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Conspiracy Theorist - The New Normal
October 17 2014 | From: TheMindUnleashed

If you’re a conspiracy theorist, then you’re crazy, right? That’s been the common belief for years, but recent studies prove that just the opposite is true.

Researchers - psychologists and social scientists, mostly - in the U.S. and United Kingdom say data indicate that, contrary to those mainstream media stereotypes, “conspiracy theorists” appear to be more sane than people who accept official versions of controversial and contested events.

The most recent study was published in July 2013 by psychologists Michael J. Wood and Karen M. Douglas of the University of Kent in the UK. Entitled “‘What about Building 7?’ A Social Psychological Study of Online Discussion of 9/11 Conspiracy Theories,” the study compared “conspiracist,” or pro-conspiracy theory, and “conventionalist,” or anti-conspiracy, comments on news websites.

The researchers noted that they were surprised to find that it is now more conventional to leave so-called conspiracist comments than conventional ones.

Of the 2174 comments collected, 1459 were coded as conspiracist and 715 as conventionalist,” the researchers wrote.

‘The research showed that people who favored the official account of 9/11 were generally more hostile’

So, among people who comment on news articles, those who discount official government accounts of events like the 9/11 attacks and the assassination of John F. Kennedy outnumber believers by more than two-to-one. That means the pro-conspiracy commenters are those who are now expressing what is considered conventional wisdom, while the anti-conspiracy commenters represent a small, beleaguered minority that is often scoffed at and shunned.

Perhaps becoming frustrated that their alleged mainstream viewpoints are no longer considered as such by the majority, those who are anti-conspiracy commenters often showed anger and disgust in their posts.

“The research… showed that people who favored the official account of 9/11 were generally more hostile when trying to persuade their rivals,” said the study.

Also, it seems that those who do not believe in the conspiracies were not just hostile but fanatically attached to their own conspiracy theories as well. The researchers said that, according to the anti-conspiracy holders, their own theory of 9/11 - one which says 19 Muslims, none of whom could fly commercial airliners with any proficiency, pulled off an amazing surprise attack under the direction of a man on dialysis (Osama bin Laden) who was living in a cave somewhere in Afghanistan - is unwaveringly true.

Meanwhile, “conspiracists,” on the hand, did not have to pretend to have a theory that completely explained the events of 9/11. “For people who think 9/11 was a government conspiracy, the focus is not on promoting a specific rival theory, but in trying to debunk the official account,” the researchers said.

As reported by Veterans Today:

In short, the new study by Wood and Douglas suggests that the negative stereotype of the conspiracy theorist — a hostile fanatic wedded to the truth of his own fringe theory — accurately describes the people who defend the official account of 9/11, not those who dispute it.

A conspiracy theory about a conspiracy theory

The study also found that conspiracy believers discuss historical context, like viewing the JFK assassination as a precedent for 9/11, more than the antis. It also found that conspiracy believers do not like to be labeled as such.

These and other findings are contained in a new book, Conspiracy Theory in America, by political scientist Lance deHaven-Smith, which was published last year by the University of Texas Press. He explained why people don’t like to be labeled as conspiracy theorists.”

“The CIA’s campaign to popularize the term ‘conspiracy theory’ and make conspiracy belief a target of ridicule and hostility must be credited, unfortunately, with being one of the most successful propaganda initiatives of all time,” he said.

He further noted that, essentially, those who use the term as an insult are doing so as the result of a well-documented, undisputed and historically accurate conspiracy by the CIA to cover up the JFK assassination.

As noted by Global Research, It was the Central Intelligence Agency that likely played the greatest role in effectively “weaponizing” the term.

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Is John Key An American? Will You Help Us Find Out?
October 16 2014 | From: AotearoaAWiderPerspective

An interesting question was raised by a lady who sent me a letter she received from the department of Justice. Anita Boccino, now and for many years a New Zealander but originally a US citizen wanted an answer to a very simple question and decided to request a freedom of information request to the department of Justice just after the last elections and the response was baffling. The Question: Does John Key have dual citizenship and is the other citizenship that of the United States?

See end of article for the Justice Department response from an additional question

By Travellerev in cooperation with Ben Vidgen: First of all, my knowledge of New Zealand law is limited so I decided to share the information (with permission from Anita whose name I also divulge here with her permission also) with non other than investigative Journalist Ben Vidgen from the Postman.

The letter is in contravention with NZ law as the ministry who received the letter is required to forward it to the ministry or person responsible  within the government who is tasked with the task of maintaining the knowledge with regards to the request. In this case that would have been the Ministry for Immigration or John Key himself as the official in Government most likely to have that information.

The letter was send out on the 19th day of the 20 day period in which they are required to respond to OIA requests.
The delay technique which John Key admitted to using today but which has been known to us as investigative Bloggers/Journalists for a long time indicates that they wanted to put as much time as they legally could between the request and the response. John Key stated the government uses this technique if it is deemed in the best interest of the government but in this case it must surely mean in the best interest of John Key himself which begs the question: What is he hiding?

The letter was signed by Tania Warburton who is the Acting Chief Legal Council. For those who don’t know that is the office embedded in the ministry of Justice which advises the government in matters legal. Tania Warburton has many skills and has had many positions very close to the epicentre of power. Here is her resumé according to Linkedin:

Tania Warburton’s Experience

Acting Chief Legal Counsel
New Zealand Ministry of Justice

Government Agency; 1001-5000 employees; Government Administration industry
January 2014 – Present (10 months)

Deputy Chief Legal Counsel
New Zealand Ministry of Justice

Government Agency; 1001-5000 employees; Government Administration industry
April 2013 – Present (1 year 7 months) Wellington

Acting Deputy Secretary of the Cabinet
Cabinet Office, Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet

October 2012 – April 2013 (7 months) Wellington
On secondment from Crown Law

Crown Counsel
Crown Law

Legal Services industry
June 1999 – April 2013 (13 years 11 months) Crown Law Office

Judges Clerk
High Court

January 1997 – May 1999 (2 years 5 months) Wellington\
Worked for Sir Thomas Eichelbaum, Chief Justice

That is a very powerful lady responding to a very simple OIA request. What is more Anita had been put through to her when she tried to enquire as how to go about the request without telling her what the request would be and Mrs Warburton explained to Anita in detail how to go about it.

So what she did was instruct Anita to write to her and she responded with a letter 19 days later while breaking the law with regards to OIA requests depending on Anita’s limited knowledge. She specifically broke the law’s section 13 which reads as follows;

" Assistance: It is the duty of every department, Minister of the Crown, and organisation to give reasonable assistance to a person, who—

(a)wishes to make a request in accordance with section 12; or

(b)in making a request under section 12, has not made that request in accordance with that section; or

(c)has not made his request to the appropriate department or Minister of the Crown or organisation or local authority, -

to make a request in a manner that is in accordance with that section or to direct his request to the appropriate department or Minister of the Crown or organisation or local authority”.

So her response: “I have no grounds for believing that information is held by another department or minister in its/his or official capacity.” In fact lets zoom in even further “its/his or official capacity” - is disingenuous at a bare minimum but also in contravention of the law with regards to OIA’s.

Not only that but with this answer she also gives away who she might have approached for an answer if she had followed the law. No less than the Prime Minister, John Key would have been obliged to answer that question honestly if she had followed the law and forwarded the OIA request to him.

Ben Vidgen in his piece details his research in to the right to own property in the US if not a US citizen and there clearly is space for foreigners to own property in the US under certain conditions which for a rich man like John Key can easily be met so owning a place in Hawaii is not necessarily an indication he might be a dual citizen.

Please honour the content and not Ben’s writing style. Dyslexia is a horrible affliction and ridiculing him for his writing rather than taking in the content says more about those doing the ridiculing than Ben’s sharp investigative mind!

One word of warning: If John Key has double citizenship he might not be breaking New Zealand law although I would love to hear from someone about this who is in the know but he may very well be breaking US law which states clearly that US citizens are not allowed to serve in or conspire with foreign governments.

I think that Anita raised a valid question. I think the New Zealand population has a right to an answer. If John Key has sworn allegiance to another country we should know. Especially with New Zealand turning into the 51 state of the US at an alarming rate it might very well be us who have to fear betrayal if John Key does have dual citizenship and not the US.

So here is what you can do:

You can write a freedom of information request:

Here is a sample to copy and paste as written by Ben Vidgen:

To the Ministry of Justice (info@justice.govt.nz),
To the Ministry of Immigration (Street address:15 Stout Street, Wellington 6011 New Zealand).
To Ministry of Internal Affairs (info@dia.govt.nz)

Under the official information Act 1982 (the Act) I seek information as to whether the Prime Minister, the Rt Hon John Key, holds dual US citizenship and Or is a citizen of the United States.

As pursuant to the Act I require this question is answered within twenty working days, in accordance with section 13 of the Act (“to make a request in a manner that is in accordance with that section or to direct his request to the appropriate department or Minister of the Crown or organisation or local authority”)..

Yours Sincerely (insert name).

Here is a letter you can send to the Ombudsman:

To the Ombudsman info@ombudsman.parliament.nz

Dear Mam

In accordance with Ombudsman Act 1975 I seek assistance in the Ministry of Justice’s refusal to answer an Official Information Act made 27 September, by Anita Bocchino, to the Ministry of Justice and replied on October 13 (subsequently released for public dissemination by Anita Bocchino), as follows;

“Dear Ms Bocchhino

Thanks you for your email of 27 September 2014 requesting under the official information Act 1982 (the Act) information about the Prime Minister the Rt Hon John Key. You asked whether Mr Key holds dual US citizenship and is also a citizen of the United States.

I am refusing to answer your question under section 18(g) of the act on the basis that the ministry does not hold this information and we have no grounds for believing that information is held by another department or minister in its/his or official capacity.

Yours Sincerely

Tania Warburton Acting Chief Legal Counsel”.

I believe in accordance with the Electoral Act (Ministry of Internal Affairs), the Immigration Act, the Official Information Act, the reply is in incorrect, misleading and contravene Section 13 of the Official Information Act 1982.

Your assistance in this matter and getting the required ministry or bodies to answer this OIA, in accordance with the Act, would be greatly Appreciated.

Yours Sincerely (insert name).

UPDATED: See this response from the Justice Department with regards to an explanation as to why they refused the request. It seems fanciful that the Department of Internal Affairs - that issues passports, would not be aware of the immigration status of any New Zealand citizen.

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Ebola Update: Paul Craig Roberts
October 15 2014 | From: PaulCraigRoberts

A number of readers have read reports that the CIA was active in West Africa just prior to the ebola outbreak, and some have read reports that the ebola strain is a weaponized version engineered to spread by air and surface contact. Some readers ask me to confirm or refute these reports, and others want to know if the One Percent or the Bilderbergers have started the process of eliminating the surplus population.

The only people who would be able to answer these questions would be the people responsible, if such a plot is actually underway. Even then, the warning would likely to ignored or discredited. A top NSA official, William Binney, told us years ago about the illegal and unconstitutional NSA spying, but nothing was done about it. Edward Snowden told us again, and the response was to label him a Russian or Chinese spy. Congress has not conducted a meaningful investigation. No heads have rolled. The presstitute media attacks Snowden, not the NSA. And so on.

Although I cannot answer the questions, I can draw important conclusions from the fact that so many are asking them. It is clear as day that the US government has lost credibility among large segments of the American population as well as abroad. Increasingly, Americans do not believe their government or the media that lies for the government. This is why the print and TV media are on the decline, making it easier for the CIA to buy the media to serve its agendas.

Where shall we begin? Clinton’s lies about Serbia and Kosovo? George W. Bush’s lies about Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction? Obama’s lies about Gaddafi and Assad’s use of chemical weapons? The lies about Iranian nukes? Obama’s lies about Ukraine? The demonization of Putin?

Or shall we go back to the official lies about President John F. Kennedy’s assassination? Or Martin Luther King’s? Tonkin Gulf? The USS Liberty? Pearl Harbor? “Remember the Maine”?

Or the granddaddy of them all–9/11?

Try to come up with one important event about which the US government did not lie.

My Ph.D. dissertation chairman, Warren Nutter, who was later given the task of winding down the Vietnam war, taught his students that democracy requires trust between the government and the people. Clearly, the government does not trust the American people. Washington pursues hidden agendas that it advances by deceiving the American people.

The first observant and patriotic citizens who warned us of the deceptions practiced by our government were dismissed as “anti-American.” Patriotism became defined as “belief in the government’s word,” as British prime minister Cameron reiterated the other day. Today skeptics who utilize free speech are defined by Homeland Security as “domestic extremists.” Anyone who tells the truth in America is instantly discredited. Indeed, to speak truth in America is a high risk activity.

As Warren Nutter taught, our democracy only works when the government’s agenda is openly revealed and consistent with American principles. When the government lies in order to orchestrate wars that benefit special interests, the government breaks trust with the people and becomes arbitrary, dictatorial, and unaccountable. And when the media prefers money to truth, the government gets away with it.

The government has got away with so much that I cannot imagine anything that the government could not get away with.

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Retired Head Of Los Angeles FBI Tells All: Illuminati, Satanism, Pedophile Rings
October 11 2014 | From: Youtube

Speaks for himself. Are we awake yet? Time is up and as such the requirement to contemplate the unconsciable reality of that with which we must deal.

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What Is Money? And More Excellent Short Videos On Manufactured Debt & Disparity + We Got F*cked
October 8 2014 | From: PositiveMoney / DejavusionProductions

As an introduction here is a 2 minute video. A few more excellent short videoson related topics (Why are the rich getting richer?, Why is there so much debt and Why are house prices so high? are available here.

For a more in-depth look, see the following documentary.

We Got F*cked 2012

A feature length, not for for profit documentary that looks into the world of banking and fiat currency using scenes from various movies and media sources from across the galaxy.

It is made to analyse the actions taken by government and the people in the midst of the financial crises. This feature length documentary is made by Dejavusion Productions and Lucas Media using a variety of sources, using inspiration from a wide spectrum the documentary is built into chapters and can be viewed at your leisure. The thoughts and expressions examined in this video do not necessarily reflect those that feature.

With thanks to the rightholders and their generosity (due to the CREATIVE COMMONS & Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scolarship and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favour of fair use) for this video to be released.

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While All Eyes On Ebola, UN Passes World Patriot Act
October 6 2014 | From: BeforeItsNews / RT

Now the plot thickens with this Ebola crisis. The UN is now set to pass a World Patriot Act. Now, the tyranny is beginning to show and their true agenda is coming to light.So while the world is in a panic over the Ebola crisis, the Power Elite are taking full advantage.

Another sleight of hand by the diabolical Globalists. Abby Martin speaks with RT Correspondent Marina Portnaya, about a new UN resolution that is being compared to the US Patriot Act, going over how the text could allow countries to increase surveillance under the name of counter terrorism, as well as giving states new tools to crack down on dissent by simply labeling activists ‘terrorists’.

Global Patriot Act:
Resolution 1373 - in effect, a global Patriot Act - fanned outward from the Security Council. Regional bodies joined the effort, adding action plans and treaties to carry out the new policies.

The European Union, the African Union, the Organization of American States, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, the Association of South East Asian Nations, the Arab League, and other organizations supported the Security Council plan and required their member states to comply with it.

When it passed Resolution 1373, the Security Council failed to link global security law with human rights. For two years, the council’s website pronounced that it was other international agencies’ business to monitor rights since the Security Council was only in the security business.

Countries as diverse as Germany, Vanuatu, Thailand, Russia, Canada, and Ethiopia and more than 100 others adopted comprehensive anti-terrorism laws to comply with Resolution 1373. Although these countries were all following the same instructions, their anti-terrorism laws differed substantially.

By the time the Security Council officially expressed concern about the dire human-rights implications of the policies some governments adopted, it was too late. The measures were already enacted.

Abby Martin speaks with RT Correspondent Marina Portnaya, about a new UN resolution that is being compared to the US Patriot Act, going over how the text could allow countries to increase surveillance under the name of counter terrorism, as well as giving states new tools to crack down on dissent by simply labeling activists ‘terrorists’.

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Obama’s “War On Ebola” Or War For Oil? Sending 3,000 Troops To African “Ebola” Areas That Happen To Export Oil To China
October 5 2014 | From: GlobalResearch

For a Nobel Peace Prize President, Barack Obama seems destined to go down in history books as the President who presided over one of the most aggressive series of wars ever waged by a bellicose Washington Administration. Not even George Bush and Dick Cheney came close.

First, before the ink was even dry on his Nobel Prize certificate, Obama announced the Afghanistan “surge”, pouring another 30,000 US military into that destroyed part of the world.

Then came Obama’s war against Libya’s Qaddafi, followed rapidly by his war to try to topple Syria’s Bashar al Assad. Soon after came Obama’s “war for democracy in Ukraine,” otherwise better called Obama’s attempt to provoke Russia into a new war confrontation with NATO by backing a gaggle of Ukrainian oligarchs, criminals and outright neo-nazis in Kiev.

In July of this year, Obama’s Administration was pushing the President to launch a second try at bombing Syria back to the Stone Age, allegedly to destroy ISIS, a looney Jihadist Sunni sect that was said to be a joint venture of the CIA and Israeli intelligence.

Now Obama’s advisers, no doubt led by the blood-thirsty National Security Adviser, Susan Rice, have come up with a new war. This is the War Against Ebola. On September 16, President Obama solemnly declared the war. He announced, to the surprise of most sane citizens, that he had ordered 3,000 American troops, the so-called “boots on the ground” that the Pentagon refuses to agree to in Syria, to wage a war against….a virus?

In a carefully stage-managed appearance at the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Obama read a bone-chilling speech. He called the alleged Ebola outbreaks in west Africa,

“a global threat, and it demands a truly global response. This is an epidemic that is not just a threat to regional security.

It’s a potential threat to global security, if these countries break down, if their economies break down, if people panic,” Obama continued, conjuring images that would have made Andromeda Strain novelist Michael Chrichton drool with envy. Obama added, “That has profound effects on all of us, even if we are not directly contracting the disease. This outbreak is already spiraling out of control.”

With that hair-raising introduction, the President of the world’s greatest Superpower announced his response. In his role as Commander-in-Chief of the United States of America announced he has ordered 3,000 US troops to west Africa in what he called, “the largest international response in the history of the CDC.”

He didn’t make clear if their job would be to shoot the virus wherever it reared its ugly head, or to shoot any poor hapless African suspected of having Ebola. Little does it matter that the US military doesn’t have anywhere near 3,000 troops with the slightest training in public health.

Before we all panic and line up to receive the millions of doses of untested and reportedly highly dangerous “Ebola vaccines” the major drug-makers are preparing to dump on the market, some peculiarities of this Ebola outbreak in Africa are worth noting.

Certified Ebola Deaths?

The World Health Organization, under the Director, Dr Margaret Chan, in a press conference on September 13, sounded the alarm, warning that Ebola in west Africa was surging out of control. “In the three hardest hit countries, Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, the number of new patients is moving far faster than the capacity to manage them,” Chan claimed.

WHO claims that almost half of 301 health-care workers dealing with alleged Ebola patients have themselves died, and that 2,400 people out of 4,784 cases in Africa have died of Ebola. On August 8, Chan declared the African Ebola situation a “Public Health Emergency of International Concern,” whatever that is supposed to mean.

A major problem for Chan and her backers, however, is that her Ebola statistics are very, very dubious.

Read the full story at: GlobalResearch

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The Washington Consensus At The Base Of All “Free” Trade Agreements And Our Financial Elite
October 1 2014 | From: AotearoaAWiderPerspective

Yesterday at a first local Anti-TPPA meeting I met a gentleman who brought a term to my attention again and I thank him for that because it explains the mindset of John Key and his international masters to a T.

“We are grateful to the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost 40 years……

It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government.

The supernational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national autodetermination practiced in past centuries.”

- David Rockefeller

“For more than a century ideological extremists at either end of the political spectrum have seized upon well-publicized incidents such as my encounter with Castro to attack the Rockefeller family for the inordinate influence they claim we wield over American political and economic institutions.

Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure - one world, if you will. If that’s the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.”

- David Rockefeller

The term: The Washington Consensus, stands for the consensus over a series of points the global final elite has been pursuing since the mid eighties and which they hope will culminate in corporate global control with trade agreements such as the TPPA and the TTIP (The Atlantic side of the treaty).

It is what is at the base of the entire NeoCon / Neoliberal coup we have been witnessing over the last 30 years and to which the NZ Labour party delivered us in the eighties and according to which National will deliver the final blow to this country if we let them sign the TPPA.

The term was coined first in 1989 By economist John Williamson, an economist from the Institute for International Economics who compiled the following 10 points.

  1. Fiscal policy discipline, with avoidance of large fiscal deficits relative to GDP;
  2. Redirection of public spending from subsidies (“especially indiscriminate subsidies”) toward broad-based provision of key pro-growth, pro-poor services like primary education, primary health care and infrastructure investment;
  3. Tax reform, broadening the tax base and adopting moderate marginal tax rates;
  4. Interest rates that are market determined and positive (but moderate) in real terms;
  5. Competitive exchange rates;
  6. Trade liberalization: liberalization of imports, with particular emphasis on elimination of quantitative restrictions (licensing, etc.); any trade protection to be provided by low and relatively uniform tariffs;
  7. Liberalization of inward foreign direct investment;
  8. Privatization of state enterprises;
  9. Deregulation: abolition of regulations that impede market entry or restrict competition, except for those justified on safety, environmental and consumer protection grounds, and prudential oversight of financial institutions;
  10. Legal security for property rights.

I will not go into the analysis of the list today but I will go into the points one by one over the next 10 days to help connect them to the TPPA and it’s over reaching powers which will disable every democratic tool we, as a people, have at our disposal to make this a country for us and not for international corporations.

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Washington’s Secret Agendas - Paul Craig Roberts
September 30 2014 | From: PaulCraigRoberts

One might think that by now even Americans [and the people of the rest of the world, including US allies] would have caught on to the constant stream of false alarms that Washington sounds in order to deceive the people into supporting its hidden agendas.

The public fell for the lie that the Taliban in Afghanistan are terrorists allied with al Qaeda. Americans fought a war for 13 years that enriched Dick Cheney’s firm, Halliburton, and other private interests only to end in another Washington failure.

The public fell for the lie that Saddam Hussein in Iraq had “weapons of mass destruction” that were a threat to America and that if the US did not invade Iraq Americans risked a “mushroom cloud going up over an American city.” With the rise of ISIS, this long war apparently is far from over.

Billions of dollars more in profits will pour into the coffers of the US military security complex as Washington fights those who are redrawing the false Middle East boundaries created by the British and French after WW I when the British and French seized territories of the former Ottoman Empire.

The American public fell for the lies told about Gaddafi in Libya. The formerly stable and prosperous country is now in chaos.

The American public fell for the lie that Iran has, or is building, nuclear weapons. Sanctioned and reviled by the West, Iran has shifted toward an Eastern orientation, thereby removing a principal oil producer from Western influence.

The public fell for the lie that Assad of Syria used “chemical weapons against his own people.” The jihadists that Washington sent to overthrow Assad have turned out to be, according to Washington’s propaganda, a threat to America.

The greatest threat to the world is Washington’s insistence on its hegemony. The ideology of a handful of neoconservatives is the basis for this insistence. We face the situation in which a handful of American neoconservative psychopaths claim to determine the fate of countries.

Many still believe Washington’s lies, but increasingly the world sees Washington as the greatest threat to peace and life on earth. The claim that America is “exceptional and indispensable” is used to justify Washington’s right to dictate to other countries.

The casualties of Washington’s bombings are invariably civilians, and the deaths will produce more recruits for ISIS.
Already there are calls for Washington to reintroduce “boots on the ground” in Iraq. Otherwise, Western civilization is doomed, and our heads will be cut off. The newly created propaganda of a “Russian threat” requires more NATO spending and more military bases on Russia’s borders. A “quick reaction force” is being created to respond to a nonexistent threat of a Russian invasion of the Baltics, Poland, and Europe.

Usually it takes the American public a year, or two, three, or four to realize that it has been deceived by lies and propaganda, but by that time the public has swallowed a new set of lies and propaganda and is all concerned about the latest “threat.” The American public seems incapable of understanding that just as the first, second, third, fourth, and fifth, threat was a hoax, so is the sixth threat, and so will be the seventh, eighth, and ninth.

Moreover, none of these American military attacks on other countries has resulted in a better situation, as Vladimir Putin honestly states. Yet, the public and its representatives in Congress support each new military adventure despite the record of deception and failure.

Perhaps if Americans were taught their true history in place of idealistic fairy tales, they would be less gullible and less susceptible to government propaganda.

I have recommended Oliver Stone and Peter Kuznick’s The The Untold History of the United States, Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States, and now I recommend Stephen Kinzer’s The Brothers, the story of the long rule of John Foster and Allen Dulles over the State Department and CIA and their demonization of reformist governments that they often succeeded in overthrowing. Kinzer’s history of the Dulles brothers’ plots to overthrow six governments provides insight into how Washington operates today.

Read the full story at: PaulCraigRoberts

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The Corporate US Government Are The Terrorists - The Islamic State Is A Big Lie
September 27 2014 | From: Global Research

Under the auspices of the United Nations Security Council, with president Obama chairing the Council session, the United States has called upon the international community to adopt strong measures, at national and international levels, to curtail the recruitment of Islamic State fighters.

What is not mentioned in the media reports is that the heads of State and heads of government who have endorsed America’s campaign against the Islamic State, advised by their respective secret services, are fully aware that US intelligence is the unspoken architect of the Islamic State, which is part of a vast network of US supported “jihadist” terrorist entities. Countries are either coerced into supporting the US sponsored resolution or they are complicit in the US terror agenda.

Lest we forget, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, have been financing and training the ISIL terrorists on behalf of the United States. Israel is harboring the Islamic State (ISIL) in the Golan Heights, NATO in liaison with the Turkish high command has since March 2011 been involved in coordinating the recruitment of the jihadist fighters dispatched to Syria. Moreover, the ISIL brigades in both Syria and Iraq are integrated by Western special forces and military advisers.

All this is known and documented, yet not a single head of state or head of government has had the courage to point to the absurdity of the US sponsored United Nations Security Council resolution, which was adopted unanimously on September 24.

“Absurdity” is an understatement. What we are witnessing is a criminal undertaking under UN auspices.

While international diplomacy is often based on deception, US foreign policy lies are no longer credible. What we are witnessing is a total breakdown of established diplomatic practice. The “Forbidden Truth” is that the Islamic State is an instrument of Washington, a US ” intelligence asset”. ISIL is not an independent entity, nor is it an “outside enemy” which threatens global security, as conveyed by the Western media.

While everybody knows this, the big lie prevails. The Lie becomes the Truth.

The United Nations Security Council resolution calls upon member states to “suppress the recruiting, organizing, transporting, equipping” and financing of foreign terrorist fighters,” Specifically, the resolution points to the “the particular and urgent need to implement this resolution with respect to those foreign terrorist fighters who are associated with ISIL [Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant], ANF [Al-Nusrah Front] and other cells, affiliates, splinter groups or derivatives of Al-Qaida…” But are these not precisely the “opposition freedom fighters” trained and recruited by the Western military alliance in their quest to unseat the government of Bashar Al Assad?

United Nations Security Council Meeting, September 24, 2014, chaired by president Obama

The ISIL are the foot soldiers of the Western military alliance. Their unspoken mandate is to wreck havoc and destruction in Syria and Iraq, acting on behalf of their US sponsors. The endgame is to transform countries into territories.

John McCain with leaders of Al Qaeda entities in Syria

Political leaders present at the UN Security Council session applauded the US counter-terrorism initiative. France’s President Francois Hollande pointed to the fact that:

"terrorism has taken on another dimension, and it wants to conquer territory now.”

Several US allies including Jordan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar which are currently involved in supporting ISIL and Al Nusrah are now involved in the US sponsored air raids allegedly targeted against the ISIL inside Syria.

Turkey and Jordan have borders with Syria. Saudi Arabia and Turkey have borders with Iraq. The direct military involvement of these countries points to a scenario of escalation and sectarian warfare extending from the Mediterranean to Central Asia.

In this regard, Turkey has already announced that it will be involved in ground operations inside Syria and Iraq. The newly-elected Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu announced (a day prior to the UN Security Council meeting) that his government will be seeking the endorsement of the Turkish Parliament to intervene militarily in both Iraq and Syria.

What is at stake is a so-called “no fly zone” in disguise, a justification to bomb Iraq and Syria under a counter-terrorism mandate, largely targeting the civilian population. The political architects of the Islamic State including president Obama, prime minister Cameron and their counterparts in France, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, et al, are now waging a military campaign against the Islamic State, which they themselves created. Boots on the ground are also contemplated. According to Iraqi government sources, the US will be deploying sending ome 13,000 troops to Iraq.

The leaders of western countries are either utterly ignorant and stupid, or totally corrupt and complicit? “The Terrorists R US.” Moreover, they seem totally unaware of the broad implications of their actions.

War propaganda is a criminal act under Nuremberg: Crime against the Peace. By upholding the lies and fabrications of US foreign policy, the mainstream media is complicit in war crimes.

Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron is to bring the matter to the British parliament. The revocation of citizenship is contemplated in Britain as well as in Canada for those suspected of supporting the jihadist movement. While Britain’s Prime minister has called upon Her Majesty’s government:

"to restrict or rescind the passports of British jihadists … Home Secretary Theresa May has threatened to deprive those Britons already fighting with the Islamic State of their citizenship.”

Ironically, Prime Minister Cameron is complicit in facilitating and organizing within the UK the recruitment of British jihadists. And indeed one might suggest, pending the formulation of criminal charges, that his passport should be revoked for “supporting the jihadist movement”.

George W. Bush stated in 2001:

"you are either with us or with the terrorists.”

The forbidden truth is that the US is involved in a diabolical undertaking: it has created an Islamic terror network with a view to destroying sovereign countries and now it is waging a war against its own terror network. Without media propaganda, this military agenda under the guise of counter-terrorism would fall flat, collapse like a deck of cards.

The US president and his indefectible British ally “R the Terrorists”, they are the “state sponsors of terrorism”, with a view to waging a war of conquest. The United Nations is complicit in this undertaking.

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Washington Admits, ‘War On Terror’ Is Designed To Be Permanent State of War
September 26 2014 | From: CounterCurrentNews

Senior officials with the Obama administration recently told the United States Senate that the War on Terror, including the renewed invasion of Iraq, premised on fighting the so-called Islamic State of ISIS, will continue for “at least” another decade or two, in their words.

Assistant Defense Secretary Michael Sheehan testified before the Senate Armed Services Committee’s back on May 16, 2013, regarding the 2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force. Then, last October of the same year, senior Obama officials anonymously revealed to the Washington Post that their new “disposition matrix” computer system will be used “indefinitely.”

The “disposition matrix” will be used to determine how a terrorist suspect is to be “disposed of” by the United States. This might include indefinite detention, or prosecution in a real court. In some cases it can and will include assassination-by-drone, or by the CIA. In any case, this “disposition matrix” was said to be needed a full 12 years after the attacks on 9/11 which were used as the original justification for this endless “War on Terror.”

"Among senior Obama administration officials, there is a broad consensus that such operations are likely to be extended at least another decade. Given the way al-Qaida continues to metastasize, some officials said no clear end is in sight. . . . That timeline suggests that the United Stateshas reached only the midpoint of what was once known as the global war on terrorism.”

The former reporter for Wired, Spencer Ackerman, now the Guardian US’s national security editor, said “asked at a Senate hearing today how long the war on terrorism will last, Michael Sheehan, the assistant secretary of defense for special operations and low-intensity conflict, answered, ‘At least 10 to 20 years.’ . . . A spokeswoman, Army Col. Anne Edgecomb, clarified that Sheehan meant the conflict is likely to last 10 to 20 more years from today – atop the 12 years that the conflict has already lasted. Welcome to America’s Thirty Years War.”

Military historian Andrew Bacevich has warned for years that US policy planners now have an explicit doctrine of what he calls “endless war.”

Read the full story at: CounterCurrentNews

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US Attorney General Eric Holder Resigns
September 26 2014 | From: BenSwann

Attorney General Eric Holder, the first African-American to hold the nation’s top law enforcement position, plans to announce on Thursday that he will resign the post he’s held for nearly six years as soon as a successor can be confirmed.

The announcement was first shared with NPR on Thursday. Holder, who has been heavily criticized by Republicans in Congress for his role in Operation Fast and Furious, as well as criticisms that his AG Department was deeply involved in racial politics.

The House in June 2012 found Mr. Holder in contempt of Congress in a historic vote weighted with political significance — though it did little to break the stalemate over his decision to withhold documents regarding the Justice Department’s actions in a botched gunwalking operation.

The House voted 255-67 to hold Mr. Holder in criminal contempt in a vote that amounted to a political spanking for the attorney general and President Obama, underscored by the 17 Democrats who joined Republicans.

Holder already is one of the longest-serving members of the Obama Cabinet and ranks as the fourth-longest tenured AG in history.

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Pike River Murder Of 29 Miners & Blocking Of Re-Entry
September 25 2014 | From: Dr Jacob Cohen & 'Jack' (see download link below)

A censored book claims corruption at the very highest level of Government, Poice, International Bankers, Corporations and Media Propoganda - naming those who should be charged.

"I’ve been watching the reports on TV and mainstream media over last couple of days, and hadn’t realised that your victim’s families had sought, successfully, under the Official Information Act the expert’s reports that say the drift 2.3 km access tunnel is now perfectly safe for re-entry, yet Solid Energy have been lying about this fact, and it is plain what their delayed decision in October will be negative!"

"Clearly, there is something in the access tunnel that they know they don’t want to be revealed to either you or the public.

It all points to the fact the serious allegations in Dr Jacob Cohen’s book, MURDER AT PIKE RIVER MINE are 100% correct, and that all the miners were plainly murdered.

Further, in even greater support of Dr Cohen’s penetrating allegations now, is the undeniable fact that government intelligence agencies (it couldn’t be anyone else) have REMOVED and CENSORED the book almost entirely from the Internet. The only copy I could find this morning was on this site below.

You can have a look at the few remaining references to it if you GOOGLE-search it and you will find the book’s references are still there, but the book has been DELETED.

Perhaps, you and the families, could have copies of the book printed up and personally delivered to all MPs.

While this would not guarantee mine re-entry and police examination of some of the crime scene, at least it will mean that the entire government, (representing the entire nation) has been properly informed of the real truth and the blatant cover-up, headed by big business in collusion with the NZ Prime Minister John Key, brought out so vividly by Dr Cohen.

Download a PDF copy of Dr Cohen's book here.

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Mysterious Georgia Guidestones Get Strange 2014 Update
September 23 2014 | From: Infowars

New block added to controversial 'American stonehenge'

The mysterious Georgia Guidestones, which some see as an elite manifesto for neo-eugenics and population reduction – have received a strange 2014 update.

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Australia: Racing Into Fascist Police State
September 23 2014 | From: NewZealandHerald

The following is a brief summary (link below) of an amazing article in The New Zealand Herald today, September 23, 2014

New counter-terrorism laws in Australia to deal with extremists to be urgently introduced.

Including biometric screening of everyone to be introduced at all international airports by late 2015.

A new draconian government bill to give ASIO (Australian Security Intelligence Organisation) police state powers of control, detention, ability to arrest anyone without a trial and the power to use torture under some circumstances.

Plans to indemnify ASIO officers against all criminal offences committed in the course of their duties, except for homicide.

The first tranche of these new police state new laws for ASIO are expected to pass within a fortnight.

A second tranche, making it a criminal offence to travel to a terrorist hotspot, will be introduced this week, but not passed until later in the year.

Parliament House security to be stepped up with armed police continually patrolling the building.

Under such orders, all suspected terrorists can be held for up to 14 days without charge. The suspects aren’t allowed to disclose their whereabouts, even to family.

Tony Abbott heads to New York for discussions at the UN about terrorism.

Australian Federal Police to take control of internal as well as external security.

More Border Force Police Officers at major airports.

Combating terrorism will need more military involvement.

History lesson: These sorts of draconian fascist police state powers were formerly implemented by Hitler in Nazi Germany.
Question: Is Australia any different?

What a nice future for the children.

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Power, Conspiracy And Future Choices: The Moment Of Truth's Real Significance
September 17 2014 | From: ElHombreDelSur

It is a rare thing, to be prescient of history as it happens. Surreal, confronting even. Frightening in its significance. That dull glimmer: a recognition of our connection to the very real decisions that shape our reality – and their tangible changeability.

NSA Spy Station, Warkworth, New Zealand

No longer distinct from time, we are forced to concede our agency. History, like all other culture, is a product of us. It doesn’t happen to people; it is something people make happen – and in this is incredible power.

Our power.

The worm is turning. The revelations over the last few days feel like a crescendo, the crystallisation of what many of us have felt, but been unable to articulate. The centre cannot hold. We have grown too removed, our existence too precarious for the house of cards to maintain its shape.

There is disturbance; collapse beckons. Not a Hollywood implosion, but a slower, more insidious decay… social unrest, unravelling lies; climate change, energy scarcity and a weakening centralised infrastructure. How tight the fingers that grip onto the last vestiges of power.

The days of empire are passing; our reality is that of history in progress, the turning point. Put aside your views on Kim Dotcom (and the fact that he is as self-serving as any of the politicians he seeks to decry) and look deeper. What is it that his attempted extradition has uncovered?

This is not a political endorsement

Legal or no, there is no denying the cooperation with America required, nor the prevalence of their corporately drafted copyright law in our own statute books. And now: Snowden and Greenwald, Bob Armstrong on the TPPA – internationally renowned minds, casting doubt on the assurances of our government.

If you can look beyond the headlines – the lies, Dirty Politics, and mass surveillance – then something deeper emerges. The back room subjugation of New Zealand’s sovereignty by US corporate interests (not to mention the disregard for transparency, the rule of law, democratic accountability etc) is symptomatic of a pervasive malaise: that of separation and scarcity - the seeds of global capitalism and the concentrated power that when left unchecked inevitably corrupts, feeding self-serving behaviour to the detriment (and in denial of) the greater whole. It is a systemic failing – and we make the system.

This is why voting matters so much. Just like the nature we are part of, our existence occurs within a complex system - except, unlike nature, we have a choice as to the direction it takes. A vote against National won't solve New Zealand's problems (no single act will), but it is a step in the right direction: helping to change the political landscape and ensuring that our autonomy - our ability to determine our future, environmental or otherwise - is preserved.

Adherents will cry “but Labour would have done it too” – but they miss the point. Labour didn’t – and a vote for National is absolutely an endorsement of their behaviour.

Irrespective of what happens this Saturday, the Moment of Truth will be remembered in history as an instance of vindication – a demonstration of the power of conscience and the defiance of injustice. The actions of individuals such as Snowden are revolutionary for the machinations that they reveal – calling power to account and revealing the spin of those who seek to control for the propaganda that it is.

Even though it is scarcely mentioned, our lives are framed by the whole-system goal we serve. It’s the reason for the TPPA; it’s the reasons for crony capitalism, environmental degradation and the callous politics that cast out our most vulnerable members when they are at their lowest – all the while telling us that they do so in our collective interests, that opportunity awaits for us too - as if they are the most deserving, rather than the best placed.

Donna Meadows, of Limits to Growth fame, writes:

"What is the point of the game? To grow, to increase market share, to bring the world (customers, suppliers, regulators) more and more under the control of the corporation, so that its operations becomes ever more shielded from uncertainty. John Kenneth Galbraith recognized that corporate goal—to engulf everything—long ago. It’s the goal of a cancer too."

Our existence is underscored by separation, and fuelled by a narrative of competition and control. This now reaches such a point that our very resource base strains to provide the wealth that is demanded from it. And with this scarcity and the uncertainty it signals for a populace promised affluence, the claws of power sink deeper, ever more desperate to preserve their position, less all they have built in the image of their ego crumble into the dust of time.

This is the power that subverts democracy in the name of: Our collective protection, that rewrites fundamental laws in the name of counter-terrorism, security, and protecting certain business interests. And it is why mass surveillance matters. Meta-data is power, real power – not just knowledge of identity and existence, but control over the very processes that produce them.

Privacy is integral to the human experience. It is the key to our diversity, identities and creativity. Without privacy and the absence of judgment and reflection that it provides, humans are loath to experiment, loath to be different. Our reality is social.

We seek connection – this is the very mechanism for our willingness to conform, group identity built on imitation and concession – and yet in absence of privacy, this tendency is exploited, existing power structures reinforced and a colourful world rendered in black and white. At its core, privacy comes down to autonomy – having the space necessary for self-knowledge, expression and governance.

In the transcendence of “conspiracy” and all its negative connotations we have an opportunity to discuss the other uncomfortable truths equally unjustly dismissed by those with the most interest in preserving the status quo: the effect of debt as the basis of our monetary system – driving a growth our finite planet cannot sustain; the degree of corporate intrusion into our democratic institutions, the massive inequality this helps fuel and the societal costs it imposes; our dependence on oil and the incompatibility of this with both our climate and industrial economy; and the limits of our psychology when faced with a centralised political system.

Will the revelations of one truth open your eyes to others, or will you continue to let an old narrative obscure anything to the contrary, even as the evidence piles up against it? It is absolutely time to wake up: time to examine the core beliefs that our society is founded on, and to ask whether our current system is capable of providing them. It is time to look at the root of our economic, social and environmental crises, and to ask some hard questions: to what degree is it productive? Who does it serve? Could there be a better way?

We have been conditioned our whole lives to disbelieve doomsayers, their claims of collapse and all the exhortation for change this brings. Time and time again we have seen these heretics slammed: wrong, insane, deluded – til the analysis that correctly rejected their misdirection is abandoned in favour of wholesale dismissal – no longer evidence based, but fuelled by an unholy tangle of identity and ideology.

How ironic, that we might come to this – a rejection of the best respected, their claims ignored under pretence of conspiracy then downright slandered in an attempt to distract from any objective validity they might have.

In this we don’t just see a rejection of their position, but a rejection of the objective fact-based reasoning that underlies our very knowledge systems.

This is the eruption of ego that blights the right: the exaltation of dominance over all else – I am right and you are wrong. It this removal of any checks or balances, of any recourse to something beyond the individual, that cuts man off from man, woman, himself, and us all off from the earth that has nourished us so well that we now grow indifferent to its limits, bloated from the bounty we have extracted, scrambling in the darkness. Still the earth is indifferent to us. So, would it seem, is the Government.

I quote Snowden:

"Let me be clear: any statement that mass surveillance is not performed in New Zealand, or that the internet communications are not comprehensively intercepted and monitored, or that this is not intentionally and actively abetted by the GCSB, is categorically false. If you live in New Zealand, you are being watched."

All is not lost. We can use our rational minds: adjudicate, judge, bring reason to bear. We can think for ourselves, demonstrate care and compassion – never too rational, less we lose sight of the infinite game we all play. We are not here for money; we are not here for anything. The world is a pretty big place if we really are alone. Why not band together? If the earth does not care then we must, even if only out of collective self interest.

How do we deconstruct the spectacle that is capitalism? There must be more than anger. Anger is a weakness, open to attack and the same adversary that we seek to surpass. Let your change be driven by hope, independence and solidarity.
Vote. But don’t just vote. Let the formal recognition of your voice be the start of its further expression. Think critically.

Trust yourself. Beware the workings of power and those who seek to exploit it. Cherish your self-expression and nourish it in those around you. Reject capitalism’s value structures in their entirety – not by renunciation or exile but subversion. Deny the dollar’s demands and the artificial pull it creates on our time. Join together. Reject artificial scarcity. Nurture abundance. Share. Network. Diversify. Live your culture; be active in your history.

Nothing may come of Saturday, but it is not the speeches or headlines that I will remember – it is the sense of vindication and solidarity that drives me at this moment, the strength that comes from understanding and the liberation of knowledge. All our actions resonate. As Kate Sheppard said: "Do not think your single vote does not matter much."

The rain that refreshes the parched ground is made up of single drops." We might be conditioned otherwise, but for people in New Zealand at least, whether we stay within the existing framework or actively seek a new one is absolutely a choice. How would you live your life?

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John Key: “You Want To Spy? You Make The “Business” Plan, I’ll Change The Law!”
September 16 2014 | From: AotearoaAWiderPerspective

When David Farrar on Kiwi blog alleges that Sir Bruce Ferguson Agrees with John Key and that the GCSB never collected whole sale data on all New Zealanders and that is saying something because Ferguson is not a fan of the Prime Minister and therefor it must mean Kim Dotcom, Glen Greenwald and Snowden must be full of shit he is doing what he has alwasy done: Lying Spinning.

You see, Sir Bruce Ferguson was the GCSB chef until 2011. By the time the GCSB illegally spied on Kim Dotcom he had left the building and it was Hugh Wolfensohn who was acting director at the time who had “authorized” the illegal probes. Not just on Kim Dotcom but also on around 80 other New Zealanders.

What Snowden is testifying too is the fact that John Key presided over the development of a “Business” plan for whole sale data collection in 2012 AFTER Sir Bruce Ferguson had left and before the date of 8 May 2013 at which John Key presented the change in law required to enable wholesale spying legally

Mr Key said cyber attacks in 2011 led the Cabinet to approve an investigation into wider cyber protection which he stopped in March 2013.

Wider cyber protection I hope you will agree with me is just a spin name for wholesale spying on an entire population.

Leading up to the “Moment of truth” event John Key at first denied that there was wholesale data gathering going but that is not the issue here.

The issue is that the Prime minister of this country was involved in organizing wholesale spying on his population by a FOREIGN and very controversial spying agency (NSA) with the help of a NSA financed group (GCSB) to whom he appointed a hand picked dare I say it HENCHMAN and former schoolmate Ian Fletcher in what Sir Bruce Ferguson said was a very disturbing manner at a time this was highly illegal and without telling his population.

He also told his population that there would be not way the amendment to the law would enable anybody to collect wholesale data while he knew very well that it would.

The amendment was passed under urgency which is essentially a very nasty way of bullying laws into existence without due process in the manner used by the National party.

You have to ask yourself the question as to why John Key who came here to help New Zealand or so he said, made it possible for foreign intelligence gatherers to collect large amounts of data from people who are not accused of being engaged in any criminal activities. It is clearly not in New Zealand’s interest to have their privacy being invaded in such a wholesale manner.

In Holland we have a saying: U vraagt, wij draaien. It essentially stands for: you tell me what you want me to do and I’ll jump. The question is who asked and who did John Key jump for?

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Nicole Kidman’s Father Dies Amid Pedophile, Child Murder Ring Allegations
September 15 2014 | From: BeforeItsNews

Dr. Antony Kidman died Friday after fleeing Australia when accused of the sexual abuse and murder of children in an elite Sydney pedophile ring.

A month prior Fiona Barnett had filed a complaint with the Australian NSW police and Child Abuse Royal Commission alleging Kidman’s sexual and physical assaults on her throughout childhood.

When the Commission opened an investigation the clinical psychologist suddenly left his 43 years with the Sydney University of Technology and Royal North Shore Hospital to stay in Singapore until he died. The family has refused to comment and Singapore police opened an investigation on what they termed as an unnatural death.

Yesterday Barnett released her own theory about Kidman’s death:

"The main perpetrator of my child sexual abuse, Antony Kidman, is dead after I filed formal complaints accusing him of the rape, torture and murder of children in an exclusive Sydney pedophile ring. As a child victim of mind control I feel he’s been sacrificed for failing to adequately program me.”

“Kidman was responsible for ensuring that I never disclosed pedophile ring activities that I witnessed as a child,” she continued.

“He failed. News of Kidman’s death impacted me, someone who has undergone intense treatment. I know that there are other victims of Kidman’s crimes out there who are perhaps not as far along the healing path as I am. I anticipate that news of Kidman’s death may have a serious impact on these victims. A perpetrator’s death can even trigger suicidal ideation."

“My complaints last month to the Australian Child Abuse Royal Commission detailed two incidents in which Kidman subjected me to horrific physical and sexual assault”
Barnett said.

“But there are even more serious crimes against children that I witnessed Kidman commit as a member of the elite Sydney pedophile ring. Those complaints have gone to the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels.”

Barnett spoke out the day of Kidman’s death – White Balloon Day 2014 – an event aimed at raising awareness for Australian children affected by sexual assault. She stated:

"My contribution to White Balloon Day 2014 is to urge my fellow victims of crime to fight the filth that this monster deposited in their minds and if they can muster the strength, join me in my effort to give a voice to victims who are no longer with us.”

The ICLCJ Court has been looking into Barnett’s allegations against Kidman in relation to their investigation of the global elite Ninth Circle Satanic Child Sacrifice Cult. Over sixty eyewitnesses such as Barnett have testified of Ninth Circle child sacrifice and pedophile activities that spanned the globe, including criminal activities against children in the Americas, Netherlands and UK commonwealth countries such as Australia.

The Ninth Circle was also said to have well organized and secretive human hunting parties that included pedophilia. Privately owned forest groves were believed used in the US, Canada, France and Holland. It appeared children and teens were obtained by the criminal drug syndicate Octopus, which was believed connected to the Vatican. The kidnapped children and teens were said to be stripped naked, raped, hunted down and killed.

Since the tender age of three Barnett had been trapped inside Australia’s vast pedophile network where children were sex trafficked, hunted down for sport and murdered.

“In the late afternoon of Oct. 28 1975 I was taken to my sixth birthday party in the Kiama rainforest,”
Barnett said.

“The cordial was spiked with drugs. I fell asleep. When I awoke it was dark and I was lying naked face-up spread-eagle on a picnic table with my hands and legs tied. Perpetrators took turns sneaking up on me.

A large group of men arrived in pick up trucks. They carried rifles and had a pack of starving Doberman dogs. I was told that the group of naked children huddled nearby were my responsibility. I was to run and hide them. Every child I failed to hide would be killed and fed to the dogs.

They painted something on my back and chest, and then released us. I pushed the children up over the first steep hill. It was about the second or third hill that the hunting party reached us. Shots were fired and children began dropping all around me. With all hope lost of my saving the other children, I took off and ran for my life.”

Dutch therapist Toos Nijenhuis testified at the ICLCJ Court that as a child and like Barnett, she was badly abused and forced to witness child murders that involved global elites, claimed childhood torture at Barnett’s same Australian Holsworthy Army Base and like Barnett, was a victim of Human Hunting Parties.

Nijenhuis’ perpetrators included former Pope Joseph Ratzinger, Dutch Catholic Cardinal Alfrink and Bilderberger founder Prince Bernhard. Nijenhuis explained to International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State Secretary Reverend Kevin Annett, her witness to child sacrifices as late as 2010.

The Ninth Circle Satanic Child Sacrifice Cult could easily hide crimes of their global elite members. They were well trained by Hitler’s mind control experts from Nazi Germany. Barnett’s Nazi grandfather’s pedophile network was said to include clinical psychologists Kidman and John W. Gittinger who developed a popular test among psychiatric professionals known as the Personality Assessment System. In the Independent Australia News Barnett stated that as a young child, “Gittinger abused and raped me.”

In another article of the Independent Australia News it was reported that Barnett’s dramatic testimony put members in tears when she went before the Australian Royal Commission into Child Sexual Abuse. Barnett had named as her perpetrators her grandfather, Kidman, two former Australian prime ministers, a Parliament House governor general and a state police commissioner.

As with child pedophile rings in the Netherlands, Europe, Canada and the US, the Australian pedophile network was said to include police officers, psychiatrists, biochemists, psychologists, actors, writers, politicians, university lecturers and medical doctors.

“The Commission was in the process of investigating my complaint when Kidman was found to have left the country,”
Barnett said.

“Now one month following my notification against Kidman, he is dead. Kidman’s death comes as no surprise. In the past week alone, two people predicted his imminent demise.”

Read the full story with further links and videos at: BeforeItsNews

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Overview: GCSB Has Engaged In Mass Surveillance Of New Zealanders - Greenwald
September 14 2014 | From: NationalBusinessReview

An overview of the developing story in the lead-up to the Dotcom / Assange / Greenwald event tomorrow, Monday September 15.

Also see: Glenn Greenwald Rattles New Zealand With 'Spying' Claims From RT

American journalist Glenn Greenwald says John Key's repeated claim that the GCSB has not undertaken mass surveillance of New Zealanders is a lie.

Mr Greenwald, who has been hired to speak at Kim Dotcom's "Moment of Truth" event at the Auckland Town Hall on Monday, told TV3's The Nation he has been working on documents for months, which revealed the interception of emails, telephone calls and all types of communications.

"The statement from the GCSB to New Zealand citizens last year that they do not engage in mass surveillance on New Zealanders is one that is not truthful,"
said the Pulitzer Prize winner, who is best known for covering the Edward Snowden leaks during his time with UK paper The Guardian.

"What I can tell you for certain is that the Government does engage in extraordinary amounts of analysis of metadata - meaning who's talking to who and for how long ... on a massive indiscriminate scale, not just internationally, but on New Zealanders as well."

He added that
"New Zealand spends an extraordinary amount of resources, for a country of this size, on electronic surveillance, and every single thing that the NSA does that we have been reporting on over the last year and a couple of months involves New Zealand directly. They are full-fledged allies of this effort."

New Zealand spies on a variety of countries on behalf of the United States, Mr Greenwald said.

For now, some voters will be left scratching their heads. Mr Greenwald and the Internet Party have thrown accussations at the PM, and the Mr Key has returned fire. And lots of insults have been thrown, too (failing to rise above the "henchman" fray, Mr Greenwald called the PM "unhinged"). But so far, neither side has tabled any evidence to back up its claims.

Prime Minister John Key has gone on the counter-attack, rubbishing claims by visiting US journalist Glenn Greenwald and labelling him "Dotcom's little henchman".

"There is no mass surveillance of New Zealanders by the GCSB and there never has been,"
Mr Key told media.

"Mr Dotcom's little henchman will be proven to be incorrect because he is incorrect."

Mr Key told TV3 a mass surveillance plan was considered in response to cyber attacks targeting New Zealand businesses in 2011. But it was never implemented, he said. He would declassify sensitive documents to prove that point and debunk Mr Greenwald's theory.

That promise angered the Internet Party, which released a joint statemetn from Hone Harawira and Laila Harre saying:

"The reported intention of the Prime Minister to arrange the selective declassification and release of documents for his own political purposes represents an abuse of the Prime Minister’s authority in his capacity as the Minister in charge of the GCSB and the SIS ...

If the purpose of classification is to protect our national interests, then what has changed today? Either these documents should have been previously released or they have been withheld to suit the Prime Ministers personal political agenda?"

The PM believed Mr Greenwald was jumping to conclusions based on partial information.

"There are a variety of reasons why, in the international environment we collect information. But when it comes to New Zealanders, there is no mass surveillance, there never has been mass surveillance. Dotcom's little henchman is wrong and unfortunately, he might have hacked some information but not all of it," Mr Key said.

"Mark my words: I'm right and he's wrong and I'll prove I'm right."

Mr Key said he stood by his statement last year that he would resign if the GCSB was shown to have conducted mass surveillance.

Kim Dotcom's "Moment of Truth" event takes place at the Auckland City Town Hall on September 15 from 7pm. Doors open from 6pm, free entry.

Read the NBR story here.

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Mind The Gap: Why Most Of Us Are Poor
September 12 2014 | From: Stuff

There was a time when TV One seemed the natural home for measured, thoughtful documentaries such as this, the latest offering from Bryan Bruce, the man behind 2011's eye-opening Inside Child Poverty doco.

But market forces have ravaged what was once our flagship state broadcaster, leaving it almost braindead, a fact that might raise a smile from Bruce, who examines the effects of an unrestrained free market in this fine doco and two others that will follow on TV3 in due course.

Trickle Down: Bryan Bruce discovers that zombie economics is alive and well in New Zealand.

Standing in front of The Beehive in the opening minutes, Bruce poses two simple questions:

Why is the gap between rich and poor growing faster in New Zealand than most developed countries? And why is that bad for all of us?

The next hour is spent searching for answers, with input from a wide range of interested parties: a young unemployed mother reduced to sleeping with her three children in a tent in a relative's back yard; a couple who work full-time yet can barely cover their rent; a Nobel Prize-winning economist; an Indian entrepreneur who has set up a bank funding sustainable self-employment initiatives for the poor.

Bruce supplies historical context for New Zealand's steady slide from the broadly egalitarian society of the 60s and 70s to a highly competitive nation generating obscene wealth for a small elite; a place where a substantial proportion of the taxes gleaned from the now-struggling middle classes flows down to pay welfare subsidies that disguise the grim conditions endured by the nation's poor, while most of the profit generated from rents and the sale of consumer goods is kicked upstairs to the wealthiest 10 percent of our society, most of whom pay less tax than ever.

Blame is laid squarely at the feet of the neo-liberal economic reforms spearheaded by Roger Douglas back in 1984, and Bruce argues that even superficially compassionate modern - day social initiatives such as the Accomodation Supplements merely transfer state wealth to landlords, while the Working For Families top-up subsidises employers who pay appallingly low wages.

He finds no shortage of heavyweight financial experts who share his views. In one interview, an Australian economist dismisses asset sales, privatisation, radical market deregulation and the mythical ‘trickle down effect' as "zombie economics"; just a marauding mob of rotten, extremely whiffy old ideas that refuse to die, spawned within unenlightened parliaments and boardrooms then set free to roam the land, spreading misery wherever they go.

Mention is made of influential 2009 book The Spirit Level, which showed that drug abuse, poor mental and physical health, crime, obesity, violence and teenage pregnancies all increased in direct proportion to the inequity of any given society, suggesting the rich have as much to gain from a more equitable society as the poor.

Just before the closing credits roll, Bruce is back in front of The Beehive, casting dark glances towards the debating chamber.

If we want good food and warm shelter for everyone, a better life for our children and a longer, happier life for ourselves, we're going to have to do something about narrowing the gap between rich and poor. We need to legislate for fairness and equality, so that we can put some morality back into the marketplace."

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9/11 After 13 Years
September 11 2014 | From: PaulCraigRoberts

The tragedy of September 11, 2001, goes far beyond the deaths of those who died in the towers and the deaths of firefighters and first responders who succumbed to illnesses caused by inhalation of toxic dust. For thirteen years a new generation of Americans has been born into the 9/11 myth that has been used to create the American warfare/police state.

The corrupt Bush and Obama regimes used 9/11 to kill, maim, dispossess and displace millions of Muslims in seven countries, none of whom had anything whatsoever to do with 9/11.

A generation of Americans has been born into distain and distrust of Muslims.

A generation of Americans has been born into a police state in which privacy and constitutional protections no longer exist.

A generation of Americans has been born into continuous warfare while needs of citizens go unmet.

A generation of Americans has been born into a society in which truth is replaced with the endless repetition of falsehoods.

According to the official story, on September 11, 2001, the vaunted National Security State of the World’s Only Superpower was defeated by a few young Saudi Arabians armed only with box cutters. The American National Security State proved to be totally helpless and was dealt the greatest humiliation ever inflicted on any country claiming to be a power.


Washington concluded that 9/11 was possible because America lacked a police state.
The PATRIOT Act, which was awaiting the event was quickly passed by the congressional idiots. The Act established executive branch independence of law and the Constitution. The Act and follow-up measures have institutionalized a police state in “the land of the free.”


Watching the twin towers and WTC 7 come down, it was obvious to me that the buildings were not falling down as a result of structural damage. When it became clear that the White House had blocked an independent investigation of the only three steel skyscrapers in world history to collapse as a result of low temperature office fires, it was apparent that there was a coverup.

After 13 years people at home and abroad find the government’s story less believable.
The case made by independent experts is now so compelling that mainstream media has opened to it.


Over these 13 years, physicists, chemists, architects, engineers, and first responders have provided massive evidence that completely disproves the official account of the failure of the three skyscrapers. The response to experts has been for non-experts to call experts “conspiracy theorists.” In other words, the defenders of the government’s story have no scientific or factual basis on which to stand. So they substitute name-calling.


The 9/11 lie has persisted for 13 years. Millions of Muslims have paid for this lie with their lives, the destruction of their families, and with their dislocation. Most Americans remain comfortable with the fact that their government has destroyed in whole or part seven countries based on a lie Washington told to cover up an inside job that launched the crazed neoconservatives’ drive for Washington’s World Empire.

Read the full story at: PaulCraigRoberts

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Hillary Clinton Praises Kissinger’s Upcoming Book: World Order
September 8 2014 | From: Infowars

"Kissinger is a friend, and I relied on his counsel when I served as secretary of state"

Writing for the Washington Post, Clinton fawned over Kissinger’s lifelong work, arguing that “no viable alternative” for the future remains.

“Henry Kissinger’s book makes a compelling case for why we have to do it and how we can succeed,”
Clinton wrote.

According to Clinton, President Obama and herself have long worked toward fulfilling the same strategy as Kissinger.

His analysis, despite some differences over specific policies, largely fits with the broad strategy behind the Obama administration’s effort over the past six years to build a global architecture of security and cooperation for the 21st century,”
she said.

Read the full story at: Infowars

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‘Limits To Growth’ Vindicated:
World Headed Towards Economic, Environmental Collapse
September 6 2014 | From: RT

Australian researchers have shown that a book written ‒ and written off ‒ four decades ago accurately predicted where the world would be in terms of resource allocation and the environment. And that does not bode well for the future of humanity.

Researchers from the Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute (MSSI) at the University of Melbourne used data from the last 40 years to compare to predictions made by the authors of the 1972 book “Limits to Growth.” They focused on what the original authors termed the “business-as-usual” (BAU) or “standard run” scenario, collating it to what has actually happened since the publication.

Just two years after the globe celebrated its first Earth Day in 1970, Italian think tank Club of Rome commissioned researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), led by husband-and-wife team Donella and Dennis Meadows, to build a computer model to track the world’s economy and environment. They looked at industrialization, population, food, use of resources and pollution through 1970.

Read the full story at: RT

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Former British Ambassador To Uzbekistan Says UK Rogue State, Danger To World
September 5 2014 | From: RIANovosti

The United Kingdom as a rogue state and a danger to the world, a former British Ambassador to Uzbekistan Craig Murray said.

Craig John Murray, former ambassador to Uzbekistan and former Rector of the University of Dundee, a British blogger, political activist

“The British Government is deeply, deeply immoral. They don’t care how many people they kill abroad if it advances them. Anybody who votes No [to Scottish independence] is voting to support a pathological state which is a danger in the world, a rogue state and a state prepared to go to war to make a few people wealthy,” Murray said in a speech made ahead of an historic vote on Scottish independence to be held in just three weeks.

He told an open public meeting in St Andrews that the actions he witnesses as a senior diplomat had changed his “world view” and said it was now “impossible to be proud of the United Kingdom.”

“I think it is impossible to be proud of the United Kingdom. I think when we invaded Iraq we did to the United Nations what Hitler and Mussolini did to the League of Nations,” Murray added. “I think what we have done since where the truth is often much hidden, if you look at Libya it is a disaster now we bombed it and we killed 15,000 people when NATO bombed Sirte, something they never told you on the BBC. Did we make it better? No,” a diplomat stated.

“I’ve seen things from the inside and the UK’s foreign interventions are almost always about resources. It is every bit as corrupt as others have indicated. It is not an academic construct, the system stinks,” a former British Ambassador said.

Murray, who is a member of “English for independence” a group of English born residents living in Scotland who back Scottish independence, said that although he had once been proud to be British, the UK’s involvement in rendition, torture and the invasion of Iraq had altered his allegiance.

“I was a British diplomat for 20 years. I was always very patriotic to be British and I was very, very proud of it,” he stated.

“When I first became a British Ambassador and first went out in my own flag car with the Union Jack flying on the front I had a lump in my throat. It was a proud moment for me. It was only six months after that I discovered that in the country where I was Ambassador we and the Americans were shipping people in order for them to be tortured. Some of them were tortured to death,”
Murray added.

“Now as you may imagine, my world view changed,”
he added.

“It was at the same time, a month later, that we invaded Iraq against the will of the Security Council. Not just without the permission of the Security Council but in the full knowledge that if it had gone to the Security Council we would have been voted down,”
the former diplomat said.

“I know for certain - as I used to be head of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office unit that monitored Iraqi weapons of mass destruction - I know for certain that they knew there weren’t any. It wasn’t a mistake, it was a lie,”
Murray concluded.

Former Secretary General of NATO, Lord George Robertson earlier warned Scottish independence would have a
“cataclysmic” impact on the world.

Robertson, a former British MP, told an audience in the United States, that

“the loudest cheers for the break-up of Britain would be from our adversaries and from our enemies. For the second military power in the West to shatter this year would be cataclysmic in geopolitical terms.”

Voters in Scotland will go to the polls on 18th September and will be asked one question:

"Should Scotland become an independent country?”

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Freedom Of Speech Curtailed In New Zealand:
Vinny Eastwood’s Youtube Channel Shut Down

September 5 2014 | From: AotearoaAWiderPerspective

Vinny Eastwood an independent radio show host and journalist must have really got up someones nose. Yesterday he found his entire youtube channel shut down on the grounds that he apparently committed multiple or severe violations of YouTube’s policy against spam, gaming, misleading content, or other Terms of Service violations.

Vinny has been running this channel for at least 7 years and have always been able to add any video, interview he ever did and Youtube has never seen any reason to shut him down.

That was until he made a 6 minute video informing people of some of John Key’s less endearing qualities.

The video went viral in about 4 days and all of a sudden Youtube shut him down. Now you may not like Vinny’s style or opinions but this reeks very much off a brutal shut down of dissent.

So in order to give you the opportunity to take note of what Vinny said in the video here is the text in print and… Ladies and Gentleman as always spread the word:

Read the video transcript: AotearoaAWiderPerspective

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Perpetual War, Indefinite Detention, And Torture: The U.S. And Israel’s Shared Values
September 5 2014 | From: Alakhbar

The United States and Israel have "shared values" but not when it comes to upholding democracy and the rule of law. Their shared values are perpetual war, torture, indefinite detention, and military courts. Guantanamo is a perfect example of this.

Both states have been in a state of perpetual war for quite some time with Israel against the Palestinians since its founding in 1948 while the U.S. can trace back its war to its founding in 1776 and the colonization of Native American lands.

Today's global war on terror is the latest chapter in that saga. Under perpetual war, the United States and Israel can justify a litany of draconian policies, such as indefinite detention, torture, and extrajudicial killing.

International human rights law prohibits torture and detention without charge or trial.

The UN Convention Against Torture strictly forbids torture, even in
"exceptional circumstances" like "a state of war or threat of war, internal political instability or any other public emergency."

Meanwhile, article 9 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights states,
"No one shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest or detention."

The rights to a fair trial, due process, and to be free from torture and inhumane treatment are basic human rights that governments are obliged to uphold. Yet, both the United States and Israel practice indefinite detention – also known as "administrative detention" in Israel – and torture.

Read the full story at: Alakhbar

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Herman Rockefeller: The Sordid Life And Sticky End Of A New Zealand Businessman
September 2 2014 | From: Various Sources

John Key's friend Herman Rockefeller is still making news now, four years after his murder.

Herman Rockefeller shared a luxury home in Malvern with wife Vicky but his remains were found in the backyard of a junk-strewn property in another area of Melbourne.

As reported by the New Zealand Herald, When Herman Rockefeller was killed in 2010, his parallel lives - as family man, lover and secret swinger - collided. Now a line has finally been drawn beneath his sad and dark story, with his New Zealand-born wife, Vicky, agreeing to share some of his A$14 million ($18.2 million) fortune with his long-time mistress, Liza Horsfall.

"The mystery that began with a missing millionaire and his bag of grapefruit could end halfway to nowhere with his abandoned car and a sausage roll.

What happened in between is where detectives are struggling: how and why did Herman Rockefeller vanish last week? And, more importantly, where is he now?

The disappearance is punctuated by "very firm fears" for his safety, a police raid late yesterday with two people taken into custody for questioning, and a loving family desperate to hear from him.

The 52-year-old Harvard graduate is now more famous as a missing person than when he was running multimillion-dollar business deals across Australia and New Zealand. His close group of friends believes the publicity would humiliate a man who lived a quiet and private life.

Despite a taskforce of detectives chasing every lead, major theories have run the gamut of taking off on his own to more sinister plots of extortion or murder.

But friends and family say Mr Rockefeller had no reason to leave, had no enemies, no disputes, conflicts or hints of a secret life."

- Sydney Morning Herald

Horsfall had sued Rockefeller's widow for a chunk of his estate after a Melbourne couple were jailed last year for the manslaughter of the 52-year-old businessman, the former chief financial officer of Brierley Investments.

Mario Schembri and Bernadette Denny, who met him through a magazine advertisement, beat him to death during a swingers' tryst, then dismembered him and burned his remains.

Details of the out-of-court settlement are confidential, but local media said Horsfall - who, like Vicky, claimed to know nothing about Rockefeller's private life as a swinger - would receive a six-figure sum.

She had been in a 27-year relationship with the US-born property developer, she had told the Victorian Supreme Court.

The keen churchgoer not only had a mistress, but a taste for sex with strangers - separate lives he juggled with the help of five mobile phones, police learned.

Harvard-educated Rockefeller met his wife while working in New Zealand, where he was a director of Carter Holt Harvey in the early 1990s.

He later moved to Brierley, before returning to Melbourne with his family in 2000.

At the trial of the murderers, Schembri and Denny, the jury heard Rockefeller placed 34 ads in swingers' magazines between 2000 and his fateful second meeting with Schembri, a scrap metal hauler, and Denny in January 2010.

The couple were infuriated when he turned up to see them without a female partner, and a fight broke out, during which he was punched repeatedly and died of his injuries.

Schembri told police: "He come over and he didn't bring his missus and there was a bit of a confrontation. With his kind of money he could have bought a bloody whorehouse or whatever, but yet he chose to come to us. He betrayed us and then he pushed that button."

Gruesome details of the disposal of his body emerged during the trial. Schembri used a chainsaw to dismember Rockefeller; he then burned his remains in a 44-gallon drum in a friend's backyard, before burying his bones.

The judge accepted the couple's manslaughter plea, jailing Schembri for a minimum of seven years and Denny for a minimum of five.

Read more about Herman and the Rockefellers here.

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Wall Street Has Moved Out Of NYC Prepare For Major False Flag Attack, Perhaps Ebola
September 1 2014 | From: Exopolitics

Get Ready! "Helicopters have been jamming the Wifi Systems between Stamford and Manhattan. Do not be startled if communications have been disrupted for you seeing that the banking system is making a move which more than likely tells us that Manhattan has become a designated false-flag target once again.

"When you see such activity it sounds like it’s time to get out of Dodge or do something about it before things get real messy. It’s time to wake up."

"Wall Street” is in the process of moving out of New York City to Stamford Connecticut, closer to home for the Gordon Gekko rats of the world. Maybe they’re privy to the news Neil discloses in this post about the Obama plan to impose martial law, shut down the banks and to unleash on the American public a variety of deadly diseases? The Wall Street shove-off from the island of Manhattan makes a lot sense then if all hell is about to be let loose!"

"You will understand once you take a good look that Manhattan and Stamford, CT are joined at the hip, or at least it seems that way. Are they planning another major event in the city that never sleeps? We hope not, but look and come to your own conclusions.

The HAARP facilities are revving up their activity, which is costly and not done without a very good reason. This indicates that something is going to happen soon, so be aware and be prepared.

""You cannot sleep when reading such news. It keeps on coming and it can’t help but give us the “willie jillies” knowing their plans for us. ....

"It has to end. It MUST end or we will not be living in five years, and the change will see the globalists in complete control of what’s left of the planet. It is in our hands."

What the hell?

Some background.

1. The largest bio attack drill in New York City's history occurred in early August.

Why does that matter? If one knows that 9/11 had a drill that same day about planes flying into skyscrapers, the Boston Marathon bombing has a drill that same day on bombings at a marathon, Sandy Hook had a drill on an attack on children in a school on that same, the attack on TSA agents at LAX had a drill associated with it, and many more, one can use government drills as tip offs for possible false flag attacks.

What Are the Odds: NYC Tests Patient for Ebola just Days after Largest Bio Attack Drill in City History.

2. The CDC has been profoundly lying to the country about ebola.

Ebola does not come from fruit bats in Africa.

Ebola is a man-made virus created by US bioweapons labs.

The US bioweapons lab in Sierra Leone was at the epicenter of the early ebola outbreak and is funded by Bill Gates (who paralyzing 47,500 children in 2011 with his polio vaccine and wants every child in the world vaccinated to help them) and George Soros (who takes down countries through currency manipulation and fake color revolutions and was seen at an elite sporting event in which children were stripped naked, hunted down and killed, and the boys penises cut off as trophies.)

The CDC has a patent on ebola. That's not possible if ebola were natural. It was invented.

Applicant: Jonathan S. Towner, Stuart T. Nichol, James A. Comer, Thomas G. Ksiazek, Pierre E. Rollin, The Government Of The United States Of America As Represented By The Secretary, Department Of Health & Human Services, Center For Disease Control

The CDC is behaving as though it were impossible to contain ebola but it is easily containable. So says Garth Nicolson, perhaps the most respected cell biologist in the world. You can listen to him talk about ebola, here http://noliesradio.org/archives/86464 and about vaccines in general being contaminated, here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6e2ljD3hkhg

The CDC is lying when it says ebola is incurable. That is a rather large lie since ebola is very much curable. Knowing ebola is curable without drugs or vaccines, the absurdity of NYC's drill and the intense CDC and media hyping become obvious, the rush for vaccines and drugs makes no sense whatever, and one can see how many things are being staged. There is information here. and more details here.

The CDC has done this before. It created the impression of a swine flu pandemic by lying outrageously about the number of cases. And yet immediately after CBS exposed that swine flu was more mild than a normal flu, most peculiarly, Obama declared a national emergency. This activated military and allowed the swine flu vaccines to given without normal testing.

3. The CDC is not a government agency and is actually working for the CIA.

4. The impression of a pandemic was tied after 9/11 to massive political consequences for the US.

Thanks to two presidential orders put place by George Bush, a range of emergencies that can all be rigged - civil unrest, economic collapse, environment catastrophe and a pandemic emergency - can be used as the justification for suspending the Constitution, the Congress and the Supreme Court, and let the president declare martial law and rule alone with the Department of Homeland Security. There also are International Health Regulations that Bush agreed to, also on his own, which in the event of a pandemic emergency, would trigger the invasion of the US by UN troops and the WHO.

In essence, based on a virus created by the US government, about which the WHO and CDC can give any impression they want, the mere declaration of a pandemic emergency is arranged to end the US as a sovereign country,

5. A pandemic emergency triggers pandemic laws which have nothing to do with medical help.

Those laws were pushed through by Bush and the CDC after help from 9/11 terror and the immediate anthrax killings, known now to have come from the USAMRIID bioweapons lab at Fort Detrick, Maryland. (USAMRIID is now involved in producing an ebola vaccine.)

The pandemic laws arrange for:

Forced unknown, untested vaccines, drugs and chemicals

Forced human experiments like the Nazis perpetrated,

Quarantines of people (concentration camps are already built) and of whole cities (as Bush did to New Orleans after Katrina, letting no one out and no food or water in,

Imprisonment for not following any order,

Total financial plunder of the people,

A take over of every industry and resource in the country

Bush's pandemic laws coincide with Obama's executive orders.

6. Ebola, created by the US government, is the means to achieve a fascist coup planned by the Bushes and Rockefellers.

The Jewish community in NYC should recognize this, if anyone can, because concentration camps have already been built, gas chambers that trains roll into (an upgrade from the Third Reich) are in place, and there are 1000s of box cars with shackles welded to the floor.

A guillotine at the head of each boxcar is goes beyond what the Nazis did. 94% of DHS' funding has gone to the Jewish community which may explain why it is so unaware. And the Southern Poverty Law Center (which works for DHS) has encouraged the Jewish community to fear the main people who saw this threat early - the patriot and constitutional groups that have been arming themselves, to protect the Constitution, the country and its people.

Here are details of the Bushes, what they have planned and their relationship with the Rockefellers who control the WHO, the UN and the CDC.

7. There is no question that the UN and WHO are involved in arrangements to murder people in the US.

This is evidence from Obamacare which includes UN / WHO coding for decapitation or beheading, shooting, gassing, poisoning, hanging, and a description of torture, human experimentation or possibly satanic sacrifices.

8. If ebola is not such a threat, why are so many people dying? It is easy to stage the impression that people aredying from ebola.

"There are future scenarios which, with enough exposure before they happen, can be stopped, or at least analyzed correctly when they occur.

"A staged bioterror event is one of those.

"The primary fact is: no matter what kind of germ you’re talking about or where it came from, releasing it intentionally does not guarantee predictable results. ....

"The perpetrators may find that less than 2% of people exposed get sick and die.

"But there is another strategy that should be understood:

"The use of a germ as a cover story for a chemical."

Full article.

9. The US has been creating biologic warfare agents for years.

They have been sprayed and they have been put in vaccines. Dr Nicolson says that US government has been

"developing biologic warfare agents" that end up in vaccines, here. "We are not putting them on the list because we think they are agents that have been developed as agents for WMD, we know they are. In other words they were researched, developed and in some cases, stockpiled as biologic agents."

Nicolson should know since he and his wife's lives were threatened for exposing one of these biological agents that caused "Gulf War Syndrome” and had been used in part of a massive testing program. Meanwhile "various academic and government employees did everything in their power to keep this information secret. " Over 150,000 veterans (and tens of thousands dead) suffered from Gulf War Syndrome acknowledgment or treatment in order to keep secret the origin of their illnesses. In the description of his book, Project Day Lily, this question is asked:

"Were these were chemical and biological toxins that were supplied, in part, by a sinister network of rogue bureaucrats, intelligence operatives and scientists?"

10. The people behind this virus-to-coup plan are in trouble.

They have ruled the world for centuries but that is coming to an end. They are still fantasizing about Hitler's 1000 year Reich, however, and have brought Nazis and the makings of a second Holocaust to the US. But the world is closing in on them. They are even on a No Fly list.

They can't attack the US directly but must operate by justifications they rig themselves - economic collapse, civil unrest (example: Ferguson), environmental catastrophe (HAARP is presently at its highest level), and a pandemic emergency - so their actions appear at first to be "help."

They have attacked NYC before, killing 3,000, reaping billions in insurance and achieving their desired war in Iraq. They were behind the merciless killings of trapped Palestinians. Ebola quarantines by military in West Africa are already causing starvation. A quarantine of NYC would leave millions of people cut it off from food within hours.

And given how closely packed people are, spraying of various chemical and biologic agents could be very effective. The media would terrify the whole country with scenes of dead bodies and a "plague" in NYC. [Boston, which they already put under martial law after the false flag bombing of the marathon, has had drills in its subway system so should also be alerted.]

The country must see through what is going on to be able to stop it. The world is in the last stages of ending the rule of the corrupt elite and can't be fooled any longer by false flags, even especially disguised medical false flags that come with fascist coups and guillotines.

The American Jewish community in NYC must not be fooled again or frightened, but apply its considerable resources to getting word out. All Americans can help save this country and save lives, including their own, by speaking up now, exposing the virus-coup, to friends, to local agencies, to police, to medical people, to military.

Wall Street Has Moved Out of NYC Prepare for Major False Flag Attack, Perhaps Ebola - EbolaGate

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Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi
Kissinger Admits Plan For New World Order
September 1 2014 | From: Infowars via WallStreetJournal

Former Secretary of State releases globalist plan for world government

Libya is in civil war, fundamentalist armies are building a self-declared caliphate across Syria and Iraq and Afghanistan’s young democracy is on the verge of paralysis.

To these troubles are added a resurgence of tensions with Russia and a relationship with China divided between pledges of cooperation and public recrimination. The concept of order that has underpinned the modern era is in crisis.

The search for world order has long been defined almost exclusively by the concepts of Western societies. In the decades following World War II, the U.S. - strengthened in its economy and national confidence - began to take up the torch of international leadership and added a new dimension.

A nation founded explicitly on an idea of free and representative governance, the U.S. identified its own rise with the spread of liberty and democracy and credited these forces with an ability to achieve just and lasting peace.

The traditional European approach to order had viewed peoples and states as inherently competitive; to constrain the effects of their clashing ambitions, it relied on a balance of power and a concert of enlightened statesmen. The prevalent American view considered people inherently reasonable and inclined toward peaceful compromise and common sense; the spread of democracy was therefore the overarching goal for international order.

Free markets would uplift individuals, enrich societies and substitute economic interdependence for traditional international rivalries.

This effort to establish world order has in many ways come to fruition. A plethora of independent sovereign states govern most of the world’s territory. The spread of democracy and participatory governance has become a shared aspiration if not a universal reality; global communications and financial networks operate in real time.

Read more at: WallStreetJournal

In the past, Kissinger and other globalists have explained various aspects of the New World Order:

Alex Jones breaks down the existence of the New World Order which Kissinger is now advocating:

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Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi
10 "Conspiracy Theories" That Came True
August 29 2014 | From: Infowars

When questioning the official narrative proved crucial

Despite the fact that the term “conspiracy theory” has been weaponized by the establishment as a perjorative slur against anyone who questions the official narrative of any government pronouncement, there are innumerable examples throughout history of conspiracies that were proven to be true.

Let’s take a look at ten examples:

1: Operation AJAX and False Flag Terror

The notion that governments and intelligence agencies carry out acts of false flag terrorism has long been derided by the establishment media as a conspiracy theory, despite there being a plethora of historically documented instances.

After decades of denial, in August 2013 the CIA finally admitted its role in staging the coup in Iran which led to the overthrow of Mohammad Mossadegh in 1953 under the umbrella of Operation AJAX.

Under AJAX, the CIA oversaw covert operations which included acts of false flag terror which claimed the lives of some 300 people.

2: NSA Spying & Mass Surveillance

In the 1990's, when anti-surveillance activists and media personalities were warning about the NSA’s huge domestic spying operation, they were treated as paranoid conspiracy theorists. For an NSA infographic click here.

Well over a decade before the Snowden revelations, the NSA was busy intercepting and recording all electronic communications across the entire world under the Echelon program.

In 1999, the Australian government admitted that they were part of an NSA-led global intercept and surveillance program called Echelon in alliance with the US and Britain that could listen to:

"...every international telephone call, fax, e-mail, or radio transmission,” on the planet.

In addition, a 2001 European Parliament report stated that “within Europe all e-mail, telephone and fax communications are routinely intercepted” by the NSA.

3: CIA Drug Trafficking

The Central Intelligence Agency has been implicated in drug trafficking operations all over the world as well as domestically, most notably during the Iran-Contra affair, under which Contra personnel smuggled cocaine into the U.S. with the blessing of the CIA which was then distributed as crack cocaine in Los Angeles, with the profits being funneled back to the Contras

Former Los Angeles Police Department officer Michael Ruppert also testified that he had witnessed CIA drug trafficking.

Top Mexican drug lords like Jesus Vicente Zambada Niebla have also gone public to assert that they were hired by the U.S. government for drug trafficking operations.

There is a voluminous body of evidence that confirms the CIA and U.S. banking giants are the top players in a global drug trade worth hundreds of billions of dollars a year, information made public by the likes of Gary Webb.

4: Tobacco Companies Deliberately Added Addictive Chemicals to Cigarettes

Conspiracies are not always of a governmental nature, they can also be targeted at consumers.

As the BBC reported, tobacco companies in the United States were caught deliberately engineering cigarettes for addiction by including chemicals that artificially increased the addictive kick of the product and made it taste better.

Clive Bates, director of ASH, said the discovery exposed a “scandal in which tobacco companies deliberately use additives to make their bad products even worse”.

5: Operation Fast and Furious

Operation Fast and Furious, under which the Obama administration smuggled weapons to Mexican drug lords in an apparent effort to trace the guns and bust the drug gangs, was in fact part of a conspiracy to demonize the second amendment.

Documents obtained by CBS News in December 2011 prove that ATF agents discussed how they could tie guns involved in Mexican violence to gun dealers based in the U.S with a view to passing stricter gun control regulations.

One law enforcement source told CBS News that the emails suggested the ATF created the problem itself as part of a political ploy.

"It’s like ATF created or added to the problem so they could be the solution to it and pat themselves on the back. It’s a circular way of thinking,” the source said.

6: The CIA’s Heart Attack Gun

During Senate testimony in 1975 into illegal activities by the CIA, it was revealed that the agency had developed a dart gun capable of causing a heart attack.

“At the first televised hearing, staged in the Senate Caucus Room, Chairman Church dramatically displayed a CIA poison dart gun to highlight the committee’s discovery that the CIA directly violated a presidential order by maintaining stocks of shellfish toxin sufficient to kill thousands,” a Senate web page explains.

“The lethal poison then rapidly enters the bloodstream causing a heart attack. Once the damage is done, the poison denatures quickly, so that an autopsy is very unlikely to detect that the heart attack resulted from anything other than natural causes. Sounds like the perfect James Bond weapon, doesn’t it? Yet this is all verifiable in Congressional testimony,” writes Fred Burks.

"The dart from this secret CIA weapon can penetrate clothing and leave nothing but a tiny red dot on the skin. On penetration of the deadly dart, the individual targeted for assassination may feel as if bitten by a mosquito, or they may not feel anything at all. The poisonous dart completely disintegrates upon entering the target.”

Burks suggests that Mark Pittman, a reporter who predicted the financial crisis and exposed Federal Reserve misdoings which led to a Bloomberg lawsuit against the bankster cartel, may have been assassinated with the CIA weapon.

7: Operation Gladio: State Sponsored Terror Blamed on the Left

Following the Second World War, the CIA and Britain’s MI6 collaborated through NATO on Operation Gladio, an effort to create a “stay behind army” to fight communism in the event of a Soviet invasion of Western Europe.

Gladio quickly transcended its original mission and became a covert terror network consisting of right wing militias, organized crime elements, agent provocateurs and secret military units. The so-called stay behind armies were active in France, Belgium, Denmark, The Netherlands, Norway, Germany, and Switzerland.

Gladio’s “Strategy of Tension”  was designed to portray leftist political groups in Europe as terrorists and frighten the populace into voting for authoritarian governments. In order to carry out this goal, Gladio operatives conducted a number of deadly terrorist attacks that were blamed on leftists and Marxists.

In August of 1980, Gladio operatives bombed a train station in Bologna, killing 85 people. Initially blamed on the Red Brigades, it was later discovered that fascist elements within the Italian secret police and Licio Gelli, the head of the P2 Masonic Lodge, were responsible for the terror attack. Other fascist groups, including Avanguardia Nazionale and Ordine Nuovo, were mobilized and engaged in terror.

Operation Gladio ultimately claimed the lives of hundreds of people across Europe.

According to Vincenzo Vinciguerra, a Gladio terrorist serving a life-sentence for murdering policemen, the reason for Gladio was simple. It was designed to force these people, the Italian public, to turn to the state to ask for greater security.

This is the political logic that lies behind all the massacres and the bombings which remain unpunished, because the state cannot convict itself or declare itself responsible for what happened.

8: Operation Northwoods

In the covert war against the communist regime in Cuba under the CIA’s Operation Mongoose, the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff unanimously proposed state-sponsored acts of terrorism in side the United States.

The plan included shooting down hijacked American airplanes, the sinking of U.S. ships, and the shooting of Americans on the streets of Washington, D.C. The outrageous plan even included a staged NASA disaster that would claim the life of astronaut John Glenn.

Reeling under the embarrassing failure of the CIA’s botched Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba, president Kennedy rejected the plan in March of 1962. A few months later, Kennedy denied the plan’s author, General Lyman Lemnitzer, a second term as the nation’s highest ranking military officer.

In November of 1963, Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas.

9: Gulf of Tonkin

On August 4, 1964, President Lyndon Johnson went on national television and told the nation that North Vietnam had attacked U.S. ships.

"Repeated acts of violence against the armed forces of the United States must be met not only with alert defense, but with a positive reply. That reply is being given as I speak tonight,” Johnson declared.

Congress soon passed the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, which provided Johnson with pre-approved authority to conduct military operations against North Vietnam. By 1969, over 500,000 troops were fighting in Southeast Asia.

Johnson and his Secretary of Defense, Robert McNamara, had bamboozled Congress and the American people. In fact, North Vietnam had not attacked the USS Maddox, as the Pentagon claimed, and the “unequivocal proof” of an “unprovoked” second attack against the U.S. warship was a ruse.

10: The Gleiwitz Incident

The Gleiwitz incident refers to a false flag operation carried out by the Nazis on 31 August 1939 during which SS troops staged an attack on a German radio station and then blamed Polish troops.

German operatives dressed in Polish military garb seized the radio station, located near the Polish border, before broadcasting a short propaganda message in Polish. They then killed concentration camp victims who were also dressed in Polish uniforms and left them at the scene, making the incident look like an act of Polish aggression.

The very next day Germany invaded Poland, with Hitler citing the incident as one of the pretexts.

Nine days before the incident, Hitler had told his generals:

"“I will provide a propagandistic casus belli. Its credibility doesn’t matter. The victor will not be asked whether he told the truth.”

Also see 10 More "Conspiracy Theories" That Came True.

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IMF Chief Confirms She Faces 'Negligence' Charges In Multi-Million Euro Fraud Case
August 28 2014 | From: RT

IMF chief Christine Lagarde has confirmed that she is being investigated for alleged "negligence" in a corruption probe when she was French Finance Minister in 2008, she told AFP.

Lagarde is accused of handling of a €400 million (658 million Swiss francs, $527 million) state payout to notorious French businessman Bernard Tapie in 2008.

However, Lagarde denied the allegations.

"I have instructed my lawyer to appeal this decision, which I consider totally without merit," she said.

Lagarde told AFP she would not resign over the charges.

"I return back to Washington where I will indeed brief my board," she told AFP.

The announcement comes after a French magistrate investigated her alleged role in a multi-million-euro corruption case.

Christine Lagarde, a managing director of the International Monetary Fund since 2011, was France’s finance minister from 2007 to 2011.

Magistrates allege that the former French finance minister was involved in handling of a €400-million (S$658-million, US$527-million) state payout to notorious French businessman Bernard Tapie in 2008.

Tapie, an ex-Minister of City Affairs, was placed under formal investigation in 2013 for organized fraud. The scandal threatened to expose an alleged corrupt system at the highest level in the country, during the presidency of Nicolas Sarkozy.

Tapie was awarded 403 million euros in a 2008 arbitration payment to settle a dispute with bank Credit Lyonnais over a 1993 share sale.

In 2013, Tapie was placed under formal investigation for organized fraud. The scandal threatened to expose an alleged corrupt system at the highest level in the country during the presidency of Nicolas Sarkozy.

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NSA Search Engine ICREACH Allows Law Enforcement To Scour Data On Citizens
August 27 2014 | From: RT

The United States National Security Agency has built a massive information sharing system intended to allow intelligence community analysts from across the US government access hundreds of billions of records detailing the lives of people the world over.

This “Google-like” search engine, according to journalist Ryan Gallagher at The Intercept, was developed by the NSA as early as 2007, but was only made publicly available on Monday this week thanks to classified documents disclosed to the news site by former intelligence contractor Edward Snowden.

According to the leaked documents and Gallagher's own reporting, the ICREACH search engine created by the NSA lets analysts from nearly two-dozen other government agencies, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Drug Enforcement Agency, among others, share an array of sensitive details collected by the US intelligence community and its partners concerning not just foreign terror suspects, but “millions of records on American citizens who have not been accused of any wrongdoing,” Gallagher wrote.

"The NSA has acknowledged that it shares some of its collected data with domestic agencies like the FBI, but details about the method and scope of its sharing have remained shrouded in secrecy,” Gallagher added.

With the latest article to stem from the trove of classified files pilfered by Snowden last year, however, details for the first time are now being made available about just how widespread that information sharing is, opening new questions concerning the intelligence community's seemingly endless resources.

Read the full story at: RT

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CIA Records: Epidemic Fabrication And Assassinations - They Wanted To Kill, Using Chemical And Biological Substances
August 15 2014 | From: JonRappoport

"The application would be fairly simple. Covertly inject a few people with a germ—and later identify those people as “patient zeroes” or “carriers.“"

By analyzing CIA documents from earlier days, we can understand the programs of the Agency and its government cousins.

Given the fact that the CIA’s umbrella research program, MKULTRA, went completely dark in 1962, and given the technological advances that have been made in the intervening years, we can draw inferences about present-day covert ops.

Document: May 20, 1975; sent by CIA Inspector General, Donald F. Chamberlain, to the Director of Central Intelligence, William Colby.

Subject: CIA activities at Fort Detrick, Maryland [in the 1952 period].

Fort Detrick was the center of US government chem / bio warfare research.

Here is the opening quote from the document:

“In early 1952, CIA effected an agreement with the Army Chemical Corp for the performance of certain research and development work by the Army Chemical Corp at the laboratory facilities of Special Operations Division, Army Biological Laboratories, Frederick, Maryland.”

And here is a key quote about a research project:

“Adaptation and testing of a non-discernible microbioinoculator (device for clandestine inoculation with BW/CW [biowarfare/chemicalwarfare] agents) to determine compatibility with various materials to assure that the microbioinoculator cannot be identified structurally or easily detected upon a detailed autopsy…”

Translation: The CIA would test a tiny device for injecting chemical and biological agents into people, killing them—and the fact of an injection would be difficult to prove during subsequent autopsy of the victims.

Death would appear to be from other causes or vectors.

Aside from the obvious use of this method for assassinations, there is the further possibility of “epidemic fabrication.”

The application would be fairly simple. Covertly inject a few people with a germ—and later identify those people as “patient zeroes” or “carriers.”

From there, through the use of propaganda, initiate the idea that the disease is rapidly spreading.

By falsifying diagnostic tests on others—a simple matter since routine tests register many false positives—and claiming a list of common symptoms are indicators of the epidemic-disease (cough, fever, muscle ache, weakness, fatigue), the appearance of a pandemic can be created. (re: “many false positives”,… see, for example, The Massive Fraud Behind HIV Tests)

From that follow the usual steps: the government is rushing a vaccine into production; everyone should be vaccinated; people should avoid large gatherings; suspected carriers can be quarantined.

Staged Reality

The mass-vaccination campaign “against the rising epidemic” inflicts harm. Chemicals (e.g., aluminum, formaldehyde, mercury) and germs ordinarily found in vaccines are toxic and destructive.

So without even covertly placing “unusual” materials in vaccines, people are going to suffer consequences.

Power Outside the Matrix

You might ask, what about using the CIA method to cause a real epidemic? It’s possible, but the amount of injected (or aerosolized) virus would have to be quite large, for each person, in order to create illness. (For “virus concentration”, see the discussion on “titer” in this article). (For another way they could stage a “real epidemic”, see this article).

Secret ops like this one are funded, go underground, morph, are sometimes shifted to other departments, and develop, over the years.

The public does not hear of them, and does not suspect that its government is devising ways to inflict damage abroad and at home.

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New Nicky Hager Book: 'You Will Not Believe What You Read'
August 13 2014 | From: NewZealandHerald

Dirty Politics: Nicky Hager’s new book on the Key Government launched at Unity

Dirty Politics, the new book from author and investigative journalist Nicky Hager, will feature leaked emails between National Party figures and right-wing bloggers.

The book, which has been released in Wellington tonight, aims to tell the story of "how attack politics is poisoning NZ's political environment".

It includes email correspondence between Whaleoil blogger Cameron Slater and Jason Ede, one of the Prime Minister John Key's press secretaries, in relation to information found on Labour's website.

Mr Hager said the Prime Minister's office had been "collaborating" with National Party "proxies" who were carrying out attacks on behalf of Mr Key while working to preserve his image.

The book shows Mr Slater and Mr Ede discussed the information and how to avoid being caught.

"Part of the book is about how John Key has cultivated a very respectable image of being friendly and relaxed but at the same time there has been another part of his politics which New Zealanders have not seen or understood."

Speaking to reporters this evening, Mr Hager said the book was about the "unseen side of Mr Key's political management".

He denied he had a political agenda in releasing the book so close to the election.

"Any person, any of you who had access to the documents I have would have leapt at the chance to use this information because it's so illuminating about the Government."

"That's what the job is - to tell people before the election."

He said he got the material early this year and could have taken more time with the book.

"But I've worked like a dog because I believe that people have a total right to know this before the election.

"So have I hurried it out before the election - totally. Is it politically motivated? It's motivated by the public interest that I think people have in knowing what's going on."

Mr Hager said his book would show Mr Key "has some very serious questions to answer".

Many of those questions were about his long term press advisers who were doing things like "going inside the Labour Party's computers", organising other dirty tricks and feeding material to bloggers Mr Slater and David Farrar to orchestrate personal attacks.

"When you read the book you're going to find chapter after chapter of remarkable things that him as leader of the party... he's got a lot to answer for.

"In some cases it's political blackmail, there are many cases of digging sexual dirt to try and scare and threaten people. There are many cases that looked to the country as if they were spontaneous acts of politics which were actually orchestrated from the ninth floor."

Mr Hager described Mr Slater as an "obnoxious" blogger whose attacks on a young man killed in a car crash earlier this year had led to hackers attacking the Whaleoil website.

He said the attack knocked out the Whaleoil site for a number of days during which time a hacker had come away with "thousands and thousands" of documents.

He said the papers revealed an "an astonishingly cynical and ugly view" of the way National's "proxies" behaved in politics.

Mr Hager said people would become increasingly astonished as they read through the book because the "dirty politics" only got worse.

"You will not believe what you read and how bloody awful it is."

In a speech prior to the launch, the book was described as one which "implicates John Key and senior National Party staff".

It ''revolves around a cast of Key, Cameron Slater, Jason Ede, David Farrar, Judith Collins and other National Party figures''.

"It shows a very different side of John Key and his Government than most New Zealanders know'', the book's publishers said.

Hager's earlier books have included Seeds of Distrust, which threatened to ankle-tap former Prime Minister Helen Clark as she headed into the 2002 election.

Mr Hager followed with The Hollow Men which gave voters an inside look at the manipulations of National's 2005 campaign. His 2010 book Other People's Wars exposed New Zealand's intelligence and military activities in Afghanistan and Iraq during the "War of Terror" - a stark contrast to the friendly, public relations-driven view the New Zealand Defence Force had offered.

His previous access to well-placed intelligence sources have driven speculation he was preparing to release Edward Snowden-sourced documents about New Zealand's involvement in the US-led Five Eyes spying alliance. But talk around Wellington yesterday had some leaning towards an expose on political manipulations.

Ahead of today's launch, Prime Minister John Key dismissed Mr Hager saying: "Most people know that Nicky Hager is a screaming left-wing conspiracy theorist."

It's a view which is in contrast to praise from US journalism legend Seymour Hersh, who last year said: "Nicky Hager has more knowledge and understanding of the American intelligence world in Afghanistan - both its good and its very bad points - than any reporter I know."

The release of the latest book has been carried out in total secrecy. Publicity for the book ahead of the launch has been non-existent, although the launch itself at Wellington's Unity Books has become today's must-attend Wellington function.

Media commentator Russell Brown said Mr Key's comments should be seen as preparing the ground for whatever might be coming by attempting to diminish Mr Hager's credibility.

"They are generally stories people don't want told," he said of Mr Hager's work. "You can see that in the push back which comes before the book comes out."

Mr Brown, AUT's Journalist In Residence and frontman with Toi Iti for Maori Television's Media Take, said Mr Hager had proven his credentials repeatedly and should be regarded as credible.

"One very valuable thing about Nicky is that he operates at a different level to most journalists. He has a strong sense in the public interest. He can take a long time to get the detail right. We're lucky to have someone in his position."

Mr Brown said Mr Hager's books fell into either the "barnstormer" or "technical" category and he expected this one would be greeted as a "barnstormer".

Mr Hager's first book was Secret Power, published in 1996. It was a world-exclusive and remains the authoritative text on the United States-led pre-digital spying network called Echelon.

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US Delegation Startles Rotorua
August 13 2014 | From: NewZealandHerald

The mystery of who is on board a US military plane at Rotorua Airport has been solved. Representatives from the US congress are in Rotorua and other parts of New Zealand for several days on an environmental tour.

US Consulate General public affairs specialist Phil McKenna told the Rotorua Daily Post today the plane is a US Air Force C40 used for official travel of government officials.

"Representatives from the US Congress are visiting New Zealand for several days to examine areas of interest to the US Congress' House Committee on Natural Resources, including energy and mineral production and export in Australia and New Zealand," Mr McKenna said.

He said it was a bi-partisan group headed by Representative Doc Hastings (Republican from Washington State), chairman of House Committee on Natural Resources.

"They are meeting with New Zealand Government representatives and private sector representatives in Auckland, Rotorua, and Taupo. The visiting delegation will focus on a range of topics, including natural resources."

The US Secretary of State John Kerry earlier left Sydney for the Solomon Islands but this was not related to that.

Nor was it related to former prime minister and current United Nations Development Programme administrator Helen Clark speaking at the Rotorua Civic Theatre at 7.30pm.

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Australia And US Sign Defence Pact
August 13 2014 | From: Aljazeera

Agreement will bolster US air and naval presence in northern Australia to project more power into the Asia Pacific.

Kerry and Hagel attended talks focused on regional security and enhanced military co-operation

The United States and Australia have signed an agreement to bolster US air and navy presence in northern Australia, under a plan to strengthen defence ties and project more power into the Asia Pacific, where China's influence is growing.

Chuck Hagel, the US defence secretary, and John Kerry, the secretary of state, arrived in Sydney on Monday to finalise an agreement reached between US President Barack Obama and Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

The pact covers the deployment of US marines to Australia for joint exercises and training in areas such as disaster relief.

Talks centred around boosting US air and naval activity in the sparsely populated and resource-rich north with an increased tempo of visits by US fighter jets and bombers.

Around 1,150 Marines are stationed in Darwin in Australia's tropical north under a 2011 agreement that launched Obama's push towards Asia.

The contingent, trained to respond to regional conflicts and humanitarian crises, is expected to increase to 2,500 by 2017.

The US-Australia meetings were to include discussions on co-operation in missile defence, cyber security and maritime security, Hagel said on Monday.

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CIA MKULTRA: They Intended To Use Drugs For “Everything”
August 13 2014 | From: JonRappoport

Drugs to transform individuals… and even, by implication, society. Drug research going far beyond the usual brief descriptions of MKULTRA. The intention is there, in the record.

A CIA document was included in the transcript of the 1977 US Senate Hearings on MKULTRA, the CIA’s mind-control program.

The document is found in Appendix C, starting on page 166. It’s simply labeled “Draft,” dated 5 May 1955.

It begins: “A portion of the Research and Development Program of [CIA’s] TSS/Chemical Division is devoted to the discovery of the following materials and methods:”

What followed was a list of hoped-for drugs and their uses.

First, a bit of background: MKULTRA did not end in 1962, as advertised. It was shifted over to the Agency’s Office of Research and Development.

John Marks is the author of the groundbreaking book, The Search for the Manchurian Candidate, which exposed MKULTRA. Marks told me a CIA representative informed him that the continuation of MKULTRA, after 1962, was carried out with a greater degree of secrecy, and he, Marks, would never see a scrap of paper about it.

I’m printing below, the list of the 1955 intentions of the CIA regarding their own drug research. The range of those intentions is stunning. All statements are direct quotes from the “Draft” document.

Some of my comments gleaned from studying the list:

The CIA wanted to find substances which would “promote illogical thinking and impulsiveness.” Serious consideration should be given to the idea that psychiatric medications, food additives, herbicides, and industrial chemicals (like fluorides) would eventually satisfy that requirement.

The CIA wanted to find chemicals that “would produce the signs and symptoms of recognized diseases in a reversible way.” This suggests many possibilities—among them the use of drugs to fabricate diseases and thereby give the false impression of germ-caused epidemics.

The CIA wanted to find drugs that would “produce amnesia.” Ideal for discrediting whistleblowers, dissidents, certain political candidates, and other investigators. (Scopolamine, for example.)

The CIA wanted to discover drugs which would produce “paralysis of the legs, acute anemia, etc.” A way to make people decline in health as if from diseases.

The CIA wanted to develop drugs that would “alter personality structure” and thus induce a person’s dependence on another person. How about dependence in general? For instance, dependence on institutions, governments?

The CIA wanted to discover chemicals that would “lower the ambition and general working efficiency of men.” Sounds like a general description of the devolution of society.

As you read the list yourself, you’ll see more implications/possibilities.

Here, from 1955, are the types of drugs the MKULTRA men at the CIA were looking for:

Substances which will promote illogical thinking and impulsiveness to the point where the recipient would be discredited in public.

Substances which increase the efficiency of mentation and perception.

Materials which will prevent or counteract the intoxicating effect of alcohol.

Materials which will promote the intoxicating effect of alcohol.

Materials which will produce the signs and symptoms of recognized diseases in a reversible way so that they may be used for malingering, etc.

Materials which will render the induction of hypnosis easier or otherwise enhance its usefulness.

Substances which will enhance the ability of individuals to withstand privation, torture and coercion during interrogation and so-called “brain-washing”.

Materials and physical methods which will produce amnesia for events preceding and during their use.

Physical methods of producing shock and confusion over extended periods of time and capable of surreptitious use.

Substances which produce physical disablement such as paralysis of the legs, acute anemia, etc.

Substances which will produce “pure” euphoria with no subsequent let-down.

Substances which alter personality structure in such a way that the tendency of the recipient to become dependent upon another person is enhanced.

A material which will cause mental confusion of such a type that the individual under its influence will find it difficult to maintain a fabrication under questioning.

Substances which will lower the ambition and general working efficiency of men when administered in undetectable amounts.

Substances which promote weakness or distortion of the eyesight or hearing faculties, preferably without permanent effects.

A knockout pill which can surreptitiously be administered in drinks, food, cigarettes, as an aerosol, etc., which will be safe to use, provide a maximum of amnesia, and be suitable for use by agent types on an ad hoc basis.

A material which can be surreptitiously administered by the above routes and which in very small amounts will make it impossible for a man to perform any physical activity whatsoever.

That’s the list.

At the end of this 1955 CIA document, the author [unnamed] makes these remarks:

“In practice, it has been possible to use outside cleared contractors for the preliminary phases of this [research] work. However, that part which involves human testing at effective dose levels presents security problems which cannot be handled by the ordinary contactors".

“The proposed [human testing] facility [deletion] offers a unique opportunity for the secure handling of such clinical testing in addition to the many advantages outlined in the project proposal".

"The security problems mentioned above are eliminated by the fact that the responsibility for the testing will rest completely upon the physician and the hospital. [one line deleted] will allow [CIA] TSS/CD personnel to supervise the work very closely to make sure that all tests are conducted according to the recognized practices and embody adequate safeguards.”

In other words, this was to be ultra-secret. No outside contractors at universities for the core of the experiments, which by the way could be carried forward for decades.

A secret in-house facility. Over the years, more facilities could be created.

If you examine the full range of psychiatric drugs developed since 1955, you’ll see that a number of them fit the CIA’s agenda:

Speed-type chemicals, which addle the brain over the long term, to treat so-called ADHD.

Anti-psychotic drugs, to render patients more and more dependent on others (and government) as they sink into profound disability and incur motor brain damage.

And of course, the SSRI antidepressants, like Prozac and Paxil and Zoloft, which produce extreme and debilitating highs and lows - and also push people over the edge into committing violence.

These drugs drag the whole society down into lower and lower levels of consciousness and action.

If that’s the goal of a very powerful and clandestine government agency…it’s succeeding.

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Five Facts That The Israeli Government Would Prefer You Did Not Know
August 12 2014 | From: GlobalResearch

1. Binyamin Netanyahu claims to speak for the majority of world Jewry although, in fact, he represents only a minority of Jewish Israelis and Americans – those who support his right-wing, Likud Party. To many others, particularly in Europe, he is considered a US-financed, Zionist rabble-rouser with an extremist political agenda that rejects any Palestinian state and requires the ‘transfer’ of all indigenous Arabs out of former Palestine.

2. Israeli policies such as the illegal settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem (to prevent the establishment of a Palestinian state); the 8 year blockade of essential supplies into Gaza; the mis-labelling of exported fruit and vegetables to Europe and the horrific killing of hundreds of defenceless women and children in Gaza – all have the effect of exacerbating antisemitism around the world.

The agenda of the Israeli government against the indigenous Arab population being the primary driver of anti-Jewish feeling both in Europe and globally.

3. Netanyahu is well aware of this link and the detrimental effect of his policies on the security of Jewish communities worldwide, and on public opinion, but he also knows that the greater the increase in antisemitism the more French, British and other Jewish nationals will be forced to sell their homes and reluctantly leave the countries of their birth to seek sanctuary in Israel.

This is a key principle of the Netanyahu government agenda that all American, European and diaspora Jews should be ‘persuaded’ to emigrate to the Israeli state – together with their assets.

4. However, this agenda is also partly supported by millions of evangelist, Christian Zionists in America, who believe in the literal word of the bible and whose goal is for all 14 million Jews in the world to be relocated to the Israeli state where they can be baptised and converted, en masse, into the Christian church!

The Israeli government ministers smile knowingly behind their hands as they accept this support – without which their economy would collapse.

5. The Israel lobby in America comprises over a dozen organisations including AIPAC, the primary Zionist political pressure group with links into the White House that heavily influences US foreign policy around the world.

However, for many integrated European Jewish communities, Mr Netanyahu’s alleged war crimes in Gaza plus his violent, expansionist agenda with its consequent rise in antisemitism, are very bad news indeed.

The head of UNICEF said yesterday, that 392 children had been killed in the conflict between Israel and Hamas, and that about 370,000 children had been traumatised.

A boycott of academic and trading links with the state of Israel now seems to be inevitable consequence of the atrocities carried out in Gaza.

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Unmasking The CAFR Scam In Your Country / City / Town / Council
August 11 2014 | From: Rense / RealityBlogger | See Update Below

It is perhaps not widely known that governments and councils use complicated accounting practices to hide their wealth from the people, providing 'justification' for rates hikes and other methods of wealth extraction.

In a world where council rates and infrastructure costs are conitinually on the increase, in most places the CAFR (Comprehensive Annual Financial Report) Accounting system is used, which hides wealth and provides the 'powers that be' with more reason to financially rape and pillage the people.

While much of the content below pertains to the US, the principles in play with CAFR Accounting are used in most countries.

Examples include:

New Zealand Treasury Annual Report

Australia Treasury Annual Report

Melbourne City Annual Report

Australia Government - Department of Finance and De-regulation

Australia Future Funds ($100 billion) and “Nation Building Fund

Government of Canada (Annual Financial Report)

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What Are CAFRs?

First, what is a CAFR? A CAFR (Comprehensive Annual Financial Report) is government's complete accounting of "Net Worth".

It has been reported that trillions of collective dollars not shown in government Budget reports are shown through Government CAFR reports and they are virtually never openly-discussed by the syndicated NEWS media, both the Democratic and Republican Party members, the House, Senate, and organized public education.

With, and being that the CAFR is "the" accounting document for every local government, and with it being effectively "BLACKED OUT" for open mention over the last 60 years, that this fact of intentional omission of coverage is the biggest conspiracy that has ever taken effect in the United States. Read more at: Rense

As more and more cities, counties, districts, and states across America falsely declare their near - insolubility, bankruptcy warnings, fiscal deficits, and budgetary quandaries, I am left with the sinking feeling that “the people” just can’t wrap their heads around how to point out these misleading and downright fallacious claims made by their councils, mayors, and professional con-men in places of public trust.

So today I want to share with you a simple way to factually stand before your local or state political “leaders” and give indisputable proof that, when stating the “facts” about their own budget shortfalls, limited choices, and necessary raising of your hard-earned monies as taxation (revenue) to “balance the budget”, your own little criminal syndicate of elected mayors and council men and women are lying bold-faced to the entire citizenry through the act of subterfuge and omission.

This little factoid is uniform throughout the entirety of the financial structure of government, as reported in the audited Comprehensive Annual Financial Report and required by Federal and State laws. It is always reported in the same fashion and under the same heading as all other governments (municipal corporations).

The figures are not disputable. The truth is unshakable. And yet the doublespeak will never end… For even as you present this one simple line item to the scoundrels themselves behind their raised and protective pedestals, they will still attempt to deny what is undeniable, be it in ignorance or in deceit; usually a mix of both.

Read the full story at: RealityBlogger

Update: How The New Zealand [And Other Western Countries] Government Hides Billions (Trillions) In Slush Funds
October 9 2014 | From Narkive

C.A.F.R. (Comprehensive Annual Financial Report) Hidden / Stolen 'Cream' - Trillions In Surplus

Globally, The Biggest Financial Scandal In History / Annals Of Mankind

Playing in the derivitives market John Key was selected to become NZ PM / US Federal Reserve Bank / Israeli operative

Billions (Trillions) in profitable investments

Convincing you that the government is financially in trouble when the government has trillions of dollars in slush funds

Budget reports: Only need to show what is necessary to meet obligations

Transactions for local governments are missing

Total investment revenue is missing

Total income figures are missing

Total worth is missing

Surplus cream ($) is not mentioned [exposure of manufactured debt = loss of control]

United Nations (1946) created CAFR to take over and steal wealth

Only shows shortfall of budgetary revenue versus annual operating costs for the year, never shows 'cream'

45% of revenues invested internationally best rate of return

Free trade agreements (NAFTA / GATT / TPPA) ultimate purpose: Governments investing in foreign corporations extending their profits with slaves in China

Government agencies are lying to you when they say there is a need for taxation to pay for services already provided for

The New Zealand people NEVER profit from the investments - massive hidden surpluses

United States Statistics

Local and federal US Government owns approximately 70% of stock market listed companies

70% of Dow Jones (30) owned by composite government funds

Prison industry (Correctional Corporation of America) is the #1 industry in America. New Zealand Prime Minister John Key moves towards that end in New Zealand

US Federal $30 Trillion cream at top not reported

Total non-signatory to the 1740 Waitangi Treaty (with amusing numerous versions), this Tainui Kiingitanga warrior demands from the New Zealand government [the following]:

1. What Is The Total Cash Gross Receipts Income ?

2. What Are The Total Investments ?

3. What Is The Net Worth ?

4. What Is The Investment Growth ? 5, 10, 25 Years In The Future ?

5. What Are The Liquid Assets ? (Billions / Trillions)

We Know Know That The Constant Cries For More Taxation Are Entirely Bogus:

New Zealand CAFR (Comprehensive Annual Financial Report) where literally hundreds of Billions of dollars are hidden or not listed / discussed by the same banker controlled media.

Not Readily Listed:

Taxation and selling of government assets is the massive conspiracy, when the hidden surplus of Trillions of dollars
is not discussed by the bankers and government controlled media

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Key Denies Claims Of NSA Secret Spy Box On Southern Cross Cable Network
August 6 2014 | From: Stuff

Prime Minister John Key is flatly denying suggestions New Zealand installed controversial spyware to collect data from the Southern Cross cable.

Source: SouthernCrossCables

A $271 expenses document filed with America's National Security Agency appeared to point to talks about installing such a programme.

Documents obtained by Fairfax and the Green Party showed an engineer for the NSA spent two nights in Blenheim in 2013 to talk about setting up a "special operations site [SSO]."

Green Party co-leader Russel Norman said this referred to a cable access programme which would significantly expand the ability of the GCSB to intercept emails, internet communications and phone calls coming in and out of New Zealand over the Southern Cross cable.

But Key’s office today issued a strongly worded denial that any such programme had been installed.

“We can categorically state that there is no such programme operating in New Zealand, and any claims that there is are utterly wrong. In answer to your second question of whether we are contemplating one, we are not and we have no intention of introducing one.”

There was no mass surveillance of New Zealanders “and we do not use our partners to circumvent the law”, Key said through a spokeswoman.

The trip was disclosed in a general expense disclosure relating to any NSA travel costs not funded by US taxpayer.

It declared a $271 payment for "transportation, lodging and meals."

Blenheim is where the Waihopai spy station operated by the Government Communications Security Bureau is located.

The NSA document does not show whether the special operations site went ahead.

A GCSB spokesman said the agency would not comment on visits or specific subjects under discussion.

"From time to time we discuss contemporary technology with partners, including where it may or may not be useful.

The recent summary of the Performance Improvement Framework review of the NZIC noted that it is positive that New Zealand’s partnerships give it 'much greater and more valuable support, skill, technology and intelligence than would otherwise be available to it'."

The spokesman added: "As has been previously stated, the GCSB don't do mass surveillance and we don’t use partners to circumvent the law".

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Pandemic Profits Exposed: Follow The Money On Ebola, FDA And Big Pharma
August 6 2014 | From: Infowars

The open borders offer many potential crises for the government to exploit

The open borders offer many potential crises for the government to exploit — a population bomb, terrorism, drug cartel violence and pandemics are all imminent possibilities.

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Obama’s ‘Helplessness’ An Act: Snowden Reveals Scale Of US Aid To Israel
August 4 2014 | From: RT

The turmoil gripping the Middle East is a direct result of the provision of cash, weapons and surveillance to Israel by the US, the latest Snowden leak illustrates. Obama’s “helpless detachment” is just for show, the Intercept’s Glenn Greenwald writes.

In a bold examination, the former Guardian journalist reveals the amazing contrast between what the United States says publicly, and what it does behind the curtain.

This involves President Barack Obama’s apparent heartbreak over the Middle Eastern region, as well as the American love for publicly listing Israel as a threat to regional peace at a time when billions of dollars’ worth of its weaponry and intelligence were being supplied to the Jewish state since the 1960s.

Read the full story at: RT

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Ebola: Medical Martial Law?
August 3 2014 | From: Infowars

Mere suspicion of outbreak could spark panic.

Comment: It is interesting to note that last week Neil Keenan mentioned that George Soros, Bill Gates and their other cabal cohorts were arranging for the Ebola virus to be systematically released in an engineered 'pandemic' as part of the last ditch efforts by the Illuminati to continue their constantly defeated plans.

Two days later the mainstream media is full of the 'Ebola Crisis' fear porn.

Merely the suspicion of a limited Ebola outbreak in the United States would give the green light for federal authorities to seize draconian powers and detain Americans not even infected with the Ebola virus.

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The Global Initiation
August 2 2014 | From: DivineCosmos

There is no question that we are experiencing a worldwide economic crisis. We can now correctly call it Great Depression II, or GDII.

In hindsight, this appears to have started with the dot-com collapse of 2000. It has dramatically accelerated since the subsequent, larger collapse of 2008.

It was announced this week that 35 percent of all Americans -- one out of three adults -- are being called and harassed by bill collectors for debts.

This is concentrated most strongly in the Southern and Western states, with nearly 45 percent of people in the largest Texas cities being pursued.

Additionally, 15,000 people in Detroit have now had their water turned off this week, with tens of thousands more threatened - but large corporations are being protected:

Detroit Shuts Off Water to Residents, But Not Businesses Who Owe Millions

Some 15,000 residential customers have lost water service, and tens of thousands more are in danger of losing it, thanks to past due bills.

But businesses owing hundreds of thousands of dollars have not been disconnected, Detroit Water and Sewerage Department records show.

According to a department list, the top 40 commercial and industrial accounts have past-due accounts totaling $9.5 million.

That list includes apartment complexes, the Chrysler Group, real estate agencies, a laundromat and even a cemetery.

Let's Stop Calling it a 'Recovery'

The controlled corporate media has been using the Orwellian term 'recovery' to describe this accelerating crisis ever since the real economy started plunging in 2000.

The endless repetition of the term "recovery" for the last 14 years, as if to say "Oh, we just need to get through this next bit," is truly a sign of the criminal mentality that is occurring.

There can be no recovery until the existing perpetrators are brought to justice, and their crimes are finally halted.

The LIBOR scandal showed us that the top banks have formed a cartel, and are colluding with each other to manipulate their own interest rates.

This allows them to appear far more financially solvent than they really are.

It is openly and grossly embarrassing to see "business as usual" go on in the controlled corporate media in the aftermath of LIBOR - and then it got even worse.

Gold, Silver and Currency Rigging

As of December 2013, we found absolute proof that the same criminal manipulation is occurring in the gold, silver and currency markets - if not worse.

Germany officially came after the banking cartel in January 2014 about this collusion:

1/16: Top German Financial Regulator Says Metals and Currency Rigging Worse Than LIBOR

Germany’s top financial regulator said possible manipulation of currency rates and prices for precious metals is worse than the Libor-rigging scandal, which has already led to fines of about $6 billion.

The allegations about the currency and precious metals markets are “particularly serious because such reference values are based - unlike Libor and Euribor - typically on transactions in liquid markets and not on estimates of the banks,” Elke Koenig, the president of Bonn-based Bafin, said in a speech in Frankfurt yesterday....

Bafin said this week it is investigating currency trading, joining regulators in the U.K., U.S. and Switzerland, who are examining whether traders at the world’s largest banks colluded to manipulate the WM/Reuters rates, used by money managers to determine the value of holdings in different currencies.

At least a dozen firms have been contacted by authorities and more than 13 traders suspended, fired or put on leave in the currency case....

“The financial sector is dependent on the common trust that it is efficient and at the same time, honest. The central benchmark rates seemed to be beyond any doubt, and now there is the allegation they may have been manipulated.”

The "Banker Suicide" Epidemic began Occuring just Ten Days Later

British, German, American and Swiss regulators are now openly cracking down on the banking cartel. This is only one part of a massive effort to defeat the Cabal that we have been steadily documenting on this site.

Based on what we have shared in many articles here in the David's Blog section of divinecosmos.com, as well as in our epic e-book Financial Tyranny with over 1.6 million views, there is undoubtedly much more yet to come.

The NSA revelations appear to be part of this greater plan as well, for reasons we have not yet entirely disclosed.

Not surprisingly, right after these probes expanded into gold, silver, other metals and currency - essentially everything left after LIBOR - we had a rash of "banker suicides."

This began only ten days after Germany made the official announcement.

Read the full story at: DivineCosmos

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Gaza Conflict Reduces UN Spokesman To Tears
July 31 July 2014 | From: TVNZ / Telegraph

A video clip showing a UN spokesman breaking down at the end of an interview about Gaza reveals the toll the conflict has taken on all involved.

Former BBC reporter Chris Gunness was reduced to sobs as he discussed the latest deaths of Palestinian children in a Gaza school.

A video clip showing a UN spokesman breaking down at the end of an interview about Gaza reveals the toll the conflict has taken on all involved.

Former BBC reporter Chris Gunness was reduced to sobs as he discussed the latest deaths of Palestinian children in a Gaza school.

In the television interview with Al Jazeera, Gunness fights back tears and condemns the attack.

“The rights of Palestinians - even their children - are wholesale denied. And it's appalling," he said.

Israeli tank shells slammed into a school where the UN was sheltering more than 3,000 Gazans who had fled their homes in fear.

16 people died and more than 90 were injured, taking the death toll to 1,336.

Mr Gunness, a former BBC reporter now working for the UN's Relief and Works Agency, had spent the day examining evidence and describing yet another attack on one of its sites.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon condemned the school attack as "outrageous" and "unjustifiable," and demanded an immediate humanitarian cease-fire in the war between Israel and Hamas.

“Nothing is more shameful than attacking sleeping children," Ban said. "I condemn this attack in the strongest possible terms."

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Obama Could Be Impeached, White House Aide Says
July 27 2014 | From: USAtoday

A top aide to President Obama said it's possible that Obama could be impeached by the Republican-controlled House of Representatives.

House Speaker John Boehner's decision to proceed with a lawsuit against the president has "opened the door" to the third presidential impeachment in the nation's history, Senior Adviser Dan Pfeiffer told reporters at a Friday breakfast sponsored by the Christian Science Monitor.

“Impeachment is a very serious thing that has been bandied about by the recent Republican vice presidential nominee and others in a very un-serious way," he said, referring to former Alaska governor Sarah Palin. "We take it very seriously and I don't think it would be a good thing."

A CNN/ORC poll released Friday shows 35% of Americans favor impeachment, which is about the same support for efforts to impeach Presidents Clinton and George W. Bush. Pfeiffer noted that a majority of Republicans -- 57% -- favor impeaching Obama.

For the full story with video see: USAtoday

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Fraudcast News: You Will Believe What the Media Tells You To
July 26 2014 | From: TruthStreamMedia

Did you know that when Obama signed the 2013 NDAA, it effectively made government propaganda LEGAL for the first time since 1948 when the Smith-Mundt Act was passed (not that they weren't doing it anyway, but...ya know...the gloves are officially off).

"The people will believe what the media tells them they believe."
— George Orwell

"All news is lies and all propaganda is disguised as news."
— Willy Munzenberg (Stalin's propaganda chief)

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media."
— William Colby, former CIA director

"The media is a Counter-Intelligence organisation. The media backs every war. The role of the media and embedded historians is to surround the truth with a bodyguard of lies. "
— Greg Hallett

"The media tries to put a sad face on these things, painting them up as great human tragedies; but we all know the function of the media has never been to eliminate the evils of the world, no! Their job is to persuade us to accept those evils and get used to living with them. The powers that be want us to be passive observers."
— Burning Man, "Waking Life"

"Think of the press as a great keyboard on which the government can play."
— Joseph Goebbels, Nazi propaganda minister

"Newscasters who want to keep their careers afloat learn the fine art of evasion. We should never accuse them of doing a poor and sloppy job of reporting. If anything, with great skill they skirt around the most important points of a story. With much finesse they say a lot about very little, serving up heaps of junk news filled with so many empty calories and so few nutrients. Thus do they avoid offending those who wield politico-economic power. It is enough to take your breath away."
— Dr. Michael Parenti

"No one outside America any longer believes the US media or the US government... You can't believe a word the American media says. If they say anything correct, it's just an accident."
— Paul Craig Roberts

"Newspeak was the official language ... The purpose of Newspeak was not only to provide a medium of expression for the world-view and mental habits ... but to make all other modes of thought impossible. It was intended that when Newspeak had been adopted once and for all and Oldspeak forgotten, a heretical thought should be literally unthinkable."
— George Orwell

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Does Russia (And Humanity) Have A Future?
July 26 2014 | From: PaulCraigRoberts

The Russian government has finally realized that it has no Western “partners,” and is complaining bitterly about the propagandistic lies and disinformation issued without any evidence whatsoever against the Russian government by Washington, its European vassals, and presstitute media.

Perhaps the Russian government thought that only Iraq, Libya, Syria, China, and Edward Snowden would be subjected to Washington’s lies and demonization.

It was obvious enough that Russia would be next.

The Russian government and Europe need to look beyond Washington’s propaganda, because the reality is much worse.


Notice how quickly Washington escalated the orchestrated Ukrainian “crisis” without any evidence into “Russian aggression.” Overnight we have the NATO commander and US senators taking actions against “Russian aggression” of which no one has seen any evidence.

With Iraq, Libya, and Syria, Washington learned that Washington could act on the basis of baldfaced lies. No one, not Great Britain, not France, not Germany, not Italy, not the Netherlands, not Canada, not Australia, not Mexico, not New Zealand, not Israel, nor Japan, nor S. Korea, nor Taiwan, nor (substitute your selection) stepped forward to hold Washington accountable for its blatant lies and war crimes.

The UN even accepted the package of blatant and obviously transparent lies that Colin Powell delivered to the UN. Everything Powell said had already been refuted by the UN’s own weapons inspectors. Yet the UN pussies gave the go-ahead for a devastating war.

The only conclusion is that all the whores were paid off. The whores can always count on Washington paying them off. For money the whores are selling out civilization to Washington’s war, which likely will be nuclear and terminate life on earth. The whores’ money will incinerate with them.

It is hardly surprising that Washington now targets Russia. The world has given Washington carte blanche to do as it pleases. We have now had three administrations of US war criminals welcomed and honored wherever the war criminals go. The other governments in the world continue to desire invitations to the White House as indications of their worth. To be received by war criminals has become the highest honor.

Read the full story at: PaulCraigRoberts

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Obama Calls For Collectivised New World Order
July 26 2014 | From: RedFlagNews / Infowars

"People are anxious.... the old order isn’t holding"

During a fundraiser in Seattle this week, President Barack Obama called for a “new order” based around a collectivized system in order to quell people’s concerns about geopolitical strife and the economy.

“People are anxious. Now, some of that has to do with some big challenges overseas,” said Obama, adding, “But whether people see what’s happening in Ukraine, and Russia’s aggression towards its neighbors in the manner in which it’s financing and arming separatists; to what’s happened in Syria … to the failure in Iraq for Sunni and Shia and Kurd to compromise … to what’s happening in Israel and Gaza….”

“Part of people’s concern is just the sense that around the world the old order isn’t holding and we’re not quite yet to where we need to be in terms of a new order that’s based on a different set of principles, that’s based on a sense of common humanity, that’s based on economies that work for all people. …

But here in the United States, what people are also concerned about is the fact that although the economy has done well in the aggregate, for the average person it feels as if incomes, wages just haven’t gone up; that people, no matter how hard they work, they feel stuck.”

Read the full story at: Infowars

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Government Of Ukraine Collapses
July 25 2014 | From: PaulCraigRoberts

Today the Ukrainian government resigned. The prime minister Yatsenyuk, or "Yat" as affectionately called by Victoria Nuland who put Yat into office, resigned along with the entire Cabinet.

The parliament refused to vote the harsh conditions demanded by the IMF. I am not sure what this means.

Perhaps it is just a tactic to force the parliament to do as the IMF says. Or perhaps Yat, Washington's stooge, has realized that IMF or no IMF, Ukraine's economy is imploding and wants to get out of the blame.

The point for now is that I checked the BBC, the New York Times, and CNN and there is not one word about the collapse of the government of Ukraine.

I did notice that the BBC, now a reliable element of Washington's Ministry of Propaganda, reported, as if it were true, State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf's claim that the Russian military is shelling Ukrainian forces.

When Harf tried this out today on a roomful of journalists, they laughed her out of the room. Evidence, evidence! they demanded. "Why," Harf was asked, do you think something is made true by you saying it!?"

So, as usual, real news is missing from the Western press, but fake news is reported.

Professor Michael Chossudovsky has provided an account of the collapse of the Ukrainian government on Global Research.

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US Intelligence: No Evidence Russia Did It
July 24 2014 | From: PaulCraigRoberts

After days of placing hostile blame for the downing of the Malaysian airliner on Russia, the White House permitted US intelligence officials to tell reporters that there is no evidence of the Russian government’s involvement.

Also see: White House ‘Leak’: Ukraine Did It

Obviously, the US satellite photos do not support the Obama regime’s lies. If the White House had any evidence of Russian complicity, it would have released it to great fanfare days ago.

We are fortunate that the analytical side of the CIA, in contrast with the black ops side, retains analysts with integrity even after the purge of the agency ordered by Dick Cheney. Incensed that the CIA did not immediately fall in line with all of the Bush regime’s war lies, Cheney had the agency purged.

The black ops side of the agency is a different story. Many believe that it should be defunded and abolished as this part of the CIA operates in violation of statutory US law.

Don’t hold your breath until Washington abolishes black-ops operations or the Obama regime apologizes to the Russian government for the unfounded accusations and insinuations leveled by the White House at Russia.

Also see: U.S. Admits Its MH17 ‘Evidence’ is Based on YouTube Clips & Social Media Posts

Read the full story at: PaulCraigRoberts

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Discussions Detailing The US / Nazi / Zionist / Cabal Plans For A Pre-Emptive Nuclear Strike On Russia
July 24 2014 | From: Youtube

An excellent video compilation of discussions (23m): RT details US Kill Lists for Europe, an expozay from the Economic Advisor to the Russian President that cuts right through the US PR / media deception, explaining how Washington D.C. is in control of the Ukraine along with the duplicitous statements from Obama / Washington D.C. and their control over mainstream media.

Obama's doublespeak is exposed, along with details of the global military grid the Cabalists are attempting to impose.

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New Zealand Member Of Parliament Is Concerned The Reserve Bank Of New Zealand Is Overseas-Owned
July 22 2014 | From: NZNewswire / Yahoo

NZ First leader Winston Peters is trying to laugh off a 'serious misconception' held by one of his MPs

See also: International Ownership of New Zealand Banks - Who Owns New Zealand's Banks?

Asenati Lole-Taylor said in a Facebook post on Tuesday she was concerned about 90 per cent of New Zealand's banks being foreign-owned.

"Especially the Reserve Bank," she said.

Questioned about this by another Facebook user, who said the Reserve Bank was owned by the government, Ms Lole-Taylor responded:

"No, it's not. Our Reserve Bank is run by overseas bankers."

Mr Peters told reporters he didn't consider her comments were "strictly accurate" and veered off into criticism of the profits New Zealand's banks make.

"And who owns the US Federal Bank, you don't know, do you," he said before walking off.

Comment: Thanks Winston - Have you just confirmed without a doubt that you are bought and paid for?

See also: International Ownership of New Zealand Banks - Who Owns New Zealand's Banks?

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TPP Risks A Weaker Global Trading System, Says Ex-World Trade Organisation Head
July 21 2014 | From: NationalBusinessReview

Comment: Why is the head of the WTO now making such comments about the TPP Agreement?

Also, it is interesting to note that Mike Moore (a politician from New Zealand) has also served both as Prime Minister of New Zealand and Director-General of the World Trade Organization. He is the current New Zealand Ambassador to the United States.

The World Trade Organisation, along with the World Bank and the the International Monetary Fund and the Bank for International Settlements, forcibly integrate minor countries of the world into the globalist NWO cabal system.

Also see: The Truth About Free Trade and Free Trade Agreements

The Trans-Pacific Partnership is a step backwards to the days before the World Trade Organisation when the the US and Europe controlled the global trading system to the detriment of developing economies, says a former director-general of the WTO, Supachai Panitchpakdi of Thailand.

In New Zealand for a meeting of the honorary advisers to the Asia-New Zealand Foundation, Supachai told BusinessDesk in an interview that Asian economies had more to gain by pursuing the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), which includes China and India but not the US, than TPP, which he described as a "US-centric" trade deal.

New Zealand is one of three countries that initiated the TPP concept and has committed substantial resources to its negotiation, but it only gained momentum once the US became a member of the 12-country grouping seeking a new set of trade rules for an Asia-Pacific trade bloc.

The US and Europe are also negotiating a TPP-style deal, known as TTIP (Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership).

"TTIP amd TTP together could drive the world back into the old days before the WTO was conceived, a world trading system predominated by major trading nations, which was something I thought we tried to adjust with the more democratic participation of membership of the WTO,"

- said Supachai, who was director-general of the WTO from 2002 to 2005, immediately after former New Zealand prime minister Mike Moore.

New Zealand belongs to both TPP and RCEP, which was initiated in 2012, and is part of the four year-old Association of South-East Asian Nations Free Trade Area (AFTA), most of whose members are involved in both TTP and RCEP.

"For me, the priority should be for Asia to move in the direction of RCEP," said Supachai. "If there should be a need for the US to join in or others, it should be in the context of RCEP."

As secretary-general of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) between 2005 and 2013, Supachai also oversaw analysis of the North American Free Trade Agreement, which found that Mexico had done poorly from the deal while the developed economies in NAFTA - the US and Canada - had benefited.

"At UNCTAD, we pointed out that for a developing country that joins a regional agreement with major, much more advanced economies, they are not easily going to gain much."

That risk existed with TPP, which would be "mainly driven by the major players of the world trade system to set up very forward-looking, very avant garde" rules in areas that less developed economies would struggle to accommodate. These included intellectual property restrictions that could thwart the availability of affordable universal healthcare and rules requiring privatisation of state-owned enterprises with certain timeframes.

TPP negotiations have stalled for more than a year on such sticking points.

"TPP is US-centric," said Supachai.

"It leaves the question as to what would the rest of the membership of the TPP be able to contribute fairly to the outcome? My general basic principle on the two so-called mega-deals (TPP and TTIP) is that we have to be a bit cautious about the way we are practicing regionalism these days. I'm open-minded, but regionalism should ultimately prove to strengthen the multi-lateral processes."

Regional trade deals have become increasingly commonly pursued as the global process overseen by the WTO has failed over the last 13 years of the so-called "Doha Round" negotiations to produce a new global trade agreement.

The RCEP initiative was better suited to bolstering Asian economies' growing role in the world economy, said Supachai.

"RCEP is more ASEAN-centric and, for better or worse, ASEAN has a good record of expanding trade. Intra-ASEAN trade is now 53 to 54 percent," he said. "This is only lower than Europe, which is 70 to 80 percent."

New trade agreements needed to be favourable to Asia if only because of the region's status as a "global public good."

We are the ones now generating more than half of world growth and 67 percent of world trade and the area has been excessively accumulating financial reserves," said Supachai. "That's why RCEP is important. TPP comes in between."

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The Israeli Government Is The Most Anti-Semitic Organisation On The Face Of The Earth: Enough Of The Zionist Satanism
July 18 2014 | From: MaxIgan

Max Igan on Gaza - The Killing Must Stop!

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Was The Malaysian Airplane The Wrong Plane? Was Putin’s Plane The Real Target?
July 18 2014 | From: AotearoaAWiderPerspective

According to Dutch News paper de Telegraaf the airplane of President Putin was in the same airspace as the Malaysian airplane either shortly before or after it got shot down according to an anonymous source.

According to Dutch News paper de Telegraaf the airplane of President Putin was in the same airspace as the Malaysian airplane either shortly before or after it got shot down according to an anonymous source.

According to the article which appeared on the site at 21:15 local time meaning 7:15 NZ time the two planes are very similar and Putin was returning home from the BRIC meeting where a new international investment bank and emergency fund has been set up to compete with the Western international financial institutions.

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Nazionist Mafia Circles The Wagons As Investigations Zero In On Bush / Netanyahu
July 17 2014 | From: BenjaminFulford

The recent brutality by Israel in the Gaza strip, the emergence of the ISIS caliphate in Iraq and the troubles in the Ukraine can now be traced to the same source: the Nazionists.

Read more about the Rand Corporation here.

Let us start with the ISIS campaign. Here is what MI5 and other intelligence agencies have been able to put together recently: ISIS is controlled by the CIA/RAND Corporation from headquarters in the US Embassy in Ankara, Turkey. This supports earlier claims from separate sources that an outfit known as the Jamestown Foundation runs CIA training bases in Turkey.

ISIS also has its own nuclear capability outside of any formal government control, the sources say. In addition, it has been determined that the satellite communications used by ISIS are controlled out of Jerusalem. At the same time, the ISIS drones are run out of the US military base of Fort Huachuca in Arizona.

Furthermore, genuine Muslims in Iraq are saying the ISIS fighters “do not look like Muslims and do not act like Muslims.”
The locals are also very suspicious of theAmerican SUVs and American equipment they are using, according to Green dragon society sources. So, ISIS is beginning to look suspiciously like a re-branding of the Nazi affiliated Muslim Brotherhood and an attempt to seize Middle Eastern oil the Arab spring failed to seize.

Now let us take a look at the situation in Israel. Here we have a campaign that started with mutual kidnapping and murder (either real or faked) between Palestinians and Israelis. Next we have Mossad’s Hamas subsidiary firing missiles at Israel to reignite the long nurtured paranoia among the brainwashed Jewish population of Israel. Then we have the Israeli army attacking the Gaza strip in much the same way as the Nazis once attacked the Warsaw Ghetto.

Now let us go to the Ukraine. There, as our sources in Russia point out, an English speaking mercenary army kicked out a legitimate government and installed a puppet regime that immediately began provocations against Russia and Russian speakers inside the Ukraine. The mercenaries further threatened to cut off the gas pipeline linking Russia to Germany. They, like ISIS, also claim to have non-government controlled nuclear weapons. This campaign is also being run by the Rand Corporation, according to multiple sources.

It is no surprise then that the German government has ordered the head of the CIA Nazi / Bush faction in Germany out of the country and has begun a purge of CIA assets in Germany. Furthermore, a Russian intelligence source told the WDS they had issued a warning they were going to attack the Crimean capital of Kiev with Nuclear weapons if the puppet regime took over the Russian speaking Ukrainian city of Donetsk. The WDS then informed the Russians there would be no sanctions if they went ahead and annexed the Russian speaking portions of the Ukraine.

In addition to this, the White Dragon Society received e-mails believed also to originate with the same Nazionist Rand Corporation threatening to “magnetic pulsing and nuclear false flags South of Beijing and in South East Asia, courtesy of the CIA.”

So, apart from grabbing key energy pressure points, what is the Nazi Rand Corporation trying to accomplish with nuclear threats in the Ukraine, the Middle East and China? Why has Israel begun such a vicious campaign?

We need to go back a few years to the February 2011 when Admiral Thad Allen of the Rand Corporation, together with a large group of Congressmen, visited New Zealand to ask for use of either the South Island or Tasmania as a residence for a group of about 1 million Sabbatean mafia members who wanted to escape from the United States. New Zealand refused and was hit by a massive earthquake just after Allen and the Congressmen left.

Japan was also hit by a massive tsunami and earthquake on March 11, 2011 when they refused to allow these same would be refugees to live in the Northern Island of Hokkaid, according to Japanese military intelligence and other sources.

Now, we have Congressmen, engineers for 911 truth, and others creating an unstoppable groundswell demanding a real investigation of the 911 attack. If an official investigation begins, it will lead inevitably to the uncovering of the thorough infiltration and usurping of the US government by this mafia. The end result is that it is they who will end up in the FEMA concentration camps they created for their intended victims.

Remember, Thad Allen was in charge of the hurricane Katrina weather warfare attack on New Orleans that was run as an exercise to see if a natural disaster could be used as a way to get Americans (in this case almost exclusively African Americans) into a concentration camp.

Fortunately for us, it seems that Thad Allen and his like are not the only ones with weather warfare weapons. Last week a “once in decades super-typhoon” was headed for Tokyo when it suddenly vanished. It never hit. Something wiped it out.

Both the alternative and corporate media hyped up this storm enormously before it hit and shut up entirely when it just vanished. This has now happened multiple times.

The WDS and its allies will also stop any attempts by the cabal to use HAARP and other such technology to blow up the Yellowstone super-volcano or cause any other man made “natural disaster” mass casualty vents.

So, now that we are getting a critical mass of Americans who are waking up to what was done to them, and demanding justice, they confront very dangerous and cornered beast but they will find they have many powerful friends around the world who are fighting the very same creature.

Speaking about the rest of the world, here we are seeing more and more good news by the day. This week the BRICS nations will be having their summit and formally launching the BRICS Bank and BRICS financial stabilization fund. They will be also be promoting a “multi-polar” world instead of a fascist, centralized New World Order.

In Indonesia, the most heavily populated nation in the world, Joko Widodo, an honest non-cabal candidate supported by the 177 nation BRICS alliance, won a decisive victory over his cabal opponent.

Meanwhile the Vatican, once a nest of Satanists, is continuing to clean up its house and become genuinely Christian again. The Vatican bank has shut down over 3000 accounts used by the Sabbateans in the past to bribe and control senior politicians around the world. The Vatican P2 Freemason lodge is now saying the final obstacle to the new financial system is the “Bush Khazarians [Sabbateans]. ”

In addition, the pope is admitting, as a precursor to a major purge, things like the fact about 2% of the Catholic clergy are pedophiles. He also hinting the church will end the practice of celibacy.

In England the Sabbatean / Nazionist pedophile and associated blackmail network in the Parliament is also being purged.

Also, something seems to be going on with the British Royal Family. News reports are saying that Queen Elizabeth has ordered Prince Charles to divorce Camela Parker Bowles.

Our MI6 sources are saying the next King of England will be neither Charles nor his eldest son William but rather Harold, whose father is not Charles. That would mean England will have a King Harold for the first time since 1066.

Finally, the gnostic illuminati mysteriously promised the WDS last week they were “going to write a new chapter of the bible.”

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Former Al-Qaeda Commander: ISIS Works For The CIA
July 15 2014 | From: Infowars

Nabil Na’eem, the founder of the Islamic Democratic Jihad Party and former top al-Qaeda commander, told the Beirut-based pan-Arab TV station al-Maydeen all current al-Qaeda affiliates, including ISIS, work for the CIA.

Jihadist groups part of "Clean Break" plan to balkanize Middle East

“What I want to tell you, the efforts of all Islamic countries, Sunni and Shiites, must combine to eradicate these groups because these groups are the claws of colonialism in the region,” Na’eem said.

Na’eem said ISIS, now IS or the Islamic State, is part of the neocon and Israeli “Clean Break” plan to balkanize the Arab and Muslim Middle East.

The conflict is designed to be “an endless war” that “exhausts Saudi resources and its monies, and it exhausts Iran resources and its monies, like what they did during the days of Saddam in Iraq (with Iran).”

For the full story + video visit: Infowars

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Get Ready: Head Of World’s Most Powerful Bank Issues Ominous Warning
July 15 2014 | From: RumourMillNews | This story also now on RT

Most people have never heard of Jaime Caruana even though he is the head of an immensely powerful organization. He has been serving as the General Manager of the Bank for International Settlements since 2009, and he will continue in that role until 2017

The Bank for International Settlements is a rather boring name, and very few people realize that it is at the very core of our centrally-planned global financial system. So when Jaime Caruana speaks, people should listen.

And the fact that he recently warned that the global financial system is currently “more fragile” in many ways than it was just prior to the collapse of Lehman Brothers should set off all sorts of alarm bells.

Speaking of the financial markets, Caruana ominously declared that “it is hard to avoid the sense of a puzzling disconnect between the markets’ buoyancy and underlying economic developments globally” and he noted that “markets can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent”.

In other words, he is saying what I have been saying for so long. The behavior of the financial markets has become completely divorced from economic reality, and at some point there is going to be a massive correction.

So why would the head of ‘the central bank of the world’ choose this moment to issue such a chilling warning?

Does he know something that the rest of us do not?

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New Zealand Has Zombie Towns That Need To Close — Economist
July 14 2014 | From: NationalBusinessReview

[ New Zealand Definitely Has Zombie Economists ]

"It’s horrible to say but yes we have zombie towns and some of them do have to close. And you know it’s going to be devastating for those communities but it will be better for New Zealand if we target our resources in places that have some hope of growing and creating prosperity."

Excerpt: Lisa Owen interviews NZIER principal economist Shamubeel Eaqub about his new book Growing Apart

Lisa Owen: Your book points out there is this huge range of incomes from region to region and you compare some of them to overseas countries, some have the dubious honour of being compared to Greece. Talk me through some of those examples.

Shamubeel Eaqub: Yeah I think in a way we have so much conversation in New Zealand about New Zealand but when you scratch beneath the surface we’re really different. Places like Northland look more like Timor and if we look at places like Orakei in Auckland it’s more like Switzerland, incredibly rich. And those divergences are not new but the gaps are growing.

It’s horrible to say but yes we have zombie towns and some of them do have to close. And you know it’s going to be devastating for those communities but it will be better for New Zealand if we target our resources in places that have some hope of growing and creating prosperity.

Read the full interview at: NationalBusinessReview

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‘Blood On Your Hands’: Former New York Times Editor Blows The Whistle On How Obama Really Handles The Media
July 13 2014 | From: IJReview

In January of 2014, former New York Times Executive Editor Jill Abramson described the Obama administration as “the most secretive White House she’s ever dealt with.”

Then, during a speech Wednesday at the Chautauqua Institution, Abramson revealed to the audience even more insider information on how Obama officials handle the media, according to Newsbusters.

“I have heard Obama officials say more than once, ‘You will have blood on your hands if you publish this story,”

It’s a question of balancing competing interests, the government’s claims versus the public’s right to know. “When someone says, ‘You’ll have blood on your hands,’ you pause and take it very seriously,”

Next, Abramson explained how her views shifted after 9/11. Because President Bush’s former Press Secretary Ari Fleischer requested that the NY Times and other major media outlets not publish sources or methods the intelligence community was using after the attacks took place. Her publication followed the order for a “few years.”

However, they eventually went against it by running a story about warrantless wiretapping of suspected terrorist contacts.

Abramson then pointed out a big difference between President Bush and President Obama. She said Bush never launched any investigations after they leaked the story, but that Obama has launched eight criminal investigations into whistleblowers’ actions.

In addition, Abramson exposed the Obama Administration for their secret subpoenaing of phone and email records of reporters at Fox News and the Associated Press.

As far the origin of the “blood on your hands” remark, according to Abramson, one of the individuals she heard it from was Obama’s Director of National Intelligence James Clapper. Abramson shared an experience in which Clapper argued with her over the phone about a potential story.

Clapper claimed the story could hinder efforts to stop a terrorist plot and told Abramson she would have “blood on her hands” if she published it. Abramson responded by agreeing to Clapper’s request.

For one reason or another, telling someone that publishing a story would cause them to have blood on their hands seems as logical as prosecuting a gun for murder. And, it’s pretty telling when an influential liberal like Abramson helps put to rest Obama’s bogus claim that he would have “the most transparent administration ever.”

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Whistleblower: Ultimate Aim Of The NSA Is Total Population Control
July 13 2014 | From: RT

NSA Stores 80% Of All Phone Calls, Not Just Metadata - Full Audio

At least 80 percent of all audio calls are gathered and stored by the NSA, whistleblower William Binney has revealed. The former code-breaker says the spy agency’s ultimate aim is no less than total population control.

The National Security Agency lies about what it stores, said William Binney, one of the highest profile whistleblowers to ever emerge from the NSA, at a conference in London organized by the Center for Investigative Journalism on July 5. Binney left the agency shortly after the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center because he was disgusted at the organizations move towards public surveillance.

“At least 80 percent of fiber-optic cables globally go via the US,” Binney said. “This is no accident and allows the US to view all communication coming in. At least 80 percent of all audio calls, not just metadata, are recorded and stored in the US. The NSA lies about what it stores.”

Binney has no evidence to substantiate his claims as he did not take any documents with him when he left the NSA. However, he insists the organization is untruthful about its intelligence gathering practices and their ultimate aim. He says that recent Supreme Court decisions have led him to believe the NSA won’t stop until it has complete control over the population.

"The ultimate goal of the NSA is total population control,” Binney said, “but I’m a little optimistic with some recent Supreme Court decisions, such as law enforcement mostly now needing a warrant before searching a smartphone.”

During his speech at the conference, Binney praised spy-turned-whistleblower Edward Snowden for disseminating the classified documents that revealed the NSA’s global spy programs. The latest revelations showed that contrary to the NSA’s claims, the majority of information the agency gathers is from ordinary citizens with no connection to terrorism.

NSA gathered 'startlingly intimate' data on ordinary citizens, Snowden data reveals

Washington has defended its spy programs, claiming that the NSA targets individuals with connections to known terrorist groups to thwart attacks. Binney said this was a lie and the NSA had stopped “zero attacks” with its intelligence gathering programs.

One of the main factors that has allowed the NSA to increase its spy programs is the lack of oversight in the US, argues Binney. In particular, he took issue with the Foreign Surveillance Court (FISA), which oversees the issue of search warrants against people suspected of terrorism. Binney believes the court is meaningless and always sides with the US government.

“The Fisa court has only the government’s point of view,” he said. “There are no other views for the judges to consider. There have been at least 15-20 trillion constitutional violations for US domestic audiences and you can double that globally.”

Revelations about US global spy programs have sparked mass indignation, with one American judge saying the surveillance was almost Orwellian in nature. German Chancellor Angela Merkel also compared US intelligence policy to the antics of the Stasi secret police in the former East Germany.

Federal judge says NSA's phone surveillance program is likely unconstitutional

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Germany Expels CIA Berlin Chief Over NSA Spying
July 11 2014 | From: RT

Germany is expelling the CIA chief in Berlin in retaliation for the latest espionage scandals 'in addition to existing issues'. Two suspected US agents have been exposed in the past week, prompting criticism from German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

The expulsion comes shortly after the alleged US agents were unmasked, suspected of acting as double agents within the state security apparatus, and passing secrets to US intelligence contacts.

The move was “a reaction to persistent failure to work together in efforts towards clarification,” according to the chief of the Parliamentary Control Panel.

The two new cases, which came in quick succession of one another, increase the strain on already tense relations after the revelations made about the extent of global NSA espionage in June, 2013.

Merkel criticized the spy’s presence in Germany, stating that when common sense is switched on, “spying is ultimately a waste of force,” reported Der Spiegle.

She added that in 21st century intelligence work, there should be a strong focus on the essentials rather than that which is just technically possible – to the point that “one can’t see the wood because of all the trees,” Merkel said.

"The order arose against the backdrop of the ongoing investigation by the General Prosecutor's Office, in addition to existing issues in recent months surrounding the actions of US intelligence agencies in Germany,” said the document.

The US stated on Thursday that it was imperative that the two nations continued to cooperate on intelligence and security matters.

"We have seen these reports and have no comment on a purported intelligence matter. However, our security and intelligence relationship with Germany is a very important one and it keeps Germans and Americans safe," White House spokeswoman Caitlin Hayden told Reuters.

"It is essential that cooperation continue in all areas and we will continue to be in touch with the German government in appropriate channels," she added.

At the same time, the US government’s representatives refused to comment on the news from Germany.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said he would not comment on Germany's decision because “any sort of comment on any reported intelligence acts would put at risk US assets, US personnel and the United States national security.”

"I don't want you to come away from this exchange thinking we take this matter lightly," he said, adding that the US and Germany continue to have a strong partnership.

The State Department spokeswoman, Jen Psaki, also declined to comment on the development.

“Our relationship with Germany is extremely important,” she said. “We’ll continue our dialogue through senior officials in the days and weeks ahead.”

A 31-year-old intelligence officer was arrested last week, and further reports on Wednesday indicated that a German soldier was also being investigated.

According to German newspaper Die Welt, the soldier was said to have made “intensive contacts” with alleged US intelligence officials, and had been under surveillance by Military Intelligence (MAD) for some time.

The US has not yet denied allegations that the German intelligence official was passing classified information to the NSA.

In a report published on Monday, two unidentified government officials told Reuters of the CIA’s involvement in the operation, which led to the recruitment of the 31-year-old suspected spy, who is now in the custody of German officials.

The man was alleged to have passed the Americans 218 secret documents in exchange for € 25,000 ($34,100), and having been a double agent for them for two years through meetings with his contact in Austria and passing on secret documents on a USB stick.

Last October, Merkel was enraged to learn she was allegedly on the NSA’s tapping list since 2002. The Chancellor called the alleged spying, which became known thanks to Edward Snowden’s leaks, "unacceptable."

A German parliamentary committee has since been holding hearings on the NSA’s spying activities in Germany.

“It’s very embarrassing for the political leaders in Germany to have Americans spying on the Chancellor, or Americans spying on the Defense Ministry, or Americans spying on the German Intelligence service, or on the parliamentary investigations – it’s a big embarrassment for the German political elite,” German investigative journalist John Goetz told RT.

"Germany is under a lot of pressure...not to do something. From German standards, they did quite a lot..." he said.

“The German and American security systems are so interwoven you can’t even separate them – they’re basically the same infrastructure, the same architecture of security. So, if Germany was to say they don’t want to, it’s very hard for them not to because there are so many institutions that are interwoven.”

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Journalists Accuse White House Of Politically-Driven Suppression Of News
July 10 2014 | From: BroadcastingCable

Over three dozen journalist organizations including the Radio Television Digital News Association, National Press Foundation, and the Society of Professional Journalists, have asked the President to drop the "excessive controls" on public information by federal agencies, branding it "politically driven suppression of news and information about federal agencies."

There has been an ongoing tension between broadcast, print and online journalists and the Obama administration, with complaints that the Administration has limited access to events, while providing its own "coverage" through official channels.

In a letter to President Obama, the groups complained about policies that require journalists to go through public information officers (PIOs) before talking with staff and that have PIOs vetting interview questions and monitoring interviews with sources.

"You recently expressed concern that frustration in the country is breeding cynicism about democratic government," the letter began. "You need look no further than your own administration for a major source of that frustration – politically driven suppression of news and information about federal agencies. We call on you to take a stand to stop the spin and let the sunshine in."

“The practices have become more and more pervasive throughout America, preventing information from getting to the public in an accurate and timely matter,” said David Cuillier, president of the Society of Professional Journalists, in announcing the letter. “The president pledged to be the most transparent in history. He can start by ending these practices now.”

Among the general practices the groups identify, saying some consider it censorship, are:

"Officials blocking reporters’ requests to talk to specific staff people;

"Excessive delays in answering interview requests that stretch past reporters’ deadlines;

"Officials conveying information 'on background,' refusing to give reporters what should be public information unless they agree not to say who is speaking.

"Federal agencies blackballing reporters who write critically of them."

The letter also cited a host of specific examples of those practices.

The White House had not responded to a request for comment at press time.

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Merkel’s Mad: German Leader Indignant Over ‘Serious’ US Spying Allegations
July 7 2014 | From: RT

Interesting developments off the back of observations that Germany too, now is not listening to the lies of the well-bankrupt Zionist / Nazi driven United States regime.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said allegations of a German working as a double agent for the US intelligence are “serious” and if proven correct contradict the spirit of bilateral cooperation.

Germany arrests suspected 'double agent' for working for US - report

Merkel on Monday joined in a chorus of German politicians voicing their concern over the arrest of a German intelligence employee for allegedly spying for the US.

If the reports are correct it would be a serious case," Reuters cited Merkel as saying. "If the allegations are true, it would be for me a clear contradiction as to what I consider to be trusting cooperation between agencies and partners."

Berlin is now waiting for explanations from the White House. German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said Sunday that giving prompt clarification of the details in the case was in the “US’s own interest.” Earlier, US Ambassador to Germany John B. Emerson was summoned to the German Foreign Office.

Washington has not yet commented on the matter, however.

Despite the uproar the double agent scandal has caused among German politicians, the government in Berlin has been quick to assure Washington that the issue will not affect ongoing talks on a free trade deal between the European Union and United States.

"The Americans are important partners for Germany including of course in economic terms, so the TTIP (Translatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) talks ... are not in question or in doubt," government spokeswoman Christiane Wirtz said, Reuters reported.

A 31-year-old German foreign intelligence agency (BND) employee has reportedly confessed to having spied for the US for two years. He was allegedly arrested when he tried to also sell some of the information he possessed to Russian intelligence.

US-German relations already suffered a significant blow last October, when NSA’s large-scale surveillance on Germany was revealed due to documents leaked by Edward Snowden. That was when Chancellor Merkel found out she was not immune to snooping by the US.

The case has been investigated by a German parliamentary committee. Some of the classified materials from the hearings reportedly were part of the documents stolen by the suspected double agent. This fact enraged German MPs.

"If the suspicion of espionage is confirmed, that would be an outrageous attack on our parliamentary freedom," said Thomas Oppermann, the parliamentary leader of the SPD party, a coalition partner of Merkel’s Christian Democrats.

Germany is particularly sensitive to surveillance issues because of abuses by the Nazis and by the East German Stasi. After Snowden’s revelations activists in Berlin staged multiple protests against US mass spying. They’ve also accused Angela Merkel of too weak a response to the spying scandal.

Germany offered the United States to sign a bilateral no-spy agreement, but so far the White House has refused.

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The Malfeasant Globalist Announcement To "Evolve New Zealand’s Currency"
July 5 2014 | From: TheReserveBankOfNewZealand

Or: How The Rothschild-Controlled Reserve Bank Of New Zealand Announces Plans To Update Now Worthless Fiat Currency Debt Note Currency Designs

If you haven't done your homework already and do not realise that we are encumbered and enslaved within a criminal banking system run by a private central banking framework then woe be to you.

The rest of this article is directly from the "banks" mouth. Most of the staff at the RBNZ are not even aware enough to register the globalist directives that flow through their superiors.

There are not many wake-up-call opportunities left.

New Banknotes Next Step In NZ Currency Evolution

A speech delivered to the Royal Numismatic Society in Wellington

New Zealand’s currency will take another significant evolutionary step next year when modernised banknotes with more advanced security features are introduced, Reserve Bank Deputy Governor Geoff Bascand said in a speech today.

In a speech titled The evolution of New Zealand’s currency, Mr Bascand said the Reserve Bank is committed to meeting New Zealand’s future currency needs.

“While other means of payment keep growing, cash remains in strong demand, and we need to keep it current and viable for its users.”

“Security features and the technology for designing and printing banknotes have advanced considerably since the current banknote series was first issued in the early 1990s. While counterfeiting rates in New Zealand are low compared to the rest of the world, we need to stay one step ahead of the game.”

Mr Bascand said the Reserve Bank’s project to upgrade and improve the security of New Zealand’s banknotes is progressing well, and Canadian Bank Note Company (CBNC) has been selected to design and print New Zealand’s next series of banknotes.

“CBNC has a strong reputation for technologically advanced printing, and the Bank has confidence that it will deliver high quality banknotes which New Zealanders can continue to identify with and trust. CBNC currently manufactures New Zealand’s passports and prints the Bank of Canada’s banknotes,” Mr Bascand said.

The new banknotes will be the same size and denominations as the current series, and will continue to be made of a flexible polymer plastic. While the designs will be updated, the themes of the notes will remain the same, with the same New Zealanders, flora and fauna remaining central to the designs. The Bank expects to publicly release the ‘near final’ banknote designs in November, after they have been thoroughly tested.

Subject to successful testing, the new notes will be progressively released by denomination, likely starting in the fourth quarter of 2015. The new notes will co-circulate with the current notes for a period of time. Both the current series and new notes will be legal tender.
“The Reserve Bank will continue consultation with banknote equipment manufacturers and industry stakeholders in the lead-up to the release of the new notes, to ensure a smooth transition.”

Mr Bascand says the Bank is also evaluating new minting technologies which could allow coloured circulating coins, and is working with New Zealand Post to develop opportunities to mark next year’s Gallipoli centenary.

“Innovation is central to the New Zealand culture and important to the Reserve Bank. With this in mind, we will find new ways to celebrate New Zealand in our currency while preserving the core integrity, functionality and confidence in the product.”

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New Zealand 'Reintegrated' Into Five Eyes Global Spy Network After 2-Decade Absence
June 22 2014 | From: RT

Comment: This stated position is rather laughable, given so much of the information that has been leaked which directly involves New Zealand in the FVEY Network over the last decade, in the least.

It is well known that the key countries in the ECHELON/ FVEY network collaboraion (US / UK / Canada / Australia / New Zealand) all watch the communication data from each others' states - by way of the NSA hub that drives the system.

What this means is that each government can obfuscate their spook maneouvers or 'get around' their local legislation - if it still exists - that was ostensibly put in place to prevent them from spying on their own citizens.

It is very simple - when you have such an information sharing network; then if another county in the network is providing surveillance data regarding your own citizens - in 'legal' terms the local spooks get away scott free.

So if GCHQ (UK) is providing surveillance intel to the US (NSA) then, in legal terms the NSA has not spied on it's own people, legally. You can figure the other combinations out yourself.

The GCSB knows right now that you are reading this article, courtesy of the NSA. Have a great day!

The GCHQ "eye" facility of the British Ministry of Defence

New Zealand was welcomed back to the Five Eyes network after a two-decade absence in 2009, it has been revealed. The spy organization has been criticized for intercepting massive amounts of data about ordinary people and keeping tabs on governments.

Read more: New Zealand has direct access to US surveillance.

The office of the US Director of National Intelligence (DNI) confirmed that New Zealand had been absent from the spy alliance for two decades, although it refrained from explaining the reason for its break from the Five Eyes.

During New Zealander Prime Minister John Key’s visit to New York, DNI spokesman Brian Hale told Fairfax news agency that the “reintegration” happened in 2009 as it was believed it was "in the best interest of their nation and their group.

A wing of the New Zealand Defence House Headquarters, Wellington

The Five Eyes network was formed during WWII and includes the UK, US, Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

As part of the alliance, the Five Eyes shared intelligence gathered by their spy agencies to monitor the Soviet Union and Eastern bloc.

However, leaked documents by spy-turned-whistleblower Edward Snowden revealed the alliance’s mass indiscriminate monitoring of civilian communications across the globe. Snowden described the Five Eyes as an artifact of the post-WW2 era that has turned into “a supranational intelligence organization that doesn't answer to the laws of its own countries.”

When asked by press about New Zealand’s reintegration into the Five Eyes in 2009, Key said he was unaware of any such changes.

“I don't think that's right, but I remember there were some vague things,” he told Fairfax. "My understanding of it is that even through the challenging times of the relationship post the anti-nuclear legislation, New Zealand continued to be an active member of Five Eyes."

Snowden’s spy revelations triggered widespread skepticism of the New Zealand government’s collaboration with the US.

A recent poll carried out by Stuff.co.nz showed that over 70 percent of New Zealanders believe the United States was gathering information on them. In addition, over 60 percent of people asked do not believe the US should have the right to do so.

Read more: Kim Dotcom’s new IP address…Internet Party, that is.

Key has dismissed the survey’s findings, arguing that "if a New Zealander was training with a terrorist group in a foreign environment” then most New Zealanders would support surveillance. Last year parliament expanded the powers of New Zealander spy agency the Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB), allowing it to support the New Zealand police, Defense Force and the Security Intelligence Service.

The move proved very unpopular among New Zealanders, with elements of the opposition calling it a “death knell” for privacy rights. Key attributed the public alarm to “conspiracy” and “misinformation” orchestrated by the opposition and insisted the amendment was necessary to protect the country from multiple cyber-threats.

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi
Total US Debt Soars To Nearly $60 Trillion, Foreshadows New Recession
June 17 2014 | From: RT

Comment: The Cabal have made a successful job of manufacturing fake debts that are completely unaddressable - just what they wanted. This typically starts with IMF / World Bank loans which require asset sales as part of the deal. Sound familiar?

This is what happens when a country take out loans that are structured such as they can never be repaid and run a privately owned reserve banking system with no backing - and create fiat money out of thin air. Much has been written on this matter - such as this and this for example. Does anyone stop to think just to whom / what all this debt is owed?

America - its government, businesses, and people - are nearly $60 trillion in debt, according to the latest economic data from thethe St. Louis Federal Reserve. And private debt - not government borrowing - is the biggest reason for the huge deficit.

Total US debt at the end of the first quarter of 2014, on March 31 totaled almost $59.4 trillion - up nearly $500 billion from the end of the fourth quarter of 2013, according to the data. Total debt (the combination of government, business, mortgage, and consumer debt) was $2.2 trillion 40 years ago.

“In 50 short years, debt has gone from being a luxury for a few to a convenience for many to an addiction for most to a disease for all,” James Butler wrote in an Independent Voters Network (IVN) op-ed. “It is a virus that has spread to every aspect of our economy, from a consumer using a credit card to buy a $0.75 candy bar in a vending machine to a government borrowing $17 trillion to keep the lights on.”

Read the full story at: RT

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Richard Rockefeller Dead: Doctor Dies In Plane Crash, Aged 65
June 14 2014 | From: TheIndependent

Richard Rockefeller, the great-grandson of Standard Oil co-founder John D. Rockefeller, has died in a plane crash outside New York City, a family spokesman confirmed on Friday.

The doctor was the grandson of Standard Oil co-founder John D. Rockefeller and the son of the head of the Rockefeller family, David Rockefeller

The 65-year-old was the only person on board the single-engine aircraft when it took off from Westchester County Airport, in the US state of New York, just after 8am on Friday.

Spokesman Fraser Seitel described Mr Rockefeller as an experienced pilot whose death left the family in shock.

Weather was foggy and visibility was about a quarter-mile (400 meters) at the time of the crash, police and airport officials said at a news conference. Pilots of private planes make the decision about whether to fly in such conditions, officers said.

They added there was no indication of a mayday or problem before the plane went down.

The aircraft narrowly missed colliding with a house in the hamlet of Purchase to the west of the airstrip. The plane then hit some pine trees and crashed in a garden where it broke into many pieces upon impact. Chunks of the plan were strewn about the property, with some parts lodged in the surrounding vegetation.

The plane wreckage sits in the yard of a Purchase, NY. An emergency response was initiated after an FAA control tower was notified that the aircraft was missing from their radar.

The airport in Purchase was closed for a short time after the crash, with representatives from the Federal Aviation Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board expected to investigate the area.

Rockefeller is survived by his wife, Nancy, and their children, Clayton and Rebecca. The father of two had been working on a way to treat post-traumatic stress disorder in wounded war victims before he died, said Mr Seitel.

”It's a terrible tragedy,“ Mr Seitel said. ”Richard was a wonderful cherished son, brother, father and grandfather.“

Mr Rockefeller was the son of David Rockefeller –the former chairman and chief executive of Chase Manhattan Bank, now JPMorgan Chase. His father was a well-known philanthropist, and nephew of former Vice President Nelson A. Rockefeller, who also was governor of New York from 1959 to 1973.

Richard Rockefeller had eaten dinner with his father, David, in Westchester on Thursday, to celebrate the family patriarch's 99th birthday, Seitel said.

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Obama Cites Australia’s Gun Confiscation Program As Example For US
June 12 2014 | From: RT

Comment: Predictably, the recent wave of staged, false-flag shootings (Problem) in the US is besing used (Reaction) to try and strip away the last thing standing in the way of a martial law takeover of the infiltrated and corrupt US government.

An armed population is the only thing standing in the way of the tyrannical government and as they are out of money, Obama is desperate to get the guns (Solution). However, not one of these 'mass shootings' stands up to credible investigation.

This is exactly the same thing that happened in Nazi Germany. The Nazi's that have taken control of America see no reason to change a proven method.

The Obama administration may be looking for an example in Australia as the White House considers potential new firearm laws for the United States in the wake of the latest in a series of devastating school shootings.

[ Australia's  "Mass shooting"  was also a false flag event.  A young man with an IQ of 90 who couldn't hit a barn door with his slug gun was framed for a mass killing in which the highly trained shooter was able to hit the victims between the eyes while shooting from the hip.  There are only a few specialist shooters in the world who can do that. ]

US President Barack Obama cited gun rules in America’s down under ally during remarks that were broadcast on the web Tuesday afternoon only hours after a gunman entered a high school near Portland, Oregon and opened fire, killing a student.

“My biggest frustration so far is the fact that this society has not been willing to take some basic steps to keep guns out of the hands of people who can do just unbelievable damage. We’re the only developed country on earth where this happens. And it happens now once a week. And it’s a one-day story. There’s no place else like this,” the president said.

“A couple of decades ago Australia had a mass shooting similar to Columbine or Newtown, and Australia just said, ‘Well, that’s it. We’re not doing — we’re not seeing that again,’ and basically imposed very severe, tough gun laws, and they haven’t had a mass shooting since. I mean, our levels of gun violence are off the charts. There’s no other advanced, developed country on earth that would put up with this,”
Obama added.

Comment: What he fails to mention (of course) is when the mass shootings are staged events - designed to provide a reason to disarm the stupid sleeping people - my how it is miraculous how the shootings stop once the corrupt government gets its way.

Read the full RT story here.

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Emergency Meetings Of Western Elite Fail To Break Financial Deadlock, United States Dollar / Economy Implosion Now Looms
June 10 2014 | From: Various Sources / BenjaminFulford

The emergency G7 plus Russia (but not G8) meeting last week has left the corporate government of the United States isolated from Europe and on the brink of bankruptcy.

This French Government video of US corporate lackey Barack Obama meeting Russian President Vladimir Putin clearly shows Obama asking for something and being denied.

It now clear to everybody who is paying attention that the United States is bankrupt and is being kept on life support by fraud (eg. tiny Belgium buying all those Treasuries) and by the ongoing rape of Japan. This situation is untenable and the formal declaration of the bankruptcy of the United States of America Corporation is coming soon, according to Japanese government sources.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott of Australia last week suddenly cancelled long planned meetings with US Treasury Secretary Jack Lew, IMF head Christine Lagarde and World Bank head Jim Yong Kim, even though Australia is scheduled to host the G20 summit in November. Does Abbot think these US corporate government institutions will not last until then?

The declaration of bankruptcy of the US corporate government would also mark the end of a 2,000 year project by the Roman Empire to create a worldwide fascist dictatorship or New World Order, multiple sources agree.

The Nazi / Zionist response to their looming defeat is to threaten to unleash over 10,000 “blonde Al Qaeda,” terrorists on Europe and the US.

The ongoing mercenary attacks in the Ukraine and the recently manufactured China / Vietnam crisis are other snarls of this dying Nazi Zionist beast.

There is also obviously something very unusual going on with the IMF, with Director Christine Lagarde asking in public if she has to “get on her knees and beg.” Ostensibly, the begging is about mistaken IMF predictions for the UK economy but, the real reason is that the IMF is bankrupt, MI5 sources say.

That is also why Lagarde talked publicly last week about moving the IMF to China. The IMF may be shopping for a new sugar daddy but, China has better options than to finance an institution with as dismal a track record as that of the IMF.
Last week was also notable in that the hitherto secretive Bilderberg Group publicly came out and said they wanted to overthrow the current two party system of government in the United States.

William Van Duyn, a person who managed to stay under the radar until now, has now made public the opening speech he made at the recent Bilderberg meeting in Denmark.

William Van Duyn (supposedly)

In this speech, Van Duyn says it was his ancestors who “made sure the Eye is on the [U.S.] dollar bill.” This is the eye that has NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM or New World Order written under it.

He also said “No president, no king, no dictator, nor prime minister dares to criticize my name nor the Bilderbergers, and they know they are the puppets of the powerful Illuminati working from behind the scenes.”

This was followed later by “The subject of this Bilderberg meeting is the One World Government.”

Van Duyn concluded that from now own Bilderberg would rule in public and “control every movement within any government…create the rules…decide about nations policy.”

What he does not seem to realize is that secrecy was needed for them to rule and without it, they will lose power. Rule by murder, bribery and brainwashing needs secrecy or else it will invite rebellion.

The very fact they have gone public shows we are seeing the sort of rare information that only comes out at moments of regime change. For example, around the time of the fall of the Soviet Union, insiders revealed such things as the plans to turn the EU into the new Soviet Union, while ordinary Russians learned bad things they had never heard about their heroes Stalin, Lenin etc.

Another sign that it is not business as usual is that the European Central Bank has decided to start using negative interest rates. This means that if you keep money in the bank, it will start to vanish.

The idea is to stimulate the economy by forcing people to spend their money instead of keeping in the bank. Also, to prevent people from just hoarding cash instead having their money in automatically shrinking accounts, the banks have begun to limit how much cash people can remove from their bank accounts. This unprecedented move is a public admission of economic desperation in the EU.

In the meantime, indications the Europeans are trying to overthrow the US Nazi regime have become visible on many levels. Most notably, the governments of Europe have now stopped using the US dollar to pay for their Russian or Middle Eastern gas and oil imports. If the largest economic bloc in the world is moving away from the petro-dollar, then the Federal Reserve Board petro-dollar is doomed.

It was also painfully obvious that nobody was going along anymore with Nazi / Zionist lies that Putin had invaded the Ukraine. Instead, the Germans and French have been working with the Russians to put down the Nazionist mercenary armies fighting in the Ukraine.

The Nazionist forces are not going down without a fight. They have compelled their Japanese slave colony to send troops into the Ukraine, according to Japanese Defense Ministry sources.

The Japanese troops were sent there to put pressure on Russia to agree to a G7 plan for a new financial system, according to a Japan based CIA source.

The Russians are pushing instead to strengthen the BRICS mechanism and say technical preparation for a BRICS bank are well under way. The fact that Argentina is now talking about joining the BRICS alliance is very interesting because this is where Pope Francis hails from, meaning the Vatican could be switching to the BRICS side.

There is also a lot of unreported or under-reported activity going on in Africa. While the Zionist media has been pumping up a publicity campaign around supposed kidnapped schoolgirls in Nigeria, they have been censoring news of real massacres related to the illuminati plan to promote fights between Muslims and Christians in order to create a one world religion.


In Asia, meanwhile, the pentagon is trying to woo North Korea into joining with South Korea and Japan and pay protection money “to keep China in its place,” a Japanese military intelligence source said.

The planned visit by puppet Prime Minister Abe of Japan to North Korea will result in 34 “kidnap victims” (in reality mostly Japanese agents working for North Korea) to be returned in exchange for generous Japanese financial aid, according to a North Korean source. This is a preliminary to a campaign to turn North Korea into a friend instead of a boogey man for the Japanese, the sources agreed.

Another sign that some big event is expected in the Korean peninsula is the fact that North and South Korea are building a joint railroad network with Russia. This is a clear indication that all three countries expect the Korean peninsula to unify in the foreseeable future.

Construction of a tunnel linking South Korea to Japan has also already begun, according to Japanese government sources. This will mean it will be possible to take a train from Tokyo to London. In addition, goods can be shipped from Europe to Korea and Japan three times faster once the rail link is constructed, according to Russia Today.

The recent and ongoing dispute between Vietnam and China over an oil rig in disputed waters is being used by pentagon to ensure Asian countries keep it financed even if the US corporate government goes bankrupt, according to a pentagon source. It is better to feed than fight a big dog.

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'Death Of Money': Author Rickards Predicts Collapse Of Global Monetary System
May 30 2014 | From: RT

The collapse of the monetary system awaits the world in the near future, says financial expert James Rickards. Russia and China's desire to rid the US dollar of its global reserve currency status is an early sign of the “increasingly inevitable” crisis.

“China has three trillion dollars, but they are buying gold as fast as they can. China worries that the US is going to devalue the dollar through inflation so they want to have a hedge if the dollar goes down, so the gold will go up,” Rickards told RT.

As one of the key events in support of his forecast, Rickards points to the words uttered by Russian President Vladimir Putin at the 18th International Economic Forum in St. Petersburg that took place earlier this month.

“Putin said he envisions a Eurasian economic zone involving Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and Russia. The Russian ruble is nowhere near ready to be a global reserve currency, but it could be a regional reserve currency,” he said, as quoted by ETF Daily News.

Rickards’ book about the demise of the dollar was released in April under quite an apocalyptic name – 'The Death of Money.' However, the author is surprised that the events are unfolding much faster than he predicted.

“If anything, the tempo of events is faster than expected. Therefore, some of these catastrophic outcomes may come sooner than I wrote about.”

For the full story and the video interview with James Rickards visit: RT

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An Overview Of Our 'Overlords', Bilderberg 2014
May 30 2014 | From: InfoWars

David knight gives an overview of the outcome of past Bilderberg meetings.

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The Big Dogs On Wall Street Are Starting To Get Very Nervous: Coming To America? China & Iran To Execute Bankers On Fraud Charges!
May 29 2014 | From: PoliticalVelCraft

Why are some of the biggest names in the corporate world unloading stock like there is no tomorrow, and why are some of the most prominent investors on Wall Street loudly warning about the possibility of a market crash?

Should we be alarmed that the big dogs on Wall Street are starting to get very nervous?

China executes four accused of bank fraud – Business – World business
China executes corrupt securities trader – U.S. & World News
China executes bank staff for fraud
Last Lap Dance For Rothschild: Iceland’s Viking Victory Over The Matrix Banksters!
Obama Signs Two ‘Gun’ Executive Orders Violating U.S. Laws: Duty To Defy Every Executive Order!


In aprevious article, I got very excited about a report that indicated that corporate insiders were selling nine times more of their own shares than they were buying. Well, according to a brand new Bloomberg article, insider sales of stock have outnumbered insider purchases of stock by a ratio of twelve to one over the past three months.

That is highly unusual. And right now some of the most respected investors in the financial world are ringing the alarm bells.

Read the full story at: PoliticalVelCraft

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Anti-EU Revolution, Ukraine Crisis Threatens To De-Rail Global Government
May 29 2014 | From: IntelliHub

The 2014 Bilderberg meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark is taking place amidst a climate of panic for many of the 120 globalists set to attend the secretive confab, with Russia’s intransigence on the crisis in Ukraine and the anti-EU revolution sweeping Europe posing a serious threat to the unipolar world order Bilderberg spent over 60 years helping to build.

Inside sources confirm to Infowars that the elite conference, which will take place from Thursday onwards at the five star Marriott Hotel, will center around how to derail a global political awakening that threatens to hinder Bilderberg’s long standing agenda to centralize power into a one world political federation, a goal set to be advanced with the passage of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), which will undoubtedly be a central topic of discussion at this year’s meeting.

The TTIP represents an integral component of Bilderberg’s attempt to rescue the unipolar world by creating a “world company,” initially a free trade area, which would connect the United States with Europe. Just as the European Union started as a mere free trade area and was eventually transformed into a political federation which controls upwards of 50 per cent of its member states’ laws and regulations with total contempt for national sovereignty and democracy, TTIP is designed to accomplish the same goal, only on a bigger scale.

The deal is being spearheaded by Obama’s U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman, a Wall Street insider and a CFR member, Bilderberg’s sister organization. Froman is simultaneously helping to build another block of this global government, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which is a similar project involving Asian countries.


As well as TTIP and the fallout from the European election disaster, Bilderberg will be tackling a number of other key issues, most of which will revolve around the continued effort to centralize economic power under several different guises, including a carbon tax paid directly to the United Nations, with the financial hit being taken by individuals as big companies are granted special “waivers” that will allow them to continue to pollute.

The rumbling crisis in Ukraine and the relationship between Russia and NATO will also be a focal point of Bilderberg 2014. Globalists now consider Vladimir Putin to have ostracized Russia from the new world order because he dared to “challenge the international system,” as John Kerry put it.

Read the full story at: IntelliHub

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George Soros Sells All Shares Of Citigroup, Bank Of America And JP Morgan
May 22 2014 | From: IntelliHub

Is this a sign of trouble ahead for the banking industry?

Just over 2 decades ago banker George Soros made his most famous investment by shorting the British pound and pocketing a billion dollars in the process. Since then he has become famous for betting on stock market crashes and in some cases even rigging markets to fail for his own gain.

Just months ago, Soros made headlines by making a billion dollar stock bet against the S&P 500. At the time this was said to be a sign of trouble ahead for the US economy, as Soros has seemed to have had advance knowledge of market crashes in the past. As a result of this reputation, investors have begun to keep a close eye on his holdings.

This week investors took notice again when Soros sold his shares of three major American banks, including Bank of America, JP Morgan and Citigroup.

The Wall Street Journal reported that:

“George Soros dumped his stakes in banks and went for tech and gold miners in the first quarter, according to a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission Thursday. Soros sold his holdings in Citigroup (NYSE:C) , J.P. Morgan (NYSE:JPM) and Bank of America (NYSE:BAC)”

In February 2009, Soros said the world financial system had effectively disintegrated, adding that there was no prospect of a near-term resolution to the crisis.

“We witnessed the collapse of the financial system … It was placed on life support, and it’s still on life support. There’s no sign that we are anywhere near a bottom.”

- George Soros

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Prime Minister Dismisses John Campbell - Accuses Him Of Falling For Conspiracy Theories
May 21 2014 | From: NewZealandHerald

Prime Minister John Key has accused TV3 broadcaster John Campbell of falling for conspiracy theories in the wake of Campbell Live show on Tuesday about the unlawful surveillance of internet mogul Kim Dotcom by the GCSB spy agency and the appointment of its chief, Ian Fletcher.

[The Prime Minister may be well advised to have a lay down and a cup of tea before he hurts himself.]

Key suggested facetiously that Campbell turn next to whether US President Barack Obama was born in the United States, whether the American Government was behind the September 11 attacks and who killed the Kennedys.

"I've had some respect for John," Key said to reporters at Parliament, "but when you do, I suppose, two years and come up with absolutely nada, what you do is what he did which was set a whole lot of assumptions to music.

"The first I ever heard of Kim Dotcom was the 19th of January 2012."

Tuesday's show pieced together facts, largely already known, beginning with the visit to New Zealand in March 2011 of James Clapper, the US director of national intelligence, and ending with the surveillance in December 2011 of Mr Dotcom, which was later discovered to be unlawful because the police and GCSB did not realize he was a New Zealand resident.

Mr Key's active involvement in the appointment of childhood acquaintance Ian Fletcher as the GCSB chief was well established last year by Labour MP Grant Robertson, including a breakfast meeting between the pair in June 2011 at the Stamford Plaza.

TV3 identified another meeting between Mr Key and Mr Fletcher, on December 12, 2011, the week surveillance of Kim Dotcom began.

Mr Fletcher was appointed in September. He did not take up the post until January 30, 2012 but was visiting New Zealand in December.

Mr Key said acting GCSB chief at the time, Simon Murdoch, brought Mr Fletcher over to see him in his Beehive office on December 12.

"I can't tell you exactly everything we talked about because I would never say that," Mr Key said "but I can tell what we didn't talk about.

"We didn't talk about Kim Dotcom because it is impossible to talk about someone you don't know."

Mr Dotcom tweeted this after that that was "the logic of a liar."

Kim Dotcom insists he has proof that Mr Key is lying when he says he first heard about him on January 19, the day before his Coatesville mansion was raided by the FBI and that the proof will force Mr Key to resign.

Mr Dotcom is facing extradition proceedings by the United Sates where he is wanted on copyright, racketeering, money laundering and wire fraud charges.

He has been giving evidence at the trial of Act MP John Banks who is charged with filing a false electoral return in 2010 by knowingly recording donations by Mr Dotcom and Sky City as anonymous.

Mr Dotcom claimed in court Mr Key had heard about him because Mr Banks told him he had told the Prime Minister about a New Year's fireworks display being put on by Mr Dotcom. Mr Key said he had "no idea what John Banks said to Kim Dotcom but all I know is he has never spoken to me about going to fireworks."

He would never go to such fireworks anyway because he always spent Christmas and New Year in Hawaii.

In February 2009, Soros said the world financial system had effectively disintegrated, adding that there was no prospect of a near-term resolution to the crisis.

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Snowden Docs: GCSB Links To US Spying Programmes
May 15 2014 | From: NewZealandHerald

New documents released by whistleblower Edward Snowden show New Zealand's GCSB closely enmeshed with some of the most controversial parts of the United States' spying apparatus.

The documents were released with journalist Glenn Greenwald's new book No Place To Hide, which tells the story of Snowden's National Security Agency disclosures and what they mean.

Among the documents are a cluster relating to New Zealand which show:

Our GCSB spies were shown instructional slides on how to operate the X-Keyscore surveillance program which trawls mass harvested email addresses, phone numbers, online chat, web-based email and attachments sent;

They were privy to diplomatic espionage by other Five Eyes partners, including spying which was Canadian spies capturing the emails, text messages and phone calls between the Brazilian president and her aides;

They were briefed on the NSA's efforts to deliberately put backdoors into private companies' computer networks;

And the were given access to a program called "Homing Pigeon" which allowed in-air communications on passenger jets to be monitored.

One NSA document tells New Zealand and its other "Five Eyes" intelligence partners the ambition is to "know it all", "collect it all", "exploit it all" and "partner it all".

Read the full story at: NewZealandHerald

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CIA Director Admits He Visited Kiev, Refuses To Call Russia Enemy
May 12 2014 | From: RT

John Brennan, the head of the CIA, said in an interview he did go to Kiev “a few weeks ago” to talk to Ukrainian “partners and friends.” He also declined to call Russia an enemy dubbing it instead “a major power”.

Central Intelligence Agency Director John Brennan - apparently speaking at the Council on Foreign Relations

While talking to Fusion’s Jorge Ramos, Brennan admitted to the host’s question his visit to Ukraine’s capital in mid-April.

“I was out there to interact with our Ukrainian partners and friends. I had the opportunity to walk through the streets of Kiev and also go to Maidan Square and see the memorials to those Ukrainians trying to find liberty and freedom for their people,” he said.

Following the visit, deposed Ukrainian president Victor Yanukovich accused Brennan of de facto sanctioning a crackdown on pro-Russian activists in the country’s south-east.

Until now the CIA had not disclosed if and why Brennan had been to Kiev but White House spokesman Jay Carney confirmed that the CIA director went in Kiev as part of his trip to Europe and met with high-ranked Ukrainian officials.

In the interview with Fusion, the Brennan said that the situation in Ukraine is “something that needs to be addressed” and insisted that the US wants “the Ukrainian people to have their ability to define their future.”

We here at the CIA can work with our partners in Ukraine and other areas to give them the information, the capabilities that they need in order to bring security and stability back to their country,” said Brennan.

Read the full story at: RT

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First United Nations WHO Report On Antibiotic Resistance Reveals ‘Serious Threat’ To Global Public Health
May 2 2014 | From: Scoop

UN Report Reveals ‘Serious Threat’ To Global Public Health - Which is interesting as the WHO along with the Pharmaceutical industry were instrumental in promoting the known, dangerous use of anti-biotics; in order to aid the implementation of their Agenda 21 world depopulation nightmare.

The WHO: The globalist - fascist entity which the world has to thanks for bringing us Geo-engineering and .Chemtrails'. The WSDO (World Sickness and Depopulation Organisation) would be a far more accurate descriptor

Antibiotic resistance – when bacteria change so antibiotics no longer work in people who need them to treat infections – is now a major threat to public health, says a new United Nations report released today.

The study, produced by the UN World Health Organization (WHO), is the first to look at antimicrobial resistance, including antibiotic resistance, globally, and provides the most comprehensive picture to date, incorporating data from 114 countries.

It reveals that this serious threat is no longer a prediction for the future; it is happening right now in every region of the world and has the potential to affect anyone, of any age, in any country, WHO pointed out in a news release.

Without urgent, coordinated action by many stakeholders, the world is headed for a post-antibiotic era, in which common infections and minor injuries which have been treatable for decades can once again kill,” said Keiji Fukuda, WHO’s Assistant Director-General for Health Security.

“Effective antibiotics have been one of the pillars allowing us to live longer, live healthier, and benefit from modern medicine,”
Dr. Fukuda noted.

“Unless we take significant actions to improve efforts to prevent infections and also change how we produce, prescribe and use antibiotics, the world will lose more and more of these global public health goods and the implications will be devastating.”

While the report notes that resistance is occurring across many different infectious agents, it focuses on antibiotic resistance in seven different bacteria responsible for common, serious diseases such as bloodstream infections (sepsis), diarrhoea, pneumonia, urinary tract infections and gonorrhoea.

The results are cause for high concern, according to WHO, which documented resistance to antibiotics, especially “last resort” antibiotics, in all regions of the world.

For example, resistance to one of the most widely used antibacterial medicines for the treatment of urinary tract infections caused by E. coli – fluoroquinolones – is very widespread. In the 1980s, when these drugs were first introduced, resistance was virtually zero. Today, there are countries in many parts of the world where this treatment is now ineffective in more than half of patients.

WHO said that people can help tackle resistance by using antibiotics only when prescribed by a doctor; completing the full prescription, even if they feel better; and never sharing antibiotics with others or using leftover prescriptions.

Health workers and pharmacists can help tackle resistance by enhancing infection prevention and control; only prescribing and dispensing antibiotics when they are truly needed; and prescribing and dispensing the right antibiotic(s) to treat the illness.

The report, which is kick-starting a global effort led by WHO to address drug resistance, reveals that key tools to tackle antibiotic resistance, such as basic systems to track and monitor the problem, show gaps or do not exist in many countries. While some countries have taken important steps in addressing the problem, every country and individual needs to do more.

Other important actions include preventing infections from happening in the first place – through better hygiene, access to clean water, infection control in health-care facilities, and vaccination – to reduce the need for antibiotics. WHO is also calling attention to the need to develop new diagnostics, antibiotics and other tools to allow healthcare professionals to stay ahead of emerging resistance.

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Another Dead Banker: Body Of Missing New Jersey Jogger, Banker Found In Hudson River
May 2 2014 | From: DailyNews

The family of Andrew Jarzyk of Hoboken has confirmed that a body found in the Hudson River on Monday is that of the 27-year-old who had been missing since the early hours of April 1.

Nearly a month after Andrew Jarzyk went missing his family, at long last, has been given some amount of closure.

The 27-year-old's family has confirmed that a body found in the Hudson River on Monday is that of the Hoboken, N.J., jogger and banker who had been missing since the early hours of April 1.

But despite his body's recovery, his family says his death and disappearance is still deeply shrouded in mystery.

Read the full story at: DailyNews

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US-Based Ex-Barclays Staff Charged By UK In Libor Sandal
April 29 2014 | From: RT

The UK filed its first criminal proceedings against scandal-struck US-based Libor traders on Monday over the alleged rigging of global benchmark interest rates. Three former Barclays traders are to be charged, according to the UK’s Serious Fraud Office.

Jay Vijay Merchant, Alex Julian Pabon and Ryan Michael Reich are the three former New-York based Barclays employees who have been charged by the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) with conspiracy to defraud.

“He is not guilty of this offense and will vigorously contest these allegations at his forthcoming trial,” British law firm Hickman & Rose, which is representing Reich, said in a statement. The lawyers for the remaining two men were not available for comment, reported Reuters.

While the SFO confirmed that the trio are in the US, they are due to appear at Westminster Magistrates Court in London on May 27. The occasion could set the ball rolling for the first extradition to the UK from the US in what has been a lengthy investigation into Libor (London interbank offered rate) manipulation.

The Libor scandal dates back to 2005. Libor is the average interest rate that underpins trillions of dollars worth of loans, contracts and mortgages through the interest rates of major London banks. The scandal drew in some of the world’s biggest financial institutions, including the Royal Bank of Scotland, UBS, and Barclays.

Barclays was the first bank to settle in the wake of the rate manipulation accusations, paying some $450 million in fines in 2012 after admitting misconduct.

The subsequent backlash forced out four top Barclays directors, including chief executive Bob Diamond in 2012, who had previously insisted that he would not resign.

So far, US and European authorities have fined 10 banks and brokerages a total of $6 billion.

Twelve people are now facing criminal charges in the US and UK, among them the three from Barclays for the manipulation of denominated Libor. Twenty-two potential co-conspirators have also been identified, but not publicly named.

The charges fall at a time when a parallel investigation is underway into foreign exchange market rigging. On March 5, the Bank of England was forced to suspend a member of staff.

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52 Year-Old French Banker 'Jumps' To Her Death In Paris
April 26 2014 | From: ZeroHedge

52 Year-Old French Banker Jumps To Her Death In Paris (After Questioning Her Superiors)

There have been 13 senior financial services executives deaths around the world this year, but the most notable thing about the sad suicide of the 14th, a 52-year-old banker at France's Bred-Banque-Populaire, is she is the first female.

As Le Parisien reports, Lydia (no surname given) jumped from the bank's Paris headquarter's 14th floor shortly before 10am. FranceTV added that sources said "she questioned her superiors before jumping out the window," but the bank denies it noting that she had been in therpapy for several years.

FranceTV and Le Parisien reports,

An employee of the Bred-Banque Populaire has committed suicide, Tuesday, April 22 in the morning at the headquarters of the bank. On her arrival at headquarters, quai de la Rapee, in the 12th arrondissement of Paris...

The incident occurred shortly before 10 am, 200 meters from the Ministry of Finance.

According to our sources, she questioned his superiors before jumping out the window, that formally denies the direction of the Bank.

"There is absolutely no evidence for designating his relationships with his hierarchy as responsible or letter or message " insists the direction of the communication FranceTV info.

It also speaks of a "very painful moment for the company" .

In an email to all employees consulted by FranceTV info, the management of the bank confirms the "death by suicide" and said "severely affected." It shows have established a psychological unit.

"For the moment, nothing puts the company in question, says the majority union SUNI-Bred/UNSA. The employee got along very well with her new team, her superior is very nice.

"According to a close," Lydia lived alone, in a difficult environment.

The human resources department states that this inhabitant of Ivry was in therapy for several years. Each describes a "secretive" but "very well known and popular" woman, but "never spoke of it."

This is the 14th (or 30th publicly acknowledged, depending on whose count you follow) financial services exective death in recent months...

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Kate’s Tutor And Royal Adviser Is A War Criminal Weapons Dealer: Sir David Manning
April 9 2014 | From: AotearoaAWiderPerspective

In my quest to give you the information you need to wean yourself away from the happy and benign royal family who for some reason was stupid enough to fall for John Key’s blatant and transparent attempt at influencing the upcoming election and arrived here just to woe the Kiwi population, I was trawling the abundance of sickening pink and light blue crap they push as “News” and low and behold a picture emerged of the “royal” nanny emerging from the plane. What made it interesting was that behind her a gentleman emerged.

David Manning is in the blue tie

When I saw the photo’s and read the name of the older “gentleman” (I use that term loosely) walking down the plane steps when the “Royals” (I use that term loosely too) landed I had those little warning lights go on in the back of my head.

“Sir” David Manning? (And I use the term Sir loosely too) Wasn’t he at the time involved in getting the UK involved in that illegal war in Iraq.

So I Googled the name and here is what I came up with and while he is here some of you brave enough might want to engage in a citizens arrest of the man who was brought here as the “mentor” of Kate and adviser to the Royal Couple.

Sir David Manning’s CV reads like true Courtier/Pirate to the feudal family our Mainstream media tries to picture as benign symbolic heads of state and who for some reason has even stolid Republicans enabling their parasitic luxury lifestyle.

To the people coming out here as “Republican” (another term I use loosely) the royal family is a somewhat stumbling expensive quaint remnant of a different time who seem to be able to hang on to obscene wealth merely by being naive and sweet and somewhat out of kilter with the realities of life.

They need to be protected and mollycoddled and so John Key (another Courtier/Looter), via the MSM, tells us 80% of the population loves them and want’s them to stay on as our lovely head of states. Not just that sweet lady dressed in silly frocks but her son, her son’s son and her son’s son’s heirs until forever!

Read the full story at : AotearoaAWiderPerspective

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United States Threatens Russia Over Petrodollar-Busting Deal
April 6 2014 | From: ZeroHedge

On the heels of Russia's potential "holy grail" gas deal with China, the news of a Russia-Iran oil "barter" deal, it appears the US is starting to get very concerned about its almighty Petrodollar


We suspect these sanctions would have more teeth than some travel bans, but, as we noted previously, it is just as likely to be another epic geopolitical debacle resulting from what was originally intended to be a demonstration of strength and instead is rapidly turning out into a terminal confirmation of weakness.

Read the full story at: ZeroHedge

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Suicide Banker's Widow Blasts Alleged "Cover-Up", Asks "Unbecoming Questions"
April 5 2014 | From: ZeroHedge

Having changed her Facebook profile picture to a "V...for Vendetta" face mask, the widow of former Zurich Insurance CFO Pierre Wauthier said she and her family cannot accept Zurich’s claim that his death wasn’t brought on by undue stress.

As Bloomberg reports, Switzerland’s biggest insurer said in November that no “undue pressure” was put on Wauthier, who said in a suicide note that then-Chairman Josef Ackermann had created an unbearable working environment.

But, his wife is demanding to know why her husband's former boss resigned if he had not accepted blame for the death, and why details of tensions at work were not made public. Her anger is clear, as she blasted "I am not worth talking to... or is it that I would raise unbecoming questions????"

As Bloomberg reports, more than seven months after the suicide of Zurich Insurance Group AG (ZURN) Chief Financial Officer Pierre Wauthier, his widow said she and her family cannot accept Zurich’s claim that his death wasn’t brought on by undue stress.

Read the full story at: ZeroHedge

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The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Exposed
April 4 2014 | From: SaveAmericaFoundation

Editors Note:= Actually Bill & his wife believe in world “depopulation”. Yes, they also believe in the Agenda 21 world takeover.

This is what too much money does to people, it makes them psycopaths. These people are extremely dangerous especially with their vitual control of our education system and that of the world view on education and genocide….Fred Brownbill.

ExxonMobil, BP, Chevron, DynCorp, G4S, Walmart and McDonald’s are just a few of the companies that the mega ‘charity’ supports.

With an endowment larger than all but four of the world’s largest hedge funds, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is easily one of the most powerful ‘charities’ in the world. According to its website, the organization ”works to help all people lead healthy, productive lives.”

So how do the investments of the foundation’s $36 billion investing arm, the Gates Foundation Trust, match up to its mission? We dug into the group’s recently released 2012 tax returns to find out.

Read the full story at: SaveAmericaFoundation

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Bilderberg 2014 Uncovered: Secretive Elite To Meet In Denmark
April 2 2014 | From: Infowars

Power brokers return to Europe for annual confab

Queen Beatrix arrives at Bilderberg

The 2014 meeting of the Bilderberg Group – a secretive organization of global power brokers – will take place in Denmark at the end of May.

The announcement was made today on the official ‘Bilderberg Meetings’ website, which states simply, “The 62nd Bilderberg meeting will take place at the end of May 2014 in Denmark.”

No city or hotel has yet been identified as the location of the meeting, although the group always holds its conferences at luxury resorts either in or nearby major cities or exclusive remote tourist resorts.

The 2014 confab marks Bilderberg’s first return to Scandinavia since the group met in Sweden in 2001 and the first time the conference has been held in Denmark since 1969.

The elitist organization, which meets on an annual basis in either Europe, the United States or Canada, is comprised of some of the most powerful heavyweights of industry, banking, politics, royalty, academia and technology. Last year, the likes of Jeff Bezos, Timothy Geithner, Christine Lagarde, Henry Kissinger, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, and British Prime Minister David Cameron were all in attendance.

While the mainstream media habitually fails to afford Bilderberg the press coverage it demands – characterizing the group as a mere “talking shop” – innumerable examples of the organization having a direct impact on global policy have been documented in recent years, leading to charges that the group is fundamentally undemocratic in nature.

This has led to bigger and bigger anti-Bilderberg demonstrations in recent years, including last year in Watford, UK when thousands of people attended an event that was held in the grounds of the Grove Hotel, where Bilderberg was holding its meeting.

Read the full story at: Infowars

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France's Government Resigns En Masse (But Hollande's Clinging On): Failing Socialist Policies Blamed For Elections Rout
April 2 2014 | DailyMail

France's socialist prime minister Jean-Marc Ayrault resigned yesterday
Joined by his entire government following meltdown in local elections
Mr Ayrault, replaced by Manuel Valls, admitted blame for swing to Right
Resignation is huge blow to France's social President Francois Hollande
Last night, Hollande admitted mistakes and said priority was to cut taxes

France’s socialist prime minister resigned along with his entire government yesterday following a meltdown in local elections.

Jean-Marc Ayrault admitted that a huge swing to the Right, including to the extremist National Front, was down to him and his Left-wing government.

And last night socialist President Francois Hollande – whose rule has become synonymous with a 75 per cent top rate of income tax – admitted to mistakes and said his priority was now to cut taxes.

The government’s resignation is a huge blow to the president, who was elected to a five-year term in 2012 but whose first two years in power have seen him become the most unpopular head of state in recent history.

And it is an embarrassment for Ed Miliband, who has lauded the Paris government for its economic policies and its refusal to follow George Osborne’s austerity measures.

While Britain’s economy is on the road to recovery, unemployment in France is at record levels and growth is sluggish.

In a TV address to the nation last night President Hollande spoke of a ‘moral crisis’, adding: ‘It’s legitimate after what happened to change things.’

Read the full story at: DailyMail

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Hijacked IBM Engineer From MH370 Successfully Dialled Out Of Diego Garcia US Military Base In The Indian Ocean
March 31 2014 | BeforeItsNews / JimStoneFreelance

Updated: See story below: Partner Of MH370 Passenger Accuses Governments Of Cover Up On BBC

The story below is virtually assured to be legitimate and confirmed for reasons as explained:

The American military base on the island of Diego Garcia is one of the most strategically important and secretive U.S. military installations outside the United States. Located near the remote center of the Indian Ocean and accessible only by military transport, the base was a little-known launch pad for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and may house a top-secret CIA prison where terror suspects are interrogated and tortured.

The man, Philip Wood, claimed to be blindfolded when he sent the message. When the American military blindfolds someone, it is accomplished by putting a bag over the head that is locked so you can't get it off. This left the engineers hands free.

This would have made it possible for him to pull his Iphone 5 (a fact confirmed by the Exif data) out of his butt as stated, and use the voice command ability of the Iphone to just talk to it to log in and post the message. This explains why he sent a black photo, he could not see what he was sending, he just knew he snapped a photo and sent whatever got taken.

The Coordinates

When the coordinates are added to the fact that the photo's exif data does not match the Google coordinates or any other coordinates for Diego Garcia that are posted online, but is still within the boundaries of Diego Garcia, it proves that no one just pulled those coordinates off the web. It helps confirm that this was not just a hoax because the coordinates are exact to wherever on Diego Garcia the Iphone was when it took the photo.

The image, which appears black was posted as taken in a dark cell by an IBM engineer. The picture is black because the cell was too dark, but a critical piece of information was embedded in the Exif data, the coordinates to Diego Garcia, where the picture was taken. And it's real, this is NOT a hoax.

The coordinates in the picture indicate that the photo was taken within 3 miles of what Google officially gives for Diego Garcia. It is NOT EXACTLY what comes up on Google. It is off a couple miles, so NO ONE GOOGLED THIS, thus helping to confirm it's authenticity. I don't know how big the island is, but if it has a runway, that certainly fits.

The picture posted with the following text:

"I have been held hostage by unknown military personal after my flight was hijacked (blindfolded). I work for IBM and I have managed to hide my cellphone in my ass during the hijack. I have been separated from the rest of the passengers and I am in a cell. My name is Philip Wood. I think I have been drugged as well and cannot think clearly."

Image Exif Data: The Smoking Gun

The Exif is intact. Exif data gets embedded in every image by every camera and includes the circumstances under which the photo was taken. It can be viewed by saving the image to your desktop, and then right clicking it and selecting image properties. Hit the details tab.

You can see that the image was taken on March 18 with an Iphone 5, with the ISO at 3200 and a shutter of 1/15. The coordinates are included in the exif data because the Iphone knows where it is, and the coordinates are for Diego Garcia. THE FIRST TIME A BLANK PHOTO SAID IT ALL.

Exif can't be rewritten with common software, it can only be added to in fields such as image credits with some advanced applications applications. It can be erased as well but NOT CHANGED. Photos with the exif intact will hold up in court. If the Exif is hacked and this is not real, the CIA or a really good hacker did this, which I doubt, I'd say it's probably real.

Surrounding this story is the fact that the man who managed to get this information to Farganne (forum member Glitch) was harassed and received many threatening voice mails over it, that is another piece of evidence pointing to this as being real.

One thing is certain, once it's posted here on this site the genie is OUT OF THE BOTTLE. I cannot stress how important it is that the GPS coordinates in the photo do not perfectly match what Google says and are not posted anywhere on the web, because it proves that the source of those coordinates did not come from google or Wikipedia, they really did come from the imaging device and it HAD TO be at Diego Garcia when it took the photo.

Read the full story at: JimStoneFreelance

Prior Story: Wife Of Philip Woods Interviewed By BBC
March 29 2014 | From: Intellihub

Partner Of MH370 Passenger Accuses Governments Of Cover Up On BBC

In a BBC interview, the partner of missing passenger says that the MH370 flight was stolen and taken to an undisclosed location, due to the number of high-profile passengers aboard with ties to defense contractors.

Sarah Bajc, a 48-year-old American teacher recently appeared on BBC News to discuss the disappearance of her partner Phillip Wood.

Phillip Wood is one of the 277 passengers aboard the missing Malaysian flight. Sarah Bajc is among a large number of friends of family members who don’t believe official reports that the plane crashed and killed everyone inside.

The many governments involved in this investigation are not putting forward any evidence to the theories that they are suggesting, and to make matters even more confusing, the apparent evidence continues to change by the day.

During her interview on the BBC, Sarah Bajc not only said that the governments involved in the investigation were intentionally misleading the world, but she also called attention to the suspicious number of high-profile people aboard the plane, many of whom had connections with defense contractors.

As we reported earlier this week, there were at least 20 passengers on the plane who were “extremely talented and valuable” employees of Freescale Semiconductor Ltd., a Rothschild front group currently researching highly sensitive technology.

During the interview Sarah Bajc also said that there is no evidence that the plane crashed at all. She believes that the plane was stolen and taken somewhere, in order to kidnap the high-profile people who were on it."

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Malaysia Says There's Sealed Evidence On MH370 That Cannot Be Made Public
March 30 2014 | StraightTimes

A Malaysian team have told relatives of Chinese passengers on board the missing Malaysia Airlines (MAS) flight MH370 that there was sealed evidence that cannot be made public, as they came under fire from the angry relatives at a briefing on Wednesday.

Steven Wang, a family member of a passenger onboard Malaysia Airlines MH370, is surrounded by the media outside Lido Hotel in Beijing March 26, 2014. A Malaysian air force general has told relatives of Chinese passengers on board the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 that there was sealed evidence that cannot be made public. Photo: Reuters

The sealed evidence included air traffic control radio transcript, radar data and airport security recordings.

The briefing at the Metropark Lido Hotel in Beijing focused on UK satellite analysis which led Malaysia to conclude that flight MH370 ended in south Indian Ocean, off Perth.

The Chinese relatives were told that a five-member high-level team from Malaysia plans to brief them once every five days. The team include MAS pilot Lim Jit Koon and senior civil aviation official Ahmad Nizar Zolfakar.

During the question-and-answer session, a relative said: "Thanks for demonstrating your ability to read every word out of the powerpoint slides."

Another asked: "If the info is from UK satellite firm Inmarsat, does it mean the Malaysia team cannot answer our questions on the MH370 analysis?"

Read the full story at: StraightTimes

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JP Morgan Bankruptcy Lawyer Killed In Hit & Run - Publicly Acknowledged #13?
March 28 2014 | HangTheBankers

We will not publish a picture with this story.

The banker 'assisted suicide' saga has just reached a new level as a top level JP Morgan attorney has been exterminated in a hit & run incident involving a bicycle versus a minivan.

JPM attorney Joseph Giampapa was killed over the weekend when he was struck by a minivan in a hit and run incident. Giampapa was reportedly hit and thrown 150 ft and was pronounced dead at the scene. No charges have been filed.

It gets better [ ? ] : Giampapa was JP Morgan’s top commercial bankruptcy lawyer (SVP). Somehow we suspect the incident was not inflicted by a soccer mom.

[ On a human scale, and as most of the people who have already been executed in this, the financial side of the war are pawns in, as usual; it is somewhat unfortunate to have to forward you to a site with such a name for the rest of the story. ]

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IRS: Bitcoins Are Property, Not Currency
March 27 2014 | From: RT

Bitcoin will be treated by the Internal Revenue Service as property, not currency, the IRS said in an announcement on Tuesday.

“For federal tax purposes, virtual currency is treated as property,” the United States government agency acknowledged. “General tax principles applicable to property transactions apply to transactions using virtual currency.”

[ Is this setting a precedent for how other countries central banks (and their collection arms - the tax departments) will also move to treat digital currencies; which are a direct threat to their control? ]

Bloomberg News reported that Tuesday’s decision means the IRS will treat Bitcoin with the same rules used to govern stocks and barter transactions, and called the announcement the “first substantive ruling on the issue” made by the US government since the digital cryptocurrency was launched in 2009.

Bitcoin has since entered the mainstream and skyrocketed in popularity lately, and even was the subject of a controversial cover-story published earlier this month in Newsweek.

With Tuesday’s decision, though, the federal government is for the first time outlining, at least to a degree, how to handle Bitcoin.

Elsewhere in the statement, the IRS said that anyone who has Bitcoins must calculate its value “as of the date of receipt” to determine if a gain or loss was realized, and report the results to the government.

“For US tax purposes, transactions using virtual currency must be reported in US dollars,” the IRS added. “Therefore, taxpayers will be required to determine the fair market value of virtual currency in US dollars as of the date of payment or receipt.”

“A taxpayer who receives virtual currency as payment for goods or services must, in computing gross income, include the fair market value of the virtual currency,” the IRS continued, and any employers who use Bitcoin to pay their staff must now file a W-2 declaring such.

Additionally, Bitcoin traders will be subject to capital gains taxes if they hold the cryptocurrency as a capital asset, the IRS said.

“Today’s IRS guidance will provide certainty for investors, along with potential income-tax liability,” Richard Rubin and Carter Dougherty wrote for Bloomberg. “Under the ruling, purchasing a $2 cup of coffee with Bitcoins bought for $1 would trigger $1 in capital gains for the coffee drinker and $2 of income for the coffee shop.”

The Washington Post reported last November that more than 200 real-world businesses in the US accept Bitcoin, and coffee shops, eateries and retailers from coast-to-coast are increasingly allowing customers to pay with virtual currency — or “property,” as far as the IRS is concerned.

The US Congress has yet to issue a ruling with regards to Bitcoin, but Sen Dean Heller (R-Nevada) said recently that, “While we must ensure proper safeguards, it is my hope that… we can help maintain an environment that continues to promote new financial technologies and innovative growth.”

“Bitcoin is a payment innovation that’s taking place outside the banking industry. To the best of my knowledge there’s no intersection at all, in any way, between Bitcoin and banks that the Federal Reserve has the ability to supervise and regulate. So the Fed doesn’t have authority to supervise or regulate Bitcoin in anyway,” Janet Yellen, the chair of the central bank, told Congress last month.

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Executive Who Committed Suicide Anxious Amid Deutsche Bank Probes
Plus A List Of The 12 Publicly Acknowledged Banker Deaths to Date
March 27 2014 | From: WallStreetJournal

LONDON—A former senior executive at Deutsche Bank AG committed suicide earlier this year after complaining that he was anxious about government investigations into the bank, a London coroner said Tuesday.

The executive, William Broeksmit, was found hanging in his London home in January. The 58-year-old Chicago native left a senior role at Deutsche Bank's investment bank in February 2013, but he remained an adviser until the end of last year. The London coroner, in an inquest on Tuesday, didn't give more details on what caused Mr. Broeksmit's anxiety.

People familiar with the matter say he had been involved in investigations by U.S. authorities probing the bank. In the months before his death, he told friends that he felt abandoned by former colleagues whom he had spent years supporting, according to people he spoke with.

The London coroner's office, which investigates sudden or violent deaths including suicides, said Mr. Broeksmit left multiple suicide notes but didn't disclose their contents.

Read the full story at: The WallStreetJournal

The 12 Publicly Acknowledged Banker Deaths to Date:

1 - William Broeksmit, 58-year-old former senior executive at Deutsche Bank AG, was found dead in his home after an apparent suicide in South Kensington in central London, on January 26th.

2 - Karl Slym, 51 year old Tata Motors managing director Karl Slym, was found dead on the fourth floor of the Shangri-La hotel in Bangkok on January 27th.

3 - Gabriel Magee, a 39-year-old JP Morgan employee, died after falling from the roof of the JP Morgan European headquarters in London on January 27th.

4 - Mike Dueker, 50-year-old chief economist of a US investment bank was found dead close to the Tacoma Narrows Bridge in Washington State.

5 - Richard Talley, the 57 year old founder of American Title Services in Centennial, Colorado, was found dead earlier this month after apparently shooting himself with a nail gun.

6 - Tim Dickenson, a U.K.-based communications director at Swiss Re AG, also died last month, however the circumstances surrounding his death are still unknown.

7 - Ryan Henry Crane, a 37 year old executive at JP Morgan died in an alleged suicide just a few weeks ago. No details have been released about his death aside from this small obituary announcement at the Stamford Daily Voice.

8 - Li Junjie, 33-year-old banker in Hong Kong jumped from the JP Morgan HQ in Hong Kong this week.

9 - James Stuart Jr, Former National Bank of Commerce CEO, found dead in Scottsdale, Ariz., the morning of Feb. 19. A family spokesman did not say whatcaused the death

10 - Edmund (Eddie) Reilly, 47, a trader at Midtown’s Vertical Group, commited suicide by jumping in front of LIRR train

11 - Autumn Radtke, 26, CEO of digital currency exchange firm First Meta was found dead outside her apartment in Singapore earlier this month.

12 - Kenneth Bellando, 28, a trader at Levy Capital, formerly investment banking analyst at JPMorgan, jumped to his death from his 6th floor East Side apartment.

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Rockefeller Foundation Funding "Disaster Resilience Planning" For Christchurch
March 25 2014 | From: RadioNewZealandNews

Representatives from the Rockefeller Foundation are in Christchurch to plan how the city can be more resilient to future disasters.

Christchurch has been selected as one of 33 cities to be part of the New York foundation's 100 Resilient Cities network, and a workshop is being held with about 50 community leaders.

Mayor Lianne Dalziel says resilience is everything from sustainable land use, food and water security, and adapting to climate change, through to community development.

Rockefeller Foundation president Judith Rodin says that as part of the network, Christchurch will benefit from the knowledge of the other cities.

It will also receive a $1 million grant to create the role of a chief resilience officer who will implement a community-led resilience plan.

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All Israeli Embassies And Consulates Closed Worldwide
March 23 2014 | From: VoiceOfRussia

All Israeli embassies and consulates closed worldwide first time, FM stops its work due to strikes – trade union

All diplomatic missions of Israel, including embassies, consulates and missions to international organizations, as well as the Foreign Ministry itself in Jerusalem, have stopped their work today due to the increase in strike sanctions, the Foreign Ministry trade union representative Yaakov Livne said.

A Cover story perhaps?

"The sanctions have today been transformed into an all-out strike for the first time in the history of Israel," Livne explained.

Israeli diplomats have been asking the government and the Ministry of Finance to raise their wages for several years now with zero result.

One of the union leaders Yair Frommer accused the Ministry of Finance of "declaring war on diplomatic employees who are struggling day after day, hour after hour, for the future of Israel."

Commenting on the shutdown of the diplomatic missions, Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman pointed out that this decision made by the union "leads to a complete loss of control."

He particularly emphasized that during the strike of the FM workers he will personally work to "minimize the damage to the citizens of the country" from the labor conflict it the Foreign Ministry.

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Missing MH370: Rothschild Inherits A Patent From Freescale Semiconductors
March 23 2014 | From: WorldTruth / Express

The disappearance of four members of a patent semiconductor traveling on Malaysia Airlines MH370 makes the famous billionaire Jacob Rothschild at the sole owner of the important patent.

The mystery surrounding the Malaysian Airlines MH-370 is growing as each day passes with more mysterious silence shadowing the disappearance of the airline. More and more conspiracy theories are beginning to boom on the internet. One of the conspiracies one is the Freescale Semiconductor’s ARM microcontroller ‘KL-03′ which is a new improvised version of an older microcontroller KL-02.

This crazy story about how Illuminati Rothschild exploited the airlines to gain full Patent Rights of an incredible KL-03 micro-chip is going haywire across the internet especially when it’s involving Jacob Rothschild as the evil master plotter.

A US technology company which had 20 senior staff on board Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 had just launched a new electronic warfare gadget for military radar systems in the days before the Boeing 777 went missing.

Freescale Semiconductor has been developing microprocessors, sensors and other technology for the past 50 years. The technology it creates is commonly referred to as embedded processors, which according to the firm are “stand-alone semiconductors that perform dedicated computing functions in electronic systems”.

Four days after the flight MH370 disappear, semiconductor patent was approved by the U.S. patent office patent is divided in parts of 20% between five starters. One of the owners is the company itself, Freescale Semiconductor, Austin, Texas (USA), and the other four Chinese employees of the company: Peidong Wang, Zhijun Chen, Cheng and Li Ying Zhijong, all the Suzhou City. And they all passengers of Malaysia Airlines plane disappeared on March 8, according to Eternity...

...If the patent holder dies, the other owners share equally in dividends from the deceased. If four of the five patentees die, then the patentee left alive gets 100% of the patent. That remaining patent holder is the company Freescale Semiconductor. Who owns Freescale Semiconductor? The answer is: Jacob Rothschild. British billionaire owns the company Blackstone, which in turn owns the company Freescale Semiconductors.

Read the full story at: WorldTruth

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12th [Publicly Acknowledged] Dead Banker
March 19 2014 | From: RT

Young Banker's Suicide Becomes Twelfth In Financial World This Year

Kenneth Ballando (Image from Facebook)

A New York City investment banker is dead after allegedly jumping from his apartment building, continuing an alarming streak of suicides that has descended upon the financial world.

The latest death occurred on March 12, when 28-year-old Kenneth Bellando was found on the sidewalk outside his six-story Manhattan apartment building.

According to the Daily Mail, police investigators said the case was still under investigation, but that they do not suspect a third party to be involved and that Bellando – who had been working for Levy Capital since January – likely took his own life.

Before moving into his last position, the New York Post reported Bellando worked as an investment banker at JP Morgan Chase. His brother, John Bellando, also works at JP Morgan as an investment officer; the Post stated that multiple emails by John Bellando were presented as evidence during Senate hearings regarding the “London Whale” trading scandal.

Kenneth Bellando’s death now marks the 12th time this year that an employee in the financial world has taken his or her own life around the globe. Bellando graduated from Georgetown University in 2007, and is the youngest banking professional to commit suicide this year.

Although positions in the banking world can be especially lucrative, they’re also known to place an extreme amount of stress and pressure on individuals. It’s unclear whether or not Bellando’s death is related to pressure at work, but just last month psychologist Alden Cass told CNN Money that investment banking is particularly demanding.

"Out of all the sections of finance, no position do I know of that's more extreme in terms of the emotional endurance one has to have than investment banking," said Cass, who also co-wrote “Bullish Thinking: The Advisor's Guide to Surviving and Thriving on Wall Street.”

The recent string of suicides began in January, when Deutsche Bank AG's William Broeksmit, 58, was found hanged in his home on January 26 after reportedly committing suicide. Two JP Morgan employees are also believed to have taken their own lives after falling from buildings in London and Hong Kong.

Autumn Radtke, the CEO of the digital currency exchange firm First Meta, was also found dead outside her apartment in Singapore earlier this month.

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Wall Street Banker New Zealand Prime Minister John Key Drops the US Dollar?
March 19 2014 | From: AotearoaAWiderPerspective and Stuff

This is big! John Key as a Wall street banker signed a deal with the Chinese to deal directly with them and not via the global currency the US dollar? On whose orders you might ask!

The Great Hall of the People, Beijing

New Zealand has become one of the first countries in the world to be allowed direct currency trading with Chinese, a move aimed at reducing the cost of business in the economic superpower.

Prime Minister John Key announced the deal after a meeting with Chinese Premier Li Keqiang at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing last night (NZ time), the first day of his state visit this week.

The deal would “make doing business with China easier by reducing the costs of converting between the two currencies, and will stimulate trade and investment”, Key said.

The announcement was a sign of “how close the relationship is growing”. Since he became prime minister, exports had quadrupled to $10 billion, he said.

Read more at: Stuff

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The Failure Of German Leadership: Merkel Whores For Washington
March 14 2014 | From: PaulCraigRoberts

Washington, enabled by its compliant but stupid NATO puppets, is pushing the Ukrainian situation closer to war.

German Chancellor Merkel has failed her country, Europe, and world peace. Germany is the strength of the EU and NATO. Had Merkel said “No” to sanctions on Russia, that would have been the end of the crisis that Washington is brewing, a crisis unlikely to be ended short of war.

Perhaps an unfortunate pose for one not wishing to be publicy associated with certain personages from the past, who may or may not be relatives.

But Merkel has signed away the sovereignty of the German nation and assigned the fate of Germany to a province in the American Empire.

Thus has Merkel and the weak German leadership consigned the world to war. Already blamed for World War 1 and World War 2, now Germany will be blamed for World War 3.

Washington’s mismanaged Ukrainian coup has cost Washington Crimea, which Washington wanted most of all in order to deprive Russia of its warm water naval base on the Black Sea.

In addition, the mismanaged overthrow of an elected government in Ukraine is threatening to also lose the Russian cities of eastern Ukraine. Like Crimea, eastern Ukraine consists of former Russian areas that Khrushchev stuck into Ukraine in the 1950s.

Read the full story at: PaulCraigRoberts

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Obama Regime’s Hypocrisy Sets New World Record — Paul Craig Roberts
March 13 2014 | From: PaulCraigRoberts

From the moment that Washington launched its orchestrated coup in Kiev, Washington has been accusing Russia of “intervening in Ukraine.” This propaganda ploy succeeded. The Western presstitute media reported (nonexistent) Russian intervention to the exclusion of coverage of Washington’s obvious intervention.

Panorama of Kyiv from Saint Sophia Monastery

Having falsely accused Russia of invading Crimea, the Obama regime now demands that Russia interfere in Crimea and prevent the referendum set for next Sunday. Unless Russia uses force to prevent the people of Crimea from exercising their right of self-determination, John Kerry declared that the Obama regime will not discuss the Ukrainian situation with Russia.

So, Kerry has given Russia the green light to send in troops to prevent Crimean self-determination.

The presstitute Western media has not noticed that out of one corner of his mouth Kerry denounces Russia for intervening and out of the other corner of his mouth Kerry demands that Russia intervene in behalf of Washington’s interest and suppress Crimean self-determination.

What is the point of such an absurd demand on Russia?

The Obama regime claims that the Crimean vote is not legal, because all of Ukraine is not voting on Crimea’s future. When Washington stole Kosovo from Serbia, Washington did not allow Serbia to vote on Kosovo secession. In the upcoming Scottish vote on whether to secede from the UK, only the Scottish are voting, not the British population. But these normal processes established in international law cannot be permitted to Crimeans, because the vote will not support Washington’s agenda.

Clearly, an Obama regime this shameless has no shame.

The neoconservative warmongers who control the Obama regime are boasting that unless Russia prevents Crimean self-determination, Washington will use sanctions to
“badly damage the Russian economy.”

Sanctions are likely to backfire. Sanctions would damage economies of Washington’s NATO puppet states, making them think again about providing cover for Washington’s aggressive words and deeds. It is Europe that will pay for Washington’s aggressive actions.

Sanctions are likely to speed up the implementation of the BRICS negotiations to leave the dollar system and settle their international accounts in their own currencies. All countries with financial and economic links to the West can be intimidated, punished, and destabilized by Washington. National sovereignty is inconsistent with being part of the US dollar system.

From Washington’s standpoint, the importance of sanctions is not any economic effects.
The importance is the propaganda advantage of portraying Russia as an offending party who is punished by Washington. Not only does this propaganda put Russia in the wrong, it also portrays Russia as subservient to Washington.

The Crimean government is actually elected, whereas the Washington-installed government in Kiev is not. Here is a report on Global Research about the “democrats” who comprise the unelected government in Kiev.

During the Clinton, George W. Bush, and Obama regimes, Washington has established that whatever serves Washington’s agenda is legal. Laws inconsistent with Washington’s agenda are simply not applicable. They are dead letter laws. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that in violation of US law that prohibits giving financial assistance to governments whose leaders come to power via coup or other illegal means, Washington is offering its stooges in Kiev $1 billion to help the coup government get up and running.

From: PaulCraigRoberts

The Ukrainian Pendulum

By Israel Shamir | Counterpunch

The stakes are high in the Ukraine: after the coup, as Crimea and Donbas asserted their right to self determination, American and Russian troops entered Ukrainian territory, both under cover.

The American soldiers are “military advisors”, ostensibly members of Blackwater private army (renamed Academi); a few hundred of them patrol Kiev while others try to suppress the revolt in Donetsk. Officially, they were invited by the new West-installed regime. They are the spearhead of the US invasion attempting to prop up the regime and break down all resistance. They have already bloodied their hands in Donetsk.

Academi (formerly known as Blackwater and later Xe) is a US based private mercenary force. It has become increasingly apparent in recent years that the "rebels" / "insurgents" whose actions trigger so many national and internationional inflamations - are in fact paid mercenaries.
This company keeps changing its name in a vain attempt to keep the heat off. Not a very effective evasive strategy.

Besides, the Pentagon has doubled the number of US fighter jets on a NATO air patrol mission in the Baltics; the US air carrier entered the Black Sea, some US Marines reportedly landed in Lvov “as a part of pre-planned manoeuvres”.

The Russian soldiers ostensibly belong to the Russian Fleet, legally stationed in Crimea. They were in Crimea before the coup, in accordance with the Russian-Ukrainian treaty (like the US 5th fleet in Kuwait), but their presence was probably beefed up.

Additional Russian troops were invited in by deposed but legitimately elected President Yanukovych (compare this with the US landing on Haiti in support of the deposed President Aristide ). They help the local pro-Russian militia maintain order, and no one gets killed in the process. In addition, Russia brought its troops on alert and returned a few warships to the Black Sea.

Yalta, Crimea

It is only the Russian presence which is described as an “invasion” by the Western media, while the American one is hardly mentioned. ”We have a moral duty to stick our nose in your business in your backyard a world away from our homeland. It’s for your own good”, wrote an ironic American blogger.

Moscow woke up to trouble in Ukraine after its preoccupation, nay obsession, with the Winter Olympic games had somewhat abated, — when people began to say that “Putin won the games and lost the Ukraine”. Indeed, while Putin watched sports in Sochi, the Brown Revolution succeeded in Ukraine.

A great European country the size of France, the biggest republic of the former USSR (save Russia), was taken over by a coalition of Ukrainian ultra-nationalists and (mainly Jewish) oligarchs.

The legitimate president was forced to flee for his very life. Members of Parliament were manhandled, and in some cases their children were taken hostage to ensure their vote, as their houses were visited by gunmen.

The putsch was completed. The West recognised the new government; Russia refused to recognise it, but continued to deal with it on a day -to-day basis. However the real story is now developing in Crimea and Eastern Ukraine, a story of resistance to the pro-Western takeover.

Real the full story at: Counterpunch

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Trader Kills Himelf In Finance World’s Latest "Suicide"
March 13 2014 | From: NewYorkPost

Dead Banker #10? Apparently there have been around 20 "banker suicides" but not are all being reported.

A Long Island Rail Road train pulls into the Jamaica station. A Manhattan trader committed suicide by leaping in front of a different train near Syosset Tuesday.

A Manhattan trader was killed Tuesday morning by a speeding Long Island Rail Road commuter train, marking at least the seventh suicide of a financial professional this year.

Edmund (Eddie) Reilly, 47, a trader at Midtown’s Vertical Group, jumped in front of an LIRR train at 6 a.m. near the Syosset train station. He was declared dead at the scene.

Reilly’s identity was confirmed by Salvatore Arena, an LIRR spokesperson, who said an investigation into the incident was continuing.

Passengers on the west-bound express train told MTA investigators they saw a man standing by the tracks before he jumped in front of the train, Arena said.

“Eddie was a great guy,” Rob Schaffer, a managing director at Vertical, told The Post in an email. “We are very upset and he will be deeply missed.”

The divorced father of three had rented a house around the corner from his ex-wife, Michelle Reilly, in East Norwich, NY.

One family friend, who said he spoke to the trader on Sunday, told The Post that Reilly “didn’t look good.”

In related news, Autumn Radtke, the CEO of First Meta, a Bitcoin / cyber-currency exchange firm, was found dead on Feb. 28 outside her Singapore apartment. The 28-year-old American, who worked for Apple and other Silicon Valley tech firms prior to founding First Meta, jumped from a 25-story building, authorities said.

Read the full story at : NewYorkPost

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Missing Malaysia Flight Similar To Lost 007 McDonald Flight
March 12 2014 | From: InfoWars

The current mystery of the missing Malaysia Airlines flight has striking similarities to the 1983 disappearance of a Korean airliner carrying the late Congressman Larry McDonald, which also went missing in Asia.

The missing aircraft taking off from an airport in 2011. Credit: Laurent ERRERA / Wiki.

Investigators trying to determine what happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 after it was reported missing in the Gulf of Thailand on March 8 have had little to go on: no distress signal from the flight, no wreckage found and no severe weather reported in the vicinity that could have caused a crash.

Even the oil slick previously attributed to the flight turned out to be a false lead.

More shocking, the passengers’ relatives said that they were able to call the cell phones of those missing and hear a ringing tone, which should have been impossible if the plane crashed into the ocean.

Malaysia’s military also believes that it tracked the aircraft 200 miles off course over the Strait of Malacca, a new revelation that sparks memories of the disappearance of the Korean airliner carrying Rep. McDonald (D-Ga.) in 1983 during the final apex of Cold War tensions.

Read the full story at: InfoWars

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Nationalised Online ID - Here Now
February 14 2014 | From: Aaron Livingston

[ This article can also be downloaded from here in PDF format. Click here for 2mb Low Res Version or click here for High Res 11mb version. Please share far and wide. ]

Well ladies and gentlemen it’s here thanks to the New World Order and its radical laws under Agenda 21; set to control a wide range of resources. This includes a worldwide identification system, in different countries like USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, and India. The globalist ID concept that has incarnated itself in New Zealand as "RealMe" will affect everyone rich and poor; including you!

RealMe is a fully operational Online ID for everyone, and of course Work and Income[1] have gladly been the first ones to implement this ID from its inception, forcing everyone who wants an online account to sign up.

It seems to me that WINZ clients are always at the receiving end of some new implementation, restricting freedom. Also information from a reliable source told me they were forced to sign up to RealMe if they wanted to do an online tertiary course, and apply for a student loan online.

According to a pamphlet[2] I collected at my local Post Shop it states the following: “If you want to do anything important online, like getting a new bank account or a copy of your birth certificate, you need to head down to your local branch with identity documents. Not ideal when you’re busy...

Below is a screen shot of the RealMe ID application landing page on the New Zealand post website at: nzpost.co.nz

...The New Zealand government and New Zealand Post have created the RealMe service to help solve this problem. RealMe is the easy and secure way to prove who you are online. It will soon make applying for things on the internet simpler, faster, and easier with participating organisations”.

Below is a screen shot of the RealMe home page at: realme.govt.nz

To an un-aware mind, this all sounds great! Who wouldn’t love a much simpler way for proving who you are online nationwide? All perks aside, warning bells should be ringing in your ears.

This sounds like the same thing that Nazi Germany was doing back in the 40’s, yet this ID is very similar to the American biometrics system that will identify who I am, to many organisations, institutions, banks and more, according to the official organisation list[3] on the RealMe website.

Below is a screen shot of the key content from the "About RealMe" page on the RealMe website:

Where on earth did RealMe come from?

Our government has made this 'thing' appear without any official warning or transparency, however stated by a RealMe article[4] this is all in aid of the new ‘Anti-Laundering’ bill that has been passed.

This ID system has only just begun, yet by the end of the year (2014) we will see it being more fully implemented and it could even be used as ID for offline measures. Importantly, in light of the latest NSA Whistleblower reports, it is safe to say that this type of ID cannot be proven to be 100% secure.

Given the wider context and implications of the implementation of a "National Identification" system such as this (and the general awareness level of the public at large) it is apparent that not a lot of people in New Zealand will 'get' the concept enough to question it, let aloe be aware enough to figure out how evil this thing really is.

Will you take the Red or Blue Pill?

The choice is yours.



1 http://www.workandincome.govt.nz/about-work-and-income/news/2013/new-login-and-more-features-in-my-account.html

2 Pamphlet photos: www.truth4israelnz.wordpress.com/warning-nationalised-online-id-ahead

3 https://www.realme.govt.nz/faqs/organisations-that-use-realme-services/

4 https://www.realme.govt.nz/news/notice-of-approval-of-anti-money-laundering-and-countering-financing-of-terrorism-identity-verification-code-of-practice-amendment-2013/

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Australian Mining Magnate Claims Greenpeace Has Links To CIA and Rockefeller
March 21 2012 | From InfoWars

Mining magnate Clive Palmer has accused the United States government of funding environmental group Greenpeace via the CIA to undermine Australia’s coal mining sector.

Mr Palmer made the extraordinary claim over Greenpeace’s plan to use the court system to tie up coal mining applications.

He is angry at Greenpeace’s plan to use lawyers to thwart future coal mining projects and claims funding is coming from US environmental charity the Rockefeller Foundation.

He alleges it is funded by the CIA and says it is trying to harm Australia’s industry and help American interests.

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Wave of Dissent Spreads Throughout Western World in Response to Failed Experiment in Central Planning at Local and Regional Levels of Government
March 6 2012 | BreakingViewsNZ

There is a wave of dissent spreading throughout the Western World in response to the failed experiment in central planning at the local and regional level of Government. For some reason we have suffered decades of top-down local planning in spite of the total failure of central planning in economies as diverse as the Soviet Empire, Maoist China, and North Korea.

This wave has now become a flood and is attracting attention in all quarters. During the property boom, triggered by the planners’ excessive regulation of land markets, and powered by the speculative bubble and lending, the rapid inflation in land prices allowed the planners to fund their excessive interventions and compliance costs, and of course their own salaries and fees, because the “speculators” and developers could absorb the costs.

But now the bubble has burst the real costs are being revealed. Worse, the drop in revenues means that Council budgets are now hopelessly out of kilter and the anticipated development contributions (fines) do not even fund the interest on the borrowings.

Remarkably, the typical response of Council administrators and their consultants has been too increase fees and charges to try and maintain the lifestyle to which they have become adjusted.

Of course, it doesn’t work any more than a retail store can increase revenues by increasing its prices. So the obvious solution was to raise the rates.

Read the full story: BreakingViewsNZ

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New World Order: Blueprint of Madmen
March 3 2012 | InfoWars

Alex Jones' latest documentary shatters the hoax of the terrorism, revealing instead that government is history's greatest killer. Now a 21st century technocratic global corporate tyranny seeks to kill billions with the superweapons it has created under a police state control grid and through the central banking warfare model it brought to life. This documentary is another powerful tool in exposing the false threats used by the elite to control us-- powerful because it casts an even greater light on their own dangerous megalomaniacal quest for total power.

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Breaking News: The Selective Default of Greece - Standard & Poor Announced the Next Phase in the Push for a Global Currency
February 29 2012 | From AotearoaAWiderPerspective

In order for the financial elite to proceed to the next phase; a global centrally controlled currency which will enable them to take total global control they must collapse the Euro and the Dollar. This is the Hegelian dialectic model of problem crisis solution.

So it should come as no surprise that while the German government approved the killer austerity stranglehold bail out for Greece the PTB via their “rating agency” Standard & Poor announced the Selective Default of Greece and while the world tries to ignore this it might mean that this will trigger the next phase.

The next phase might be that as the other countries in the same position as Greece, such as Spain, Italy and Portugal realise that there is no escaping default will announce their default. In Ireland there is already enough public anger pushing for a referendum on their compliance with the banker bailouts causing the Euro to drop hugely.

If this happens the next phase will be the triggering of a massive CDS claims with the “American” banks which will cause the entire system to collapse causing a massive panic which will be the moment the bankster elite will step in with their solution: A centrally distributed currency owned by the privately owned banking cartel.

Read the full story: Alexander Higgins.com

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Deliberate Implosion of the United States & Global Economy – Former George H.W. Bush Secretary of Housing: Catherine Austin Fitts
24 February 2012 | From: InfoWars.com

Former Assistant Secretary of Housing under George H.W. Bush Catherine Austin Fitts blows the whistle on how the financial terrorists have deliberately imploded the US economy and transferred gargantuan amounts of wealth offshore as a means of sacrificing the American middle class.

** This video is sped up by 20% to make watching more efficient, and it is uploaded uncut from the original interview. **

Fitts documents how trillions of dollars went missing from government coffers in the 90's and how she was personally targeted for exposing the fraud.

Fitts explains how every dollar of debt issued to service every war, building project, and government program since the American Revolution up to around 2 years ago — around $12 trillion — has been doubled again in just the last 18 months alone with the bank bailouts. "We're literally witnessing the leveraged buyout of a country and that's why I call it a financial coup d'état, and that's what the bailout is for," states Fitts.

Read the full story at InfoWars.com

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Report: Insider Documents Detail a March 23 Greek Default Plan; Gov to Freeze Bank Accounts
February 18 2012 | From: InfoWars.com

That a default in Europe is coming has never been the question. For the astute observer the only thing at issue is how and when it will happen. While the mainstream financial media and government officials have tried to spin this story as one that involves only Greek debt, the fact of the matter is that this isn’t isolated to a single country. Italy, Portugal, Ireland and most other European countries are in exactly the same boat.

Detroit - Western Countries in Ruins

Despite all of the propaganda and machinations from leading financial powers like the United States, Germany, and France, it’s should be clear that there is no viable solution to the debt debacle facing Europe.

As such, we should understand that a situation similar to what led to the Great Depression of the 1930′s is now unfolding once again. The ability of entire nations to pay off their debt is now in question, and given the sheer size of the numbers we’re talking about, any reasonable person could agree that there is simply no plausible resolution that will make all parties whole again.

This has been playing out in Greece for nearly three years, and we may very well be just weeks away from the dreaded moment when it finally becomes official.

An exclusive report detailing internal bank documents from two major Wall Street players says that we may have much less time than we think as insiders prepare for a financial doomsday next month:

Read the whole story at : InfoWars.com

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Twenty Things We Can Learn About the Future of America and the Western World From the Death of Detroit
February 17 2012 | From: TheEconomicCollapseBlog

Do you want to know what the future of America and your little corner of New Zealand is going to look like?  Just check out what is happening to Detroit. 

Detroit - Western Countries in Ruins

The city of Detroit was once one of the greatest industrial cities in the history of the world, but today it is a rotting, decaying, post-apocalyptic hellhole. 

Nearly half the men are unemployed, nearly half the population is functionally illiterate, more than half of the children are living in poverty and the city government is drowning in debt.  As economic conditions have gotten worse, crime has absolutely exploded. 

Every single night in Detroit there are frightening confrontations between desperate criminals and exasperated homeowners. 

Unfortunately, the police force in Detroit has been dramatically reduced in size.  When the police in Detroit are called, they often show up very late if they even show up at all. Detroit has become a lawless hellhole where violence is the currency of the streets. 

If you want to survive in Detroit, you better be ready to fight because there are hordes of desperate criminals that are quite eager to take literally everything that you have got.  But don't look down on Detroit too much, because what is happening in Detroit will soon be happening all over America.

The following are 20 things we can learn about the future of America from the death of Detroit....

Read the whole story here.

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Gordon Campbell on the Predator Society
February 3rd 2012 | From: Scoop.co.nz

In these last few days before Parliament opens and the cycle of normal political life resumes, significant stories are gaining coverage that they might otherwise struggle to achieve. This morning, they included another example of consumers being treated as sitting ducks by supposedly “free market” forces.

Apparently, the retail price of a Steinlager six pack is $16 here where it is brewed, and only about $6 in the US and about $4 in Britain, even after it has been shipped almost 10,000 kilometres to market. As with milk and cheese, a big part of the explanation by the corporates in question for New Zealanders is that the price has to be in line with expectations that exist here, and that exist there. Or as Lion’s corporate flack put it in the Herald:

I guess overall you could say it's a reflection of the different marketplace for beer pricing. It will be a whole lot of factors... Some of it will be tax, some of it will be making sure the pricing is in line with the other beers that it competes with in the marketplace….

Even after the tax element is removed, it seems, it still leaves the beer costing double the price in New Zealand, than elsewhere. Meaning: business will screw the consumer here because it can, but won’t do it over there because it can’t get away with it. Why, in New Zealand, do free market forces more often look like price fixing, cartel behaviour and monopoly rents? Because so often, they are. But we wouldn’t want to regulate against such practices, would we? Because that would mean more red tape, and business hates red tape.

ACC appears to operate with much the same predatory code of ethics, judging by this story of an Auckland woman’s nine year battle with ACC over compensation for an accident that began with her falling down some broken steps outside a Palmerston North café, and which (thanks to medical bungling) eventually required the amputation of her lower leg. ACC’s contribution has been to fight to deny and minimise her entitlements to care and compensation at every step of the way:

Read the full story at: Scoop.co.nz

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Are George Soros, The IMF And The World Bank Purposely Trying To Scare The Living Daylights Out Of Us?
January 28th 2012 | From: TheEconomicCollapseBlog

Over the past couple of weeks, George Soros, the IMF and the World Bank have all issued incredibly chilling warnings about the possibility of an impending economic collapse.

Considering the power and the influence that Soros, the IMF and the World Bank all have over the global financial system, this is very alarming.

So are they purposely trying to scare the living daylights out of us? Soros is even warning of riots in the streets of America. Unfortunately, way too often top global leaders say something in public because they want to "push" events in a certain direction.

Do George Soros and officials at the IMF and World Bank hope to prevent a worldwide financial collapse by making these statements, or are other agendas at work?

We may never know. But one thing is for sure - many of the top financial officials in the world are using language that is downright "apocalyptic", and that is not a good sign for the rest of 2012.

Read the fullstory at: TheEconomicCollapseBlog

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Judge Says Obama Must Appear in Court in Lawsuit Challenging His Country of Birth 'Story' and Legal Right to Hold U.S. Presidential Office
January 26th 2012 | From: RawStory.com

WASHINGTON — A judge in Georgia has ordered President Barack Obama to appear in court this week in a lawsuit challenging whether he is a natural-born US citizen qualified to be president.

The latest case was spawned by the so-called “birther” movement that has made claims — which have not been substantiated — that Obama was born overseas.

Although it is unclear whether a court could force a sitting president to appear in a court case, Georgia Deputy Chief Judge Michael Malihi has denied a motion by the president’s lawyer to quash a subpoena that requires Obama to show up.

A Georgia resident made the complaint, which is intended to keep Obama’s name off the state’s ballot in the March presidential primary.

Orly Taitz, a California attorney who brought the legal challenge, said she expects the president’s legal team to fight his appearance in the Georgia court but by doing so would expose his vulnerability.

An Obama campaign official said the case would not likely proceed.

“As courts around the country have ruled time and again, these claims have no merit and any attempts to compel the president’s personal involvement will fail,” a statement said.

From: RawStory.com

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Monsanto Now Owns Blackwater (Xe)
From: DarkGovernment.com

A report by Jeremy Scahill in The Nation (Blackwater's Black Ops, 9/15/2010) revealed that the largest mercenary army in the world, Blackwater (now called Xe Services) clandestine intelligence services was sold to the multinational Monsanto.

Blackwater was renamed in 2009 after becoming famous in the world with numerous reports of abuses in Iraq, including massacres of civilians. It remains the largest private contractor of the U.S. Department of State “security services,” that practices state terrorism by giving the government the opportunity to deny it.

Read the full story at DarkGovernment.com

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Hillary “We Are Losing The Information War” Clinton Tells It Like It Is:
'We created al Qaeda'
From: AotearoaAWiderPerspective

Hillary Clinton has a problem. The Western elite is losing its iron grip on the propaganda machine more commonly known as our Main stream media. Here she is telling us that RT today , al Jazeera and the English Chinese News sender are threatening the Global hegemony of the Western Mainstream media.

I personally think that is a good thing because otherwise we would not have little gems like this floating around such as the self same Hillary Clinton confessing to the US having created Al Qaeda.

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Presidential Frontrunner Warns Martial Law Being Established in America
December 18, 2011 - InfoWars.com

Leading GOP candidate Ron Paul has warned in recent interviews that the amendments passed in the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) are not only dangerous, but authorize the establishment of total martial law inside the United States.

Not only does the bill, in sections 1031 and 1032, declare the unconstitutional right to detain Americans indefinitely without trial, but it authorizes an Internet offensive and online Pentagon takeover under the pretext of cybersecurity and stopping online piracy.

Yes, America has been declared a battlefield, and average Americans portrayed as potential enemies. One front of that battle continues to be the 2012 elections, where a real battle of ideas is underway.

Read the full story and see the video here.

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Obama Signs NDAA Martial Law: While Americans Shopped, The Constitution Was Shredded
December 17, 2011

Obama is set to officially codify martial law. This is of course an elaboration on legistlation put into place both before and after the Patriot Act - which is itself identical to the Nazi Constitution.

From InfoWars.com

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Treason In The United States Senate
5th December 2011

Danny Panzella sits in for Gary Franchi and reports on the treasonous act committed by the US Senate by passing the Indefinite Detention Bill. Panzella also reports on Wall Streets Private Army and the Big Brother Banksters.

Source: RTR.org

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The 'Post-Democratic Society' Unolding by the Hour
From the David Icke Newsletter - 4th December 2011

We are witnesses to a bankers' coup on country after country in the biggest transfer of wealth and political power from people to a tiny elite in known human history. It began with the Illuminati-engineered collapse of the banking system in September 2008. This banking crisis became a government crisis when Illuminati-controlled governments bailed out the banks and became swamped in catastrophic levels of debt.

In came the Illuminati created-and-controlled IMF and European Central Bank to 'bail out' governments which included the insistence on austerity programmes for the population, selling off state assets to Illuminati corporations at knock-down prices and now increasingly appointing bankers to become unelected political leaders of allegedly 'democratic' countries.

'Coup' is the only word to describe it - 'a sudden appropriation of leadership or power; a takeover'.

The criminal that is Jose Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission, oversaw the collapse of European economies and now says that the only way to 'fight' the crisis is for a massive centralised superstate - exactly what the 'European project' was designed to be from the very start. Jean Monnet, the Rothschild frontman and 'Founding Father' of what has become the EU, wrote in a letter to a friend on 30th April, 1952 :

'Europe's nations should be guided towards the superstate without their people understanding what is happening. This can be accomplished by successive steps, each disguised as having an economic purpose, but which will eventually and irreversibly lead to federation.'

That is precisely what has happened and is still happening.

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Martial Law In The United States - Now?
2nd December 2011

Senate To Vote On Legislation That Allows U.S. Military to Detain US Citizens Indefinitely Without Charge or Trial

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Former US President Bill Clinton information confirms John Key New Zealand Prime Minister played a large part in the Global Financial Crisis
Novmber 18th 2011

Former US President Bill Clinton information confirms John Key New Zealand Prime Minister played a large part in the Global Financial Crisis.

Read the full article at PublicCreditOrBust

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Comfortably Numb - As The Sheeple Sleep
November 2011

As I observe the zombie like reactions of Americans to our catastrophic economic highway to collapse, the continued plundering and pillaging of the national treasury by criminal Wall Street bankers, non-enforcement of existing laws against those who committed the largest crime in history, and reaction to young people across the country getting beaten, bludgeoned, shot with tear gas and pepper sprayed by police, I can’t help but wonder whether there is anyone home.

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Naming the Names of the Banking Elite
October 24th 2011

MSNBC: David Degraw and William Black Discuss the Facts of America's Meltdown on the Dylan Ratigan Show.

Courtesy of: wakeupfromyourslumber.com

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Why Many People Still Believe The Official Version Of 9/11 As Well As Other BS
From: AotearoaAWiderPerspective

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Rockefeller Reveals 9/11 FRAUD to Aaron Russo
Director of Planetary Initiative, United Nations

"No one will enter the New World Order unless he or she will make a pledge to worship Lucifer. No one will enter the New Age unless he will take a Luciferian Initiation."

Aaron Russo (February 14, 1943 - August 24, 2007) was an American entertainment businessman, movie producer and director, and political activist. He was best-known for producing such blockbuster movies as Trading Places, Wise Guys, and The Rose. Later in life, he created various Libertarian-leaning political documentaries including Mad as Hell and America: Freedom to Fascism. After a six-year battle with bladder cancer, Russo died on August 24, 2007.
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James McDonald Dead: Rockefeller & Co. CEO Found Dead Of Self-Inflicted Gunshot Wound
September 15 2009 | From: HuffingtonPost

James S. McDonald, president and chief executive of investment management firm Rockefeller & Co., has died of an apparently self-inflicted gunshot wound, Massachusetts authorities said Tuesday.

McDonald, 56, was found in his vehicle at about 3 p.m. Sunday behind a car dealership in Dartmouth, about 50 miles south of Boston, said Gregg Miliote, a spokesman for the Bristol district attorney's office.

There was no note, but McDonald "made a phone call to his wife earlier in the day," Miliote said Tuesday, without getting into specifics of the call. The death is still under investigation.

Barclay McFadden III, a longtime friend, said McDonald "took his own life," and added that neither he nor the family had further comment.

McDonald had been president and chief executive of the New York investment manager since 2001. The company was started in 1882 by John D. Rockefeller to manage the family's assets.

Rockefeller & Co., which also has offices in Boston, Washington and Wilmington, Del., offers wealth and investment management services to families, foundations and endowments. The company had $25 billion in assets under administration at the end of last year, according to its Web site.

“Jim McDonald was an exceptional individual, who provided strong leadership of Rockefeller and Company for over eight years," board Chairman Colin Campbell said in a statement. "He will be missed by all of us privileged to have known and worked with him."

Austin Shapard, the company's chief operating and financial officer, has assumed day-to-day leadership of Rockefeller & Co.

McDonald, a New York City resident, was also on the board of stock exchange operator NYSE Euronext. He was formerly on the board of CIT Group Inc.

“The NYSE Euronext community offers our deepest condolences to the family, friends and colleagues of Jim McDonald, an outstanding and accomplished individual who served our capital markets and NYSE Euronext with great commitment and integrity," spokesman Rich Adamonis said.

He had been on the board since 2003 and headed the audit committee.

McDonald earned an undergraduate degree from Harvard in 1974 and a law degree from the University of Virginia in 1977. Prior to joining Rockefeller & Co., he served as chief executive at Pell Rudman Trust Co. in Boston.

Funeral arrangements are pending, McFadden said.

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Keeping Watch on the Cabal / Illuminati / New World Order / Khazarian / Zionists

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