortgage.

When you pay a mortgage/debt/dead, you basically commit sin. If you want evidence of this, go to Merriam-Webster.com and search for the definition of debt and you should see the word sin as one of its definitions.

The word sin originated from Old English synn, meaning “moral wrongdoing, injury, mischief, enmity, feud, guilt, crime, offense against God, misdeed”.

The reason why you commit sin when you pay a debt is because you basically help the Dark Forces to enslave the human race. The debt system is controlled by the Dark Forces and they are using it to drain the energy of humanity and harm nature.

Using the debt system to harm living beings and nature is against Natural Law (God’s Law)

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Maybe this is why the Bible verse Romans 6:23 says, “For the wages of sin is death”. Sin is debt/dead/death.

By now you should know how the words mortgage, debt, dead, currency, corporation and battery are all related to the process of harnessing the energy of humanity.

This drama is all about tricking humanity to consent to be a “battery“, so that the Dark Forces and their minions can use our life force energy to charge their dead matrix system.

To learn what this matrix is, read my empowering article titled The Artificial Matrix and the Hidden Agenda of Cryptocurrency and study the information in my sixth seminar titled The Matrix Decoded: Decoding the Occult Messages in The Matrix.

What Can You Do to Free Yourself From a Mortgage

By now you should know why you should never get a mortgage. Taking out a mortgage is like asking for a death sentence. If you have a mortgage and want to know how to free yourself from it, you need to first know how to defend your natural rights.

You also need to learn how the legal system really works. My book Word Magic: The Powers & Occult Definitions of Words is a great source of knowledge that teaches you how the legal system works from behind the scenes.

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Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

Former Satanic Priest Exposes The Four Main Tenets Of Satanic Ideology & Are You A Satanist? You Could Be And Not Even Know It + Ask An Ex-Satanist Anything - Katy Perry Super Bowl Ritual
June 16 2021 | From: Sitshow / MarkPassio / Various

In January of 2015, Mark Passio, former Satanic priest, gave a clear and on point, explanation of the ideology of the church of Satan. His knowledge comes from his experience as a former priest in the church of Satan, a branch of the Dark Occult.

Now Passio has changed his personal ideology 180 degrees and helps to expose the insidious precepts of Satanism. Earlier this year, Mark Passio joined Lee Ann McAdoo from Alex Jones' InfoWars for an online interview wherein he discussed the "4 main tenets of Satanism."

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Connection To The Shadow People

Mark's website, is www.whatonearthishappening.com. He was a speaker at a conference in Philadelphia, PA on April 10-12, 2015, advertised on his website, which sought to establish a much more inclusive and caring world view than what he previously believed in.

As Passio explains he was dissatisfied with religion and over time became angry and and gravitated towards the branch of Satanism called the Dark Occult.

His writing and music was recognized by a Satanic church figure, the late Anton LaVey and LaVey asked him to become a priest in the church and to take on the role of converting others to the Satanic counter-religion.

While he does not explain why he left the church of Satan, Passio does explain that his associates within the group were completely unconcerned with him leaving, as they felt confident that nothing he could do could affect them or their power.

Occult Holidays And Sabbats: Why Holidays Are Satanic Rituals

Is it harmful for society to associate the word Satanism solely with human and animal sacrifices and sexual crimes? Could it be that such a definition allows the more sensitive and insidious aspects of the ideology to continue on and become accepted or institutionalized?

What is very interesting about the "Satanic ideology" that Mark Passio describes is that the precepts are not specifically racism or bigotry, the kinds of hatred we frequently associate with criminal acts.

The "4 main tenets of Satanism" as he explains are:

1. Self Preservation

2. Moral Relativism

3. Social Darwinism

4. Eugenics

These concepts [detailed further below] exist on a sliding scale and it is not clear to what degree they are actually practiced by Satanists.

The individuals who practice such a selfish philosophy unbalanced by love or compassion for others would seem like sociopaths among us, perhaps free of criminal records, but who take no risk or responsibility to improve the lives of less fortunate people in society.

As Passio explains, Self Preservation is among the highest Satanic principles, and not in the acceptable sense of being defensive.

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We may know many people in our lives who we consider harmless individuals, without criminal records, who indeed show philosophical traits in common with Satanism, however we would never think of calling them Satanic because we associate that offensive word with human and animal sacrifices, which is a deception that conceals the nature of Satanism as the inverse of Christianity.

For example where Christianity might practice forgiveness and freedom from dogma, Satanism prefers the tools of mercilessness and oppression.

If more corporate businesses than not identify with the ideology of Satanism in their business practices, then are we living in a pre-dominantly Satanic world?

If so, then it is only individuals, practicing self preservation balanced with Jesus' fruits of the Spirit such as compassion to other human beings, that make the world unevil. 

Today Passio  is using his knowledge not to create converts but to expose the Satanic ideology in an effort to reveal how harmful it is.

If it goes un-identified, then it will continue to overwhelm our technological society, in the businesses and sciences, and allow the elite to be dangerously misguided.

We make the world how we create it to be. We are free to create new and better systems of business based on morally objective ideology to overcome old and inferior systems of enslavement.

Despite the aesthetic symbols seen in the background of his recording location, Passio speaks powerfully and knowledgeably against Satanic tools used to oppress massive numbers of people.

He shows that he has re-wired himself in favor of love. On his website the footer reads: All is Love. Which is clearly not the belief of a Satanist.

Former Satanist Exposes Occult Secrets

De-mystifying the occult with Mark Passio. Passio, an independent researcher, public speaker, radio talk show host, conference organizer and freedom activist from Philadelphia, PA., has undertaken the task of assembling vast amounts of research in the areas of metaphysics, occultism, spirituality, symbology and consciousness studies.

Partial Transcript from "Former Satanist Exposes Occult Secrets"

7:41 -

“It has nothing to do with the Christian notion of the devil. Satanism has 4 main tenets or overarching principles of belief.

And that is that self-preservation is the highest goal. And you should do whatever you can to advance your personal power and influence in the world no matter who you really have to walk all over, step on, or hurt to get what you want.

That's really the number one tenet and if you look at society most of society is stuck in that cut-throat, dog-eat-dog, mentality."


"Moral relativism is the second major tenet which is that there is really no such thing as objective standards of right and wrong behavior. That we as human beings can get to decide upon our whims what right and wrong are and base our actions accordingly.

And if you look at most of society I would say more people than not are moral relativists than moral objectivists who think that there is an objective standard of right and wrong behavior. So that's also very pervasive in society."

8:02 -

"The Third major tenet is social darwinism, the idea that the most ruthless in society have some sort of a predetermined idea or pre-destined right to basically rule over everybody else in society because their genetics got them there, and made them fit for rulership.

And many people will actually think like that and think that that's ok, that that's just the natural order or the way things are. You know, and so that's also very pervasive in our society."

8:33 -

"And finally the 4th main pillar of Satanism is eugenics, the idea that those who are socially fit to rule, and they're the fittest in society and therefore they've come out on top and they're ruling the roost, well they can get to decide who basically propagates their genes and who does not, or in other words, who gets to live and who dies.

Who must die."

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Why You Need To Understand the Occult -Seminar: The Nature of Sacred Symbolism and Hidden Knowledge

Are You A Satanist? You Could Be And Not Even Know It + Ask Ex-Satanist Anything - Katy Perry Super Bowl Ritual

This is an interview with a former priest of the Church of Satan, Mark Passio, discussing how the Satanism normally thought of in the world today (the Worship of a "devil" by confused and misguided people) is far more insidious than we could have possibly imagined. 

Instead of small gatherings, acting as individuals (usually we think of satanists as crazy unbalanced teens or psychopaths), Passio describes Satanism is actually a recruiting mechanism for a far darker agenda. Lawyers, Doctors and nearly every other high ranking figure in society was in attendance during his time with them.

Related: Satanic Pedophilia Network Exposed In Australia - It Starts At The TOP, Just Like In The USA And UK

They revealed to him that their efforts are global in scale and have been operating for thousands of years in a cohesive unified effort under the banner of Christianity, Islam, Judaism and nearly every other major institution of thought including Science, Law and Government.

Satanism is not wholly what the official Church of Satan offers in it's writings, it is actually an organization which incorporates organize crime, and fits the profile described by Gordon Duff in his work on the OCC (Organized Crime Cabal); the "illuminati" as they are popularly known.

Goal of Occulted Satanism

Their aim is simple: to push Satanic belief systems on to the masses causing self destructive tendencies; divide and conquer.

People spend most of their lives trying to fight for their egocentric desires, destroying themselves and society in the process, "requiring authorities" at all levels to keep the ignorant masses under control.

The Cabal, or Dark Occultists, position themselves in power to be that controlling force - bringing "order to chaos".

Related: John Kerry Admits They're Making 'Order Out Of Chaos' For 'World Order'

Occulted Satanism is more a philosophy, a set of beliefs and ideas, pushed on the masses under many guises; nearly all of which are accepted unconsciously.

Materialism, Corporatism, Narcissism, Atheism and nearly all world religions (as they are practiced) - can be thought of as Satanic in this context. (read this wikipedia article on Satanism to provide a context for the popularly known version vs the Occulted version discussed by Passio).

One shocking revelation offered by Passio, and confirmed for oneself by honest investigation, is that the world at large is in a state of consciousness which could be thought of as Satanic.

Related: Vladimir Putin: The New World Order Worships Satan

Stated more simply, humanity is being indoctrinated into Satanic belief systems, modes of thought, and do not realize it because they have a false version of Satanism pushed by the media.

We think Satanism involves "the devil" and sacrificing animals by a few 'bad apples' that are not connected in anyway, but in truth this is not actually the case.

Within the definitions of Satanism provided by Mark, we have the following Tenants (I drafted these in my own words listening to the show):

1. Narcissism

"Me and my needs are the only thing that matters, even at the cost of everyone else". Survival of the self, is most important. "No one else and their personal suffering, matters unless I am affected."

Compassion for others is weakness. (Narcissistic personality disorder, also known as NPD, is a disorder in which the individual has a distorted self image, unstable and intense emotions, is overly preoccupied with vanity, prestige, power and personal adequacy, lacks empathy, and has an exaggerated sense of superiority; balancing their low self image.

NPD is closely associated with egocentrism - a personality characteristic in which people see themselves and their interests and opinions as the only ones that really matter).

2. Moral Relativism

"There is no such thing as truth, I make up what right and wrong are based on what I want. If I can get away with it, then it's "right" and I should; its only wrong, if I get caught."

The belief that objective morality doesn't exist and neither does Truth. This is Solipsism, the belief that there is no truth because we can not know it with absolute certainty; "the view or theory that the self is all that can be known to exist" - Wikipedia.

As such, "what I believe is the only thing that matters, and if I don't believe it - it doesn't exist." New Age Doctrine of - "Ignore the negative, and it will magically go away."

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3. Social Darwinism

"I focus on my survival and personal needs only; by any means necessary. What gets the job done, whatever I need to do to survive, is the only thing that matters. If someone else can't do the same, they are weak and deserve what they get."

4. Eugenics

"I get to decide who lives and dies, what their value is only in relation to my own self interest. If your not with me your against me. I am superior you are inferior."

Here the aim is to cull the masses, keep the population at a 'workable level'. In the past this was done more directly (i.e. the Holocaust) but today Eugenics is unfolding in an Epi-eugenic way. People, by their own beliefs and actions, eat food that kills them off, and kill each other off in unnecessary conflicts.

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Other Points

"Humans are just animals - morality, compassion and empathy are just human inventions - only might is right."

There is no God, no organizing force in the Universe; only Entropy - Scientific Atheism is Satanic within this context.

Are you a Satanist?

That question usually offends us so much we never ask ourselves honestly. Let me cast the limelight on myself for the moment. 

The 'Cremation of Care' ritual cermony held annually by the elite in the US at Bohemian Grove, CA.

During my late teens and early 20's, I was a major drug addict. I stole from my family, friends and stores regularly to sustain my addiction.

Doing anything I could to stave off the dope sickness, I always felt the moral wrongness of my actions.

Eventually I made the choice to get clean and moved away from the situations that tempted me. Finally I healed the true cause of the addiction within myself, and now even if I had heroin within my grasp I wouldn't find value in the experience of taking it.

The point is, that I justified my actions, despite having a conscious awareness of how wrong they are, and as such, I was acting as a Satanist.

All my justifications and rationalizing won't change my Satanic behavior, because at the end of the day what I chose to do, was in harmony with the plans of the Dark Occultists.

Related: The Peace Sign And Satanism

Anyone who acts in this way is for all intents and purposes an Agent of the Cabal.

Using this very strict definition, we can easily see that nearly everyone in our modern world is acting out the plans of the Cabal unconsciously.

I know this can be a sobering realization, but can be empowering once we accept it, because we realize that we can personally take action to change.

Why is This Important?

Once we begin to realize that our world views, beliefs and ideals are indoctrinated into us subliminally, we can begin to empower ourselves to take our lives back by reviewing it consciously.

The PRIMARY reason why most people are not Moral, and adhere to passivity in their lives is because of a low self image, which was developed early on in life, and supported by many hidden belief systems pushed by our modern world.

This realization, coupled with a deep drive to rediscover who we really are and undo the years of unconscious programming, slowly heals us.

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Eventually we not only feel better on a daily basis, but we begin to realize that only through ourselves, the personal work of gaining true knowledge and acting in that knowledge, will undo the horrors of this world. 

Humanity as a whole has been conditioned to be dark and materialistic, doomed to self destruction, unless we look in the mirror and realize it is all our collective behaviors and beliefs which maintain the status quo.

Ultimately, we can acknowledge this is happening "to us" and realize only we can do something about it.

Authorities can not 'save us' because blind faith in authorities are the root of the problem. We must become our own guru's and rediscover who we really are, which will naturally undo the years of Satanic programing, and embolden us to act morally in the future. 

Ask Ex-Satanist Anything - Katy Perry Super Bowl Ritual

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Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

The Violence-Inducing Effects Of Psychiatric Medication & The Psychiatric Agenda Destroys Creative Children
July 15 2017 | From: KellyBroganMD / JonRappoport

On May 17, 2017, we learned that Chris Cornell of Soundgarden had reportedly committed suicide by hanging.

His family reports knowing a different Chris than one who would make this fatal decision, and suspect his anti-anxiety prescription in the altered state he was witnessed to be in the night he died.

Is Psychiatry Bullshit? Some Psychiatrists View The Chemical-Imbalance Theory As A Well-Meaning Lie + Psychotropic Drugs, Are They Safe? Fourteen Lies That Our Psychiatry Professors Taught Us In Medical School

Perhaps an “addict turned psychiatric patient”, like so many, Chris Cornell seemed to have left the frying pan of substance abuse for the fire of psychiatric medication risks.

For reasons that remain mysterious, those under the influence of psychiatric medication often specifically choose to hang themselves in their moment of peak impulsivity.

Some, like Kim’s husband Woody who was never depressed a day in his life but prescribed Zoloft by his internist, even verbalize a felt experience of his head coming apart from his body in the days before he was found hanged in his garage.

Related: Dr. Kelly Brogan's Takedown Of Big Pharma's SSRI Anti-Depressant Drug Lies Hits Bestseller Lists

Then there’s 14 year old Naika, a foster child in Florida who hanged herself on a FB livestream after being treated with 50mg of Vyvanse, a drug treatment for ADHD that leads to a domino effect of diagnoses and psychiatric meds including a 13 fold increase in likelihood of being prescribed an antipsychotic medication and 4 fold increase in antidepressant medications than controls.

Are these just rare anecdotes? Is this just the cost of treatment that is helpful for most? Are we blaming medication for what might have been severe mental illness that was undertreated and/or undiagnosed?

Informed Consent: the Premise of Ethical Medicine

I believe first and foremost in informed consent. If you are informed of the risks, benefits, and alternatives to a given treatment, you will be empowered to make the best decision for yourself based on your personal, family, philosophical, and religious life context.

But the truth is that prescribers are not in a position to share the known risks of medications because we learn only of their purported benefits with a short-tagline of dismissively rare risks that are thought to be invariably outweighed by the presenting clinical concern.

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But what about serious risks – including impulsive suicide and homicide – surely we are informing patients of that possibility, right?


In fact, the FDA and the pharmaceutical industry have gone to great lengths to conceal multiple signals of harm so we certainly can’t expect your average prescriber to have done the investigative work required to get at the truth.

In fact, from 1999-2013, US psychiatric medication prescriptions have increased by a whopping 117% concurrent with a 240% increase in death rates from these medications.

Related: Nutrition And Mental Health + ADHD Is A Fabricated Disease, Says Reputed Neurologist

So let’s review some of the evidence that suggests that it may not be in your best interest or the best interest of those around you for you to travel the path of medication-based psychiatry.

Because, after all, if we don’t screen for risk factors – if we don’t know who will become the next victim of psych-med-induced violence – then how can we justify a single prescription?

Are we at a point in the history of medicine where random acts of personal and public violence are defensible risks of treatment for stress, anxiety, depression, inattention, psychosocial distress, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic fatigue, and even stress incontinence?

Let the Science Speak


Prescribed specifically to “prevent” suicide, antidepressants now come with a black box warning label of suicide risk since 2010.

Multi-billion dollar lawsuits like the settlement of Study 329 have been necessary to unlock the cabinet drawers of an industry that cares more about profit than human lives.

A reanalysis of study 329 which initially served as a landmark study in 2001 supporting the prescription of antidepressants to children, has now demonstrated that these medications are ineffective in this population and play a causal role in suicidal behavior.

Concealing and manipulating data that shows this signal of harm, including a doubling of risk of suicide with antidepressant treatment, has generated seeming confusion around this incomprehensibly unacceptable risk profile.

In fact, a reanalysis of an influential US National Institute of Mental Health 2007 study, revealed a four-fold increase in suicide despite the fact that the initial publication claimed no increased risk relative to placebo.

Related: 10 Monumentally False Claims Made By Conventional Medicine About Health + How Far Has The Medical Profession Fallen From The Hippocratic Oath?

According to available data – 3 large meta-analyses – more psychiatric treatment means more suicide. Well, that might seem a hazard of the field, right? Where blaming medications for suicide would be like saying that umbrellas cause the rain.

That’s why studies in non-suicidal subjects and even healthy volunteers who went on to experience suicidality after taking antidepressants are so compelling.

Benzodiazepines (like what Cornell was taking) and hypnotics (sleep and anxiety medications) also have a documented potential to increase risk of completed and attempted suicide and have been implicated in impulsive self-harm including self-inflicted stab wounds during changes to dosage.

We also find the documented possibility that suicidality could emerge in patients who are treated with this class of medications even when they are not suicidal with recent research stating:

“Benzodiazepine receptor agonist hypnotics can cause parasomnias, which in rare cases may lead to suicidal ideation or suicidal behavior in persons who were not known to be suicidal”.

And, of course, these medications themselves provide the means and the method with a known lethal poisoning profile.


Clearly murderers are mentally ill, right? What if I told you that the science supports the concern that we are medicating innocent civilians into states of murderous impulsivity?

When Andrew Thibault began to research the safety of a stimulant drug recommended to his son, he entered a rabbit hole he has yet to emerge from.

After literally teaching himself code to decrypt the data on the FDA Adverse Event Reporting System website, he was able to cull 2,000 pediatric fatalities from psychotropic medications, and 700 homicides.

Related: The Drugs May Be The Problem – Inconvenient Truths About Big Pharma And The Psychiatric Industry + Psychologist Speaks Out: Psychiatry Is Misleading Public About Mental Disorders

A Freedom of Information Act and a lawsuit later, he continues to struggle with redacted and suppressed information around 24 homicides directly connected to the use of psychotropics including the homicide by a 10 year old treated with Vyvanse of an infant.

Another case, ultimately recovered, involved statements from a 35 year old perpetrator / patient, who murdered her own daughter, as directly implicating as:

“When I took nortriptyline, I immediately wanted to kill myself. I’d never had thoughts like that before”.

To begin to scientifically explore the risk of violence induced by psychotropic medication, a study sample needs to be representative, the reason for taking the drug needs to be taken into consideration, the effect needs to be controlled for, as do any other intoxicants.

Professor Jari Tiihonen’s research group analysed the use of prescription drugs of 959 persons convicted of a homicide in Finland and found that pre-crime prescription of benzodiazepines and opiates resulted in the highest risk (223% increase) of committing homicide.

Relatedly, eleven antidepressants, six sedative/hypnotics and three drugs for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder represented the bulk of 31 medications associated with violence reported to the FDA.

Related: 4 Facts About ADHD That Teachers & Doctors Never Tell Parents

Now an international problem, a Swedish registry study identified a statistically significant increase in violence in males and females under 25 years old prescribed antidepressants.

Implicated in school shootings, stabbings, and even the Germanwings flight crash, prescribing of psychotropics prior to these incidences has been catalogued on ssristories.org leading me to suspect psychiatric prescribing as the most likely cause in any and all reports of unusually violent behavior in the public sphere.

Is Association Really Causation?

Beyond the cases where violence to self or others was induced in a non-violent, non-depressed, non-psychotic individual, what other evidence is there that speaks to how this could possibly be happening?

The most seminal paper in this regard, in my opinion, was published in 2011 by Lucire and Crotty. Ten cases of extreme violence were committed by patients who were prescribed antidepressants – not for major mental illness or even for depression – but for psychosocial distress (i.e. work stress, dog died, divorce).

Related: The Shocking Truth About Antidepressant Drug Studies + Peter Breggin MD: How Do Psychiatric Drugs Really Work?

What these authors identified was that these ten subjects had variants to liver enzymes responsible for drug metabolism exacerbated by co-administration of other drugs and substances including herbs. All returned to their baseline personalities when the antidepressant was discontinued.

Now referred to as akathisia-induced impulsivity, the genetic risk factors for this Russian Roulette of violence are not screened for prior to psychotropic prescribing.

Akathisia is a state of severe restlessness associated with thoughts of suicide and homicide.

Many patients describe it as a feeling-less state of apathy – and what I would describe as a disconnection from their own souls, their own experience of human connection, and any measure of self-reflection.

Related: Key Factors To Overcoming Depression Without Drugs

The genetic underpinnings of this kind of medication-induced vulnerability are just beginning to be explored with identification of precursor symptoms to violence including severe agitation.

In a randomized, placebo-controlled trial, healthy volunteers exhibited an almost 2 fold increased risk of symptoms that can lead to violence.

A 4-5 fold increased risk was noted in patients prescribed a generic version of the antidepressant Cymbalta, off-label, for stress urinary incontinence (a non-psychiatric indication).

There is Another Way

Perhaps it’s as if we are offering the blade edge of a knife to those falling off the cliff of struggle and suffering. Because the idea of managing a chemical imbalance with chemicals seems to make sense.

But at what cost?

The laundry list of acute and chronic adverse effects is growing, and the unpredictable risk of medication-induced violence should lead to an urgent cessation of all psychotropics.

Because it takes 17 years for physician practice to reflect published science, we need grassroots level information sharing. We need to inform ourselves before we consent to engage a system that regards you as an impersonal statistic.

We live in a cultural context that makes no room for the relevance, meaning, and significance of symptoms – symptoms are simply bad and scary and they must be managed. We don’t make room for patients to ask why they are not ok.

Related: 7 Facts About Depression That Will Blow You Away

If you knew that your symptoms were reversible, healable, transformable, you might consider walking that path instead of assuming this level of risk for placebo-level efficacy of psychotropic medication. We would only euthanize a “mental patient” if we felt their condition was lifelong and unremitting.

In fact, every woman I have ever tapered off of psychiatric drugs into experiences of total vitality once believed that she would be a medicated psychiatric patient for life.

If you knew that radical self-healing potential lies within each and every one of us, if you only knew that was possible, you might start that journey today. It’s side effect free…

The Psychiatric Agenda Destroys Creative Children

“Take a child who wants to invent something out of thin air, and instead of saying no, tell him he has a problem with his brain, and then stand back and watch what happens. In particular, watch what happens when you give him a toxic drug to fix his brain. You have to be a certain kind of person to do that to a child. You have to be, for various reasons, crazy and a career criminal.” - The Underground, Jon Rappoport

First, here are a few facts that should give you pause:

Related: When your child is a psychopath

According to NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness);

“More than 25 percent of [US] college students have been diagnosed or treated by a professional for a mental health condition within the past year.”

NAMI: “One in four young adults between the ages of 18 and 24 have [we claim] a diagnosable mental illness.”

According to healthline.com, 6.4 million American children between the ages of 4 and 17 have been diagnosed with ADHD. The average age for the child’s diagnosis is 7.

BMJ 2016;352:i1457: “The number of UK children and adolescents treated with antidepressants rose by over 50% from 2005 to 2012, a study of five Western countries published in European Neuropsychopharmacology has found.”

Getting the picture?

Related: Harvard Research Finds Link Between Fluoridated Water, ADHD & Mental Disorders

Children are being diagnosed and dosed with toxic drugs at a staggering rate. But, as I have shown in many past articles, NO so-called mental disorder is based on a lab test.

No blood, saliva, genetic, brain test. ALL 300 or so official mental disorders are defined by menus of behaviors concocted by committees of psychiatrists.

On that foundation, the diagnoses and the drugs are handed out.

Let’s look at just one of the drugs: Ritalin (or any similar ADHD medicine). After a creative child is seen fidgeting in class, looking bored, studying what he wants to study, ignoring classroom assignments, focusing on what interests him, he is diagnosed with ADHD. Then comes the drug.

In 1986, The International Journal of the Addictions published an important literature review by Richard Scarnati. It was called “An Outline of Hazardous Side Effects of Ritalin (Methylphenidate)” [v.21, pp. 837-841].

Related: Before His Death, Father Of ADHD Admitted It Was A Fictitious Disease

Scarnati listed a large number of adverse effects of Ritalin and cited published journal articles which reported each of these symptoms.

For every one of the following (selected and quoted verbatim) Ritalin effects, there is at least one confirming source in the medical literature:

Paranoid delusions

Paranoid psychosis

Hypomanic and manic symptoms, amphetamine-like psychosis

Activation of psychotic symptoms

Toxic psychosis

Visual hallucinations

Auditory hallucinations

Can surpass LSD in producing bizarre experiences

Effects pathological thought processes

Extreme withdrawal

Terrified affect

Started screaming



Since Ritalin is considered an amphetamine-type drug, expect amphetamine-like effects

Psychic dependence

High-abuse potential DEA Schedule II Drug

Decreased REM sleep

When used with antidepressants one may see dangerous reactions including hypertension, seizures and hypothermia


Brain damage may be seen with amphetamine abuse.

Under this chemical assault on the brain, what are the chances that a creative child will go on in life to become an innovator, rather than a victim of psychiatric drugging?

Make a list of your favorite innovators. Imagine them as bored distracted children sitting in classrooms… and then diagnosed, and then hammered with drugs prescribed by a doctor.

This is happening now. The institution of psychiatry is making it happen. What about the consequences of diagnosing clinical depression in larger numbers of young children? What about the antidepressant drugs?

Related: The Science And Pseudoscience Of Children’s Mental Health + Creating ADHD Is The New Education

Here is just a sprinkling of information about antidepressants, from a huge body of literature:

Psychiatrist Peter Breggin: February 1990 American Journal of Psychiatry (Teicher et al, v.147:207-210) reports on:

“Six depressed patients, previously free of recent suicidal ideation, who developed `intense, violent suicidal preoccupations after 2-7 weeks of fluoxetine [Prozac] treatment.'

The suicidal preoccupations lasted from three days to three months after termination of the treatment. The report estimates that 3.5 percent of Prozac users were at risk.

While denying the validity of the study, Dista Products, a division of Eli Lilly, put out a brochure for doctors dated August 31, 1990, stating that it was adding `suicidal ideation’ to the adverse events section of its Prozac product information.”

An earlier study, from the September 1989 Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, by Joseph Lipiniski, Jr., indicates that in five examined cases people on Prozac developed what is called akathesia.

Symptoms include intense anxiety, inability to sleep, the “jerking of extremities,” and “bicycling in bed or just turning around and around.”

Related: The Roots Of Mental Health - Maybe They’re Not In Our Heads + Rising Rates Of Suicide: Are Pills The Problem?

Dr. Peter Breggin comments that akathesia:

"May also contribute to the drug’s tendency to cause self-destructive or violent tendencies … Akathesia can become the equivalent of biochemical torture and could possibly tip someone over the edge into self-destructive or violent behavior.

The June 1990 Health Newsletter, produced by the Public Citizen Research Group, reports, ‘Akathesia, or symptoms of restlessness, constant pacing, and purposeless movements of the feet and legs,
may occur in 10-25 percent of patients on Prozac.’”

The well-known publication, California Lawyer, in a December 1998 article called “Protecting Prozac,” details some of the suspect maneuvers of Eli Lilly in its handling of suits against Prozac.

California Lawyer also mentions other highly qualified critics of the drug:

"David Healy, MD, an internationally renowned psychopharmacologist, has stated in sworn deposition that `contrary to Lilly’s view, there is a plausible cause-and-effect relationship between Prozac’ and suicidal-homicidal events.

An epidemiological study published in 1995 by the British Medical Journal also links Prozac to increased suicide risk.”

When pressed, proponents of these SSRI antidepressant drugs (Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil, etc.) sometimes say, “Well, the benefits for the general population far outweigh the risk.”

But the issue of benefits will not go away on that basis.

Related: Why Nutritional Psychiatry Is The Future Of Mental Health Treatment + Depression Is A Symptom Of Nutrient Deficiency; Treating It With Drugs Is Not Only Ineffective But Dangerous

A shocking review-study published in The Journal of Nervous and Mental Diseases (1996, v.184, no.2), written by Rhoda L. Fisher and Seymour Fisher, called “Antidepressants for Children,” concludes:

“Despite unanimous literature of double-blind studies indicating that antidepressants are no more effective than placebos in treating depression in children and adolescents, such medications continue to be in wide use.”

In wide use. This despite such contrary information and the negative, dangerous effects of these drugs.

There are other studies: “Emergence of self-destructive phenomena in children and adolescents during fluoxetine treatment,” published in the Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (1991, vol.30), written by RA King, RA Riddle, et al.

It reports self-destructive phenomena in 14% (6/42) of children and adolescents (10-17 years old) who had treatment with fluoxetine (Prozac) for obsessive-compulsive disorder.

July, 1991. Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. Hisako Koizumi, MD, describes a thirteen-year-old boy who was on Prozac: “full of energy,” “hyperactive,” “clown-like.”

All this devolved into sudden violent actions which were “totally unlike him.”

Related: Evidence Points To Ft. Lauderdale Shooter Being “Jason Bourned” With Mind Altering Psychiatric Drugs And ISIS Video Indoctrination By U.S. Intelligence Operatives

September, 1991. The Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. Author Laurence Jerome reports the case of a ten-year old who moves with his family to a new location. Becoming depressed, the boy is put on Prozac by a doctor.

The boy is then “hyperactive, agitated … irritable.” He makes a “somewhat grandiose assessment of his own abilities.”

Then he calls a stranger on the phone and says he is going to kill him. The Prozac is stopped, and the symptoms disappear.

For money, for profit, for status, for control, there exists a professional class called psychiatrists. They approach children - particularly creative children who refuse to fall into lock-step with a regimented program of learning - as outliers, as ill, as strange, as maladjusted, as threats to the system.

Related: The Cult Of 'Scientism' Explained: How Scientific Claims Behind Cancer, Vaccines, Psychiatric Drugs And GMOs Are Nothing More Than Corporate-Funded Science Fraud

And this professional class takes action. Diagnose the children, drug them, bring them back into line, make them “normal,” reduce their curiosity and independence and drive and will power.

Instead of using overt physical force, they use relatively invisible chemical force.

Under the banner of caring, they perform, on the young, a scientific ritual of sacrifice, a rite of passage into the dead world where they, the elite rulers, exist.

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Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi
What The New Acceptability Of The Lab Leak Origin Tells Us About Media Outlets & COVID-19 - The Real Truth
June 14 2021 | From: Scoop / FalsificationOfHistory / Various

This is another long read: Have you noticed that a lot of science writers have lately been saying that they were perfectly right a year ago to mock and condemn even considering a lab leak origin for Coronavirus but that now it’s perfectly proper to admit that Coronavirus may very well have come from a lab?

It seems to be largely a question of fashion. One doesn’t wear the wrong outfit too early in the season, or explore the wrong epidemiological idea when the White House is claimed by one Party or the other.

Related: Watch: Fauci Pal Daszak Admits "Chinese Colleagues" Developing "Killer" Coronaviruses

In March 2020, I blogged about how articles denouncing the possibility that the Coronavirus pandemic originated with a leak from a bioweapons lab sometimes actually admitted to basic facts that made such an origin seem likely.

The first reported outbreak was extremely close to one of the few places on earth actively experimenting with weaponizing Coronavirus, but a huge distance from the supposed source in bats. Not only had various labs had leaks before, but scientists had recently warned of the danger of leaks from the lab in Wuhan.

There was a theory about a seafood market, and the fact that this theory fell apart seems not to have entered the public consciousness to the same extent as the false fact that it supposedly disproved the lab leak theory.

I was by March 2020 very used to the stopped clock problem. Just as even a stopped clock is right twice a day, a bunch of Trump-worshipping China-haters could be right about the origin of the pandemic.

Certainly their ravings provided absolutely zero evidence against their claims happening to be correct - just as Trump being depicted as anti-NATO was not actually a reason for me to start loving NATO, and just as the bipartisan consensus that China was a military threat was not an actual reason for me to fear a military costing 14% of what is spent on the militaries of the United States and its allies and weapons customers.

Tucker Carlson Eviscerates Fauci After Email Release

In the wake of the revelations stemming from the release of Dr Fauci’s emails, Host Tucker Carlson charged that the White House chief medical advisor has repeatedly lied under oath about what he knew regarding the origins of the pandemic, and should be under criminal investigation.

Related: "That Was A Lie": Tucker Carlson Levels Fauci After FOIA Emails Connect The Dots

I did not think the lab leak possibility risked providing any good reason to actually hate China. We knew that Anthony Fauci and the U.S. government invested in the Wuhan lab.

If the insanely unjustifiable risks taken by that lab were an excuse to hate anything, the objects of that hatred couldn’t be limited to China. And if China is a military threat, why fund its bioweapons research?

I was also very used to censorship surrounding the whole topic of bioweapons. You’re not supposed to talk about the overwhelming evidence that the spread of Lyme disease was thanks to a U.S. bioweapons lab, or the likelihood that the U.S. government’s view is correct that the 2001 Anthrax attacks originated with material from a U.S. bioweapons lab.

So, I didn’t take condemnations of even considering the lab-leak theory for Coronavirus as meriting compliance. If anything, the stigma being attached to the lab leak theory made me suspect it was right, or at least that bioweapons makers wanted to hide the fact that a lab leak was quite plausible.

In my view the plausibility of a lab leak, even if never proven, was a new good reason to shut down all the world’s bioweapons labs.

I was pleased to see Sam Husseini and a very few others pursue the question with open minds. Corporate media outlets did no such thing. Just as you can’t oppose a looming war or step outside the prescribed limits of debate on numerous topics, you could not for a year or more say certain things about Coronavirus in U.S. corporate media.

Related: The Deeper Questions Behind The “Lab Origins” Debate

Now writers tell us that the impossibility of a lab origin was their “knee jerk reaction.” But, first of all, why should a knee-jerk reaction count for anything? And, second of all, group think doesn’t really depend on somebody’s knee-jerk reaction even if that memory is accurate. It depends on editors enforcing prohibitions.

Now writers tell us that they chose to believe scientists rather than Trumpsters. But the reality was also that they chose to believe the CIA and related agencies rather than Trumpsters - the scientific dubiousness of placing faith in the statements of professional liars notwithstanding.

The reality is also that they chose to obey decrees published in scientificisticish publications without even questioning the motivations of the authors.

A super serious “letter” published by The Lancet said, “We stand together to strongly condemn conspiracy theories suggesting that COVID-19 does not have a natural origin."

Not to disprove, not to disagree with, not to offer evidence against, but to “condemn” - and not merely to condemn, but to stigmatize as evil and irrational “conspiracy theories.”

But the organizer of that letter, Peter Daszak had funded, at the Wuhan lab, just the research that could have resulted in the pandemic.

This massive conflict of interest was no problem at all for The Lancet, or major media outlets. The Lancet even put Daszak on a commission to study the origin question, as did the World Health Organization.

A Vindicated Rand Paul Decimates Fauci Over Emails

Senator Rand Paul, who has constantly challenged the contradictory and unscientific statements of Dr Fauci, as well as pointing out Fauci’s involvement in funding gain of function research with coronaviruses at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, appeared vindicated in an interview recently following disturbing revelations from released emails, which Paul urged should be the final nail in Fauci’s coffin.

Related: Sen. Rand Paul Reacts To Bombshell Dr. Fauci Emails: ‘Told You’

I don’t know where the pandemic came from any more than I know who shot John F. Kennedy, but I do know that you wouldn’t have put Allen Dulles on a commission to study Kennedy if even appearing to care about the truth had been a top priority, and I know that Daszak investigating himself and finding himself absolutely blameless is a cause for suspicion, not credulity.

What difference does it make where this pandemic came from? Well, if it came from the tiny remnants of wild nature left on earth, a possible solution might be to cease destruction and deforestation, perhaps even abolish livestock and restore huge areas of land to the wild.

But another possible solution, and one guaranteed to be pursued with fervor in the absence of massive pushback, would be to research, investigate, experiment - in other words, invest still more in weapons labs to fend off further assaults on innocent little humanity.

If, on the other hand, the origin is proven to be a weapons lab - and you could make this argument based on just the possibility that it is a weapons lab - then a solution would be to shut the damn things down.

The incredible diversion of resources into militarism is a leading cause of environmental destruction, the reason for the risk of nuclear apocalypse, and quite possibly the reason not just for poor investment in medical preparedness but also directly for the disease that has ravaged the globe during this past year.

There might be increased basis for questioning the madness of militarism.

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Regardless of what, if anything, we manage to learn further about the origin of the Coronavirus pandemic, we do know that questioning corporate media is in order.

If “objective” reporting on matters of “science” is basically subject to fashion trends, how much faith should you put in assertions about economics or diplomacy? Of course the media may instruct you not to think something that also happens to be completely false.

But if I were you I’d keep my eyes peeled for over-eager dictates on what not to think. Often those will tell you exactly what you might want to look into.

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COVID-19 - The Real Truth

There are several schools of thought amongst those of us who have a ‘finger on the pulse,’ regarding what is really going on with the COVID-19 ‘crisis.’ But one thing of which we are very sure is that what it is NOT all about is a highly dangerous disease that will kill millions if left unchecked. 

Since when did our ‘lords and masters’ care anything whatsoever about the deaths of we the ‘great unwashed’ or the ‘useless eaters’ as they are known to refer to us? Under other circumstances, do our governments ever really care about the welfare of the poor, the sick, the disadvantaged or the elderly?  The obvious answer to that is a very resounding, ‘no!’

An Orchestrated Hoax

This simple fact alone should be enough to tell us that all the utterly draconian sanctions, restrictions and loss of our basic freedoms to move around freely, right now, are really not at all about protecting ‘vulnerable’ (or any other) members of society. 

So, what are we to conclude regarding all the COVID-19 hype and propaganda currently being spewed out at us 24/7 through the airwaves and in the written press?  Indeed, this veritable, overwhelming cacophony of extremely insidious fear mongering?

We believe that this is a deliberate, mass manipulation of our worst fears and emotions and every available statistic demonstrates that this ‘virus’ is definitely no more, and in most cases considerably less, ‘dangerous’ than many other common illnesses. But despite this, the measures now being put in place to allegedly counter this ‘dire emergency’ are totally disproportionate to any likely threat, either real or perceived. 

Indeed, what is currently taking place in every corner of the world now, is akin to martial law. 

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The total lockdown of certain cities and countries, curfews, threats of home confinement for the elderly (and soon everyone else too, no doubt), police and military intervention, closed borders and a moratorium on international travel, could be lifted straight from the pages of some dystopian, futuristic novel or Sci-Fi ‘B’ movie, except that this is not fiction or the future, this is fact and the present, and we are all living this outrageous and flagrant disregard for our basic human rights and freedoms, right now – and all in the guise of it being for our ‘own protection.’

But are ‘they’ telling us the truth about just how deadly this virus is? 

Staggeringly, we have incontrovertible proof that they are not!!  And what’s probably more significant is that this is not hidden away in some dark corner of the Internet on a crazy ‘conspiracy’ website but is actually spelled out for us in plain English on the UK government’s official website! 

Don’t believe us? Just click here and scroll down to ‘Status of COVID-19

In case this link is ever broken or removed altogether, we have ‘screenshot’ the relevant part for you and present it here for your information…

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In effect then, what they are telling us, utterly incredibly, about COVID-19 is that mortality rates are ‘low overall’ and that the virus is no longer regarded officially as being an HCID. (High Consequence Infectious Disease)

Contrast this with all the media hype and their so obviously staged shots of lines of ambulances, weeping relatives, over-worked hospitals, distraught doctors and nurses and deserted city streets, like something out of a cheap, apocalyptic sci-fi movie.  What more proof is needed of this than that contained in the above website?  Truly shameful!

And even more incredulous is the fact that the nationwide lockdown of its citizens in the UK happened some days after the UK’s own official proclamation that COVID-19 is not considered to be an HCID.

So why then, after that announcement is the whole nation confined to their homes (allowing one ‘essential only’ town trip per day per household) for the coming three weeks minimum?

And what are we to make of these book excerpts? The first is from a Dean Koontz novel, ‘The Eyes of Darkness’ written in 1981 – almost 40 years ago! And the second one is from Sylvia Browne’s 2008 novel, ‘End of Days.’

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"In around 2020 a severe pneumonia-like illness will spread throughout the globe, attacking the lungs and the bronchial tube and resisting all known treatments. Almost more baffling than the illness itself will be the fact that it will suddenly vanish as quickly as it arrived, attack again ten years later, and then disappear completely.”


“They call the stuff ‘Wuhan-400’ because it was developed at their RDNA labs outside the city of Wuhan, and it was the four-hundredth viable strain of man-made microorganisms created at the research center.  Wuhan-400 is a perfect weapon. It afflicts only human beings. No other living creature can carry it.

And like syphilis, Wuhan-400 can’t survive outside a living human body for longer than a minute, which means it can’t permanently contaminate objects or entire places, the way anthrax and other virulent microorganisms can.

And when the host expires, the Wuhan-400 within him perishes a short while later.. do you see the advantages of this? … the Chinese could use Wuhan-400 to wipe out a city or a country, and then there wouldn’t’ be any need for them to conduct a tricky and expensive decontamination before they moved in and took over the conquered territory.”

Is this a case of uncannily accurate predictive programming – or a simple coincidence? 

Once again, we will let you, the reader, decide. However please be aware that this is a common occurrence and has shades of the ‘Titan’ novel written in 1898, 14 years before the Titanic disaster and yet which accurately predicted that incident down to the most minute of details.

So, if we are correct in our assertions, what are the purposes and the real root of this apparent worldwide exercise in control of populations? 

We can only conclude that there is a hidden agenda of some kind at play, but exactly what that may be, is perhaps still up for debate. 

However, there are several possibilities, any or all of which could be the case, so we invite you to read on and draw your own conclusions but also please be aware that any attempt to draw this information to anyone’s attention on social media will result in the following censorship, which could easily have given Soviet Russia in the 1920s to 1980s, a ‘good run for its money!’

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We are so fortunate are we not, that we have the so-called ‘Independent fact-checkers at Science Feedback’ to correct our gross errors and misconceptions? 

Go back to sleep everyone.  It’s all OK, ‘they’ are taking good care of you!

Mandatory Vaccinations

So, could this ‘exercise’ be aimed at something as simple as imposing a mandatory vaccine on the entire world, as some free-thinking commentators have suggested? 

Or is this merely a ‘fortunate’ (for some) by-product of what is transpiring throughout the world today?  It would certainly generate an absolute mountain of cash for ‘Big Pharma,’ there is no doubt about that, and it would absolutely not be a precedent either. 

Think ‘Bird Flu,’ ‘Swine Flu,’ ‘SARS,’ ‘MERS,’ ‘Ebola’ ‘AIDS’ and several other fairly recent health ‘catastrophes,’ all of which had suddenly appeared from nowhere (but mysteriously now seem to have disappeared) and desperately ‘needed’ a new vaccine to combat them –
and how many billions (if not trillions) in revenue these alleged crises generated for the Pharma companies.

Indeed Bill Gates, ‘Mr. Vaccine’ himself, predicted a deadly ‘coronavirus outbreak’ as long ago as 2015. And in 2019, several months prior to the ‘outbreak’ in China, the Pirbright Institute founded by Bill and Melinda Gates, ran a simulation of a coronavirus pandemic which predicted up to 65 million deaths (they wish)! 

And the lovely Bill and Melinda, just by pure coincidence you understand, also happen to own the patent to the coronavirus and are ‘working’ on a vaccine as we write this, to which they will no doubt own the patent too. 

An Open Video From NZ Doctor Damian Wojcik


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But what is really significant is that it is not possible to patent naturally occurring organisms, which should tell us implicitly that the coronavirus is man-made. But by whom and to what ends? 

Could this link to what was predicted in ‘The Eyes of Darkness’ novel? If so, it’s interesting to note, that in that (hopefully) ‘fictitious’ scenario the microorganism referred to as ‘Wuhan-400’ was not in fact contagious and could not live on surfaces.

So if there is any correlation and predictive programming at work and if COVID-19 (as the UK government has recently declared) is not in fact highly infectious (if at all) then why the worldwide lockdown quarantine measures?

Is it to keep us in one place as sitting ducks for the directed bio-weapon, and, if so, what is the delivery system? Could it be related to the new 5G millimeter wave communications technology currently being rolled out throughout the world? We will explore that aspect in more detail shortly.

Gates is without doubt a Rothschild / Rockefeller ‘insider’ who is fully aware, and indeed part of the ongoing agenda to subjugate humankind in exactly the way in which it is happening today. 

But, many will argue, isn’t the development of a new vaccine a ‘good thing?’ We strongly believe not. Vaccines are hyped-up constantly by those to whom we are permanently in thrall and promoted as being the ultimate, effective answer to all disease control. 

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However, surprisingly to most and especially those who are taken in by official propaganda (and we include unknowing health professionals at all levels of expertise in this too), vaccines are definitely NOT what they are widely portrayed and purported to be by those who stand to benefit greatly – and their apologists in the controlled mainstream media. 

Indeed, vaccines are proven not simply to be totally ineffective in virtually every situation, but on the contrary are actually extremely harmful to all, especially, the very young, the very old and those already suffering from an ailment of some kind. 

We do not intend to put forward a comprehensive argument against the use of vaccines in this short essay but suffice to say that an Internet search for the ingredients of vaccines and their many dangers, will certainly more than prove our point.

A Financial Crash?

Some have also suggested that the ‘crisis’ could be the prelude to and/or designed to facilitate an engineered financial crash. 

The impact on the economy already is quite devastating and governments are now offering tangible assistance to corporations and businesses in order to help them ‘survive’ the situation, but of course, there will be little if anything at all to compensate those poor souls whose livelihoods may be curtailed or destroyed completely by the insidious actions of our governments and media. 

Again, some may ask how a financial crash could be beneficial to anyone at all, particularly the wealthy, who at first glance would appear to have the most to lose? However, this is definitely not so either.

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It is a well-established fact that large quantities of money can be generated by financial crashes, particularly by those ‘in the know’ and who are able to sell their assets at the ‘top’ of the market and then re-buy those same assets for considerably less after the event. 

This has been a strategy for centuries and is the foremost reason for all the major financial ‘boom and bust’ cycles down the ages, all of which are artificially generated in order to enable the already obscenely rich to acquire even more wealth.

1984 is Here at Last (36 Years Late!)

But for a truly worrying and unsettling Orwellian slant on the whole affair, allow us to draw your attention to something that, if true, and this is extremely plausible based on what we understand to be going on in the background, whilst we all worry ourselves to death about contracting a probably non-existent virus (or at very worst, one which is less dangerous than influenza)…

According to the website of the MIT Technology Review, a mainstream website and one not naturally given to disseminating so-called ‘conspiracy theories,’ this is all just the tip of an (extremely scary and disturbing) iceberg.

The scientists at this ‘well-respected’ institution, have decreed that in order to put a complete halt to the spread of this ‘deadly disease,’ society needs to make changes to almost every aspect of our lives as nothing will EVER be the same again! 

We can only expect this to be the first of a series of further deadly outbreaks and so must be prepared to make many sacrifices and accept even more insidious attacks upon our basic freedoms. 

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Freedoms which of course have been systematically eroded for decades, following closely on the blueprint outlined in George Orwell’s terrifying, dystopian novel, ‘1984.’

And again, according to the MIT Tduckechnology Review, here are some or all of the following further draconian restrictions of our freedoms to be actioned imminently (yes we really do have SOME still left at present – but as you will see, probably not for too much longer!)…

1. In order to stop COVID-19 (and all future outbreaks) we will need to radically change almost everything we do; how we work, exercise, socialize, shop, manage our health, educate our kids and take care of family members.

We should expect a permanent 10-person limit on social gatherings to be announced

We also need to impose ‘severe’ and ‘extreme’ social distancing.

Under this model, the researchers conclude, social distancing and school closures would need to be in force some two-thirds of the time, roughly two months on and one month off, until a vaccine is available, which will take at least 18 months (if it even works at all – which we seriously doubt).  And this is no ‘temporary restriction’ this will be a totally radical and different way of life, permanently.

Ultimately, however, they predict that the ability to socialize safely will be restored only by developing more sophisticated ways to identify who is a disease risk and who isn’t and discriminating – legally – against those who are.

Israel is already using cell-phone location data, with which its intelligence services track ‘terrorists’ (for ‘terrorists,’ read anyone whom they deem to be a threat to their power) to trace people who’ve been in touch with known carriers of the virus. Singapore does exhaustive contact tracing and publishes detailed data on each known case, all but identifying people by name!  This of course will then be extended worldwide – and of course not just to ‘terrorists,’ but to all of us.  And all whilst we continue to slumber in our abject apathy to these machinations.

And amongst other outrages, the report then goes on to state that…

"We don’t know exactly what this new future looks like, of course. But one can imagine a world in which, to get on a flight, perhaps you’ll have to be signed up to a service that tracks your movements via your phone.

The airline wouldn’t be able to see where you’d gone, but it would get an alert if you’d been close to known infected people or disease hot spots.

There’d be similar requirements at the entrance to large venues, government buildings, or public transport hubs.

There would be temperature scanners everywhere, and your workplace might demand you wear a monitor that tracks your temperature or other vital signs.

Where nightclubs ask for proof of age, in future they might ask for proof of immunity - an identity card or some kind of digital verification via your phone, showing you’ve already recovered from or been vaccinated against the latest virus strains.”

And perhaps most incredibly of all…

"We’ll adapt to and accept such measures, much as we’ve adapted to increasingly stringent airport security screenings in the wake of terrorist attacks. The intrusive surveillance will be considered a small price to pay for the basic freedom to be with other people.”

Well, certainly not by us, it won’t and nor we suspect to anyone else who cherishes their rapidly eroding privacy and freedoms! 

So there we have it, straight from the ‘horse’s mouth’ or at least the mouth of the researchers at Imperial College, London, England, from whence the information in the MIT Technological Review was sourced – and indeed significantly, the source for all UK government advice and technical and statistical data on the ‘outbreak!’ 

So just to be clear, this is the organization upon who’s every word and recommendation our governments act!

Pfizer - A Trustworthy "Vaccine"

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Regarding any further strict clampdowns on our freedoms, many people blithely ‘parrot’ the line, ‘if you are not doing anything wrong, you have nothing to fear,’ but this is wrong and irrelevant on so many levels. 

This glib, oft-quoted statement is misguided in the extreme. Firstly, who decides what is wrong or right? Obviously, one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter

Is it wrong for example to peacefully challenge the government if you believe that it is acting illegally or against the best interests of its citizens?  

Is it wrong to write articles such as this that challenge the status quo and expose what is really happening throughout the world?

You may say ‘yes’ and you may well be right, we do not have a personal monopoly on the truth, but we do believe strongly that it is everyone’s right to peacefully challenge any form of injustice or suppression, as we are attempting to do in writing this piece. 

But would our own (or any other) governments agree with any sentiments that challenge its very authority to dictate to its citizens what is and is not acceptable? 

We doubt that very much. In fact the very writing of this article, if it went viral probably would expose us to covert surveillance, but we strongly do not believe we are doing wrong by writing this and nor we suspect do most free-thinking, fair-minded individuals, whether or not they wholeheartedly agree with the content herein.

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And in our view, our privacy and freedoms are not eligible for trading-off against any relaxations in security, whether or not they are randomly deemed to be ‘for our own good.’ 

Privacy and freedom are fundamental human rights and not privileges as they would have us all believe – and are certainly not ‘currencies’ to be used in any kind of barter situation.

Also, do we actually trust any entity that has the power to suppress us if we deviate from their decrees? According to the above quote, we would have nothing to fear unless we were ‘doing wrong.’ 

But do we trust our governments to make the ultimate decision as to whether we are doing wrong or not? What if it was decided by them arbitrarily that we (or you) were doing something wrong when we patently were not, by any standards? 

Do we trust governments to always act in the best interests of its individual citizens? We think not. That statement is at best misguided and at worst, a deceit of great magnitude. 

All governments will do ‘whatever it takes’ to maintain control and stay in power, without exception and are far from being the benevolent yet bumbling, monolithic institutions that they overtly appear to be and are portrayed to be by the compliant media

Any one of their own citizens who is perceived either as an actual physical or even a passive threat to their supreme power will not be tolerated and will be dealt with severely, either overtly or covertly. 

This is the very embodiment of extreme communism/ socialism (communitarianism/ totalitarianism) and is precisely what we have in place today in our so-called but grossly misnamed ‘democratic’ societies.

Informed Consent? COVID-19 Vaccination Ingredients Not Readily Available at NZ Vaccination Centre

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Also, if politicians believe that they have the right to impose any ‘law’ they wish and police and security forces maintain the attitude that as long as anything is deemed ‘lawful,’ they will enforce it rightly or wrongly, what is there to prevent complete tyranny? 

Not the consciences of the ‘law-makers’ or their legal enforcers obviously and not even peaceful petitions to the politicians will be effective. 

Politely petitioning or appealing to oppressors not to be oppressive has a very poor track-record of success, historically.  When tyrants define what constitutes ‘law,’ then by definition it is up to the ‘law-breakers’ to combat tyranny and sometimes the end will justify the means.

Those who are proud to be ‘law-abiding’ at any cost to their liberties however, may not agree and may even decline to think rationally about this, but what is the alternative? 

If we do not have the right to resist injustice, even if that injustice is officially called ‘the law,’ that logically implies that we have an obligation to allow governments to do to us whatsoever they may choose, and also to our homes and families

Realistically, there are only two alternatives; we are either slaves, the ‘property’ of the Elite, the politicians and their lackeys, with no rights at all, or we have the right to resist government or Elite attempts to oppress us. 

There can logically be no other options.

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But when ‘the law’ has deviated from common sense and become an evil tool used for the robbery of others’ freedoms, should we blindly and subserviently obey it – or join together in peaceful protest?

So, how do we dissect this truly stunning, not to mention terrifying scenario of the imminent future?

It is our view that THIS is the real over-riding reason for the fake COVID-19 scare

Yes, there are several other possible interpretations of all the conflicting and seemingly logicalinformation we receive on an ongoing basis from the lackeys of the media, but reading between the lines of the above report, provides us with very real clues as to the true intent behind this hoax, for hoax it most surely is.

It is well-known amongst the geo-political researcher fraternity that our ‘masters’ are constantly seeking new and more insidious ways of deceptively stealing our basic human rights and freedoms in their desperate drive towards a totalitarian state, and so, recognizing this to be a fact, what better way to proceed towards their goals than to employ that old favorite of theirs… step forward the good old, reliable Hegelian Dialectic, aka ‘Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis’ or ‘Problem, Reaction, Solution,’ a methodology that was seen to great effect in the 9/11 disaster, for example. 

For those of you unaware of this particular tactic, it simply goes as follows…

Step 1.  Create a problem – e.g. The terrorist attacks on several iconic sites (as on 9/11) or the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2019/20.

Step 2.  Await the public reaction, which is always going to be as predicted, e.g. ‘something must be done!’ e.g. ‘Attack them in their own homelands’ in the case of 9/11 and ‘we need an effective vaccine and/or ‘much more public safety, surveillance and security,’ in the case of COVID-19.

Step 3.  Offer the ready-made solution, which is always rather conveniently, the intended next phase of ‘the agenda’ anyway.

…and all achieved with not only no protests whatsoever, but with universal approval and gratitude as we consign ourselves into the slavery and servitude we seem to so crave as a society.

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So, if our suspicions are correct, this ‘virus outbreak’ is just the latest in a long, long line of ‘false flags,’ insidious tactics to further subjugate the human race and we are being subtly manipulated into willingly selling them our freedoms just simply to enable us to continue as we were before! Pure psychopathy in action.

In case you still have any lingering doubts about this, here is an excerpt from an online mainstream medical website, offering advice on COVID-19 and its symptoms…

"The symptoms of coronaviruses are similar to any other upper respiratory infection, including runny nose, coughing, sore throat, and sometimes a fever.

In most cases, you won’t know whether you have a COVID-19 or a different cold-causing virus, such as rhinovirus.”

So incredibly, what they are telling us is that it’s next to impossible to discern whether anyone may have this ‘deadly’ virus – or just simply a case of common flu or cold – and also that its symptoms are indistinguishable from regular flu. 

This being the case, how does anyone actually know whether they have COVID-19 or just a dose of regular flu – or even a cold? 

Quite simply they do not and so this then renders all government statistics on deaths and actual transmission rates, null and void. Particularly when patients are reporting being told based on their flu symptoms that they have COVID-19 without being given a specific COVID-19 test at all.

These tests, they are told, are being reserved for ICU patients only as there are ‘not enough to go around.’

The Mysterious Death of Dr. Fauci’s Most Notable Critic

The late Dr. Kary Mullis, the inventor of the PCR test, had been blowing the whistle on Fauci and big pharma for thirty years.

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But what is not being reported is that there is no specific test to date which can detect this ‘new’ hypothetical strain of coronavirus, instead they are testing for ANY strain of coronavirus which any of us could ‘carry’ at any time since we all are capable of housing hundreds of coronavirus strains, sick or healthy.

How convenient for them though, to be able to include anyone with COVID-19 symptoms in their official figures, even if they ‘only’ have a cold or a dose of flu.

All of which then begs the question, of what does the COVID-19 test actually consist? 

Interestingly, we assumed that due to Trump’s moratorium on incoming flights from Europe (now including the UK and Ireland) to the USA, that all flights would be cancelled. 

However, not so! Apparently flights are still taking place (at the time of writing anyway) but everyone entering the US is ‘screened for the virus’ on arrival. When we queried as to what ‘screening’ actually consisted of, we were told that it would simply be a ‘temperature check!’ How very scientific then! What they are actually saying in effect is that if anyone has a slightly high temperature then they will be refused entry on the grounds that they have, whether they agree or not, become a COVID-19 statistic!

It could also be (or maybe this is just a bonus for them) that they are testing what kind of response the world’s population will have if presented with a truly worldwide crisis of some kind

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And by that I mean, how easily would they be able to control us, if they decided to lockdown the entire world (again!) at some future date, for whatever reason? 

And one thing is almost certain and that is that if this ‘exercise’ goes the way they expect, they will more than likely use it again and again as we see constantly with other false flag events.

EMF (Electro-Magnetic Frequency) Sensitivity and a Clear Connection to 5G

The ‘virus’ may well also be connected to the proposed 5G wireless communications rollout – and quite frankly this is a distinct possibility. 

The city of Wuhan in China where the outbreak allegedly began in late 2019 was also (by pure coincidence, they tell us!) the epicenter of the large scale 5G rollout in China last year and in that city alone there are over 10,000 5G antennae emitting deadly 5G radiation which is proven to have extremely serious deleterious effects on human (and indeed all life form’s) health. 

These transmitters totally ‘bathe’ the entire Wuhan area in dangerous electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) and there is literally nowhere anyone can escape being assaulted by this deadly non-ionizing, millimeter wave radiation. 

Every cubic inch of the city in fact, is being permeated by these deadly waves.

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But ‘waves’ in this case may be a bit of a misnomer since millimeter waves, unlike microwaves, function as ‘phased array’ antennas, which means they form beams of radiation, much like lasers and thus, like lasers can be precisely targeted at an object (or person) and so for 5G to reach vast areas, (as is intended), each ‘antenna’ must contain hundreds of beams of millimeter waves.

And since they are claimed to be (there is some debate on this topic) only capable of traveling short distances, the antenna need to be placed every 100 feet (and at street level) in order to form a functional network.  

Millimeter wave radiation, incidentally, (unlike microwave radiation used for 2G-4G communications tech – which incidentally is still a known carcinogen), has up until this point, only been used in weapons’ applications such as the ‘non-lethal’ crowd control weapon called ADS (‘Active Denial System’) which causes the victims’ skin to heat to the point of burning sensation and immediately flee as a result, can in some ‘rare’ cases cause skin blistering, and never been used or tested for communications applications and never had clinical testing done for human safety.

But we should not worry, since we are told by wireless industry leaders it is ‘perfectly harmless.’ 

Even if the virus exists at all, which we seriously doubt, then prolonged (or even short) exposure to 5G radiation will quickly and severely deplete our natural ability to resist any kind of new assault upon it, leaving the human body entirely vulnerable to any virus, bacteria or disease and with little ability to resist it.

Additionally, if there was some man-made microorganism/bio-weapon (or nanobot?) invented by Bill Gates, (or others), and could act in some lethal (non-contagious) manner, it’s possible that millimeter waves (or microwaves) could be used in conjunction with a bio-weapon as a delivery system to ‘activate’ it in some way by delivering it deeply into the body.

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Microwaves are already used in hospitals to aid in delivering drug therapies like chemo, since it causes the blood-brain barrier to become permeable and allow the toxin (normally blocked via this protective barrier) into the brain.

And it should be noted that 5G technology works in conjunction with 4G (microwave) technology so that each installation of 5G antennas includes the earlier 4G system as well, increasingly populations exposures to harmful microwaves as well as the new millimeter waves.

But it could also be that the ‘virus outbreak’ was originally designed to cover up the effects that 5G was having on the exposed populations and that they then saw an opportunity to ‘use’ it to further other agendas? 

After all we admit that the releasing of a bioweapon/patented ‘virus’ upon the world is not easily provable (if at all) and may even be a kind of diversion, giving ‘conspiracy theorists’ in particular something to sink their teeth into, all the while supporting the likely false mainstream ‘viral paradigm’ and focusing attention away from the more likely source of illness, the global 5G rollout.

By pure ‘coincidence’ the alleged symptoms of COVID-19 are virtually identical to those caused by 5G!  Yes, this is absolutely true, and we would urge you to further investigate this for yourselves.

All illness can be viewed as being tied directly to our environment (i.e. healthy environment = healthy humans). Disease (dis-ease) is a natural response to a toxin (invader) or imbalance of some kind in the body.

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We react to irritants (dust, pollen, chemicals- which include chemical hand sanitizers and other disinfectant chemicals currently being heralded as the solution to protecting from the ‘virus’) by way of increased mucous membrane secretions intended to push out the irritant/invader such as coughing, sneezing (to clear out sinuses), fever (to raise body temperature to the point which initiates sweating in order to push toxins out via sweat glands in our largest organ, the skin), diarrhea (to flush toxins from bowels), and vomiting (to remove toxins from the stomach); all supposed symptoms of the ‘coronavirus,’ and brought on any time we reach threshold levels of toxic exposures in our environment.

Thresholds, which will, vary from individual to individual, causing some to be more ‘susceptible’ (reactionary) than others.

Some call this reaction an appropriate immune response to a toxin, indicating a better ability for those bodies to detoxify when needed.

Those unable to respond appropriately to toxic overload end up with chronic conditions (often also deadly) like cancers.

For Shannon and millions of others like her (2-18% depending on the population varying by country’s levels of pollution – far greater numbers than purportedly affected by COVID-19) who carry the label of living with ‘EHS’ (Electro-Hyper-Sensitivity, aka Microwave Sickness/syndrome or EMS, Electro-Magnetic-Sensitivity) and ‘MCS’ (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity) or simply ‘EI’ (Environmental Illness) who do respond appropriately to toxic exposures, ‘self-isolating’ and practicing ‘social distancing’ have been their only means of coping and surviving in our currently EMR (Electromagnetic Radiation) and chemically saturated world, with levels particularly bad in areas of high population density such as in cities or any place where large numbers of people gather (yes more than the current allowable number of 10!). 

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And often it only takes one person carrying a smart phone or with a Wi-Fi router in their home or wearing perfume/detergents or hand sanitizers to bring on flu-like symptoms for sensitive individuals.

Wearing a filtered facemask on a regular basis in public, practicing regular hand washing (with non-toxic soaps), fully showering after trips to town, and social avoidance, are the norm, not the exception, for these afflicted people.

All practiced, not out of fear of supposed pathogen transmissions, but in order to cope with coming into contact with toxic chemically laden environments and people.

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But even with millions living as EI refuges, self-isolating for not just weeks or months but for years, and even decades, have our governments done anything about this particular pandemic of Environmental Illness?

By their own definitions, more than 2% of a population affected by a condition exhibiting disease symptomology technically earns the epidemic (or pandemic as this is a world-wide problem) label and EHS & MCS both qualify under the World Health Organization as ‘functional impairments’ (disabilities), yet nothing is done to protect these growing populations of disenfranchised, tormented, suffering people; people who have lost livelihoods, family and friends who disbelieve or do not understand, who are in fact too ‘selfish’ (a label being tossed about in today’s current pandemic panicked climate for anyone noncompliant with the martial law restrictions we find ourselves suddenly subjected to) to give up use of wireless devices or chemical cleaners and personal care products in order to protect those afflicted.  

No-one is mandating the disabling of wireless routers and devices in public spaces and replacing Wi-Fi with Ethernet/wired internet connections, or dismantling/decommissioning cell towers, or banning toxic petrochemicals in an effort to protect them.

Governments and industry leaders (basically one and the same entity) and health protection organizations (like the WHO) are all perfectly aware of these conditions and the plight of millions and have been relentlessly petitioned by concerned educators, lawyers, scientists, medical professionals and those suffering with EI to make changes to protect suffering populations and our environment, but do nothing.

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What does this attitude tell you? As we mentioned earlier in this pixece, do you think they really care about us and some supposed virus threat?

And as the encroachment of wireless technology increases so too will the number of biologically appropriate reactive people.

But these reactions may easily be mislabeled as a viral infection response as they share identical symptoms. (Exposures to both EMF/microwave radiation and/or chemicals can cause headaches and migraines, brain fog, dizziness, nausea, fever, chest pain and coughing, insomnia, irregular heartbeat, sweating, disorientation, vomiting, muscle aches and pains, overall malaise, irritable bowel symptoms, and convulsions or seizures.) 

Is it really so surprising that the populations most affected by this so-called COVID-19 pandemic have been concentrated in areas of our world with the greatest amount of chemically polluted air and EMF radiation?

Is it a surprise that high numbers of people in Wuhan (neighbor city to Beijing, infamous for its horrendous air ‘quality’ so terrible it is a common occurrence to not be able to see the sun at mid-day through the black haze) would experience respiratory symptoms?

Top that off with the added 10,000 5G antennae in the past year and certainly you will see a rise in the number of symptomatic people.

And this sickness (‘virus’) is sure to ‘spread’ as the 5G rollout spreads across our world. Especially as billionaire Elon Musk’s tech company ‘SpaceX’ (an Orwellian name is there ever was one), continues to launch their 5G satellites into space.

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The program started in the autumn of 2019, with the launching of over 120 satellites and plan to add a total of 30,000 satellites within the coming years, with ‘minimal’ global service beginning once 420 satellites are in orbit, planned to commence as early as the end of February 2020.

To put this into perspective, prior to ‘SpaceX’s launches there were approximately 2,000 telecommunications satellites total in the Earth’s orbit. When the very first satellites were launched many people around the world fell ill. 

Scientist, author, and researcher, Arthur Firstenberg, organizer of ‘The international Appeal to Stop 5G on Earth and in Space,’ gives us a very clear picture of the dangers of this technology and what is in store for us if more satellites are permitted to launch:

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"On September 23, 1998, a company called ‘Iridium’ activated 66 satellites that it had launched into the ionosphere for global cell phone service.

On that morning, a majority of electrically sensitive people became suddenly ill, all over the world - so ill that many were not sure they would live.

For the next two weeks, birds were not flying in the sky. Homing pigeons got lost by the thousands, and the sport of pigeon racing never recovered.  Weekly mortality for the United States rose by four to five percent.

A second satellite phone service, Globalstar, began commercial service with only 48 satellites on February 28, 2000. Again came reports of nausea, headaches, leg pain, respiratory problems, depression, and lack of energy, all over the world, both from “electrically sensitive” people and from “normal” people.

Iridium emerged from bankruptcy and resumed satellite phone service on March 30, 2001. Again came reports of nausea, flu-like illness and feelings of oppression, as well as catastrophic losses of race horse foals, all over the world.

On June 5, 2001, Iridium added data and Internet to its satellite service. Again came widespread reports of nausea, flu-like illness, oppression, and hoarseness.

The reason for such a drastic effect from a small number of satellites is not the direct radiation on the surface of the Earth, but the pollution of the ionosphere with millions of pulsed signals.

This alters the Earth’s electromagnetic environment in which we all live, and pollutes the global electrical circuit that passes through every living thing, upon which we all depend for life and health.”

'Coincidentally’ the flooding of mainstream media with news of the virus outbreak is propped against the backdrop of the massive pushback against 5G technology with the first official global protests (including 200 participating countries) occurring on the same day, January 25, 2020.

And word is quickly spreading and evidence mounting that 5G and biometric systems are being installed in schools while children are forced to stay at home during the COVID-19 lockdown. 

Fauci Lied To Congress About Gain-of-Function Research

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Many have seen, and even video-recorded towers and antennae being installed on school grounds during the quarantine. Fleets of suspicious white vans with logos linking them to Biometric companies have been parked outside of schools, entering empty buildings under the pretense of disinfection orders.

These are not just Internet rumors and ‘conspiracy theories.’ These claims are being verified and these actions documented.

Josh Del Sol, activist and filmmaker, famous for his documentary about smart meters, ‘Take Back Your Power,’ posted the following on his blog, March 21:

"Our concern is that 5G could be installed without our knowledge while we are grappling with the fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic, and that the installation of biometric systems could be a part of a more sinister agenda.

Namely, we are concerned that after the COVID-19 pandemic passes we will still be dealing with the repercussions of newly installed 5, biometric systems, thermal imaging cameras or even temperature guns to detect who MAY have COVID-19.

Even more worrisome is the idea of government-mandated vaccinations; and, for example, that only those who can prove they have received the COVID-19 vaccine (once it’s developed) will be allowed back to work, school, public parks, public transportation, etc.

This is even more worrisome when you consider that Bill Gates – a longtime proponent of vaccinations and population control recently stated: ‘Eventually we will have some digital certificates to show who has recovered or been tested recently or when we have a vaccine who has received it.’”

The Internet of Things and You

‘What could this ‘digital certificate’ possibly mean?’ asks Josh, as do we. It may be an electronic Nano-tattoo, which Gates himself is said to have invented, eerily called ‘ID2020’ which is in effect a digital microchip implanted under the skin and was already being pushed forward back in 2018 as a means to ID vaccinated kids in schools.

And this microchip RFID tag (similar to what is already being used to track wild animals and household pets), has the very real potential to be implemented as a federal mandate if it can see its way into any of the new ‘emergency funding’ bills, with any prior resistance easily overridden in the midst of a ‘health emergency.’ 

Getting micro-chipped (something which when previously proposed, the average person would have protested with an ‘over my dead body’ response), will be an easier sell in the current climate of panic, especially if it promises any kind of ‘return to normal’ for the masses.

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And up until now, many citizens have expressed concern over proposed 5G grids due to its enabling of increased surveillance and breaches of our constitutional rights to privacy.

5G along with AI (Artificial Intelligence)). And which tech giants have had trouble selling to the public. After all who really cares about remote controlled toilets and fridges?

But with the new virus pandemic scare they have the perfect excuse to push forward long planned-for increased surveillance technology on a resistant public.

In addition to the health concerns over 5G (and other wireless systems) of course is the concern over surveillance and breaches of our constitutional rights to privacy.

5G is supposed to power the ‘internet of things’ which effectively enables all of your household appliances to spy on you (and for citizens to be tracked in real time).

But with the new virus pandemic scare they have the perfect excuse to push forward long planned-for increased surveillance technology on a resistant public.

In Shannon’s rural community, her own local utility company is also taking advantage of the pandemic distraction to install the controversial ‘smart’ meters which her whole community fought against for nearly two years.

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Suddenly the utility workers are on the streets, seemingly untouched by quarantine laws, and when stopped have admitted their plans to smart-grid the whole valley within the next month.

The community residents, now heavily caught up in the pandemic panic, fail to notice they are sitting ducks and will not now protest or make much effort against the meter installations as they have ‘more pressing’ matters at hand.

All the while ignoring the thing they should be most afraid of, which can (unlike the virus hoax) actually harm and kill them.

And it can be guaranteed that the disease/‘virus’ is sure to ‘come back’ and in ‘full force’ after everyone returns to school and work with the new 5G installed, fully ignorant of reports like the one coming from Ripon, California, where a 5G antenna was removed from a primary school after parents began suspecting a link between the installation and a number of cancer cases at the school.

‘Spanish Flu’ Pandemic of 1918-1919

Of course, the ‘Spanish Flu’ is garnering new space in our collective psyche as it is being referenced as an example of just how bad things could get for us now and used as another excuse to add more bars to our growing collective prison. 

And this ‘flu’ was the first time any ‘flu’ (the ‘flu’ similar to ‘AIDS’ is a set of symptoms supposedly caused by several strains of different influenza viruses, although it used to be attributed to a bacteria and initially even thought to a be a German bio-weapon during the Spanish Flu outbreak) had taken over large numbers of populations.

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Previous to the Spanish Flu, flu was practically nonexistent. Arthur Firstenberg, connected the dots between the Spanish Flu outbreak of 1918 to EMF radiation exposures in his 2017 book ‘The Invisible Rainbow.’

Using epidemiological data, he makes a strong case for the ‘flu’ coming about as a direct result of exposures to newly introduced man-made (non-native to our environment and thereby also to our bodies) electromagnetic fields via electrification.

Prior to that year most of the world did not have an electrical grid and it was at that time when the ‘rollout’ of the electrical grid really gained momentum.

The ‘flu’ just happened to only ‘break-out’ in those countries that had just been electrified.

This is how it came to be ‘pandemic’ especially as Firstenberg astutely points out, in some cases there were no regular means of travel between affected countries on opposite sides of the earth and no possible way a pathogen like a virus could have spread so far so quickly.

Instead what these countries shared was the fact that their populations were now being ubiquitously exposed to an environmental toxin via the electricity newly introduced to their homes and cities.

And as John’s research for his book ‘The Falsification of History revealed, it was not the ‘flu’ that actually killed those millions who died but instead the treatment for the flu symptoms in the form of aspirin.

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As aspirin (manufactured by Bayer) had just come to market shortly before the outbreak and at the time had much laxer safe dosage recommendations than today, because no-one had any real idea as to what a safe dosage consisted of.

It is a known fact (and is listed under ‘side-effects’ on aspirin labels) that aspirin can cause pneumonia (amongst several other nasties) and it is pneumonia to which sick patients succumb and die, not actually from the ‘flu.’ 

During the Spanish Flu outbreak, it was only patients receiving allopathic medical intervention and being given high doses of aspirin who died, none of the patients who opted for treatment by homeopaths (traditional natural medicine doctors) died

But these are the kinds of statistics buried and hidden from general public knowledge. And now, in the wake of the current pandemic scare, it is near impossible to find statistical mortality data related to modern day flu cases.

Coincidence? Or does someone not want us to take notice of the fact that annual winter flu claims more lives than COVID-19 actually has so far?

Ever since the Spanish flu pandemic, the world has not been free from the grip of Influenza, which has accompanied the spread of electrification in the early 20th century and subsequent spread of radar, wireless technology grids throughout our world and satellites orbiting space, up until today.

Increasing in strength and reach each time new, artificial non-biological EMFs are added to our environments and cause our bodies to react in kind to this intrusion. 

The only reason it is seen to be ‘seasonal’ is because in winter we tend to have less exposure to natural beneficial forms of EMF (from the sun on our bare skins and earth under bare feet) and more exposure to artificial EMF (indoor lighting, electric heating, more time in front of computers, etc.) thereby increasing symptoms and weakening our immune systems. 

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And as we now carry our EMF radiating devices with us everywhere we go, even while outdoors, we see an increase in ‘summertime flu’ as well.

Now that the world seems to be under quarantine orders, in many cases people are confined to indoor environments with extreme restrictions on outdoor movements, severely limiting their ability to stay healthy and engage in self-care.

And we see our masters dictating to us what is considered an ‘essential good’ or ‘medicine.’ Amazon™ is now ‘prioritizing’ the sales of ‘essential’ goods and many other businesses are following suit, not merely because of public and social pressures, but because of government agency mandates.

The CDC, using the powers bequeathed them under ‘The Model State Emergency Health Powers Act’ drafted December 21, 2001 (in the wake of the last big scare used to subjugate the people of the world to new control measures; the World Trade Center attacks, aka ‘9/11’) they are allowed to place restrictions on sales of anything they deem ‘non-essential,’ are able to enforce quarantines, medication, hospitalizations, surveillance of suspected contagion carriers (very similar to suspected terrorists), road and building closures, dictate disposal of human remains, etc.

You can ‘bet your bottom dollar’ that natural medicines (herbal, homeopathic, vitamin supplements and maybe even organic foods) will not be listed as ‘essential’ or ‘medical’ by our masters. 

This is another benefit to the pharmaceutical industry (which has strong ties to the CDC) whose profits are being threatened by the renewed interest in ‘alternative’ (oftentimes actually ancient medicine, predating the disaster we now call ‘modern medicine’) holistic non-toxic medicines.  

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And it is also unsurprising that online blogs and other posts where authors offer alternatives to combat pathogens and build immunity to coronaviruses are coming under fire by our authorities and being shut down, even when well referenced with valid scientific citations. 

This information, and any other that goes counter to the establishment, related to the pandemic is being labeled as ‘fake news’ and a ‘threat’ to public health and safety. It is not hard to see the terrifying implications of this extreme curtailing of free speech and what may happen in the near future to those spreading this information.

Will critical thinking and attempts to uncover truth soon become an offense on par with treason and incur the same harsh penalties for treason or ‘terrorism’?

As of March 25, 2020 in the UK, the voted-in, far-reaching extra powers granted to the government amongst other measures, now allow for the ‘sectioning’ (compulsory committal to a mental health facility) of individuals deemed to be suffering mental health issues, to be sanctioned by one doctor only, whereas previously the signatures of two doctors were required! 

Why? And what connection to this ‘pandemic’ could that possibly have? Well, let’s see. Could it perchance be a way of countering the claims of those seeking the real truth? 

With only one doctor’s approval now required, how easy would it be for them to commit anyone who dares to question their actions, by appointing a ‘controlled’ (by them) doctor to endorse that committal on the flimsy grounds that anyone doubting the governments word on this (or anything) must be insane? 

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It may seem a fantastic notion, but this is exactly the way it worked in the Soviet Union in the 20th century. But we digress, slightly.

Dr. Thomas Cowan, MD, and author of several excellent alternative medicine books, speaking at the ‘Human Health and Rights’ summit in Tucson, Arizona, March 12, 2020, relates that the famous 19th century philosopher, Rudolph Steiner, when asked about the cause of the Spanish Flu, responded with, “Viruses are simply excretions of a toxic cell.” Cowan expounds with:

"Viruses are pieces of DNA or RNA with a few other proteins. They bug-out from the cell. They happen when the cell is poisoned. They are not the cause of anything.

And the first way I would encourage you to think about this is if you were a famous dolphin doctor and you’ve been studying dolphins in the Artic Circle for hundreds of years, or at least a long time, and they call you up saying, ‘Fred, all the dolphins, or a lot of the dolphins are dying in the Arctic Circle, can you come and investigate?’

And you have one question to ask, how many of you would say ‘I want to investigate the dolphin to see the genetic makeup of that dolphin’? Nobody. Because that is stupid. How many of you would say ‘I want to see if this dolphin and that dolphin has a virus because it might be contagious and that’s why all these dolphins are getting sick.’?

How many of you would say, ‘somebody put some shit in the water’… like Exxon Valdez? Anybody? Everybody. Because that’s what happened.

And the cells get poisoned, they try to purify themselves by excreting debris, which we call ‘viruses.’ … I had a dramatic example of this when I was growing up.

Right outside our house there was a wetlands and it was full of frogs and the frogs kept me up at night and in the spring they made a big racket, and over time the frogs were all gone. How many think the frogs had a genetic disease?

How many think the frogs had a virus? How many think somebody put DDT into the water? That’s what happened. (DDT in the water) Diseases are poisonings.

So what happened in 1918 (with the Spanish Flu)? With every pandemic in the last 150 years there was a huge, quantum leap in the electrification of the earth.

In 1918 there was the introduction of radio waves around the world. Whenever you expose any biological system to a new electromagnetic field, you poison it, you kill some and the rest go into a kind of suspended animation, so interestingly they live a little bit longer and sicker.

Not a Pandemic Virus but a Pandemic of Testing

Researcher and author, David Crowe’s March 14, ‘GreenMedinfo’ article, ‘Does the 2019 COVID-19 Exist’ shares compelling evidence to call into question not just the existence of the supposed COVID-19 virus but the reliability of the RNA testing being used to determine the number of infected cases.

He makes the point that when countries stop testing for COVID-19, then there will be no more new cases.  “The definition, which assumes perfection from the test, does not have the safety valve that the definition of SARS did, thus the scare can go on until public health officials change the definition or realize that the test is not reliable.”

So really this pandemic can go on as long as ‘they’ want it to.  It is a classic case of ‘the Emperor has no clothes.’

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Does the virus even exist? David shares his viewpoint:

"What I learned from studying SARS, the previous big coronavirus scare, after the 2003 epidemic, was that nobody had proved a coronavirus existed, let alone was pathogenic.

There was evidence against transmission, and afterwards, negative assessments of the extreme treatments that patients were subjected to, the nucleoside analog antiviral drug Ribavirin, high-dose corticosteroids, invasive respiratory assistance, and sometimes oseltamivir (Tamiflu).” 

We should definitely be much less worried about being infected with an unproven virus than we should be afraid of the treatments those displaying symptoms may be (and are being) subjected to

There are reports circulating of experimental anti-viral drugs being used on hospital quarantined patients (and when they die from treatment they can claim they succumbed to the virus) and now rumors in the mainstream media that controversial (quite dangerous) antimalarial drugs (Chloroquine) may be effective in treating COVID-19.  

In fact, President Trump came under fire on March 23rd 2020, after three people were hospitalized in Nigeria from drug overdoses of Chloroquine, having self-medicated with the drug after Trump publicly and repeatedly touted, without evidence, the possibility of using the antimalarial drug for treatment of COVID-19.

The Nigerian government is now urgently warning its citizens to not self-medicate with unproven treatments.

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The Trouble With RNA Tests

David Crowe opines that the world is;

"…suffering from a massive delusion based on the belief that a test for RNA is a test for a deadly new virus, a virus that has emerged from wild bats in China, supported by the western assumption that Chinese people will eat anything that moves.”

We are so conditioned to be lured in by fairytales that we quickly fall for stories of evil, deadly viruses lurking deep inside bat caves, just like the stories we are told about the origins of life emanating from ‘deep sea vents,’ and other such fantasies, which currently pass as ‘science.’ 

The bat cave origin for the COVID-19 story we found in a March 11 article from the ‘respected’ (read - ‘industry-funded’), ‘Scientific American,’ titled ‘How China’s “Bat Woman” Hunted Down Viruses from SARS to the New COVID-19’ with the tagline reading ‘Wuhan-based virologist Shi Zhengli has identified dozens of deadly SARS-like viruses in bat caves, and she warns there are more out there’

Oh no, there are ‘more out there!’ Be very scared everyone, this is not the end to the threat; the bat caves are harboring more sinister viruses which could be released on an unsuspecting public at any time!

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But not only can viruses originate in deep, dark bat caves, we are told they are also being birthed in the ‘wet markets’ of China as presented in the Netflix ‘documentary’ November 2019 film ‘Pandemic,’ the narrator engages our imagination with the following:

“This is a wet market in the Lianghua, China. Unlike markets in much of the West, where animals are already dead when they arrive, this wet market sells meat that’s very fresh. It’s killed on sight. That’s what makes it a disease factory… All the while their viruses are mixing and mutating, increasing the odds that one finds its way to humans.”

Wow! ‘Mixing and mutating’ sound very scary and oh so scientific!  Why would fresh meat harbor more pathogens than long dead meat? It is totally illogical and certainly plays off of our prejudicial attitudes about those weird bat-eating Asians while preserving our belief in Western ways as being superior and more civilized than those in the East.

But back to the trouble with testing, Crowe continues with:

 “If the virus exists, then it should be possible to purify viral particles. From these particles RNA can be extracted and should match the RNA used in this test. Until this is done it is possible that the RNA comes from another source, which could be the cells of the patient, bacteria, fungi, etc.

There might be an association with elevated levels of RNA and illness, but that is not proof that the RNA is from a virus. Without purification and characterization of virus particles, it cannot be accepted that an RNA test is proof that a virus is present.

This strange new disease, officially named COVID-19, has none of its own symptoms. Fever and cough, previously blamed on uncountable viruses and bacteria, as well as environmental contaminants, are most common, as well as abnormal lung images, despite those being found in healthy people.

Yet, despite the fact that only a minority of people tested will test positive (often less than 5%), it is assumed that this disease is easily recognized. If that was truly the case, the majority of people routed for testing by doctors should be positive.

The COVID-19 test is based on PCR, a manufacturing technique. When used as a test it does not produce a positive/negative result, but simply the number of cycles required to detect genetic material.

The division between positive and negative is an arbitrary number of cycles chosen by the testers.

IF positive means infected and negative means uninfected, then there are cases of people going from infected to uninfected and back to infected again in a couple of days.”

One reader’s response to Crowe’s article succinctly summed up the situation at hand:

“Everyone is operating in fear.

  • The doctors are afraid of public opinion if they just send symptomatic people home to drink hot tea and eat garlic.
  • The lab techs are worried that if they don’t count even negatives as positives, then they might get sued or lose their jobs if someone dies.
  • The medical establishment is afraid to step away from the status quo ‘medical remedies’ of hand sanitizers/steroids/supplemental oxygen/inhalers because if they DO create doubt in the public mind about these “sanctioned” treatments, people might just get too smart and then they might sue their doctors for aggressively and invasively treating something that might have been better served with chicken soup.
  • Nobody wants to be a high profile, public naysayer (and good on David Crowe’s head for speaking out!) because they are afraid of public opinion, litigation, and censure from those in high places.

It’s a huge panic bubble, and the principalities of this world must be having a heyday watching everyone scramble around in out-of-control paranoia.”

During the infamous Spanish Flu pandemic, Dr. Joseph Goldberger working for the US public health services, wishing to establish proof of contagious human-to-human transmission for the ‘Spanish Flu’ conducted a large-scale experiment involving one hundred volunteer prisoners.

The prisoners participating in the experiment were promised reduced sentences in exchange for their help in the study. The healthy prison volunteers were subsequently exposed to mucous secretions of extremely sick, terminally ill prisoners. Secretions were swabbed into their nostrils and in their throats.

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They were exposed to coughing and sneezing in their faces. They were even injected with bacteria from the sick patients. Yet not a single one of them fell ill in the slightest and thus Dr. Goldberger had to admit failure.

There are in fact many other such examples of similar experiments with all of them resulting in failure to prove diseases to be contagious leading many researchers in the field (such as Crowe) to disbelieve the ‘infectious myth’ all modern medicine is now based upon.

Take that myth away and the house of cards that is our current medical establishment falls to the ground. 

And yet even though this supposedly ‘new’ coronavirus displays none of its own unique symptoms and ‘fever’ is open to interpretation depending on the beliefs of individual health practitioners.

There is no universal definition for ‘fever,’ as Crowe points out in his article, for SARS “a fever was defined as 38C even though normal body temperature is considered to be 37C (98.6)”), temperature is being used to signal out suspected viral cases.” (This in spite of the fact that some people will run higher normal temperatures than others especially if they have medical conditions such as hyperthyroidism.)

And in spite of these problems with using body temperature as a litmus test, airports all over the world have now installed or are installing infrared body temperature scanners or airport personnel are individually taking passengers temperatures.

If your temperature happens to be a little high you may be subject to medical detention for further testing, or denied passage, deported or quarantined.

Yet President Trump was quoted as stating that the virus should ‘burn itself out’ by early-mid April because there will be warmer weather and viruses cannot survive the increased heat.  (Trump had also first declared the virus a ‘hoax’ before he was presumably pressured politically to change his attitude and ‘play ball’ if he hopes to win re-election.)

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And some ‘experts’ have backed up this claim, stating we may see a drop-off in cases with a change in seasons but also stating that this means the virus could come back again in the fall or winter and with a vengeance (as with the shark in the ‘Jaws’ movies, ‘this time it’s personal!’).

But this begs several questions; if the virus can be killed off by heat/increased temperatures shouldn’t we welcome and encourage fever in sick patients?

Also, shouldn’t we just then treat patients with saunas or even those among us who could be carriers with sauna therapy?

And how does this explain the spread of the ‘virus’ throughout the world, in countries like Australia where it was still summer when the outbreak occurred or in the tropics where it is hot year round? 

‘Hidden in Plain Sight'...

…reads the headline of a NY Times Op-Ed propaganda piece (they are nothing if not persistent, not a day goes by that our lords and masters do not disperse their fear mongering), tells us that ‘new studies show’ more asymptomatic people could be carriers of the virus and responsible for spreading it ‘more than was previous supposed’… no facts or data or even names of scientists and their mysterious studies to back up these claims.

However even with the media infecting us with their lies about asymptomatic carriers (used as excuses to be sure none of us walk the streets a free people during this worldwide lockdown), hospitals offering free testing for COVID-19 will only test those demonstrating symptoms. 

This is to ensure that the public does not become suspicious of the test results.

With 70-80% likelihood of false positive test results it would soon become apparent to the general public that something is amiss when growing numbers of healthy people test positive yet never display symptoms and never infect anyone who comes into contact with them

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With sick people testing positive (even if a small percentage) they can support their viral paradigm (or ‘theory,’ which is all it is, a theory) that the virus causes the sickness even though the virus was never isolated (or purified) and no clinical trials were performed and Koch’s postulate was ignored.

(Koch’s postulate (criteria set by German bacteriologist Robert Koch in the late 1800s, and which is supposed to be used today in order to establish disease including viral disease) requires that the virus/pathogen be purified and that clinical trials are conducted (on animals) by exposing them to the pathogen and verifying that the same illness is produced in each case.  This postulate has been ignored.)

The key here is to keep the belief in the public’s mind that the virus is real, and very contagious. The conclusion that this particular virus is so very contagious derives from assumptions based on a need to explain why people who did not come in close contact with one another became infected.

‘Because there was no close contact and the individuals displayed similar symptomology and we believe the virus is the cause, therefore the virus must then be very contagious, can live on surfaces for days or weeks, etc.’ This is circular logic and thus belief based, not hard scientific fact.

If the general public ever gets wind of this incredible hoax to which we have all been subjected in the past weeks and months, imagine the backlash and the loss of faith in our institutions and leaders? 

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And the incredible anger and upset over loss of jobs, livelihoods, income, in some cases homes, shelter and lives due to the panic and insane decisions our leaders have made in order to ‘protect us’ from an unproven nonexistent threat.

The real threat then is not the fake virus but our rulers. The truth simply must not come to light and must be obfuscated at all costs.

Robot, Good - Human, Bad

The COVID-19 outbreak is at its core a Transhumanist agenda serving to influence humanity into viewing itself as a pathogen, a plague upon the earth, in much need of correction and control. 

Transhumanists believe that it is inevitable that humans merge with machine and that this transformation is somehow necessary for our own good and survival as well as that of our planet and also part of a ‘natural’ process they call ‘evolution.’

The pandemic scare helps to further this agenda by removing obstacles to the necessary (to ‘their’ goal) global 5G grid, pushing forward human microchip IDs and use of emergency relief funding to further develop and implement AI technology and robots to meet the rising demand for aid to hospital workers and in the workplace at large.

In other words, while we stay sequestered in our homes the robots can take over.

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SpaceX founder/futurist tech guru, Elon Musk, while standing to profit immensely from Artificial Intelligence and related 5G technologies (as previously mentioned, being the driving force behind the irradiation of our atmosphere via many thousands of 5G satellites), oddly is known for his outspokenness against AI, continually warning us of its dangers.

His motivation, it would appear, in igniting our fear of AI, is also linked to transhumanist agendas. Musk warns us that AI will soon surpass human intelligence thereby making humans obsolete in many job markets and then presents us with his ‘solution’ to this dilemma.

Namely, that humans connect themselves with artificial intelligence (via the AI-powered 5G ‘cloud’ enabled in large part by Musk’s own ‘SpaceX’) by way of microchip implants into our brains!  We are really not making this up!

Humans Are a Virus

Our elite masters do not view the masses as ‘human’ at all. They believe themselves to be the only true humans and the rest of us cattle or some kind of genetic mutation.

However, the reverse is closer to the truth since our leaders do not demonstrate truly human traits such as empathy and love. 

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And they themselves are responsible for designing and implementing the ecologically destructive systems in which we find ourselves imprisoned, though they love to cast the blame for ecological disasters on ‘we the people.'

Alien ‘Agent Smith’ from ‘The Matrix’ movies, possibly representational of our non-human (or sub-human) psychopathic leaders, tells us exactly what our leaders think of humanity; nothing more than a virus or scourge.

"I’d like to share a revelation that I’ve had during my time here. It came to me when I tried to classify your species and I realized that you’re not actually mammals.

Every mammal on this planet instinctively develops a natural equilibrium with the surrounding environment but you humans do not.

You move to an area and you multiply and multiply until every natural resource is consumed and the only way you can survive is to spread to another area.

There is another organism on this planet that follows the same pattern. Do you know what it is?

A virus. Human beings are a disease, a cancer of this planet. You’re a plague and we are the cure.”

And at another point in the film he says:

"I’m going to be honest with you. I hate this place, this zoo, this prison, this reality, whatever you want to call it. I can’t stand it any longer. It’s the smell, if there is such a thing.

I feel saturated by it. I can taste your stink, and every time I do I fear that I have somehow been infected by it. It’s repulsive! Isn’t it?“

So, we the unwashed masses, ‘stink’ and are ‘infectious’ and ‘carriers’ of all manner of disease and pathogens.

We carry this stigma. But machines do not. (However, it is totally overlooked that the use of these machines cause illness and even death due to the toxic EMFs and chemicals to which they expose humanity and that the manufacturing of them causes severe degradation to our environment.)

In fact, these ‘benign’ and ‘intelligent’ machines are portrayed as ‘helping’ us as can be seen in videos of robots admitting patients in Wuhan hospitals found on YouTube.

And technology (esp. wireless) as aiding us in carrying on with work, school and socially while under quarantine.

What is Informed Consent?

Consent given by a competent individual who:

Has received the necessary information

Has adquately understood the information

After considering the information, has arrived at a decision without having been subjected to coercion, undue influence or inducement, or intimidation

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‘We Live in Zoom Now’

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With this new forced social isolation our right to assembly under constitutional law has been stripped away and now meeting only in the virtual reality is becoming the accepted form of human-to-human interaction.

A New York Times March 22nd 2020 article announced, ‘We Live in Zoom Now- Zoom is where we work, go to school and party these days.’  We are being pushed into ‘meeting’ on a virtual platform (which has the added benefit for our masters of recording all of our conversations during these meetings) as our only means of socializing. 

Even some in isolated rural communities such as the one in which Shannon now lives are heralding the advantages of ‘meeting on Zoom’ and suggests we all ‘meet’ there in lieu of any in-person meetings, even when we are still legally permitted to gather in groups with ten persons or less.

Increasingly (under the NWO orders) we are being denied physical contact with other humans, which is a basic human need (and thus right) but this need is treated as if it can be replaced with virtual contact and that virtual contact is its equal when it is most definitely not.

Video: W.H.O. Advisor Says China Engaged In “Massive Cover-Up” Of COVID Outbreak

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Pompeo Confirms Intense Opposition to Wuhan Lab Probe From State Department, Intelligence Bureaucracies

And now under the COVID19 laws, gatherings of first more than 500, then 200, then 30 and now, incredibly, 10 (with numbers changing daily it would seem), is considered and treated as a criminal offense and as such carries harsh penalties and criminal punishments.

But nary a mention of 5G or other carcinogenic hazardous EMF radiation as being criminal. (Even though many millions, including the authors, argue that this vast experiment being carried out on the world’s population is in fact criminal in the extreme) and (as mentioned previously) certainly no mandates are ordered to halt or reduce exposures to wireless radiation while it is considered a criminal offense instead for victims of forced ‘smart’ meters and soon to be forced 5G antennas on their homes and properties to refuse the above, even and especially on the grounds of health concerns.

A New Type of War

The ‘War on Terror’™ has been a failure in the eyes of our elitist masters. It has fallen short of the mark in realizing their New World Order wet dreams and it has failed to instill enough fear in the people of the earth and bring them to give up all of their liberties and submit to one-world governance. 

Hence the need for a new threat, one that is not limited to small groups of people or demographics as was the case with ‘terrorists.’  

And with a ‘contagion’ anyone could be a threat (carrier), anyone, infants, elderly, or your neighbor’s dog.

It is indiscriminate, can affect any race, ethnicity, or gender. (And as of March 23rd, we are told ‘might’ even be airborne!)

However discrimination against marginalized people (homeless, and others without means to comply with quarantine/social distancing orders) defiant people (those who refuse to buy into the NWO propaganda, or who understand the science to be faulty), and the elderly (those who are under stricter containment laws for ‘their own protection’) will prevail.

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And now in the UK, police are being given ‘greater powers’ to enforce lockdown because too many people are ‘flouting’ the ‘social distancing’ guidelines.

The new powers allow them to set up roadblocks and checkpoints, and to arrest lockdown offenders. One of the more ludicrous headlines on the BBC homepage read, “Coughing on Emergency Workers to Be Punishable by Jail.” 

And on the other side of the ‘pond’ in the United States, Oregon state’s Governor announced that she did not want “…to HAVE to arrest people” when addressing the issue of the people not complying with quarantine measures. 

All this is happening right now in our ‘free’ ‘democratic’ nations!

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Is this World War III? 

Never before, certainly not since WWII, have world governments had this much carte blanche to restrict the freedoms of the people. (Curfews, severe travel restrictions, quarantines, military roadblocks, etc.)

While we are forced indoors, our invisible wireless radiation prison will continue to be erected with extra billions in ‘emergency’ funding from the US government allocated for ‘medical surveillance’ technology and 5G being covertly installed in now empty schools as students are forced to study from home, and 5G boxes placed outside our homes to spy on and sicken us.

During the 9-11 (so-called) ‘terrorist attack’ scare, flights were only grounded for one day and even that rocked the world and had the people in shock and awe.

But with this latest pandemic scare, flights worldwide are grounded for weeks and months (However it is interesting to note this moratorium on flights does not seem to have curtailed the constant ‘chemtrail’ aerosol spraying from jets crisscrossing our skies on a daily basis.

And now that COVID-19 is being described as a possible ‘aerosol,’ could the virus be used as a cover-up for when more people become sick from toxic aerosol spraying of our planet?)

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Depopulation Agenda

On social media COVID-19 has been nicknamed the ‘boomer remover’ because the segment of our population of over 60s known as ‘baby-boomers’ is being singled out as ‘high-risk’ for the virus.

Under the guise of ‘protecting’ the more vulnerable, those over 70 are being shut- in, removed from human contact, and denied freedom to go out of doors.

Shannon’s friend’s mother at a nursing home in Missouri is an example of one of the countless such shut-ins. Now a prisoner, confined to only her room over a week now, she cannot have visitors or go out of doors, or even leave her room, but she is permitted to use a cell phone to make calls to family members.

With nothing else to do but use cell phones and watch TV in chemically toxic dangerously high-EMF environments our seniors are sure to succumb to the effects of both social isolation (social contact often being the only thing previously keeping nursing home residents alive) and increased toxic chemical and EMF exposures.

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And when they do succumb, the authorities can say it was to the virus and that our ‘efforts’ were not enough, and next time need to be more stringent!  

If there is a targeted depopulation agenda aimed at removing the most ‘useless’ of we ‘useless eaters,’ aka those living on pensions and social security, it will be successful, not due to a fake virus, but because of increased and forced exposures to EMF radiation, chemicals and social isolation.

In Shannon’s rural community of about 100 people spread out over a distance of 20 miles with most residents living on acreage (4-150 acres each) with the nearest neighbor often up to a mile away, still community members are panicking.

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This, in large part, because the mean resident age is over 60 and because they trust the authorities and ‘official’ sources of news.

This has led to serious discussions on the email list-serve about everything from hoarding toilet paper (one member bought a case of 96 rolls online to share with neighbors after finding the local Wal-Mart shelves empty), the need to use hand sanitizer liberally and the recent rash of thefts of bottles of such hand sanitizers from cars in town, getting flu shots, availability of free testing (which everyone seems to be clamoring for), self-imposed quarantines and social-distancing (canceling all local gatherings even though they rarely see more than 20 in attendance), setting up check-points along the main road (this later was said to be a joke but many members had believed it and thought it a good idea), and using the community center to house sick patients. 

Shannon did her best to dispel the mainstream myths and fear, pointing to lack of evidence of veracity of COVID-19 claims, but her voice was drowned out amidst the cacophony of establishment-backed hysteria. 

One would think that in such an isolated rural wilderness community 25 miles from the nearest town there would be some sense of safety, calm and security and distance from the panic, but this just proves how powerful massive amounts of propaganda can be, particularly in our digitally connected world.

Measures to control the entire world’s population to this level would not have been possible without our current level of constant connectivity.

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The Real Death Toll

As millions ‘raid’ grocery stories, clamoring to hoard food and supplies in anticipation of increased lockdown measures and prolonged quarantines, it is the masses of impoverished, homeless or otherwise disenfranchised, unable to afford food stockpiling or even have access to a storage space, who will suffer the most and possibly die from lack of access to basic life necessities.

There may be mass starvation of millions, and death by exposure in extreme climates for those unable to find adequate shelter when forced to ‘shelter in place.’ 

This not long ago in India a population of 1.3 billion people were given less than four hours notice for a three week lockdown, leaving millions stranded, without jobs or income, without access to food, some report being physically beaten for doing their jobs under lockdown, thousands of migrant workers flee the cities attempting to make their way back to their home villages, with at least one dead from attempting to walk the 168 mile journey to his home.

Indian Bar Association serves legal notice to chief WHO scientist for misinformation on ivermectin

And what will happen to the millions of EI refugees living from their vehicles, wholly reliant on access to public campgrounds in state and federal parks, most of which are closed? 

And what of the loss of life due to heightened suicide rates as the social isolation, loss of employment and hope for a brighter future take its toll?  

When the dust settles, if it is ever allowed to settle (and with March 28th 2020 BBC headlines reading ‘The Birth of Quarantine Culture’ and ‘10 TV Shows to Watch in Isolation’ and the like, we can get a very accurate idea of what our masters have in store for us), statistics will prove that far more deaths occurred due to extreme police state lockdown measures than any supposed ‘COVID-19’ ever did.

Voices For Freedom Chats With Dr Sucharit Bhakdi

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Big Brother is Watching

Social pressure to properly perform ‘social distancing’ is creating a truly Orwellian nightmare with constant messages circulating on ‘what to do if your friends and family are not ‘on board.’

‘Big brother’ manifests as friends and family reporting your ‘misbehavior’/non-compliance for your own good.

Online daily articles pop-up on our home pages geared at ‘helping us’ learn ‘social distancing,’ in essence they serve to further social engineering agendas by teaching the scripted behavior modification necessary for the transformation of a democratic society into a dictatorship.

Here is but one example out of many such nauseating pieces, this from the ‘respected’ Globalist propaganda machine otherwise known as ‘The Guardian’ entitled ‘An Expert Guide to Social Distancing - and What to Do If Friends and Family Aren’t Onboard  – Experts say avoiding close contact is the key to slowing COVID-19- but what if you live with someone who’s throwing caution to the wind?’

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The author of this drivel lists many quotes from ‘experts’ dispensing their sage advice. One of the most offensive quotes comes from Dr. Arthur L Caplan:

"Right now, mental health has to take a secondary place. Stay indoors, stay away from others as much as you can, and get your food delivered.

Minimize your trips out for medicine or to the grocery store. Bring your hand sanitizer and use it all the time. Don’t shake hands.

Don’t us paper money. Get ready to do a lot of television watching. You should call your shut-in parents and so forth.”

The agenda is crystal clear. In other words, our emotional and mental wellbeing do not matter (nor has it ever mattered) to our masters. 

They would like nothing better than for us to stay indoors away from life giving energies from our sun, air and earth. 

They want us to constantly poison ourselves with toxic petrochemicals, eat lots of take-away junk foods and binge-watch television (to keep the programming in place) and only maintain contact with loved ones via the use of technologies. 

And, perhaps most significantly, to dispense with the use of paper currency, which has been an unmet goal of the global elite for some time now.

But with this new excuse, now backed by the WHO also suggesting the end of paper currency (since it can be contaminated with viruses!), this goal may be nearing fulfillment, further enslaving the masses by cutting off any chances of using untraceable, tax-free currency.

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But more importantly, once all forms of money are digital only, we lose our ability to directly possess and control our own wealth, making it simple for any one of us to lose everything with one swipe of a keystroke if we disobey orders from our leaders, exactly as has been witnessed with the ‘social credit’ system which has been recently implemented in China. 

Caplan doesn’t stop there, when asked what to do if ‘my partner or roommate is not practicing social distancing’ he continues to lay out the agenda with the following:

"Do your best to socially distance. Maybe don’t sleep in the same bed? Minimize sexual contact. Don’t share toothbrushes.

Try to use separate things. You don’t want to be hugging and kissing… You might not want to share the same forks and knives… that kind of thing. . If they won’t go along, get away.”

Non-compliant individuals are to be socially punished and loving close relationships and family come second to the demands of the state. Caplan and his ilk do not want we peasants hugging and kissing. But who is this Caplan anyway?

Interestingly Art Caplan, a ‘bioethicist’ (whatever the hell that is supposed to be!) was written about in ‘The Atlantic,’ in a prophetic December 20, 2016 article ‘How a Pandemic Might Play Out Under Trump’.

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The ‘article’ (nothing more than another sickening propaganda piece) begins with listing all of the major ‘pandemic’ outbreaks in recent decades (other less successful hoaxes than our current one; Swine Flu, MERS, Ebola, and the Zika virus) and how US presidents responded to those crises, then goes on to speculate about a possible future pandemic under Trump’s administration.

"As Donald Trump prepares to become America’s 45th President in January 2017, the question isn’t whether he’ll face a deadly outbreak during his presidency, but when? And more importantly how will he cope?

And here is where our friend Dr. Caplan shares his amazingly clairvoyant predictions:

"Bioethicist Art Caplan from the New York University School of Medicine envisages a quick slide towards isolation and authoritarianism.

In a blog post that can only be described as pandemic fan-fiction, he imagines that a lethal mutant strain of H7N9 flu emerges in China and spreads to America.

A hypothetical President Trump responds with a quick succession of moves: he seals the borders with Canada and Mexico; he quarantines sick Americans: he declares martial law, builds detention-style camps for quarantine-defiers, and uses epidemic conspiracies to launch a trade war with China.”

As we have witnessed in the last months, this nightmare dystopian scenario has nearly played out in full. Let’s just hope he wasn’t completely on the mark in every aspect and that all is not yet lost.

Science is the new religion of the NWO (New World Order) and its dogma is dictating international policy, which is policed by authorities and the people themselves. (The people self-policing often even without any external prompting, is the telling symptom of a true police state.)

Those who are non-compliant and non-believing are seen as a threat to the rest, much like the ‘witches’ of old.

And accompanying anger and outrage is being directed at those who choose to simply hug one another and not spray themselves and their homes with chemicals, such is the strength of the superstitions driving the prejudice.

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A prejudice which in Ecuador has led to locals setting up their own roadblocks and asking police to perform immigration checks on the ‘Gringo’ expat community of Vilcabamba.

They are outraged that the more enlightened foreigners are not taking the ‘pandemic’ threat more seriously and tensions are rising. 

Apparently a simple act like someone sitting in a park with no apparently urgent business being attended to, or not wearing a mask or gloves, is causing offense and igniting fear.

Everyone is being asked to stay at home and even to stay inside unless they absolutely have to go out. 

But most alarming is the latest news of this escalating situation related in this Vilcabamba forum posting from March 22nd:

“The locals are now FURIOUS with foreigners who are not complying with the quarantine laws. They are saying many foreigners are doing the following:

- Walking in town barefoot

- Not wearing masks

- Walking their dogs

- Riding their bikes 

The locals see those people as a potential carrier of COVID-19 and infecting the entire community (even though it is high probability that is not happening).

The locals are now responding with the following:

1.- Taking pictures and videos of anyone in town

2. Submitting those pictures to the authorities

3. Requesting the authorities arrest and imprison anyone who is out

4. They are now profiling people and taking notes, pictures and videos so they can take matters into their own hands when the time is right.

The tensions are now at a point where they can easily get out of control and it could become directed to all foreigners.. even those of us who are trying to cooperate.


Why would sitting outside be dangerous to anyone if ‘social distancing’ is being practiced, and if you live on acreage and near wilderness (which is actually the case for that small mountain Ecuadorian village)?

Can we no longer indulge in simple pleasures; are we all under house arrest, having become criminals overnight; enemies of the state?

In the fast approaching dystopian future will our every movement be monitored and assessed not just by authorities, but by our own neighbors?

Will enjoyment of the natural world, leisure activities, contact with our friends, families and pets all be luxuries, privileges we must earn through servitude to our lords and masters instead of basic human rights? 

This seems a very real possibility if the predictions highlighted in the MIT Review article we referenced earlier in this article come to pass (and we sincerely hope they do not!).

Vaccines, Lies and Smears

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Panicked people are easy to control. They panic-buy, increasing profit margins for some businesses a hundredfold while others have to ‘fold’ as they are forced to close their ‘non-essential’ businesses.

Fear makes us compliant, easily led, and ready to give up our liberties at the drop of a dime for any promise of protection.

We will use more drugs to ease our anxiety (both street drugs and pharmaceuticals), we will watch more television (as Carson dictated, I mean predicted, and apparently according to Amazon Prime viewing statistics, the popular films of the day tend to depict fictitious pathogen pandemic scenarios, with titles like ‘Contagion,’ ‘Parasite,’ ‘Flu,’ with Zombie apocalypse movies taking a firm 2nd place.

As if our real lives aren’t enough ‘fear porn’ for the masses currently), we will distance ourselves from life-giving, life-affirming people, surroundings and activities, and increasingly tether ourselves to life-destroying technologies.

With one foot teetering over the gap between our natural and virtual worlds, we will allow ourselves to slip into a brave new ‘smart’ world, one our technocratic masters have envisioned for us for a very long time, and fall into that virtual abyss.

And if we are fortunate enough to re-emerge, it will be as part-human, part-robot, ready and willing to hook ourselves up to the new AI-driven 5G control grid by any means ‘they’ deem necessary in order to be permitted the crumbs of contact with our natural world and other humans they will let fall to our feet.

So, we are very sad to conclude, COVID-19 is simply an extremely elaborate and meticulously planned world-wide psy-op (psychological operation – one of many over the past few decades) facilitated by the Elite powers in collaboration with all governments and is absolutely NOT what it is purported to be

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The incredible over-the-top response to what should be just a minor health scare (if real) should really tell us that. 

They are putting the entire world into lockdown situations for something that has killed far, far less people in the months since the scare began, than the common flu and indeed many other diseases, none of which are assigned the same importance as COVID-19.

(In the 2017/2018 Flu season in the US alone, 80,000 people died from ‘flu’, and it is estimated that up 800,000 die annually in the United States from hospital ‘error’ making hospitalization the leading cause of death in the US.)

And whatever you do, please do not worry about contracting this so-called virus. (However you may want to minimize your EMF exposures and rally together with your communities against the real threat of 5G encroachments, and continue to educate yourselves and investigate into real causes of illness not covered by mainstream media outlets.)

They rely on the fact that the symptoms are also stated to be very similar to normal colds and flu and so it’s quite easy to convince someone (and that includes medical professionals) that one has the virus, especially with all the media hype and propaganda that is currently ‘doing the rounds'’ 

We believe that the entirety of the world’s health services have been propagandized by these monsters in human guise and so we cannot even rely on our health professionals to tell us any different from what we hear in the ‘ever-compliant and eager to serve their masters’ every bidding,’ media.

And finally, by way of illustration of how these things are planned many years in advance, here is a very funny, but very apt, short clip from the TV show ‘The Simpsons’ which has a strong reputation for so-called ‘predictive programming’ and whose makers seem to be ‘in the know’ in some way and given license to feed us small tidbits of information regarding the plans for all our futures.

House Cat Flu

"The Black Knight" of Vaccines

Please take good care everyone, look after your friends and family wherever and whenever you can, give them hugs, pet your animals, connect with the natural world, and stay safe and well in these truly scary and unpredictable times! 

And try to maintain a positive outlook and sense of humor, as reason and logic, are in about as short supply as toilet paper, leaving the collective shelves of the human psyche empty, as it is continually bombarded with messages of fear, uncertainty and doubt.

Also please do spread the message contained herein as far and wide as is humanly possible!

We both wish you all, good health and happiness, whatever else transpires in the near future in this increasingly crazy world of ours.

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Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

Ancient Device Too Advanced To Be Real Gives Up Its Secrets At Last + Is This Proof Of Aliens In Peru?
June 13 2021 | From: BigThink / DailyMail / Gaia Various

Though it it seemed to be just a corroded lump of some sort when it was found in a shipwreck off the coast of Greece near Antikythera in 1900, in 1902 archaeologist Valerios Stais, looking at the gear embedded in it, guessed that what we now call the “Antikythera mechanism” was some kind of astronomy-based clock.

He was in the minority - most agreed that something so sophisticated must have entered the wreck long after its other 2,000-year-old artifacts. Nothing like it was believed to have existed until 1,500 years later.

Lost Ancient High Technology In Egypt: Saw Marks And Drill Holes

In 1951, British historian Derek J. de Solla Price began studying the find, and by 1974 he had worked out that it was, in fact, a device from 150 to 100 BC Greece.

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He realized it used meshing bronze gears connected to a crank to move hands on the device’s face in accordance with the Metonic cycle, the 235-month pattern that ancient astronomers used to predict eclipses.

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By 2009, modern imaging technology had identified all 30 of the Antikythera mechanism’s gears, and a virtual model of it was released.

Virtual Reconstruction of the Antikythera Mechanism – Michael Wright & Mogi Vicentini

Understanding how the pieces fit goes together confirmed that the Antikythera mechanism was capable of predicting the positions of the planets with which the Greeks were familiar - Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn - as well as the sun and moon, and eclipses.

It even has a black and white stone that turns to show the phases of the moon. Andrew Carol, an engineer from Apple, built a (much bigger) working model of the device using Lego to demonstrate its operation.

Lego Antikythera Mechanism

The Antikythera Mechanism: http://bit.ly/fm4oFK is the oldest known scientific computer, built in Greece at around 100 BCE. Lost for 2000 years, it was recovered from a shipwreck in 1901.

But not until a century later was its purpose understood: an astronomical clock that determines the positions of celestial bodies with extraordinary precision. In 2010, we built a fully-functional replica out of Lego.

In June of 2016, an international team of experts revealed new information derived from tiny inscriptions on the devices parts in ancient Greek that had been too tiny to read - some of its characters are just 1/20th of an inch wide - until cutting-edge imaging technology allowed it to be more clearly seen.

They’ve now read about 35,00 characters explaining the device.

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The writing verifies the Antikythera mechanism’s capabilities, with a couple of new wrinkles added: The text refers to upcoming eclipses by color, which may mean they were viewed as having some kind of oracular meaning.

Second, it appears the device was built by more than one person on the island of Rhodes, and that it probably wasn’t the only one of its kind. The ancient Greeks were apparently even further ahead in their astronomical understanding and mechanical know-how than we’d imagined.

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Is This Proof Of Aliens In Peru?

Mysterious giant 'claw' with eight inch fingers and a warped skull are unearthed in tunnels deep below South American city.

A group of self-proclaimed paranormal researchers claim they have found a giant claw with belonging to an alien in caves in Peru.

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They believe the 'giant three-fingered hand', which has fingers at least eight inches long and was allegedly found in tunnels near the ancient city of Cusco, belonged to an alien or ancient human-like creature. The group have so far refused to reveal exactly where the bones were found.

They believe the 'giant three-fingered hand', which was allegedly found in tunnels near the ancient city of Cusco, belonged to an alien or ancient human-like creature.

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The group also claim to have found an elongated alien-like skull close to where they allegedly discovered the hand.

The claims have not been verified by a scientist or researchers from any recognised institution. Brien Foerster, a 'paranormal researcher' who runs a tour company in Peru, was allegedly handed the mysterious item by the group.

He said he took the discovery to some unnamed 'experts' who conducted tests and found the hand had six bones in each finger. Humans have just five.

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He claimed he took the discovery to some unnamed 'experts' who conducted tests and found the hand had six bones in each finger

The 'research team' allegedly used x-rays to conclude the hand and skull were 'genuine biological objects', meaning they are real bone and contain skin tissues.

Related: Archaeologists discover ancient tombs filled with actual Giants - “unusually tall and strong” people once roamed the planet

It is claimed the team now plan to conduct DNA testing on the mysterious discovery in the USA later this year.  

Special Report: Unearthing Nazca

A new anomalous discovery has been unearthed in Peru. Join Gaia's ongoing investigation and decide for yourself if this is proof of a non-human species.

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Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

The Truth About Electro Magnetic Frequencies - What The Authorities Don't Tell You
June 12 2021 | From: StillnessInTheStorm

A Clinical Trial: In early 1934, Johnson rented premises in San Diego for Royal Rife to begin clinical treatments.

Under his instructions, the University of Southern California arranged formal clinical trials of the Rife Beam Ray device.

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They appointed a special committee of top doctors to oversee the project including, apart from Johnson and Kendall:

Dr Rufus Klein-Schmidt (President, University of Southern California)
Dr Edward Kopps (Metabolic Clinic, La Jolla, California)
Dr George Fisher (Children's Hospital, NY)
Dr Kad Meyer (Hooper Foundation, San Francisco, California)
Dr Whalen Morrison (Chief Surgeon, Santa Fe Railway)
Dr George Dock
Dr Alvin G. Foard, a pathologist

Sixteen cancer patients from the Pasadena County Hospital volunteered to be treated with the machine. The brief was for the patients to be treated at Rife's clinic in San Diego and after three months the doctors would perform an in-depth examination of any of the surviving patients at that time.

Rife reportedly treated the patients with three minute exposures to the beam ray device at file career frequencies once every three days.

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Initial daily treatments were suspended due to extreme Jansch-Herxreimer reactions. At the end of three months, however, all the patients were still alive and were examined.

The doctors were amazed to pronounce that 14 of the 16 showed no signs of cancer and were pronounced clinically cured. The remaining two went for further treatments.

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Rife reasoned that maybe they were infected with a mutated form of the cancer virus and made some slight frequency adjustments. Four weeks later the remaining two patients were examined and also pronounced clinically cured The results were stunning, it was a major breakthrough

There is some discrepancy in the accounts of what happened next, but the most likely explanation is that the members agreed to do further work before publicizing the results.

Conflict Begins

Johnson then introduced Rife to Dr Mildred Schram of the International Cancer Foundation in Philadelphia.

However, on hearing of the work Schram allegedly made demands for experiments that Rife insisted would not and could not work Following much argument; he eventually refused to have anything further to do with the foundation Schram supposedly admitted years later that Rife had been right.

In the meantime (1935) Johnson had set up a clinic in Los Angeles to beat people using the beam ray device and Kendall and others were continuing experiments and treating people with it.

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In 1937, the medical committee who oversaw the clinical trials ended up arguing over when and how they should release the results with no actual decision ever being reacted.

By now they had plenty of evidence to support Rife's claims but they found themselves pressured by the medical authorities and feared that they would not be believed

A press release went ahead however, and on Friday 6 May 1938, the San Diego Evening Tribune published a front page article entitled "Dread Disease Germs Destroyed by Rays, Claim of S.D. Scientist".

However, the clinical trials were rot mentioned and Rife was cautious not to claim that the device represented an absolute cure for cancer.

Many Electromagnetic Hyper Sensitivity conditions develop slowly and silently over many years while the person is not presenting with any symptoms or complaints:

"People suffering from Electromagnetic Hyper Sensitivity (EHS) should not be treated as simply unfortunate individuals who cannot enjoy the benefits of wireless technology and electrical power like the rest. They should be treated as the "canary in the coal mine" serving as an early warning for the rest of humanity.

For those not familiar with the term "canary in the coal mine" - it originated when miners used to take caged canaries down to the coal mine with them. They positioned the cages on the ground. If dangerous gases (e.g. methane or carbon monoxide) leaked into the mine tunnels, these gases would cause the death of the canaries serving as a warning signal to exit the mine tunnels immediately.

The morbid bio-effects of EMF described in the 2012 Bio-initiative Report may trigger a range of disorders including neurological conditions, infertility, birth defects and cancer. Many of the conditions develop slowly and silently over many years while the person is not presenting with any symptoms or complaints.

And that is why we should treat the Electro-Hyper Sensitivity (EHS) syndrome and EHS sufferers - as a stark warning, alarm bells and sirens going off, that we should all heed to even if we still cannot see or feel the fire (YET)". 

- Dr. Jonathan Halpern, PhD | Electromagnetic Survival Radiation Guide

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Conspiracy Theory

During fids time, a new player emerged. Dr Morris Fishbein was editor of the Journal of the American Medical Association between 1924 and 1949.

However, Fishbein was a very rich and powerful man who by that time owned all the stock of the AMA and had extremely powerful political connections. Fishbein approached Rife with an offer to buy the exclusive rights to the beam ray technology.

Rife refused. The details of the offer are unknown but Fishbein had made similar offers to other inventors of medical technologies claimed to cure cancer.

In ore case Fishbein made an offer to the creator of a herbal cancer cure called Harry Hoxey in which Fishbein would receive all profits from the invention for nine years and thereafter, at Fishbein's discretion, he would pay 10 per cent of future profits to Hoxey.

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When Hoxey refused, Fishbein effectively destroyed him Hoxey was allegedly arrested 125 times in 16 months at Fishbein's instigation The charges never stuck but Hoxey was ruined

Fishbein then did the same to Rife. AMA officials started visiting doctors who were using Rife's machines and informed them they would be struck from the medical register if they did not stop immediately.

Many gave in and surrendered the machines to AMA investigators or allowed the machines to be destroyed. Others held out aid refused Marty were arrested or had equipment and notes seized and destroyed by FDA (Federal Food and Drug Administration) agents.

Fishbein refused to allow publication of any reference to Rife's work in the AMA journals and also supposedly pressured other medical journals insisting that they should not publish anything about Rife's work because it was all a fraud. A number of doctors actively opposed fids, including Johnson.

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But many of the doctors who had attended Johnson's banquet for Rife in 1931, fearing the loss of their medical licenses, started denying that they had ever heard of Rife, even though marry had been photographed with him at the banquet.

Today's Scientists on Dr Royal Rife

Another doctor and scientist, whose research has been buried for some time but has managed to resurface due to the work of avid supporters, is Dr Royal Raymond Rife M.D, who developed a frequency generator in the late 1920’s. In brief, Rife successfully treated 1,000 patients diagnosed with incurable cancer in the 1930’s. He was honoured with 14 awards and an honorary doctorate.

After the unsuccessful attempt by pharmaceutical companies to buy out his research and equipment, his office was ransacked, his research paperwork was stolen and the machine that healed all those 1,000 “incurable” cancer patients was destroyed.

In 1934, before this destruction occurred, the University of Southern California appointed a Special Medical Research Committee to bring terminal cancer patients from Pasadena County Hospital to Rife's San Diego Laboratory and clinic for treatment.

The team included doctors and pathologists assigned to examine the patients - if still alive - in 90 days. After the 90 days of treatment, the Committee concluded that 86.5% of the patients had been completely cured.

The treatment was then adjusted and the remaining 13.5% of the patients also responded within the next four weeks. The total recovery rate using Rife's technology was 100%.

What Rife had developed was a 100% effective cure for many forms of cancer. So why do we not know about this and why are there so many cancer research foundations in existence?

Put simply, it is due to the economic motives of the orthodox medical community, which relies on funding for cancer research - such funding often coming from pharmaceutical companies - and whose fortunes would be damaged if a cure for cancer was found. (That is, it’s OK to search for a cure but don’t really find one!)

This is a story that illustrates yet another grand attempt by the mainstream medical community to control the lives - and deaths - of so many millions of people today."

“In every culture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy."

- Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, Nobel Laureate in Medicine (1937) What Rife proved is that every health disorder has a frequency, which in turn responds (resonates) to a specific (optimal) frequency for its dissolving/healing in the body.

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Don't mistake Electro Magnetic Frequencies (EMF) as Pulsed Electro Magnetic Frequencies (PEMF). They are absolute opposites. One can kill you! The other can save you. Has anyone ever wondered why no one has ever had cancer of the heart?

I will tell you why. It is because the heart uses Pulsed Electro Magnetic Frequencies that oxygenate and keep a balanced PH. Electro Magnetic Frequencies are harmful and dangerous to every living organism! 

Pulsed Electro Magnetic Frequencies, however, are the counterbalance to this man-made scourge that has now created a prolific smog that covers the entire earth, from microwaves to electronic warfare that readily exists. 

We can't escape it.  

Related: Facts About Current Safety Standards For Cell Phone And Towers

The object you hold against your head every day is one of the worst offenders. It is called the mobile phone. Apart from aging you rapidly, it can kill you. 

Brain Cancer has increased 10 percent in the last ten years. Imagine 100 years from now! 

Dr Alan Back, a Naturopath from the USA who worked on electronic warfare for the US army, used his skills to invent a counter measure system to combat the Electro Magnetic Frequency problem that has now enveloped the earth.  

The worst part about it is that your own home is the very place that can make you sick.

Introduction / Overview: The ‘Healing Computer’ Technology

I have been a Naturopath for 36 years and every year - and particularly this last year - 83% of people presenting to me for medical scanning have chronic adrenal fatigue symptoms which relate to neurological physical.

Over 95% present with EMF symptoms and clumped Red Blood Cell symptoms, which affect the entire circulatory system as well as the immune system. 

This is happening right now and is certainly not a passing fad.

EMF Can Harm and Can Heal Using PEMF ( Pulsating Electromagnetic Field Therapy)

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The Gloves Come Off On EMF / Mobile / WiFi Radiation + Understanding The Dangers Of The “5G” Rollout

Electronic Torture + 21st-Century Bio-Hacking And Bio-Robotizing

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

World Of Naked Lies
June 11 2021 | From: DrSircus / AllGovernmentsLie / Various

Lying seems to be the foundation of human intelligence and civilization. Robert Fisk writes, “We do not live in a “post-truth” world, neither in the Middle East nor in the West – nor in Russia, for that matter. We live in a world of lies. And we always have lived in a world of lies.”

Anyone alive today that believes we are living in a world of truth, justice and love needs to have their heads examined.

Related: Why The Truth Is Vilified (And Lies Are Celebrated) Everyw here Across Our Twisted Society

We live in a world of lies and half-truths, which are really the same or worse than outright lies, because they confuse the human mind. Lies cause unmeasurable amounts of human suffering and lead people to early graves.

We lie and we never stop lying, even to ourselves. Governments lie and they want us to believe in their lies. The press lies pretending to represent the truth but that is understandable because they are wholly owned by elite masters who tell them what to publish. Historians lie but not all of them.

Egyptologists lie because they do not want to know anything besides what they have already thought of as the truth of Egypt’s ancient past.

Certainly, bankers lie about their honesty and doctor’s lie about the dangers of their drugs and surgery done without supplementing with magnesium.

Related: Dear Western Peoples; There Is No Freedom Without Truth

They even lie about heart attacks never saying people who go into cardiac arrest are actually dying of magnesium deficiencies. Dentists of course lie about fluoride and their use of the highly toxic neurological poison mercury.

Therefore, we lie and our institutions are built on pyramids of lies. So why do we trust liars? How can anyone be arrogant about realities of lies when there is no truth left? What is truth if we have nothing but lies?

What is amazing is that these past years they have even been lying about the weather. Imagine the weatherman telling people in New York that it is sunny and warm but when you step outside it is cold and raining. It is that bad.

I have written for nine years on global cooling probably publishing over 70 essays on the subject. Do a Google search on, Record high temperature and Record low temperature and see what comes up. I just got 9,460,000 results (0.55 seconds) for high temperatures and 78,100,000 results (0.58 seconds) for cold temperatures.

Not that the google search means much but it does suggest one start reading about what is going down on our planet if one is interested in surviving the future.

Record Cold USA During Summer in Dakotas & Great Lakes, Media Ignores

We have become accustomed to white lies in our everyday lives and have become accustomed to not believing everything we hear. Whether it is someone’s description on a dating app or a resume for work, we take what we listen to with a grain of salt.

Some people fiercely filter information for fabrications, exaggerations, plagiarism, white lies, and most of all: deception. However, as one study suggests, we are on average only able to catch 54% of lies.

Strikingly, in the same study, trained police officers, judges, and FBI agents were not that much better than the average person was.

All forms of information have lost their integrity. All institutions - from the academy to commerce to governance to non-profits - have lost their integrity.

Worse perhaps, than secret agencies telling lies with no evidence and the mainstream media telling lies on command from its financial masters, is an all-out war on truth.

Related: Fluoride Officially Classified As A Neurotoxin In World’s Top Medical Journals & Former EPA Senior Scientist Confirms Fluoride Lowers Children’s IQ

“There are facts, there are opinions, and there are lies,” says historian Deborah Lipstadt who encourages us all to go on the offensive against those who assault the truth and facts. “Truth is not relative,” she says. Therefore, we really have no choice but to question and challenge everything.

What is the truth of the liberal mind? What is their greatest wet dream? They want the whole world to be one big happy family, where borders are meaningless, people can freely move from one country to the next, and no society is inherently better than another is.

They preach diversity, but they want the world to be blended into one drab monoculture that falls in line with their beliefs and violently oppose others, who believe in quaint ideas of nationalism for example.

Today nationalists and patriots are evil people in the eyes of liberals and progressives who forget the truth of what these words mean. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, nationalism simply means “love for or devotion to one’s country.” According to thefreedictionary.com, a patriot is “a person who loves, supports, and defends his or her country and its interests.”

Related: Many Scientific “Truths” Are, In Fact, False + A Scientist Explains Why "Everything Is Fucked"

So for sure they lied about 9-11, what started the Second World War and about how the world is doing with global debt now hitting $217 trillion, which is 327% Of GDP. We could go on forever listing lies.

Religions lie. We know that because if that were not the truth then only one religion is a true one and the rest bull because they all contradict each other.

In a world of lies one has to wonder the truth about everything, even what happened in Germany during WWII?

Come on, they even lie about iodine in salt, as if it would do anyone any good because once put on the table the iodine evaporates quickly. Most people have no idea what truth is or the process of finding it.

The truth is as unpopular today as it has always been. If you are a person of truth and you hear the truth, it rather excites you. The truth, if we are not living it, is almost unbearable to hear.

The sounds of silence are the sounds of lies, omissions of fact and reality so large it is more than manipulation.

Did you know that one’s silence could be deadly? One can actually do mass murder with silence by deliberately holding back information that can be lifesaving.

Related: The Truth About Money Is Out & Austerity In 8 Minutes: Why It Does Not Work, Why It Is Still Practised

Tell that to your doctor for he is the one who most needs to know this. What is going on in Fukushima is perhaps the greatest silent lie. Things are so bad there we hear nothing about it.

Perhaps the most dangerous lies today center around Russia. Sick politicians in both American and Europe are risking all of our lives in a nuclear war with their lies. Crimea is Russian. All the people there speak Russian. Almost every one of them voted to rejoin Russia.

The West is completely irrational, not only about Islam but also about just about everything.

It is inviting its own destruction.

The West is completely separated from reality says Paul Craig Roberts.

Conclusion – A Little Bit of Truth

The heart can only stand the truth but our minds can wonder all over the universe of lies without problem.

We said in the beginning that lies hurt people. Powerful people everywhere routinely make decisions that hurt others. The old saying is right: Power really does corrupt.

No one is honest about their corruption so they have to lie. Therefore, the lies that permeate civilization start at the top among the most powerful.

Recent psychological research suggests that powerful people behave remarkably like traumatic brain injury victims. Controlled experiments show that, given power over others, people often become impulsive and less sensitive to risk.

Related: Ten Years On: Al Gore's 'Inconvenient Truth' Propaganda Film Turns Out To Be Total Bunk - How Is His Profit From Carbon Taxes Not Criminal Fraud?

Most important, test subjects often lose empathy, that is, the ability to understand and share the feelings of others. Said another way they lose their hearts, the intelligence of the heart, their own organs of truth so in a sense they become stupid.

Rich in money and possessions but without hearts leaves the most powerful without the kind of vulnerability that leads to love so actually they are poor in spirit, poor in their ability to feel but strong in their ability to abuse.

They also lose their capacity to mirror and listen to others.

All Governments Lie

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Now That You’ve Awakened, How Do You Help Awaken Others?
July 6 2017 | From: WakeUpWorld

So you see the ‘big picture.’ You’ve awakened to the realization that the planet has been hijacked - You know about their agenda - You know humanity can rise above it - You want to do something positive about it.

So, you start spreading the word to awaken others, telling them what’s really happening in the world.

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The greater the number of awakened individuals spreading the word, the quicker we as a race can reach that critical mass of consciously awakened individuals needed to prevent the doom and gloom and co-create a turnaround for planetary transformation.

And this change in mass consciousness for planetary transformation has to be done, especially with a sense of urgency - it’s a do-or-die-situation for humanity.

However, learning how to effectively spread the word to the un-awakened can be quite a difficult task at times, and is a subject, I feel, that is not addressed enough in the alternative media community. Over the years, I have learnt a number of effective ways to do it that avoid many pitfalls. Here are some of those ways to help spread the word and play your part in our mass awakening and planetary change:

Keep it Simple

Share your revelations on an increasingly steady gradient over time (don’t get heavy), so that people will grasp more easily where you’re coming from and be more accepting of what you say along the way.

Distinguish the Nay-Sayers

No matter how eloquent you may be, how knowledgeable, good at communication, dealing with people’s idiosyncrasies etc., there are some people who just won’t get it and I doubt if they ever will.

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These people will invalidate you without ever investigating your claims.
The sooner you can distinguish these Nay-Sayers, limited by their self-imposed bubble of existence and belief, the sooner you can move on to spread the word to others who are more open-minded and receptive.

‘Gauge the Person’

If you want to make a difference then try to ‘gauge the person.’ That is, find out if they are open to what you have to say, and establish where they are at with their own awakening (if this is the case). Then you can speak to them on a level that they will gain further understanding.

Pick an Area

Many people began their awakening in a particular area of understanding. For example, my awakening began with health. If you can share a common ground with someone who somehow feels that things are not right in a particular subject area, then this indeed is the subject to discuss with them. 

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Do you have a specialist area of knowledge you could share?

Set an Example

As the saying goes, be that change you want to see in the world. Express your individuality. Walk the walk, talk the talk. For instance, if you’re campaigning for health then practice what you preach by living healthily. Be authentic. Others will follow.

Be Courageous… But Do it Lovingly!

You may well have something worth saying. However, if you come across somewhat angrily or in a huff, then the person / persons listening may not hear what you’re saying, not matter how well you justified it. They will only get angry with your anger or huffy with your huffiness. So, basically, do indeed be courageous if needed, but try to spread the word lovingly.

Remember, You Haven’t Anything to Sell…

For me, the way I see it is like this. I haven’t got anything to sell: I’m not out to change the world. I couldn’t change one person if I tried. People don’t change people.

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All we can ever do is present an opportunity to someone. It is up to that person to take and make something out of that opportunity and then change them self.

Sow a seed in their mind. Too much information for someone unprepared for it will only push them away and alienate you. Ask a question. Don't you find it strange that...

Questions Are Answers

One way of spreading the word, getting someone interested and aware is to give them questions. Giving someone questions not only encourages inquiry but also avoids confrontation. Instead of you being head-on confronted, the person is more likely to confront the question. Thus, questions indirectly serve as answers.

Know Thy Stuff!

Be prepared to give knowledgeable responses when challenged! A good knowledgeable response breeds confidence and courage. (Conversely, it can be counterproductive to talk about topics you don’t really understand. - Editor.)

Spread the Written Word

There are many free or cheap and easy-to-run blog sites you can use for spreading the word. There are also many excellent free article submission websites to get your voice heard.

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Or how about creating an email list or setting up a social media page? Or you could give a slide-show presentation to your family and friends…  Can you think of other ways?

Final Thoughts…

That concludes some of the many ways we can help to awaken others. I hope that this has encouraged and inspired you!

And remember: Know that you can make a difference. Insignificance is an illusion.

When You Realise "A Bugs Life" Was Trying to Tell You Something...

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So You’ve Woken Up… Now What?

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Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

Delusions About Private Property And The Fantasy Of Equality
June 9 2021 | From: JonRappoport

“Once private property is abolished, the advocates for utopia win. They build their heaven on earth, which means they can take what they want and run civilization, top-down. They can keep saying nobody owns anything, but in fact they own it all. They execute this squeeze play as if they were messiahs eradicating the prime evil: private ownership. This is such a preposterous stage play that, in a sane society, it would close down after one night.” - The Underground, Jon Rappoport

Newsflash: There is a difference between an idea and the way that idea is applied in practice.

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For example, certain groups will take the idea of freedom and interpret it to mean:

"We have the freedom to steal everything we can.”

Based on this practice, many people will claim freedom was always a failed and corrupt idea at the core. This is wrong, absurd, and dim. Very dim.

In the same way, the idea of private property can certainly be twisted to mean;

“I will steal what you have, make it my own, and then declare it is my property, over which I have control.”

But the idea of private property remains independent of what people will do to distort it. A child used to be able to see this.

Centuries of struggle resulted in a shift from monarchs and priest classes owning all available land, to individuals having the right to own land. Once that principle was firmly established, groups immediately tried to modify the principle to their advantage.

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In 1776, a group called the Illuminati declared its existence in Bavaria. One of its guiding ideas was: the abolition of all private property. That concept traveled down to Karl Marx and the Communist agenda.

Private property was called an inherent crime. Instead, the people/everybody would own all property.

This garbled incoherent pronouncement would be backed up by the ruling government, who would act as stewards for the masses - meaning the government would take control of all property until such time as the people evolved to the point where the State was unnecessary.

As a straight con, it was very weak. A two-bit hustler on a street corner with a folding table and three cards could see through it in a second. The people evolving? The State withering away on its own? Equality defined as everybody owning everything?

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Understanding The Economic Collapse Of Greece And The Subsequent Impacts On The Global Economy

Of course, if people injected their own utopian fantasies into the mix, if people assumed the government was a beneficent force for good, if people assumed there was an “everybody” operating unanimously, if people fantasized about a history of tribes (who fought wars against each other) gracefully abdicating the whole notion of individual property…well then, yes, the abolition of private property became a marvelous proposition.

In the light of day, however, with a clear mind, the idea was terrible. It was quite insane. It signaled a transfer of property from the individual to power-mad lunatics. Needless to say, this idea of no-private-property is alive and well on planet Earth today. We are in another round of fantasy-drenched propaganda.

In a nutshell, the threat of pure private property is: it establishes individual rights that stand against the unchecked force of the government-corporate-banking nexus. It implies the individual is free, independent, and the ruler of what he owns.

To which the addled mind replies:

“But suppose a person is polluting his land and the poison is running beyond his borders and endangering others?”

Well, that is called a crime. It should be prosecuted. It should be stopped.

The fact that it is often ignored doesn’t negate the whole assumption of private property. It points to the corruption of public officials who refuse to prosecute the offender.

Here is utopia laid bare: the government and its partners, who are doing everything they can to limit, squash, and outlaw the individual right to own property, are the same force that is acting as the wondrous representative of all the people; surrender to this force; give it power to appropriate all property and hold it in trust, for that day when the population has risen to enlightenment, when the open sharing of “everything” is a natural impulse. Then victory will be ours.

Not the iron fist. The open helping hand. Not the hammer. The smiling guide. Not the monarch. The servant of humanity. If you buy that one, I have waterfront condos for sale on Jupiter’s four moons. No terms. Cash up front. Construction begins in 2058. Promise.

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The Homeowners Association actually owns the condos and the land. They are a subsidiary of the Jupiter Government Authority. There are rules. No flags of any kind flying from porches. No privately owned electricity generators. No growing of vegetables or fruit on the land. No weapons.

Domiciles must be shared with migrants arriving from Earth. The migrants are given beds, meals, and clothing. Possessions are shared. The prime directive: everything belongs to everybody. Power to the people.

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Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

Could Light From LED Screens Cause Irreversible Eye Damage?
June 8 2021 | From: Uncensored / Various

In John Christian’s books, The Light Bulb Mafia and The Light Bulb Mafia Postscript (on the Internet) he mentions how LED light bulbs, LED slit lamps and ophthalmoscopes, LED backlit computer screens, smart phone screens and TV screens are going to severely damage the retina and accelerate early onset macular degeneration leading to premature blindness.

It was Dr Celia Sanchez-Ramos’s previous study exposing rats to white LED light bulbs back nearly 10 years ago that first motivated John Christian to write his books.

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Generally, her research is superb, although it has been largely ridiculed by other ophthalmological scientists and doctors throughout the world. Yet she is courageously holding to her carefully researched, honest views.

In my opinion she is one of the very few, truly great, honest, medical professionals today. She works at Complutense University of Madrid, in Spain. Well, here is her latest research published by Medical Life Sciences, showing how LED computer screens and tablets seriously damage the retina of rats, which supports John Christian’s previous radical allegations and predictions in his two books:

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Note that her study involved exposing pigmented rats with eyes similar to humans. The control group was divided into three, a group (not exposed to LED screen light), a second group (exposed to LED displays) and a third group (exposed to LED displays with an Eye Protector Reticare over the screens cutting out the damaging blue light).

The study was performed for 3 months in daily cycles of 16 hours of light and 8 hours of darkness.

After the study was completed, all of the three groups of rat’s eyes were tested. The eyes of the rats not exposed to any screens at all, and the rats exposed to the screens with the Reticare blue light protectors fitted were all the same and had not been damaged at all.

However, the retinas of rats exposed to the unprotected LED screens showed a 23% retinal cell death rate over the 3 month period.

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Even the researchers at the university were totally shocked to observe this level of apoptosis (programmed cell death) in such a short period in animals that have a life expectancy of 10 years.

People who use LED computer screens a lot, such as gamers, for a long while have been complaining of serious problems with their eyesight and now most use blue light screen protectors or yellow tinted spectacles to cut out the excessive damaging blue light. However, unfortunately, this usually distorts colour perception.

Interestingly, when PB Technology (a big N.Z. computer retailer) opened a new branch here in Tauranga, New Zealand, I went to have a look on the opening day and much to my surprise, I saw they had a new range of LCD (Liquid Clear Crystal) computer monitor screens in stock.

I have one myself, and they are good, emitting very little damaging blue light at all, but they do emit a lot of UV, which doesn’t damage the retina but it does damage the eye’s lens.

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However, if you wear eye glasses with plastic lenses like I do these lenses cut out virtually all of the UV. These screens had been taken off the market and replaced with LED screens a few years ago.

So I asked the manager; Why the new LCD screens? Answer: More and more gamers are going back to them because they don’t hurt their eyes!

All this going on, while the Global Lighting Association (representing over 5,000 lighting manufacturers) wants to convert the whole world to LEDs by 2020, and virtually all the world’s leading  optical and ophthalmological scientists and medical doctors say LED light bulbs and LED screens don’t harm you!

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On the front cover of John Christian’s book (on the Internet), THE LIGHT BULB MAFIA published in July 2014, he says, “A history of the secret global light bulb cartel – and why the insidious global transformation to modern LED, OLED, and LD lighting technology, if not soon stopped or radically changed – is going to curse the whole world with BLINDNESS!”

Clearly, Dr Celia Sanchez-Ramos’s latest research here in the article points precisely to the inevitability of this soon happening. Yet still. Very few people including the medical profession are not acknowledging this is even occurring.

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Seriously. The evidence now is simply overwhelming. Already, some Asian countries have 90% of their school children by age sixteen suffering from serious eye problems and myopia and will probably be blind by age 50.

So why are very few speaking up and why is nothing meaningful being done about this tyranny?

Virtually all smart phones have LED backlit screens as well. Are the over ten million doctors represented by the World Medical Association, in truth, members of one, giant, global lunatic asylum? Certainly looks like it doesn’t it.

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Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

Moving Beyond Concentrated State Power
June 7 2021 | From: Geopolitics / Various

Capitalism is at the precipice of what it is capable of, and what is possible with it. Nevertheless, its proponents are perpetually swearing that it spurred tremendous development, yet we also know that it is the cause of so much industrial waste, and environmental destruction.

We are also aware that so much wealth of scientific knowledge have been purposely suppressed with the cooperation of the government for the purpose of preserving the need to consume and produce more, just to sustain commerce and capitalism, and its compatible patronage politics.

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Both share the same motivation to profit and rule. However, the people need not be ruled. What we all need is learn about deep thinking to make way for enlightenment, vision and wisdom. That’s the only way that the people will eventually learn to govern themselves.

In contrast, the present control system run by the State is grossly inefficient and spiritually destructive.

For how long should we allow the regressive system to continue?

The New Socialism: Moving Beyond Concentrated State Power

[Comment: Let it be clear that this article is shared here NOT in a pro-socialist effort, however it does raise some interesting ideas in how we can begin to fix our world moving forward.]

Capitalism as a system is now increasingly challenged. Critics proliferate and steadily deepen their opposition (alongside, of course, the persistence of capitalism’s defenders). Yet capitalism’s traditional “other” - namely, socialism - has also been widely devalued. It has lost its position as the goal (however variously interpreted) for anti-capitalist social movements.

When not simply ignored, socialism (and even more its derivative “communism”) is often treated as utterly passé. When taken seriously, it is mostly a vague rhetorical gesture expressing criticism of the capitalist status quo, not advocacy of a concrete alternative.

Socialist parties now mainly support capitalism but with a human face - i.e. with the social supports and safety nets that their “conservative” counterparts disdain.

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Sometimes the advocacy of socialism expresses a systemic rejection of, or opposition to, capitalism.

But even then, the current use of the term “socialism” lacks a clear, concrete definition of what genuinely new economic system it entails. What exactly differentiates it from and renders it superior both to capitalism and to what “old” socialism used to mean?

To enrich and strengthen anti-capitalism by giving it such a new, definitive goal, we need to revision socialism. On the one hand that means shedding accumulated historical baggage that now undermines and prevents socialism from being a prominent goal of social change.

On the other hand, a revised socialism requires new content that can inspire and motivate. That is now available.

Old socialism’s drawn-out demise since the 1970's helped give birth to a new 21st century socialism whose basic contours we can now contrast with old socialism.

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The old socialism that evolved across the 19th and 20th centuries eventually settled its many, rich debates by largely agreeing on two basic ways to distinguish itself from capitalism.

Capitalism entailed:

1. Private enterprises to produce goods and services

2. Markets as the means to distribute resources and products among enterprises and individuals (workers and consumers).

In contrast, socialism entailed government-owned-and-operated enterprises and government central planning as the distribution system. Both devotees of capitalism and socialism accepted this set of differentiating definitions.

Debates and struggles over capitalism versus socialism then swirled around the relative virtues and flaws of private versus state enterprises and of markets versus planning.

The practice of socialism combined criticism of private enterprise and markets with celebration of state enterprise and central planning.

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Once socialists had captured state power in the USSR, the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and elsewhere, the demands of managing actual economies tilted socialism’s focus ever further toward state enterprises and central planning mechanisms.

In perfectly parallel fashion, attacks upon socialism from devotees of capitalism stressed the failures and excesses of state enterprises and planning.

Many of those debates and struggles seemed to be resolved by the collapse of the USSR in 1989 and subsequent changes in Eastern Europe, the PRC and elsewhere. History, the devotees of capitalism crowed, had “proven” the non-viability of socialism, the superiority of capitalism.

They rarely grasped that what had failed was one version of socialism, an early experiment in what it might mean to construct a system beyond capitalism.

Their eagerness to claim that “socialism/communism had failed” conveniently forgot the many similarly “failed” efforts, centuries earlier, to construct capitalism out of a declining European feudalism.

Only after many such failures did changed social conditions enable a general system change to modern capitalism. Why would the same not apply to socialism qua successor to capitalism?

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A major task for socialists has been honestly to admit and contend with the limits and failures of the old 19th and 20th century socialism: chiefly, excesses of over-concentrated state power and inadequately transformed production systems.

Old socialism’s achievements - especially rapid industrial development and the remarkable provision of social safety nets - might be preserved and built upon if its limits and failures were also recognized and overcome.

One emerging and promising new socialism for the 21st century focuses on worker co-ops. Socialism becomes the campaign to establish and build a sizable worker co-op sector within contemporary capitalism. In worker co-op enterprises, all workers are equal members of a democratically run production operation.

They debate and decide what, how and where to produce and how to utilize the net revenues. Worker co-op enterprises exist alongside traditional capitalist enterprises.

They are eligible for and must obtain tax considerations, subsidies and state supports comparable to what capitalist enterprises received throughout capitalism’s history.

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Indeed, in their initial, emergent phase, worker co-ops deserve extra government support so that the worker co-op sector quickly achieves a significant role in the economy. Until that role is established, people will remain unable to evaluate, compare and weigh in on what mix of capitalist and worker co-op enterprises they wish for their society.

The worker co-op sector of an economy will have to decide what mix of market and planning mechanisms to utilize for the distribution of its resources and products (much as capitalist enterprises always did). The relationships - both competitive and cooperative - between the two sectors of each economy (capitalist and worker co-op) will have to be determined by negotiations between them.

The third member of those negotiations will be the populace as a whole weighing in on what kind of economic system it wants as the partner for its political system.

With a significant worker co-op sector, the state’s dependence on enterprises will no longer mean a dependence on a small minority: shareholders and boards of directors who control capitalist enterprises.

Instead it will mean, at least in part, the state’s dependence on masses of workers who democratically control worker co-ops. Under such a system, the prospects for genuine (as opposed to merely formal) political democracy are much enhanced over their sorry state today.

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Mass working class support made 19th and 20th century socialism - with its programs of revolutionary or evolutionary / parliamentary seizures of state power - historically important. We cannot now expect to mobilize again any equivalent support for a revival of the old socialism.

That is because of its limits and failures and also because of the massive, sustained campaigns against it by capitalism’s supporters.

However, a new socialism built upon the best achievements of the old plus a new focus on the democratic transformation of the workplace can mobilize mass support now. It is already doing so.

A new socialism for the 21st century would address as well all those in the population who are not in the workforce because of family, age, education, illness, disability or other comparable causes.

Systematic supports for them - qua relatives, friends and neighbors of workforce member - are as central to a new and better society as is the democratization of the workplace. Indeed, the latter and the former can and would be mutually supportive.

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Old socialist parties are mostly fading or imploding, yet at the same time capitalism’s deepening difficulties, especially since the global crash of 2008, are everywhere increasing mass opposition to capitalism.

What that opposition needs is a new socialism with attractive, basic transformative goals.

What is not wanted is social change that gives power to some far-away government apparatus.

The point is rather and finally to transfer power into the hands of the change-making workers themselves. Power here refers to more than politics. It refers to the social power at the economic base of society, in the workplaces producing the goods and services upon which social life depends.

The French Revolution’s slogan - liberty, equality, fraternity - was linked to its economic project of displacing feudalism in favor of capitalism.

While its economic project succeeded, it failed to realize that slogan. It turned out, as Marx noted, that capitalism’s class division (between employer and employee) blocked that realization.

Overcoming such class divisions - something a worker co-op can do - is required to take the next great historical step toward liberty, equality and fraternity.

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The establishment of worker co-ops is one idea for a transition to a resource-based economy.

This should make way for the full implementation of automation that will be according to an Open Source design and under the full control of the people, and not by the Corporatocracy.

Everyone must benefit from our collective scientific and technological advancements.

We can’t make our economic and political freedom happen if we continue relying on politicians and priests for directiom.

It’s time to wave and follow our own batons.

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Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi
The ‘Great Reset’: A Technocratic Agenda That Waited Years For A Global Crisis To Exploit & Globalists Will Need Another Crisis In As Their Reset Agenda Fails
June 6 2021 | From: Sociable / AltMarket / Various

How the ‘great reset’ ideology of un-elected bureaucrats would steer society towards massive surveillance & control.

In the face of a global pandemic, an un-elected body of global bureaucrats based in Davos, Switzerland has asked the world to trust its vision of a technocratic “great reset,” knowing full well the public would never go for such a request had it not been for the golden opportunity they’d all been waiting for.

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When the head of the World Economic Forum (WEF), Klaus Schwab, announced in June that “Now is the time for a great reset,” it wasn’t the first time he called for it.

In fact, he called on the WEF to start the great reset over five years ago (see video below), but this year he’s saying that COVID-19 is the most urgent reason to restructure all of society and the global economy.

WEF Chairman Hopes Forum Will Help Push "Reset" Button on World Economy

Related: ID2020

The great reset agenda was already in place long before the coronavirus pandemic, and the WEF was just waiting for a crisis to exploit it.

Prior to this year, implementing worldwide lockdowns that destroy businesses, wreck the economy, and leave people destitute and stripped of their constitutional rights while trying to enact invasive contact tracing, immunity passports, and otherwise massive bio-electronic surveillance apparatuses would never have been accepted by the citizens of a free society.

The so-called great reset is an old ideology touted for decades by globalists like Henry Kissinger, who opined in 2014, “Never before has a new world order had to be assembled from so many different perceptions, or on so global a scale.”

Related: “What Is The Great Reset?”: A Blatant Propaganda Video By The World Economic Forum

The great reset is the proposed mechanism for setting in motion a new global order, but it wouldn’t be possible to bring forth such a bold plan without a global crisis, be it manufactured or of unfortunate happenstance, that shocks society to its core.

"The pandemic represents a rare but narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine, and reset our world to create a healthier, more equitable, and more prosperous future.”

- Klaus Schwab, WEF

In this story, I will attempt to dissect:

What types of invasive surveillance technologies will be required by the great reset

Why the great reset is being re-branded and pushed in 2020

How the Davos crowd is trying to sell the great reset Utopia

Who will be asked to give up their privacy for the common good

When humans become hackable

Where you have the power to choose 

With the arrival of the coronavirus pandemic, the WEF has the perfect excuse to quickly enact its vision for steering society towards a more invasive and intrusive, technocratic future in the name of serving the common good.

The un-elected architects of the great reset envision a Utopian world of inclusivity, equality, and sustainability that will require trust in emerging technologies like AI, 5G, Blockchain, and robotics, in order to usher in their golden dawn.

Click on the image above to view a larger version in a new window

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Great Reset Will Require Trust in Invasive Surveillance Tech: WEF Promotes Health Passports & Contact Tracing

In order to bring about the great reset, it will require trust in the technology, and to be more specific, the WEF would like to have greater trust in “crisis-relevant tech,” which includes developing digital health passports and contact tracing, under a new form of internet governance.

“The use of digital technology during the COVID-19 crisis offers clear lessons […] Target mistrust broadly to enable specific crisis-relevant tech”

- Daniel Dobrygowski, WEF

“The Great Reset will require new institutions and business models, and new digital technologies to build them,” wrote the WEF Head of Corporate Governance and Trust, Daniel Dobrygowski, in a blog post. “The necessary collaboration, however, is only possible if we solve the digital trust problem,” he added.

According to the Dobrygowski, “The use of digital technology during the COVID-19 crisis offers clear lessons,” one of those being, “Target mistrust broadly to enable specific crisis-relevant tech.”

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The WEF openly supports the development of so-called “crisis-relevant tech” as evidenced by its backing the development of health passports, which act as digital records of your health status to determine whether or not you are free to travel or even go outside.

Earlier this year the WEF announced it was supporting the development and launch of CommonPass - a platform whose mission is “to develop and launch a standard global model to enable people to securely document and present their COVID-19 status (either as test results or an eventual vaccination status) to facilitate international travel and border crossing while keeping their health information private.”

"Contact tracing apps can be powerful weapons against the virus – but they can also be tools for state surveillance."

- WEF report

The WEF also lent its support to another health passport initiative called CovidPass, which was built by one of the WEF’s own “Young Global Leaders,” Mustapha Mokass, who used to be an advisor at the World Bank.

CovidPass “uses blockchain technology to store encrypted data from individual blood tests, allowing users to prove that they have tested negative for COVID-19.”

In supporting both CommonPass and CovidPass, the Davos elite have made it clear they want “crisis-relevant tech” like health passports to be part of the great reset solution.

Ask yourself, would the idea of being forced to electronically prove your current health status in order to travel or even leave your own home have been acceptable 10 months ago?

Why is this happening now?

The die was cast years ago, but only now do the Davos elite see a shrinking, yet golden opportunity, to create a new world order out of the coronavirus chaos.

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COVID Presents a ‘Shrinking, Golden Opportunity’, Great Reset Is Not a Response to the Coronavirus

In June Prince Charles praised the great reset agenda for its potential to “make people more receptive to big visions of change” after having suffered through “unprecedented schockwaves.”

“We have a golden opportunity to seize something good from this crisis - its unprecedented shockwaves may well make people more receptive to big visions of change,” the prince told the WEF.

Would the idea of being forced to electronically prove your current health status in order to travel or even leave your own home have been acceptable 10 months ago?

Prince Charles may have let on more than he cared to share, or thought you would notice. Again, he’s telling you that the great reset was always the plan.

COVID-19 is the excuse.

In other words, the coronavirus crisis presents a golden opportunity for the global establishment to further its agenda upon a frightful and angry population that has been so beaten down by the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns that they will have become more susceptible to giving over their freedoms to the idea of greater centralized power and control.

Prince Charles Says Pandemic a Chance to 'Think Big and Act Now’

Related: ‘The Black Spider Memos': Prince Charles, Secrecy And The British Government

Prince Charles went on, “As we move from rescue to recovery, we have a unique but rapidly shrinking window of opportunity to learn lessons and reset ourselves on a more sustainable path. It is an opportunity we have never had before and may never have again.”

“We have a golden opportunity to seize something good from this crisis — its unprecedented shockwaves may well make people more receptive to big visions of change.”

- Prince Charles

The British royal’s words echo those of WEF Director Schwab, who said, “The pandemic represents a rare but narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine, and reset our world to create a healthier, more equitable, and more prosperous future.”

Again, why is the window of opportunity so narrow? Could the seeds of their grand strategy only flower while the world was distracted and divided amidst the chaos?

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The Lure of Utopia Has Many Hooks: Giving Up Privacy & Freedom for the Common Good

Prior to this year, implementing worldwide lockdowns that destroy businesses, wreck the economy, and leave people destitute and stripped of their constitutional rights while trying to enact invasive contact tracing, immunity passports, and otherwise massive bio-electronic surveillance apparatuses would never have been accepted by the citizens of a free society.

But the coronavirus pandemic has opened a “narrow window” for a “golden opportunity,” and once this crisis is over, the Davos club fears that the window may be shut forever.

The WEF admits in its own contact tracing governance framework that “Contact tracing apps can be powerful weapons against the virus – but they can also be tools for state surveillance.”

Yet, the WEF believes that people should balance certain freedoms to serve the common good. It is a global vision without a clear end, and it is one that flies in the face of constitutional republics that protect certain unalienable rights.

“This new mindset would balance concerns over privacy and other issues with the potential to create value and improve lives.”

- WEF report

According to the WEF framework, enacting contact tracing technology would “not be easy and will require a new social consensus that embraces the use of technology to resolve problems for the good of all.”

Additionally, “This new mindset would balance concerns over privacy and other issues with the potential to create value and improve lives.”

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In order to enact invasive technologies upon the population, citizens of the world will have to realize that it’s for the greater good and that they should change their mindsets to be less concerned about “privacy and other issues” and more excited about “the potential to create value and improve lives.”

“The great reset “will require stronger and more effective governments […] and it will demand private-sector engagement every step of the way”

- Klaus Schwab, WEF

Just about every proponent of contact tracing and health passports, including the WEF, all declare that technology should be used and governed ethically, but you hardly see any mention of winning the consent of the people.

Instead, they lobby stakeholders and policymakers to carry the torch in imparting the global vision from the top of the capstone and on-down.

“As we move from rescue to recovery, we have a unique but rapidly shrinking window of opportunity to learn lessons and reset ourselves on a more sustainable path. It is an opportunity we have never had before and may never have again”

- Prince Charles

If the coronavirus were to disappear from the earth today, would the WEF have to wait for a new global crisis, or would it push-on with the same reset agenda, regardless?

According to the WEF director, the great reset “will require stronger and more effective governments […] and it will demand private-sector engagement every step of the way.”

“The world must act jointly and swiftly to revamp all aspects of our societies and economies, from education to social contracts and working conditions,” he added. “We must build entirely new foundations for our economic and social systems.”

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In creating order out of the coronavirus chaos, the great reset promises to bring about “a more secure, more equal, and more stable world.”

Is that how they plan to win our trust? By promising us a Utopia if we just go along with it?

Bio-Electronic Surveillance and Hackable Humans

We haven’t even gotten into how the great reset would affect the world’s money system and the role of blockchain and digital payments, but when you look at digital health passports and contact tracing apps, you are looking at sophisticated form of bio-electronic surveillance that the world has never been seen before.

“We are no longer mysterious souls; we are now hackable animals.”

- Yuval Harari, WEF

When you combine biological data with advanced computing power, what you get is the ability to hack humans.

Speaking in Davos over the past few years, historian Yuval Harari has stated that “organisms are algorithms” and that “new technologies will soon give some corporations and governments the ability to hack human beings.”

How to Survive the 21st Century

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“The power to hack human beings can of course be used for good purposes like provided much better healthcare,” said Harari, adding, “but if this power falls into the hands of a 21st Century Stalin, the result will be the worst totalitarian regime in human history, and we already have a number of applicants for the job of 21st Century Stalin.”

“In Stalin’s USSR the State monitored members of the Communist elite more than anyone else. The same will be true of future total surveillance regimes.”

The great reset calls to restructure every aspect of society, and it can only do so if people trust the increasingly invasive, bio-electronic surveillance technology they wish to deploy.

“In Stalin’s USSR the State monitored members of the Communist elite more than anyone else. The same will be true of future total surveillance regimes”

- Yuval Harari, WEF

The more people know that someone is watching them, the more they will change their behavior. Just being aware that someone is monitoring your every digital transaction, will cause you to conform to certain norms.

As a population grows-up under massive surveillance, it will adapt its behavior to appear normal to society but compliant to authority. Over time, the citizens will police themselves out of fear.

Take a look at Communist China’s surveillance state, and you will see what I mean.

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The WEF Wants to Win Your Trust, You Have a Choice

Tyranny arrives in subtle stages. It’s slow at first, but before you realize it even exists, it has already won.

That is what I see happening with the unholy merger of “the great reset” with “the new normal.”

Those who pull the strings have been begging for a global crisis to unleash their worldwide restructuring of society and the economy.

This year, in the face of a global pandemic, an un-elected body of global lobbyists based in Davos, Switzerland has asked you to have faith in their vision of a technocratic Utopia, knowing full well they could never issue such a request had it not been for the golden opportunity they had all been waiting for.

And that is where your power lies, dear reader. It’s your choice.

You can believe the WEF vision shared by some of the world’s most influential bureaucrats, or you can be skeptical of the whole establishment agenda that asks you to just trust the plan.

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Globalists Will Need Another Crisis In As Their Reset Agenda Fails

It might sound like “US exceptionalism” to point this out (…and how very dare I), but even if the globalist Reset is successful in every other nation on Earth, the globalists are still failures if they can’t secure and subjugate the American people.

As I’ve noted many times in the past, most of the world has been sufficiently disarmed, and even though we are seeing resistance in multiple European nations against forced vaccination legislation and medical tyranny, it is unlikely that they will have the ability to actually repel a full on march into totalitarianism.

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Most of Asia, India, New Zealand and Australia are already well under control. Africa is almost an afterthought , considering Africa is where many suspect vaccines are tested.

America represents the only significant obstacle to the agenda.

Conservative Americans in particular have been a thorn in the side of the globalists for generations, and it really comes down to a simple matter of mutual exclusion:

You cannot have an openly globalist society and conservative ideals at the same time in the same place. It is impossible.

Conservatives believe in limited government, true free markets, individual liberty, the value of life, freedom of speech, private property rights, the right to self defense, the right to self determination, freedom of religion, and the non-aggression principle (we won’t harm you unless you try to harm us).

None of these ideals can exist in a globalist world because globalism is at its core the pursuit of a fully centralized tyranny.

There are people on this planet that are not satisfied to merely live their lives, take care of their families and make their mark peacefully.

They crave power over all else.

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They desperately want control over you, over me, over everything, and they will use any means at their disposal to get it. I would compare it to a kind of drug addiction; globalists are like crack addicts, they can never get enough power, there is always something more to take.

They tell themselves and others that they are “philanthropists”, that “they know what is best” for the rest of us. They believe themselves superior and therefore it is their “destiny” to dictate and micro-manage society for the “greater good” of us all.

But really, when we witness their methods it becomes clear that they have no noble aspirations. They have no empathy or honor.

They don’t care about the average human being, or the environment, or the economy or society in general. They only care about themselves and their delusions of grandeur. These people are a cancer on the rest of civilization.

They seem to be particularly obsessed with deconstructing and sabotaging America in the pursuit of their global Reset. Real philanthropists would not have a problem if someone didn’t want to accept their “charity”, but psychopaths cannot abide a group of people rejecting them and their ideology.

You are not allowed to walk away from them. You are not allowed to do things your own way. You must be forced to comply. The agenda only works if EVERYONE submits.

EUROPA: The Last Battle

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Unfortunately for the globalists, the Reset is not working out for them everywhere. In the US, the agenda is failing miserably compared to Asia and parts of Europe.

As the head of the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab, is so fond of reminding us, the Covid pandemic is the “perfect opportunity” to push forward the globalist plans for a total Reset of human economy and society.

To the globalists, the crisis is a panacea, a doorway to their version of a better world. They love the pandemic, they are not distressed by it.

The problem is, it’s not doing enough damage or terrifying enough people.

Consider the Event 201 coronavirus pandemic simulation - It was held by the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation only two months before the real thing “coincidentally” happened in early 2020.

The pandemic war game was less about saving lives and more about how the elites planned to keep the public under control. The suppression of alternative media and censorship in social media was discussed at great length. Dissenting voices need to be silenced if the Reset is going to prevail.

One factor within the Event 201 simulation that never played out, though, was the WEF projections on deaths. The war game suggested at least 65 million initial deaths due to the pandemic.

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Early projections on the death rate suggested 2% to 3% of the population or more. The same projections were repeated by the UN’s World Health Organization when the real pandemic was first revealed to the public.

Instead, Covid-19 has been a letdown for the globalists, with a tiny death rate of around 0.26% outside of nursing homes. Meaning, 99.7% of the population has nothing to worry about from covid. Millions of Americans are becoming savvy to the situation and are refusing to comply with mandates over a virus that is a non-threat.

Instead of backing off of the Reset scheme, the globalists are continuing to double down. Why? Because they have no other choice. They let the cat out of the bag and bloviating big-mouths like Klaus Schwab told the world exactly what the plan is.

If they retreat now, they might NEVER get another chance to implement a world centralization plan; a massive grift which requires medical tyranny in order to prevent rebellion.

You see, if the death rate had been dramatically higher than 0.26% and covid represented a legitimate threat, then maybe a larger portion of the US population would have been on board with longer term restrictions and medical passports.

Maybe not. The fact remains that 40% of deaths have been in nursing homes among patients with preexisting illnesses, the death rate outside of these facilities is minimal, the mask mandates have been proven completely ineffective and the states that have remained open and removed mask mandates have FALLING death and infection rates when compared to states that are enforcing lockdowns.

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The fear narrative is falling apart. States across the US are opening and are refusing to implement useless mandates. In my home state of Montana, legislators and the governor are passing laws that forbid the enforcement of medical passports. Even major corporations are not allowed to demand vaccine passports from customers or employees.

On top of that, 40% to 50% of the US population in polls are refusing to comply with the vaccine rollout or medical passports. Why take a vaccine for a virus that 99.7% of the population is unaffected by anyway?

The jig is up. The globalists are going to need another crisis if they hope to enforce further lockdowns in the US, along with medical passports and disarmament.

Do not be surprised if there is more engineered chaos going into the summer months. But what will the next crisis look like? I think we are already seeing the signs…

Covid Mutations

The mainstream media is pushing a non-stop narrative of covid mutation hype.

We hear about UK and Brazilian variants on a weekly basis, and the assertion has been that surely, these variants will be more infectious and more deadly that the original virus.

There is still no proof whatsoever to confirm this, but the globalists only care about planting the idea in people’s heads.

They only care about reigniting the fear.

My feeling is that this strategy is going to fail, at least in the US. Too many Americans [Westerners] are aware of the con game, and a new virus threat is not going to have the same effect as Covid-19 did in the early months of the pandemic.

None of us really knew what we were facing back then, and caution was a practical response.

Today, we know for a fact that covid is not a concern for the vast majority of the public. Media attempts to amp up the threat will be ineffective, but they will of course still try.

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BLM Riots

This is the next obvious tactic on the part of the establishment. Numerous state officials are openly supporting renewed riots across the country due to a recent police shooting in Minnesota.

The shooting itself was accidental, with the suspect violently resisting arrest and leaping into his car. A female officer grabbed her pistol in a panic instead of her taser and fired.

This event had nothing to do with racism, and nothing to do with police brutality. But, that’s not stopping Marxist groups like BLM from taking advantage and making it all about “white supremacy”. The real danger of unrest, however, will arrive at the closing of the Derek Chauvin trial.

With the trial coming to an end, evidence has been revealed that George Floyd was involved in heavy drug use and the medical examiner indicated that this along with heart disease were contributing factors to Floyd’s death.

A “speed ball” containing Fentanyl was also discovered in the back of the police cruiser in which Floyd was originally restrained.

Related: The Top Four Reasons Why Many People, Doctors And Scientists Refuse To Take The COVID Vaccine & A New Zealand Doctor Speaks Out Against COVID Policies

So, even if Derek Chauvin’s knee to the neck tactic helped kill Floyd, it is unlikely that a jury will convict him of 1st or 2nd degree murder based on the evidence. Any lesser charges will undoubtedly trigger more BLM riots.

Conveniently, these powderkeg events are taking place at the onset of the warm spring and summer months, which is prime time for riots.

My concern is that civil unrest will be allowed to spread and fester in the US until regular citizens start taking matters into their own hands.

And, of course, any community that tries to defend itself against looting and destruction will be accused of “racist aggression” - At which time the Biden "Administration" will then try to assert the authority to institute martial law measures in various regions. This combined with renewed attempts at covid lockdowns is a highly likely scenario.

Cyber Polygon

Just as the Event 201 simulation of a coronavirus pandemic preceded the real thing by only two months, there are concerns that the next World Economic Forum simulation event will also be a precursor to another crisis.

Cyber Polygon is a war game being held by the WEF this July which is meant to simulate a major cyber attack on the global supply chain and the economic system. There has been endless discussion in the media the past year building up fears of cyber attacks by Russia, China, Iran and even North Korea.

Related: The Importance Being Awake

In terms of supply chain threats, I’m not sure exactly how a cyber attack could do much to disrupt global shipping, unless we are talking about another blockage in a major shipping route like the Suez Canal.

But, a successful attack on stock exchanges in places like Wall Street could be devastating. I suggest watching this event carefully as it may be designed to precede a real cyber attack sometime this year.

Global War Tensions

The media and the Biden Administration are very busy trying to create tensions with Russia over Ukraine. There are renewed tensions between Iran and Israel and continued destabilization by the West in Syria. And, a rising danger of confrontation with China over Taiwan.

War could be the goal, or, the goal could merely be economic conflict. After all, China has already been dumping dollars and US treasuries the past year, and it would not take much to cause damage to the dollar’s world reserve status if China and Russia both diversified into a basket of currencies for global trade.

Beyond that, there are many advantages for globalists in creating regional wars and drawing Americans into pointless conflicts. For example, the threat of war could be used to institute a new draft.

What better way to keep American men in particular busy and stop them from rebellion against the Reset than to draft them so they can die in a meaningless war overseas?

There is also a narrative advantage to global tensions; when presented with a foreign threat, are Americans more likely to reject notions of rebellion against government trespasses?

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I have no doubt that the establishment will try to claim the liberty movement is not a movement for freedom, but an “astro-turf” movement created by the Russians to destabilize America.

This has been the leftist media propaganda strategy for years now; so why would they stop?

The bottom line is this: America is the primary target of the globalists because we are one of the only countries with the means and the numbers to stop them and the Reset.

Until they are removed from the equation they will continue to throw crisis after crisis at us in order to wear us down and force us to accept totalitarianism.

Do not get too comfortable in the fact that the pandemic agenda is failing here; stay alert and continue to organize your communities.

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Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi
Your Brain Is Not A Computer
June 5 2021 | From: Sott / Various

No matter how hard they try, brain scientists and cognitive psychologists will never find a copy of Beethoven’s 5th Symphony in the brain – or copies of words, pictures, grammatical rules or any other kinds of environmental stimuli.

The human brain isn’t really empty, of course. But it does not contain most of the things people think it does – not even simple things such as ‘memories’.

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Our shoddy thinking about the brain has deep historical roots, but the invention of computers in the 1940's got us especially confused. For more than half a century now, psychologists, linguists, neuroscientists and other experts on human behaviour have been asserting that the human brain works like a computer.

[Comment: This article takes into account the currently held mainstream of what a 'computer' is - it does not take into account black project technologies that are far more advanced.]

To see how vacuous this idea is, consider the brains of babies. Thanks to evolution, human neonates, like the newborns of all other mammalian species, enter the world prepared to interact with it effectively.

A baby's vision is blurry, but it pays special attention to faces, and is quickly able to identify its mother's. It prefers the sound of voices to non-speech sounds, and can distinguish one basic speech sound from another. We are, without doubt, built to make social connections.

A healthy newborn is also equipped with more than a dozen reflexes - ready-made reactions to certain stimuli that are important for its survival. It turns its head in the direction of something that brushes its cheek and then sucks whatever enters its mouth. It holds its breath when submerged in water.

Related: Research Shocks Scientists: Human Emotion Physically Shapes Reality

It grasps things placed in its hands so strongly it can nearly support its own weight. Perhaps most important, newborns come equipped with powerful learning mechanisms that allow them to change rapidly so they can interact increasingly effectively with their world, even if that world is unlike the one their distant ancestors faced.

Senses, reflexes and learning mechanisms - this is what we start with, and it is quite a lot, when you think about it. If we lacked any of these capabilities at birth, we would probably have trouble surviving.

But here is what we are not born with: information, data, rules, software, knowledge, lexicons, representations, algorithms, programs, models, memories, images, processors, subroutines, encoders, decoders, symbols, or buffers - design elements that allow digital computers to behave somewhat intelligently. Not only are we not born with such things, we also don't develop them - ever.

We don't store words or the rules that tell us how to manipulate them. We don't create representations of visual stimuli, store them in a short-term memory buffer, and then transfer the representation into a long-term memory device. We don't retrieve information or images or words from memory registers. Computers do all of these things, but organisms do not.

Related: US Patent 6506148 B2 Confirms Human Nervous System Manipulation Through Your Computer & TV + Biological Effects Of Living Near A Cell Phone Tower

Computers, quite literally, process information - numbers, letters, words, formulas, images. The information first has to be encoded into a format computers can use, which means patterns of ones and zeroes ('bits') organised into small chunks ('bytes').

On my computer, each byte contains 64 bits, and a certain pattern of those bits stands for the letter d, another for the letter o, and another for the letter g. Side by side, those three bytes form the word dog.

One single image - say, the photograph of my cat Henry on my desktop - is represented by a very specific pattern of a million of these bytes ('one megabyte'), surrounded by some special characters that tell the computer to expect an image, not a word.

Computers, quite literally, move these patterns from place to place in different physical storage areas etched into electronic components. Sometimes they also copy the patterns, and sometimes they transform them in various ways - say, when we are correcting errors in a manuscript or when we are touching up a photograph.

The rules computers follow for moving, copying and operating on these arrays of data are also stored inside the computer. Together, a set of rules is called a 'program' or an 'algorithm'. A group of algorithms that work together to help us do something (like buy stocks or find a date online) is called an 'application' - what most people now call an 'app'.

Related: Government’s Vital Control Structure: Computers Manipulate Facebook Users - Governments Control The People

Forgive me for this introduction to computing, but I need to be clear: computers really do operate on symbolic representations of the world. They really store and retrieve. They really process. They really have physical memories. They really are guided in everything they do, without exception, by algorithms.

Humans, on the other hand, do not - never did, never will. Given this reality, why do so many scientists talk about our mental life as if we were computers?

In his book In Our Own Image (2015), the artificial intelligence expert George Zarkadakis describes six different metaphors people have employed over the past 2,000 years to try to explain human intelligence.

In the earliest one, eventually preserved in the Bible, humans were formed from clay or dirt, which an intelligent god then infused with its spirit. That spirit 'explained' our intelligence - grammatically, at least.

The invention of hydraulic engineering in the 3rd century BCE led to the popularity of a hydraulic model of human intelligence, the idea that the flow of different fluids in the body - the 'humours' - accounted for both our physical and mental functioning. The hydraulic metaphor persisted for more than 1,600 years, handicapping medical practice all the while.

Related: Total Individual Control Technology – Insider Exposes How You And Your DNA Are Being Targeted & Psychotechnology: How Artificial Intelligence Is Designed To Change Humanity

By the 1500s, automata powered by springs and gears had been devised, eventually inspiring leading thinkers such as René Descartes to assert that humans are complex machines. In the 1600s, the British philosopher Thomas Hobbes suggested that thinking arose from small mechanical motions in the brain.

By the 1700s, discoveries about electricity and chemistry led to new theories of human intelligence - again, largely metaphorical in nature. In the mid-1800s, inspired by recent advances in communications, the German physicist Hermann von Helmholtz compared the brain to a telegraph.

The mathematician John von Neumann stated flatly that the function of the human nervous system is 'prima facie digital', drawing parallel after parallel between the components of the computing machines of the day and the components of the human brain

Each metaphor reflected the most advanced thinking of the era that spawned it. Predictably, just a few years after the dawn of computer technology in the 1940s, the brain was said to operate like a computer, with the role of physical hardware played by the brain itself and our thoughts serving as software.

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The landmark event that launched what is now broadly called 'cognitive science' was the publication of Language and Communication (1951) by the psychologist George Miller. Miller proposed that the mental world could be studied rigorously using concepts from information theory, computation and linguistics.

This kind of thinking was taken to its ultimate expression in the short book The Computer and the Brain (1958), in which the mathematician John von Neumann stated flatly that the function of the human nervous system is 'prima facie digital'.

Although he acknowledged that little was actually known about the role the brain played in human reasoning and memory, he drew parallel after parallel between the components of the computing machines of the day and the components of the human brain.

Propelled by subsequent advances in both computer technology and brain research, an ambitious multidisciplinary effort to understand human intelligence gradually developed, firmly rooted in the idea that humans are, like computers, information processors.

This effort now involves thousands of researchers, consumes billions of dollars in funding, and has generated a vast literature consisting of both technical and mainstream articles and books.

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Ray Kurzweil's book How to Create a Mind: The Secret of Human Thought Revealed (2013), exemplifies this perspective, speculating about the 'algorithms' of the brain, how the brain 'processes data', and even how it superficially resembles integrated circuits in its structure.

The information processing (IP) metaphor of human intelligence now dominates human thinking, both on the street and in the sciences.

There is virtually no form of discourse about intelligent human behaviour that proceeds without employing this metaphor, just as no form of discourse about intelligent human behaviour could proceed in certain eras and cultures without reference to a spirit or deity. The validity of the IP metaphor in today's world is generally assumed without question.

But the IP metaphor is, after all, just another metaphor - a story we tell to make sense of something we don't actually understand. And like all the metaphors that preceded it, it will certainly be cast aside at some point - either replaced by another metaphor or, in the end, replaced by actual knowledge.

Upon a visit to one of the world's most prestigious research institutes, I challenged researchers there to account for intelligent human behaviour without reference to any aspect of the IP metaphor. They couldn't do it, and when I politely raised the issue in subsequent email communications, they still had nothing to offer months later.

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They saw the problem. They didn't dismiss the challenge as trivial. But they couldn't offer an alternative. In other words, the IP metaphor is 'sticky'. It encumbers our thinking with language and ideas that are so powerful we have trouble thinking around them.

The faulty logic of the IP metaphor is easy enough to state. It is based on a faulty syllogism - one with two reasonable premises and a faulty conclusion.

Reasonable Premise #1: All computers are capable of behaving intelligently

Reasonable Premise #2: All computers are information processors

Faulty Conclusion: All entities that are capable of behaving intelligently are information processors

Setting aside the formal language, the idea that humans must be information processors just because computers are information processors is just plain silly, and when, some day, the IP metaphor is finally abandoned, it will almost certainly be seen that way by historians, just as we now view the hydraulic and mechanical metaphors to be silly.

If the IP metaphor is so silly, why is it so sticky? What is stopping us from brushing it aside, just as we might brush aside a branch that was blocking our path? Is there a way to understand human intelligence without leaning on a flimsy intellectual crutch?

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And what price have we paid for leaning so heavily on this particular crutch for so long? The IP metaphor, after all, has been guiding the writing and thinking of a large number of researchers in multiple fields for decades. At what cost?

In a classroom exercise I have conducted many times over the years, I begin by recruiting a student to draw a detailed picture of a dollar bill - 'as detailed as possible', I say - on the blackboard in front of the room.

When the student has finished, I cover the drawing with a sheet of paper, remove a dollar bill from my wallet, tape it to the board, and ask the student to repeat the task. When he or she is done, I remove the cover from the first drawing, and the class comments on the differences.

Because you might never have seen a demonstration like this, or because you might have trouble imagining the outcome, I have asked Jinny Hyun, one of the student interns at the institute where I conduct my research, to make the two drawings. Here is her drawing 'from memory' (notice the metaphor):

And here is the drawing she subsequently made with a dollar bill present:

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Jinny was as surprised by the outcome as you probably are, but it is typical. As you can see, the drawing made in the absence of the dollar bill is horrible compared with the drawing made from an exemplar, even though Jinny has seen a dollar bill thousands of times.

What is the problem? Don't we have a 'representation' of the dollar bill 'stored' in a 'memory register' in our brains? Can't we just 'retrieve' it and use it to make our drawing?

Obviously not, and a thousand years of neuroscience will never locate a representation of a dollar bill stored inside the human brain for the simple reason that it is not there to be found.

A wealth of brain studies tells us, in fact, that multiple and sometimes large areas of the brain are often involved in even the most mundane memory tasks.

When strong emotions are involved, millions of neurons can become more active

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In a 2016 study of survivors of a plane crash by the University of Toronto neuropsychologist Brian Levine and others, recalling the crash increased neural activity in 'the amygdala, medial temporal lobe, anterior and posterior midline, and visual cortex' of the passengers.

The idea, advanced by several scientists, that specific memories are somehow stored in individual neurons is preposterous; if anything, that assertion just pushes the problem of memory to an even more challenging level: how and where, after all, is the memory stored in the cell?

So what is occurring when Jinny draws the dollar bill in its absence? If Jinny had never seen a dollar bill before, her first drawing would probably have not resembled the second drawing at all. Having seen dollar bills before, she was changed in some way.

Specifically, her brain was changed in a way that allowed her to visualise a dollar bill - that is, to re-experience seeing a dollar bill, at least to some extent.

The difference between the two diagrams reminds us that visualising something (that is, seeing something in its absence) is far less accurate than seeing something in its presence. This is why we're much better at recognising than recalling.

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When we re-member something (from the Latin re, 'again', and memorari, 'be mindful of'), we have to try to relive an experience; but when we recognise something, we must merely be conscious of the fact that we have had this perceptual experience before.

Perhaps you will object to this demonstration. Jinny had seen dollar bills before, but she hadn't made a deliberate effort to 'memorise' the details. Had she done so, you might argue, she could presumably have drawn the second image without the bill being present.

Even in this case, though, no image of the dollar bill has in any sense been 'stored' in Jinny's brain. She has simply become better prepared to draw it accurately, just as, through practice, a pianist becomes more skilled in playing a concerto without somehow inhaling a copy of the sheet music.

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From this simple exercise, we can begin to build the framework of a metaphor-free theory of intelligent human behaviour - one in which the brain isn't completely empty, but is at least empty of the baggage of the IP metaphor.

As we navigate through the world, we are changed by a variety of experiences. Of special note are experiences of three types:

1. We observe what is happening around us (other people behaving, sounds of music, instructions directed at us, words on pages, images on screens)

2. We are exposed to the pairing of unimportant stimuli (such as sirens) with important stimuli (such as the appearance of police cars);

3. We are punished or rewarded for behaving in certain ways.

We become more effective in our lives if we change in ways that are consistent with these experiences - if we can now recite a poem or sing a song, if we are able to follow the instructions we are given, if we respond to the unimportant stimuli more like we do to the important stimuli, if we refrain from behaving in ways that were punished, if we behave more frequently in ways that were rewarded.

Misleading headlines notwithstanding, no one really has the slightest idea how the brain changes after we have learned to sing a song or recite a poem. But neither the song nor the poem has been 'stored' in it. The brain has simply changed in an orderly way that now allows us to sing the song or recite the poem under certain conditions.

When called on to perform, neither the song nor the poem is in any sense 'retrieved' from anywhere in the brain, any more than my finger movements are 'retrieved' when I tap my finger on my desk. We simply sing or recite - no retrieval necessary.

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A few years ago, I asked the neuroscientist Eric Kandel of Columbia University - winner of a Nobel Prize for identifying some of the chemical changes that take place in the neuronal synapses of the Aplysia (a marine snail) after it learns something - how long he thought it would take us to understand how human memory works.

He quickly replied: 'A hundred years.' I didn't think to ask him whether he thought the IP metaphor was slowing down neuroscience, but some neuroscientists are indeed beginning to think the unthinkable - that the metaphor is not indispensable.

A few cognitive scientists - notably Anthony Chemero of the University of Cincinnati, the author of Radical Embodied Cognitive Science (2009) - now completely reject the view that the human brain works like a computer.

The mainstream view is that we, like computers, make sense of the world by performing computations on mental representations of it, but Chemero and others describe another way of understanding intelligent behaviour - as a direct interaction between organisms and their world.

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My favourite example of the dramatic difference between the IP perspective and what some now call the 'anti-representational' view of human functioning involves two different ways of explaining how a baseball player manages to catch a fly ball - beautifully explicated by Michael McBeath, now at Arizona State University, and his colleagues in a 1995 paper in Science.

The IP perspective requires the player to formulate an estimate of various initial conditions of the ball's flight - the force of the impact, the angle of the trajectory, that kind of thing - then to create and analyse an internal model of the path along which the ball will likely move, then to use that model to guide and adjust motor movements continuously in time in order to intercept the ball.

That is all well and good if we functioned as computers do, but McBeath and his colleagues gave a simpler account: to catch the ball, the player simply needs to keep moving in a way that keeps the ball in a constant visual relationship with respect to home plate and the surrounding scenery (technically, in a 'linear optical trajectory').

This might sound complicated, but it is actually incredibly simple, and completely free of computations, representations and algorithms.

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Two determined psychology professors at Leeds Beckett University in the UK - Andrew Wilson and Sabrina Golonka - include the baseball example among many others that can be looked at simply and sensibly outside the IP framework.

They have been blogging for years about what they call a 'more coherent, naturalised approach to the scientific study of human behaviour... at odds with the dominant cognitive neuroscience approach'.

This is far from a movement, however; the mainstream cognitive sciences continue to wallow uncritically in the IP metaphor, and some of the world's most influential thinkers have made grand predictions about humanity's future that depend on the validity of the metaphor.

One prediction - made by the futurist Kurzweil, the physicist Stephen Hawking and the neuroscientist Randal Koene, among others - is that, because human consciousness is supposedly like computer software, it will soon be possible to download human minds to a computer, in the circuits of which we will become immensely powerful intellectually and, quite possibly, immortal.

This concept drove the plot of the dystopian movie Transcendence (2014) starring Johnny Depp as the Kurzweil-like scientist whose mind was downloaded to the internet - with disastrous results for humanity.

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Fortunately, because the IP metaphor is not even slightly valid, we will never have to worry about a human mind going amok in cyberspace; alas, we will also never achieve immortality through downloading.

This is not only because of the absence of consciousness software in the brain; there is a deeper problem here - let's call it the uniqueness problem - which is both inspirational and depressing.

Because neither 'memory banks' nor 'representations' of stimuli exist in the brain, and because all that is required for us to function in the world is for the brain to change in an orderly way as a result of our experiences, there is no reason to believe that any two of us are changed the same way by the same experience.

If you and I attend the same concert, the changes that occur in my brain when I listen to Beethoven's 5th will almost certainly be completely different from the changes that occur in your brain. Those changes, whatever they are, are built on the unique neural structure that already exists, each structure having developed over a lifetime of unique experiences.

This is why, as Sir Frederic Bartlett demonstrated in his book Remembering (1932), no two people will repeat a story they have heard the same way and why, over time, their recitations of the story will diverge more and more.

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No 'copy' of the story is ever made; rather, each individual, upon hearing the story, changes to some extent - enough so that when asked about the story later (in some cases, days, months or even years after Bartlett first read them the story) - they can re-experience hearing the story to some extent, although not very well (see the first drawing of the dollar bill, above).

This is inspirational, I suppose, because it means that each of us is truly unique, not just in our genetic makeup, but even in the way our brains change over time. It is also depressing, because it makes the task of the neuroscientist daunting almost beyond imagination. For any given experience, orderly change could involve a thousand neurons, a million neurons or even the entire brain, with the pattern of change different in every brain.

Worse still, even if we had the ability to take a snapshot of all of the brain's 86 billion neurons and then to simulate the state of those neurons in a computer, that vast pattern would mean nothing outside the body of the brain that produced it.

This is perhaps the most egregious way in which the IP metaphor has distorted our thinking about human functioning. Whereas computers do store exact copies of data - copies that can persist unchanged for long periods of time, even if the power has been turned off - the brain maintains our intellect only as long as it remains alive.

There is no on-off switch. Either the brain keeps functioning, or we disappear. What's more, as the neurobiologist Steven Rose pointed out in The Future of the Brain (2005), a snapshot of the brain's current state might also be meaningless unless we knew the entire life history of that brain's owner - perhaps even about the social context in which he or she was raised.

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Think how difficult this problem is. To understand even the basics of how the brain maintains the human intellect, we might need to know not just the current state of all 86 billion neurons and their 100 trillion interconnections, not just the varying strengths with which they are connected, and not just the states of more than 1,000 proteins that exist at each connection point, but how the moment-to-moment activity of the brain contributes to the integrity of the system.

Add to this the uniqueness of each brain, brought about in part because of the uniqueness of each person's life history, and Kandel's prediction starts to sound overly optimistic. (In a The New York Times op-ed, the neuroscientist Kenneth Miller suggested it will take 'centuries' just to figure out basic neuronal connectivity.)

Meanwhile, vast sums of money are being raised for brain research, based in some cases on faulty ideas and promises that cannot be kept. The most blatant instance of neuroscience gone awry, documented in a report in Scientific American, concerns the $1.3 billion Human Brain Project launched by the European Union in 2013.

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Convinced by the charismatic Henry Markram that he could create a simulation of the entire human brain on a supercomputer by the year 2023, and that such a model would revolutionise the treatment of Alzheimer's disease and other disorders, EU officials funded his project with virtually no restrictions.

Less than two years into it, the project turned into a 'brain wreck', and Markram was asked to step down.

We are organisms, not computers. Get over it. Let's get on with the business of trying to understand ourselves, but without being encumbered by unnecessary intellectual baggage. The IP metaphor has had a half-century run, producing few, if any, insights along the way. The time has come to hit the DELETE key.

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Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi
Ten Ways To Easily Boost Your Serotonin Levels And Live A Happier Life
June 4 2020 | From: NaturalNews

What makes you happy? The answer to this question could be different for every one because happiness is relative.

But one thing’s certain: Increasing your serotonin levels can boost your mood and keep you from sulking and wallowing because of a bad day.

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Most commonly known as the “happy hormone” serotonin does more than boost your mood. It also has other health benefits, which is why having more of this will make you happy and healthy at the same time. Here are ways to boost your serotonin levels:

1. Eat some animal protein  Feelings of sadness oftentimes feel like they’re just in our heads. Sometimes when you feel bad, you think that your brain (or heart) is responsible but know that thoughts and feelings are more than that. These are results of physiological reactions that happen inside your body.

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An amino acid called tryptophan help produce serotonin so you can start feeling happy. Animal protein is an excellent source of tryptophan so include more chicken, fish, eggs, beef, dairy, even lamb in your diet. Whey and egg protein are scientifically-proven to increase this amino acid in the brain.

2. Get out and enjoy the sun  Natural light have a positive effect on your mood. Sunlight triggers serotonin synthesis. The brighter sunlight you are exposed to, the more serotonin the body produces.

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This is a possible explanation why people feel gloomy on rainy weather.

3. Get enough vitamin D – Vitamin D helps in converting tryptophan into serotonin. You can get this from sun exposure or taking supplements.

4. Add more seafood to your diet – Cod liver oil and marine fat contain vitamin D and long-chain omega-3s that are helpful in boosting the serotonin production in the brain. Ample amounts will also help transport it to the neurons efficiently.

5. Try some more curry – Curry has turmeric, which is considered as a potent anti-depressant.

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This natural mood-lifter helps increase serotonin in the brain.

6. Perk up – There’s a reason why most people need coffee to jolt them out of lethargy. Caffeine, according to some research, has a positive effect on the levels of serotonin in the brain.

7. Break some sweat – Exercise is known to be effective in increasing serotonin levels because motor neurons activated during physical activity boost the release of serotonin.

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Furthermore, regular exercise will spike tryptophan levels in the brain, which means more serotonin for you.

8. Get a massage – When you lie down on the massage table, you feel happy not only because you finally got the chance to relax. You feel good and happy because massage therapy is scientifically-proven to reduce cortisol and increase happy hormones by as much as 28 percent.

9. Munch on more nuts – Nuts contain tryptophan, so the more of these you eat, the happier you should be.

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Also, nuts can help prevent cancer, heart disease and respiratory ailments.

10. Drink green tea – Drinking green tea is relaxing, no doubt. But it’s also good for the mood. It contains 1-theanine, an amino acid that boosts serotonin levels. It also has a powerful antioxidant that prevents brain damage.

Now that you know that there’s more to feeling happy, you can easily find ways to pull yourself out of a rut and start smiling.

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Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi
Nineteen Ways To Question Your Reality
June 3 2021 | From: TheSleuthJournal

To question your reality in today’s world is a sure sign of sanity. In an ever delusional world where lying newsmen tell fake news, where mendacious politicians spin every event, where mass murder is conducted under the guise of a fake war on terror, where mass-produced food poisons and where medicine kills, it is a sign of great strength of character to challenge the supposed authority figures around you.

It is a sign of something pure and special if you can preserve your open mind and curiosity in the midst of so much propaganda.

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It is a sign of courage to ask the tough questions that mainstream journalists fear to touch. Here are 20 ways to question your reality:

1. If the point of water fluoridation is not mass medication of the population, and really to help people’s teeth, why is fluoride added to baby nursery water when young babies have no teeth?

2. Why is fluoride, which is really a combination of hydrofluorosilicic acid, sodium fluorosilicate, and sodium fluoride, pure and healthy enough to put in municipal water, yet is an unpurified industrial byproduct considered a toxic hazard by the EPA and used in rat poison, pesticides and Big Pharma antidepressant drugs like Prozac and Paxil?

3. If vaccines are safe, why do they contain known carcinogens such as mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde and MSG, and why do they contain so many toxic and dangerous adjuvants, such as acetone (solvent used in fingernail polish remover), ammonium sulfate, glycerol, phenoxyethanol (antifreeze), polysorbate 80, tri(n)butylphosphate (a neurotoxin) and squalene?

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4. If vaccines are great medicine, why do they contain human diploid cells, i.e. aborted fetal tissue?

5. Speaking of cannibalism and the forced ingestion of aborted fetal tissue, why do huge corporations like Pepsi use aborted fetal tissue in testing (and possibly making) their sugary drinks?

6. If vaccines are so effective, why did the scientific journal The Lancet publish a study that found that flu vaccines were only 1.5% effective, i.e. they only worked on 1.5 people out of 100?

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7. If vaccines are so safe and effective, why does the Government grant legal immunity to Big Pharma companies that produce vaccines, so there is no way you can properly sue them for damages when vaccines produce horrific side effects?

8. If GMOs are “substantially equivalent” to non-GM food, why do they cause organ disruption and organ failure as found by 19 studies?

9. If glyphosate (the main ingredient of Monsanto’s RoundUp) is perfectly safe for humans, why did the IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer) of the WHO (World Health Organization) recently categorize it as a class 2a carcinogen, i.e. a probable carcinogen?

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10. If the ultimate purpose of GMOs is not to genetically modify humanity itself, why do GMOs lead to horizontal gene transfer, where the modified genes in GM food jump to bacteria in the human gut and change their DNA structure?

11. If our “leaders” really care for us and represent us, why do some of them (e.g. John Kerry, George Bush Sr. and Jr.) belong to Secret Societies like the Skull ‘n’ Bones, and why do they practice mock ritual sacrifice to demonic owl gods at Bohemian Grove?

12. If cancer were really a terminal disease, why have so many people completely cured themselves using natural methods such as Vitamin B17 (laetrile), DCA, the Gerson Therapy, the Budwig Diet and others?

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13. If the point of all the draconian laws passed since 9/11, including the Patriot Act and other means of mass surveillance, is to keep you safe from terrorism, why are almost all of the FBI’s “successes” in capturing “terrorists” the result of sting operations the FBI engineered itself?

14. If so many of your rights and freedom are being taken away under the guise of saving you from terrorism, why are you 58 times more likely in the US to die from a policeman shooting you than a terrorist?

15. If the mass surveillance grid being set up is really to keep you secure, then why has the NSA failed to foil a single terrorist plot, despite having access to every electronic transaction (call, text, email, etc.) made by everyone?

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16. If false flag events like 9/11, 7/7, Sandy Hook and the Boston marathon bombing were really carried out by bogeymen like “Islamic terrorists” and “lone nutter” shooters, why do they all share the common thread of occurring alongside a government-executed drill – at the exact same time, at the exact same place, for the exact same purpose?

17. If the world really were undergoing manmade global warming, why did so many scientists fudge, conceal and distort the data as exposed in the ClimateGate emails?

18. If you are crazy to question your reality and not believe everything the Government tells you, then why did scientific studies like this one reveal that those who actively question their reality (dubbed conspiracy theorists) are less hostile and more fact-based than conventional believers?

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19. If all the main things that happen in the world are really by chance (coincidence theory) as opposed to being planned (conspiracy theory), then how can we explain the existence of many New World Order accounts and documents (click here for the 3 most chilling) which have laid out the plan for world domination, in astonishingly accurate detail, 30 to 50 to 100 years ago?

Question your reality. It’s the solution to the global conspiracy. If enough of us keep doing it, we will grow in awareness in unstoppable numbers, and the conspiracy will collapse like the house of cards that it truly is.

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Let's Review 50 Years Of Dire Climate Forecasts And What Actually Happened & New Zealand Climate Commission’s Radical Plan

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The Surveillance State: How To Disappear & It’s Why Big Tech Is Watching You: How You Spend Your Money Reveals Parts Of Your Personality, And Vice Versa

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi
Seven Signs You May Be Experiencing A Dark Night Of The Soul
June 2 2021 | From: FractalEnlightenment

“There is scarcely any passion without struggle.” - Albert Camus. When we are on the verge of uniting with the infinite wavelength of eternal vibration, our old frequency can sometimes go through a crisis of stasis.

It buckles and bends trying to adjust itself and tune into the cosmic orchestra. We tend to doubt everything we’ve known to be true. In worst (best) case scenarios we tend to fall into an existential crisis, or Dark Night of the Soul.

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But, if we are able to make it through this dark time, and shed that which has weighed us down, then we will open up once again, and even wider than before. This can happen many times on our spiritual journey, and each time we tend to gain new levels of wisdom.

Here are seven signs you may be experiencing a dark night of the soul.

1. You’re Experiencing, or Have Experienced, Ego Death

“I couldn’t live with myself any longer. And in this a question arose without an answer: who is the ‘I’ that cannot live with the self?

What is the self?I felt drawn into a void. I didn’t know at the time that what really happened was the mind-made self, with its heaviness, its problems, that lives between the unsatisfying past and the fearful future, collapsed. It dissolved.”

- Eckhart Tolle

Your sense of reality, or worldview, has been shattered. You have come to understand the illusory aspects of the ego and are in the process of letting attachment go.

You are experiencing a re-organization, a reidentification, and a reinterpretation of the boundaries between self and cosmos.

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Like Stanislav Grof wrote;

“Ego death means an irreversible end to one’s philosophical identification with what Alan Watts called skin-encapsulated ego.”

Also referred to as the Night of Pan: the mystical state where one’s ego goes to die a small death in order to be reborn as a Soul. In mythological terms it’s a journey into the Underworld, where difficult trials must be completed before the hero can return back to the “real” world.

2. It is Only When You’re Alone, that You Realize You’re Never Alone

“The capacity to be alone is the capacity to love. It may look paradoxical to you, but it’s not. It is an existential truth: only those people who are capable of being alone are capable of love, of sharing, of going into the deepest core of another person - without possessing the other, without becoming dependent on the other, without reducing the other to a thing, and without becoming addicted to the other.

They allow the other absolute freedom, because they know that if the other leaves, they will be as happy as they are now. Their happiness cannot be taken by the other, because it is not given by the other.”

- Osho

You feel alone and isolated in the world at times, but you find that it is actually in your alone time that things become clearer and more connected. You realize the utmost importance of solitude and meditation.

You’re coming to find that being alone and silent is a very important part of individuating the ego and actualizing the soul.

Related: The Three Stages Of Spiritual Transformation

We are each a microcosm within a macrocosm, tiny stars within a greater universe, drops of water in a mighty cosmic ocean. This is the great lesson of loneliness: we can no more separate the micro from the macro than we can the human from the natural.

Both are needed to put the whole into holistic. It’s the astonishing ache of loneliness that causes us to feel, as Kafka wrote:

“This tremendous world I have inside of me. How to free myself, and this world, without tearing myself to pieces. And rather tear myself to a thousand pieces than be buried with this world within me.”

3. You Have a New-Found Appreciation of Your Mortality

“Thanks to impermanence everything is possible.” - Thich Nhat Hanh

You have become exceedingly introspective. The weight of time is like a giant sitting on your shoulders. But you are beginning to learn how to reverse that dynamic, becoming someone who has the ability to stand on the shoulders of the giants instead.

Related: In Harmony With All Life: The Open Source Way + Lifting The Veil: Merging Science And Spirituality

You appreciate more the passing of time: the reminiscence of times past, the contemplative present, and the forbearance of things future. It’s all a giant telescopic projection of your third eye focused on the intrinsic value of mortality, and how it brings meaning in ways immortality simply cannot.

4. The Purpose of Your Life Has Taken on New Meaning

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and go do it. Because what this world needs are people who have come alive.”

- Howard Thurman

You realize that the meaning of life is whatever you want your life to mean. But this is a huge responsibility, tantamount to an existential crisis.

Your breath catches in your throat, and is then dragged out of you. You are now suddenly duty-bound to bring meaning to an otherwise meaningless universe.

Related: Spirit Led Activism - The True Power Of The People + Rites Of Passage - Encountering Spiritual “Initiations” On The Path

It’s up to you, and you alone, to be the hero of your own story. It’s up to you, and you alone, to get beyond the artificial division you’ve created between yourself and the world.

The mountain of meaningless you’ve been standing on hitherto, awaits the flag of your own unique meaning to be stabbed into it.

The path to your own meaning is daunting, but it is a path that only you can walk

5. You’re More Aware of the Importance of Your Freedom

“Every time you are tempted to react in the same old way, ask if you want to be a prisoner of the past or a pioneer of the future.”

- Deepak Chopra

You understand that freedom is paramount. But willing yourself free is not easy. Freedom is something you do, not something you are. It is not a given. It takes effort, courage, and determination, usually in the face of those who would force you to live their way.

You see how the inert, civilized human has escaped the anguish of freedom only to fall into a state of preoccupation and paranoia.

Related: How Science Arrived At The Doorstep Of Spirituality

You see how the inert lifestyle can lead to nihilism and tyranny (extremism). You see how acting courageous in the face of that inertia is a powerful way to thwart the would-be tyrant within.

You’re slowly becoming a freedom unto yourself, and though it hurts like hell, you realize that it’s better to be an unsatisfied free man than a satisfied slave.

6. You’re Experiencing Anomie and Cognitive Dissonance

“It is a happy faculty of the mind to slough that which conscience refuses to assimilate.”

- William Faulkner

Anomie is a term popularized by French sociologist Émile Durkheim. It is a nurtured condition that arises from the lack of morality and social ethics in one’s culture.

You’ve experienced the pain of this condition and you are in the process of embracing it and letting it go in order to discover your own sense of values.

Related: The Strawman Is The Ego: The Parasite Cleanse Begins At Home

Similarly, your old worldview has been trumped by the new worldview brought about by the individuation of your ego and the actualization of your soul.

This is known as cognitive dissonance. It’s an unsettling feeling to have two worldviews clashing inside you, but you are working through it and will be better for the struggle in the end.

7. You Realize that the Ability to Fall Apart and Coming Back Together Again is Real Strength

“Suddenly you’re ripped into being alive. And life is pain, and life is suffering, and life is horror, but my god you’re alive and it’s spectacular.”

- Joseph Campbell

You realize that healthy annihilation is possible, and necessary. Like the Hindu Goddess of Never Not Broken, you’re learning to embody the ability to come together and fall apart, over and over again.

Indeed, you’re discovering that your strength comes precisely from your ability to experience a dark night of the soul and come out of it with scars blazing like badges of honor.

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You are constantly in the throes of metanoia. You’ve been fire-tested. You’ve been verified by vicissitude.

Your strength comes from your ability to adapt and overcome to falling apart and coming back together again, from wholeness to brokenness and back to a stronger form.

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Why Words Can “Cut” Your Soul And Are More Powerful Than Swords

Spiritual Leap Of Faith

Is The Pineal Gland The Gateway To A Spiritual Awakening?

This Is How Your ‘Aura’ Affects Your Health & Those Around You + Magnetic Fields Of The Human Body And Their Functions & 13 Signs You Are Experiencing A Spiritual Awakening

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi
Four Things Globalists Think You’re Too Stupid To Understand
June 1 2021 | From: NWOReport / Various

An in-depth look at 'psyche' of globalists.

Most Americans / Westerners by now have read or heard Infowars warn about the dangers of globalists, and the “new world order,” but the sheer amount of information can be overwhelming - and it’s easy just to throw out the information, or trust someone else to take action.

Related: What Is Globalism And Where Is It Going?

We Will Approach “Globalism” a Different Way

Instead of just examining the raw facts (he said, she said, time, place, date) and then hoping people connect the dots (often a maze that would make a minotaur dizzy), Infowars will provide an in-depth look at the “psyche” of globalists.

And, we will endeavor to probe the basic assumptions that guide their daily lives - rather than hem and haw at the objectively horrible things they do and say.

After reading our exposé, any Infowarrior will understand for themselves “why” globalists do what they do.

Related: Eleven Common Symptoms Of The Global Depopulation Slow Kill

Four Things the Globalists Believe

1. Enlightened (We Know Better):

Globalists have one central goal in life: To eliminate nation-states and replace them with global institutions run remotely, without the consent of average citizens, usually by themselves.

Don’t take my word for it. Consider the remarks of David Rockefeller, preeminent globalist and master of the universe, until his death in March, 2017:

“We are grateful to The Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications …

“It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is now much more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government.

The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries.”

That does not sound very democratic, does it?

Globalists usually have a God-complex, believing they know what is best for approximately 9 billion people - or worse, believing the 9 billion people are irrelevant. In that sense, globalists will often “break it to rebuild it” along the lines of their worldview.

Example: Globalists want a global currency, and historically, they admit as much. So they require every nation to install a central bank, de-link their currencies from gold, and then accept hyper-inflated worthless paper as “money” until all the bubbles have popped, the world economy is vaporized and a globally-controlled monetary system replaces it.

Related: From The Archives: "The End Game Is A New World Order"- Former Canadian Minister Of Defence Speaks Out + The Globalists Say It In Their Own Words

“Order out of chaos,” or “Ordo ab chao,” is the motto of Thirty-third Degree Freemasons. America’s political ruling class is dominated by Thirty-Third Degree Freemasons, men who believe they see the “light” and are the “light-bearers” to the rest of humanity.

Chaos is where globalists think they are in control.

Maurice Strong definitely supported chaos during his life. Strong was the former chairman of the World Economic Forum (WEF), the CEO of Petro-Canada and briefly president of the U.N. Conference on Environment and Development. Strong is responsible for Agenda 21.

Strong told people 30 years ago:

"Each year, the World Economic Forum convenes in Davos, Switzerland … What if a  small group of these world leaders were to conclude that the principal risk to the Earth comes from the actions of the rich countries? … Isn’t the only hope … that the industrialized civilizations collapse?  Isn’t it our responsibility to bring that about?”

Scary? And he was in a position to do it. Globalists often work slowly and over many decades, so the switch could go at any moment.

Related: Globalism: A Psychological GPS System For The Masses

Mega-billionaire Hungarian Nazi war criminal George Soros made similar predictions (more like his “to-do list”) in 2012.

Warning of “riots” and “brutal clampdowns,” Soros said:

“We are facing an extremely difficult time, comparable in many ways to the 1930s, the Great Depression … The worst-case scenario is a collapse of the financial system. …

It will be an excuse for cracking down and using strong-arm tactics to maintain law and order, …a society where individual liberty is much more constrained, which would be a break with the tradition of the United States.”

The challenge as globalists see it, is for the rest of us to get out of our own way and accept their benevolent, enlightened guidance.

It may not be for a lack of effort, but most people faced with the apocalypse are usually more concerned about losing their house, food, electricity and healthcare - all of which are put in the crosshairs by stated globalist goals.

2. Heaven is a Place on Earth

Globalists believe that, irrespective of the facts, nations are the cause of all the war, famine and economic inequality in the world. It is a religious belief.

Without a basic assumption that nations are bad, everything else globalists believe is impossible. “The grass is always greener,” basically.

Conversely, “Utopia” is real to globalists; it isn’t something achieved in death (as with Christians, Jews or Muslims). Utopia is the result of things done in a certain mathematical order, in a certain way - hence, the globalist obsession with “fairness” and equal distribution of resources among nations.

Example: The Paris Agreement, the Kyoto Protocol, Copenhagen - all “climate” agreements packaged and marketed to the great unwashed only several years apart from each other. America said “Hell no” to all three of these agreements, even if a president’s pen got overeager.

Related: Agenda 21: Awareness And Activism + UN 2030 Agenda Decoded: Blueprint For The Global Enslavement Of Humanity Under Corporate Masters

Every one of these alleged attempts to “fight climate change” have two things in common: First, the U.S. is the only country who is expected to take things seriously, and second, the content of the agreements has nothing whatsoever to do with climate change.

Hidden in each “climate agreement” are “taxes,” or “reparations,” and surprise, America is expected to transfer up to half its total wealth (estimates range from $300 billion to $9 trillion) to the other signatories.

“It’s the economy, stupid,” to paraphrase a raging network liberal pundit.

Copenhagen demanded America repay “adaptation debt.” This is not optional for ratifying countries. And unlike previous climate agreements, Copenhagen empowers a new U.N. council to compel rich nations to comply.

Related: The Globalization Of Media: A Failing Strike Force

Kyoto wanted to regulate how much fuel the U.S. military could burn.

The globalists must redistribute America’s wealth to satisfy their utopian OCD. It is a zero-sum game in their minds. Making money takes money from somewhere else.

Climate changeis economic terrorism by any other name.

3. The Ends Justify the Means

Globalists do not typically (with very few exceptions) value human life. They will use staged military conflicts and kill millions to validate their belief in world government.

Example: The “police action” in Korea was the first time American soldiers were placed under “United Nations” command, which included Soviet generals. President Truman gave Soviet military leaders copies of U.S. troop movements, and the Soviets predictably informed the North Koreans and Chinese - who slaughtered many brave young American soldiers. To what did they owe their blood and tragic end?

Truman’s Secretary of State Dean Acheson later recalled:

“The only reason I told the President to fight in Korea was to validate NATO.”

General Lin Piao, commander of the Chinese forces, would later comment:

“I never would have made the attack and risked my men and my military reputation if I had not been assured that Washington would restrain General MacArthur. …”

And war is not the only time human life is sacrificed to promote the geographical consolidation favored by globalists.

Related: Governments: The Enemy Of Freedom & Globalists Interviewed: They Admitted They Controlled The Government

Pandemics, mass refugee migrations, and terrorist attacks targeting a nation’s collective psyche are also valuable, because they undermine the sense of safety previously associated with a national space.

Prof. Robert Pastor, “Father of the North American Union,”

“The 9/11 crisis made Canada and the United States redefine the protection of their borders. …What I’m saying is that a crisis is an event which can force democratic governments … to create a North American Community.”

The nation no longer acts as a “house” in the mind of citizens, is no longer a shelter. Something bigger must replace the inadequate, outdated nation-state, and guess who is waiting in the wings to offer a new vision? That’s right: globalists.

Example: Muslim terrorist attacks are a perfect example of globalist “crisis” politics. Governments are known to have advance knowledge of many of these attacks, and yet nothing is done to prevent them from occurring. How can this be? We find our answer in the many “global” solutions to “terrorism” heard often the day after the newest tragedy, sold in a package worthy of a used car salesman.

After the London bridge attack, Prime Minister Theresa May immediately began calling for global control of the Internet to fight terrorism. The government knew; they did nothing. Now they want to control the Internet. See how it works?

Related: Is The Globalist "Reset" Failing? The Elites May Have Overplayed Their Hand

Example: In the U.S., former President Obama’s own intelligence czar warned that his refugee policies were allowing ISIS to gain entry.

Then, Hillary Clinton handed over our refugee vetting authority to the U.N. and told the U.N. it needed to pressure countries to take in more refugees.

In short, globalists generally support anything that invalidates national borders and overwhelms public infrastructure - even if totally manufactured - in order to justify greater surrender of national control to bigger and more geographically expansive entities.

4. Bite-Sized Elephants:

“If you’re going to eat an elephant, eat it one bite at a time,” goes an old adage.

It’s definitely about the destination, not the journey, for globalists. Globalists believe in multiple paths to the finish line, as long as nations are destroyed, and an enlightened elite - presumably them - will be in charge.

Example: For this reason, globalists will even pay to create an enemy, and the former Soviet Union was the best enemy money could buy.

Related: Russia Calls For Elimination Of Khazarian Mafia World Order + Globalist Corporations Are Blind In The Face Of Doom

American banks loaned the Bolsheviks millions after the revolution, built a refinery, and were responsible for two-thirds of Soviet Russia’s industrial capacity. The “red menace.” was made-to-order.

Lincoln P. Bloomfield, recently Assistant Secretary of State for Political-Military Affairs in 2005 from a State Department paper he wrote in 1962:

“…If the communist dynamic were greatly abated, the West might lose whatever incentive it has for world government … If there were no communist menace, would anyone be worrying about the need for such a revolution in political arrangements?”

Example: In addition to manufacturing threats, globalists have an even craftier way to attack nation-states: regionalisation.

This is where entire groups of countries are convinced to share more and more with their neighboring countries, until a single economy, single set of institutions and shared identity replace old national identities.

Related: The War On Reality: How Globalists Occupy Your Mind To Control Everything

Zbigniew Brzezinski, former National Security Advisor in 1995:

“We cannot leap into world govt. in one quick step… The precondition… is progressive regionalization, because thereby we can move toward larger, more stable, more cooperative units.”

Bite-sized countries.

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Australia Is A Full Scale Pilot Test For The New World Order & The Totalitarian Future Globalists Want For The Entire World Is Being Revealed

Hanne Herland Explains How Universities Became Globalist New Left Propaganda Tools And Enemies Of Free Speech

Globalist Playbook: Great Depression II

NWO Control System Vs. The Awakening - Which Will Win?

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

A Primer For The Propagandised: Fear Is The Mind-Killer & Whistleblower: Newspaper Industry Chiefs Criminally Negligent Over Covid Scaremongering + Much More
May 31 2021 | From OffGuardian / UKColumn / Various

Totalitarianism, if not fought against, could triumph anywhere.” - George Orwell

The noose is dangling gently around our necks. Every day, they cinch it tighter. By the time we realize it’s strangling us, it will be too late.

Related: 10 Things We Have Learned During the Covid Coup

“The future will be about finding a way to reduce the population…

Of course, we will not be able to execute people or build camps. We get rid of them by making them believe it is for their own good…

We will find or cause something, a pandemic targeting certain people, a real economic crisis or not, a virus affecting the old or the elderly, it doesn’t matter, the weak and the fearful will succumb to it.

The stupid will believe in it and ask to be treated. We will have taken care of having panned the treatment, a treatment that will be the solution.

The selection of idiots will therefore be done by itself: they will go to the slaughterhouse alone.”

- Jacques Attali 1981 Bilderberg. The guy who promoted Macron for his presidency

Those who – gradually and gleefully – sacrifice their freedoms, their autonomy, their individuality, their livelihoods, and their relationships on the altar of the “common good” have forgotten this is the pattern followed by every totalitarian regime in history.

Everyone wonders how ordinary Germans could have been manipulated to participate or stand dumbstruck while their government was transformed into a genocidal juggernaut.

This is how. Read Sebastian Haffner’s Defying Hitler memoir to see how this can happen anywhere - including here.

Everyone wonders how Russians could have permitted and even zealously reported fellow citizens for imprisonment and execution under Article 58, the penal code invented to incarcerate anyone who dared express the slightest whisper of noncompliance under Stalin’s homicidal state.

Related: Covid Vaccine Facts Reference List

This is how. Read Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s meticulously documented The Gulag Archipelago to witness this progression of authoritarian lunacy.

Everyone wonders how Hutus could have suddenly started axing their Tutsi neighbors to death after being inundated with waves of anti-Tutsi propaganda from Radio Télévision Libre des Mille Collines.

Read Philip Gourevitch’s We Wish to Inform You That Tomorrow We Will Be Killed with Our Families: Stories from Rwanda.

The list goes on. And on. And on. From Machiavelli’s The Prince to Étienne de la Boetie’s The Politics of Obedience: The Discourse of Voluntary Servitude to Edward Herman’s and Noam Chomsky’s Manufacturing Consent (and accompanying documentary) to BBC’s The Century of the Self, mechanisms of mass control have been chronicled for millennia.

George Orwell wrote:

"As far as the mass of the people go, the extraordinary swings of opinion which occur nowadays, the emotions which can be turned on and off like a tap, are the result of newspaper and radio hypnosis."

Related: 20 Mechanisms Of Injury

Can you imagine what master propagandist Edward Bernays would have done with access to today’s mainstream media conglomerate combined with the global surveillance infrastructure of Big Tech?

And you really think that’s not happening now - with another century of psychological, neurological, and technological research under their belts?

The present ability to curate reality and coerce obedience is unprecedented, far beyond what Orwell envisioned in 1984, Bradbury in Fahrenheit 451, Huxley in Brave New World, and Burgess in A Clockwork Orange.

A textbook example of Problem Reaction Solution, the current tsunami of worldwide hysteria is the latest and potentially most threatening example of mass control in history.

Related: Report: Government Scientific Advisors Admit They Used ‘Totalitarian’ Fear Tactics To Control People During Pandemic

The recipe is simple. Take a naturally occurring phenomenon, say a seasonal virus, and exaggerate its threat far beyond every imagining - despite exhaustive evidence to the contrary.

Suppress, silence, ostracize, and demonize every individual who dares present facts that expose the false mono-narrative.

Whip up a witches’ brew of anger, envy, and, most importantly, fear, escalating emotions to a boil so as to short-circuit our faculties of reason and logic.

Isolate us from one another, supplant real-world interactions with virtual feuds, label nonconformists as a threat to the group, and pump the public with a disinformation campaign designed to confuse and atomize.

In essence, foster a cultlike mentality that shuts down thought to guarantee assent.

Cultivate and wield our cognitive biases - especially ingroup bias, conformity bias, and authority bias - against us in a comprehensive divide-and-conquer policy that keeps us too busy squabbling amongst each other to recognize and unite against those corralling us into a Matrix-like collective delusion that enables the powerful to extract our resources for their own gain.

Related: The COVID-19 RT-PCR Test: How To Mislead All Humanity - Using A “Test” To Lock Down Society + Former Pfizer Science Officer Reveals Great COVID-19 Scam

This ideological mass psychosis is religion - not science.

If this were about science, the Media - Pharmaceutical - Big-Tech complex would not be memory-holing every dissenting voice, vilifying every thought criminal, and censoring every legitimate inquiry in quest of the truth

Mark Twain said:

"It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.”

Facebook Whistleblowers Expose LEAKED INTERNAL DOCS Detailing New Effort to Secretly Censor Vaccine Concerns on a Global Scale

Two Facebook Insiders have come forward with internal company documents detailing a plan to curb “vaccine hesitancy” (VH) on a global scale.

Related Articles:

Facebook Whistleblowers Reveal Secret 'Filter' for 'Liberty-Based' and 'Religious-Based' 'Objections & Skepticism,' Including 'Vaccine Passports'

Fauci Finally Admits COVID-19 May Have Come From Wuhan Lab, 'Not Convinced' Of Natural Origin

Questions Over Social Media Censorship of Wuhan Lab Leak After Fauci Admits Possibility

Full analysis: Vaccines confirmed to be efficient extermination weapons… all human beings have the right to resist in self-defense

Facebook No Longer Banning Posts Suggesting COVID-19 Was Man-Made

Fauci In 2012: Gain-Of-Function Research 'Worth Risk Of Lab Accident Sparking Pandemic'

He also said:

"In religion and politics people’s beliefs and convictions are in almost every case gotten at second-hand, and without examination, from authorities who have not themselves examined the questions at issue but have taken them at second-hand from other non-examiners, whose opinions about them were not worth a brass farthing.”

The next time you’re watching the news, reading a social media post, listening to a friend repeat a scripted talking point, pay attention. Learn to identify the earmarks of propaganda, the clickbait used to trigger your emotions, the mechanisms employed to engineer your cognitive biases.

Don’t let your pride prevent you from seeing - and admitting - the Emperor is naked. We are losing our last sliver of opportunity to resist authoritarianism.

This is not a partisan issue.

Those who wish to control us have made it such because disunited lemmings are easier to steer than independent, critical thinkers.

Related: The Top Four Reasons Why Many People, Doctors And Scientists Refuse To Take The COVID Vaccine & A New Zealand Doctor Speaks Out Against COVID Policies

This is a human issue. This is about crushing the middle class - the backbone of a democratic republic - and transferring trillions from the middle and lower classes to the ruling plutocracy.

This is about demolishing the foundations of a free society and building it back - not better, but better-controlled.

I will close by recommending a series of illuminating videos on menticide (“the systematic effort to undermine and destroy a person’s values and beliefs … to induce radically different ideas”) throughout history by Academy of Ideas.

This analysis of mass psychosis is nonpartisan and of value to every thinking human being.

Is a Mass Psychosis the Greatest Threat to Humanity?

The Mass Psychosis and the Demons of Dostoevsky

The Manufacturing of a Mass Psychosis – Can Sanity Return to an Insane World?

Dare to question.

Dare to disbelieve.

Dare to defy ideology in favor of science while you still can.

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CV was not the bioweapon - the V is the depopulation program!

Moderna Chief Medical Officer Confirms mRNA Injection For COVID-19 Can Change Your Genetic Code

Increased Covid Outbreaks and Deaths from Mass-Jabbing

This Is Getting Too Real.. Why Is Nobody Talking About This

Covid restrictions mean Australians have never looked so imprisoned

All New Zealanders Should Know About This!

British writer under fire for scathing review of New Zealand's COVID-19 border measures

FDA Examination Finds Substandard Conditions at Contractor’s Plant for J&J Vaccine Production

South Dakota’s Noem Bans Vaccine Passports

After Son Takes His Own Life, Father Warns Against Extended Pandemic Lockdowns

The Lockdown Paradigm Is Collapsing

European Drug Regulator Slaps Safety Warning on J&J Jab Due to Blood-Clot Links

Pregnant Women Should Not Get a COVID Vaccine

Leaked Documents Reveal Cases of Adverse Reactions to Chinese-Made COVID-19 Vaccines

Covid Vaccine More Dangerous than Covid

The Covidian Cult Exposed: Six Conditions Of Mind Control

Chicago Tribune: Professors Investigating COVID Vaccine Link To Abnormal Periods

CDC ‘Looking At’ Whether Masks Are Still Needed Outdoors

US Drop in Vaccine Demand Has Some Places Turning Down Doses

Officials Probing Oregon Woman’s Death After Getting Johnson & Johnson Shot

Whistleblower: Newspaper Industry Chiefs Criminally Negligent Over Covid Scaremongering

We publish the below anonymously for self-evident reasons.

Working for what is essentially the propaganda unit of our government is something I am deeply ashamed of.

Related: 1,000 Lawyers and 10,000 Doctors Have Filed a Major Lawsuit for Violations of the Nuremberg Code

I have been a journalist at newspapers across the UK for 25 years and feel the industry I work in has grossly let down the public during this alleged pandemic.

To protect my position as a legacy media journalist, I am unwilling to say where I work, whom I work for, or who I am, but I am sharing these thoughts with UK Column readers to hopefully give them an insight into how and why my industry has got things so badly wrong.

For the last year I have been deeply troubled by what has been happening and would gladly quit my industry if it wasn’t for having to support my family on a good wage - but I feel like my soul is dying as a result.

What I used to hold in high regard, legacy media newspapers, have revealed themselves to be an enormous echo chamber begging readers every day to lock down harder, socially distance further, mask up more often, and to - above all else - get vaccinated as soon as humanly possible.

Related: Message To Doctors By Ontario College of Physicians & Surgeons Shows Desperation to Silence Them

Despite this relentless messaging to comply, not one mention has ever been made in any of the titles I work for of the government’s Yellow Card Scheme that has recorded more than 1,000 deaths shortly after vaccine, to date.

As the Government’s own website says, only 10% of vaccine injuries are ever recorded, so we can make that 10,000 deaths and counting.

Meanwhile, we have columnists crowing about getting their vaccines, and relentless fearmongering editorials that may as well have been written by Chris Whitty himself.

I am disgusted by it all but I do have a handful of colleagues who share my concerns - but we are powerless to do anything, with managers either too scared or too programmed by the propaganda to allow for anything more than occasional snippets of alternative narrative to appear.

Wartime Delusions

The only explanation I can think of for myself, being the only one of my colleagues trying to get counter-narrative in the news pages, is that many of them think their responsibility is to save lives in a time of crisis, as if they were on a wartime footing, and that anything challenging the official narrative would end up with more deaths.

They Have an Undercover Footage - The Media Don't want You to See


Five Doctors Agree that COVID-19 Injections are Bioweapons and Discuss What to do About It

Norway: Risk of Dying From AstraZeneca Higher Than of COVID-19

India’s Health Ambassador Dies One Day After Taking COVID-19 Vaccine

Dr. Christiane Northrup, “What’s In the COVID-19 Vaccines?”

Vaccine Passports Used To Create A Lesser Class of Citizens?

Connecticut Publishes Moderna COVID Vax Ingredients: DEADLY POISON “SM-102 – Not for Human or Veterinary Use”

Navarro: ‘Sociopath’ Fauci Will ‘Be Gone Within 90 Days’ Over Wuhan Lab Funding

Washington Post Journalist Forced to Eat Crow Over Wuhan Lab Leak Theory

It is ironic that their ignorance, cowardice and/or lack of journalistic integrity, probably born out of fear of the virus and/or fear of what others might think of them, is costing thousands of lives of the most vulnerable in our society and the rapid loss of our freedoms.

And it has left children at the cusp of having to receive this vaccine without informed consent being given to their parents.

It is our duty to present both sides of a story impartially, and in that task we have failed to such an extent that I feel there has been criminal negligence from those at the top of the industry, who must take responsibility for the skewed narrative we have offered for more than a year now.

I have had many sleepless nights thinking about the horrors that are happening in hospitals and care homes - and more recently as a result of the vaccines - as a result of the Covid protocols that we as a newspaper industry are turning a blind eye to, or are playing down the significance of.

And the devastating fear programming of children that we have become a part of is something that is equally cruel and criminal.

Related: The Business Of Journalists Is To Destroy The Truth & Americans Think The Media Is More Destructive Than Banks & Corporations + The Normals vs. Conspiracy Theorists

I must also add that it has become common practice to describe anything bad that happens in society to be “due to Covid."

No, it is not! It is due to the draconian restrictions that our economy has had its heart ripped out, it is these restrictions that have left the elderly to die alone and in despair within hospitals and care homes.

It’s not Covid doing that, but the regulations imposed.

The Role of the Press in Bringing About the Hate-Filled Society

Through ignorance and a desire to make things seem as terrible as possible - in the misguided belief this would save lives - it has meant we have fanned the flames of fear and helped create the society that the government psychologists wanted, with non-compliance being the subject of social disapproval.

In fact it has gone much further than that, with non-compliance avidly hated by many who do conform.

The vitriol and scorn from many of our reader comments to stories is extreme - to the extent they wish anyone breaking regulations “catch the virus and die”.

The “Panic Paper” – The Corona Virus Blueprint

A crystal clear explanation of the Corona Fraud. We’ve been talking about many of these issues since as far back as March, but here they are all in one place.

The timeline of the Great Con with a special focus on Germany. Applies to all countries.

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These comments are sickening to read and show that much of the public has been deeply programmed by the fear propaganda and psychological manipulation that we, the press, perpetuate on behalf of our government.

There are only a very few journalists who think as I do: certainly none of the managers I work with are willing to speak up or are able to grasp that the government is not working in our best interests.

Or perhaps they are motivated by their pay cheques to keep the official narrative going?

From being relatively proud of being a journalist, I have become truly disgusted with my profession and the cowardice and ignorance of several of my colleagues, and the downright propaganda appearing in the titles I work for.

There are many more good people than bad within my industry, I would like to stress, but they are clueless as to narratives outside the legacy media bubble and this is a dereliction of duty on their behalf.

The C-word is also a problem: Conspiracy.

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The word is enough to send most journalists climbing the walls in outrage or fear, and they will carry out as much cognitive dissonance as necessary to block out any information that suggests anything conspiratorial could be happening, especially as this conspiracy is on such a grand scale.

Like most people, I experienced adrenaline-dump levels of fear when news of Covid-19 broke and the now-proved-to-be-fake news came out of people lying dead on the street in Wuhan.

If They Get Jabbed After Watching This They Are Beyond Saving

The Covid Con Game and End Game

Paying the Piper

But I quickly woke up to what was really going on by seeking out content from medical experts of the highest level - that was being so ruthlessly censored by the tech giants which our newspapers are beholden to, as most of the traffic to our websites come from Facebook and Twitter.

The vast majority of my colleagues have not done this research and remain under the impression we are in the middle of a deadly pandemic.

How can they be so ignorant, some may ask.

The simple answer is they build their beliefs from the very same newspapers that are selling the fear and propaganda.

Our newspapers are like salesmen desperate for everything that moves to be vaccinated, and it is a grotesque role we are playing.

Let’s Play “Spot a Lie” in the Two Articles Below by Helen & Friends

My favourite is this one: “Implying that all adverse events that occur after a vaccine is devious; one could just as well say deaths after eating marmite on toast for breakfast were all caused by the marmite and toast”.

Related: NZ Lawyer Tells Prime Minister Her Pfizer Vaccine Claims Are Misleading And Deceptive + Massive Anti-Lockdown Protests Rage Worldwide

Well, what can I say, make sure you take a marmite sandwich with you to eat when you go for your covid shot.

In case of any adverse reaction, or death, it is more likely that it would be due to your marmite sandwich (or your husband murdering you or that you committed suicide (which is partially true, as you did go for this injection, in spite of all the reported deaths.).)

As you know all vaccines, esp this covid mRNA injection, are SAFE & Effective (Repeat with me, safe & effective.) and the risk is equivalent to eating a marmite toast!

So, they can’t make it any clearer for you, whatever happens to you after this injection it won’t be due to this injection! If you are that stupid, please do go ahead and get your injection, the IQ of the remaining population will be increased in no time! By the way, from a fb post:

Sudden unexplained deaths so far, in New Zealand, following experimental Covid gene therapy:

1. Napier port worker

2. Pauline Hanna/Polkinghorne Auckland DHB

3. 63 yr old port working in Richmond

4. Tauranga Port worker- A male in late 30's

5. 32 yr old Hamilton woman

6. 65 yr old Fielding nurse at Palmerston North hospital collapses then dies.

"The eight most common myths about Covid vaccines."

And the spin: Dr Helen Petousis-Harris: The eight most common myths about Covid vaccines

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Former Pfizer VP Blows Lid on Vaccine Scheme: “Entirely Possible This Will Be Used For Massive-Scale Depopulation”

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Pfizer Admits That Shedding Can Occur and Non-Jabbed Can be Exposed by Inhalation or Skin Contact

Covid 19 coronavirus: Govt makes urgent law change after High Court ruling on legality of vaccine rollout

French Drug Assessment Center Demands Removal of All Four Widely Used COVID Vaccines

Here’s why Bill Gates wants indemnity… Are you willing to take the risk?

Leigh Dundas speech - (Health and Freedom 2021)

COVID PCR Test Swabs are as dangerous as inhaling Asbestos

The FDA cover-up that led to the approval of the Pfizer vaccine

Combine that with the complete failure to allow for any significant counter-argument to mass vaccination and lockdown, and it is clear we are not carrying out the role of journalists.

Indeed, for several years now, our titles have been filled with centrally-produced content hammering home the message that we must all get our jabs for everything.

We are a PR machine for big pharma, it’s as simple as that, and it is truly depressing. I have been close to tears many times over the past year because of the propaganda we are delivering that has caused so much suffering.

Journalists are no more and no less than a reflection of the public they are supposed to serve, and perhaps that is why those who do try and challenge the established “truth” on asymptomatic spreading, vaccine efficacy, and the effectiveness of the PCR test are attacked by those within their own industry.

Recently, I asked one reporter employed by another company, and who has covered Covid regularly, what they knew about the PCR test and how medical experts across the world are branding it as not fit for purpose.

Related: The New mRNA COVID Vaccines Inject An Operating System Into Your Body - Not A Conspiracy Theory, Moderna Admits It & Open Letter to NZ MPs - Lockdown Is A Disastrous Error

This reporter - who is usually one of the best I know for digging down into stories - did not have a clue what I was talking about.

Global censorship can be the only explanation for this.

That censorship is what many of my colleagues are blissfully unaware of (or they think it is only for deleting hate speech) and it is helping governments across the world to impose these devastating impositions without resistance from the public.

Pity the Public

I may come across as angry in this report but my overriding emotion is that of sadness for the public we have so badly let down.

The vast majority of my colleagues build their views on what is happening from the legacy media and fact checkers (I use that term as loosely as possible), and are completely ignorant of the thousands of doctors worldwide who have formed groups calling out the huge holes in the official narrative.

When I have confronted managers with my concerns about the propaganda we are publishing, I have been tarred as a conspiracy theorist who denies the existence of the virus.

The Fauci Gain Of Function Research Bombshell

The obvious information that Infowars brought you a year ago has come to fruition: The weaponized virus escaped a lab.

Its rollout was mismanaged by Dr. Fauci, who knows more than he will reveal.

And it is being used as the Trojan Horse for the United Nation’s Great Reset Agenda to depopulate and de-industrialize humanity.

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Rand Paul Confronts Fauci On Funding Gain of Function Research at Wuhan Lab

Fauci Behind Wuhan COVID-19 Leak, WaPo Reporter Tells Joe Rogan

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Fauci Lied To Congress About Gain-of-Function Research

Latest CDC Data Show Reports of Adverse Events After COVID Vaccines Surpass 200,000, Including 943 Among 12- to 17-Year-Olds

Nobel Prize Winner Reveals – COVID Vaccine Is ‘Creating Variants’

As I warned: RNA gold rush; new genetic products in the pipeline

How wrong they are. I am a realist, not theorist, and, yes, I do believe there is a virus about, a flu-like disease that is causing no more deaths in this country than the majority of years going back to 2000 when the figures are age-adjusted to account for our more aged population in recent years.

I do not want to come across as belittling the illness, which does appear to have long-term devastating effects for many, but the excess deaths are at a level that do not justify the lockdowns or mass vaccinations, not least because of so many examples of countries and US states suffering no worse problems without locking down.

The rolling counts of deaths across seasons screamed out by our front-page headlines are grossly misleading and do not take into account the vast levels of misdiagnosis.

[Comment: More to the point, New Zealand - Where are all the dead people - if this is a pandemic?]

I do not know one reporter other than myself who has asked health officials about the unreliability of the PCR test.

The lack of knowledge among my peers is deeply frustrating and, again, I must blame censorship for this, as the people I work with are otherwise fantastic journalists who want to be accurate and fair.

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Zombie Writing Produces Zombie Readers

The tone of stories is another issue I would like to address.

It is key that it be balanced and without offering opinion in news articles - but most of our Covid reporting is littered with examples of how we must obey or else!

I have had a close family member appeal to me to seek mental health treatment as I am questioning the Covid narrative, and I have lost several friends as result of my opinions.

And I fear that this closed-minded attitude is rife within the world of journalism.

This is a “pandemic” that cannot be questioned within the legacy media, and I would urge readers to stop consuming content about Covid from this dying industry, if they haven’t already.

Manipulation and downright lies fill the columns of our newspapers, with critical thinking and the journalistic skills of following the money and asking who benefits (cui bono) being all but non-existent when it comes to the vaccine roll-out.

I am still within this industry and fully accept the scorn and hatred I may attract for taking a pay cheque from this propaganda unit I work for.

Related: Rand Paul Continues Fauci Feud; “He Could Be Culpable For The Entire Pandemic”

I will continue to try and change opinions from within, and hope that the public will start looking away from our papers for the truth.

My closing remark would be this, in the hope that some editors within the legacy media are reading this. Please, please, please, let there be debate.

Do not allow for censorship to take hold in your titles. And, as a message to my fellow reporters, do not fall prey to the cowardly act of self-censorship to protect your reputation.

There is too much at stake to allow for debate to be silenced as the screw is tightened and freedoms are eroded to levels that were once unimaginable.

Families are being torn apart and my industry is responsible for that.

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Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi
Exposed: The Nazi Roots Of The European Union
May 30 2021 | From: JonRappoport

This is an intelligence briefing. Here I present the bare bones of what has been happening before our eyes… if we would see it.

Once upon a time, there was an industrial combine in Nazi Germany called IG Farben. It was the largest chemical/pharmaceutical octopus in the world. It owned companies, and it had favorable business agreements with companies from England to Central America to Japan.

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The author of The Devil’s Chemists, Josiah DuBois, traveled to Guatemala, on a fact-finding mission, in the early days of World War 2, and returned with the comment that, as far as he could tell, Guatemala was “a wholly owned subsidiary of Farben.”

The pharmaceutical empire was and is one of the major forces behind the European Union (EU). It is no accident that these drug corporations wield such power. They aren’t only involved in controlling the medical cartel; they are political planners.

This is how and why Big Pharma fits so closely with what is loosely referred to as the New World Order. The aim of enrolling every human in a cradle-to-grave system of disease diagnosis and toxic drug treatment has a larger purpose: to debilitate, to weaken populations.

This is a political goal. It facilitates control.

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IG Farben’s main component companies, at the outbreak of World War 2, were Bayer, BASF, and Hoechst. They were chemical and drug companies. Farben put Hitler over the top in Germany as head of State, and the war was designed to lead to a united Europe that would be dominated by the Farben nexus.

The loss of the war didn’t derail that plan. It was shifted into an economic blueprint, which became, eventually, the European Union.

The European Commission’s first president was Walter Hallstein, the Nazi lawyer who, during the war, had been in charge of post-war legal planning for the new Europe.

As the Rath Foundation reports: In 1939, on the brink of the war, Hallstein had stated, “The creation of the New Law [of the Nazis] is ONLY the task of the law-makers!”

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In 1957, with his reputation sanitized, Hallstein spoke the words in this manner: “The European Commission has full and unlimited power for all decisions related to the architecture of this European community.”

Post-war, IG Farben was broken up into separate companies, but those companies (Bayer, Hoechst, and BASF) came roaring back, attaining new profit highs.

I refer you to the explosive book, The Nazi Roots of the Brussels EU, by Paul Anthony Taylor, Aleksandra Niedzwiecki, Dr. Matthias Rath, and August Kowalczyk. You can also read it at relay-of-life.com. It is a dagger in the heart of the EU.

At the Rath Foundation, you can also read Joseph Borkin’s classic, “The Crime and Punishment of IG Farben.”

In 1992, I was deeply engaged in researching the specific devastating effects of medical drugs. Eventually, I concluded that, at the highest levels of power, these drugs weren’t destructive by accident. They were intended to cause harm.

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This was covert chemical warfare against the population of the planet. The Rockefeller-Standard Oil-Farben connection was a primary piece of the puzzle.

It was, of course, Rockefeller (and Carnegie) power that had forced the birth of pharmaceutical medicine in America, with the publication of the 1910 Flexner Report.

The Report was used to excoriate and marginalize Chiropractic, Homeopathy, Naturopathy, and other forms of traditional natural practice, in favor of what would become the modern juggernaut of drug-based treatment.

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In an article about the FDA, “Medical Murder in the Matrix,” I point out the fact that this federal agency has permitted at least 100,000 deaths of Americans, per year, from the direct effects of drugs it, the FDA, has certified as safe. (See, for example, JAMA, July 26, 2000, ‘Is US Health Really the Best in the World,’ Dr. Barbara Starfield.)

The FDA knows these death figures. “Unintended” and “accidental” can no longer be applied to this ongoing holocaust.

The pharmaceutical industry itself also knows those death figures.

To understand the dimensions and history of the ongoing chemical warfare against the population, in the form of medical drugs (and of course pesticides), one must factor in the original octopus, IG Farben.

World War 2 never ended. It simply shifted its strategies.

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In any fascist system, the bulk of the people working inside the system, including scientists, refuse to believe the evidence of what is happening before their own eyes. They insist they are doing good.

They believe they are on the right side. They see greater top-down control as necessary and correct. They adduce “reasonable” explanations for inflicted harm and death.

World War 2 is still underway. The battleground has been changed, and the means are far cleverer.

Sun Tzu wrote: “Hence to fight and conquer in all your battles is not supreme excellence; supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting… The best victory is when the opponent surrenders of its own accord before there are any actual hostilities…It is best to win without fighting.”

This is what has been happening: invisible warfare.

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Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

The Vision Of Technocracy
May 29 2021 | From: JonRappoport

“Well, boys, we’ve got this strange thing called THE INDIVIDUAL. Could somebody tell me what he is? He’s not conforming to our algorithms. He’s all over the place. And while we’re at it, what the hell is this IMAGINATION? It keeps slipping out of our grasp, it doesn’t fit the plan…”

Technocrats say they want to wipe out poverty, war, and inequality. But in order to achieve these lofty goals (or pretend to), they need to re-program humans.

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Technocracy is the basic agenda and plan for ruling global society from above, so we need to understand it from several angles.

Consider a group of enthusiastic forward-looking engineers in the early 20th century. They work for a company that has a contract to manufacture a locomotive. This is a highly complex piece of equipment.

On one level, workers are required to make the components to spec. Then they must put them all together. These tasks are formidable. On another level, various departments of the company must coordinate their efforts. This is also viewed as a technological job. Organizing is considered a technology.

When the locomotive is finished and delivered, and when it runs on its tracks and pulls a train, a great and inspiring victory is won.

And then…the engineers begin to think about the implications. Suppose the locomotive was society itself? Suppose society was the finished product? Couldn’t society be put together in a coordinated fashion? And couldn’t the “technology of organizing things” be utilized for the job?

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Why bother with endlessly arguing and lying politicians? Why should they be in charge? Isn’t that an obvious losing proposition? Of course it is.

Engineers could lay out and build a future society that would benefit all people. Disease and poverty could be wiped out. Eliminating them would be part of the blueprint.

This “insight” hit engineers and technicians like a ton of bricks. Of course! All societies had been failures for the same reason: the wrong people were in charge.

Armed with this new understanding, engineers of every stripe began to see what was needed. A revolution in thinking about societal organization. Science was the new king. And science would rule.

Of course, for an engineered world to work, certain decisions would have to be made about the role of the individual. Every individual. You couldn’t have an air-tight plan if every human were free to pursue his own objectives. Too many variables. Too much confusion. Too much conflict. Well, that problem could be solved. The individual’s actions would be tailored to fit the coordinated operations of the planned society.

The individual would be “one of the components of the locomotive.” His life would be connected to other lives to produce an exemplary shape.

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Yes, this could imply a few problems, but those problems could be worked out. They would have to be worked out, because the overriding goal was the forming of a world organization. What would you do if one bolt (an individual human) in one wheel of a locomotive was the wrong size? You would go back and correct the error. You would re-make the bolt.

Among technocrats, the overall vision superseded the glaring need to “remake” individuals who would fit in. It was perfectly all right to re-program the individual.

Other people entered the game. High-echelon Globalists saw technocracy as a system they could use to control the population. Essentially, an already-misguided vision of a future technocratic utopia was hijacked. Something bad was made much worse.

In a nutshell, this is the history of technocracy. A locomotive is a society? No. That was the first fatally flawed idea. Everything that followed was increasingly bizarre.

Unfortunately, many people in our world believe in Globalism, if you could call a partial vague view a legitimate belief. They dreamily float on all the propaganda cover stories - greatest good for the greatest number of people; no more poverty; equality of sharing; reducing the carbon footprint; a green economy; “sustainable development”; international cooperation; engineering production and consumption of goods and services for the betterment of everyone; and all of this delivered from a central platform of altruistic guidance.

If you track down the specifics that sit under these cover stories, you discover a warped system of planning that expresses control over the global population. The collective utopia turns out to be a sham. Waking up is hard to do? Breaking up is hard to do? They must be done.

A workable technological fix is a very nice achievement when the project is a machine. But transferring that glow of victory to the whole of society is an illusion. Anything that calls itself education would tackle the illusion as the first order of business.

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Engineering society requires engineering humans. That is the fatal flaw. It’s called mind control. Any genuine artist, any builder of communities, any sane activist, any honorable visionary stands outside technocracy, and is not part of this program. Instead, his thrust is toward more individual freedom and a more open society with greater decentralization of power.

Decentralization is the key.

The use of technology does not imply living inside its control. The use of technology does not imply that society should be laid out like a giant machine with fitted parts.

Those futurists who have offered “overall plans” for the disposition of society generally ignore or sidestep the issue of who is going to administer the plan. To say this is an error is a vast understatement.

Where is one far-reaching center of power in our world that would run society with a primary concern for the freedom of the individual?

We are looking at an inherent contradiction. All such centers of power are, first and foremost, dedicated to their own survival. And after that, they are dedicated to control of the territory they believe they own. THE INDIVIDUAL is a messy thing that needs to be sidelined or dealt with as a disruptive element.

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I speak to those people who understand that the idea of the free, independent, powerful, and creative individual is being sidelined, shelved, sent down the memory hole. This is no accident. This isn’t just a devolutionary trend. Technocrats see this as a necessary action, in order to “clean up” their equation for the civilization they’re building. The individual is a slippery variable that throws a monkey wrench into formulas.

Imagination never dies. It belongs to the individual. It isn’t property of the group. It enables solutions that eradicate problems and get out ahead of problems before they raise their heads.

Time and time again, the individual, as he wends his way through life, encounters persons and organizations that consider imagination a negative. In the clearly defined shapes of society, imagination must take a back seat to planning.

Is the individual resistant to such manipulations, or does he give in? This is the key question.

Does the individual view society as an operation that can potentially lift up individuals and empower them? Or does he give in to the idea that society should create more and more dependent people?

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The individual can be a source of spreading freedom, or he can defend the notion that there are an endless number of “entitlements” that must be honored.

Technocracy promotes entitlements as a doorway into the future. Its ultimate entitlement goes this way: you have the right to be re-programmed to believe you have a slot in the future world; we will make this slot as attractive as possible; you will serve the overall good as we engineer it.

That is the fundamental justification for the Welfare State. It’s the justification for a future technocratic policy which will assign citizens energy quotas. A citizen would be permitted to consume a set amount of energy in a given time period. (So-called smart meters are a step in that direction. The meters enable more specific measurements of energy consumption.)

This is how technocracy imagines the future…

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Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi
Three Questions You’re Not Supposed To Ask About Life In A Sick Society
May 28 2021 | From: WakingTimes

“It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” - J. Krishnamurti

Society is directed by a never-ending mainstream narrative which is always evolving, and always reaching new dramatic peaks in sensationalism and hype. They fill your mind with topics they select, they keep your attention on these topics, and they invite and encourage you to argue amongst each other about these topics.

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In this way our collective attention is permanently commandeered, preventing us from diving too deeply into matters which have more than a superficial impact on day-today life.

Free-thinking is the ability and willingness to explore of ideas and areas of the mind which are yet undiscovered or are off-limits. It is a vanishing art that is deliberately being stamped out by a control system which demands conformity, acquiescence and obedience of body, mind, and spirit.

For your consideration, here are three questions you’re not supposed to ask about life in our profoundly sick society.

1. Who Owns the Money Supply, and the World’s Debt?

Pretty much the entire world is in financial debt, an insidious form of slavery which enables the exploitation of human beings and of all things in nature. It’s maddening when you think about it. The United States alone supposedly owes some $20 trillion, while the world at large owes a shocking $215 trillion?

But to whom, precisely?

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Money is just a medium of exchange which facilitates transactions between people. In and of itself it has no intrinsic value as we could just as easily use sea shells instead of dollar bills and still be able to get things done.

But today’s money is the property of private third-parties who rent it out to national governments, who then use the labor of their citizens as collateral against these loans. This is a highly refined form of slavery, which has already put future unborn generations of human beings in debt.

But who, exactly does the human race owe? Who are our debt-slave masters?

2. Who Owns Your Body?

Ownership means having the explicit right to use, control and dispose of something in the manner of your choosing. The one thing you are born with that you take with you to your death is your own body, but do you own it? If not you, then who does own your body?

If this question were already settled in our society then there wouldn’t be ever-increasing pressure on those who choose to refuse vaccines. Children battling cancer and other serious illnesses wouldn’t be forced to take chemo and radiation under penalty of law and under threat of being taken from their parents.

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Water wouldn’t be fluoridated without our consent. Natural medicines wouldn’t be outlawed under threat of fines and prison time.

We are rapidly approaching a time when people will be required by law to take psychotropic medications as citizens were in Aldous Huxley’s dystopian classic, Brave New World.

Do you own your body, or does it belong to the state?

3.  Why is the Exploration of Consciousness Restricted and Illegal?

The most effective prisons are not material, but are constructed inside the mind. Perception, opinion and understanding are all dynamic concepts, not at all static.

These can all change in the blink of an eye just because a new idea or experience resonates with you in a special way. Our evolution depends on our ability to expand the frontiers of what’s possible, and when the mind is held in confinement by an entrenched system and powerful cultural paradigm, progress, even happiness, is stunted.

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In this societal trap you are given free rein to debase your consciousness and your spirit with alcohol, dangerous drugs, pharmaceuticals, television, pornography, theatrical violence, and then some, yet many natural medicines which elevate consciousness and provide a window into the soul are illegal.

"This is the way freedom is hijacked - not all at once, out in the open, but stealthily, little by little, behind closed doors, and with our own agreement.

How will we be able to resist when so many of us have already willingly handed over the keys to our own consciousness to the state and accepted without protest that it is OK to be told what we may and may not do, what we may and may not explore, even what we may and may not experience, with this most precious, sapient, unique, and individual part of ourselves?

If we are willing to accept that then we can be persuaded to accept anything.”

- Graham Hancock

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Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

Cover Stories Are Used To Control Explanations & Medical Propaganda Headlines For Gullible Minds
May 27 2021 | From: JonRappoport / PublicIntelligence / Various

Years ago James Jesus Angleton left me with the impression that when an intelligence agency, such as the CIA, pulls off an assassination, bombing, or any event with which the agency does not wish to be associated, the agency uses the media to control the explanation by quickly putting into place a cover story that, along with several others, has been prepared in advance.

I suggested that the new story that “the Saudis did 9/11” was put into play to take the place of the worn and battered first cover story: Is the Saudi 9/11 Story Part Of The Deception?

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When the Oswald cover story for JFK’s assassination came under heavy suspicion, other cover stories appeared in the media. One was that the Mafia killed JFK, because he was having affairs with their molls.

The fact that it made no sense did not stop many from believing it. It did not occur to people more gullible than thoughtful that a gangster would simply get another woman and not take the risk of assassinating the US president over a woman. The last thing the Mafia would want would be for Attorney General Robert Kennedy to bring the law down on the Mafia like a ton of bricks.

Another cover story was that Castro did it. This made even less sense. JFK had nixed the Joint Chiefs/CIA plan to invade Cuba, and he had refused air cover to the CIA’s Bay of Pigs invasion. JFK would certainly not be on Castro’s hit list.

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Another cover story was that Lyndon Johnson was behind Kennedy’s assassination. As I wrote, there is no doubt that LBJ covered up the Joint Chiefs/CIA/Secret Service plot against JFK, as any president would have done, because the alternative was to destroy the American people’s confidence in the US military and security agencies.

The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court also covered up the plot, as did the Warren Commission, the media, and the Congress.

The “Johnson did it” story is the most preposterous of all. The Joint Chiefs, CIA, Secret Service, Chief Justice, Congress, and Media are not going to participate in the murder of a President and its coverup just for the sake of the VP’s personal ambition. The idea that so many strong institutions would permit a VP to murder a President for no reason other than the personal ambition of the VP is beyond absurdity.

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Speaking of cover stories, I wonder if that is what we are witnessing in the leaked information to the New York Times about the Manchester Bombing. The only point of the leak is to set the story in place. The British complaints about the leaked information serve to disguise the leak’s purpose.

Setting a story in place early crowds out other explanations. Remember, the government claims to have had no warning of 9/11 but knew instantly who did it and set the story in place. The same for the Paris events, the Nice event, the Boston Marathon bombing, and I think all the others.

Authorities quickly come up with a story and names of those responsible. The alleged perpetrators or patsies, take your choice, are always dead and, thereby, unable to deny that they did it or say who put them up to it. The only exception that comes to mind is the younger brother who has been associated with the Boston Marathon bombing.

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Despite two police attempts to shoot him to death, he inconveniently survived, but has never been seen or heard from. At his orchestrated trial, his court appointed attorney confessed for him, and the jury convicted on her confession.

Remember, Oswald was shot dead by Jack Ruby before Oswald was questioned by police. There is no explanation for an armed private citizen being inside the jail with Oswald and positioned to shoot him at close range. Clearly, Oswald was not to be permitted to give his story. And no patsy since has either.

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Medical Propaganda Headlines For Gullible Minds

Warning: don’t use common sense in judging medical pronouncements. You’ll lapse from The Holy Order of Mystical Research.

Medical public-relations people keep a steady stream of stories flowing to the press, day after day.

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Aside from filling space, their main function is to assure the public that “advances are always being made” and “good things are right around the corner.” It’s much better, for example, than, “Well, this month we didn’t discover a single important datum. Here’s hoping for better luck in June.”

A brief examination of medical-story headlines reveals that these stories are lacking in a little thing called reality; or they announce something so obvious it hardly merits mention, much less a full-blown study to establish what any person with a few working brain cells already knows.

Here are a few such headlines from a popular medical site (medicalnewstoday). They represent a mere few days’ worth of vital…baloney:


Well, poor sleep makes it harder to concentrate the next day. End of study. Thanks. We’re newly enlightened. Where’s my check?

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Another stunning revelation. The boy is lonely. He doesn’t sleep well. We never would have imagined such a connection without a meticulous study.


The insights keep coming. A person already in a state of chronic pain reacts more severely to new pain than a person who isn’t suffering from chronic pain. Give the researchers a Nobel and a trip to Disneyland.


Someone with respiratory disease could experience trouble when breathing diesel fumes. Wow. A mind-bending correlation. And we need to know the exact mechanism of the flare-up because…?

Researchers are going to develop a drug that will eliminate the problem? “Do you have TB? Now you can walk through diesel fumes without a reaction.” Sure. The drug is called Thorazine. You’ll still have a severe reaction, but you won’t know it. Or anything else.

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Here are two related headlines:



I love stories about “breakthroughs” in gene research. First of all, try to find one version of gene therapy for any disease that works across the board. Good luck. But you can find thousands of articles about “advances” in the research. They hint at glorious innovations coming to your neighborhood soon.

So let me know when this genetic discovery about heart disease results in a treatment that actually reverses the condition. And as for genes associated with intelligence, it’s easy as pie to make claims, as long as you don’t have to try to increase IQ with an injection.

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Getting the point? Researchers can obtain all sorts of money to do studies that then posit some correlation between a condition and various gaggles of genes - as long as they don’t have come up with an actual gene therapy that works. It’s a great con. Nice work if they can get it, and they can.


Yes, it may. Or it may not. Who can say? We’ll have to wait and see. Give the researchers another decade. Meanwhile, read about lots of “maybes.” It’s possible that a steady diet of “maybe” articles will increase your intelligence, help you sleep better at night, reverse heart disease, and decrease your reaction to diesel fumes.

It’s also possible the articles will turn you into a creature with the IQ of a tree-dwelling sloth.

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Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

Heartbreaking Letter From Dying EPA Scientist Begs Monsanto “Moles” Inside The Agency To Stop Lying About Dangers Of RoundUp (Glyphosate) & Monsanto Funneled Money To Front Groups To Attack Anti-GMO Activists, Court Documents Reveal
May 26 2021 | From: NaturalNews / Various

The following letter from EPA scientist Marion Copley (now deceased from cancer) has surfaced in the unsealed court documents originally uncovered by U.S. Right to Know and posted in plain text at this Glyphosate.news document page.

The original PDF of this document is found at the USRTK website, with a backup copy archived at Natural News.

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In this letter, EPA scientist Marion Copley begs Monsanto “mole” Jess Rowland to do his job and protect the public rather than protecting Monsanto’s profit interests, saying:

"For once in your life, listen to me and don’t play your political conniving games with the science to favor the registrants. For once do the right thing and don’t make decisions based on how it affects your bonus.”

She also accuses Rowland and another EPA scientist Anna Lowit (still with the EPA) of engaging in science intimidation tactics to force EPA scientists and bureaucrats to change their conclusions in favor of Monsanto.

"You and Anna Lowit intimidated staff on CARC and changed MI ARC and IIASPOC final reports to favor industry,”
says Copley.

This tactic, by the way, is 100% aligned with the deeply evil corporate culture at Monsanto, which routinely engages in intimidation legal tactics, science intimidation and character assassination campaigns against anti-Monsanto activists.

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Copley further warns that EPA scientists are likely being bribed by Monsanto, saying:

"Your Nebraska colleague took industry funding, he clearly has a conflict of interest. Just promise me not to ever let Anna on the CARC committee, her decisions don’t make rational sense. If anyone in OPP is taking bribes, it is her.”

Marion Copley signs off with a plea for humanity, knowing that she is nearing death but wanting to help save humanity from the toxic chemical “holocaust” being pushed by Monsanto and a criminal EPA:

I have cancer and I don’t want these serious issues in MED to go unaddressed before I go to my grave. I have done my duty.

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Read the full letter to Jess Rowland (the “Monsanto mole” inside the EPA) from Marion Copley (now deceased, former EPA scientist) to get the full picture. Read the entire unsealed court document that includes this letter at this page on Glyphosate.news.

Letter from Marion Copley to Jess Rowland, March 4, 2013


Since I left the Agency with cancer, I have studied the tumor process extensively and I have some mechanism comments which may be very valuable to CARC based on my decades of pathology experience. I’ll pick one chemical to demonstrate my points.

Glyphosate was originally designed as a chelating agent and 1 strongly believe that is the identical process involved in its tumor formation, which is highly supported by the literature.

Chelators inhibit apoptosis, the process by which our bodies kill tumor cells

Chelators are endocrine disruptors, involved in tumorigenesis

Glyphosate induces lymphocyte proliferation

Glyphosate induces free radical formation

Chelators inhibit free radical scavenging enzymes requiring Zn, Mn or Cu for activity (i.e. SODs)

Chelators bind zinc, necessary for immune system function

Glyphosate is genotoxic, a key cancer mechanism

Chelators inhibit DNA repair enzymes requiring metal cofactors

Chelators bind Ca, Zn, Mg, etc to make foods deficient for these essential nutrients

Chelators bind calcium necessary for calcineurin-mediated immune response

Chelators often damage the kidneys or pancreas, as glyphosate does, a mechanism to tumor formation

Kidney/pancreas damage can lead to clinical chemistry changes to favor tumor growth

Glyphosate kills bacteria in the gut and the gastrointestinal system is 80% of the immune system

Chelators suppress the immune system making the body susceptible to tumors

Previously, CARC concluded that glyphosate was a “possible human carcinogen”. The kidney pathology in the animal studies would lead to tumors with other mechanisms listed above. Any one of these mechanisms alone listed can cause tumors, but glyphosate causes all of them simultaneously.

It is essentially certain that glyphosate causes cancer. With all of the evidence listed above, the CARC category should be changed to “probable human carcinogen”. Blood cells arc most exposed to chelators, if any study shows proliferation of lymphocytes, then that is confirmatory that glyphosate is a carcinogen.

Jess, you and I have argued many times on CARC. You often argued about topics outside of your knowledge, which is unethical. Your trivial MS degree from 1971 Nebraska is far outdated, thus CARC science is 10 years behind the literature in mechanisms.

For once in your life, listen to me and don’t play your political conniving games with the science to favor the registrants. For once do the right thing and don’t make decisions based on how it affects your bonus. You and Anna Lowit intimidated staff on CARC and changed MI ARC and IIASPOC final reports to favor industry.

Chelators clearly disrupt calcium signaling, a key signaling pathway in all cellos and mediates tumor progression. Greg Ackerman is supposed to be our expert on mechanisms, but he never mentioned any of these concepts at CARC and when I tried to discuss it with him he put me off.

Is Greg playing your political games as well, incompetent or does he have some conflict of interest of some kind? Your Nebraska colleague took industry funding, he clearly has a conflict of interest. Just promise me not to ever let Anna on the CARC committee, her decisions don’t make rational sense. If anyone in OPP is taking bribes, it is her.

I have cancer and I don’t want these serious issues in MED to go unaddressed before I go to my grave. I have done my duty.

Marion Copley March 4, 2013

Read the full text of the unsealed court document at this page on Glyphosate.news.

Monsanto Funneled Money To Front Groups To Attack Anti-GMO Activists, Court Documents Reveal

Things just keep getting worse for Monsanto: Not only has the biotech firm been found guilty of crimes against humanity by the International Monsanto Tribunal, the corporation has also recently been involved in a number of scandals. First, it came to light that the world’s most hated company had been colluding with the EPA, and now they’re being accused of yet another misdeed.

Recently obtained court documents have revealed that Monsanto has been secretly feeding money to “think tanks,” such as the infamous Genetic Literacy Project. From the document obtained by US Right To Know:

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Monsanto quietly funnels money to “think tanks” such as the “Genetic Literacy Project” and the “American Council on Science and Health,” organizations intended to shame scientists and highlight information helpful to Monsanto and other chemical producers.

For example, the American Council on Science and Health has recently published articles accusing the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) of ignoring the “science” on glyphosate.

The Genetic Literacy Project, led by exposed wife beater and former Forbes.com writer Jon Entine, has also published articles calling for the IARC to possibly be abolished and has even gone so far to accuse the US of “unwittingly funding” conspiracies against Monsanto.

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Sources say that these allegations are backed up by a string of emails which were used in court as evidence.

Some of these exchanges even involved Monsanto executives instructing their staff to “ghost write” material on their products and then have some phony “independent scientists” sign their names to cut back on costs. One such exchange occurred between Monsanto’s William Heydens and his colleagues:

"A less expensive/more palatable approach might be to involve experts only for the areas of contention, epidemiology and possibly MOA (depending on what comes out of the IARC meeting), and we ghost-write the Exposure Tox & Genetox sections.

An option would be to add Greim and Kier or Kirkland to have their names on the publication, but we would be keeping the cost down by us doing the writing and they would just edit & sign their names so to speak. Recall that is how we handled Williams Kroes & Munro, 2000." 

In addition to the emails and evidence of Monsanto’s collusion with government agencies and “think tank” organizations, there is also reason to believe that Monsanto has been hiring “trolls” to defend the company on the web - and to attack anyone who dares speak out against them.

Evidence presented in the pretrials of Monsanto court cases at the US District Court in San Francisco has revealed that under their ever-so-aptly titled “Let Nothing Go” program, Monsanto reportedly hired individuals who appeared to have no relation to the company for the sole purpose of trolling the internet with positive comments, defend Monsanto, and praise their toxic chemicals and GMO crops.

The goal of the “Let Nothing Go” program is “to leave nothing, not even Facebook comments, unanswered…” and the plaintiffs say that Monsanto has been targeting all forms of social media and other online materials under this initiative.

Even comments on social networks that merely mention the potential hazards of things like glyphosate or genetically modified crops have been targeted by Monsanto’s trolls.

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Anti-GMO activists like Mike Adams, have been particularly susceptible to these attacks. Unsurprisingly, Adams has been a prime target for GMO trolls: The Genetic Literacy Project and other shills have published hit pieces on him and other activists - all with the goal of trying to discredit them and silence journalists who expose Monsanto’s nefarious operations.

The evidence revealed in these court documents certainly leaves Monsanto with a lot of explaining to do. But it seems that they are already losing in the court of public opinion.

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Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

Mainstream Media Insults The Public's Intelligence On Vaccines & Vaccinated Vs. Unvaccinated Pilot Study: Early Vaccination Sees Exponential Increase In Chronic Disorders + Lies, Vaccines And The New Zealand Media
May 25 2021 | From: Sott / GreenMedInfo / WavesNZ / Various

Mainstream media and medical groups, typically funded or backed by Big Pharma, cast parents who are skeptical about vaccines as conspiracy theorists whose backward beliefs put the public at risk.

Vaccine skeptics cast vaccine promoters as paid shills, hired by Big Pharma to cover up documented vaccine-related injuries.

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In mainstream and progressive media coverage (Mother Jones, Alternet, Huffington Post, Truthout, Progressive, The Nation) there is zero tolerance for critical debate about vaccine safety. Question why the hepatitis B vaccine is routinely given to babies at birth - for a disease mainly transmitted through sex and I.V. drug use - and you're labeled "anti-science."

Suggest that some vaccines, including those such as the highly promoted HPV Gardasil and Cervarix (both of which have been linked to adverse reactions and death) are not exactly "life-saving," and you might as well yell "bring back polio."

The media routinely discredits parents of vaccine-injured children, accusing them of not knowing anything about medicine (except raising their own challenged child of course) and of "imagining" or even causing their child's deficits.

Progressive news sites that would never defend corporate media coverage of Monsanto or GMOs drink the vaccines-are-safe Kool-Aid. Last month, Jezebel ran this headline: "Robert De Niro and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Call Vaccines Dangerous, Which They Are Not."

Related: Kennedy, De Niro Challenge: $100,000 To The first Person Who Can Find A Scientific Study Proving Thimerosal (Mercury) Is Safe To Inject Into Children

In a 2015 article, the Atlantic sneered that "Vaccines Are Profitable, So What?" And the Daily Beast has gone so far as to praise Paul Offit, perhaps the nation's most extreme vaccine promoter.

Comment: According to Robert F, Kennedy Jr: Dr. Offit is a "thorough charlatan, a snake oil salesman and he has everyone flimflammed. That made me angry. After that, I learned that he was also venal."

RS: What do you mean "venal"?

RFK, JR: Well, my original assumption was that he was lying in service to the vaccine program. I later learned that vaccines were a lavishly profitable enterprise for Dr. Offit.

RS: How so?

RFK, JR: He is on permanent retainer to Merck to "right vaccine wrongs". And, both Merck and the CDC have rewarded his service with extraordinarily lucrative opportunities. In 1999, the CDC allowed him to sit on the committee that voted the rotavirus vaccine onto the schedule, even though he was working on his own rotavirus patent.

Electing not to recuse himself, he cast his vote to add rotavirus to the schedule. That version of the rotavirus vaccine caused so many agonizing childhood deaths from intussusception that the CDC had to withdraw it a year later, making room for Offit's version, a turn of events that made him a vaccine tycoon.

His rotavirus vaccine patent sold for $182 million; his cut was at least $29 million. When I learned about this caper and his other money schemes, I just thought, "Well, he's a hoodlum."

RS: He's also a misogynist and a bully.

RFK, JR: It's disturbing because the media treats him like a deity. And, like all bullies, he's a coward. He dismisses women who question him as superstitious hysterics.

He lobs vicious bombs at the mothers of vaccine-injured children from the editorial pages and national TV shows which give him a platform for his poison. But, he refuses to debate me or anyone else who knows what they are talking about.

RS: Do you think, when Paul Offit says that babies could safely be given 10,000 vaccines at the same time, that he really believes that?

RFK, JR: I don't feel competent to psychoanalyze Offit. It's hard to look into another person's mind. And Offit's brain has got to be a really dark and scary zip code where I don't really want to spend time. In his defense, we all have some capacity for self-deception and it's possible that Offit is as gifted at deceiving himself as he is at deceiving the public.

Upton Sinclair observed that, "It's difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it." But I do think it's more likely that he knows that what he's saying is dishonest. For years, he claimed Bill Thompson's 2004 study was "the definitive proof" of thimerosal safety.

He's been silent about that since Thompson disavowed his own study. That suggests a purposeful mendacity. Like a lot of other people, Offit seems to have made the self-serving calculation that all of the dead and damaged children are just collateral damage - unfortunate sacrifices in a program that serves the greater good.

RS: Is that even a legitimate moral calculation?

RFK, JR: You mean to kill one child in order to save fifty? Ethicists and theologians could argue the point. But that isn't Offit's real moral dilemma.

Offit's moral Donnybrook is his absolutist defense of the industry position that all vaccines are always safe for all people and that the safety of thimerosal is unassailable. That approach has unnecessarily damaged vulnerable subgroups that could easily have been protected and sacrificed millions of kids, not for the greater good but for the bottom line.

As the vaccine industry's lead pitchman for thimerosal, Offit's been extraordinarily successful at crafting a persuasive alternative to fact-based reality and selling it like a carnival barker. He has made himself the high priest of the weird dogma that it's somehow safe to inject mercury into babies.

One wants to ask these progressive sites: Do you really think Pharma has never steered us wrong, just for the sake of profit? What about all the drugs that had to be pulled from the market, after Pharma insisted they were safe?

Drugs like Vioxx, Baycol, Trovan, Meridia, Seldane, Hismanal, Darvon, Raxar, Redux, Mylotarg, Lotronex, Propulsid, phenylpropanolamine (PPA), Prexige, phenacetin, Oraflex, Omniflox, Posicor, Serzone and Duract?

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The fact is vaccines are not all safe. That's why the National Vaccine Injury Compensation (VICP) program, established to provide monetary compensation to victims of vaccine injuries, exists. The VICP website states:

"Most people who get vaccines have no serious problems. In very rare cases, a vaccine can cause a serious problem, such as a severe allergic reaction.

In these instances, the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) may provide financial compensation to individuals who file a petition and are found to have been injured by a VICP-covered vaccine."

Even the very pro-Pharma Forbes reports:

"It's true that there have been 24,000 reports of adverse events with Gardasil" and "106 deaths."
But the author of the Forbes article rationalizes:

"There have also been 60,000 reports of adverse events with the mumps, measles, and rubella vaccine, and 26,000 following vaccination with . . . Prevnar, for pneumococcus bacteria."

We ask: Do two wrongs make a right, Forbes?

The CDC maintains a Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) where people can see for themselves the adverse effects and deaths related to a particular vaccine. A search for people who have died from the measles vaccines MEA, MER, MM, MMR or MMRV revealed 416 deaths. Last summer, the mainstream science outlet

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EurekaAlert submitted that reading VAERS info "may not build public trust or adherence."

That is an understatement.

Profiteering and Conflicts of Interest Not Even Hidden

There is no question vaccines are profitable. In some states, Blue Cross Blue Shield gives doctors bonuses for the vaccines they give patients. And an increasing number of drugstore chains now offer vaccines.

Comment: Doctors pushing vaccines receive 'Merck Vaccination Service Awards'

Where does your doctor's allegiance lie? Does your healthcare professional listen to your needs and wants as a parent or are they nothing more than affiliate distributors for pharmaceutical companies?

It was reported by independent journalist recently that some doctors offices are now demanding their patients sign an immunization contract. What's an immunization contract you ask?

The contract - created outside of law and denying informed consent - requires prospective patients to agree, by signature, to allow 25 vaccines to be injected into their child over a series of visits.

Also uncovered in the same investigation, doctors can receive up to $225 per service achieved in the insurance provider category of "childhood immunization [combo 2]".

Boston Herald calls for government-run execution squads to MASS MURDER naturopaths, scientists and journalists who oppose mercury in immunizations

There are brazen and unhidden conflicts of interest between mainstream media and vaccine makers who influence reporting and discourage healthy debate about vaccine safety. Mike Papantonio, of the America's Lawyer TV show, reports:

"According to a 2009 study by Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting, with the exception of CBS, every major media outlet in the United States shares at least one board member with at least one drug company. These board members wake up, they go to a meeting at Merck or Pfizer, and then they have their driver take them over to a meeting at a TV station."

The Gates Foundation is deeply entangled with vaccine makers, as are our own government agencies, including the CDC.

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It's clearly a fox-guarding-the-henhouse situation. The vaccine industry also "gives millions to the Academy of Pediatrics for conferences, grants, medical education classes and even helped build their headquarters," reports CBS.

In 2013, the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health reported that the seriousness with which academics portrayed the 2009-2010 swine flu outbreak was shaped proportionately by how much funding they had received from Pharma.

What Does the Science Say?

When you read the scientific papers published about vaccine safety - and especially about links to childhood autism - it seems as if they are all written by four scientists who know each other and who work for Big Vac.

Despite overwhelming evidence that the mercury used in vaccines, thimerosal, is harmful to children and to pregnant women and the elderly, the official position of pro-vaccine scientists is "it was totally safe but we took it out anyway."

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., chairman of The World Mercury Project, disagrees. Vaccines containing thimerosal are neither safe, nor is thimerosal gone from vaccines he claims.

Related: RFK gives eye-opening interview on the dangers of vaccines on Tucker Carlson

Kennedy offers $100,000 to anyone who can find a published study indexed in PubMed proving mercury levels in vaccines are harmless for infants and developing fetuses at the levels they are given.

Though they are scientists, pro-vaccine researchers use embarrassing non-logic in their vaccine defenses - they actually employ the "Raven Paradox" which many of us learned in Logic 101.

It declares that "all ravens are black; that bird is black; it must be a raven." In other words, according to logic-challenged researchers: "Mercury is safe - and it doesn't cause autism - so all vaccines are safe."

Meanwhile, the pro-vaccine scientists seldom, if ever, address the more complicated scientific questions surrounding vaccines - such as other metals used in them, like aluminum.

Or whether the current series of multiple vaccines administered to children today could overwhelm their immune systems. Or whether live vaccines or disease antibodies could paradoxically cause the disease they're intended to prevent.

Related: Science paper accidentally admits most flu shots don't work

According to published articles, it's not just the thimerosal but metals in general, such as the currently used aluminum in vaccines, that are under suspicion. Such metals can cross the child's blood brain barrier and set off increased oxidative stress which is linked to autism, say journal reports.

Oxidative stress is an imbalance between the production of free radicals and the ability of the body to counteract or detoxify their harmful effects through neutralization by antioxidants.

Too many vaccines given too closely together to children that are too young also increases the stress, say those who question vaccines and vaccine schedules.

When a scientific paper appears to clearly show a link between childhood vaccines recommended in the U.S. and impaired neurodevelopment, pro-vaccine scientists savage it.

Related: Premature Babies Are Knowingly Harmed Or Killed With Vaccines To Comply With Vaccination Schedule

A 2010 paper published in Acta Neurobiologiae Experimentalis, a quarterly peer-reviewed scientific journal covering neuroscience, found that "rhesus macaque infants receiving the complete U.S. childhood vaccine schedule" did not "undergo the maturational changes over time in amygdala volume that was observed in unexposed animals."

Why does the amygdala matter? The researchers wrote:

"Neuropathological and neuroimaging studies of individuals with an ASD [autism spectrum disorder] . . . have provided growing evidence of a central role for the amygdala." Specifically, it is enlarged in such children "compared with neurotypical controls."

Pro-vaccine scientists pounced. Not enough monkeys were used to establish a scientific finding, said one scientist. Opposite findings about the amygdala have been reached, which invalidate the study, said another scientist.

One angry scientist was even willing to discredit the monkey study by claiming that monkeys are not a valid model for human disease - thus annulling millions of experiments including the ones on which human drugs are approved! Of course, many in the animal welfare community have questioned the validity of animal "models."

Insulting Illogic

On behalf of Pharma, mainstream science and media set up a strawman called "vaccines cause autism." Then they knocked it down and declared vaccines safe.

It is an insult to the public's intelligence, especially in light of clear injuries that exist, including those documented in the VAERS database - not to mention injured people, especially parents of injured children.

Related: Are we asking the right questions about vaccination and children’s health?

The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program alone has awarded $3.18 billion in 16,000 claims since 1988.

Do vaccine injury cases prove that vaccines are always unsafe and should always be avoided? Of course not. But those cases do prove that vaccines are not "completely safe" as the well-funded vaccine dogma continues to insultingly tell us.

Vaccine Dangers Being Hidden From the Public

Dr. Suzanne Humphries explains how vaccines became the norm in modern medicine. She also explains why you rarely hear about any risks or dangers associated with them. Find out how those issues are being kept from the public.

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Kim Kardashian now pushing dangerous morning sickness drugs linked to devastating birth defects

Vaccinated Vs. Unvaccinated Pilot Study: Early Vaccination Sees Exponential Increase In Chronic Disorders

The move towards mandatory vaccination is no longer a conspiracy theory. California Senate Bill 277 snapped families into a reality where informed consent and health freedom do not apply.

Presently, the American people are facing 173 vaccine-related bills in 40 states. The language of many of the new bills aims to increase tracking, target non-vaccinating families, force vaccine schedules, and further persecute families who choose not to accept vaccines; the private products of for-profit, legally protected pharmaceutical companies.

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The corporate media and medical industries have thrown their full influence behind Big Pharma’s transparent ‘safe and effective’ messaging. At the same time, both industries are simultaneously censoring discussions around the fraud, dangers, mounting injuries, and criminal behavior inherent within the vaccine industry and those pushing for mandatory vaccination.

A central point of contention, and human rights violation, is the fact that historically, no true study has been conducted between vaccinated versus unvaccinated populations. However, such a study has now come to fruition. 

The Study

Having worked on the study for 15 years, from its original conception to completion, Dr. Anthony Mawson and his coauthors have now had their work published in the Journal of Translational Science.The study, titled, ‘Pilot comparative study on the health of vaccinated and unvaccinated 6- to 12- year-old U.S. children’. [1]

Since long-term health outcomes of the current vaccination schedule haven’t been studied, Dr. Mawson and his coauthors set out to compare vaccinated and unvaccinated children across a broad range of health outcomes.

Related: Sweden outlaws coercive mandatory vaccines laws, citing violations of the Swedish Constitution

The study was designed as a cross-sectional survey of homeschooling mothers on their vaccinated and unvaccinated biological children ages 6 to 12. It included mothers of 666 children ranging from fully vaccinated, partially vaccinated and unvaccinated.

The mothers were asked to indicate on a list of more than 40 acute and chronic illnesses all those for which her child or children had received a diagnosis by a physician among other questions. 

Direct Order | Soldiers Ordered to Take Anthrax Vax That Caused Brain Damage

“DIRECT ORDER” An Award-Winning Documentary Tells the Story of Members of the Military who were Ordered Against their Will to Take the Controversial Anthrax Vaccine.

Federal regulators approved a plan by biotechnology company, VaxGen to test its experimental anthrax vaccine on about 100 people.

The Results

The vaccinated children were significantly more likely than the unvaccinated to have been diagnosed with the following: allergic rhinitis, other allergies, eczema/atopic dermatitis, a learning disability, autism spectrum disorder, any neurodevelopmental disorder (NDD) (i.e., learning disability, ADHD or ASD) and chronic illness.