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Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi
Who Really Controls The World - The History You Have Not Been Told
Fabian Influence On Local Government Council Developments In New Zealand
March 30 2015 | From: HalisaEU

"Communist" Councils In New Zealand and their hidden Fabian Socialist 2006 "Draft Ten Year Plan" to confiscate all freehold properties through rate rises and taxes.

This 'paper' is written in the public interest, and may be freely reprinted or republished, in full or in part, for profit or not, by whomsoever wishes to use it.

1. The Basis of Local Government
2. City of London Corporation
3. The Beginning of Socialism in London
4. Fabian Society
5. Fabian Society "Five Year Plan"
6. Fabian Society Privatization of the World
7. "Sovietization" of Local Government in New Zealand
8. Communist "Sustainable Development"
9. World Conservation Bank
10. Communist "SmartGrowth"
11. Bribery of Local Government Politicians
12. Pauperization of Pensioners and the Middle Class
13. Borrowing Powers of Councils and the Stealing of Ratepayer's Properties

1. The Basis Of Local Government

Before I outline the "Communist" basis of the New Zealand City, District and Regional Council draft Ten Year Plan policies (announced by most councils in March/April 2006), it is first necessary to provide a brief history of global "local government" in order to fully understand the real essence of what I write about.

Although the modern system of local and regional government can be directly traced back to Babylon, when in King Nebuchadnezzar's time (605-562 B.C.), the city was divided up into ten distinct regions or districts ruled by princes, under whom were mayoral governors, captains, judges, treasurers, councilors and sheriffs ­ in modern times the system of local government that we have throughout the world is derived exclusively from the City of London Corporation.

2. City Of London Corporation

The City of London Corporation is a Masonic, private, independent, sovereign state occupying approximately one square mile within the heart of the greater London area inside the old Roman walls of London.

It either directly or indirectly, controls all mayors, councils, regional councils, multi-national and trans-national banks, corporations, judicial systems (through Old Bailey, Temple Bar and the Royal Courts of Justice in London), the IMF, World Bank, Vatican Bank (through N. M. Rothschild & Sons London Italian subsidiary Torlonia), European Central Bank, United States Federal Reserve (which is privately owned and secretly controlled by eight British-controlled shareholding banks), the Bank for International Settlements in Switzerland (which is also British-controlled and oversees all of the Reserve Banks around the world including our own) and last but not least, the communist European Union and communist United Nations Organization.

The supreme ruler of the City is the Lord Mayor who is elected once a year and lives in the Mansion House.

The City has a resident population of about 5,000 that rises to about two million during the week when people surge in and out each day to work.

The financial centre of the world, it is often termed the 'wealthiest square mile on earth. 'The full title of the Square Mile's governing body is the 'Mayor, Aldermen and Commons of the City of London in Common Council Assembled.'

The Court of leadership consists of the Lord Mayor, 25 Aldermen and 130 Common Councilmen.

All of the giant, largely Jewish international banks and corporations in the City of London that control the world are members of one or another of the Twelve Great Livery Companies domiciled in Guildhall (or the Hall of the City of London Corporation).

As the result of a 'gentleman's agreement' between the sovereign and the City merchants and bankers made many hundreds of years ago, the Lord Mayor is officially head of the Corporation and is allowed to operate independently of the sovereign.

However, the wealth of the world held in the Corporation ultimately is the sovereign's, because, should the gentleman's agreement break down, the sovereign has the power to "rescind" the Corporation's independence. The Queen sometimes refers to the Corporation as "The Firm."

While ostensibly the power of the monarchy appears to be diminishing as the Queen voluntarily gives her Commonwealth countries their independence and they become republics chartered to the United Nations, and she actively works toward abolishing the sovereignty of Britain as the UK is broken up and divided into regions of the European Union ­ her City of London Corporation multi-national banks and corporations are quietly taking over the world.

All of the big banks and companies in both New Zealand and Australia are either directly or indirectly City of London-controlled.

In ancient times the City marshals and sheriffs were employed to ensure that all the "council" rates and taxes were paid to the City on behalf of the king.

William of Orange

After the conquest of William the Conqueror in 1066, who first brought the Jewish bankers to London from France, the Jews developed written credit agreements for the king, (in French called "mort-gages" ­ mort 'death'gage 'bond') and it was the marshal's and sheriff's jobs to ensure that all the interest payments of these "death-bonds" were paid to the Jews on behalf of the king.

During the reign of Richard I (the Lionheart) after the serious downturn in the economy as the result of the cost and tax impositions of the Crusades, (read "Blondel's Song" by David Boyle to understand how 25% of the wealth of England was required in standard Silver Ingots to free Richard the Lionheart from not Saladdin but the Holy Roman Emperor !") many farmers, business people and peasants had defaulted on their "mort-gages" throughout England.

As the result, the Jews promptly commenced seizing the commoner's property for not paying the interest, rates and taxes to the City and King.

Subsequently, a rapid increase in hate against the "King's Jews" was initiated.

This led to the massacre of Jews at York in 1190. New York in America was later named by British Jewish immigrant bankers in memory of the event.

For 100 years the commoner's hate against the "King's Jews" fermented until 1290, when, under pressure from the people, Edward III finally suspended the Mayoralty and reluctantly banished all Jews from his kingdom when 16,000 left England ­ and didn't begin to return until around the reign of Elizabeth I 1558-1603) when the enormous power of the City really began to accelerate with the opening of the world's first stock exchange in London ­ and has continued unabated to the present day.

[According to the Jewish History Books the Jews returned to England after the death of Oliver CROMWELL nearly 75 years later.]

CROMWELL had won the Civil War in England in 1660 and formed the first republic or "The Commonwealth" in England.

The Jews of Amsterdam approached Cromwell in 1655 to allow them to return England but a decision was not reached.

According to the Jewish History Books there was a competition between theDutch Jews and the Portuguese Jews over the Trade with South America.Three Centuries of Anglo Jewish History VD LIPMAN P30.

It appears that the Portuguese Jews may have funded the return of Charles II as the minutes of the Board of Deputies of British Jews were written in Portuguese for the first 60 years ref "The History of the Jews: From Cromwell's Commonwealth to the Napoleonic Era" Simon DUBNOC, Moshe SPIEGEL (translator).

However this rivalry stimulated the formation of many trading companies in England including The Formation of the East India Company.

When in 1694 the Scots tried to emulate the trading English juggernaut with the ill-fated Scottish East India Company "Darien Expedition" the Scots may have been deliberately lured into bankruptcy to sign the Union of Parliaments.

The Darien Expedition was promoted in Scotland by William PATERSON who is credited as being the founder of the Bank of England.

However the Expedition was a monumental disaster and resulted in the Union of Parliaments between England and Scotland]

While there have been rare occasions when the Lord Mayor and Commalty of the City, as a result of their colossal wealth and power have been able to subtly out-maneuver the monarch, as to their cost, Richard II, Charles I and James II were to learn to their fate ­ generally speaking this has been the exception rather than the rule.

Ultimately, whoever successfully rules must have the "will" of the people. Historically, in the City many although certainly not all monarchs, have ruled with the "will" of their subjects.

But rarely, if ever, have the bankers, rich barons or knights been respected in this position. More often than not they've been consistently hated. Even when monarchs have done a poor job, provided they have still had the "will" of the people, the wealthy bankers' position has been extremely "perilous" to say the least.

After forty years of misrule by Henry III, the Lord Mayor, Thomas Fitzthomas (1261-1264) and the Aldermen defied the king. On this particular occasion the Lord Mayor ended up being thrown into the Tower where he died. Henry III vetoed nine Mayors in his long reign, and jailed another who died in prison. On one occasion the threat to the Lord Mayor's massive wealth and power has not come directly from the monarch, but from the people themselves.

Mayor Nicholas Brembre (1383-1385) had been a king's man during the peasant's revolt, and was knighted by Richard II (similar to Sir Barry Curtis, Mayor of Manukau City in New Zealand today) for curbing the ambitions of his uncle, John of Gaunt.

But Brembre had few friends among the common people having deposed the popular Mayor Adam Stable, and when he re-imposed the hated Poll Tax which had caused the revolt, the mob turned on him.

He was given a mockery of a trial and was then hanged, drawn and quartered.

Catherne Fiona Woolfe CBE, a British Lawyer is the 686th Lord Mayor of The City of London for 2013-2014

Understandably, therefore, from the time of Richard II most of the "Lord Mayors" in the City of London and others in the realm became very "cautious" and "hesitant" about any proposal which could be seen as an "unreasonable demand" to levy rates or taxes for the City and king. However, today these events have all but been forgotten.

From the time of William the Conqueror in 1066 up to the time of the Reformation the City of London Corporation was Roman Catholic.

(The modern global "company" and "corporate" business system that we know today grew out of the old Roman Catholic dioceses in England which were the world's first "corporations").

During the reigns of Henry VIII (1491-1547) and Elizabeth I (1558-1603) when the Church of England, knights and barons took over the assets of the Catholic Church in England, the City then became Protestant.

Gradually, as the people of England apostatized and turned away from the Protestant King James Bible and Christianity in general, both Roman Catholic and Protestant, in the late 1800's the City and Monarchy became rabidly Socialist.

3. The Beginning Of Socialism In London

The religion of Socialism is based primarily on the teachings of the pagan Greek philosopher and writer Plato, and especially his book The Republic, in which 400 years before the time of Christ he dreamed of a "World Republic" headed not by a president, but by a royal "world philosopher king" or "prince" like himself of course!).

Both Karl Marx and Hitler were great students of Plato. It is only inevitablethat the planned reformed United Nations and EU will one day be headed by this "Philosopher Prince".

Socialism officially first began in 1880 in London when H. M. Hyndman founded the Rose Street Club which was dedicated to the destruction of Christianity in England. In 1884 the group changed its name and came to be called the Social Democratic Federation. Its early members deceptively called themselves "Christian Socialists".

Later the group's membership included the Jew, Karl Marx's daughter,Eleanor Marx and her husband Professor Aveling. Behind the scenes the group was largely controlled by Engels, Karl Marx's partner.

Because Hyndman would not obey the orders of Engels, Eleanor Marx and her husband split off with William Morris the poet and others and started an opposition group which they called the Socialist League.

On January 4, 1884, members and past members of the Social Democratic Federation, the Socialist League and others founded the Fabian Society.

4. Fabian Society

The first meeting of the Fabian Society was held at the home of Mr E. R. Pease, a member of the London Stock Exchange.

Two of the leading members were George Bernard Shaw and Sidney Webb.

Other early members were Eleanor Marx, theosophist and occultist Annie Besant, and author H. G. Wells.

The name of the society was suggested by the Spiritualist, Frank Podmore, who named it after the brilliant, elderly, third century Roman general, censor and consul, Quintus Fabius (Maximus Verrucosus)(303-203 BC) who was made a dictator in 221-217 BC and, with his small band of fighting guerillas and superior cunning, successfully defended Rome by defeating Hannibal's much bigger and mighty Carthaginian army through "gradualism" and "terrorism" during the time of the second Punic War.

Initially he kept to the hills and cunningly hampered the enemy's progress by cutting off their food and supply lines with "delaying tactics" until Rome could assemble enough men to defend the city successfully.

During the war, his slow, "gradual," delaying tactics were greatly disapproved of by his soldiers and the civilians and earned him the name of 'Cunctator' ­ the 'Delayer.' But later, after the triumph, his skill and wisdom was highly appreciated. He died in his 100th year in 203 BC.

Fabian Socialism is a "mixture" of Fascism, Nazism, Marxism and Communism all bundled together.

However, it is much more deadly because it is much more clever and subtle. The only difference between Fabian Socialism and Communism is that Communists take your house by directly sending in the "secret police" to knock your front door down ­ Fabian Socialists do it much more subtly and cleverly ­by "gradually" taking your individual rights away, by "gradually" increasing property taxes and rates, and finally, when you can't pay them, they send in their regional "council tax inspectors" to take your house away ­ but the end result is the same.

British PM Tony Blair and President George Bush Junior's globalist "war on terror" is a classic Fabian Socialist strategy.

The philosophy of the Fabian Society was written in 1887 and included the statement:

"The Fabian Society acknowledges the principal tenet of Marxism the abolition of private property etc."

(of course this does not apply to the elect oligarchy at the top who end up owning the lot!).

Sidney and Beatrice Webb published a book of 1143 pages in defense of Bolshevism. It was entitled Soviet Communism: A New Civilization.

In April 1952 the Webbs were exposed before a US Senate Committee on the Judiciary when Soviet Colonel I. M. Bogolepov, a former Red Army officer stated that the entire text had been prepared by himself in the Soviet Foreign Office.

Appropriately, the defiant coat of arms of the Fabian Society (commissioned by author/playwright co-founder George Bernard Shaw) today (now archived) is a "wolf in sheep's clothing."

Until recently it also appeared on the Fabian glass window (now removed) in the Beatrice Webb House at Dorking, Surrey. (see enclosures)

Today the Fabian Society is among other things the intellectual wing of the British Labour Party.


Before Tony Blair became British Prime Minister in May 1997, he was Chairman of the Fabian Society.

Since the 1997 British general election there have been around 200 Fabian MP's in the House of Commons, some of whom have formed almost entire Labour Cabinets including Gordon Brown, Robin Cook, Jack Straw, David Blunkett, Peter Hain, Patricia Hewitt, John Reid, Ruth Kelly, Alan Milburn and Clare Short.

Headed by Tony Blair, Fabians now dominate the entire British government. They are resident in all parties and sit on all important select committees, commissions and organizations allied to the government.

A good web-site on the subject is: www.lindsayjenkins.com

The Fabian Society literally controls the European Union. German-born Gisela Stuart, the Labour MP for Birmingham Edgbaston since 1997, and member of the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Select Committee, was one of two House of Commons' Representatives on the European Convention and a member of the Presidium of the Convention on the Future of Europe.

The Presidium was the drafting body that created the draft Constitution for Europe.

In her book, The Making of Europe's Constitution , published in December 2003 by the Fabian Society, p. 20-21, Gisela writes:

"In the early months, the Presidium members would meet in a small room in the Justus Lipsius Building some fifteen minute walk from the European Parliament.

Attendance was limited to the thirteen members, the Secretary General Sir John Kerr, his deputy and the press officer. Sir John Kerr, a former Permanent Secretary of the British Foreign Office, conducted the proceedings inside the Presidium and in the plenary sessions of the Convention with deft diplomatic skill as might be expected from someone who John Major called 'Machiavelli' in his autobiography.

The best description of his talents I heard was: 'When Kerr comes up to you and asks for the time, you wonder why me and why now?'

On several occasions, we would retreat to the Val Duchess ­ a small palace used by the Belgian foreign minister. It was at one of the dinners at Val Duchess that the skeleton of the draft constitution was given to members of the presidium in sealed brown envelopes the weekend before the public presentation.

We were not allowed to take the documents away with us.

Just precisely who drafted the skeleton, and when, is still unclear to me, but I gather much of the work was done by Valery Giscard d'Estaing and Sir John Kerr over the summer.

There was little time for informed discussion, and even less scope for changes to be made."

Today the Labour Parties in both New Zealand and Australia are closely affiliated to the Fabian Society in London.

When Australian Labour Party Prime Minister Bob Hawke (a Rhodes Scholar), was guest of honour at the Fabian Society's Centenary Commemoration Dinner in Melbourne on May 18, 1984, he said:

"I gladly acknowledge the debt of my own government to Fabianism. Earlier I dealt at some length with the principle of the inevitability of 'gradualness.'"

There is another important idea, a method more than a principle ­ which becomes closely associated with Fabianism.

Sydney Webb called it 'permeation.' Today it would be called 'consensus.'

Fabian Socialist stained glass Window

Webb put it this way:

“Most reformers think that all they have to do in a political democracy is to obtain a majority. This is a profound mistake. What has to be changed is not only the vote that is cast, but also the mental climate in which Parliament and Government both live and work.

That I find to be an accurate description of the approach I and my colleagues have tried to bring to the affairs of the nation in our first term of office."

In June 2001, at the Federal Government joint standing committee on treaties inquiry into whether Australia should support a statute of the UN International Criminal Court which would affect the "sovereignty" of all Australians, when criticized by an Australian patriotic group, Labour Party Senator Chris Schacht, sarcastically exclaimed he had been a member of the Fabian Society for 20 years ­ and further, said;

"You probably were not aware that us Fabians have taken over the CIA, KGB, M15, ASIO (Australian Security Intelligence Organization), IMF, the World Bank and many other organizations".

"That is why Tony Blair, as part of the 2006 Commonwealth Games Closing Celebrations in Melbourne on March 26, was also invited by Labour officials and business leaders to speak to the Australian Parliament in Canberra on March 27 about his Fabian "war against terror," and "intelligence matters" where he said; "The war against terror was as much a battle about values as it was about arms."

An angry tortoise is the symbol of the Fabian Society, an extremely powerful organization that has been working for over a century towards to formation of a single world government.

The motto of the Fabian Society is “When I strike, I strike hard”

The philosophy behind Fabian socialism is basically the blueprint of what we call today the New World Order.

The Fabian Society is a very old group originating in England in 1884, with the purpose of forming a single, global socialist state. They get their name from the Roman general Fabius, who used carefully planned strategies to slowly wear down his enemies over a long period of time to obtain victory.

“Fabian Socialism” uses incremental change over a long period of time to slowly transform a state as opposed to using violent revolution for change. It is essentially socialism by stealth.
Their original emblem was a shield with a wolf in sheep’s clothing holding a flag with the letters F.S. Today the international symbol of the Fabian Society is a turtle, with the motto below: “When I strike, I strike hard.”

– The Fabian Society, The Weather Eye

The Fabian Society used to openly advocate a scientifically planned society and supported eugenics by way of sterilization. Its original logo was a wolf in sheep’s clothing … But I guess that was not the best way to conceal the wolf from the masses.

Bringing forth a global system through small incremental changes is exactly what the world elite is currently doing. This is probably why there’s an angry tortoise on the cover of this Bilderberg-connected publication – standing in front of the chaos behind it.

And why, after the Australian Government meeting, he flew directly to New Zealand on March 28 to speak about the same subject at a meeting in the Auckland Town Hall, hosted by the New Zealand Labour Party Prime Minister, Helen Clark, and the Auckland Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

After which he participated (by video-link) in the International Climate Change Conference in Wellington on March 29, and later discussed with Prime Minister Helen Clark his ("Fabian Society") "initiative to set up a unit in the NZ public service to enable their respective Labour Governments to co-operate more closely on policy development" (NZ Herald, March 28, 2006 pg. A3) and on "security ­ intelligence matters" as communist China is brought into the fold.

In the last century, members of the British Fabian Society dynastic bankingfamilies in the City of London financed the Communist takeover of Russia.

Trotsky in his biography refers to some of the loans from these British financiers going back as far as 1907.

By 1917 the major subsidies and funding for the Bolshevik Revolution were co-ordinated and arranged by Sir George Buchanan and Lord Alfred Milner.

The Communist system in Russia was a "British experiment" designed ultimately to become the Fabian Socialist model for the British takeover of the world through the UN and EU.

5. Fabian Society "Five Year Plan"

The British plan to takeover the world and bring in a "New World Order" began with the teachings of John Ruskin and Cecil Rhodes at Oxford University.

Rhodes in one of his wills in 1877 left his vast fortune to Lord Nathan Rothschild as trustee to set up the Rhodes Scholarship Program at Oxford to indoctrinate promising young graduates for the purpose, and also establish a secret society for leading business and banking leaders around the world who would work for the City to bring in their Socialist world government.

Rothschild appointed Lord Alfred Milner to implement the plan. At first the society was called Milner's Kindergarten, then in 1909 it came to be called The RoundTable.

It was to work closely with the London School of Economics founded in 1894 by Fabian Socialist leader Sidney Webb (Lord Passfield).

Today former Rhodes Scholars (such as Bill Clinton), Fabian Business Round Table members, and graduates from the London School of Economics (the primary Fabian Socialist training school in the world) dominate the global banking, business and political systems in every country.

The British Fabian Society plan to takeover the world by the City of London financial community was first published in a book entitled "All These Things" by a New Zealand author and journalist, A. N. Field.

The book was first published in 1936 by Omni Publications in the United States (and censored in New Zealand). The document, called "Freedom and Planning" was secretly circulated in 1932 by the inner councils of the members of the Political Economic Plan, otherwiseknown as "P.E.P." in London.

The then chairman of the organization was a City of London Jew, Israel Moses Sieff, who was the reputed author of the plan.

The headquarters of P.E.P. were at 16 Queen Anne's Gate, London. Mr Sieff was also chairman and financier of Marks and Spencer's' chain stores and vice-president of the British Zionist Society.

Centered around City of London Jewry's international financiers in the Bank of England subsidiary, the Bankers Industrial Development Company, the essence of the document "Freedom and Planning" was (and still is) to gradually "Sovietize" the world based on their "Five Year Plan" inaugurated in Moscow in 1927-28 in the Soviet Union.

Basically the plan involved the subtle transfer of the entire productive capacity of each country throughout the world into a series of great "State-owned" departments, which would then be "corporatized", then "privatized" to City of London Corporation International banks and corporations which they control.

Individual property ownership would be severely restricted, with most of the land, sea, fisheries, rivers, lakes, ports, railways, communications, media, roads, electricity, energy, food, water, waste management, housing, farms, commercial property, schools, hospitals, police, social welfare, Inland Revenue etc. transferred into statutory corporations, companies or land trusts which indirectly would be owned by City of London banks.

The"peasants" would still be allowed to own their own clothes, and small assets like furniture, cars and boats etc., but the main assets of each country would be owned by their multi-national corporations and banks.

In essence the City of London Corporation would become the "One World Earth Corporation" and would privately own the world.

Similar to the experiment carried out in the in the USSR, the whole world would eventually be transferred into a Communist "United Nations" World Soviet Socialist Republic, where each country would be "regionalized" and ruled through "Regional Councils" through a United Nations dictatorship called a "Parliamentary Assembly" which would be just another name for a Soviet "Central Committee" ­ and all independent, sovereign, national governments would be totally abolished.

6. Fabian Society Privatisation Of The World

As the result of the P.E.P. Plan originally formulated in 1932, right now every country's "State assets" (owned in trust by the State on behalf of the people) are being frantically "privatized" by City of London-controlled banks and corporations primarily under the directions of two leading Fabian Socialist writers ­ Sir Roger Douglas and John Redwood.

Sir Roger Douglas's book "Unfinished Business" and John Redwood's book "Public Enterprise in Crisis" are the primary handbooks being used by central and local government finance ministers and officers all around the world to sell off each nation's "family silver" and State assets ­ with the more "sensitive" public assets being transferred into Fascist-type Public-Private Partnerships (PPP's) which are designed to make the public masses and peasantry "think" that they have some degree of control ­ when in reality they have none as the real ownership of the assets are held by the City of London banks and corporations who fund them.

Until relatively recently, John Redwood was head of N. M. Rothschild & Sons London global Overseas Privatization Unit that is coordinating the entire global privatization process.

Sir Roger has been contracted as a consultant by City of London Banks, the World Bank and others to advise on national privatization programs as well.

Fabian Society "Regionalization" of the World through UN and EU Control of Regional and City Councils

All of the countries in the world currently are being "regionalized". Presently, for example, the whole of the United States is being "regionalized" and the EU Committee of the Regions, based in Brussels, is "regionalizing" every country in the European Union.

As the result of this radical "regionalization" process, Britain has now already been effectively abolished, having been divided up into 9 separate regions of the EU, plus Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

This cunning process, which is being "gradually" implemented to destroy the power of the central national government in each country, is commonly referred to as "Devolution" by the Queen and Fabian Society.

Unlike the rest of the autonomous regions in the UK which, like most of the other regions in the EU that have become virtually powerless through their representation in the European Parliament which is now only a "talking shop", the City of London Corporation as a separate region by itself within the Union now rules it.

This is because all of the Commissioners are appointed (not elected) to the European Commission by City of London-controlled business leaders and bankers in their respective countries.

Right now throughout the UK all city councils and regional councils are dramatically increasing their rate demand on their constituent's properties, while at the same time they are quickly expanding their debt levels for unaffordable capital works programs via loans from City of London banks ­ which policies are deliberately intended to prepare for the councils "privatization" whilst transferring the local government in each country to "regional councils" ­ which ultimately will become or be controlled by "Regional Parliamentary Assemblies," identical to the old structure in the former Soviet Union ­ which first regionalized then abolished the national governments before they set up their republican socialist police state.

7."Sovietization" Of Local Government In New Zealand

In New Zealand, the blatant UN "Sovietization" of the entire country was implemented by the Hon. Dr. Michael Bassett, Minister of Local Government, through the Local Government Amendment Act (No.2) in 1989.

This radical act reduced more than 600 different local authorities throughout the country to 94: 13 regional councils, 74 district or city councils and seven special authorities.

This new structure of local government deftly created by the act divided the whole country up into 14 "Soviet-styled" regions governed by 13 regional councils and a district council (with the Airborne Region being unique in that its district council was also to become the regional council for that area).

Under the 1989 Act, the district and city councils were designed to continue to provide essential services such as water supply, roads, sewage disposal and rubbish collection (which all ultimately would be "privatized" or transferred into "Public-Private-Partnerships (PPP's) which would finally end up being foreign-owned) and the regional councils would take over many of the responsibilities performed in the past by many special purpose authorities formerly carried out by such agencies as catchment boards, harbor boards, pest and noxious plant authorities etc.

Ultimately, this devious plan is to transfer many of the Central Government tasks and responsibilities to regional councils as well, which will be further subtly rationalized to become or be controlled by "Sovietized" Regional Development Agencies and Regional Parliamentary Assemblies ­to rule their unwary serfs and peasants under strict Communist United Nations and Marxist EU socialist law.

These processes are now well advanced and are almost complete in Britain, and are accelerating in all other countries, including the United States. One could say that the Fabian Socialist global "cake is about 95% baked!"

8. Communist "Sustainable Development"

In 1992 at the "communist" United Nations Conference on the Environment and Development (UNCED) in Rio de Janero, Brazil, co-chaired by former Soviet Union President Mikhail Gorbachev and N. M. Rothschild-London agent Canadian billionaire Maurice Strong, the UN unveiled a radical environmental philosophical agenda which "inverted" the traditional values reflected in the Bible, Magna Carta and US Constitution (which put man under God at the head of his creation and dominion i.e. a man's rights were to have superiority over those of animals, fish, plants, trees and forests etc.)

At the Earth Summit in Rio, an old pagan concept was introduced which "inverted" all of our existing, constitutional, democratic, personal and property rights and values espoused by Christianity ­ and transferred them to the environment and the religion of mother-earth Gaia worship.

In this religion, a tree becomes more valuable than a human being. A rare bird more valuable than a hospital.

This United Nations program of action unveiled in Rio was called Agenda 21.

It is 300 pages long and is very complex. Primarily it is designed to be implemented with other radical UN documents such as the Global Biodiversity Assessment (1100 pages), promoted by the UN Conference on Human Settlements, Habitat II.

The first Habitat conference was held in 1974 and specifically identified private property ownership as a threat to the peace and equality of the environment.

It proposed to revolutionize the development of the land and cities of each country under strict "Soviet-style" environmental guidelines, called "Sustainable Development."

The UN's communist secret agenda through "environmentalism" and "sustainable development" is very cunning and has deceived a lot of well-meaning people.

Most people genuinely want to protect the environment and ensure that the earth's resources are "sustainable" for future generations there is no doubt.

But the communist goal of "sustainable development" and "environmentalism" has absolutely nothing to do with protecting the environment or sustainability ­ it is all about abolition of property rights, and ultimately, collectivization of housing and farms under corporate State control.

Under this system, farmers and property owner's rights would be effectively extinguished and overridden by strict Environmental and Sustainable Development resource consents and laws.

They would be told where they could farm, what "sustainable" land they could "develop," (sustainable development) what trees they could plant or cut down, what fertilizer if any they could apply, and they would need "consents" and licenses for everything under the sun.

City dwellers would be in the same dire predicament, and have their homes confiscated, or they'd be severely fined, if they cut down a heritage tree, washed their car, boat or dishes using detergent, or used the privatized corporation's water when they shouldn't, especially if they were nabbed under their friendly "Neighbourhood Watch Scheme," which scheme, incidentally, was first implemented in the Soviet Union.

Socialism is very subtle.

The penalty for cutting a tree down without the appropriate government consent would become worse than murder.

Not only would you have to license your dog, to own a dog you would have to be licensed too.

Farmers would need to be licensed to operate their collectivized farms, spray weeds, care for cattle and drive their tractors under new Soviet-styled "health and safety" laws.

All tradesmen and professional workers would have to be accredited and licensed, as would all Christian pastors and churches, and any other persons or institutions that could be likely to criticize their Soviet bosses.

All potential young parents would need to have a license to have children, and if there was any family genetic weakness of some sort in their state-controlled doctor's medical records, no license would be given

In the end you would need a license or permit to take your boat on a lake, take your kid fishing off a wharf, or travel between towns or cities.

In other words ­ full-blown Marxism.

The United Nations policy of "Sustainable Development" introduced in 1992 at the UNCED at Rio de Janero, and implemented through Habitat II and the UN World Commission on Environment and Development ­ is taken directly from the USSR Constitution, chapter 2, article 18, which reads:

"In the interests of the present and future generations, the necessary steps are taken in the USSR to protect and make scientific, rational use of the land and its mineral and water resources, and the plant and animal kingdoms to preserve the purity of air and water, ensure reproduction of natural wealth, and improve the human environment."

National Party Prime Minister, Jim Bolger, attended the UN Earth Summit inRio de Janero in 1992 and signed on behalf of New Zealand to commit the country to Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development.

Labour Party Prime Minister Helen Clark attended the follow-up summit in Johannesburg August 26 ­ September 4 2002 aptly called the "World Summit for Sustainable Development," where she attended the head of state sessions.

The summit has since been nicknamed "Rio+10 because it marked the 10th anniversary of the first Earth Summit at Rio.

NZ Environment Minister Marion Hobbs led a 35-strong delegation to the giant summit, and was one of five vice-presidents nominated by the UN to lead the summit comprised of about 45,000 delegates.

Not only was N. M. Rothschild agent, Maurice Strong, Secretary-General of the UN 1992 Rio Earth Summit, he personally worked with UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan to appoint three of his own Earth Charter Commissioners to the 12-man advisory panel of the Johannesburg Summit.

9. World Conservation Bank

In September 1987, the 4th World Wilderness Congress was held in Denver, Colorado, USA, which established the World Conservation Bank.

The congress was setup by none other than London's (late) Baron Edmond de Rothschild, chairman of Banque Privee Edmond de Rothschild, Geneva, Switzerland, and one of the trustees of the International Wilderness Foundation that sponsored the conference.

Baron Edmond de Rothschild

Approximately 1500 of the world's most powerful bankers and leaders attended the congress, which was chaired by Rothschild agent and Canadian multi billionaire, Maurice Strong.

At the congress, Edmond de Rothschild designated eminent financier I. Michael Sweatman to be the first president of the World Conservation Bank. Sweatman wrote the forward of the banks charter.

Leading insiders of the biggest banks and UN agencies in the world were present, including Maurice Strong "Mr Sustainable," David Rockefeller head of the Chase Manhattan Bank "Mr Development" and Mr David Ruckleshaus head of the UN Environmental Protection Agency "Mr Environment" ­ of course!

The World Conservation Bank is destined to become the final World Bank and the "de-coupling mechanism" for City of London parent banks to take over the assets of every country of the world.

The essence of their secret plan is this:

After an orchestrated period of global financial chaos triggered by a major war in the Middle East or man-made state of emergency or natural disaster, in which most of the world's banks will be deliberately collapsed in the process, (wiping everybody's savings out in the crash), key City of London banking parent creditors, are going to takeover all the "mort-gages" (death-bonds) and assets of the world, and transfer them to the World Conservation Bank.

The plan is very esoteric and cunning, and very difficult for most to understand.

Already most government treasury departments are preparing for such an event.

As part of the preparation for this momentous event, all of the world's individual currencies are to be merged into two or three major currency groups, two of which are the euro and US dollar.

Finally, these currencies are to be replaced with the World Conservation Bank's new electronic global currency, the "Earth Dollar."

This new currency is deceptively to be issued against the collateral of 34 percent of the Earth's surface that is presently being transferred into huge UN Heritage Parks and Conservation areas in every country across the globe,under the crafty deception "Sustainable Development."

In short, the biggest banking conspiracy and deception ever to face mankind!

George W. Hunt, (95 Camino Basque, Boulder, Colorado 80302, U.S.A.), a US businessman, attended the congress and produced a video about it exposing their wicked and incredibly deceptive plans.

On his video he plays excerpts of key speeches recorded at the congress.

One such speech was made by David Lang, a leading US financier and close personal friend and business partner of Maurice Strong, who said:

“When the auditor finally gets his hands into the balance sheet, I suggest therefore that this be sold not through a democratic process. That would take too long and devour far too much of the funds to educate the cannon fodder unfortunately which populates the earth."

We have to take an almost elitist program that we can see beyond our swollen bellies and look to the future in time frames and in results ­ which are not easily understood or which can be, with intellectual honesty, be reduced down to some sort of simplistic definition.

"CANNON-FODDER!" ­ this is what these leading, arrogant, banking conspirators of the UN "Sustainable Development," "SmartGrowth," and World Conservation policies think of the world general population ­ including all New Zealanders.

THESE are the wicked men that all the millions and millions of naïve local / central government politicians and business leaders throughout the world are now following.

The New Zealand government has already met its commitment and transferred over 34 per cent of the entire country's land area into UN Heritage Areas and Conservation Parks under this deceptive plan.

New Zealanders need to wake up and wake up fast.

10. Communist "Smartgrowth"

The main business facilitators and organizations of the UN Sustainable Development policies in the Asia-Pacific Region are the Pacific Rim Institute of Sustainable Management, the NZ Business Council for Sustainable Development and the Melbourne-based Sustainable Investment Research Group (SIRIS).

High-density mixed-use townhouses will be built in the city centres. These buildings are right up against the footpath with a ground floor of retail, and two or three floors of flats built on top.

Equity in this group, SIRIS, coincidentally, is held by IOOF Funds Management and broking house JBWere ­ that provide research for N.M. Rothschild & Sons' Ethical Share Trust based in London.

The 1995 session the United Nations General Assembly passed a number of rules. Rule 61, 62 and 63 gave local government, civil organizations and private citizens the right to participate directly in the development and implementation of these documents.

Directed by the IMF, World Bank, UN, and Prince of Wales International Business Leaders Forum, the philosophy of "sustainable development" basicallysays that there are too many people on planet earth and there are not enough resources to go around.

What we need to do is urgently reduce the population, preserve, conserve,and "ration" the remaining resources ­ and that the United Nations is the only body that can do it.

The World Bank already has a huge statistical database on countries and individuals ­ what they produce and what resources they consume, water, energy, food, raw materials, heat, waste, health, social services etc.

If the net figure is a plus, they are considered to be good productive world citizens. If it is a negative, they are in line for liquidation.

These are all basically the same old Socialist/Communist ideas as the "Marxist/Leninist" philosophy and "planned economy" that permeated the old Soviet Union.

In 1992 at Rio, another key "Soviet-styled" strategy proposed by the Agenda 21 Programme of Action from the United Nations Conference on the Environment and Development (UNCED) was "SmartGrowth."

This agenda can be found in a UN companion book called "Global Biodiversity Assessment" published by Cambridge University Press.

It proposes to model all the cities of the world on the Israel Moses Seif P.E.P plan, and the "planned" economic system of development used by Lenin and Stalin under the old Communist Soviet system of local government.

The UN "SmartGrowth" legislation in the United States was first passed inthe State of Maryland in March 1997.

Since then, it has been gradually introduced by city and district councils all around the world ­ including our own here in New Zealand. Of course, rarely if ever will you hear of the policy coming from a foul brood of UN international bankers.

While virtually all of the general public are oblivious of this fact, usually individual councils will be happy to credit themselves as authors of the plans.

11. Bribery Of Local Government Politicians

Based on a City of London corporate banking formula, a policy to provide "more appropriate rates of remuneration for council members" was planned for in the Local Government Act (No.2) 1989.

This was essentially recommended to effectively "bribe" City Council, District Council, Regional Council and Community Board members throughout New Zealand, particularly in the bigger councils, to implement the Fabian Socialist policies from the Central Government and Treasury which
aimed to dramatically increase property rates and taxes in the future, whether ratepayers or constituents agreed with them or not.

Subsequently, these sweeping remuneration changes were proposed by the politically appointed Higher Salaries Commission on April 2002 increasing Auckland Mayor John Banks annual salary from $47,007 to $146,107, a pay rise of $99,1002 Manukau Mayor Sir Barry Curtis a pay rise of $35,111, Hamilton Mayor David Braithwaite a pay rise of $27,381, Auckland Regional Council Chairwoman Gwen Bull a pay rise $37,872 and Tauranga Mayor Jan Beange a pay rise of $9,461.

Since April 2002, it is not just a coincidence that these are precisely the councils that have been amongst the biggest culprits who have demanded the most onerous rates rise from their struggling citizens.

For example, Tauranga City's proposed average rate rise for the 2006-2007 year was leveled at 16.3 per cent (when inflation, wage rises, benefits, pensions etc. and the change in the consumer price index was running at about 3 per cent).

Even a five year old kindergarten child knows that this huge disparity is entirely unfair and "unsustainable" for the majority of their citizens,
yet these highly paid Lord Mayors, Councilors and UN vassals of the realm have the cheek and audacity to call their plans "SmartGrowth" and "Sustainable Development."

12. Pauperization Of Pensioners And The Middle Class

Just as there is a "close relationship" between the remuneration rises of leading local body politicians with the overall level of council rate-rise demand, so there is a "close relationship" between the level of council rate-rise impositions and the financial status of people living in each council ward or constituency.
The Fabian bankers already "own" the properties held by ratepayers with a "mort-gage" on them.

This includes all private homes, farms, businesses and commercial property, local and central government debt. All young people with student loans and welfare beneficiary groups also come under this category. By and large central bankers believe this group is not a worry as they are already under their strict control and firmly in their grip through welfare dependency or mort-gage "death-bond" fealty.

But the one group that Fabian Socialists hate the most are the "freehold" property-owners. Hence, this group, more often than not, is the "middle class" that is predominantly comprised of middle-aged citizens and more particularly pensioners who are generally the most asset-rich.

As a result of this phenomenon, all global residential property taxation and ratepayer tax policies are now being subtly targeted against these particular groups to confiscate all their properties.

Essentially the Fabian City of London banks envisage this to be achieved through a variety of measures including onerous council rate-rises, capitalgains taxes on more expensive residential properties, stamp duties, the introduction of Home Equity Release Loans (usually for over-60’s), aged health care, social welfare and superannuation programs that debit the cost from the value of recipient property estates, the introduction of Residential Equity Taxes and attacks against Family Trusts.

Since council taxes were introduced in Britain in 1993, the average council bill has increased by 121 per cent – but it has soared by 149 per cent in areas which have a lot of older residents.

Chichester is the worst offender with a 173 per cent increase. The average bill in the West Sussex town, where 23 per cent of residents are retired, has jumped from £456 in 1993-1994 to £1,244 for 2005-2006. In the Dorset coastal town of Christchurch, where pensioners make up 30 per cent of the population, the bills have soared by 171 per cent from £441 to £1,193.
Of the 20 local councils in England with the highest numbers of pensioners, 18 have seen their bills rise faster than average over the past 12 years, according to the research by Halifax Bank. (Daily Mail, Saturday, November 26, 2005).

The targeting and planning of these exorbitant rate rises comes not primarily from local councils, but from Central Government and Treasury officials through the Minister of Local Government and the Department of Internal Affairs acting under various OECD or UN agency guidelines.

Borrowing Powers of Councils and the Stealing of Ratepayer’s Properties

Early in 1994 submissions were called for on Department of Internal Affairs plans to repeal the 1956 Local Authority Loans Act and for new borrowing powers to be placed in the 1974 Local Government Act.

Up to 1994, most local authority borrowing had to be approved by the Local Authorities Loans Board which ensured that all long-term borrowing by councils for a Capital work or asset had to be secured by future rates revenue. Since some loans were exempted from the control and monitoring of the Board, such as redemption loans, loans up to $50 million for local authorities with populations more than 20,000, and loans up to $15 million for local authorities with populations of less than 20,000, it was proposed that the Local Authorities Loans Board should effectively become redundant – and new laws should be implemented which would allow all local authorities to manage their financial costs and risks themselves with details of their proposed borrowing programs included in their annual plans. By 1997 councils were allowed to borrow up to 15 per cent of their city’s land value. By June 1997, for example, Manukau City Council’s debt was 11.5 per cent of the city’s land value.

Ultimately, what these Fabian, City of London banking despots want is to change the system of valuing each nation’s property from “land value” to “capital value” or “rental value” (yes, they want both your land and your house) – then through their deputized local government “Soviet Commissars,” introduce a Five or Ten Year Plan to “gradually” keep increasing the maximum threshold that limits the level of local government borrowing as a percentage of the total capital value of the city or region – up to a level that during a planned global economic crisis and downturn, they can cause the councils to default, and implement draconian rate rises on unwary ratepayers and the general peasantry – and finally implement the Israel Moses Sieff and Fabian Society’s global plan to confiscate everybody’s properties as they previously did under their Five Year Plan in the Soviet Union.

Hence, the “Ten Year Plan” now being introduced by all councils throughout New Zealand comes not from their own naïve inspiration – but under the direct Fabian Socialist banking fraternity’s devious plan inserted into Section 93 of the New Zealand Local Government Act 2002 – by political vassals of the treasury and New Zealand Parliament, which is now become no more than a rudimentary “talking shop” of low-level office clerks of international City of London UN bankers.

London School of Economics

The London School of Economics in London was founded on the initiative of Fabian Socialist leader Sidney Webb (Lord Passfield).

The funding for the early development of the school was provided by a handsome endowment under the Will of Sir Earnest Cassel (nickname ‘Windsor Cassel’), the German Jewish close friend and financial advisor of King Edward VII, who was instrumental with Jacob Schiff, head of Kuhn, Loeb and Company, New York, with Paul Warburg, a partner in the firm, in establishing the United States Federal Reserve Board in 1913 – which now controls the entire banking system in America.

Professor J. H. Morgan, K.C., in the Quarterly Review of January 1929, said he once asked Lord Haldane, a long time friend of Sidney Webb why the endowment had been given and Lord Haldane replied: “Our object is to make this institution a place to raise and train the bureaucracy of the future Socialist State” – and they certainly have!

Now both the New Zealand and Australian government bureaucracies are brimming full of individuals who have been specifically trained in this college or at Oxford as Rhodes Scholars.

Parliamentarians for World Order: (now called: Parliamentarians for Global Action)

Following a meeting at Ashville in North Carolina in February 1947 a Fabian front organization going under the name United World Federalists was established under the leadership and funding of two City of London banking agents, Norman Cousins and James Paul Warburg.

Both men were members of the US Council of Foreign Relations, the American sub-branch of the immensely powerful Royal Institute of International Affairs (recently renamed Chatham House) which is now the City of London Corporation international business policy “think tank” of the business world based in London. James Warburg’s Jewish father, Paul Warburg (1868-1932) and his brother Felix Warburg were both partners in N. M. Rothschild & Sons London international banking house subsidiary, Kuhn, Loeb and Company, New York, headed by Jacob H. Schiff.

When the huge Chase Manhattan Bank was created by the union of the Rockefeller-owned Chase Bank with the Kuhn, Loeb and Company-controlled Manhattan Bank, N.M. Rothschild & Sons in London took over control, with Rockefellers only owning about 4% of the shares in the merged company. Paul Warburg was instrumental in founding the US Federal Reserve in 1913. Dr. Carl Melchoir who founded the Bank for International Settlements in Basle, Switzerland, in 1930, (that controls the NZ Reserve Bank) was a partner in Rothschild’s international banking subsidiary, M.Warburg & Company, based in Frankfurt, Germany. M. Warburg & Company was headed by Max Warburg who was also Paul Warburg’s brother.

Today, not only does the Chase Manhattan Bank through two of its New York nominee shareholding companies control the Westpac Banking Corporation in Australia, and consequently its sister branch in New Zealand, it is also the appointed New Zealand Government Banker.

In 1952 the ‘World Association of Parliamentarians for World Government’ then appeared with a secret blueprint to create a special organization for “parliamentarians” dedicated to abolishing each nations’ national sovereignty and replacing it with world government through a reformed United Nations. Douglas Reed in his book The Battle for Rhodesia quotes from its documents.

On May 4, 1958, a debate on the Association’s plans for ‘World Order’ was held in the British House of Lords. Nineteen years later, Parliamentarians for World Order was founded on November 23, 1977, to work with an organization originally called Union of European Federalists founded in Luxembourg in September 1946, renamed World Movement for World Federal Government, in Paris, December 15, 1946, and finally renamed World Association for World Federation (WAWF) in 1956.

Since its founding in 1977, Parliamentarians for World Order has worked hand in hand with the WAWF, and their affiliated sub-groups, Young World Federalists renamed World Federalist Youth Movement for a New International Order, and Youth for Development and Cooperation, renamed more recently ‘Just World Order through a Strengthened United Nations.’

Another group that Parliamentarians for World Order has worked with is World Government of World Citizens, founded September 4, 1953, in Ellsworth, ME, in USA, that has been behind the Fabian’s plans to institute a World Citizenship, World Passport, World Identity Card, World Dollar or World Currency Unit. The WAWF now has its head office at the UN, 777 UN Plaza, in New York.

In 1986 Parliamentarians for World Order changed its name to Parliamentarians for Global Action. Since this date the organization has worked closely with the Global Ratification Network and the World Constitution and Parliament Association for the ratification and implementation of the Constitution for the Federation of Earth.

As a favorite “baby daughter” of the British Sovereign, New Zealanders fill a large number a world leadership positions way out of proportion to the size and population of their little country – and this is no better illustrated than through their membership of Parliamentarians for Global Action.

In 1981, NZ Labour MP Richard Prebble was appointed one of the 12 Councilors of Parliamentarians for World Order (PGA). NZ’s Mr. Nick Dunlop, was first Secretary-General up to 1989 when former New Zealand diplomat, Dr. Kennedy Graham, took his place. [Coincidentally, Dr. Graham’s brother, former National Party MP for Remuera, and former Minister of Justice and Minister in Charge of Treaty of Waitangi negotiations, Mr. Douglas Graham (now Sir), in 1997 was paid by the Rockefeller Foundation to attend a 4 week in-house program at Bellagio near the shores of picturesque Lake Como in Northern Italy, to map out New Zealand’s UN Maori Settlement process. (NZ Herald May 10, 1997)]

By 1986 Labour Party MP Helen Clark was Branch Secretary in New Zealand, when approximately 40 members of the New Zealand Parliament were members. Now the Labour Prime Minister of New Zealand, Helen Clark is still a member of PGA.

National MP Katherine O’Regan, in a letter dated February 21, 1991, provided a list of MPs by country as it appeared in the PGA’s Annual Report. The ten countries with the largest membership in order were: Canada – 97,
USSR – 80, UK – 50, Peru – 41, Brazil – 40, USA – 38, Australia – 31, India – 30, Denmark – 24, and New Zealand 17.

In 1989, former PGA member, MP Kerry Burke (now Sir), and former Speaker of the New Zealand Parliament, led a delegation on a trip to Russia to study President Gorbachev’s reforms. The Dominion newspaper June 15, 1989, ran a report on Mr. Burke’s trip. It was headed:
“Perestroika Just Like Rogernomics” and said, “…Mr. Burke said it was quite staggering to see the similarities between the Soviet reforms and those occurring in New Zealand and other Western Economies … it is just about identical in every respect”.

It is not just a coincidence that former Labour Party NZ Finance Minister, Sir Roger Douglas, since retiring from Parliament, has been contracted as a consultant for the World Bank to advise on “privatization” programs in both Brazil and the newly restructured Soviet states.

In 1990 the PGA established its “Eminent Persons Panel” to honor some of its most cherished members. The late Labour NZ Prime Minister, David Lange, was appointed to the panel for his work as World Recruitment Officer. Subsequently Mr. Lange was honored by the Queen.

NZ MPs who were early members of PGA as at February 21, 1991, were: J. Anderton, D. Caygill, M. Cullen, P. East, J. Hunt, D. Lange, M. Moore (who more recently was Director-General of the WTO), R. Story, K. O’Regan, G. Braybrooke, H. Clark, S. Davies, J. Elder, G. Kelly, C. Matthewson, R. Prebble, and F. Wilde. In 1994 MP Michael Laws stated that he was a member.

As at March 22, 2004, PGA members of the NZ Parliament were: Jim Anderton (PC = Progressive Coalition), Rick Barker (L = Labour), Tim Barnett (L), Dr Don Brash (N = National), Gerry Brownlee (N), Dr Ashraf Choudhary (L), PM Helen Clark (L), Dr Michael Cullen (L), David Cuniffe (L), Lianne Dalziel (L), Rod Donald (G = Green), Helen Duncan (L), Harry Duynhoven (L), Ruth Dyson (L), Jeanette Fitzsimons (G), Martin Gallagher (L), Phil Goff (L), Ann Hartley (L), Pete Hodgson (L), Jonathan Hunt (L), Annette King (L), Keith Locke (G), Janet Mackey (L), Steve Maharey (L), Nanaia Mahuta (L), Trevor Mallard (L), Dr Wayne Mapp (N), Damien O’Connor (L), Mark Peck (L), Jill Pettis (L), Lynne Pillay (L), Ross Robertson (PC), Dr Linda Scott (N), Ken Shirley (A = Act), Dr Nick Smith (N), Jim Sutton (L), Paul Swain (L), Nandor Tanczos (G), Georgina Te Heuheu (N), Judith Tizard (L), Pansy Wong (N), Dianne
Yates (L). [Labour:29, National:7, Green:4, Progressive Coalition:2, Act:1 = total:43].

Work is now well advanced to add a “second assembly” to the United Nations, possibly to be called a “Peoples’ Assembly,” which will be controlled by a type of Central Committee as was the case in the former Soviet Union.
In 1945, when the UN was created out the old League of Nations, the President of the Council of the League of Nations was M. M. Litvinoff – former Bolshevik Commissar for Foreign Affairs. From 1945, virtually all of the Under-Secretaries of the United Nations Security Council, (Under-Secretary for Security and Political Affairs) based in New York, have been former Russian Communist generals. Arkady Alexandrovitch Sobolev was the first, holding the position from 1946 to 1949.

Parliamentarians for Global Action’s statement on “Global Governance” up to 1995, was largely taken from “The Stockholm Initiative.” One of the 32 co-authors of the document was Sweden’s PM Ingvar Carlsson – a close personal friend of Mikhail Gorbachev.

Three weeks after signing the Sino-Soviet Agreement (between China and the Soviet Union) in April 1991, when Gorbachev was in Oslo picking up his cheque and Nobel Peace prize in May, (for ending the Cold War and allowing for the overthrow of the old Communist order in Eastern Europe) he said: “To me it is self-evident that if Soviet
Perestroika succeeds there will be a real chance of building a New World Order.” An understatement if ever there was one! – since he still says he is a devout Communist!

In November 2004 the European Parliament approved, by a large majority, the appointment of 25 new Commissioners who will run the EU for the next five years. Virtually all these individuals are rabid Socialists and at least seven of the new commissioners are former members of the Communist Party, including the new European Commission President, Jose Manuel Durao Barroso, and the new European Commissioner for Taxation, Laszlo Kovacs, who was a leading Hungarian Communist. Since becoming the new President of the Commission, Mr. Barroso has given Mr. Siim Kallas the EU Portfolio covering Administration, audit and Anti-Fraud Measures. Prior to his appointment with the EU, Mr. Kallas was a high ranking Communist in the Soviet Union.

The United Nations Organization, EU and Parliamentarians for Global Action are not, as they often commonly deceptively claim, “interfaith” organizations. They are Communist to the core.

OECD “Residential Equity Tax” and Property Confiscation

On June 20, 2001, the McLeod Tax Review interim paper was released, prior to the final 200 page report’s final presentation to the NZ Government in October 2001. That report recommended that the Government introduce a new “Residential Equity Tax” on all owner-occupied and rental housing throughout the country, while at the same time, limit all tax paid by the wealthy in New Zealand to a cap of $1 million).

The tax review chairman, Rob McLeod, at the time, also served on the Treaty of Waitangi Fisheries Commission and was a member of the “Fabian” Business Roundtable. He is now the chairman of the NZ Business Roundtable.
Once again, like the “Sustainable Development” and “Smart-Growth” policies being introduced by councils, “Residential Equity Tax” is not the creation of the McLeod Tax Review itself, but is a recommendation from the international City of London Fabian Socialist banking despots at the OECD.

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), based in Paris, is the international economic policy divisional arm of major City of London banks and multinational corporations, which work closely with the UN, to reform all of the major economic policies of national governments around the world.

In 1998 the OECD was lobbying to pass the Multilateral Agreement on Investments (MAI), which would give corporations unlimited rights in any country that signs the agreement. The MAI is designed to establish a whole new set of global rules for investments that will grant transnational corporations the unrestricted right and freedom to buy, sell, and move their operations whenever and wherever they want around the world, unfettered by government intervention or regulation. In short, the OECD through the MAI seeks to empower transnational corporations by severely restricting what national governments can and cannot do, ultimately to allow the banks and corporations to privatize and own everything and destroy the sovereignty of individual nations.

The NZ Herald June 21, 2001, p.C1, published an article on the McLeod Tax Review proposals for Residential Equity Tax and said:

“The option under consideration, similar to the one in use in the Netherlands, uses the risk-free return method.
It takes the value of the house at the start of the year, less any debt owing on it. That figure is then multiplied by the inflation-adjusted return on a risk-free investment such as a one year Government bond and the end amount is taxed at the investor’s tax rate.

For example: David and Ruth own a $200,000 house with a $100,000 mortgage. His marginal tax rate is 39c in the dollar, hers is 21c. The real, risk-free return is 4 per cent.

The taxable “income” from their owner-occupied house is therefore $4,000, which is split equally between them, so he pays an extra $780 in tax and she pays $420.

The review said that the extra tax raised of $750 million a year should be applied to reducing income tax.
Mr. McLeod said the impact of the tax would fall more on the rich than the poor and it would depress the value of houses as buyers took account of the extra tax.
The rationale for the tax is that if the money tied up in the house were used elsewhere it would most likely generate income.”

Of course, with a $1 million tax cap on the wealthy, the tax is carefully designed to confiscate the homes and rental investments of pensioners and the middle class, predominantly the only people left in the entire country that own any property of substance that isn’t already owned by the major corporations or is heavily mortgaged.

Fortunately, in 2001, there was a public outcry, and the Helen Clark Labour-led Government didn’t have the “courage” to implement McLeod’s deadly Fabian recommendations. However, they have “broken the ice” and the Fabian-controlled media continue to remind the public that “there is too much money tied up in the Nations’ housing stock” indicating their plans are still alive and well and simmering on the backburner to gradually confiscate private property.

There is a distinct possibility that the huge increases in council rates globally at present are primarily being used to “pressure’ the general populace to accept some major change in the structure of funding local body government in the near future – possibly the subtle introduction of a Residential Equity Tax of some sort, or a Poll Tax, although the latter is probably not going to suit their plans, because historically the Fabian Society’s major objective has always concentrated on the abolition of private property, and Poll taxes traditionally in Britain going back hundreds of years have been consistently hated. Traditionally, a number of Lord Mayors have “lost their heads” as the result of harsh Poll Tax policies.

Fabian Plan to “Microchip” Everyone on Earth

Coincidentally, not only do the Fabian, “Christian Socialist” banking despots in the City of London and Church of England want to enslave everybody on earth through debt, thievery and economic blackmail under their Ten Year Plan. Finally they want to abolish all cash and cheques completely, and introduce a cashless-based “Soviet-style” surveillance system for all buying and selling centered on the micro-chipping of everyone on earth. What they want is total control of the masses – total police state power!
Presently the Blair Government microchip-based Identity Card Bill is being debated

in the House of Commons and House of Lords. It is proposed that the system will be implemented and fully operational by 2008, and after that date in Britain you will not be able to travel overseas, buy food or petrol without the card.

The bankers already know that the card can be easily lost or stolen, and they are planning for it to be quickly replaced with implantable microchips. All countries are following the British system. As the result of new standards imposed on Telecom NZ by City of London banks through the new EMV (Europay, Mastercard, Visa) security standards for electronic transactions, in 2004 Telecom NZ signed a large contract to convert all of New Zealand’s 80,000-plus Eftpos mobile banking terminals to Verifone Implantable Microchip-reading Terminals.

The whole project is planned to be completed by 2008 – ready for their secret plan to microchip everybody in the country starting with dogs. Key propaganda phrases for the project are: “One never knows which dog may bite; therefore all dogs must be micro-chipped.” “One never knows who is a sexual predator or terrorist, therefore all citizens must be micro-chipped” – “One law for all – no exceptions!” – and watch those “Letters to the Editor” columns too – some are not actually written by members of the public themselves, but are written by treacherous newspaper editors and journalists who “follow the line” of their global paymasters – an old Nazi trick used in the Third Reich.

Abolition of the Legal System and the coming World, Socialist “Philosopher Prince”

THE FABIAN SOCIETY wants the Westminster Parliamentary and Constitutional System of government to be totally abolished. The old, established Christian-based laws based largely on the Bible, Magna Carta, Habeas Corpus, Double Jeopardy, the Right to Trial by Jury etc. are to be abolished – and replaced with the old Inquisitional, Napoleonic code of dictatorial law called Corpus Juris, which is already the established legal system now in the European Union – similar to communist China and Russia.

Old Bailey, Temple Bar and the Royal Courts of Justice in London, British Houses of Parliament, and the US Capitol in Washington DC are all in line for total annihilation.

While Guy Fawkes and the Catholic Jesuits failed to blow up the Protestant House of Commons and English Parliament on November 5, 1605 – from without – now the Marxists and Fabians led by Tony Blair and others from within, are preparing the world for their soon-coming communist “revolution” – and Plato’s “socialist” world republican royal “philosopher prince” and consort to complete the task – who will, like the masked vigilante “V” and his consort in the Fabian movie, V FOR VENDETTA – abolish the United States of America, blow up the British Houses of Parliament, and through his philosophical wisdom, love of truth and justice, rise up against the totalitarian Nazi state of tyranny and oppression, fraught with cruelty and corruption – come and save the world – and free its struggling citizens forever! May God help us all!

The Solution: - (or is the nation “past the point of no return”?)

Can ratepayers, at least in the short term, hold councils to account over unacceptable rate rises? Yes they can. Talk to local mayors and councilors. Some are quite genuine, and you’ll be surprised at how many are absolutely oblivious as to what is really happening. Education and honesty are the keys to success. It pays to speak up. After a revolt, the State Government in California in 1976 passed Proposition 13 which forced local councils to reduce rates on their citizens, although they are now once again rising.

In May 1996, Benjamin Netanyahu was elected Israel’s youngest Prime Minister. He was thrown out three years later, and was again re-elected to become Israel’s new Finance Minister. During that term, he introduced some of the most rapid, breathtaking, Fabian “privatization” programs and social reforms ever undertaken in the world using Sir Roger Douglas’s radical book, Unfinished Business. He met Sir Roger in Jerusalem at a think-tank symposium in 2004, and like many other countries, structured Israel’s rapid sell-off on New Zealand’s global, guinea-pig “Rogernomics” model.

However, unlike the case in New Zealand, where most of the general population were either sound asleep or incredibly apathetic, Israel’s “pensioners” were not so impressed with his rapid sell-off of their precious “family silver.” They took major steps to rectify the situation, and in the recent General Election in Israel on March 29, 2006, right-wing Likud Party leader Benjamin Netanyahu, and the other 10 members of his treacherous party were humiliatingly defeated.

The biggest surprise of the entire election came from the newly created Pensioners’ Party headed by former Mossad spymaster chief, Rafi Etian, which gained seven seats – for its single issue program – “protect the rights of pensioners” and “don’t sell off our birthright.”

Right now the creation of such a party in New Zealand is well overdue.

As an elementary start the Central Government should be pressured to quickly pass a law to ensure all citizens’ property rates are equitable, and if necessary, force councils to lower their ambitions, live within their incomes, and subsequently reduce their rates burdens substantially if necessary – not through Fabian Rates Rebates! Secondly, the Government should introduce a bill to limit all future rate rises to “no more than the change in the consumer price index.” Thirdly, a bill should be passed to “severely restrict all local government and council borrowing to levels that can be easily serviced without the necessity to unreasonably increase rates and taxes in the future.”

HOWEVER, will this ever happen?

When the two major, leading political parties in the country, Labour and National, are both deeply wrapped up in the pockets of Treasury controlled by City of London international bankers – and a high proportion of our MPs are political puppets who dance to the tune of Parliamentarians for Global Action – while the New Zealand Labour Party is more Fabian Socialist than British PM Tony Blair on a good day in the House of Commons – the City of London Jewish banking despots have now got a “mort-gage” ‘death-bond’ over the entire country to the tune of about $135 billion and rapidly rising – foreign British-controlled companies control and censor the entire media in the country, control most of the distribution and price of food, goods, communications, transport and energy supplies – an aligned judiciary and police force – and most of the general population is overwhelmingly ignorant and apathetic – it would sadly appear that we have almost “passed the point of no return” and that there is now little hope of changing the situation – short of the inevitable, soon-coming Marxist “revolution” the Fabians anticipate, have in mind, and have long since planned.

A full-scale war is taking place. In short, all New Zealanders need to wake up and wake up fast. For if they don’t, every single vestige of what they have worked for is soon going to be insidiously taken away from them and their grandchildren – for the Communist 10 Year Plan presently being implemented by councils throughout the country is the “beginning” of the Fabian Society’s final “coup de grâce.”

Author Denis Mckenna, in his timely book, Which Way New Zealand? – National Sovereignty or World Government poignantly quotes Marcus Tullius Cicero, the great Roman philosopher, orator and statesman (106-43 BC), who eloquently wrote:

“A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious, but it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and he carries his banners openly. But the traitor moves among those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears no traitor, he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their garments and he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation; he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city; he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to be feared.”

About a hundred and fifteen years after the death of Fabian Quintus Maximus Verrucosus, Cicero himself had observed before he was fifteen that the dictator’s cunning military strategy of “gradualism” had been adopted by traitors within his own Roman Senate. About twenty years later, around 67 BC, he exposed the conspiracy of Catiline by which he earned the title Father of his Country, penned his words and gave us his warning.

Similarly, before Frank Podmore named the Fabian Society in 1884, he had extensively read the Greek Classics and works of Cicero. Highly educated Fabians in London do know what they’re doing! If a man has all the knowledge and money in the world, and yet, does not possess a genuine love of truth, justice and charity for his fellow man – in the end, is it all worth it?

The paradox and tragedy of it all is that when their “Revolution” soon finally comes, those who have been the chief political instigators and business despots instrumental in bringing it all about – will be the very first to be liquidated in the New World Order socialist administration – as previously was the case under socialists Hitler and Stalin.

Stalin murdered millions. While claiming to bring “socialist” peace, equity, justice and prosperity to his people in his delusional dream “United Nations” Soviet Socialist Republic, he ruthlessly ruled his dictatorship with an iron fist.
Under his diabolically evil rule, the life, death or imprisonment of all Russian citizens was in the hands of the Jew, Jagoda, who was head of the G.P.U. (the former Cheka) in 1935 called “The People’s Commissariat for Internal Affairs – which now just happens to be the very same Department of Internal Affairs in both Britain and New Zealand that is presently introducing the implantable microchip-based Identity Cards and Passports.

Between 1929 and 1934, under the Fabian Five Year Plan, Jagoda drove between 5 and 6 million innocent Russian peasants from their homes. Now we have our own Ten year Plan. Unless stopped, this is the beginning of the end. Will man ever learn? There is a price to pay for turning away from God.

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

Financial Feudalism & The Economics Of Control
April 5 2015 | From: ClubOrlov

Once upon a time - and a fairly long time it was - most of the thickly settled parts of the world had something called feudalism. It was a way of organizing society hierarchically.

Feudalism Then & Now:

Typically, at the very top there was a sovereign (king, prince, emperor, pharaoh, along with some high priests). Below the sovereign were several ranks of noblemen, with hereditary titles.

Below the noblemen were commoners, who likewise inherited their stations in life, be it by being bound to a piece of land upon which they toiled, or by being granted the right to engage in a certain type of production or trade, in case of craftsmen and merchants.

Everybody was locked into position through permanent relationships of allegiance, tribute and customary duties: tribute and customary duties flowed up through the ranks, while favors, privileges and protection flowed down.

It was a remarkably resilient, self-perpetuating system, based largely on the use of land and other renewable resources, all ultimately powered by sunlight. Wealth was primarily derived from land and the various uses of land. Here is a simplified org chart showing the pecking order of a medieval society.

Feudalism was essentially a steady-state system. Population pressures were relieved primarily through emigration, war, pestilence and, failing all of the above, periodic famine. Wars of conquest sometimes opened up temporary new venues for economic growth, but since land and sunlight are finite, this amounted to a zero-sum game.

But all of that changed when feudalism was replaced with capitalism. What made the change possible was the exploitation of nonrenewable resources, the most important of which was energy from burning fossilized hydrocarbons: first peat and coal, then oil and natural gas.

Suddenly, productive capacity was decoupled from the availability of land and sunlight, and could be ramped up almost, but not quite, ad infinitum, simply by burning more hydrocarbons. Energy use, industry and population all started going up exponentially. A new system of economic relations was brought into being, based on money that could be generated at will, in the form of debt, which could be repaid with interest using the products of ever-increasing future production.

Compared with the previous, steady-state system, the change amounted to a new assumption:
that the future will always be bigger and richer - rich enough to afford to pay back both principal and interest.

With this new, capitalistic arrangement, the old, feudal relationships and customs fell into disuse, replaced by a new system in which the ever-richer owners of capital squared off against increasingly dispossessed labor.

The trade union movement and collective bargaining allowed labor to hold its own for a while, but eventually a number of factors, such as automation and globalization, undermined the labor movement, leaving the owners of capital with all the leverage they could want over a demoralized surplus population of former industrial workers.

In the meantime, the owners of capital formed their own pseudo-aristocracy, but without the titles or the hereditary duties and privileges. Their new pecking order was predicated on just one thing: net worth. How many dollar signs people have next to their name is all that's necessary to determine their position in society.

But eventually almost all the good, local sources of hydrocarbon-based energy became depleted, and had to be replaced using lower-quality, more remote, harder-to-produce, more expensive ones.

This took a big bite out of economic growth, because with each passing year more and more of it had to be plowed right back into producing the energy needed to simply sustain, never mind grow, the system. At the same time, industry produced a lot of unpleasant byproducts: environmental pollution and degradation, climate destabilization and other externalities.

Eventually these started showing up as high insurance premiums and remediation costs for natural and man-made disasters, and these too put a damper on economic growth.

Population growth has its penalties too. You see, bigger populations translate to bigger population centers, and research results show that the bigger the city, the higher is its energy use per capita. Unlike biological organisms, where the larger the animal, the slower is its metabolism, the intensity of activity needed to sustain a population center increases along with population.

Observe that in big cities people talk faster, walk faster, and generally have to live more intensely and operate on a tighter schedule just to stay alive. All of this hectic activity takes energy away from constructing a bigger, richer future.

Yes, the future may be ever more populous (for now) but the fastest-growing form of human settlement on the planet is the urban slum—lacking in social services, sanitation, rife with crime and generally unsafe.

What all of this means is that growth is self-limiting.

Next, observe that we have already reached these limits, and have in some cases gone far beyond them. The currently failing fad of
hydraulic fracturing of shale deposits and steaming oil out of tar sands is indicative of the advanced state of [perceived] depletion of fossil fuel sources.

Climate destabilization [and manipulation] is producing ever more violent storms, ever more severe droughts (California now has just a year's worth of water left) and is predicted to wipe out entire countries because of rising ocean levels, failing monsoon seasons and dwindling irrigation water from glacial melt.

Pollution has likewise reached its limits in many areas: urban smog, be it in Paris, Beijing, Moscow or Teheran, has become so bad that industrial activities are being curtailed simply so that people can breathe. Radioactivity from the melted-down nuclear reactors at Fukushima in Japan is showing up in fish caught on the other side of the Pacific Ocean.

All of these problems are causing a very strange thing to happen to money. In the previous, growth phase of capitalism, money was borrowed into existence in order to bring consumption forward and by so doing to stimulate economic growth.

But a few years ago a threshold was reached in the US, which was at the time still the epicenter of global economic activity (since eclipsed by China),
where a unit of new debt produced less than one unit of economic growth. This made borrowing from the future with interest no longer possible.

Whereas before money was borrowed in order to produce growth, now it had to be borrowed, in ever-larger amounts, simply to prevent financial and industrial collapse.

Consequently, interest rates on new debt were reduced all the way to zero, in something that came to be known as ZIRP, for Zero Interest Rate Policy. To make it even sweeter, central banks accepted the money they loaned out at 0% interest as deposits, which earned a tiny bit of interest,
allowing banks to make a profit by doing absolutely nothing.

Unsurprisingly, doing absolutely nothing proved to be rather ineffective, and around the world economies started to shrink. Many countries resorted to
forging their statistics to paint a rosier picture, but one statistic that doesn't lie is energy consumption. It is indicative of the overall level of economic activity, and it is down across much of the world.

A glut of oil, and a much lower oil price, is what we are currently witnessing as a result.
Another indicator that doesn't lie is the Baltic Dry Index, which tracks the level of shipping activity, and it has plummeted too.

And so ZIRP set the stage for the latest, most queer development:
interest rates have started to go negative, both on loans and deposits. Good bye, ZIRP, hello, NIRP! Central banks around the world are starting to make loans at small negative rates of interest.

That's right, certain central banks now pay certain financial institutions to borrow money! In the meantime, interest rates on bank deposits have gone negative as well:
keeping your money in the bank is now a privilege, for which one must pay.

But interest rates are certainly not negative for everyone. Access to free money is a privilege, and those who are privileged are the bankers, and the industrialists they fund. Those who have to borrow to finance housing are less privileged; those who borrow to pay for education even less so. Those not privileged at all are those who are forced to buy food using credit cards, or take out payday loans to pay rent.

The functions which borrowing once played in capitalist economies have been all but abandoned. Once upon a time, the idea was that access to capital could be obtained based on a good business plan, and that this allowed entrepreneurship to flourish and many new businesses to be formed.

Since anybody, and not just the privileged, could take out a loan and start a business, this meant that economic success depended, at least to some extent, on merit. But now business formation has gone in reverse, with many more enterprises going out of business than are being formed, and social mobility has become largely a thing of the past.

What is left is a rigidly stratified society, with privileges dispensed based on hereditary wealth: those at the top get paid to borrow, and get to surf on a wave of free money, while those at the bottom are driven ever further into debt servitude and destitution.

Can NIRP underpin a new feudalism? It certainly cannot reverse the downward slide, because the factors that are putting limits on growth are not amenable to financial manipulation, being physical in nature.

You see, no amount of free money can make new natural resources spring into existence. What it can do, however, is freeze the social hierarchy among the owners of capital—for a while, but not forever.

Everywhere you care to look, the ever-shrinking economy eventually results in populist revolt, war and national bankruptcy, and these cause money to stop working in a number of ways.

There is usually devaluation, bank failures, inability to finance imports, and the demise of pensions and of the public sector. The desire to survive causes people to focus on getting direct access to physical resources, distributing them among friends and family.

In turn, this causes market mechanisms to become extremely opaque and distorted, and often to stop functioning altogether. Under these circumstances, how many dollar signs someone has next to their name becomes rather a moot point, and we should expect the social hierarchy among the owners of capital to become unstable and capsize.

A few among them have the talents to become warlords, and these few fleece the rest out of existence. But overall, in a situation where financial institutions have failed, where factories and other enterprises are no longer functioning, and where real estate holdings have been overrun by marauding mobs and/or invaded by squatters, one's net worth becomes rather difficult to compute.

And so we should expect the org chart of the post-capitalist society, in spreadsheet terms, to look like this. (“#REF!” is what Excel displays when it encounters an invalid cell reference in a formula.)

A good, precise term for this state of affairs is “anarchy.” Once a new, low level of steady-state subsistence is reached, the process of aristocratic formation can begin anew. But unless a new source of cheap fossil fuels is somehow magically discovered, this process would have to proceed along the traditional, feudal lines.

Comment: With the understanding that the system was designed to fail in the way this article is described it is clear to see that the only way in which to prevent the inevitable outcome is to expose and remove from power those whom have been working this plan for such a long time. Their time, is up.

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

The New World Order: The Founding Fathers
May 1 2015 | From: GlobalResearch

Rich and powerful elites have long dreamed of world control. The ambitious Romans, Attila the Hun, great Muslim leaders of Medieval Spain, the Mughals of India all exercised immense influence over different parts of the globe in set periods of recognised ascendancy

Sometimes tribal, sometimes national, sometimes religious, often dynastic, their success defined epochs, but was never effectively global until the twentieth century.

At that point, with the future of the British Empire under threat from other aspiring nations, in particular Germany , a momentous decision was taken by a group of powerful and determined men, that direct action had to be taken to assert their control, and that of the British race, over the entire civilised world. It has grown from that tiny select cabal into a monster that may already be beyond control.

“One wintry afternoon in February 1891, three men were engaged in earnest conversation in London. From that conversation were to flow consequences of the greatest importance for the British Empire and to the world as a whole.”

So begins Professor Carroll Quigley’s book "The Anglo American Establishment". It may read like a John Le Carre thriller, but this was no spy fiction.

The three staunch British Imperialists who met in London that day, Cecil Rhodes, William Stead and Lord Esher, were soon joined by Lords Rothschild, Salisbury, Rosebery and Milner, men whose financial, political, and administrative powers set them apart. Some of these names may not be familiar to you, but that is a mark of the absolute success of this group.

From the outset they insisted on secrecy, operated in secret and ensured that their influence was airbrushed from history.

They believed that white men of Anglo-Saxon descent rightly sat at the top of the racial hierarchy and they fully understood the impending threat from a burgeoning Germany whose modern, expanding economy had begun to challenge British hegemony on the world stage.

The above named elites drew up a plan for a secret society that aimed to renew the bond between Great Britain and the United States and bring all habitable portions of the world under their influence and control.

The U.S. had grown rapidly in self-esteem, wealth and opportunity since the declaration of independence in 1776, but Anglo-American connections remained strong and would embroil her in the long-term plan for one world government.

The meeting in 1891 was, in effect, the birth of the New World Order cabal.

Great financiers frequently used their fortunes to influence questions of peace and war and control politics for profit.

Cecil Rhodes was different.

He was determined to use his vast fortune not simply to generate ever-increasing profit, but to realise his dream, a dream he shared with his co-conspirators.

Rhodes turned the profit objective on its head and sought to amass great wealth into his secret society in order to achieve political ends, to buy governments and politicians, buy public opinion and the means to influence it.

He intended that his wealth should be used to grasp control of the world, secretly.

Secrecy was the cornerstone.

No one outside the favoured few knew of the group’s existence. They have since been referred to obliquely in speeches and books as “The Money Power”, “The Hidden Power” or “the men behind the curtain”. All of these labels are pertinent, but we have called them, collectively, the Secret Elite.

Carroll Quigley revealed that Secret Elite influence on education was chiefly visible at the exclusive English private schools, Eton and Harrow, and at Oxford University , especially All Souls and Balliol Colleges.

Quigley was a mentor of Bill Clinton

This immensely rich and powerful group was given intellectual approval and inspiration by the philosophy of John Ruskin, professor of fine arts at Oxford. He spoke to the Oxford undergraduates as members of the privileged ruling class, telling them that they possessed a magnificent tradition of education, rule of law and freedom.

He championed all that was finest in the public service ethic, duty and self-discipline, and believed that English ruling class tradition should be spread to the masses across the empire.

But behind such well-serving words lay a philosophy strongly opposed to the emancipation of woman, had no time for democracy and supported the “just” war.

Ruskin advocated that control of the state should be placed in the hands of a small ruling class. Social order was to be built upon the authority of superiors, imposing upon their inferiors an absolute, unquestioning obedience. He was repelled by the notion of levelling between the classes and by the disintegration of the “rightful” authority of the ruling class.

Ruskin’s philosophy was music to the ears of the elitists. It gave their lust for global power the blessing of academic approval. What they did, they would claim, was not for them, but for mankind. They would rise to power on the spurious justification that the world would consequently be a better place for humanity.

Inspired by Ruskin, Cecil Rhodes and his accomplices created the secret society with an inner core of trusted associates called “The Society of the Elect”, who unquestionably knew that they were members of an exclusive cabal devoted to taking and holding power on a world-wide basis.

Cecil Rhodes

Cecil Rhodes proposed the idea for the British Empire to reannex the United States of America and reform itself into an "Imperial Federation" to establish a superpower and lasting world peace. In 1877, at an age of 23, he wrote his first will in which he expressed his wish to create a Secret Society (known as the Society of the Elect) that would strive this goal.

International Bankers were involved in the society from the beginning. Lord Rothschild of England, a leading member of the powerful international House of Rothschild, was the financier of Rhodes’ Mining monopoly in Rhodesia (Rhodesia is named after Cecil Rhodes.), South Africa.

The Rothschild family became a trustee of the Rhodes’ fortune, and an inner initiate of the secret society.

In his last will, Rhodes formed the well known 'Rhodes Scholarship' through which young students from all over the world would receive higher education – and the indoctrination of one-worldism.

A second outer ring, larger and quite fluid in its membership, was named “The Association of Helpers”. At this level members might not have known that they were an integral part of, or inadvertently being used by, a secret society.

Many on the outer edges of the group, idealists and honest individuals, may never have been aware that the real decisions were made by a ruthless clique about whom they had no knowledge.

The man who exposed the secret society, Carroll Quigley (1910 – 1977), was the highly esteemed professor of history at the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University , and a lecturer at Princeton and Harvard. He revealed that the organisation was able to:

“conceal its existence quite successfully, and many of its most influential members… are unknown even to close students of British History”.

Quigley’s greatest contribution to our understanding of modern history came with his books, The Anglo-American Establishment and Tragedy and Hope, A History of the World in Our Time. The former was written in 1949 but only released after his death. His disclosures placed him in such potential danger from an Establishment backlash that it was never published in his lifetime.

In a 1974 radio broadcast, Quigley warned the interviewer, Rudy Maxa of the Washington Post, “You better be discreet. You have to protect my future as well as your own.”

Quigley had received assistance of a “personal nature” from individuals close to what he called the “Group”, but “for obvious reasons” he could not reveal their names. He made it clear that evidence about them was not hard to find “if you know where to look,” and it has to be asked why generations of historians have failed to pursue his trail.

How to purchase Hidden History: The secret origins of the First World War by Gerry Docherty and Jim Macgregor

Though sworn to secrecy, Professor Quigley revealed in the radio interview that Sir Alfred Zimmern, the British historian and political scientist, had confirmed the names of the main protagonists within the secret society.

Without a shadow of doubt, Zimmern himself was a close associate of those at the centre of real power in Britain.

He knew most of the key figures personally and was himself a member of the inner core of the secret society for twelve years between 1910 and 1922.

The enigma of Professor Quigley’s work lies in his statement that while the secret cabal had brought many of the things he held dear close to disaster, he generally agreed with its goals and aims.

Were these merely words of self-preservation? Be mindful of his warning to Rudy Maxa as late as 1974. Quigley clearly felt that these revelations placed him in danger.

Unknown persons removed his major work, Tragedy and Hope, from the bookstore shelves in America , and it was withdrawn from sale without any justification soon after its release.

The book’s original plates were unaccountably destroyed by Quigley’s publisher, the Macmillan Company, who, for the next six years “lied, lied, lied” to him and deliberately misled him into believing that it would be reprinted.

Why? What pressures obliged a major publishing house to take such extreme action?

Quigley stated categorically that powerful people had suppressed the book because it exposed matters that they did not want known.

The reader has to understand that we are discussing individuals whose power, influence and control were unrivalled.

From the very start, each of the initial conspirators brought valuable qualities and connections to the society. Cecil Rhodes was Prime Minister of the Cape Colony and master and commander of a vast area of Southern Africa which some were already beginning to call Rhodesia .

His wealth had been underwritten by brutal native suppression and the global mining interests of the House of Rothschild, to whom he was answerable. William Stead was the most prominent journalist of his day and a voice to which ordinary people listened.

Lord Esher represented the interests of the monarchy from Queen Victoria ’s final years, through the exuberant excesses of King Edward VII, to the more sedate but pliable King George V. His influence was immense because he operated between monarchs, the aristocracy and leading political figures.

He chaired important secret committees, was responsible for appointments to the Cabinet, the senior ranks of the diplomatic corps and voiced strong personal opinion on top army posts.

Esher exerted a power behind the throne far in excess of his constitutional position. His role of powerbroker on behalf of the Secret Elite was without equal. Indeed Professor Quigley dubbed him, “the greatest wire puller of the period.”

Another name that pervaded all that was powerful and influential during this period was that of the Rothschild dynasty, and Quigley placed Lord Nathaniel (Natty) Rothschild within the very core of the secret organization. Rothschild was all-powerful in British and world banking and virtually untouchable.

“The House of Rothschild was immensely more powerful than any financial empire that had ever preceded it. It commanded vast wealth. It was international. It was independent.

Royal governments were nervous of it because they could not control it. Popular movements hated it because it was not answerable to the people. Constitutionalists resented it because its influence was exercised behind the scenes – secretly.”

Taken together, the principal players, Rhodes, Stead, Esher, Rothschild and Milner represented a new force that was emerging inside British politics, but powerful old traditional aristocratic families that had long dominated Westminster, often in cahoots with the reigning monarch, were also deeply involved, and none more so than the Cecil family. Robert Arthur Talbot Gascoyne-Cecil, the patriarchal 3rd Marquis of Salisbury, ruled the Conservative Party at the latter end of the nineteenth century.

He served as prime minister three times for a total of fourteen years, between 1885 and 1902 (longer than anyone else in recent history). When he retired as prime minister in July 1902, he handed over the reins of government to his sister’s son, Arthur Balfour.

Lord Salisbury had four siblings, five sons and three daughters who were all linked and interlinked by marriage to individuals in the upper echelons of the English ruling class. Important government positions were given to relations, friends and wealthy supporters who proved their gratitude by ensuring that his views became policy in government, civil service and diplomatic circles.

This extended ‘Cecil-Bloc’ was intricately linked to “The Society of the Elect” and Secret Elite ambitions throughout the first half of the twentieth century.

Another member of the inner core, Lord Alfred Milner, offers cause for greater scrutiny because he has been virtually airbrushed from the history of the period. Alfred Milner was a self-made man and remarkably successful civil servant who became a key figure within the Secret Elite and absolutely powerful within the ranks of these privileged individuals.

Lord Alfred Milner

Milner established Round Table Groups in many nations, including the United States. He attracted many young intellectuals, mostly from Oxford, who were given important positions in government and international finance. These people were used, as their successors, to propagandize on the need and glory of a world government, and to work for the creation of the New World Order.

Like the Illuminati, members are enticed with humanitarian ideals. They are shown the needs of the world, and are inspired to work for the solution of world problems. But only the well-proven and most suitable initiates are shown the real goal of the society world government.

The innermost members of these societies international bankers, professors and politicians have together become known as "Insiders".

Many groups have been established by the Round Table Group in the past century. In the United States, they established the Council on Foreign Relations; in the United Kingdom, the Royal Institute of International Affairs. On the international level, they have established the "Bilderberg Group".

This group consists of the most important bankers, politicians and Royal family members of the U.S. and Europe, which meet once every year. Their discussions and plans are never made public, but their purpose is clearly, the coordination of plans for the formation of a World Government.

Most people have never heard of these organizations, as they are extremely secretive, and little is published about them, which is not surprising seeing that much of the main news media is controlled by these same secret groups.

He and Rhodes had been contemporaries at Oxford University, and were inextricably connected through events in South Africa. Rhodes recognised in him the kind of steel that was required to pursue the dream of world domination;

“I support Milner absolutely without reserve. If he says peace, I say peace; if he says war, I say war. Whatever happens, I say ditto to Milner.”

Milner grew in time to be the most able of them all, to enjoy the privilege of patronage and power, a man to whom others turned for leadership and direction.

When governor general and high commissioner of South Africa , Milner deliberately caused the Boer War in order to grab the Transvaal’s gold and use the economic resources of South Africa to extend and perpetuate Secret Elite control. He had the grace to confess in a letter to Lord Roberts, Commander in Chief in South Africa, that;

“I precipitated the crisis, which was inevitable, before it was too late. It is not very agreeable, and in many eyes, not very creditable piece of business to have been largely instrumental in bringing about a big war.”

This was no immodest boast. Alfred Milner’s matter-of-fact explanation displayed the cold objectivity that drove the Secret Elite cause. War was unfortunate, but necessary. It had to be. They were not afraid of war.

The Secret Elite’s war against the Dutch settlers began in October 1899 and ended with the signing of the Treaty of Vereeniging on 31 May 1902.

The Boer War

The Boer Republics were annexed to the British Empire . The Transvaal ’s gold was finally in the hands of the Secret Elite at a cost of some 70,000 dead on the battlefields, plus 32,000 dead in British concentration camps, including more than 20,000 children of Dutch descent. Some thirty thousand Boer farms were burned to the ground, livestock slaughtered, and the women and children put in British concentration camps.

In the camps, the families of men fighting for the Boer army were punished by being put on half the already meagre rations with no meat whatsoever. W. T. Stead, former member of the inner core of the Secret Elite who had resigned in disgust over the Boer War, was overcome by the evidence presented to him. He wrote;

“Every one of these children who died as a result of the halving of their rations, thereby exerting pressure onto their family still on the battle-field, was purposefully murdered. The system of half rations stands exposed, stark and unashamedly as a cold-blooded deed of state policy employed with the purpose of ensuring the surrender of men whom we were not able to defeat on the field."

20,000 children dying in British concentration camps were of little consequence to Milner. He was so driven that he ignored the weight of opposition ranged against him. He warned his friend, Richard Haldane:

If we are to build up anything in South Africa, we must disregard, and absolutely disregard, the screamers.”

It takes a very strong man to disregard the screamers, to ignore moral indignation, to put the cause before humanitarian concerns. Some frontline politicians find it all but impossible to stand against a torrent of public outrage, but those behind the curtain in the secret corridors of power can easily ignore ‘sentimentality’.

Milner’s period of stewardship in South Africa had a very important consequence. He administered the defeated Transvaal and Orange Free State as occupied territories, and recruited into the upper layers of his civil service a band of young men from well-to-do, upper-class, frequently titled families who became known as “Milner’s Kindergarten.”:

They replaced the government and administration of the Boer republics, and worked prodigiously to rebuild the broken country.

The Kindergarten comprised new blood; young educated men – mostly Oxford graduates, with a deep sense of duty, loyalty to the Empire and capable of populating the next generation of the secret society. In the period 1909-1913 the Kindergarten set up semi-secret groups, known as Round Table Groups, in the United States and the chief British dependencies.

Take Canada as an example. Numerous Canadian Round Table groups were established from 1909.

Lionel Curtis and Philip Kerr of the Secret Elite’s inner core went on a four-month trip to Canada in the company of William Marris from the “Association of Helpers.”

The object of the trip was to lay the foundations for Round Table groups, to reinforce the values of the British Empire and prepare them for a war against Germany.

They carried a letter from Alfred Milner to his old friend Arthur J. Glazebrook asking him to help establish the groups.

Glazebrook became one of the most devoted and loyal friends of the Secret Elite’s mission, and so successfully completed the task that for twenty years he was head of the groups throughout Canada.

Vincent Massey, a Balliol College , Oxford graduate and lecturer in modern history at Toronto University, was another important operative for the Secret Elite in Canada.

He would go on to hold senior cabinet and diplomatic posts and became governor of the prestigious private school, Upper Canada College , and the University of Toronto. Sir Edward Peacock, housemaster at Upper Canada College, and Edward Rogers Wood, a prominent financier and businessman, were likewise very close to the Canadian branch of the Milner group.

Other members of the Secret Elite connected to Canada were, Sir George Parkin, Percy Corbett, Sir Joseph Flavelle and George P. de T. Glazebrook. The latter was the son of Milner’s old friend Arthur Glazebrook. He too had studied at Balliol College, Oxford and went on to teach history at the University of Toronto.

The Round Table Groups in Canada , as elsewhere, were merely different names for “The Association of Helpers” and only part of the secret society, since the real power still lay with “The Society of the Elect”. This all-powerful inner-core would bring in new members from the outer ring as was deemed necessary. The alliance of powerful investment bankers, politicians, diplomats and press barons shared the same unwritten purpose, the destruction of German imperial power and the confirmation of Anglo-Saxon domination of the world.

Rhodes House is part of the University of Oxford in England. It is located on the south of South Parks Road in central Oxford, and was built in memory of Cecil Rhodes, an alumnus of the university and a major benefactor. Note Chemtrails

Money was never a problem for the Secret Elite. As we have seen, Natty Rothschild, the richest man in the world, was directly involved from the beginning, but the ‘Money-Power’ extended well beyond that single source. The Rand multi-millionaires, Sir Abe Bailey and Alfred Beit were members of the inner core and always willing to finance Secret Elite proposals, fund their propaganda groups, and back Milner.

Sir Ernest Cassel, an investment banker and one of the wealthiest men in pre-war Europe , was likewise involved. Cassel , a close friend of King Edward VII, acted as go-between for the British government and provided personal funds for Lord Esher.

Other great financiers and bankers, centred in the City, the financial and banking district of London, shared the vision of a single world power based on English ruling class values.

The world had entered an era of financial capitalism where these wealthy international investment bankers were able to dominate both industry and government if they had the concerted will to do so. This “Money Power” seeped into the British Establishment and joined the aristocratic landowning families who had ruled Britain for centuries. Together, they lay at the heart of the Secret Elite.

In his “Confession of Faith”, Cecil Rhodes had written of bringing the whole uncivilized world under British rule, and the “recovery” of the United States to make the “Anglo-Saxon race but one Empire,” by which he meant a white, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant America working in tandem with like minds in England. Clearly the United States could not be “recovered” by force of arms, so Rhodes dream was expanded to include the wealthy elites in the U.S. who shared a similar mind-set.

Cecil Rhodes (for whom Rhodesia was named) was an extremely wealthy collectivist who left his entire fortune to his trust, which funds a whole new round of collectivists each and every year. You will definitely see names you recognise on the Scholar lists at www.rhodeshouse.ox.ac.uk

Rhodes suffered from heart and lung problems and was aware that his projected life span was limited. He wrote several wills to ensure that his fortune would be used to pursue his dream.

Part of his strategy was to gift scholarship places at his alma mater, Oxford University, in the belief that exposure to British culture, philosophy and education would strengthen the best young minds from the colonies and, most importantly, the United States .

Rhodes scholarships favoured American students, with two allocated for each of the fifty States and Territories, but only sixty places for the entire British Empire.

The “best talents” from the “best families” in the US were to be nurtured at Oxford , spiritual home of the Secret Elite, and imbued with an appreciation of “Englishness” and “retention of the unity of the Empire.”

Professor Quigley revealed that;

“the scholarships were merely a façade to conceal the secret society, or, more accurately, they were to be one of the instruments by which the members of the secret society could carry out his [ Rhodes ] purpose.”

The Secret Elite appreciated America ’s vast potential, and adjusted the concept of British Race supremacy to Anglo-Saxon supremacy. Rhodes ’s dream had only to be slightly modified. The world was to be united through the English-speaking nations in a federal structure based around Britain. Alfred Milner became the undisputed leader of the secret society when Cecil Rhodes died in 1902.

Like Rhodes , he believed that the goal should be pursued by a secret political and economic elite influencing “journalistic, educational and propaganda agencies” behind the scenes.

The flow of money into the United States during the nineteenth century advanced industrial development to the immense benefit of the millionaires it created, Rockefeller, Carnegie, Morgan, Vanderbilt and their associates. The Rothschilds represented British interests, either directly through front companies or indirectly, through agencies they controlled.

Railroads, steel, shipbuilding, construction, oil and finance blossomed in an oft-cut throat environment, though that was more apparent than real. These small groups of massively rich individuals on both sides of the Atlantic knew each other well, and the Secret Elite in London initiated a very select and secretive dining club, The Pilgrims, that brought them together on a regular basis.

The Carlton Hotel in London no longer exists. The New Zealand High Commission now occupies the site.

On 11 July 1902, an inaugural meeting was held at the Carlton Hotel of what became known as the London Chapter of The Pilgrims Society, with a select membership limited by individual scrutiny to 500. Ostensibly, the society was created to “promote goodwill, good friendship and everlasting peace” between Britain and the United States, but its highly secretive and exclusive membership leaves little doubt as to its real purpose.

This was the pool of wealth and talent that the Secret Elite drew together to promote its agenda in the years preceding the First World War. Behind an image of the Pilgrim Fathers, the persecuted pioneers of Christian values, this elite cabal advocated the idea that “Englishmen and Americans would promote international friendship through their pilgrimages to and fro across the Atlantic ”.

It presented itself as a spontaneous movement to promote democracy across the world and doubtless many of the members believed that, but The Pilgrims included a select collective of the wealthiest figures in both Britain and the United States who were deeply involved with the Secret Elite. They shared Rhodes ’ dream and wanted to be party to it.

The Waldorf Astoria

The New York branch of The Pilgrims was launched at the Waldorf-Astoria on 13 January 1903, and comprised the most important bankers, politicians and lawyers on the Eastern Seaboard. They established a tradition of close interaction with British and American ambassadors.

Official Pilgrims logo. "Hic et Ubique" means "here and everywhere", apparently a reference to the idea that the United States and Great Britain should stand together side by side everywhere. The eagle represents the United States; the lion Great Britain.

The ambassadorial connections with The Pilgrims would prove absolutely crucial in linking the Foreign Secretary in London and the Secretary of State in Washington to the Secret Elite and its agenda for war.

A number of the American Pilgrims also had close links with the New York branch of the Secret Elite’s Round Table.

In Britain, at least eighteen members of the Secret Elite, including Lords Rothschild, Curzon, Northcliffe, Esher and Balfour attended Pilgrims dinners, though the regularity of their attendance is difficult to establish. Such is the perennial problem with secretive groups.

We know something about the guests invited to dinner, but not what was discussed between courses.

In New York , members included both the Rockefeller and Morgan dynasties and many men in senior government posts. Initially, membership was likewise limited to 500.

The power-elite in America was New York centred, carried great influence in domestic and international politics, and was heavily indulgent of Yale, Harvard and Princeton Universities.

They conducted an American version of what Carroll Quigley termed the Secret Elite’s triple-front-penetration of politics, the press and education.

The Pilgrims Society brought together American money and British aristocracy, royalty, government ministers and top diplomats. It was indeed a special relationship.

Of all the American banking establishments, none was more Anglo-centric than the J. P. Morgan bank, itself deeply involved with The Pilgrims. An American, George Peabody, established the bank in London in 1835. In 1854 he took on a partner, Junius Morgan, (father of J. P. Morgan) and the bank was renamed Peabody , Morgan & Co. When Peabody ’s retired in 1864 it became the J. S. Morgan bank.

The Rothschilds had developed a close relationship with Peabody and Morgan, and following a crash in 1857 saved the bank by organizing a huge bailout by the Bank of England. Although American by birth, the Morgan family wore their affinity to England like a badge of honour.

Despite stinging criticism from Thomas Jefferson that Junius’s father-in-law, the Rev John Pierpont, was “under the influence of the whore of England ,” Junius sent his son to the English High School in Boston . J. P. Morgan spent much of his younger years absorbing English traditions, and was an ardent anglophile and admirer of the British Empire.

In 1899 J. P. Morgan travelled to England to attend an international Bankers Convention and returned to America as the representative of Rothschild interests in the United States . It was the perfect front. Morgan, who posed as an upright Protestant guardian of capitalism, who could trace his family roots to pre-Revolutionary times, acted for the Rothschilds and shielded their American profits from the poison of anti-Semitism.

In 1895 the Rothschilds had secretly replenished the US gold reserves through J.P. Morgan, and raised him to the premier league of international banking. In turn, his gratitude was extended to another Rothschild favourite and leading figure in the Secret Elite, Alfred Milner.

In 1901, Morgan offered Milner a then massive income of $100,000 per annum to become a partner in the London branch but Milner was not to be distracted from the vital business of the Boer War. J. P. Morgan was an Empire loyalist at the heart of the American Establishment.

A second powerful bank on Wall Street, Kuhn, Loeb & Co., also served as a Rothschild front. Jacob Schiff, a German who ran the bank, came from a family close to the Rothschilds. He had been born in the house his parents shared with the Rothschilds in the Jewish quarter of Frankfurt .

Schiff was an experienced European banker whose career straddled both continents, with contacts in New York , London , Hamburg and Frankfurt . His long-standing friend, Edward Cassel of the Secret Elite, was appointed Kuhn, Loeb’s agent in London .

Schiff even dined with King Edward on the strength of Cassel ’s close friendship with the King. Jacob Schiff had married Solomon Loeb’s daughter and, backed by Rothschild gold, quickly gained overall control of the Kuhn, Loeb Bank. Schiff in turn brought a young German banker, Paul Warburg, over to New York to help him run the bank. Paul and his brother Max had served part of their banking apprenticeships with Natty Rothschild in London.

Paul Warburg

Like the Peabody-Morgan bank in London , the Warburg family bank in Hamburg had been saved by a very large injection of Rothschild money, and undoubtedly acted as a Rothschild front thereafter.

On the surface there were periods of blistering competition between the investment banking houses and international oil goliaths J. D. Rockefeller and the Rothschilds, but by the turn of the century they adopted a more subtle relationship that avoided real competition.

A decade earlier, Baron Alphonse de Rothschild had accepted Rockefeller’s invitation to meet in New York behind the closed doors of Standard Oil’s headquarters on Broadway. Standard’s chief spokesman, John D Archbold reported that they had quickly reached a tentative agreement, and thought it desirable on both sides that the matter was kept confidential.

Clearly both understood the advantage of monopolistic collusion.

It was a trend they eventually developed to their own advantage. By the early years of the twentieth century much of the assumed rivalry between major stakeholders in banking, industry and commerce was a convenient façade, though they would have the world believe otherwise.

Jacob Rothschild

Consider please this convenient façade. Official Rothschild biographers maintain that the dynasty’s interests in America were limited, and that the American Civil War led to “a permanent decline in the Rothschild’s transatlantic influence”. All our evidence points in the opposite direction.

Their associates, agents and front companies permeated American finance and industry. Their influence was literally everywhere. J. P. Morgan, the acknowledged chieftain of the Anglo-American financial establishment was the main conduit for British capital and a personal friend of the Rothschilds. Jacob Schiff of Kuhn, Loeb, another close friend of the Rothschild family, worked hand-in-glove with Rockefeller in oil, railroad and banking enterprises.

Jacob Schiff the Pilgrim was both a Rothschild agent and a trusted associate of J. D. Rockefeller the Pilgrim. Morgan, Schiff and Rockefeller, the three leading players on Wall Street, had settled into a cosy cartel behind which the House of Rothschild remained hidden, but retained immense influence and power. Control of capital and credit was increasingly concentrated in the hands of fewer and fewer men until the rival banking groups ceased to operate in genuine competition.

This trans-Atlantic financial collusion underpinned the Anglo-American bond on which the Secret Elite built their dream of world domination. Political control moved hand in glove with the Money-Power. One of the problems the Secret Elite had to contend with was democracy, even the very limited choice that British and American democracy had to offer.

Professor Quigley observed that Alfred Milner, and apparently most members of the Secret Elite, believed that:

“democracy was not an unmixed good, or even a good, and far inferior to the rule of the best…”

They, of course, believed themselves “the best” and their morality did not exclude the use of warfare to carry out what they deemed to be their civilising mission; a new world order based on ruling class values in which they would be first amongst men.

In Britain, faced with an electorate that frequently changed allegiance from the Conservative party to the Liberal party and back again, the Secret Elite selected reliable and trusted men to hold high office in both parties.

Conservative Prime Minister Arthur Balfour, a member of the inner circle of the Secret Elite, and Foreign Secretary Lord Lansdowne began the transformation of British Foreign policy towards war with Germany in the sure knowledge that senior Liberals would continue that policy if and when the people voted for change.

Herbert Henry Asquith, Richard Haldane and Sir Edward Grey were Milner’s chosen senior men in the Liberal Party and “objects of his special attention”. Their remit was to ensure that an incoming Liberal government maintained a seamless foreign policy that served the grand plan.

Their Secret Elite connections were impeccable. Together, with their good friend Arthur Balfour, they were intimately involved with the inner circles of the cabal. Their duty was to the King, the Empire, to Milner’s dream, to Rhode’s legacy. They confronted the same problems, analysed the same alternatives and agreed the same solution. Germany had to go.

King Edward VII

The senior Liberals, Asquith, Grey and Haldane, conspired to undermine the anti-war Liberal Party leader Campbell-Bannerman from within and were supported by both the Conservative party leaders and King Edward VII, himself a key figure inside the Secret Elite.

Every major step taken by the British Foreign Office from 1902 onwards was dictated by the overall objective to destroy Germany . Treaties with Japan , the Entente Cordiale with France and all of its secret clauses, the secret conventions agreed between King Edward and the Russian Czar had that single purpose. Simply put, the large field armies of France and Russia were needed to crush Germany.

Senator Nelson Aldrich

In the United States, and indeed in France , political power was guaranteed by financial incentives and the appointment of suitable candidates, in other words through bribery and corruption. Senator Nelson Aldrich of Rhode Island was chosen by the Secret Elite to be the voice of “sound economics” in the Senate. A wealthy businessman and father-in-law of J.D.Rockefeller Jr., Aldrich was known as “Morgan’s floor broker in the Senate.”

Shameless in his excesses, he used public office to feather his own very large nest. Public service was to him little more than a cash cow through which he built a ninety-nine roomed chateau and sailed a two hundred foot yacht. Over a two-year period the Money-Power worked steadily on their chosen Senator to turn him into an “expert” on banking systems.

Congress appointed a National Monetary Commission in 1908 with Aldrich as Chairman to review U.S. banking. Its members toured Europe , supposedly collecting data on various banking systems. Aldrich’s final report, however, was not the product of any European study tour, but of a collective conspiracy.

'The Clubhouse' on Jekyll Island, Georgia USA

In November 1910, five bankers representing Morgan, Rockefeller and Kuhn Loeb interests, met in total secrecy with Senator Aldrich and the Assistant Secretary to the U.S. Treasury on Jekyll Island , an exclusive playground of the mega-rich off the coast of Georgia .

Of the seven conspirators, five, Senator Aldrich, Henry Davison, Benjamin Strong, Frank Vanderlip and Paul Warburg, were members of The Pilgrims. Their objective was to formulate a Central Banking Bill that would be presented to Congress as if it was the brainchild of Aldrich’s Monetary Commission.

The proposed “Federal Reserve System” was to be owned entirely by private banks, though its name implied that it was a government institution. Individuals from the American banking dynasties, including Morgan, Warburg, Schiff and Rockefeller, would hold the shares. It was to be a central bank of issue that would have a monopoly of all the money and credit of the people of the United States.

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York

It would control the interest rate and the volume of money in circulation. The Federal Reserve System constructed on Jekyll Island had powers that King Midas could never have contemplated.

The objective was to establish a franchise to create money out of nothing for the purpose of lending, get the taxpayer to pick up any losses, and convince Congress that the aim was to protect the public.

The Aldrich proposals never went to a vote. President Taft refused to support the Bill on the grounds that it would not impose sufficient government control over the banks. The Money Power decided that Taft had to go. Their support in the 1912 Presidential election swung behind the little known Woodrow Wilson.

President Woodrow Wilson

The speed with which Wilson was bounced from his post at Princeton University in 1910, to Governor of New Jersey in 1911, then Democratic Party nominee for the Presidency in 1912 made him the Solomon Grundy of U S politics.

Not only did the Secret Elite put their man in the White House, they also gave him a minder, Edward Mandell House. Woodrow Wilson was President of the United States but this shadowy figure stood by his side, controlling his every move.

House, an Anglophile who had been part educated in England , was credited with swinging the 1912 Democratic Convention in Baltimore behind Wilson. He became Woodrow Wilson’s constant companion from that point onwards, with his own suite of rooms in the White House.

Edward Mandell House

He was also in direct, sometimes daily contact with J. P. Morgan Jr, Jacob Schiff, Paul Warburg, and Democrat Senators who sponsored the Federal Reserve Bill.

Mandell House guided the President in every aspect of foreign and domestic policy, chose his Cabinet and formulated the first policies of his new Administration.

He was the prime intermediary between the President and his Wall Street backers. The Anglo-centric Money Power had complete control of the White House and finally established its central bank in time for the Secret Elite’s war. Ponder the significance of this coincidence.

Provided with huge sums of Secret Elite money rerouted via St Petersburg, French politicians, newspapers and journalists were effectively corrupted to elect the Revanchistwarmonger candidate Raymond Poincare to the Presidency of France.

By February 1913, two major powers, The United States and France, had new Presidents who were elected to office through the machinations of the Secret Elite.

They had positioned key players in the governments of Britain, France, and the United States and exerted immense influence over the foreign ministry in Russia.

Politics, money and power were the pillars on which the Anglo-Saxon elite would destroy Germany and take control of the world. All that was left to concoct was a reason for war.

The Kaiser’s refusal to be drawn into direct confrontation with France and Britain over crises in Morocco in 1905 and 1911 demanded a rethink. Public hysteria in Britain about spies was developed into a cottage industry, with barely literate novels and wild articles in Northcliffe’s papers portraying Germany as a dangerous warmongering nation of Huns preparing to pounce on an unsuspecting and ill-prepared Britain.

Similarly in France , through blatant bribery and corruption, both the press and the Revanchistesin French politics fomented anti-German sentiment. But Germany remained stubbornly unwilling to become involved a European war.

From 1912 onwards the Secret Elite looked to the Balkans to provide the excuse for war. Alexander Isvolsky, their top Russian agent, had been strategically moved to Paris, from which vantage point he directed the Balkan agitation. The mix of ethnic diversity, religious animosities, political intrigue and raw nationalism was deliberately provoked into two brutal Balkan wars which in themselves could have brought about a pan-European war, but the Kaiser refused to take the bait.

Archduke Franz Ferdinand

Something more dramatic, more sensational, was needed. The notion propagated by many historians that world war was ‘inevitable’ or that the world ‘slid’ into war is crass.

Chance was not involved. It required a complex set of manipulated events engineered by determined men to set the fuse.

What remained was a spark to ignite that fuse. It came with the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir-apparent to the Austrian Empire, in Sarajevo on 28 June 1914.

Millions of words have been written to describe the events in Sarajevo that day, but none have ever revealed the trail of complicity that led from the gunmen back to the Secret Elite in London.

Be certain of one thing. It was not the man who fired the bullet that caused a world war.

Thus war engulfed the known world to a degree that had no precedent.

Histories have been written to explain away the reasons why, histories that favoured the victors and twisted the truth to blame Germany.

How history has been manipulated, how evidence has been removed, burned, shredded or otherwise denied to genuine researchers remains a crime against truth, against humanity.

The received history of the First World War is a deliberately concocted lie. Not the sacrifice, the heroism, the horrendous waste of life or the misery that followed. No, these were very real, but the truth of how it all began and how it was unnecessarily and deliberately prolonged beyond 1915 has been successfully covered up for a century.

Professor Quigley stated;

“No country that values its safety should allow what the Milner group accomplished – that is, that a small number of men would be able to wield such power in administration and politics, should be given almost complete control over the publication of documents relating to their actions, should be able to exercise such influence over the avenues of information that create public opinion, and should be able to monopolize so completely the writing and the teaching of the history of their own period."

Never were truer words uttered in dire warning.

These Founding Fathers, the Secret Elite, began with Rhodes’ secret society and expanded across the Atlantic, always away from the public eye. They were deniers of democracy, men who always pursued their own malevolent agenda, who used this very process to advance their power.

What they achieved in causing the First World War was but the first step in their long term drive to a new world order.

But their New World Order will ultimately not come to pass.

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

Lucis Trust, Alice Bailey, World Goodwill And Lucifer - The False Light Of The World
May 11 2015 | From: ConspiracyArchive

Alice Ann Bailey, a leading disciple of the Russian theosophist Madame Helena Blavatsky, formed the Lucifer Publising Company in 1920.

1922 saw the organization's name changed to Lucis Trust though the advancement of the Luciferian beliefs remained true. Beliefs that in Blavatsky's words: “oppose the materialism of science and every dogmatic theology, especially the Christian, which the Chiefs of the Society regard as particularly pernicious.”

The Lucis Trust logo. Friendly looking

Lucis Trust promulgates the work of an "Ascended Master" who was working 'through' Alice Bailey for some 30 years.

The Lucis Trust Publishing Company and their many fronts and organizations worship an "Externalized Hierarchy" of "Ascended Masters," who carry out the work of a Luciferian "master plan" for the establishment of a permanent "Age of Aquarius" ruled by one "Sanat Kumara", the "Lord of the World."

Lucis Trust is a powerful institution that enjoys "Consultative Status" with the United Nations, which permits it to have a close working relationship with the U.N., including a seat on the weekly sessions, but most importantly, influence with powerful business and national leaders throughout the world.

Through its founding of World Goodwill, Lucis Trust is "aggressively involved in promoting a globalist ideology":

"Authors and participants in its various conferences read like a Who's Who of globalist insiders.

Featured on its website
, for example, is the Universal Declaration of Human Responsibilities, put forth in April 1998 as a companion document to the notorious UN Universal Declaration on Human Rights.

Signatories to the World Goodwill document include: Helmut Schmidt, former chancellor of West Germany; Malcolm Fraser, former Australian prime minister; Oscar Arias Sanchez, former prime minister of Costa Rica; Shimon Peres; Robert McNamara; Paul Volcker; and Jimmy Carter.

... it is as much a political organization as an occult religious one."

- New Age Roots, by Steve Bonta

Lucis Trust is run through an international board of trustees whose membership is said to have included: John D. Rockefeller; Norman Cousins; Robert S. McNamara; Thomas Watson, Jr. (IBM, former U.S. Ambassador to Moscow); Henry Clausen, Grand Commander of the Supreme Council, 33rd Degree, Southern District Scottish Rite and Henry Kissinger.

This would then tie Bailey's influential occult organization into the international conspiracy of elitists, including the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the Bilderbergs, and the Trilateral Commission.

I've been able to confirm some of these connections through Lucis Trust's involvement in the Windsor International Bank and Trust Company, where on its site, the Windsor Bank plainly states that its “a Member of, Advisor to, Affiliate of, Friend of, Benefactor of, or Contributor to, the following Organizations, to name several:”

International Fund For Development
The Hall Family Foundation
The Rockefeller Foundation
WHO/Habitat For Humanity
The Lucis Trust (NGO); United Nations
National Resources Defense Council
Capital Missions Company
Investors Circle
The Coca-Cola Foundation
Fellowship For International Education
International Monetary Agency
International Center For Educational Advancement
Christian Children's Fund (Worldwide)
BAMPAC (Black America's Political Action)

Fellowship For Reconciliation
National Institute For the Advancement Of Science
International Association For Environmental Cooperation
World Wildlife Federation
Council On Foreign Relations (CFR)
Council Of Emerging Nations
Freedom Communications, Inc.
The European Institute (Foreign Affairs Magazine)
United Nations Association of The USA
The NAACP (National Association of Colored People)
The Royal Heritage Charitable Relief Fund

IMPORTANT DEVELOPMENT: After I posted this discovery, the Windsor Bank promptly changed their page and deleted all traces of the connections which I exposed above. As of this writing they no longer have a web presence. I've been able to salvage a copy – thanks to Google's Cache — of the page as it appeared when I wrote this Lucis Trust expose: Here is the original.

One disturbing aspect is the blatant targeting of children. Lucis Trust directs an activity called Triangles in Education, which is partnered with groups that "make some contribution to the task of laying the foundations for the new education."

This, according to Bailey, is part of the overall work of the New Group of World Servers, "a band of obedient workers and servers of the WORD." The word being the teachings of her channeled Master Djwhal Khul, through her voluminous occult works.

Alice Bailey

The word, has also been heeded by the likes of Robert Muller - former assistant Secretary General of the United Nations and winner of the UNESCO Prize for Peace Education in 1989 for his World Core Curriculum.

He said,
"The underlying philosophy upon which The Robert Muller School is based will be found in the teaching set forth in the books of Alice A. Bailey by the Tibetan teacher, Djwhal Khul."

The Overshadowing

Alice Bailey was born on June 16th, 1880 in the city of Manchester, England. She was raised in an orthodox christian family which she would say later, made her very unhappy and a bad tempered little girl.

"Life was not worth living," she said, and the feeling of worthlessness, and a certain amount of curiosity about life and death led her to attempt suicide three times before she was even fifteen.

At the age of fifteen her first mystical encounter occurred while her family had gone to church. While she was in a room reading, a man wearing a turban on his head suddenly entered her room.

Startled, and not being able to say a word - an obvious out of place character in 19th century Manchester - this stranger spoke to her:

“He told me there was some work that it was planned that I could do in the world but that it would entail changing my disposition considerably; I would have to give up being such an unpleasant little girl and must try to get some measure of self-control.

My future usefulness to Him and to the world was dependant on how I handled myself and the changes I could manage to make. He said that if I could achieve real self-control I could then be trusted and that I would travel all over the world and visit many countries, "doing your Master's work all the time" ...

He added that He would be in touch with me at intervals of seven years apart.”

- Unfinished Autobiography, by Alice Bailey, 1951, Lucis Trust, pp. 35-36

This was to be Alice Bailey's first contact with her Master Koot Humi. These contacts with "Secret Chiefs"; "Familiar Spirits"; "Angels"; and "Ascended Masters" is a common theme in the annals of history and has been the origin of many religious, prophetic and occult movements throughout the centuries. Zoroaster, Mohammed, John Dee, Francis Bacon, Aleister Crowley, Helena Blavatsky, Joseph Smith, Edgar Cayce and Benjamin Creme immediately come to mind.

In 1917, after the breakup of her first marriage she moved to the United States, where she was introduced to the teachings of Theosophy. It was during this period that she had met, and married, her husband Foster Bailey (33rd degree Scottish Rite Freemason). She turned out to be a good pupil, Bailey soon rose through the ranks and became the editor of the American Theosophists' newspaper.

“For the last 125 years, New Age leaders worldwide have followed the false light of Theosophy; they now whisper sweet lies into the itching ears of the powerful - politicians, media moguls, UN officials, foundation grant makers, and Anglican bishops. As the West moves into a post-Christian era, the influence of the New Age movement grows.”

- "A Comprehensive Expose of The New Age Movement", by Penn Lee

The encounter with her fated second "Master" - and soon to be writing partner for an international esoteric movement - occurred in 1919, while having a quiet time on a hill close to her house. She heard a note of music sounding everywhere which was followed by a voice (Djwhal Khul) that asked her if she was willing to write some books.

Having refused, saying that she wouldn't engage in any psychic practices, the voice gave her three weeks to reconsider. Alice completely forgot about the subject when the voice made its appearance as scheduled. Agreeing to give it a try for a few weeks the first chapters of "Initiation, Human and Solar" were written.

After about a month, Alice got scared; refusing to do anymore work the Master Djwhal Khul told her to discuss it with her Master Koot Humi.

Koot Humi confessed that it was, in fact, him that told DK to contact her and he gave Alice permission to proceed — after giving Mrs. Bailey the proper technique for enhanced telepathic communication.

Between 1919 and 1949 (her death), she produced twenty-four books, including an autobiography, nineteen of these books were supposedly written by her Tibetan Master DK (Djwhal Khul). During the intervening years, Alice Bailey spent most of it working out what she referred to as "The Plan."

The results of which, influenced the birth of many New Age groups: The Church Universal and Triumphant, Benjamin Creme's The Tara Center, the Robert Muller Schools and The Temple of Understanding, to name a few.

The Networks of 'Light'

Lucis Trust

Fifty years at the United Nations plaza. Currently located on Wall Street in New York. Lucis Trust provides worldwide financial support for the Arcane School, World Goodwill, Triangles, Lucis Publishing, Lucis Productions, Lucis Trust Libraries, and the New Group of World Servers. Maintains the UN meditation room.

The Arcane School

Founded in 1923, the school gives correspondence courses in meditation and the occult from its branches in New York, Geneva, London and Buenos Aires.

World Goodwill

Founded in 1932, the organization is recognized by the United Nations today as an NGO. World Goodwill works directly with the "world federalists," and is part of the work to "Externalize the Hierarchy" of "Illumined Minds," which will usher in an "Age of Maitreya."


Founded in 1937, Triangles is the name of a global network of cells, whose members pray a "Great Invocation," especially on the full moon, when members of Triangle can be influenced by the astrological signs of the Zodiac.

We haven't even scratched the surface yet on the influence of Bailey and her Master's teachings. Let's look at a comparison by two writers who talk about Lucis Trust's World Goodwill, which when compared, illustrate both sides of Lucis' agenda; the manipulation of politics towards a New World Order, and the manipulation through occult means to manifest the "Plan" of the "Hierarchy".

From Dark Majesty, by Texe Marrs, pp. 139-40

The Secret Brotherhood has developed the social and political art of networking to a fine science.

World Goodwill, in its newsletter of 1986, No. 2, listed a number of groups that have participated in its World Service Forum.

Such groups include those that are connected with World Goodwill's centers in London, New York, and Geneva. The list is absolutely mind-boggling in its scope.

In London, groups that have actively participated include:

The United Nations Association, the Teilhardt Center, the International Broadcasting Trust, the Buddhist Society, the Scientific and Medical Network, St. James' Church (Piccadilly), Emerson College , International Health Research Network, Habitat International Council, the Schumacher Society, the New Economics Foundation, World Health Organization, Peace Through Unity, the British Holistic Medical Association, the World Wildlife Fund, and World College.

In New York, World Goodwill gives credit to the following organizations for their involvement in its work: the Earth Society Foundation, Clergy and Laity Concerned, Waldorf Education, UNICEF, Emmaus, Hale House, the United Nations Association, the Peace Corps, the US Mission of the United Nations, the Better World Society (CNN founder Ted Turner's group), the Foundation for Global Broadcasting, Fellowship and Prayer, the Institute for Cultural Affairs, Physicians for Social Responsibility, the Bank for Social Responsibility, Habitat for Humanity, The Christophers, the Institute for Community Economics, Women's World Banking, Tibetan Buddhist Learning Center, Environmental Action Coalition, the Catholic Worker, the Nicholas Roerich Museum, the International Center for Integrated Studies, the Sri Aurobindo Society, and the Mead Institute for Human Development.

In Geneva, Switzerland, we find the following groups to be participants in the programs of World Goodwill:

The International Commission of Jurists, Pax Christi International, Transnational Prospectives, Amnesty International, the United Nations University for Peace, and the Bureau for Affairs of Non-Governmental Organizations of the United Nations Organization.

From Target: Faith and Freedom

World Goodwill is a non-governmental organization (NGO) accredited with the United Nations while its parent, Lucis Trust, enjoys the prestigious "consultative status" afforded those non-governmental organizations on the roster of the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC).

Increasingly, powerful deep pocket NGO's, which are neither elected nor accountable, are received as the voice of "civil society."

Those NGO's, which the United Nations selectively elevates to "consultative status," are called upon by ECOSOC as advisors representative of civil society. Both World Goodwill and Lucis Trust are engaged in Earth Charter advocacy. World Goodwill's spirituality is patently pagan. The following declaration is taken from their promotional material.

"During both the full moon and new moon periods there is there is a similar emphasis on the work of energy distribution in meditation .... we consciously align with the rhythmic pattern of energy flow each month, we become a part of a planetary meditative process carried forward at all levels of consciousness and with great creative potential for anchoring the seeds of the coming the coming civilization and the germ of the new culture."

If World Goodwill so unblushingly advocates neo-pagan meditative practices, its overt promotion of an occult "plan" for the governing of the universe is nothing short of chilling:

"There is an inner government of the planet known under such different names as the spiritual Hierarchy, the society of Illumined Minds, or Christ and his Church, according to various religious traditions. Humanity is never left without spiritual guidance or direction under the Plan...

The widespread expectation that we approach the "age of Maitreya," as it is known in the East, when the World Teacher and present head of the spiritual Hierarchy, the Christ, will reappear among humanity to sound the keynote of the new age.... There are millions of mentally alert men and women in all parts of the world who are on rapport with the Plan and work to give it expression.

They are people in whom the consciousness of humanity as one interdependent unit is alive and active... These beliefs give a new dimension to spiritual reality ....

They provide opportunity for cooperation with the spiritual evolution of humanity... there is no group so likely to ensure that humanity achieves this most difficult goal as the men and women of goodwill .... requiring only courage... to initiate action to prepare for the New World Order."

In considering the above information one can't help but wonder whether these organizations, which are aligned with Lucis Trust, believe in the "Plan", as World Goodwill put it, "to initiate action to prepare for the new world order." I believe that they do, and it is my intention to prove that conviction throughout this site.

And specifically, that it is a spiritual plan - a plan that, if giving a thorough evaluation from their own writings, can be seen as nothing less than satan's attempt to implement a totalitarian demonic throne upon the earth, and humanity's forced worship through Luciferic Rites. For;

"when the Great One appears," Master Djwhal Khul said 'through' Alice Bailey;

"he will take the Mysteries Religion preserved by Freemasonry and make them public."

Lucis Trust has truly become a powerhouse for the New Age ideal; the transformation of society by, and through, occult initiatory means. The respect that Bailey's teachings receive, and the reverence for her Master, is without equal.

She has successfully pulled the wool over the eyes of many concerning the true meaning and source of her teachings. What exactly is the teaching and message delivered by her Master? This will be the subject examined in part two.

The Secret Doctrine

In the occult Satan (or Lucifer) has traditionally been associated with the sun, the harbinger of spiritual light. Esoteric philosophy teaches that it is this "great being", not the God of the Old Testament, that was the true redeemer and benefactor of mankind in the Garden of Eden.

There's a few works in the occult that have stood the test of time, and have become "bibles" in their own right. These are revered and studied by all seekers on "the Path". The works of Aleister Crowley, Alice Bailey, Gurdjieff, Ouspensky, Albert Pike, Manly P. Hall, Benjamin Creme, Castaneda, Kenneth Grant, Eliphas Levi and many others laying a foundation of pre-packaged self-enlightenment.

Some claim to be revealing great esoteric knowledge past down through sects, and orders long forgotten. Other works claim to be channeled from "Secret Chiefs" or "Ascended Masters."

I offer these quotes from Blavatsky's The Secret Doctrine in order to show the, typical, reversal philosophy espoused. Blavatsky's philosophy also serve to illustrate where Bailey first encountered her heretical views in the first place. As we will see in part two, Mme. Blavatsky taught her pupil well - their spiritual philosophies are virtually identical.

"Once the key to Genesis is in our hands it is the scientific and symbolic Kabbala which unveils the secret. The Great Serpent of the Garden of Eden and the "Lord God" are identical ...

Stand in awe of him, and sin not, speak his name with trembling ... It is Satan who is the god of our planet and the only god ...

When the Church, therefore, curses Satan, it curses the cosmic reflection of God ...

In this case it is but natural ... to view Satan, the Serpent of Genesis as the real creator and benefactor, the Father of Spiritual mankind.

For it is he who was the "Harbinger of Light," bright radiant Lucifer, who opened the eyes of automaton (Adam) created by Jehovah, as alleged; and he who was first to whisper, "In the day yea eat there of, ye shall be as Elohim, knowing good and evil" -- can only be regarded in the light of a Saviour. An "adversary" to Jehovah ... he still remains in esoteric truth the ever loving "Messenger"... who conferred on us spiritual instead of physical immortality ...

Satan, or Lucifer, represents the active ... "Centrifugal Energy of the Universe" in a cosmic sense ... Fitly is he ... and his adherents ... consigned to the "sea of fire," because it is the Sun ... the fount of life in our system, where they are petrified ... and churned up to re-arrange them for another life; that Sun which, as the origin of the active principle of our Earth, is at once the Home and the Source of the Mundane Satan ..."

- The Secret Doctrine, Volume I, page 414, Vol II, pgs. 234, 235, 243, 245

One has to keep in mind, where this heresy originated. Blavatsky claimed to have 'received' it from disembodied spirits called "Secret Chiefs." These "Inter dimensional", or demonic, beings seem to be appealing directly to the intellect. Our intelligence, after all, is a thing of great pride, isn't it?

And where would we be, had it not been for the "benefactor," the Serpent of Old. Then the obvious conclusion would have Jehovah being the "Adversary." This twisted sensibility is very appealing to those who practice the occult.

It also shows that in the end, when all the cards are laid on the table, its ALWAYS about that one selfish being, already condemned, and hell bent on bringing mankind with him.

Alice Bailey & Master Djwhal Khul: A Satanic Communion

“Preparation too must be given to the developing of higher psychic powers...Hospitals and schools will appear under the direct guidance of the Masters; Teachers... will train the minds of the pupils to be responsive to direct inspiration from above. ”

- The Externalization of the Hierarchy, pp. 516-517

As we have seen eatlier, Lucis Trust is, today, intimately connected with Elite Politics through its World Goodwill. We haven't yet, however, examined the occult teachings of Bailey as they were related by her Master Djwhal Khul.

Her 24 books, combined with the Beacon magazine, Triangles, and the Arcane School indoctrinate students into what Bailey describes as the "Ageless Wisdom" teachings. The Arcane School, founded in 1922, boasted 20,000 graduates by 1954. This occult university is more active than ever and continues to be the main training ground for New Age disciples.

Djwhal Khul (DK)

The bulk of these occult teachings, in Bailey's books, are from her channeled Tibetan master Djwhal Khul (DK); the "Plan" according to the Hierarchy of Ascended Masters.

Through a series of group-initiations and group-meditative techniques the Hierarchy directs the
"New Group of World Servers" to implement a "New World Religion" of which humanity as a whole can aid the "will of the planetary logos".

"Emphasis should be laid on the evolution of humanity," so says Master DK through Bailey, "with particular attention to its goal, perfection.

(The Externalization of the Hierarchy, p. 588)" The objective is "the helping of the Great Ones and the rendering to Them of that intelligent assistance which will make Their plans for humanity materialize." (Ibid., p. 516)

One way to "materialize" the Hierarchy's plan for humanity is through Lucis Trust's Triangle networks.

Their goal is the practice of occult meditation "the science of energy flow and energy relationships."

Lucis Trust states that "occult meditation is a means of consciously and purposefully directing energy from a recognized source to the creation of some specific effect."

International participants "sit quietly for a few minutes and link mentally with other members of their triangle, or triangles.

They invoke the energies
of light and goodwill, visualizing theses energies as circulating through the three focal points of each triangle and pouring through the networks of triangles surrounding the planet. At the same time they repeat the Great Invocation."

Her 30 year telepathic connection to Master DK was what some would un-hesitantly call demonic possession. Her husband Foster Bailey said, "During the long course of the work the minds of the Tibetan and A.A.B [Alice Ann Bailey] became so closely attuned that they were in effect — so far as much of the production of the teaching was concerned - a joint single projecting mechanism."

The technique is called in the occult the "overshadowing" - a euphemism for demonic possession, or as Bailey liked to call it "the science of impression". Moreover, the Hierarchy has "overshadowed" many in the intervening years up to the close of the century - the growing modern practice of channeling and psychic astral projection bears out this prediction of a half century ago:

“These methods of overshadowing will largely be the ones used by the Great Lord and his Masters at the end of the century, and for this reason They are sending into incarnation, in every country, disciples who have the opportunity offered them to respond to the need of training men and woman to recognize the higher psych-ism, and the true inspiration and mediumship, and to do this scientifically.

In fifty years time, the need for true psychics and conscious mediums (such as H.P.B., for instance [Helena Petrova Blavatsky]) will be very great if the Masters' plans are to be carried through to fruition, and the movement must be set on foot in preparation for the coming of Him for Whom all nations wait.”

- A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, pp. 757-758

Ten Seed Groups

Early on, Master DK informed Bailey of the Hierarchy's plan for "The Ten Seed-Groups". These seed-groups were to infiltrate all sectors of society, and be "esoterically anchored" with "new approaches to divinity."

I have no doubt that today's New Age Movement is the result of the Hierarchy's "scattering of the seed", as Bailey put it, and that today's, arguably, open pagan society can largely be traced to this occult "plan". The Ten Seed Groups were "embryonic, like germinating seed".

Through their occult practices these ten groups would work directly "under inspiration from the Hierarchy via the focused minds of the group." From Alice Bailey's Discipleship in the New Age - Volume I, p. 35-40, The Ten Seed-Groups consist of, and carry out their mission in following ways (excerpts from THE NEW GROUP OF WORLD SERVERS:

1) Telepathic Communicators

Summary of Work:
Telepathic communication from soul to soul through: from mind to mind through integration; between humanity and Hierarchy (inner government of the planet) through Science of impression.

2) Trained Observers

Summary of Work:
Dissipation of world glamour, illusion and maya through illumination.

3) Magnetic Healers

Summary of Work:
Through "magnetic living". Through laws of life — laws of health and right human relationships. Through continuity of consciousness.

4) Educators in the New Age

Summary of Work:
Education through inflow of the light of knowledge into "instinctual man". — Through inflow of the light of the wisdom into "intelligent man". Through applied knowledge, expressed wisdom and occult understanding in "spiritual man".

5) Political Organizers

Summary of Work:
International understanding through communication of the divine (political) Will into races and nations, **linking the department of the Manu (the Ruler of the human race) with men.**

6) Workers in the Field of Religion

Summary of Work:
Through transcendental mysticism. Through transcendental occultism. Through transcendental religion.

7) Scientific Servers

Summary of Work:
Through development of new hypotheses to substantiate the next step forward. Through sensitive reaction to spiritual energies and forces. Through release of energy to relate spirit and matter and precipitate the divine Plan.

8) Psychologists

Summary of Work:
Through relationship of the human kingdom to the sub-human and the super-human kingdom. Through a study of the divine Plan for the five kingdoms of nature.

9) Financiers and Economists

Summary of Work:
Through a study of the nature of prana or etheric energy. — Through study of deflection of this form of concretized energy into constructive channels and "ways of light". — Through study of the law of supply and demand.

10) Creative Workers

Summary of Work:
Through linking life and form. Through philosophical relationship of synthesis and the Plan.
Truly an occult conspiracy of the highest kind, and worrisome at the very least for anyone - both Christian and non-believers alike.

When you factor in what I've shown in part one - Lucis Trust's influence over international elite politics - it's downright chilling! The most revealing part of the seed-groups is the fact that the political organizers link "the department of the Manu (the Ruler of the human race) with men".

The Bible already tells us that "the ruler of the human race" is Satan (John 12:31 & 14:30; Ephesians 6:12; Luke 4:6-7; 2 Cor. 4), then it follows that "the department of Manu" must be but another name for the deceiver.

This is indeed the case. In Frontier Science/Social Change, Paul Von Ward relates, "Hermetic Principles...comprise part of a body of knowledge allegedly given to humans by an advanced being more than 5,000 years ago. He has been known by various names, including Thoth or Seth in Egypt, Manu in India, Hermes in Greece, and Lucifer or Satan in the Judeo-Christian tradition."

Idolatrous Incantation

Invocation: A formula for conjuring

Mantra: A mystical formulation of invocation or incantation

As mentioned before, the Great Invocation is sounded while the Triangle networks of "light workers" meditate to cause the "energy flow" of the Hierarchy to enter and influence humanity. The present version, giving in 1945 and shown above, was the third installment of a series of Invocations giving to Bailey by Djwhal Khul.

According to Lucis Trust;

"The Great Invocation if given widespread distribution, can be to THE NEW WORLD RELIGION what the Lord's prayer has been to Christianity."

The wording was intentional, so that Christians would not become suspicious. In Discipleship in the New Age II, p.165 we find;

"I [Djwhal Khul] have so worded and rendered the Invocation [so] that the Christian world, through its churches, may not find it impossible to use."

This represents a calculated deception on DK's part. On pp. 150 and 156, we learn:

"It can be so presented to the masses everywhere, the general public, will be prompted to take it up and will use it widely... The meaning of this Invocation has been expressed in terms which are understandable, in a measure, to the average person because of its familiar wording, based on many Scriptural terms.

But the true inner implications and significances are... not superficially apparent... They mean one thing to the ordinary man...; they mean another thing to the man upon the Probationary Path...; these words mean still another thing to the disciple...; to initiates and to the senior Members of the Hierarchy, they convey a still higher and more inclusive significance."

That is indeed the case, and the actual words used are giving a totally opposite meaning when examined under the light of Biblical Scripture, and compared point for point with Bailey's writings (she often quotes scripture - the interpretations of which are giving by her channeled Master).

See Ph.D Robert A Herrmann's web page A Modern Manifestation of Absolute Evil for his paper called A Scientific Analysis of the Writings of Alice A. Bailey and their Applications for a treatment in DK's (Bailey's) deception. For instance:

Light = Luciferian Enlightenment

God = Satan

Stream forth = overshadow

Love = various forms of Scripturally defined evil or, generally hatred.

Christ = Antichrist

Little wills of men = the claimed unintelligent, weak and inferior desires of individuals; especially those that follow conservative Judeo-Christian doctrine.

Purpose = to prepare for the appearance of the Antichrist

Masters = demons or demon controlled individuals.

Race of men = "humanity" as ruled by Lucifer

Plan = complete domination in preparation for and after the appearance of the Antichrist.

Seal the door where evil dwells = violent, if necessary, eradication of those that follow Judaism, conservative Christianity, some liberal Christianity, and other similar orthodox religions. [note: this is so because of the "separativeness" of these religious views. Djwhal Khul calls this evil, and that it must be eradicated for the Hierarchy's plans of the New Age-New World Religion to proceed. In multiple passages DK identifies the Jews and Christians as the spirit of separativeness, i.e., John 14:6, and Exodus 20:3]

Power = often hideous and actual destructive forces.

The Great Invocation has now been translated into 50 languages and is the mantra of the New Age. It has even received the attention of world dignitaries at the UN where it has been sounded at many official conferences and during the opening ceremonies in 1992 at the UN's Earth Summit in Rio.

During a talk given by Ida Urso at a Lucis Trust Arcane School conference in 1995, the connections between the UN and the Great Invocation were explained: "It is no coincidence that we are celebrating both the 50th anniversary of the Great Invocation and the United Nations.

Both in different ways are pivotal to the Plan... let us together complete the triangle of light... let us contemplate that world body--'the hope of humanity'--which was conceived just 50 years ago under the impulse of the three spiritual Festivals (falling on March 28th, April 27th and May 26th)...

It was on April 25, 1945 two days previous to the full moon of Taurus and the Festival of Wesak [note: the best time to recite the Great Invocation, according to Lucis Trust, as the energies of the Hierarchy are in alignment with the Earth] that delegates from 50 nations, met in San Francisco for a conference known officially as the United Nations Conference on International Organization...

On this period the Tibetan Master tells us:

'Not for nothing is this conference being held during the five days of the Wesak Full Moon. It will be a time of supreme difficulty, in which the Forces of Light will face... the forces of selfishness and separativeness.'

It seems the dreaded UN was a spiritual undertaking in alignment with the luciferic light.

Whenever the Invocation is recited, according to Lucis Trust's booklet on the subject, that individual "allies himself with the spiritual Hierarchy," whether he knows it or not. And in Discipleship p. 156, Bailey writes, "it embodies the divine intent and summarizes the conclusions of the thinking of the planetary Logos."

Luciferic Initiation

Some background is necessary on Chakras and the Kundalini, in order to proceed further with this expose.

Note: While much of the research conducted by Christian researchers is extremely good work; because the Christian faith is very much a 'blinkered' view - because religion in itself is a method of control - there are aspects of this article that are deemed 'Luciferian' and / or 'Satanic" which are in actuality, not necessarily or entirely either of those things.

There is much 'spiritual' material that is dismissed by Christians because it conflicts with the' vengeful / judgemental god' model that they have be indoctrinated with.

And so in reading some of the following material we would suggest that the writer/s, although of good intent; are not actually always valid in terms of their conclusions. The reader would be well advised, as always to use their own discernment.

In Hindu occult practice (the main root of the New Age Movement) there are 7 major centers for kundalini energy. By occult methods using meditation, drugs, visualization, yoga and whatever means necessary, initiates seek to awaken the sleeping fiery serpent (kundalini) for a "higher" state of consciousness.

This kundalini energy is visualized as an entwined serpent which rises from the base of the spine to "enlighten" and eventually dissolve the ego - to become a god incarnate, thereby preventing further incarnation on the physical plane.

The New Age disciples believe in reincarnation and are taught by the demonic Hierarchy that this is the only way to stop the endless cycle of Karma - to evolve into Gods...(i.e. Gen. 3:5).

That is the goal and the techniques vary, but as one "ascends" through the 7 progressive chakras, each is an initiation unto a higher consciousness, until finally when you reach the point of union with "Sanat Kumara", "Shiva", "Vishnu", "Lord of the World" or what they most blasphemously call the "Christ Consciousness".

Satan's deception is that through each successive chakra the occult initiate actually does perceive a shift in consciousness, which to him it seems, is a progressive shift. The occultist now feels his contact and psychic telepathy with the Hierarchy getting stronger. As he continues, the initiate invariably reaches a point of no return. There is no turning back and all those doubts he failed to heed - being the "right" path or not - are finally revealed to him...it's too late. They're his! This is called the Luciferic Initiation.

Texe Marrs put it best when he wrote;

"These feelings, voiced by so many who have received a Luciferic Initiation, are significant. They point to two inescapable facts: The initiate recognizes that he is coming into close contact with dark, evil forces, and a spirit of fear engulfs him; and (2) after the initiation, his mind is patently altered. This is what New Agers call the Kundalini or Skaktipat experience, technically termed a Paradigm (World-view) Shift."

(Mystery Mark of the New Age, p.39)

Bailey's Planetary Logos

For the Greeks the Logos was the divine pattern found in humans. The plural of logic. The Hebrews had a similar view, which they called Dabar. Dabar was also a representation of a divine pattern, and they thought that it could only be found in certain things. An example would be Moses receiving the Word (Logos) from God through the Ten Commandments.

It was known as the means through which man can receive the wisdom of God. The Apostle John was aware of this concept, and he used it to appeal to both the Greeks and the Hebrews of his time.

"In the beginning was the Word (Logos), and the Word (Logos) was with God...and the Word (Logos) was made flesh, and dwelt among us."

(John 1: 1,14) It was a particularly forceful way of teaching the Divinity of Jesus as the Logos. Consequently, this plural aspect in the Logos was to be a defining factor for the Church's teaching of the Trinity.

Jesus has always been the Logos. So when Bailey's teacher and mentor, H.P. Blavatsky, wrote, "...actually the 'Serpent' was the 'Lord God' himself, who, as the Ophis, the Logos, or the bearer-of divine creative wisdom, taught mankind to become creators in their turn...", [1] Christians must have been horrified. Bailey's own "Planetary Logos" carries on in the Luciferic tradition...she didn't call her organization Lucifer Trust for nothing!

The Holy City
Will or Power Purpose, Plan Life Aspect Ruler: Sanat Kumara, The Lord of the World, The Ancient of Days, Melchizedek Planetary Head
Center, Spiritual Pineal Gland
The New Jerusalem
Love-Wisdom Consciousness Group Unity Ruler: The Christ, The World Savior Planetary Heart Center
The City, Standing Foursquare
Active Intelligence Self-Consciousness Creativity Ruler: Lucifer, Son of the Morning, The Prodigal Son Planetary Throat Center

And so it is, Alice Bailey's "trinity". Notice that Lucifer is the Ruler of Humanity. He's also identified with something called the "planetary throat center." This is a clue that she is talking about chakras. Lucifer, or rather, luciferic energy is released when the 5th chakra (throat) is awakened.

Notice how Sanat (Satan) Kumara is also identified with the "spiritual pineal gland" and "planetary head center", this would correspond to 7th chakra — chakras are also called "energy centers", so Bailey's "Planetary Centers" fits within the chakra teaching, and Bailey calls her Logos "Logoic kundalini."

What's more, each chakra is a Logos unto itself. Bailey says that the "Planetary Logos" is called the First Kumara, "the one Initiator," and "he came to this planet from Venus."

An allusion to Lucifer and his traditional association with Venus (Son of the Morning). Elsewhere, she writes that "the goal for the planetary Logos is God Consciousness", and that the "illuminating light of the fifth Logos (Lucifer- 5th throat chakra) is felt at the third initiation." [4] And she makes another statement that the "Venus scheme" was "signalized" by the "Venusian planetary Logos on His fifth chain(chakra)".

According to Hindu tradition, each chakra center also has its associated color. If you look at the drawing at top-right you can see that the 5th chakra (Lucifer) is given the color blue. Below it is a representation of the throat chakra bathed in its characteristic blue "light." Look familiar? It should! The Reader's Digest full page ad I've shown above also has a blue glow.

In part one I displayed the Lucis Trust logo and it too features this streaming blue light. The New Age Symbol invented by Foster Bailey has a plethora of symbolic imagery. The symbol, according to Lucis Trust, is "set in a limitless field of blue, which signifies the sphere of life expression of our solar logos... superimposed upon the triangle of new age forces is the five pointed star of [Anti]Christ.

The Star is blue because it represents as much of the solar quality to which humanity can respond." You can see this symbol on the front cover of Lucis Trust's Beacon Magazine (bottom-right), which also displays the blue light of the "logos".

In Initiation, Human and Solar, Bailey mentions the five-pointed star as the final two initiations and "it descends upon him, merges in him, and he is seen at its center." The five pointed star "blazes forth" and "he enters within the flame." A perfect description of the Luciferic Initiation if there ever was one! This, she says, "puts a man in touch with the center in the Body of the Planetary Logos."

What made me realize the significance of Bailey's blue symbology was a short snippet, almost written in passing, in an e-mail sent to a list that I'm on:

"Blue is Masonic Blue Lodge for Blue Light eyes of Horus the "Watcher".

The United Nations has Blue Flags and Helmets. Blue is for the Occultic "Blue Lips of Death.

It was sent by Pointman (some of you know him), so I knew it was an important part in their secret symbology. As I started checking into it, I realized he was absolutely right, and I had been working on these Lucis Trust pages at the time, which immediately brought the whole thing into perspective.

“The new world order must meet the immediate need and not be an attempt to satisfy some distant, idealistic vision. The new world order must be appropriate to a world which has passed through a destructive crisis and to a humanity which is badly shattered by the experience. The new world order must lay the foundation for a future world order which will be possible only after a time of recovery, of reconstruction, and of rebuilding.

In the preparatory period for the new world order there will be a steady and regulated disarmament. It will not be optional. No nation will be permitted to produce and organize any equipment for destructive purposes or to infringe the security of any other nation.

The new world order must be appropriate to a world which has passed through a destructive crisis...

We are concerned with only one subject, the ushering in of the new world order.

...the present world order (which is today largely disorder) can be so modified and changed that a new world and a new race of men can gradually come into being. Renunciation and the use of the sacrificial will should be the keynote for the interim period after the war (WWII), prior to the inauguration of the New Age.”

- Alice Bailey: Quotes From Various Works (all 24 books have been electronically indexed and are searchable here)

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

JFK Jr. Told The World Who Murdered His Father - But Nobody Was Paying Attention
June 20 2015 | From: FromTheTrenches / TheDarkLegacy / Various

I suppose most people think that from the day he saluted his father’s casket at just three years old, til the evening his plane went down, he just went about his business, playing the game of life like everyone else.

After all, he did live, for the most part, a relatively ordinary life, in spite of being the Prince of America’s Camelot.

So, what do you suppose was going on in the mind of the sexiest man alive? He could have written his own political ticket, yet he went into publishing. Many expected him to land in politics and most likely were a bit perplexed when he decided to publish a magazine instead.

Some thought he was afraid to go into politics because of the “Kennedy Curse.” However, nothing could be further from the truth. What he did proved to be more dangerous than any political arena, and he knew that from the start. But…John-John had a mission…and that mission was to expose the villain who orchestrated that “dastardly act” upon his father.  

Unbeknownst to the public, John-John was digging deep for proof. And, how else could he expose the truth when all the media outlets were controlled by the very cabal he planned to expose? Enter…”George.”

When he presented his magazine, “George,” to the world, he was, for all practical purposes, signing his own death warrant.

“George” was a veiled threat…in a symbolic sort of way. Do you see? How many men named “George” comes to mind at just the thought of President John F. Kennedy’s so called assassination? The cabal wanted his father dead, that is a fact, but the namesake of John F. Kennedy, Jr.’s magazine…their minion, arranged it. And…once he had the proof, the truth would come out in his very own magazine. Do you see?

"As President, John F. Kennedy understood the predatory nature of private central banking. He understood why Andrew fought so hard to end the Second Bank of the United States. So Kennedy wrote and signed Executive Order 11110 which ordered the US Treasury to issue a new public currency, the United States Note.

Kennedy was working with President Soekarno of Indonesia who was at that time the signatory for the Global Collateral Accounts which were intended to be used for humanitarian purposes but which were subverted at the time of the Bretton-Woods agreement at the end of WWII.

The intention of Kennedy and Soekarno was to end the reign of the globalist privately owned central banking system - which is the main reason that Kennedy was killed, and for his part Soekarno remained under house arrest for the rest of his life."

From: All Wars Are Bankers' Wars

There was a rumor that John-John had obtained the proof he needed and an expose’ was in the works, until his untimely, and mostly “suspicious,” death. Of course, the media campaigned that he was an irresponsible thrill seeker; but then they would, wouldn’t they? Although many people knew JFK, Jr. was murdered; and they were right about who was responsible…they were just wrong about the reason.

John Jr. was warned by family members about the risks involved in his pursuit. But, he was determined to get justice for his father and bring truth to light, exposing the darkness that shrouds our planet. So ask yourself…what would you do, if you were a mere babe when your father, who just happened to be the most important man in the country, was murdered in such a gruesome manner, and you never had the opportunity to know him…would you just let it go?

Although he was from one of the main Illuminati family bloodlines, JFK was in fact trying to undo some of the mess - and to bring an end to the Reserve Banking System. For his efforts he was assasinated on November 22, 1963.

The Bush Connections

Many researchers and historians have come to the conclusion that it was the elite power structure running the US Government that were responsible for the assassination of JFK, and that there was more than one reason for them doing so.

There are photographs claiming to show that George Bush was at Dealey Plaza on the day of the killing, and while they might be inconclusive there are multiple other sources that George Bush was one of those responsbile for the assassination of JFK and that he was indeed there that day. The Dark Legacy takes an in depth look into the evidence supporting this.

Related: The History And Mission Of The Nazi-Illuminati Bush (Scher(f)f) Crime Family

Dark Legacy

It Never Ends - MORE Startling Evidence of Bush in Dallas - by John Hankey - TheDarkLegacy.com

I don't think we are much encouraged to see History as science. Quite the opposite, actually. And of course, that's all politics. The winners write history, and the truth be damned. Even science can have trouble trying to act like science when political issues are involved, as we see with evolution, tobacco-and-cancer, and global warming.

But I think History does have a lot in common with physical science. For example, I can remember when "Continental Drift", the idea that Africa and America were once stuck together, was very much considered "just a theory"; ridiculed by some, and regarded with amusement by many, and promulgated as likely by a tiny minority.

"Fifty men have run America, and that's a high figure."

- Joseph Kennedy, Father of JFK, in the July 26th, 1936 issue of The New York Times

But as time goes by, the evidence accumulates; and the meaning of old evidence begins to settle in; and ideas that were once considered outrageous gradually get worn in and start to be regarded as obvious common sense. Part of this process is the continual accumulation of new evidence.

New pieces are added to the puzzle and the picture becomes more clear. And sometimes the hidden meaning of old evidence, that has been lying around for years, suddenly jumps out.

Evidence of the fossils and minerals that can be found on the east coast of Africa, and on the west coast of Brazil, may have been lying around for years, before someone decided to look and see if they matched, and found that they did; and proved conclusively that west Africa and Brazil were once attached.


With regard to George HW Bush and the murder of John Kennedy, Joseph McBride found this memo in 1988.

FBI director J. Edgar Hoover wrote this memo 5 days after the assassination, naming George Bush as a CIA officer.

The last, and most crucial paragraph, is very hard to read. The following is a transcription:

"The substance of the forgoing information was orally furnished to Mr. George Bush of the Central Intelligence Agency and Captain William Edwards of the Defense Intelligence Agency on November 23, 1963, by Mr. V.T. Forsyth of this Bureau."

When it was first released in 1978, George Bush was an obscure bureaucrat, a virtual unknown. So when the best researchers on the planet saw this memo in 1978, they didn't pay much attention to it. When Bush became vice president two years later, no one was able to connect his now well-known name to this obscure memo.

But when Joseph McBride was messing around in 1988, Bush was running for president; and when McBride saw the memo, he jumped up and shouted:

"Hey, this memo is about Bush! It says he was in the CIA, way back in 1963!"

And for the longest time, the focus was on this simple isolated fact: that Hoover said Bush was in the CIA in '63.

Bush said the memo must be referring to another "George Bush," because he wasn't in the CIA at that time. But over the years, people were able to assemble the facts from Bush's personal life, showing his deep involvement with the CIA at that time, and with the CIA's anti-Castro Cubans (in the memo, Hoover calls them “misguided anti-Castro Cubans”).

And over time, it has become undeniable; that Hoover was referring, in his memo, to none other than George Herbert Walker Bush. And for a while, that was it. End of story.

But the title of this Hoover memo is, "Assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy". Isn't that important?

Well, you'd think so. But for the longest time, no one made much out it. Besides, Hoover scarcely mentions the assassination in the memo, instead focusing on these "misguided anti-Castro Cubans." The body of the memo does not appear, at first, to be in any way related to the title of the memo “the assassination of President John F Kennedy”.

From Rolling Stone Magazine: The Last Confession of E. Howard Hunt

But then Mark Lane, in his book Rush to Judgment, did the fabulous work of demonstrating, and in fact persuading a jury, that E. Howard Hunt, a major lieutenant in the CIA's "misguided anti-Castro Cuban" program, was in Dallas and involved in the assassination.

With this background, with this framework to guide the researcher, it was then possible to assemble the considerable evidence linking Bush to Hunt.

People might have taken some notice before that Bush made the unusual request, as Nixon's ambassador to the UN, to be given an office in the White House. They may have noticed that Hunt, although he was not being paid by anyone in the White House, or answering to anyone that we know of in the White House, also had a White House office.

The very word “secrecy” is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret proceedings… 

Our way of life is under attack. Those who make themselves our enemy are advancing around the globe…
 no war ever posed a greater threat to our security. 

If you are awaiting a finding of “clear and present danger,” then I can only saythat the danger has never been more clear and its presence has never been more imminent… For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence–on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day.I

t is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations.
 Its preparations are concealed, not published. Its mistakes are buried, not headlined. Its dissenters are silenced, not praised. 

No expenditure is questioned, no rumor is printed, no secret is revealed.”

- John F Kennedy, 35th President of the United States, from a speech delivered to the American Newspaper Publishers Association on April 27, 1961 and known as the “Secret Society” speech (click here for full transcript and audio).

But with the Hoover memo in hand, establishing Bush as a supervisor of the CIA's "misguided anti-Castro Cuban" operation, it is possible to connect Bush to Hunt at the Bay of Pigs. With this memo in hand, it is possible to connect Bush and Hunt as two CIA operatives with offices inside the White House.

With this memo in hand, it is possible to answer who it was that Hunt answered to inside the White House; and how he got the office in the first place. And with all that, it is possible to connect Bush to Hunt, and therefore to Dallas, to Hunt in Dallas, and to the "misguided anti-Castro Cuban" assassins of John Kennedy.

J. Edgar hoover

Which is what Hoover did for us when he wrote the title of the memo. Little by little, the pieces start to fall into place. And pieces that in isolation meant nothing, become key parts of a whole picture.

But even so, this is not a rock-solid connection: Hunt was directly involved in the murder of JFK. And Bush supervised Hunt.

But Bush probably supervised a lot of CIA people, not all of whom were directly involved in the assassination. A high-ranking officer may be connected to all of the acts of all of his troops, by reason of his being their commander. But it's not a direct connection. It doesn't establish that the officer knew about, or approved of, or was involved in, all the actions of those troops.

Enter FBI memo # 2:

It will come up again in a minute, so please read the first line carefully. Bush identifies himself to the FBI as an independent oil man from Houston.

This memo establishes that sort of direct connection between Bush and Hunt, in Dallas, on the day of the assassination.

This memo records Bush's phone call to the FBI, precisely an hour and fifteen minutes after the assassination. When I first encountered this memo, and when I first put it into my movie, JFK II, I simply called it "weird".

I saw it only in isolation, a weird, isolated connection between Bush and the assassination. It took me years to see it in context. That is, to see that this phone call demonstrates, clearly, that George Bush, was on duty that day.

He was staying at the Dallas Sheraton because his duty assignment was in Dallas. His phone call to the FBI cannot have been random. This James Parrott worked for Bush as a sign-painter; he was not an assassin; this phone call is not what it purports to be; Bush was fulfilling some obscure under-cover function in making this call.

So the phone call has to be seen as part of his CIA assignment; which was clearly connected to the assassination. This memo then establishes that Bush was in the Dallas area, and on duty; and that his duty assignment was connected to the assassination. And if his men were in Dallas shooting the President, as they were, he was certainly on duty supervising them.

"The Society [Society of Jesus aka the Jesuits] employs a variety of ruthless tactics to accomplish its long-term goal (of a New World Order which pays homage to their Black Pope). One is carrying out political assassinations of world leaders who refuse to comply with its demands.

These assassinations in the U.S. have included presidents (Abraham Lincoln, JFK), cabinet members, congressmen, senators, diplomats, journalists, scientists and religious and business leaders. "

"Assassinations are carried out by the aforementioned intelligence agencies and their Mafia partners in the drug and gambling trades, often with collateral assistance from the Knights of Malta, the Freemasons, the Knights of Columbus, and Propaganda Due (P2). Such was the case in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and some former Popes."

From: The History And Mission Of The Nazi-Illuminati Bush (Scher(f)f) Crime Family

If he were not supposed to be supervising them, his bosses would have assigned him to be at his home office in Houston, Texas; or on his oil rigs in the Caribbean.

But, even in context, this memo and the phone call it describes is still weird, no? I mean, how could Bush have been so stupid as to make this insanely incriminating phone call? Without this FBI memo, recording this phone call, we don't know, or even have a good clue as to where Bush was, or what he was doing the day of the assassination. Do we?

Bush has, until recently, simply said that he did not remember what he was doing the day of the assassination. But with this memo, Bush tells us where he was and what he was doing - he hands us his head on a silver platter.

What could possibly have motivated him to make such a stupid error as making this phone call to the FBI? It's a valid question. It's not an essential question. We can still value this memo, and extract a great deal of important content from it without answering the question of why, but the question remains.

And we can make a stab at answering it. Russ Baker in his fine book, Family of Secrets suggests that Bush was attempting to establish an alibi. Now, by making this phone call, he, in fact, establishes that he was in the Dallas area, and that he was on duty, related to the assassination.

So if he's trying to establish an alibi to cover-up where he actually was and what he was actually doing, what he is trying to cover up must be some pretty bad stuff, some pretty incriminating stuff, if it's worse than what he gives us with this alibi.

And what could be worse than what he gives us? Well, obviously, he must have actually been in Dallas. In fact, I think, this situation suggests he must have actually been in Dealey Plaza. I mean seriously. Think about it. He's so panicked about the truth coming out, that he puts his head in a noose and hands it to us.

It makes me think he must have been in Dealey Plaza, he must have been in the company of the shooters, and he must have felt that there would be evidence to prove that.

We're just speculating at the moment. We'll get to the evidence right now, but I’m trying to set the scene. If a guilty party is in a panic, trying to cover evidence connecting them to a crime, they may invent an explanation, or an alibi, that seems like a good idea at the time; but that in fact constitutes a very damaging admission. Anyway, stew on that while you consider this photo:

You see this tall thin man in a suit, with a receding hair line. Many people claim this is Bush, standing in front of the Texas School Book Depository. And it might be. It might be a lot of people. And perhaps, when he called the FBI and incriminated himself, Bush was concerned that he might show up in a better picture than this, where he was positively recognizable, looking towards the camera.

Personally, I don't think this photo looks much like Bush; and in fact, I didn't think he'd be stupid enough to just be hanging around the murder scene. I thought he was sufficiently high ranking that he'd leave such on-scene stuff to his underlings. Right?

At least in my mind, if you're an officer like Bush, you're the coach. You plan, you train and prepare your people, and then you stand back and watch it happen. Or so I thought. Fletcher Prouty was certain that he saw pictures of Ed Lansdale, a military operative of the highest rank, signaling to the "tramps" arrested behind the grassy knoll to "be cool," that everything was alright.

Hunt was a high-ranking CIA officer, chief of the CIA's Mexico station; and his son says he is one of the "tramps" who show up in several photos of men who were arrested behind the grassy knoll. So, some of the highest ranking members of the killers' operation were apparently there, on the front line, to make sure that when things went wrong, as they inevitably do, these high ranking officers could be there to fix whatever the problem was.

So, given that high- and low- ranking CIA officers were present, this photo of this thin man in a suit might, indeed, be Bush. It's possible.

And now, look at this picture of the Dal-Tex building. The Dal-Tex building is across the street from the Book Depository, and many leading researchers into the assassination, including Jim Garrison, say there was certainly a team of shooters in this building:

And as you can see, some imaginative individual has added some colour to indicate three men in this window. Very creative, very imaginative; and at least plausible. Still, it takes way too much imagination and effort, to see Bush's face. But now observe this link.

Actually, You don't have to stop and read it, because I'll quote the relevant part. It's a statement from Roger Craig, winner of the deputy of the year award for Dallas in 1960, and one of the most honest men working that day in Dallas. He's an amazing and heroic fellow, worthy of all the time you could take looking into his background and character. And here, in the following passage, he is describing a conversation he had with Jim Garrison, and he says,

"Jim also asked me about the arrests made in Dealey Plaza that day. I told him I knew of twelve arrests, one in particular made by R. E. Vaughn of the Dallas Police Department. The man Vaughn arrested was coming from the Dal-Tex Building across from the Texas School Book Depository.

The only thing which Vaughn knew about him was that he was an independent oil operator from Houston, Texas. The prisoner was taken from Vaughn by Dallas Police detectives and that was the last that he saw or heard of the suspect."

Holy Moe Lee! Please notice that, in speaking to Jim Garrison, Craig says "in particular". Apparently he and Vaughn thought this was the most significant arrest made that day; pretty amazing given that E.Howard Hunt was arrested in the rail yard behind the grassy knoll. And the only thing Craig knew about this “particular” arrestee was that he had exactly the same singular CIA-cover, "an independent oil operator from Houston, Texas", that George Bush had used that same day in his contact with the FBI.

Now. There are a very limited number of possible explanations for who this "independent oil operator" was. Let's look at them.

It is conceivable that the CIA had two men in Dallas area that day, supervising the shooters, who both had the designated cover of being an "independent oil operator from Houston." Bush was one, as the evidence above clearly shows; and perhaps there was another who was with the shooters in the Dal-Tex building, supervising them directly.

But unless the CIA overlords were trying to set Bush up, they would not have told anyone else to use Bush's CIA cover to identify themselves to the police. If another man was involved in the crime, and was arrested for it, and he told the cops he was an "independent oil operator from Houston," this would tend to throw suspicion in Bush's direction.

"The Khazarian Mafia’s intense hatred of anyone who professed faith in any God but their god Baal has motivated them to murder kings and royalty, and make sure they can never rule. They have done the same with American presidents - running sophisticated covert operations to disempower them.

If that doesn’t work the KM assassinates them, like they did to McKinley, Lincoln and JFK. The KM wants to eliminate any strong rulers or elected officials who dare to resist their Babylonian money-magick power or their covert power gained from their deployment of their human compromise network."

From: The Hidden History Of The Incredibly Evil Khazarian Mafia [Illuminati Cabal Zionists...]

Bush's association with the CIA's Cubans was already widely known. Fletcher Prouty knew and wrote of it. Fabian Escalante, the head of Cuban counter intelligence, knew and has written about it. James Files, who claims very credibly, to have been a driver for the Mafia shooters in Dallas, has spoken on-camera about it.

And FBI director J. Edgar Hoover, knew about it and wrote about it in his memo. So Bush was already a suspect in Hoover’s eyes. The CIA planners, then, would not have told anyone else, "in case you get arrested, tell the cops you're an independent oil man from Houston". Right? They would not have done this, since it would tend to incriminate Bush, who was already in a highly visible, highly suspicious position.

Another unlikely possibility is that this "independent oil operator from Houston" was just some innocent oil operator, who somehow managed to attract suspicion, and was arrested. Do you think it's possible that another oil man from Houston just happened to be in that corner of Dealey Plaza?

Dealey Plaza today

I hope you think it's possible. Because, as unlikely as it seems, if you think it was possible, then certainly Bush would have been reasonable in thinking that, as he was being arrested, there were other independent oil operators in the crowd who witnessed his arrest.

You see, Bush spoke to a group of oil men in Dallas the night before the assassination. If it were possible that some of them were in Dealey Plaza, he would need to be terrified of the possibility that some of them might actually have seen the arrest, and would have been able to identify him as the object of that arrest.

No wonder, then, that Bush freaked out, and made this stupid incriminating phone call to the FBI. Even if it showed that he was not in Houston, or in the Caribbean, but in Dallas, at least it suggested that he was not in police custody for the murder of the President, in Dealey Plaza.

But now stop and think a minute: Why was he arrested? What was he doing that drew this cop's attention at all? What could he possibly have been doing to make this cop think that he needed to arrest Bush?

Perhaps walking out of a building without attracting attention is harder than it sounds; and it reasonable to suppose that the crowd outside the Dal-Tex building had heard the shots, had heard that the President had been wounded, and they were carefully scrutinizing anyone who came out of the building.

But this story shows clearly that Bush was not the sort of cold-blooded killer who could take part in the murder of a man, and then act and look like nothing was going on as he tried to leave the scene of the crime. And it turns out that as an old man, Bush continues to suffer from this character trait, of being unable to hide feelings that need to be kept secret.

As you can see below, at Gerry Ford's funeral, Bush suddenly breaks into a wide grin while speaking of the Kennedy assassination. This is not a Mona Lisa smile. This is face-wrenching spasm of glee.

In a minute we'll take up the question of why Bush would grin at his recollection of watching John Kennedy's brains splatter; the point for us now is that he apparently had a similarly inappropriate, show-stopping expression on his face as he attempted to exit the Dal-Tex building; he had the look of a murderer in his eye, so clearly that it could not be missed; as this funereal-grin could not be missed.

And the guilt plastered all over Bush's face drew people's attention. And this cop, Vaughn, arrested him.

Now remember, Roger Craig tells this story in the context of his discussions with New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison about the suspects who were arrested that day and who then evaporated without leaving a mugshot, interview, fingerprint, or name. Garrison spoke not only to Roger Craig, but he no-doubt spoke to Vaughn, who made the arrest. And Garrison adds the following:

“At least one man arrested immediately after the shooting had come running out of the Dal-Tex Building and offered no explanation for his presence there. Local authorities hardly could avoid arresting him because of the clamor of the onlookers.

He was taken to the Sheriff's office, where he was held for questioning. However, the Sheriff's office made no record of the questions asked this suspect, if any were asked; nor did it have a record of his name. Later two uniformed police officers escorted him out of the building to the jeers of the waiting crowd.

They put him in a police car, and he was driven away. Apparently this was his farewell to Dallas, for he simply disappeared forever.”

- On the Trail of the Assassins, p. 238

This vision of the panicked Bush being arrested, no-doubt terrified as he was taken to the police station, and possibly even booked (though the record of any such booking has been destroyed) provides a context that explains a number of Bush's otherwise-mysterious actions. Certainly Bush was freaked out and panic-stricken! An angry crowd clamored for his arrest, and jeered his release.

Being a newbie in these dark affairs, Bush didn't have confidence in the ability of the old devils at CIA to make water run uphill, to make time run backwards, to silence the witnesses, to destroy the records, and make it all go away. And so he panicked; he acted on his own, stupidly; he called the FBI, thinking that he was "cleverly" providing evidence that it wasn't him who was arrested in front of the Dal-Tex building that day.

In his panic-stricken state, this seemed like a good idea. He was unable to see that he was actually creating a permanent absolutely-positive record of his involvement.

We can now also explain the grin. He grins ridiculously at Gerry Ford's funeral, at the mention of John Kennedy's murder, not because he is such a ghoul that he thinks splattering the contents of Kenney's head all over Jackie Kennedy was funny; but because mentioning the assassination causes him to recall the comedy of errors that produced his own ridiculous panic, arrest, more panic, and so on.

Garrison wrote his paragraph about Bush's arrest in 1988. Deputy Craig's article was written in 1971 and posted in 1992. But the significance of these paragraphs was discovered last week. There hardly was an internet in 1992 when Craig's article was posted. And for 19 years, no one noticed that this phrase, "independent oil man from Houston", is a very unique description of Bush.

No one noticed until last month, when one of the moderators of JFKMurderSolved showed it to me. And I wrote about it to some friends, and one of them suggested I read what Jim Garrison had to say.

So the pieces continue to fall into place. Little by little, the picture is filled in, the questions get answered. And the conclusions become more incontrovertible. This is just the sort thing that happened with the theory of Evolution and the Big Bang theory; and the theory of continental drift [all three of which are actually bunkum].

And someday they may start to teach history, as a science, based on evidence, in the universities. Really! It could happen!

At which point, Bush's involvement in JFK's murder will be taught, like evolution, as the only plausible explanation of the available reliable evidence.

Final note: Until recently, Bush had nothing more to say about his whereabouts the day of the assassination than that he doesn't remember where he was. That in itself is extraordinarily incriminating.

Everyone who was alive at the time remembers where they were on 9-11, and on the day Kennedy was murdered. But, saying that he doesn't remember, however improbable, is at least consistent with Bush's autobiography, which mentions nothing.

Lately, however, perhaps at least partly in response to my work, Bush and Co. have concocted a story that he was speaking in Tyler, Texas to the Rotary Club. The vice-president of the Rotary Club, Aubrey Irby, says that Bush was speaking when the bellhop came over and told him, that Kennedy was dead [Kitty Kelley, The Family: the Real Story of the Bush Dynasty, p.213; cited by Russ Baker in Family of Secrets, p.54].

Mr. Irby passed the information on to Mr. Wendell Cherry, who passed it on to Bush; who stopped his speech. Irby says that Bush explained that he thought a political speech, under the circumstances, was inappropriate; and then he sat down. As a would-be alibi proving Bush's innocence, there are at least three huge problems with this story.

The first is that it is inconceivable that Bush would not have remembered such an event; or that he would have left it out of his autobiography, since it shows what a fine and respectful fellow he is. If he didn't remember it sooner, or include it in his autobiography, it's clearly because it never happened.

The second huge problem with this story is that it couldn’t possibly have happened; that is, it is made impossible by Bush’s original alibi, his phone call to the FBI, as you’ll see:

The witness who tells this story, Aubrey Irby, says that Bush excused himself and sat down. It doesn't say that he rushed out of the room in a frantic search for a phone.

The problem is that Walter Cronkite's announcement to the world that Kennedy was dead came at 1:38 PM.

Certainly, no one was listening to Walter Cronkite in the same room in which Bush was speaking. Therefore we can be sure that this bellhop, who told Irby that Kennedy was dead, was in another room. The bellhop had to make the decision that he had heard enough of the news to leave off listening to the news.

This is no small point. Texas governor Connally was severely wounded. Lyndon Johnson was reportedly wounded. There was much other news to be confirmed. At some point, then, the bellhop decided to stop listening and go make an announcement. There's no reason to think Irby would be the first person he would tell.

But at some point he went to the room where Bush was speaking and informed Mr. Irby that the president was dead. This walk to find Irby took time, of course. Mr. Irby had to receive the information, and then he had to decide to inform Mr. Wendell Cherry, the president of the Kiwanis.

Mr. Cherry had to decide that he should interrupt Bush's speech; Mr. Cherry had to then walk over to Bush and tell him the news.

Bush had to decide what to say; and he had to say it. And, according to the only witness, Mr. Irby, Bush "then sat down". Somehow, when he was finished sitting, without attracting Mr. Irby's attention, Bush had to seek and find a phone. This would have been a hotel phone, so he would likely have had to go through the hotel switchboard to get an outside line.

Do you suppose the switchboard was busy after the announcement of the President's death? It's a good guess. In Washington D.C. so many people rushed to make a phone call that the phone system went down. In any case, once he got through to the hotel operator and got an outside line, Bush then had to call information and get the number of the FBI.

After getting through to information, and getting the number, he then had to call the FBI; and penetrate their switchboard, which was, no doubt, very busy; and he had to locate an agent, on what must have been the busiest day in the history of the Dallas bureau.

How many minutes do you suppose that would take? Twenty seems a fair guess, though it seems implausible that a civilian could even get through, given all the official police business going on at the time.

We know that the Dallas FBI was all over the murder scene, confiscating camera film and intimidating witnesses; so it's hard to imagine how Bush, an hour after the shooting, was able to reach an agent at all. Given the "sitting" that Mr. Irby observed Bush doing, for all this to have transpired in 45 minutes would be tidy work.

But Bush had to do all of this, as the FBI memo states, by 1:45, seven minutes after the news of Kennedy's death first went out; which is blatantly impossible.

The third problem is this question of why Bush would feel that it was necessary to concoct such a story at all? Why does he have to tell us this lie? Why does he have to get others, like Irby, to lie for him? The irony is that the harder he tries to make himself appear innocent, by lying, the more evidence he gives us of his guilt.

There are some people who manage to point to this and say "ahah! That's why Bush was in Dallas! Not to kill the President, but to speak to the other oilmen!" But as the Hoover memo shows, being an oilman was just a cover for Bush's real occupation as a CIA supervisor of trained killers. He needed an excuse for being in Dallas. This speaking engagement provided him with one.

From the Director of Dark Legaqcy: John Hankey

George Bush killed Kennedy. Or was it the Mafia? Maybe Castro did it. Who cares? It was 40 years ago. What difference does it make?

It matters.

The day he died we lost an invaluable treasure. This video documents that we lost a man of peace, who tried to cool off the cold war, and to get the American people to see their Russian enemies, not as despicable inhuman monsters, but as people like us.

On November 22, 1963, you lost the man who saved your life on October 17, 1962. At the height of the missile crisis, Kennedy’s generals and advisors were urging him to launch a first strike attack against Cuba.

They assured Kennedy that the Russian missiles in Cuba were not nuclear and were not ready; but that he and they should quietly slip away to the safety of bomb shelters anyway, just to be safe; and then launch an attack, leaving the rest of us out to die. Kennedy thought about it. And then he told them that nobody was going anywhere.

If anyone died, they would be the first to go, sitting as they were in the Whitehouse, the prime target of those Russian missiles. Together they then figured out a safer plan. Robert McNamara, Secretary of Defense at the time, recently learned from the Russians that the missiles were armed, were ready, were nuclear, and that their commanders were authorized to use them in case of an attack.

If you live in the northern hemisphere, the lives of your parents, and your future, were certainly saved by John Kennedy on that day. It matters that his killers be exposed.

In his farewell address, President Eisenhower had warned Kennedy, and the rest of us, of the threat posed to democracy by what Eisenhower called “the military industrial complex.”

And while Kennedy famously went after the CIA, and refused to commit troops to Vietnam, I always wondered why he didn’t more openly attack this military industrial complex. And then I stumbled upon a speech he gave at the United Nations.

As you will see in the video, he called upon the Russians, and United Nations, to help him to take on this military industrial complex, in order to “abolish all armies and all weapons.” But he was swept away.

And in the years since, millions have died in needless wars, trillions of dollars have been wasted on “defense”, and millions more people have lived and died needlessly in poverty. It matters that we lost him.

In 2007, Bruce Willis told Vanity Fair magazine;

"They still haven’t caught the guy that killed Kennedy. I'll get killed for saying this, but I'm pretty sure those guys are still in power, in some form. The entire government of the United States was co-opted.”

Now Willis probably would not mind my suggesting that he’s no genius. At best, his observation is common sense. 80% of the American people agree with him. Indeed, this video, proving that Kennedy was brought down by the most powerful men in the world and their hired thugs, is not based on secret documents.

It is all information that has merely been suppressed. Oswald allegedly shot Kennedy from behind. But the day he died, the NY Times carried the story, told by the doctors in Dallas, that Kennedy had an entrance wound in his throat, another in his right temple, and a large gaping exit wound in the back of his head.

After talking to the emergency room doctors, Kennedy’s press secretary described, to the assembled press, a shot to the right temple from the right front that went “right through the head.”

All of the witnesses near the right front, the grassy knoll, described hearing shots from that direction, and dozens of witnesses raced up the knoll in pursuit of the shooters. These witnesses talked to the press. But all of this information has been suppressed for the last 50 years. By whom? Who could?

You will also see in this video the overwhelming best evidence, from the best witnesses, proving beyond a reasonable dispute, that Kennedy's body was stolen from Air Force One, and the wound to his right temple was mutilated, before the autopsy.

Jackie Kennedy kept watch over an empty casket on the flight from Dallas to Bethesda Naval Hospital. Then the body was quietly taken to Bethesda for the autopsy, arriving 20 minutes before Jackie and the empty casket. Who had the power to arrange this?

Who HAS the power today to suppress all this evidence?, and to continue to bombard us with ridiculous lies about a lone gunman? It's a short list, isn't it? It doesn't include the mafia, or the Russians, or Castro. It does include the Bush family - or rather their masters in Big Oil; the banking elite; the backbone of the military industrial complex. These men, and their successors, carried out the attacks of 9-11. It matters.

And from 10 "Conspiracy Theories" That Came True:

8: Operation Northwoods

In the covert war against the communist regime in Cuba under the CIA’s Operation Mongoose, the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff unanimously proposed state-sponsored acts of terrorism in side the United States.

The plan included shooting down hijacked American airplanes, the sinking of U.S. ships, and the shooting of Americans on the streets of Washington, D.C. The outrageous plan even included a staged NASA disaster that would claim the life of astronaut John Glenn.

Reeling under the embarrassing failure of the CIA’s botched Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba, president Kennedy rejected the plan in March of 1962. A few months later, Kennedy denied the plan’s author, General Lyman Lemnitzer, a second term as the nation’s highest ranking military officer.

In November of 1963, Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas.

About the Film: Dark Legacy

Relying exclusively on government documents, statements from the best witnesses available, and the words from the mouths of the killers themselves, Dark Legacy produces a thoroughly substantiated criminal indictment of George Herbert Walker Bush, establishing beyond a reasonable doubt his guilt as a CIA supervisor in the conspiracy to assassinate John F. Kennedy. If we could present this evidence to a jury in Texas, he would pay with his life.


Part one presents the overwhelming mountain of evidence that President Kennedy was hit by bullets from the front and rear. Every witness in the Dallas emergency room attests, on camera, to the fact that a bullet from the right front blew a fist-sized whole in the back of the President's head. The New York Times carried these statements on the day of the murder; and has covered them up ever since.


Part two presents the on-camera testimony of the witnesses who actually handled the President's body, the FBI report, and the photographic evidence all proving unequivocally that the President's body was stolen from the Secret Service and the wounds altered, before the body was delivered to Bethesda Naval hospital for the autopsy. Jackie Kennedy accompanied an empty casket on the plane flight home. Who had the power to do all this without attracting public attention? It's a short list.


Part three presents the Nazi-connections of the Bush family, which prompted the FBI to seize their assets during WW II, as Nazi assets. It presents the suppressed fact that Watergate burglar and CIA operative E. Howard Hunt was found by a jury to have been in Dallas and involved in the conspiracy to kill Kennedy.

Hunt was a supervisor of the misguided CIA-led anti-Castro Cubans who broke into the Watergate. He is not only connected to Bush through Watergate; and through Bush's father, Prescott; but five days after the assassination, the head of the FBI, J. Edgar Hoover, wrote a memo, titled "Assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy" in which he named "George Bush of the Central Intelligence Agency" as the supervisor of what Hoover himself called the "misguided anti-Castro Cuban" killers of the President. Bush has said he doesn't remember the events of that day, but FBI documents place him in Dallas.

It is difficult to assess the stature and significance of someone who has been dead as long as John Kennedy. His killers have also been his detractors, actively desecrating his memory, as they did his body. The movie begins with a short presentation of some of his most powerful and important speeches; including a stunning speech to the UN in which Kennedy calls for the complete abolition of the military industrial complex. These same men the military industrial complex, ripped him from us, and the darkest features of our history since that time are all directly the result of his murder.

What will happen when the American people, and those of other Western nations, emerge from their cocoon of denial and face the reality that their rulers are among the worst criminals in human history?

Will the people follow their leaders’ example and lapse into lawless, psychopathic behavior? Will Western leaders “flee forward” by launching wars designed to conceal the bloody tracks linking them to past misdeeds? Or will the pathocracy be overthrown and replaced by something more humane?

On such questions hinges the future of humanity. Given the high stakes, you would have to be crazy not to help spread the truth, change the system, and save the planet.

From: Conspiracy Theories: Scavenging For Truth

Further Information:

Evidence of Revision is a 9 hour long documentary series whose purpose is to present the publicly unavailable and even suppressed historical audio, video, and film recordings largely unseen by the American public relating to the assassination of the Kennedy brothers.

It also details t he little known classified Black Ops actually used to intentionally create the massive war in Viet Nam, the CIA "mind control" programs and their involvement in the RFK assassination and the Jonestown massacre and other important truths of our post-modern time.

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

The CIA And The Media: 50 Facts The World Needs To Know
September 18 2015 | From: GlobalResearch

Since the end of World War Two the Central Intelligence Agency has been a major force in US and foreign news media, exerting considerable influence over what the public sees, hears and reads on a regular basis.

CIA publicists and journalists alike will assert they have few, if any, relationships, yet the seldom acknowledged history of their intimate collaboration indicates a far different story–indeed, one that media historians are reluctant to examine.

Related: CIA Admits to Congress the Agency Uses Mainstream Media to Distribute Disinformation: 1975 Video

When seriously practiced, the journalistic profession involves gathering information concerning individuals, locales, events, and issues. In theory such information informs people about their world, thereby strengthening “democracy.”

This is exactly the reason why news organizations and individual journalists are tapped as assets by intelligence agencies and, as the experiences of German journalist Udo Ulfkotte (entry 47 below) suggest, this practice is at least as widespread today as it was at the height of the Cold War.

Consider the coverups of election fraud in 2000 and 2004, the events of September 11, 2001, the invasions Afghanistan and Iraq, the destabilization of Syria, and the creation of “ISIS.” These are among the most significant events in recent world history, and yet they are also those much of the American public is wholly ignorant of.

In an era where information and communication technologies are ubiquitous, prompting many to harbor the illusion of being well-informed, one must ask why this condition persists.

Further, why do prominent US journalists routinely fail to question other deep events that shape America’s tragic history over the past half century, such as the political assassinations of the 1960s, or the central role played by the CIA major role in international drug trafficking?

Popular and academic commentators have suggested various reasons for the almost universal failure of mainstream journalism in these areas, including newsroom sociology, advertising pressure, monopoly ownership, news organizations’ heavy reliance on “official” sources, and journalists’ simple quest for career advancement.

There is also, no doubt, the influence of professional public relations maneuvers. Yet such a broad conspiracy of silence suggests another province of deception examined far too infrequently - specifically the CIA and similar intelligence agencies’ continued involvement in the news media to mold thought and opinion in ways scarcely imagined by the lay public.

The following historical and contemporary facts–by no means exhaustive–provides a glimpse of how the power such entities possess to influence if not determine popular memory and what respectable institutions deem to be the historical record.

1. The CIA’s Operation MOCKINGBIRD is a long-recognised keystone among researchers pointing to the Agency’s clear interest in and relationship to major US news media.

MOCKINGBIRD grew out of the CIA’s forerunner, the Office for Strategic Services (OSS, 1942-47), which during World War Two had established a network of journalists and psychological warfare experts operating primarily in the European theatre.

2. Many of the relationships forged under OSS auspices were carried over into the postwar era through a State Department-run organization called the Office of Policy Coordination (OPC) overseen by OSS staffer Frank Wisner.

3. The OPC “became the fastest-growing unit within the nascent CIA,” historian Lisa Pease observes, “rising in personnel from 302 in 1949 to 2,812 in 1952, along with 3,142 overseas contract personnel. In the same period, the budget rose from $4.7 million to $82 million.” Lisa Pease, “The Media and the Assassination,” in James DiEugenio and Lisa Pease, The Assassinations: Probe Magazine on JFK, MLK, RFK and Malcolm X, Port Townsend, WA, 2003, 300.

4. Like many career CIA officers, eventual CIA Director/Director of Central Intelligence (DCI) Richard Helms was recruited out of the press corps by his own supervisor at the United Press International’s Berlin Bureau to join in the OSS’s fledgling “black propaganda” program.

Helms & Nixon

“‘[Y]ou’re a natural,” Helms’ boss remarked. Richard Helms, A Look Over My Shoulder: A Life in the Central Intelligence Agency, New York: Random House, 2003, 30-31.

5. Wisner tapped Marshall Plan funds to pay for his division’s early exploits, money his branch referred to as “candy.” “We couldn’t spend it all,” CIA agent Gilbert Greenway recalls.

'“I remember once meeting with Wisner and the comptroller. My God, I said, how can we spend that? There were no limits, and nobody had to account for it. It was amazing.”

Frances Stonor Saunders, The Cultural Cold War: The CIA and the World of Arts and Letters, New York: The New Press, 2000, 105.

6. When the OPC was merged with the Office of Special Operations in 1948 to create the CIA, OPC’s media assets were likewise absorbed.

7. Wisner maintained the top secret “Propaganda Assets Inventory,” better known as “Wisner’s Wurlitzer” - a virtual rolodex of over 800 news and information entities prepared to play whatever tune Wisner chose.

Frank Wisner

“The network included journalists, columnists, book publishers, editors, entire organizations such as Radio Free Europe, and stringers across multiple news organizations.”
Pease, “The Media and the Assassination,” 300.

8. A few years after Wisner’s operation was up-and-running he “’owned’ respected members of the New York Times, Newsweek, CBS, and other communication vehicles, plus stringers, four to six hundred in all, according to a CIA analyst.
Each one was a separate ‘operation,’” investigative journalist Deborah Davis notes;

'“Requiring a code name, a field supervisor, and a field office, at an annual cost of tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars - there has never been an accurate accounting.” 

Deborah Davis, Katharine the Great: Katharine Graham and the Washington Post, Second Edition, Bethesda MD: National Press Inc, 1987, 139.

9. Psychological operations in the form of journalism were perceived as necessary to influence and direct mass opinion, as well as elite perspectives.

'“[T]he President of the United States, the Secretary of State, Congressmen and even the Director of the CIA himself will read, believe, and be impressed by a report from Cy Sulzberger, Arnaud de Borchgrave, or Stewart Alsop when they don’t even bother to read a CIA report on the same subject,” noted CIA agent Miles Copeland. Cited in Pease, “The Media and the Assassination,” 301.

10. By the mid-to-late 1950s, Darrell Garwood points out, the Agency sought to limit criticism directed against covert activity and bypass congressional oversight or potential judicial interference by:

'“Infiltrat[ing] the groves of academia, the missionary corps, the editorial boards of influential journal and book publishers, and any other quarters where public attitudes could be effectively influenced.”

- Darrell Garwood, Under Cover: Thirty-Five Years of CIA Deception, New York: Grove Press, 1985, 250.

11. The CIA frequently intercedes in editorial decision-making. For example, when the Agency proceeded to wage an overthrow of the Arbenz regime in Guatemala in 1954, Allen and John Foster Dulles, President Eisenhower’s Secretary of State and CIA Director respectively, called upon New York Times publisher Arthur Hays Sulzberger to reassign reporter Sydney Gruson from Guatemala to Mexico City.


Sulzberger thus placed Gruson in Mexico City with the rationale that some repercussions from the revolution might be felt in Mexico. Pease, “The Media and the Assassination,” 302.

12. Since the early 1950s the CIA “has secretly bankrolled numerous foreign press services, periodicals and newspapers - both English and foreign language - which provided excellent cover for CIA operatives,” Carl Bernstein reported in 1977.

'“One such publication was the Rome Daily American, forty percent of which was owned by the CIA until the 1970s.” 

- Carl Bernstein, “The CIA and the Media,” Rolling Stone, October 20, 1977.

13. The CIA exercised informal liaisons with news media executives, in contrast to its relationships with salaried reporters and stringers, “who were much more subject to direction from the Agency” according to Bernstein.

"A few executives - Arthur Hays Sulzberger of the New York Times among them - signed secrecy agreements. But such formal understandings were rare: relationships between Agency officials and media executives were usually social - ’The P and Q Street axis in Georgetown,’ said one source. ‘You don’t tell William Paley to sign a piece of paper saying he won’t fink.’”

Director of CBS William Paley’s personal “friendship with CIA Director Dulles is now known to have been one of the most influential and significant in the communications industry,” author Debora Davis explains.

“He provided cover for CIA agents, supplied out-takes of news film, permitted the debriefing of reporters, and in many ways set the standard for the cooperation between the CIA and major broadcast companies which lasted until the mid-1970s.” 

- Deborah Davis, Katharine the Great: Katharine Graham and the Washington Post, Second Edition, Bethesda MD: National Press Inc, 1987, 175.

14. “The Agency’s relationship with the Times was by far its most valuable among newspapers, according to CIA officials,” Bernstein points out in his key 1977 article:

"From 1950 to 1966, about ten CIA employees were provided Times cover under arrangements approved by the newspaper’s late publisher, Arthur Hays Sulzberger. The cover arrangements were part of a general Times policy - set by Sulzberger - to provide assistance to the CIA whenever possible.”

In addition, Sulzberger was a close friend of CIA Director Allen Dulles.

Allen Dulles

“’At that level of contact it was the mighty talking to the mighty,’ said a high­level CIA official who was present at some of the discussions. ‘There was an agreement in principle that, yes indeed, we would help each other. The question of cover came up on several occasions. It was agreed that the actual arrangements would be handled by subordinates…. The mighty didn’t want to know the specifics; they wanted plausible deniability.’” 

- Bernstein, “The CIA and the Media.”

15. CBS’s Paley worked reciprocally with the CIA, allowing the Agency to utilize network resources and personnel.

“It was a form of assistance that a number of wealthy persons are now generally known to have rendered the CIA through their private interests,” veteran broadcast journalist Daniel Schorr wrote in 1977.

“It suggested to me, however, that a relationship of confidence and trust had existed between him and the agency.”
Schorr points to “clues indicating that CBS had been infiltrated.”

For example, “A news editor remembered the CIA officer who used to come to the radio control room in New York in the early morning, and, with the permission of persons unknown, listened to CBS correspondents around the world recording their ‘spots’ for the ‘World News Roundup’ and discussing events with the editor on duty."

Sam Jaffe claimed that when he applied in 1955 for a job with CBS, a CIA officer told him that he would be hired - which he subsequently was. He was told that he would be sent to Moscow - which he subsequently was; he was assigned in 1960 to cover the trial of U-2 pilot Francis Gary Powers. [Richard] Salant told me - Schorr continues;

“That when he first became president of CBS News in 1961, a CIA case officer called saying he wanted to continue the ‘long standing relationship known to Paley and [CBS president Frank] Stanton, but Salant was told by Stanton there was no obligation that he knew of”

- (276). Schorr, Daniel. Clearing the Air, Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1977, 277, 276.

16. National Enquirer publisher Gene Pope Jr. worked briefly on the CIA’s Italy desk in the early 1950s and maintained close ties with the Agency thereafter.

Pope refrained from publishing dozens of stories with:

“Details of CIA kidnappings and murders, enough stuff for a year’s worth of headlines” in order to “collect chits, IOUs,” Pope’s son writes.

“He figured he’d never know when he might need them, and those IOUs would come in handy when he got to 20 million circulation. When that happened, he’d have the voice to be almost his own branch of government and would need the cover.”

- Paul David Pope, The Deeds of My Fathers: How My Grandfather and Father Built New York and Created the Tabloid World of Today, New York: Phillip Turner/Rowman & Littlefield, 2010, 309, 310.

17. One explosive story Pope’s National Enquirer‘s refrained from publishing in the late 1970s centered on excerpts from a long-sought after diary of President Kennedy’s lover, Mary Pinchot Meyer, who was murdered on October 12, 1964.

“The reporters who wrote the story were even able to place James Jesus Angleton, the CIA’s head of counterintelligence operations, at the scene.”

Another potential story drew on
“documents proving that [Howard] Hughes and the CIA had been connected for years and that the CIA was giving Hughes money to secretly fund, with campaign donations, twenty-seven congressmen and senators who sat on sub-committees critical to the agency. There are also fifty-three international companies named and sourced as CIA fronts .. and even a list of reporters for mainstream media organizations who were playing ball with the agency.” 

- Pope, The Deeds of My Fathers, 309.

18. Angleton, who oversaw the Agency counterintelligence branch for 25 years,

“Ran a completely independent group entirely separate cadre of journalist­operatives who performed sensitive and frequently dangerous assignments; little is known about this group for the simple reason that Angleton deliberately kept only the vaguest of files.”

- Bernstein, “The CIA and the Media.” 

19. The CIA conducted a “formal training program” during the 1950s for the sole purpose of instructing its agents to function as newsmen.

“Intelligence officers were ‘taught to make noises like reporters,’ explained a high CIA official, and were then placed in major news organizations with help from management.

These were the guys who went through the ranks and were told ‘You’re going to he a journalist,’” the CIA official said.”
The Agency’s preference, however, was to engage journalists who were already established in the industry. 

- Bernstein, “The CIA and the Media.” 

20. Newspaper columnists and broadcast journalists with household names have been known to maintain close ties with the Agency.

“There are perhaps a dozen well known columnists and broadcast commentators whose relationships with the CIA go far beyond those normally maintained between reporters and their sources,” Bernstein maintains.

“They are referred to at the Agency as ‘known assets’ and can be counted on to perform a variety of undercover tasks; they are considered receptive to the Agency’s point of view on various subjects.”

- Bernstein, “The CIA and the Media.” 

21. Frank Wisner, Allen Dulles, and Washington Post publisher Phillip Graham were close associates, and the Post developed into one of the most influential news organs in the United States due to its ties with the CIA. The Post managers’

“Individual relations with intelligence had in fact been the reason the Post Company had grown as fast as it did after the war,” Davis (172) observes.

“[T]heir secrets were its corporate secrets, beginning with MOCKINGBIRD. Phillip Graham’s commitment to intelligence had given his friends Frank Wisner an interest in helping to make the Washington Post the dominant news vehicle in Washington, which they had done by assisting with its two most crucial acquisitions, the Times-Herald and WTOP radio and television stations.” 

- Davis, Katharine the Great: Katharine Graham and the Washington Post, 172.

22. In the wake of World War One the Woodrow Wilson administration placed journalist and author Walter Lippmann in charge of recruiting agents for the Inquiry, a first-of-its-kind ultra-secret civilian intelligence organization whose role involved ascertaining information to prepare Wilson for the peace negotiations, as well as identify foreign natural resources for Wall Street speculators and oil companies.

The activities of this organization served as a prototype for the function eventually performed by the CIA, namely “planning, collecting, digesting, and editing the raw data,” notes historian Servando Gonzalez.

“This roughly corresponds to the CIA’s intelligence cycle: planning and direction, collection, processing, production and analysis, and dissemination.”

Most Inquiry members would later become members of the Council on Foreign Relations. Lippmann would go on to become the Washington Post’s best known columnists. Servando Gonzalez, Psychological Warfare and the New World Order: The Secret War Against the American People, Oakland, CA: Spooks Books, 2010, 50.

23. The two most prominent US newsweeklies, Time and Newsweek, kept close ties with the CIA.

“Agency files contain written agreements with former foreign correspondents and stringers for both the weekly newsmagazines,” according to Carl Bernstein.

“Allen Dulles often interceded with his good friend, the late
Henry Luce, founder of Time and Life magazines, who readily allowed certain members of his staff to work for the Agency and agreed to provide jobs and credentials for other CIA operatives who lacked journalistic experience.”

- Bernstein, “The CIA and the Media.” 

24. In his autobiography former CIA officer E. Howard Hunt quotes Bernstein’s “The CIA and the Media” article at length.

“I know nothing to contradict this report,” Hunt declares, suggesting the investigative journalist of Watergate fame didn’t go far enough.

“Bernstein further identified some of the country’s top media executives as being valuable assets to the agency … But the list of organizations that cooperated with the agency was a veritable ‘Who’s Who’ of the media industry, including ABC, NBC, the Associated Press, UPI, Reuters, Hearst Newspapers, Scripps-Howard, Newsweek magazine, and others.”

- E. Howard Hunt, American Spy: My Secret History in the CIA, Watergate, and Beyond, Hoboken NJ: John Wiley & Sons, 2007, 150.

25. When the first major exposé of the CIA emerged in 1964 with the publication of The Invisible Government by journalists David Wise and Thomas B. Ross, the CIA considered purchasing the entire printing to keep the book from the public, yet in the end judged against it.

“To an extent that is only beginning to be perceived, this shadow government is shaping the lives of 190,000,000 Americans” authors Wise and Ross write in the book’s preamble.

“Major decisions involving peace and war are taking place out of public view. An informed citizen might come to suspect that the foreign policy of the United States often works publicly in one direction and secretly through the Invisible Government in just the opposite direction.”

- Lisa Pease, “When the CIA’s Empire Struck Back,” Consortiumnews.com, February 6, 2014.

26. Agency infiltration of the news media shaped public perception of deep events and undergirded the official explanations of such events.

For example, the Warren Commission’s report on President John F. Kennedy’s assassination was met with almost unanimous approval by US media outlets.

“I have never seen an official report greeted with such universal praise as that accorded the Warren Commission’s findings when they were made public on September 24, 1964,” recalls investigative reporter Fred Cook.

“All the major television networks devoted special programs and analyses to the report; the next day the newspapers ran long columns detailing its findings, accompanied by special news analyses and editorials. The verdict was unanimous. The report answered all questions, left no room for doubt. Lee Harvey Oswald, alone and unaided, had assassinated the president of the United States.”

- Fred J. Cook, Maverick: Fifty Years of Investigative Reporting, G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 1984, 276.

27. In late 1966 the New York Times began an inquiry on the numerous questions surrounding President Kennedy’s assassination that were not satisfactorily dealt with by the Warren Commission.

“It was never completed,” author Jerry Policoff observes, “nor would the New York Times ever again question the findings of the Warren Commission.”

When the story was being developed the lead reporter at the Times‘ Houston bureau “said that he and others came up with ‘a lot of unanswered questions’ that the Times didn’t bother to pursue. ‘I’d be off on a good lead and then somebody’d call me off and send me out to California on another story or something. We never really detached anyone for this. We weren’t really serious.’”

- Jerry Policoff, “The Media and the Murder of John Kennedy,” in Peter Dale Scott, Paul L. Hoch and Russell Stetler, eds., The Assassinations: Dallas and Beyond, New York: Vintage, 1976, 265.

28. When New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison embarked on an investigation of the JFK assassination in 1966 centering on Lee Harvey Oswald’s presence in New Orleans in the months leading up to November, 22, 1963;

“He was cross-whipped with two hurricane blasts, one from Washington and one from New York,” historian James DiEugenio explains.

The first, of course, was from the government, specifically the Central Intelligence Agency, the FBI, and to a lesser extent, the White House. The blast from New York was from the major mainstream media e.g. Time-Life and NBC. Those two communication giants were instrumental in making Garrison into a lightning rod for ridicule and criticism. This orchestrated campaign … was successful in diverting attention from what Garrison was uncovering by creating controversy about the DA himself.

- DiEugenio, Preface, in William Davy, Let Justice Be Done: New Light on the Jim Garrison Investigation, Reston VA: Jordan Publishing, 1999.

29. The CIA and other US intelligence agencies used the news media to sabotage Garrison’s 1966-69 independent investigation of the Kennedy assassination. Garrison presided over the only law enforcement agency with subpoena power to seriously delve into the intricate details surrounding JFK’s murder. One of Garrison’s key witnesses, Gordon Novel, fled New Orleans to avoid testifying before the Grand Jury assembled by Garrison. According to DiEugenio, CIA Director Allen;

“Dulles and the Agency would begin to connect the fugitive from New Orleans with over a dozen CIA friendly journalists who - in a blatant attempt to destroy Garrison’s reputation - would proceed to write up the most outrageous stories imaginable about the DA.”

- James DiEugenio, Destiny Betrayed: JFK, Cuba, and The Garrison Case, Second Edition, New York: SkyHorse Publishing, 2012, 235.

30. CIA officer Victor Marchetti recounted to author William Davy that in 1967 while attending staff meetings as an assistant to then-CIA Director Richard Helms;

“Helms expressed great concerns over [former OSS officer, CIA operative and primary suspect in Jim Garrison's investigation Clay] Shaw’s predicament, asking his staff, ‘Are we giving them all the help we can down there?’”

- William Davy, Let Justice Be Done: New Light on the Jim Garrison Investigation, Reston VA: Jordan Publishing, 1999.

31. The pejorative dimensions of the term “conspiracy theory” were introduced into the Western lexicon by CIA “media assets,” as evidenced in the design laid out by Document 1035-960 Concerning Criticism of the Warren Report, an Agency communiqué issued in early 1967 to Agency bureaus throughout the world at a time when attorney Mark Lane’s Rush to Judgment was atop bestseller lists and New Orleans DA Garrison’s investigation of the Kennedy assassination began to gain traction.

32. Time had close relations with the CIA stemming from the friendship of the magazine’s publisher Henry Luce and Eisenhower CIA chief Allen Dulles. When former newsman Richard Helms was appointed DCI in 1966 he;

“Began to cultivate the press,” prompting journalists toward conclusions that placed the Agency in a positive light. As Time Washington correspondent Hugh Sidney recollects, “‘[w]ith [John] McCone and [Richard] Helms, we had a set-up when the magazine was doing something on the CIA, we went to them and put it before them … We were never misled.’ Similarly, when Newsweek decided in the fall of 1971 to do a cover story on Richard Helms and ‘The New Espionage,’ the magazine, according to a Newsweek staffer, went directly to the agency for much of the information.

And the article … generally reflected the line that Helms was trying so hard to sell: that since the latter 1960s … the focus of attention and prestige within CIA’ had switched from the Clandestine Services to the analysis of intelligence, and that ‘the vast majority of recruits are bound for’ the Intelligence Directorate.”

- Victor Marchetti and John D. Marks, The CIA and the Cult of Intelligence, New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1974, 362-363.

33. In 1970 Jim Garrison wrote and published the semi-autobiographical A Heritage of Stone, a work that examines how the New Orleans DA:

“Discovered that the CIA operated within the borders of the United States, and how it took the CIA six months to reply to the Warren Commission’s question of whether Oswald and [Jack] Ruby had been with the Agency,” Garrison biographer and Temple University humanities professor Joan Mellen observes.

“In response to A Heritage of Stone, the CIA rounded up its media assets” and the book was panned by reviewers writing for the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, the Washington Post, the Chicago Sun Times, and Life magazine. “

John Leonard’s New York Times review went through a metamorphosis, Mellen explains. “The original last paragraph challenged the Warren Report: ‘Something stinks about this whole affair,’ Leonard wrote. ‘Why were Kennedy’s neck organs not examined at Bethesda for evidence of a frontal shot? Why was his body whisked away to Washington before the legally required Texas inquest? Why?’

This paragraph evaporated in later editions of the Times. A third of a column gone, the review then ended: ‘Frankly I prefer to believe that the Warren Commission did a poor job, rather than a dishonest one. I like to think that Garrison invents monsters to explain incompetence.’” - Joan Mellen, A Farewell to Justice: Jim Garrison, JFK’s Assassination, and the Case That Should Have Changed History, Washington DC: Potomac Books, 2005, 323, 324.

34. CIA Deputy Director for Plans Cord Meyer Jr. appealed to Harper & Row president emeritus Cass Canfield Sr. over the book publisher’s pending release of Alfred McCoy’s The Politics of Heroin in Southeast Asia, based on the author’s fieldwork and Yale PhD dissertation wherein he examined the CIA’s explicit role in the opium trade.

“Claiming my book was a threat to national security,” McCoy recalls, “the CIA official had asked Harper & Row to suppress it. To his credit, Mr. Canfield had refused. But he had agreed to review the manuscript prior to publication.”

- Alfred W. McCoy, The Politics of Heroin: CIA Complicity in the Global Drug Trade, Chicago Review Press, 2003, xx.

35. Publication of The Secret Team, a book by US Air Force Colonel and Pentagon-CIA liaison L. Fletcher Prouty recounting the author’s firsthand knowledge of CIA black operations and espionage, was met with a wide scale censorship campaign in 1972.

“The campaign to kill the book was nationwide and world-wide,” Prouty notes. “It was removed from the Library of Congress and from college libraries as letters I received attested all too frequently … I was a writer whose book had been cancelled by a major publisher [Prentice Hall] and a major paperback publisher [Ballantine Books] under the persuasive hand of the CIA.”

- L. Fletcher Prouty, The Secret Team: The CIA and Its Allies in Control of the United States and the World, New York: SkyHorse Publishing, 2008, xii, xv.

36. During the Pike Committee hearings in 1975 Congressman Otis Pike asked DCI William Colby, “Do you have any people paid by the CIA who are working for television networks?” Colby responded;

“This, I think, gets into the kind of details, Mr. Chairman, that I’d like to get into in executive session.” Once the chamber was cleared Colby admitted that in 1975 specifically “the CIA was using ‘media cover’ for eleven agents, many fewer than in the heyday of the cloak-and-pencil operations, but no amount of questioning would persuade him to talk about the publishers and network chieftains who had cooperated at the top.”

- Schorr, Clearing the Air, 275.

37. “There is quite an incredible spread of relationships,” former CIA intelligence officer William Bader informed a US Senate Intelligence Committee investigating the CIA’s infiltration of the nation’s journalistic outlets.

“You don’t need to manipulate Time magazine, for example, because there are Agency people at the management level.”

- Bernstein, “The CIA and the Media.”

38. In 1985 film historian and professor Joseph McBride came across a November 29, 1963 memorandum from J. Edgar Hoover, titled, “Assassination of President John F. Kennedy,” wherein the FBI director stated that his agency provided two individuals with briefings, one of whom was:

“Mr. George Bush of the Central Intelligence Agency.” ” When McBride queried the CIA with the memo a “PR man was tersely formal and opaque: ‘I can neither confirm nor deny.’ It was the standard response the agency gave when it dealt with its sources and methods,” journalist Russ Baker notes.

When McBride published a story in The Nation,
“The Man Who Wasn’t There, ‘George Bush,’ C.I.A. Operative,” the CIA came forward with a statement that the George Bush referenced in the FBI record “apparently” referenced a George William Bush, who filled a perfunctory night shift position at CIA headquarters that “would have been the appropriate place to receive such a report.”

McBride tracked down George William Bush to confirm he was only employed briefly as a:

“Probationary civil servant” who had “never received interagency briefings.” Shortly thereafter The Nation ran a second story by McBride wherein “the author provided evidence that the Central Intelligence Agency had foisted a lie on the American people … As with McBride’s previous story, this disclosure was greeted with the equivalent of a collective media yawn.”

Since the episode researchers have found documents linking George H. W. Bush to the CIA as early as 1953.

Russ Baker, Family of Secrets: The Bush Dynasty, America’s Invisible Government, and the Hidden History of the Last Fifty Years, New York: Bloomsbury Press, 2009, 7-12.

39. Operation Gladio, the well-documented collaboration between Western spy agencies, including the CIA, and NATO involving coordinated terrorist shootings and bombings of civilian targets throughout Europe from the late 1960s through the 1980s, has been effectively expunged from major mainstream news outlets.

A LexisNexis Academic search conducted in 2012 for “Operation Gladio” retrieved 31 articles in English language news media - most appearing in British newspapers. Only four articles discussing Gladio ever appeared in US publications - three in the New York Times and one brief mention in the Tampa Bay Times. With the exception of a 2009 BBC documentary, no network or cable news broadcast has ever referenced the state-sponsored terror operation. 

Almost all of the articles referencing Gladio appeared in 1990 when Italian Prime Minister Giulio Andreotti publicly admitted Italy’s participation in the process. The New York Times downplayed any US involvement, misleadingly designating Gladio “an Italian creation” in a story buried on page A16.

In reality, former CIA director William Colby revealed in his memoirs that covert paramilitaries were a significant agency undertaking set up after World War II, including “the smallest possible coterie of the most reliable people, in Washington [and] NATO.” James F. Tracy, “False Flag Terror and Conspiracies of Silence,” Global Research, August 10, 2012.

40. Days before the April 19, 1995 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City DCI William Colby confided to his friend, Nebraska State Senator John DeCamp his personal concerns over the Militia and Patriot movement within the United States, then surging in popularity due to the use of the alternative media of that era–books, periodicals, cassette tapes, and radio broadcasts.

“I watched as the Anti-War movement rendered it impossible for this country to conduct or win the Vietnam War,” Colby remarked.

“I tell you, dear friend, that the Militia and Patriot movement in which, as an attorney, you have become one of the centerpieces, is far more significant and far more dangerous for American than the Anti-War movement ever was, if it is not intelligently dealt with. And I really mean this.”

- David Hoffman, The Oklahoma City Bombing and the Politics of Terror, Venice CA: Feral House, 1998, 367.

41. Shortly after the appearance of journalist Gary Webb’s “Dark Alliance” series in the San Jose Mercury News chronicling the Agency’s involvement in drug trafficking, the CIA’s public affairs division embarked on a campaign to counter what it termed “a genuine public relations crisis for the Agency.” Webb was merely reporting to a large audience what had already been well documented by scholars such as Alfred McCoy and Peter Dale Scott, and the 1989 Kerry Committee Report on Iran-Contra - that the CIA had long been involved in the illegal transnational drug trade.

Such findings were upheld in 1999 in a study by the CIA inspector general. Nevertheless, beginning shortly after Webb’s series ran, “CIA media spokesmen would remind reporters seeking comment that this series represented no real news,” a CIA internal organ noted, “in that similar charges were made in the 1980s and were investigated by the Congress and were found to be without substance. Reporters were encouraged to read the “Dark Alliance’ series closely and with a critical eye to what allegations could actually be backed with evidence.” 

42. On December 10, 2004 investigative journalist Gary Webb died of two .38 caliber gunshot wounds to the head. The coroner ruled the death a suicide. “Gary Webb was MURDERED,” concluded FBI senior special agent Ted Gunderson in 2005. “He (Webb) resisted the first shot [to the head that exited via jaw] so he was shot again with the second shot going into the head [brain].” Gunderson regards the theory that Webb could have managed to shoot himself twice as “impossible!” - Charlene Fassa, “Gary Webb: More Pieces in the Suicided Puzzle,” Rense.com, December 11, 2005.

43. The most revered journalists who receive “exclusive” information and access to the corridors of power are typically the most subservient to officialdom and often have intelligence ties. Those granted such access understand that they must likewise uphold government-sanctioned narratives. For example, the New York Times’ Tom Wicker reported on November 22, 1963 that President John F. Kennedy “was hit by a bullet in the throat, just below the Adam’s apple.”

Yet his account went to press before the official story of a single assassin shooting from the rear became established. Wicker was chastised through “lost access, complaints to editors and publishers, social penalties, leaks to competitors, a variety of responses no one wants.” - Barrie Zwicker, Towers of Deception: The Media Coverup of 9/11, Gabrioloa Island, BC: New Society Publishers, 2006, 169-170.

44. The CIA actively promotes a desirable public image of its history and function by advising the production of Hollywood vehicles, such as Argo and Zero Dark Thirty.

The Agency retains “entertainment industry liaison officers” on its staff that “plant positive images about itself (in other words, propaganda) through our most popular forms of entertainment,” Tom Hayden explains in the LA Review of Books.

“So natural has the CIA - entertainment connection become that few question its legal or moral ramifications. This is a government agency like no other; the truth of its operations is not subject to public examination. When the CIA’s hidden persuaders influence a Hollywood movie, it is using a popular medium to spin as favorable an image of itself as possible, or at least, prevent an unfavorable one from taking hold.” 

- Tom Hayden, “Review of The CIA in Hollywood: How the Agency Shapes Film and Television by Tricia Jenkins,” LA Review of Books, February 24, 2013,

45. Former CIA case officer Robert David Steele states that CIA manipulation of news media is “worse” in the 2010s than in the late 1970s when Bernstein wrote “The CIA and the Media.” “The sad thing is that the CIA is very able to manipulate [the media] and it has financial arrangements with media, with Congress, with all others. But the other half of that coin is that the media is lazy.” - James Tracy interview with Robert David Steele, August 2, 2014,

46. A well-known fact is that broadcast journalist Anderson Cooper interned for the CIA while attending Yale as an undergraduate in the late 1980s. According to Wikipedia Cooper’s great uncle, William Henry Vanderbilt III, was an Executive Officer of the Special Operations Branch of the OSS under the spy organization’s founder William “Wild Bill” Donovan. While Wikipedia is an often dubious source, Vanderbilt’s OSS involvement would be in keeping with the OSS/CIA reputation of taking on highly affluent personnel for overseas derring-do. - William Henry Vanderbilt III, Wikipedia.

47. Veteran German journalist Udo Ulfkotte, author of the 2014 book Gekaufte Journalisten (Bought Journalists) revealed how under the threat of job termination he was routinely compelled to publish articles written by intelligence agents using his byline.

“I ended up publishing articles under my own name written by agents of the CIA and other intelligence services, especially the German secret service,” Ulfkotte explained in a recent interview with Russia Today. - “German Journo: European Media Writing Pro-US Stories Under CIA Pressure,” RT, October 18, 2014.

48. In 1999 the CIA established In-Q-Tel, a venture capital firm seeking to “identify and invest in companies developing cutting-edge information technologies that serve United States national security interests.” The firm has exercised financial relationships with internet platforms Americans use on a routine basis, including Google and Facebook.

“If you want to keep up with Silicon Valley, you need to become part of Silicon Valley,” says Jim Rickards, an adviser to the U.S. intelligence community familiar with In-Q-Tel’s activities.

“The best way to do that is have a budget because when you have a checkbook, everyone comes to you.” 

At one point IQT
“catered largely to the needs of the CIA.”

Today, however,
“the firm supports many of the 17 agencies within the U.S. intelligence community, including the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA), the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) and the Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate.”

- Matt Egan, “In-Q-Tel: A Glimpse Inside the CIA’s Venture Capital Arm,” FoxBusiness.com, June 14, 2013.

49. At a 2012 conference held by In-Q-Tel CIA Director David Patraeus declared that the rapidly-developing “internet of things” and “smart home” will provide the CIA with the ability to spy on any US citizen should they become a “person of interest’ to the spy community,” Wired magazine reports. “‘Transformational’ is an overused word, but I do believe it properly applies to these technologies,’ Patraeus enthused, ‘particularly to their effect on clandestine tradecraft’ … ‘Items of interest will be located, identified, monitored, and remotely controlled through technologies such as radio-frequency identification, sensor networks, tiny embedded servers, and energy harvesters - all connected to the next-generation internet using abundant, low-cost, and high-power computing.”

Patraeus said, “the latter now going to cloud computing, in many areas greater and greater supercomputing, and, ultimately, heading to quantum computing.” - Spencer Ackerman, “CIA Chief: We’ll Spy on You Through Your Dishwasher,” Wired, March 15, 2012.

50. In the summer of 2014 a $600 million computing cloud developed by Amazon Web Services for the CIA began servicing all 17 federal agencies comprising the intelligence community.

“If the technology plays out as officials envision,” The Atlantic reports, “it will usher in a new era of cooperation and coordination, allowing agencies to share information and services much more easily and avoid the kind of intelligence gaps that preceded the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.”

- “The Details About the CIA’s Deal With Amazon,”
The Atlantic, July 17, 2014.

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi
Unexpected Blowback Now Revealing The Establishments Evil Agenda
October 16 2015 | From: VeteransToday

For the first time ever the Establishment's incredible and unimaginably Evil Agenda is now becoming recognizable to the American Masses and to the rest of the World.

Note: this is a long article and some readers who are short of time may find it useful to skip to the numbered Establishment Goals below and read only the underlined parts. This will provide a good summary of the article in a very short time.

In America [and all around the world], We The People have all been BETRAYED by our elected leaders.

Americans [and those of us elsewhere] are finally waking up to the sad and tragic fact that we have been terribly betrayed by our elected officials in DC and all the major institutions of the USG.

The anger that is now arising and smoldering in mainstream America is unfathomable to the arrogant Establishment which is now being exposed for the first time publicly for what it is, Evil beyond imagination.

The 'Establishment' is now making very big, careless mistakes
due to their excessive hubris and long history of getting away with anything they wanted including massive asset stripping of the people and murder of hundreds of dissidents and whistle-blowers as well as their ability to secretly engineer foreign wars which are illegal, unconstitutional, undeclared, unprovoked, unwinnable and perpetual and designed to create massive war profits for Banksters and their associated “no bid” defense contractors.

The above are some of those understood to be members of the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate branch of the secret space program. It is interesting to note the space travel themes in these logos. There are likely to be some weapons manufacturers in the ICC too.

Lately the 'Establishment' have become very careless and have been trying to implement far too many shockingly evil parts of their Agenda too fast for even the mind-kontrolled, dumbed-down American masses to accept.

The 'Establishment' has this last few years been violating the normal expectations of most people in so many ways that many are starting to wake up to the Establishment’s Evil Agenda which is to take over the whole World and set up a Luciferian one-world Globalist NWO Regime that is radically depopulated by at least 90%

The more the Establishment makes “go for broke” moves to complete their secret Evil Agenda
and the more they violate the norms and values of mainstream America, the more certain sectors and groups of America resist such tyranny and become increasingly politically active fighting it.

Lately every major new radical action by the Establishment to enact a key part of its secret Evil Agenda is producing major blowback (unintended consequences) in the sectors or groups of society most affected.

Not only is this reaction by the masses not going to stop, there is every indication that it will continue and increase in intensity and duration. And this face-off will continue until eventually some kind of total all-out confrontation between the RKM’s [RKM is an abbreviation for the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia - see full description in the footer of this article] anti-terror army DHS and its Blackwater-style mercenaries erupts with massive fighting in the Streets of America and a full-scale, new Revolutionary War erupts at every level.

Basically the Establishment today is the exact same entity that the British overlords were in the Colonies which the Colonist fought against in the American revolutionary War and beat.

Once the Establishment orders its DHS/RKM soulless, mindless goons to start going door to door like in new Orleans during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and disarming the public, followed by serial and mass-murders of American families, the American masses will perceive themselves immediately drawn into a “Kill or Be Killed” situation and their gloves will come off, completely off.

Once the sleeping American masses are thus awakened the Establishment and its goons will end up having Hell to pay and will be eradicated, every last one no matter what the Civilian losses. Millions of Mr. “nice-guy” vets will become instantly transformed into a creative, no holds barred killing machines deployed directly against the establishment and all Top Policy-makers that can be identified.

As usual the extreme hubris and too many years of secret power have warped the judgment of the Establishments’ Top policy-makers and they have no adequate perception of the Hell they are bringing on themselves from the present course they have set upon.

And because of the Internet and its social media, knowledge of these evil actions by the Establishment is now spreading like wildfire from the sectors or groups impacted and is now directly diffusing to and among the general masses.

This diffusion outside the folks directly affected occurs via word of mouth, the Internet and social media despite the efforts of the Controlled Major Mass Media and politicians to lie, present false narratives and cover up these Establishment “sins”.

It is now becoming more than obvious that the Establishment’s greatest threat has become themselves. Yes, that is correct, they have transformed themselves into their own greatest threat because of the law of unintended consequences and their ignorance about the American unconscious group mind and Psi-power.

The Law of Unintended Consequences

Any intervention in a complex system may or many not have the intended result, but will inevitably create unanticipated and often undesirable outcomes.

Mainly used as caution against a hubristic approach to life.

Thanks to their own hubris and ignorance about how the American group mind and Psi-power really function, the Evil Establishment is now well on their way to sealing their own fate and self-destructing in almost every way imaginable.

And if We The people don’t wake up from our Mind-kontrolled CMMM induced slumber and stop them they will likely take us to destruction with themselves.

Of course some researchers who study the Establishment’s covert crimes have been wondering lately why are the Establishment’s Top policy-makers in such a big rush to fully implement their Evil Agenda when this is now creating so many unintended consequences (BLOWBACK)?

This seems  unnecessary and is certainly risky for their futures. Besides the establishment has been making regular process in slow successive steps and it seems that they really have no need to rapidly increase the rate of their Evil Agenda roll-out. Or do they?

No more sitting around chaps

Could it be that some force or entity above them is placing demands on them that they must complete the roll-out of their Evil Agenda before a certain deadline?

It’s like the age old question, “where’s the fire”, why the extreme urgency? Have the Top policy-makers of the Establishment been threatened by some higher entity?

Or could it be that they believe that the American masses and the World is catching on to their games because of the alternative media of the Internet and they only have a short time before their Evil Agenda will be completely exposed and defeated?

It seems like lately that the Establishment’s age old plan is becoming exposed and blocked at every turn in the road and much of the World is now ganging up on the Evil Empire that is behind the Establishment and it’s incredible, unimaginably Evil anti-human Agenda.

Is their time of predominance running out as China and Russia and many other nations negotiate direct trade agreements without the use of the US Petro Dollar?

The best guess at this time is Yes, the Establishment must ram through their Evil Agenda very rapidly or they will become completely blocked and exposed as they take extraordinary illegal and perhaps domestic terror activities such as martial law or evoke a Civil War between the police and DHS and the masses.

Eventually this drives these issues into the public arena and Major Mass media. Even if the major mass media which is controlled and twists stories and lies about them to attempt to keep the truth from the masses, most of the time this merely stimulates the masses to do their own research.

And when they do their own Internet research, they usually end up reading and believing activist position papers and Youtube videos and gain a very realistic understanding of the truth.

Yes, finally the American masses are beginning to understand the “King” doesn’t wear new clothes every day but is actually naked, and also is Evil beyond imagination, working hard to fulfill the Establishment’s incredibly Evil Agenda for destruction of American along their path for World domination.

Since 1913 the Establishment has been able to arrogantly advance their Evil Agenda in secret because they took control of the Major Mass Media and were able to buy, bribe, human compromise and control most politicians, Federal Judges and eventually stack the Supreme Court.

Most Americans have always expected the establishment in DC to be an extension of their parents and thus to represent them as a benevolent parent figure, looking out for We The People’s best interests and the best interests of America the Constitutional Republic. Instead they are wolves in sheep’s clothing and an incredibly traitorous, treasonous and seditious Enemy Within.

The American elected leaders in DC and in most states have seriously betrayed their Oaths of Office, consorted with foreign enemies (RKM, Dual Citizens, and Israeli Intel) which are now known for their part in the attack on America on 9-11-01, and have become criminal RICO tools of the Establishment, which has become the World’s largest Organized Crime Syndicate and is closely associated with a Worldwide secret Luciferian Cult and the highest but hidden level of Freemasonry.

The Establishment’s recent extreme hubris and complete refusal to allow any serious truth to be broadcast in the Major Mass Media comprised of six major News Corporations forming an illegal monopoly and News Cartel, has now raised the awareness of the public.


Because they can now see what the Establishment is actually doing which for the first time reveals it’s secret Evil Agenda.

The Establishment has used and maintained extreme secrecy and refusal to admit any of its Evil Agenda because it believed that the masses would rise up against them and crush them, thereby stopping them cold.

Yes, for the first time ever the American Masses and most of the World are now becoming aware that the Establishment has an Evil anti-human Agenda.

This Evil Agenda is to deploy their Talmudic Babylonian Monetary and Production System and their insidious acts of absolute terror as an essential element in their war Worldwide war provocation system.

The secret roll-out of their Babylonian “Money from nothing” Black-Magick money system is now being inflicted on the whole World as it has in America since 1913, in order to create massive Worldwide debt slavery and subsequent easy access for Establishment associated corporations to gain access to other nations valuable natural resources and wealth.

The Establishment uses False-flag Terror attacks to provoke and justify illegal, unconstitutional, undeclared, unprovoked, unwinnable, perpetual foreign wars for huge profits for the Banksters and their associated “no bid” large International Defense Contractors.

And some VT readers already know that ISIS / ISIL / Daish and Al Quada (aka “Al CIA Duh”) were all started by Israel, the UK, America and the Saudis and are comprised of abandoned orphans raised and mind-kontrolled in Saudi training camps and also comprised of hired Blackwater-type mercenaries and Israeli special ops.

Of course it is now obvious that General “Betrayus” and others left large weapons stockpiles behind in Iraq to be easily confiscated by ISIS / ISIL / Daish and used against Iraqis security forces, the Kurds and Syrian Army soldiers.

Some political and military experts have accused Senator John McCain who is credited with pushing hard to keep the missing left behind POWS/MIAS from being recovered, and retired Generals McInerney and Vallely of being involved in the arming and deployment of ISIS / ISIL / Daish.

US Senator John McCain has met up with jihadist terrorist leaders in Syria

Look, it is very hard work to engineer and stage foreign wars in order to wound and human sacrifice many thousands of American soldiers, and for human sacrificing millions of innocent civilians. It takes years of deploying covert terror teams, assassins and a lot of mind-kontrol of the masses through the CMMM News Cartel / Monopoly to be able to pull off these massive crimes against humanity.

Serious false-flags and massive CMMM lies and false-narratives must be deployed to trigger the war cry and  motivate the American masses to support a war for revenge.

Once the wars are started, it’s relatively easy to motivate the masses to stay the course. All you have to do is keep waving the flag and instructing folks to support the troops. It is very important to keep the reporters away from the thousands of caskets containing dead American soldiers and the thousands transported to field hospitals and hospitals with terrible wounds.

But now due to the Worldwide Internet, the New Gutenberg Press, knowledge of that Evil Agenda is diffusing to the masses and even increasing as push-back is now occurring against each main thrust of their notably inhuman, incredibly savage Evil Agenda.

As this resistance occurs and spreads, more and more is being revealed about just exactly what the Establishment’s Evil Agenda is comprised of and just how anti-society and anti-human it is.

Yes, it is becoming easier and easier lately to identify what the actual Establishment’s secret Agenda for America and the World actually is, even though the Establishment has worked hard for many years to conceal it.

And one of the main tools they have used to conceal this secret Evil Agenda is their near complete control of the Major Mass Media.

And we know now for certain that the leaders of Russia, China and many other nations are quickly catching on to what the Establishment is comprised of and what its incredible, unimaginably Evil Agenda for World Domination, World Asset stripping, and massive World destruction and depopulation really is.

Why has the Establishment’s secret, hidden incredibly Evil Agenda become so easy to identify since America was attacked on 9-11-01?

Because the fingerprints of what has been highly secretive covert operations against We The People to keep them mind-kontrolled and asset-stripped which have been traditionally hidden from the American Public are now being revealed in spades by the Worldwide Internet.

And the catalyst for this has become the spontaneously emergent populism that is producing push-back by the masses against the Establishment’s Agenda, item by item.

Click on the image above to view the full infographic in a new window

This incredibly evil, anti-human sociopathic, criminally insane Establishment Agenda which has been traditionally hidden from the American masses by a completely corrupted and totally Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM).

And as we now know for certain, the CMMM is actually owned by six establishment approved RKMers, and this is now being revealed for the first time and beginning to diffuse rapidly among the masses.

Yes, we now know for certain that knowledge of the disturbing facts about the Establishment’s Evil Agenda are now also spreading around the World and are also being diffused throughout the Masses like an out of control wildfire.

And it is important to realize that this newly emergent inside information about the specifics of this evil Establishment Agenda which is now becoming public for the first time ever is essentially due to blowback by the public against the Establishments current energetic efforts to impose their evil Agenda in various specific areas which are completely unacceptable and alien to most people.

Thanks to the Worldwide Internet, the actual facts about the specific points of this evil Establishment agenda have been available to many Internet users who frequent the Alternative News websites and then share this information by email and word of mouth to their friends, family and associates.

The Establishment’s Top policy-makers who have enacted this evil Establishment Agenda for the RKM use various large international corporations to direct this secret Establishment policy. And they keep this secret Establishment Agenda covered up by controlling the six Major Mass Media (MMM) Kingpins that form their existing American News Cartel.

These six Major Mass Media (MMM) Kingpins have been rumored to be under the master control of a single very large International Investment Group with major ties to the RKM Banksters, the large international defense contractors and the large International Oil Companies.

Certainly it no longer takes an insider to understand that it is the super-elites’ Establishment that controls the American Congress, the Judiciary and most of the Administration and this control grid is comprised of three major sectors of control over most of the average American’s life:

Control over We The People can know; control over how they earn a living and accrue massive wealth; control what taxes they have to pay; establish what regulations they have to live under, and engineer which wars their children are either drafted into or conned into fighting.

The folks who actually set the top policies in the American Government actually refer to themselves as the “Establishment” because as a group they have attained the raw power necessary to “establish” whatever controls over society that they feel are necessary to insure that society, government and politics (“Puppet-Masters”) travels in the desired direction they want according to their secret hidden Evil Agenda.

The Romans came up with the idea that if you keep the people fed, watered and entertained - distracted - the 'elite' can get away with anything, behind the scenes. Today we have professional sports hysteria, mass media movies, mindless reality TV and music filling that role nicely, while subconsciously programming the masses with the themes and thoughtforms the elite decide on to further their agendas

"Bread and circuses" (or bread and games; from Latin: panem et circenses) is metonymic for a superficial means of appeasement. In the case of politics, the phrase is used to describe the generation of public approval, not through exemplary or excellent public service or public policy, but through diversion; distraction; or the mere satisfaction of the immediate, shallow requirements of a populace, as an offered "palliative."

Its originator, Juvenal, used the phrase to decry the selfishness of common people and their neglect of wider concerns.
The phrase also implies the erosion or ignorance of civic duty amongst the concerns of the commoner.

This control includes scientifically based advanced Mind-kontrol which includes microwave and scalar psychotronics and Psi-tronics which is top secret beyond black psi-power inter-dimensional technology to induce “hiving behavior” in the American masses to stifle dissent and make them compliant. More on this in a later article.

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Despite their near complete control over what the masses can know and believe by the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM), the Worldwide Internet which has quickly become the New Gutenberg Press is now cracking this News Monopoly, and laying waste to this American News Cartel which is essentially an RKM Mind-kontrol venture top to bottom.

Circus: The masses are controlled by distraction - The utter drivel deployed by endless, mindless reality television shows, sports fanatacism, popular culture obsessions, celebrity worship and fake news

So despite over 50 years of a completely Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) by television and radio broadcast “programming”, this master control over the minds of the American masses is now breaking down.

And this can largely be credited to the mass usage of the Internet all over the World.

And we now know for certain that the CMMM has immersed the American masses with a constant barrage of false-narratives and Big Lies supporting the Establishment’s anti-American Agenda.

And it is now obvious that the CMMM is an illegal News Monopoly, a virtual News Cartel in its functioning and because it has been discovered that a single entity controls its content by prescribing required talking points which cannot be deviated from without serious sanctions.

No News Media - Pushing the envelope

Wilful idiots all reading the same MSM approved script.

It should be noted that the term “programming” is a nice word for the Bernays-style covert, scientific Mind-kontrol that has been designed to break the We The people’s independent will and to clone them socially while simultaneously dumbing them down and instilling a notably false view of history that supports the covert Agenda and actions of the Establishment which are really in and of themselves seriously evil crimes against Americans and humanity too.

When the Gutenberg Press appeared it engendered a major social change that spread throughout the World.

The Catholic church eventually became a victim of truth diffusion. At the time the Catholic services were in Latin and few Catholics had Bibles which were hand-written by scribes, a tedious lengthy and expensive enterprise.

The Gutenberg Press allowed mass printing of the Bible in English and eventually forced the Catholic Church in the mid 1960’s to change most all of their masses in America to English.

The internet's Roots Stretch Nearly 600 Years to Gutenberg Printing Press

This change which resulted from Vatican II over time has eroded the Vatican’s Clerical control over the Catholics, many of whom have become quite well versed in the Bible and no longer believe in many Church Traditions that are counter to Scripture.

Yes, it took a long time for this change to occur where Catholic populism overpowered Clerical control, but nonetheless it could not be stopped.

A similar process in now occurring between the Establishment’s secret roll-out of their sinister hidden agenda that was never meant to be understood or discussed by the people openly.

Certainly the Establishment’s CMMM would never allow any discovery or open discussion of their prescribed establishment agenda.

But thanks to the Worldwide Internet (the New Gutenberg Press) this new and powerful means of instant communication has deeply eroded the Establishment’s efforts to keep their Evil NWO Globalist Agenda secret.

This dispersion and diffusion of truth to the masses is now going so far it cannot be stopped no matter what.

All of the Establishment’s secrets are now being revealed step by step and this is deeply eroding the Establishment’s power because without secrecy their Evil Agenda will be fully exposed and the blowback will stop it at every level.

Later in this article we will discuss what remedies and responses are left for the Establishment and why these may not work ever if the Establishment tries to roll them out.

If you doubt this to be true then consider all the deep Establishment secrets that have already been exposed on the Worldwide Internet and have spread at the speed of light almost everywhere. Of course the top Establishment Policy-makers have claimed to each other that their system of control is empowered by Lucifer and they are anointed by him.

If true then there is always the possibility that Lucifer is now rolling out his plan to expose them to the World and render them disposable, in order to bring in a whole new team of World Controllers.

Yes, all secrecy is ending thanks to the Worldwide Internet and the fact that many old Intel insiders are aware that the RKM is nothing but a very large evil Worldwide organized crime syndicate and are now refusing to keep quiet any more on what they now know.

Many are paying the price now for making major leaks and disclosures by being on the receiving end of various types of sophisticated Psyops, gang-stalking, psychotronic attacks and harassment in every area of their life, some falsely-imprisoned and others even worse for refusing to allow the Big Lies and the false narratives of the RKM and its Cutouts to continue.

Take the major case of Mark Novitsky, one of the very first federal Whistle-blowers who has been placed on a secret federal No-work list and cannot even get a job at a fast food restaurant or anywhere else because DHS agents follow him around and tell the Employers he is a suspected Domestic terrorist who is under investigation and he may be dangerous to have working there.

Novitsky says that he is in possession of prima facie congressional / government records which indicate what he is claiming is truthful and accurate, and that the government law enforcement and regulators are actually working in concert with Congress shielding and protecting Tele Tech Holdings / Tele Tech Government Solutions from any investigation for what he claims are significant violations of US Law and the public’s lawful privacy. 

This harassment of Mark Novitsky as a Federal Whistle-blower and his placement on a secret DHS “No Work list” is criminal but Mark has no means available at this time to stop this. Why? Because the courts roll over any time the false cloak of “national security” is invoked which it has been to use to enable the long term and serious and RICO criminal harassment of Mark Novitsky.

Novitsky’s whistle-blowing is just as serious as Edward Snowden, but few pay attention and sixty minutes and all the top reporters he went to were afraid to touch his story of incredible spying and abuse of American consumers.

Unquestionably Mark Novitsky is a stand up man in every way, a man who keeps his word, has the highest character and integrity and cannot be bought off, bribed, or coerced to do anything wrong.

Certainly he is a great American Hero in every way and pays the price every day for his commitment to get the truth about his former employer’s secret national security crimes against America and We The People.

If any person who has been hired into a strategic role by the Establishment and refuses to go along with their secret crimes, well then, he or she is declared an enemy of the state and the full national security mechanisms and tyranny are brought against them like with Mark Novitsky.

Sadly Mark Novitsky went to his Minnesota Congressmen Ellison and Senators Frankin who have ignored him completely and done nothing to make sure those harassing him were exposed or stopped although they both claim to be standing up for the privacy rights of Minnesotans.

Novitsky refused to go along and gave up a huge salary for his integrity and honesty. He refused to be corrupted and refused to respond to threats of harassment, stalking and death threats.

To this day he is daily harassed by DHS and the FBI, the CIA and the Mossad too, and this is disgusting. Anyone interested in learning the big untold story that is behind Mark Novitsky can learn the specifics by doing some detailed web searches.

Insiders have told associates that the Establishment is very, very concerned about the Internet exposing their dirty laundry, engineered wars, false-flag attack, manufactured synthetic terror to justify evil, illegal, unconstitutional, unprovoked, undeclared, unwinnable, perpetual wars for Establishment profits at the expense of the taxpayer and other innocent victims of these staged wars and terror attacks.

What the Establishment has done to neutralize the Internet has failed miserably and will continue to fail. It has set up and paid for hundreds of websites staffed by hundreds of sock-puppets, shills and stooges.

They quickly realized that no one was visiting these websites nor accepting any ideas, so they decided to use the “limited hangout” strategy to con the visitors to use their websites and attribute enough validity in order to be able to deliver an occasional “bad payload” over matters important to their secret Agenda.

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This limited hangout with an occasional bad payload strategy is now failing because many web users have become far too sophisticated and have enough fact background to discern the truth nuggets from the bad payloads, taking only the truth nuggets from any website they find them and later connecting these truth nuggets in their heads to form their own opinions which are often quite valid and are divergent from the CMMM or these stooge, limited hangout websites actual agendas.

This limited hangout involves releasing stories that are often all true except for minor points, which can later be combined to deliver a bad payload on vital matters in order to mislead their website visitors. This is why so many RKM intercept websites have tried to mislead Americans that Iran is desperately trying to develop nuclear weapons when nothing could be further from the truth.

Not only is this provably false because of numerous IAEA inspections, but instead the World should be upset at Israel for having over 200 known nuclear devices which have been picked up by gamma ray detectors mounted in space satellites.

These RKM intercept websites have been helping to lay the building blocks which will support the blatantly false-narratives and big lies carried by the CMMM that Israel is a major terror state and has been working hard to develop nukes so they turn Israel to glass and dust.

Actually the truth is just the opposite. As usual the RKM’s CMMM and Israeli Likudist leaders have been lying through their teeth about Israel and “projecting” again. Projection is accusing your enemy of what you have been secretly doing or plan to do.

Israel DID NOT sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Agreement and it is therefore illegal for the USA to give Israel one red cent or any weapons systems, fighter aircraft, arms or even to sell them any military equipment or arms.

The root cause of this is AIPAC and the top RKM “world Zionists and all their massive bribing and blackmailing of the US Congress. As former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney publicly disclosed, when a person is newly elected to Congress they are approached by AIPAC and asked to sign their “Loyalty Agreement” to Israel.

Should they refuse they will find they lose most of their support in any future election, things go badly for them, they may suffer redistricting to ruin their voter base (done with Rep. McKinney) and will have an opponent in their next election lavishly supported by AIPAC or some major extremely wealthy RKM media or gambling kingpin.

Representative McKinney refused to sign this AIPAC Agreement because she thought it was clearly wrong and was then voted out of office by RKM and AIPAC power. Apparently the only Congressman now in Congress that refused to sign this AIPAC Loyalty Oath to Israel was Representative Walter Jones.

Obviously any member of Congress who has signed this AIPAC Loyalty Oath to Israel has committed Treason since we now know for certain that the attack on America on 9-11-01 was done by Israeli-American Dual Citizens, the Mossad and Traitors in the JCS and USAF, NORAD and the FAA. Treason is the aiding of any nation who is a known, proved enemy that has attacked us or is in a state of war with us.

Here are the actual Establishment Agenda’s main goals and how the public’s recognition and blowback is now thwarting the Establishment’s attainment of such goals:

Secret Establishment Goal #1:

Dirty up the American Cities to create massive seemingly un-resolvable social chaos, while extracting welfare funding in order to finance off-the-books money for covert black operations and to pad the pockets of the RKM Banksters and the Establishment’s RKM Kingpins.

Retired DEA Agents have remarked numerous times that most major Wall Street banks would fold within mere days, not weeks if all drug money laundering operations from this RKM/Intel Agency drug trafficking in America ceased.

The Establishment loves to use drugs to dehumanize and criminalize minorities and those who learn to like and crave a drug high which is a temporary escape from reality. Because the Establishment is associated with Occult Luciferian secret societies, they enjoy creating Hell on Earth” in American inner urban areas and have been able to transform many American inner cities into complete war zones and urban jungles.

In Washington DC there is one area about six blocks from the White House where the mugging rate is 300%. That means if you go out after dark unarmed you are likely to be mugged three times within one block.

It is a known fact that the RKM using various Intel agencies started all the drug Cartels in Mexico, Central and South America. The RKM has craftily pitted them against each other to keep them from becoming too powerful while being actual partners with such operations.

This Agenda Goal is now failing as many are catching on that most drug trafficking is allowed or supported and actual Cartel like the Zetas were trained at Military bases in America and provided automatic high powered weapons by the CIA and the BATF. And numerous states have legalized Marijuana, some for consumption like alcohol and some for medicinal prescriptions only.

But soon Marijuana will be legal in every state and the Congress will be forced to rescind laws making it illegal at the Federal level. This will be followed by making other drugs like opiates medical prescriptions for those judged to be addicted.

Addiction will be defined like alcoholism, a medical disease and taxation on the drugs will finance advanced treatment for addictions instead of jail in most cases, unless violent crimes have been committed.

This legalization of drugs is a populist uprising and is driving a stake through the heart of the CIA, the Mossad, the DEA and the Bush Crime Cabal (BCC). It has been known for years that one of the main vehicles for drug trafficking into America has been through “legal” DEA “controlled deliveries” set up to catch the “Mr. Big Drug Kingpin pushers” but never do and these shipments continue to repeatedly end up on the streets of America.

It is now known for certain that the US Army protects the opium crop in Afghanistan, splits the profits and ships the refined product into America on Global hawk remote operated aircraft.

Secret Establishment Goal #2:

Use advanced human compromise, mind-kontrol and blackmail techniques to select, dirty up, compromise and use Doofuses who either have no souls or are willing to give them up for money, power and status. Propel these doofuses who become owned and totally controlled by the Establishment into the highest visible positions of USG, the judiciary and large corporate power.

Candidates selected to be propelled into these highest, most prominent and powerful positions must have the capability to become completely two-faced. If they fail to develop this capability, they will be exposed and ruined or worse as a strong message and motivated to those they own that they better not stray outside their allowed parameters. Note that this is why so many of our elected officials in America are such weirdo, strange looking, strange acting deviants.

The Top Policy-makers of the Establishment find it great entertainment for to select, groom and initiate and propel these these doofuses into the highest positions of the US and individual state governments where they can pull their strings like “puppets”.

In order to be selected as a Doofus to be propelled into the highest government positions, one must either have no soul or be willing to easily give them up for some of the seven deadly sins and must successfully be willing to complete the assigned “initiation rites” which start out with small criminal infractions and often lead to pedophilia, murder of children and for the highest appointed doofuses to occult child sacrifice rituals.

Very sophisticated “Honey Traps” with all kinds of kinky and even criminal pedophile sex are used. In the later stages of initiation and control, these Doofuses become totally owned and come to enjoy engaging in pedophile orgies, and torture, hunting and human sacrifices of young infants, children and adolescents.

In America the CIA under the control of Bush1 was caught (Franklin Cover-up, Barney Frank / Craig Spence Pageboy and Whitehouse child prostitution “tours”) but no perps were prosecuted adequately for these capital offenses. Craig Spence, Barney Frank’s roommate was “Arkencided” to keep him from “singing” but Barney Frank skated free and remained a member of the US House of Representatives.

Denny Hastert, former Speaker of the US House of Representatives has lately been exposed for his pedophilic abuse of his team members while a High School Coach many years ago. This is a strong indicator that all secrecy is ending and every sin of the Establishment as well as their human compromise techniques are all going to be released publicly, all of them, every single one eventually.

Of course many now know about the all expense paid junkets for Members of Congress to Israel where they stay in Five Star Hotels, are wined and dined and incredibly effective mind-kontrolled as they drink the specially doctored up Koolaid given them by trained Intel ops masquerading as waiters.

When Hastert was discovered pedophiling his adolescent team members as a High School Coach, instead of prosecuting him, he was “inducted” onto a path leading him to the highest levels of the visible USG so that he could be completely controlled to do what the Establishment wanted. He never thought he would be exposed, but he was and this is going to happen to all of these human compromised doofuses in Congress sooner or later.

Secret Establishment Goal #3:

Stage False-flag attacks and blame your intended foreign enemy, the Enemy you want to invade in order to make massive war profits and gain more societal power.

The American Masses are finally getting the news that the attack on America on 9-11-01 was a staged false-flag attack and was done by Israeli-American “Israeli-First” Dual Citizen Traitors, PNAC-ers, top NeoCons, the Mossad, and Traitors in the JCS and USAF, NORAD and the FAA and the Administration.

Thus many are now realizing that the second war with Iraq and the war with Afghanistan were based on complete Big Government Lies and False-narratives broadcast repeatedly by the CMMM (see Page Four of the Rock Creek Free Press article, Peeling the 911 Onion: Plots within Plots, dated September, 2011).

Thus more and more Americans have been learning that these wars are engineered and staged simply to make massive war profits for the Military Industrial Complex (MIC) which includes the RKM Banksters, the large International and “no bid” defense contractors and all the Congresspersons who receive massive, secret kickbacks disguised as RKM perks, huge honorariums for stupid speeches and large secret offshore “set-aside allocations” in specially coded Caribbean Bank accounts.

Secret Establishment Goal #4:

Institute massive Free-Trade Agreements in order to export all American Industry and manufacturing in order to generate massive Corporate profits through indecently low wages in the nations where the factories and jobs have been exported, while selling the manufactured item at near full price in side America.

Thus Free Trade is not only huge RICO crime, it is unConstitutional and clearly Sedition, that is, working to destroy America, a Constitutional Republic, by destroying its employment base by exporting industry and manufacturing to other nations.

We now know for certain why the Establishment has been so hell-bent on establishing Free Trade treaties and exporting most good American jobs. The first goal of this is to provide vastly increased profits for their “member corporations” which can greatly reduce their labor costs and sell their products inside America and other nations at near regular prices.

We also know for certain that Free Trade is needed by the Establishment to destroy American Sovereignty in order to implement their pure Luciferian one-World Globalist NWO system, which these “bloodline families” have been after for generations.

Lately the American Masses are becoming informed of this Evil Establishment Agenda Goal of Free Trade at the expense of American jobs and incomes that can provide a living wage and many are now beginning to rise up against Free-Trade because they want their jobs back.

The fact that Donald Trump is stating the facts about free trade for the first time publicly and receiving massive support by the American public show evidence of massive public blowback against the Establishment for this twisted, sick incredibly evil goal it has covertly imposed on eh American People using their CMMM to trick us while they have rolled it out with NAFTA, CAFTA, GATT, and the WTO, each of which has secret clauses hidden under national Security which if they were released publicly would result in an new American Revolution.

We now know for certain that NAFTA and all other Free Trade Agreements have at least one secret clause (some have multiple ones). NAFTA has one that we know of which has specified that although Canada, America and Mexico were to be merged into one nation eventually, it had to be done in small Fabian style steps in order to avoid provoking too much public resistance.

The first step was to loosen the border and provide sanctuary cities for illegals from Mexico, Central and South America while supplying full medical and welfare and educational benefits. Drivers licenses were to be given in certain key states and eventually amnesty and voting rights was to be given. And voting rights are to be granted next.

And the strong efforts by the Establishment to get the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) and its sisters, TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership), TISA (Trade in Services Agreement) and TAFTA (Trans Atlantic Free Trade Agreement) passed have become stalled because of new massive populist resistance here in America and in the other nations involved.

This major resistant to these evil, twisted sick treaties can be credited to the spontaneously emerging populism of the Worldwide Internet.

If these monster illegal, unConstitutional and Seditious Free Trade agreements are instituted, each of which violates the US Constitution and Rule of Law and technically constitute RICO, such would  then allow a committee of offshore large International Corporate attorneys to make policy which would override any US laws and would quickly end any US sovereignty.

This Board of International Corporate Attorneys would make final decisions an any trade matter and even have the power to sue any member nation including the USA using the various clauses of the actual Agreements as final law even over and above the US Constitution. This is criminal through and through and is little more than extreme Establishment cronyism to asset strip the American Masses even more than now.

We now know for certain that the driving goal behind the Establishments obsessions with passing all these so-call Free-Trade Agreements (“Treaties”) is to establish a one-world economic parity between all nations.

This means reducing the standard of living of Western countries down to that of the Third World nations.

And of course the establishment will remain exceedingly wealthy beyond imagination at the same time. This parity reduction of assets, wealth and lifestyle for America and Europe attains two major objectives.

The first objective that would be attained is that by reducing the standard of living of Americans and Europeans and eliminating the middle classes there, the masses become less and likely to ever be able to successfully stage a revolt in order take their sovereignty back from the Establishment.

Second this allows the Establishment to easily continue and complete their total eugenics depopulation plan (90% +) accompanied afterwards by a complete shift to trans-humanism in which they want to then eliminate the human race and replace it with a pure Artificial Intelligence (AI) operated, “hived”, human/machine hybrid (aka the melding of dirt and iron which will ultimately fail).

Secret Establishment Goal #5:

Asset strip the American People of all their hard earned wages and any accrued wealth but do it slowly and progressively (Fabian Style). This has been done by the Establishment’s infiltration of America in 1913 and their hijacking the American monetary production and distribution system by private foreign funded bankers from the City of London private Financial District which is about one square mile and has its own ambassadors like the Vatican.

Then proceed to eventually dump Gold and Silver to back American legal tender and transform their monetary system into a pure Fiat Counterfeit system with no public oversight or control over how much is issued, printed or distributed to whom and where, printing phony Fiat Counterfeit script and charging the dumbed-down Americans interest on using what should have been their own money in the first place.

Thanks to the Internet and the very hard work over many years of such great American heroes such as G. Edward Griffin author of the groundbreaking book, “The Creature from Jekyll Island”, and another great American Hero Eustace Mullins, now deceased and followed by treasury agents and the FBI for many years. Mullins was the author of the book, “Secrets of the Federal Reserve”.

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Because of the outstanding research and disclosures of these two Heroes, the American People are finally becoming informed about this World’s greatest financial Scam ever deployed and clear cut criminal fraud and now RICO crime. When extreme fraud is involved, discovery eliminates any normal statute of limitations so these crimes can be fully prosecuted all the way back to their clear acts of Treason in 1913 against the American People and all lawless assets clawed back and the whole phony national debt completely cancelled. Imagine all the damages each American family is going to be owed for log term damages.

If the Federal Reserve System (which is actually neither a bank and no more federal than Federal Express corporate shippers) was eliminated and all interest removed for using our own money was stopped, prices at the grocery store and everywhere else in America would be immediately lowered about 38-40%.

This is the actual cost of this massive Federal Reserve System financial fraud and trickery of We The People.

And of course many are beginning to learn about Lee Wanta, President Reagan’s personal Secret Agent under the Totten Doctrine (92 U.S. 105, 107 ) . Lee Wanta is referred to by insiders as the 27 Trillion Dollar man. He served as President Reagan’s personal envoy to the Soviet Leaders and after bringing the Soviet Union to near complete financial collapse, also offered and negotiated a win/win solution and a peaceful solution and end to the continuing Cold War.

Wanta’s story is complicated but he was the key person that brought down the Soviet Union and the Iron Curtain. Working in secret behind the scenes out of the public eye and the CMMM, Wanta proceeded to use his money speculation skills to acquire a personal fortune of 27.5 Trillion USDollars.


Secret Establishment Goal #6:

Transform the Federal Government into a Corporation and essentially a private nation centered in DC, franchise and “license” all American Lawyers under the British Bar and institute UCC law.

This places all Americans under Maritime law and thus we often see the gold-fringed flag displayed in every courthouse and in every USG agency.

We know that the Establishment has set up their UCC maritime law system to overrides the normal Tenth Amendment which was supposed to guaranteed that States’ Rights were to be predominant over most US Federal Laws.

As the American People are becoming informed of this secret scam which began in 1871 to create DC as a private Corporation and use it to run the individual states which would later be formed into virtual corporate entities too.

This transformation to a fully corporatized but secret establishment owned and run America was set in full place after 1913 to with the advent of the RKM’s private Federal Reserve System.

When the USA was declared bankrupt in 1933 by secret edicts after an Establishment depression was enacted by the RKM Banksters severe restrictions on credit and money, every person, all the land and assets of America were secretly taken possession of by the Federal Reserve System Banksters as collateral on their massive loans to the USG for its out of control budget.

May states are now finally beginning to organize and push their state governments to assert full tenth amendment rights. Doubt that your State has become “Corporatized” like the USG?

Then seek to find out why your name is in caps on legal documents only and is different than the way you normally spell it. Capitals are used by Corporate government legal entities to display your corporate assigned name, not your real “natural” name.

Secret Establishment Goal #7:

Militarize the American police by using Israeli anti-terror specialists to train them to view citizens as “domestic terrorists” and to be so spooked shoot first at any infraction and “charge all perps up to the max with as many infractions as can be imagined or conjured up.

The RKM stooges in power (Dual Citizens of course) hired former Stasi head Marcus Wolfe to set up a private RKM secret police force as the DHS that is based on the East German Stasi.

There additional goal is to transform the American military into an internal army set up to wage war against Americans who try to get too active politically and take their nation back from the RKM gangsters.

We know that the ADL has instituted massive training programs for the American Police and US Military, mind-kontrolling them to view all Americans who dissent or own guns as Domestic terrorists that should be shot dead at any indication of non-compliance.

This fear of being shot down at any call has been stoked by trainers to the point that Police Departments and the FBI and BATF are buying special targets with pregnant women and children to use for target practice.

Plus we now have rock solid scientific evidence that the shoulder held, constant on pulsed beam police radios can entrain violent psychomotor seizures (Parietal or temporal) in susceptible police officers.

Such psychomotor seizures can cause the officer to go into a violent blackout rage and react with lethal force to any perceived minor non-compliance.

This ADL domestic terror approach has and the War on terror has spooked police to expect to be shot on any call by anyone even old folks, pregnant women and children. This is pre-emptive programming for violence and law breaking by police but the War on terror environment results in the thin blue line almost always being defended no matter what.

The result of all this is that the American Police and Swat Teams have become little more than organized crime groups of terrorists and tools of the Establishment in their phony war on Terror that was created as a Big Government Lie and one of the biggest Psyops on the American people ever.

This secret Establishment Goal to militarize the Police as crack paramilitary anti-terror troops is now beginning to be understood by the American Public. Massive blowback is now occurring within certain segments of the armed American Public and now even within some in the police, the Military and DHS who finally realize this is all been induced by the Israelis who serve as the main action agent for the RKM and actually hate them and want them sacrificed in an all out new American Civil War.

If this war occurs it won’t be a civil war, it will actually be a replay of the Revolutionary War against the same folks as before, the Babylonian Tamudists (the RKM Sabbatean, Frankist Kabbalist Banksters) of the City of London Financial District.

The result has been an abuse of the existing laws many of which are not only unconstitutional but morally wrong and passed because of bribery in the first place.

The major public blowback against all this is the American people arming themselves with automatic high powered weapons for self-defense even from out of control police of govt goons.

Well informed insiders believe that 80% of USAF personnel WOULD BE willing to fire on Americans if ordered to; 80% of US Army troops WOULD REFUSE to do so if ordered to, and WOULD NOT be willing to go door to attack American gun owners in order to disarm them; 90% of special forces WOULD NOT be willing to do so; most FBI HRT snipers WOULD BE WILLING to shoot innocent Americans and attack American gun owners if ordered too.

Let us not forget that FBI HRT sniper Horiuchi did so at Ruby Ridge where he murdered Vicki Weaver who was holding her baby and unarmed and had done nothing wrong and committed no crimes at all. The FBI HRT team also did so at WACO where they murdered many innocent men, women and children in cold blood.

And most Police SWAT Teams and BATF Agents would fire on innocent Americans and storm their homes if ordered to do so (they do this every day in America occasionally assaulting, harming or even murdering innocent folks at the wrong address and almost always are able to cover it up and skate without felony assault, terror or capital murder charges. Folks, this is raw tyranny and is here now inside America which used to be governed by the rule of law.

Every day more and more Jury members are learning of their their basic Constitutional right of “Jury Nullification” for any law they feel is unconstitutional or merely unjust. No matter how often judges attempt to prosecute those who stand outside courthouses and pass out one’s Constitutional right to use Jury Nullification if on a jury, more and more folks are finding out about this and silently using it.

This is spreading like wildfire and cannot be stopped.

It has become obvious that the Establishment wants to provoke a shooting war between the American Police and the Black community and perhaps another one between the Police and American gun owners in general. Their deployment of SWAT teams which frequently violate numerous Constitutional rights, invade the wrong homes and attack the wrong folks by their frequent incompetence and error.

Many of these SWAT teams have become known to use the most profane language possible toward women and children, to murder every single dog and cat on the premises, terrorize and abuse women and young children and shoot anything that moves. these are Nazi and East German Stasi tactics and many American gun owners are getting to the point where they will shoot back even if they know they will be killed too.

The RKM and the ADL have used their attack on America on 9-11-01 and their constant fear mongering about terrorism that they did themselves to transform America into a Nazi or East German style Police State.

The Establishment’s top Policy-makers believe they can at any time order the police and the military to crush any resistance effectively going house to house like they did in Bolshevik Soviet Russia, but younger members of the Establishment are not so certain and are beginning to become quite frightened on extreme revolt by the masses which will be directed at them personally.

As Japanese Admiral Yamamoto stated during WW2 when Hirohito suggested he invade California, the Admiral refused stating that there would be an armed American behind every blade of grass and it would consume all their war-making resources for minimal gain.

He was right. Only now most of the new high tech weapons used by American deer and Elk hunters are high powered automatic weapons that are as good or better than those given to American Soldiers.

And we know that many Americans who have become heavily armed have done so at least partly to be able to defend themselves against a criminal, out of control USG that they know is violating their Constitutionally guaranteed Rights on a daily basis.

Blackwater has such a bad reputation it keeps changing its name in an attempt to divert blowback

Americans are now a sleeping giant that is slowly awakening. If the Establishment deploys goons like DHS and Blackwater type mercenaries or foreign troops from the UN or NATO against the American people, the will wake up in mass and resist in amazing unstoppable ways at every level.

As the World’s top Trends Predictor Gerald Celente has said for many years, when folks lose everything, they can easily “lose it”, suggesting that when folks have their vested interests taken away by the Establishment, they have nothing left to lose and can easily go Kamikaze.

Secret Establishment Goal #8:

Institute a massive RKM cradle to grave spying mechanism on every American and all world inhabitants too and download all data to Israel to be used to build their RKM related businesses at the expense of American business. This has resulted in the Skynet Space based surveillance system using large ultra high tech quantum computers.

Thanks to our great American Hero Edward Snowden, the massive crimes of the NSA and its contractors who are at the center of the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) have been exposed. This was never expected and the NSA is in a complete tizzy fit over it.

Plus the public is now becoming aware that all NSA raw feeds are instantly downloaded by satellite to Israel where they are used to steal American industrial secrets and steal numerous American inventors’ intellectual property and sabotage their patent process.

More and more people worldwide are learning about how their governments have misappropriated their taxes to spy on them and set up a police state designed to transform them into prisoners and serfs in their own land.

Secret Establishment Goal #9:

Roll-out a high tech Eugenics program to thin the American population by 90% as well as the whole World too. Do this by Chemtrail spraying in the atmosphere, toxic viruses and high powered sift-kill programs like the inclusion of Nagalase in vaccines, food and water while sending wetboys to “arkenside” the MDs that have discovered a cure for autism and most cancers, GcMAF and denying its distribution to autistic kids and Americans with cancer.

Stage numerous radiation spills and toxic industrial spills which will speed up the depopulation process and help the Establishment gain even more centralized federal power.

Part of this goal roll-out has involved massive Agent Orange on American Soldiers in Vietnam and use of Depleted Uranium (which had been previously banned by the US Army) on many thousands of American Soldiers in the various Mideast Wars.

The plan has involved high tech and secret political manipulations and Psyops to deploy American Troops in numerous illegal, unconstitutional, undeclared, unprovoked, un-winnable, perpetual foreign wars in order to diminish the future of Americans young men (an now women too).

Georgia Guidestones which publicly declare the Establishment’s Luciferian “substitute” Ten Commandments and their age old plans to radically reduce the earth’s population by 90%

The Establishment’s top Policy-makers secretly want thousands of American Soldiers killed in action, seriously wounded with lost limbs as a part of their incredibly Evil Agenda based on Luciferian mass human sacrifice of Goyim, which is what the secret real purpose of all these Establishment engineered, staged wars are all about, including all foreign wars, the war on poverty, war on drugs and the war on terror.

The top Policy-makers of the establishment believe that all forms of human sacrifice, torture and painful human death provides them esoteric, secret,  massive Luciferian power that would otherwise be unavailable to them.

Many now know about the Georgia Guidestones which as far as the Establishment is concerned serves as their required public notice of their intent to radically reduce the Earth’s population of humans by 90%.

As bad as all this seems, significant blowback by the American masses is now occurring over GMO food and the onerous abuse of many farmers by Monsanto, a notably evil seed company that was started by a notably evil family of RKM linked slave traders from New Orleans.

The Russian federation and 32 other nations have banned GMO and kicked Monsanto out of their nations because lab experiments using mice resulted in fast growing, pre-malignant and malignant tumors.

Monsanto has been accused of by well informed food experts of bribing California officials and paying many millions to lobby against a GMO food labeling law that failed to be passed when it should have been a no-brainer.

Numerous food and nutritional experts have accused Monsanto of running a planned covert eugenics operation to help radically depopulate the Earth. The now immense push-back by food buyers (the consumers) has astounded Monsanto and the Establishment.

They never thought this would occur. And the same push-back is now occurring in response to laws in  some states to require vaccinations of children.

Some scientists feel they have the proof that many vaccines are highly toxic, cause autism and cancer later in life and also are designed to render recipients sterile and sick to boost the health care system’s income.

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The Establishment is attempting to counter this push-back by the American masses by passage of more illegal, unconstitutional draconian laws to force vaccines for the huge profits they bring to Big Pharma and the eugenics and to prevent ant labeling of food as non-GMO, but these efforts are only provoking he masses to resists more and more.

Secret Establishment Goal #10:

Get the guns away from the American law abiding citizens and disarm all Americans except the Police and Alphabets which have been radicalized and militarized by the ADL to view the American masses as dangerous domestic terrorists and to start shooting over any non-compliance to police orders (reason: “for the officers and the public’s safety”).

Insiders have recently claimed that a hard edict has come down from the Top Policy-makers that all power is to be shifted to the United Nations as the economic reset and pure electronic money is rolled out to set up the NWO Globalist one-world system in which no private gun ownership will be tolerated at all.

Of course the main reason the establishment mandates disarmament for the masses but not for their own protectors is that they have a deep long term commitment to control society by the deployment of brute force if necessary, brute force they control as they sit at the top of the hierarchy (pyramid of power).

In order to get the guns away from the American Public, long term special CIA mind-kontrol programs such as MK-ULtra were developed and deployed using German Nazi Psyops specialists brought over to America under Operation paperclip. These Psyops were first deployed as mass shootings in the US Post Office using experimentally mind-kontrolled Vietnam Vets without their consent or knowledge.

This phenomena became labeled as “going postal” and became common vernacular for throwing an extreme temper tantrum. The next deployment of these mass-shooting Psyops was in the public schools, typically using mentally ill or unstable young men who were under treatment by psychiatrists or spy-chiatrists and often prescribed SSRI’s which have been known and are labelled to cause extreme violence or suicidal ideation in some cases.

The Columbine shooting was such a Psyop, only in this one there were additional “helpers” beside the two shooters and the Swat team was told to stand down for at least 20 minutes, allowing the shooters to finish their murders, victims to bleed to death, and the third “helper” to escape. This ordered stand-down came fright from the top of the Police Command structure.

Many mass-shooting Psyops are real, some are fake such as the Sandy Hook School incident which has been proven beyond any reasonable doubt to have been a two day DHS/FEMA Capstone drill using synthetic families which were all paid off, crises actors and of course there were no dead kids, no dead teachers, no dead Lanzas, no actual Lanzas at all.

This Sandy Hoax event occurred in a school which was shut down in 2008 and used for storage only.

Obviously all these mass-shootings wherever they are or whatever they are have been deployed as false-flag attacks on the Second Amendment of the US Constitution as a means to motivate the public through massive fear to support new draconian laws which will make private ownership of guns illegal.

Most of these mass-shooting false-flag Psyops are deployed by Intel Agencies such as the FBI and the Mossad which take orders from the RKM.

And the Boston Marathon bombing was also a fake bombing using a harmless black powder puffer bomb with crises actors one of which has been identified by a Hollywood Producer and who had a prior, all healed up leg amputation and used stage props of a fake exposed leg bone and fake stage blood to make the videoed scene seem realistic.

Some of these mass-shootings are real, and some virtual, but most appear to be a byproduct of spy-chiatrists, Psyops experts in Intel who are employed to spook the American public and their group mind to be motivated to give up basic rights they would never normally ever do.

As the public, especially the inner city poor black communities get manipulated by these MK-ultra shootings of their unarmed people and get fed up, they will eventually start sniping police. And when one incident happens, copy-cats who bare unstable and have been mind-kontrolled  by the CMMM’s use of “Twilight Language” will repeat these acts.

Once the CMMM publicizes these MK-Ultra type mass-shootings, then the Twilight Language” used in the CMMM and prevalent in the culture generates numerous copy-cat mass-shootings in unstable, mentally deranged or previously mind-kontrolled subjects.

The Establishment has specialized in bringing in large immigrant populations such as Somalis and used the FBI to mind-kontrol and entrap those small percentage who are mentally retarded or seriously mentally ill to be entrapped via the FBI’s foreign based website which offer free to and from air fare to be trained in jihad so they can “become adult, mature men”.

It’s a sad fact the according to the Library of Congress that the FBI has no official charter like all mother US Agencies and therefore has no right to exist at all.

It is actually functioning as an illegal RICO organization and is believed by many insiders to have been set up to service the RKM Banksters and protect their interests while covering up the crimes of the various parts of the USG and the Intel Agencies, most of which were set up to service the needs of the RKM, the World’s largest Organized crime Syndicate.

The FBI’s best specialty, entrapping mentally ill or retarded foreign immigrants to appear as serious terrorists, thus creating synthetic, virtual terror to justify large FBI anti-terror budgets and foreign wars against terror.

There other best specialty is helping to convict innocent folks by faking evidence in their DC crime lab (see the information provided by Philip Whitehurst MD, an FBI Whistle-blower and a great American Hero who had to take extraordinary measure to protect himself from the FBI after he went public with the deficiencies and crimes of the FBI faking evidence to convict numerous innocent folks.

Isn’t it interesting how so many highly qualified MD Psychiatrists and Ph.D. Psychologists have come forward and publicly disclosed and discussed the CIA’s MK-Ultra type mind-kontrolled operations and how they are used to create mindless, hypnotic, “stone-killers”, and yet the Major Mass Media (MMM) never mentions any of this information which is supported by declassified public documents and is not theory anymore.

But what could anyone expect from a Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) which is an illegal News monopoly and Cartel run by six totally controlled Establishment goons?

It’s high time this story actually gets big coverage in all the Major Mass Media (MMM). Anything less suggests that the fix is completely in place. Even the NRA and Gun Owners of America has missed the boat on these MK-Ultra staged shootings as well as all the numerous False-flag attacks, especially the attack on America on 9-11-01 by the RKM, Israeli-American “Israeli-first” Dual Citizens, PNACers, Top Neocons, individuals in the JCS and USAF, NORAD and FAA and numerous other traitors in the US Administration.

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Secret Establishment Goal #11:

Create massive chaos at every level of society. It is now know beyond any reasonable doubt that the Establishment is a by-product and operates in association with the Worldwide network of Luciferian Secret Societies.

Anyone who has researched and studied these Luciferian Occult Secret Societies knows that they share the central theme establish a Luciferian New World Order by creating as much Chaos as possible but doing so in small successive Fabian style baby steps to prevent an instant total revolt by the masses which greatly outnumber the Establishment and who could easily wipe them out if they ever staged an armed mass resistance, “Solzenitzen style”.

The Conspiracy to Rule the World - An Interactive History

Those who doubt this need for the establishment to promote economic, political and social chaos and war need only to read the Report from Iron Mountain which is available for free on the internet. It is a well known fact that the Establishment gain and maintains control over society through the creating of wars and all these other types of chaos. When the Establishment creates major chaos, only they have the tools to provide a solution which gives them more power and leave We The People with less.

Secret Establishment Goal #12:

Provoke the masses to “sin” and then punish them for their “sins”. To do this it is necessary to dirty up the masses by bringing in massive quantities of drugs into America, export most good jobs and prevent folks from earning a livable wage anymore.

This part of the evil Establishment Agenda is of course a by product of the RKM’s Babylonian Talmudic (Frankist, Sabbattean, Kabbalist) view of the Christian, European, American and Russian whites as Goyim to be enslaved and used to serve them while being dirtied up, made sick through various high tech eugenics programs (vaccines, adulterated corporate GMO food and Chemtrails and EMF) and then disposed of as Luciferian human “Blood sacrifice”.

This process of provoke and punish allows the Establishment to stay in control of the masses by using the hell on Earth they have created in so many inner cities to justify increased accumulation of centrally controlled police power.

This provoke and punish process also allows huge profits to be made off of the private prison system which has been rumored to have secret quotas for sentencing even among minors (juveniles).

One judge of a juvenile court was recently given a long prison sentence for this but most who do this never get caught because the Establishment usually protects them.

Another very crafty trick of DHS has been to instruct city government’s to institute small draconian rulings in order to provoke any locals who have a tendency and are likely to become violent dissenters later. These probes are designed to elicit reactions of angry letters and confrontations over these basically minor “insults to the community” in order to identify these folks who will later resist any serious Draconian measures, like forced vaccinations, Agenda 21, martial Law, etc.

The false flag Reichstag fire in Germany in 1933 saw the creation of an agency called "Homeland Security" which was used to change Germany from a democracy to a dictatorship. The 9/11 false flag in the US in 2001 saw the creation of an agency called "Homeland Security"...

These folks who respond to these draconian test probes are then placed on various DHS and local police watch lists and surveilled for the rest of their days

If they move they stay on local police and DHS lists and of course this is all illegal and Draconian and is part of the new pre-crime secret prosecution process which is the new coming practice in most large cities and suburbs.

Another strange policy which has now become standard operating procedure in almost every major police of Sheriffs Department is to block off both sides of any highways where there is a serious accident with death involved or a homicide involved. The excuse is to allow a complete police investigation, but the real reason is to magnify the police’s importance and make the public suffer through serious traffic jams. Apparently this new policy was created by some top policy-maker at the top of DHS.

When one of several Top Policy-makers who sits at the top of the establishment Pyramid of Power gets a strong obsession to institute some pet control over the masses, they just lay down a Policy edict which must then be followed by all subordinates all the way from the top of the government to the lowest stations of government.

This is how the bizarre but absolute arrogance of a top policy-maker who sits at the top of the current Establishment System can wreak unnecessary havoc on the masses with no correction possible other than complete revolt.

The top policy-maker who arbitrarily sets such a dysfunctional Policy for the Masses cannot be identified or targeted for reprisals by the masses unless they are identified or disclose themselves as the responsible party because they are proud of their power and the decision they made to implement the new policy..

The Establishment’s top policy-makers secretly hate the common man, view them as mere cattle for use and then slaughter, secretly calling them “Goyim” and secret declaring they can lie, cheat, steal from them and use them as their objects of secret scorn and asset stripping. Top Policy-makers have been reported to believe that Goyim have no souls and are nothing more than dumb cattle there to serve their every pleasure and need.

Secret Establishment Goal #13:

Deploy their Talmudic Babylonian Monetary and Production System and their terror to provocation system worldwide to create massive debt slavery and access for their associated corporations to gain access to other nations valuable natural resources and wealth, and to justify illegal, unConstitutional, undeclared, unprovoked, unwinnable, perpetual foreign wars for huge profits for the Banksters and their associated “no bid” large International Defense Contractors.

Secret Establishment Goal #14:

Use the DC Regime to Deploy the Bolshevik acculturation process of political correctness, diversity, feminism, etc. in order to stifle and suppress any serious dissent, American values, commitment to the US Constitution, etc.

Secret Establishment Goal #15 :

Destroy normal male females sex roles using mind-kontrol, endocrine disrupters in the food, water and air (called internally in CIA experiments in the 1950’s as the “Gay Bomb”, deploy Bolshevik acculturation processes like forced diversity, political correctness, and push women to go to work to raise more taxes for the establishment’s visible DC Regime.

Normal sex roles must be destroyed in order to destroy the conventional American Family which is a normal biological result. Unless the American Family is destroyed, the Establishment knows it cannot fully implement its secret Evil Agenda.

Secret Establishment Goal #16:

Create Hell on Earth. We know this is an important part of the Establishment’s overall Evil Agenda because this is what they have produced in many large urban inner city areas plagued by the illegal drugs they trafficked in for “off the books” black ops money, massive unemployment they produced by all the exporting of jobs by their illegal, unconstitutional Free trade Agreements with secret clauses.

Instead of spending Trillions of dollars supporting terror nations and terror against other nations as well as numerous illegal, unconstitutional foreign wars, this money could have been spent on rebuilding American cities and providing civic jobs and health care for everyone.

Instead of wasting all this money on foreign wars to pad the Banksters and their partner corporations’ pocketbooks,as a part of the phony War on terror, this money could have been spent sealing the border of the USA, especially the southern one.

You would think if the Establishment was really concerned about terrorism they would seal every border completely and track every single foreigner here illegally and deport them.

But of course we know that the Establishment is not serious about stopping terror, because if they were they would arrest themselves because they are the World’s biggest Terrorists and mass-murderers. So far we have seen no evidence at all that they have souls. Are they even human? Maybe not.


There is a major obstacle that now stands in the way of the Establishment’s easy attainment of success in implementing their Secret Evil Agenda to create a Luciferian Globalist New World Order. They believe they must obey the “Cosmic Rule of Play” that they are required to inform the American public (at least minimally) what they intend to do beforehand in order to gain at least the minimal, implicit consent of the masses.

The top Policy-makers believe that Lucifer is a “fair god” and requires them to provide notice of their agenda and planned roll-out of its various aspects before they implement it. They believe that Lucifer has assured them to worry about this because his power is great enough to mesmerize and overcome any mass resistance that might start to arise.

So far this is not working out as easily as the Establishment top policy-makers believed it would. Nor does it seem likely that it will become any easier to continue to rill out their Evil Agenda because the main parts such as free trade, asset stripping everyone, waging illegal, unconstitutional foreign wars for Bankster profits and disarming the public are beginning to generate more and more spontaneous resistance.

This is best viewed as major spontaneously emerging populism, the greatest threat to the Establishment ever and one which can become instantly magnified if the Establishment starts mass invading cities going door to door and mass-murdering civilians in any internal police action against We The People.

The biggest the mistake the Establishment made was attacking America on 9-1-01 and never thinking that We The People would ever find out, or the mass-murder of the navy Seals who knew that the man murdered and claimed to be Osama Bin Laden was NOT Osama Bin Laden (his actual agent name was Colonel Tim Osman) who died in late 2001.

Most US Special Forces and Navy Seals now know that the DC 'rulers' can no longer be trusted. And it has become clear that most deep cover black operatives are always whacked after the op to protect the secrecy of the op. This was done to 11 of the 12 spooky teams deployed by the CIA (Bush Crime Cabal) to South America during the BUSH 2 Administration.

As the Evil Agenda has become known by the masses and much of the World is turning against it and working hard to build a complete financial firewall against the US Petro Dollar, the Establishment will likely find its options to adequately respond will become more and more limited and probably more and more extreme.
Of course they may attempt to institute a cashless society in America and the other nations the RKM Central Banksters control now with the US Petro Dollar but this number appears to be rapidly shrinking.

The Establishment could perhaps stage many more false-flags of all kinds, nuclear dirty bombs,  cyber attacks of the American banking or other banking systems which could trigger a race war inside America, used MK-Ultra type mind-kontrolled stooges and victims to assassinate police officers or politicians, or stage numerous mass-shootings in shopping centers or at public events.

Or they could provoke a nuclear or EMP based WW3. or they could use Israel to deploy its Samson option and blame WW3 on them, the Establishments primary RKM action agent and main Cutout.

Because the Establishment is now at the controls of the USG and much of the Secret Shadow Government, they have unlimited options to direct all kinds of deep black covert operations which they believe may further their Evil Agenda. But history has shown that even with all the power and control available to these “bloodline” families, in the end they always fail because the underestimated the power of the human spirit.

The Top Policy-makers of the Establishment, the select several RKM (World Zionist and their allies and partners the BCC (aka the “Fourth Reich”) are so evil as person that this is unfathomable or unimaginable to most of the public. The reason is their ability to be two-faced and to wear a harmless public persona while actually functioning as a wild Satanic Beast of the night inside.

They have access to all the “money” they want and thus are usually able to buy everyone and anything they want, creating lives of untold pleasure and leisure for themselves at the expense of the masses and a living Hell on Earth for those masses.

There have been incidents in outlying areas of India and Bangladesh where an occasional Bengal Tiger starts attacking and killing humans. The villages where these victim live who are attacked by these Bengal Tigers do not try and reason with these Beast who operate by predatory instincts.

They send out groups to scare the Tigers away beating drums and making a lot of noise but this is usually not successful for more than a short time. The only permanent solution is to eventually slay these beasts who have developed a taste for human blood, but most lack the will to do this because of their personal spiritual beliefs.

The best final solution is for the human masses who are now being terribly victimized by this anti-human parasitical Establishment Beast is to rise up and deal with this Beast of the Night decisively, no matter what the cost or loss needed to do so.

Sadly, like these renegade man-eating Bengal tigers that develop a taste for human blood, the only thing these Top Policy-makers of the Establishment will understand is the same brute force of the masses needed to stop their bloodthirsty mass-murder of so many humans.

Such wild predators whether animal, human or some other kind of cosmic parasite or hybrid must be captured, caged and completely imprisoned for the rest of their lives. Obviously the best way is always for their human victims to indict them, arrest them, try them and convict them and then sentence them to death by public hanging for all their murders and mass-murders that they have ordered.


*The Establishment is the institutional power control hierarchy, much of which in the highest positions are secret, that provides control over the various institutions of America in response to the secret edicts of only several top Policy-makers, These several top Policy-makers were able to acquire massive power in this hierarchy because of long term family connections, membership in the top levels of occult Luciferian human sacrifice based secret societies and/or Babylonian Talmudic (Kabbalistic, Sabbattean, Frankist) groups specializing in the long term fleecing of the masses by use of Babylonian Money-Magick.

Babylonian Money-Magick is a Black magic Luciferian secret art of making money from nothing using FIAT fractional reserve banking in association with human sacrifice rituals, individual or mass as engineered wars., the art of making money from nothing by tricking the masses into borrowing what should have been their own money and paying pernicious usury to do so.

The Establishment has also been called the Eastern Establishment, the Blood-bloods, the Illuminati and the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (RKM). Those top Policy-makers have been rumored to call themselves the Olympiads and love sporting events of great physical strength and endurance such as the Olympics or professional sports.

**RKM is an abbreviation for the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia, the World’s largest organized crime syndicate and one that is Worldwide and has historically been empowered by private ownership of the central banking systems of most nations. It is a secret society and is actually a Babylonian Talmudic (Zionist) organized crime syndicate centered and run out of the City of London.

It is responsible for assembling the “American Establishment” that this article is all about and will explain the American Establishment’s secret Evil Agenda. This World’s largest organized crime syndicate has all the money they need because they control its issuing and distribution over most of the World through private central banks and charge pernicious illegal interest for lending their counterfeit money to the masses. This “money” should have been the public’s own money in the first place and should always be proportionately 1based on real precious metals and/or actual commodities.

The RKM infiltrated and hijacked America in 1913 when it bribed and coerced Congress and President Woodrow Wilson to pass the unConstitutional, completely illegal Federal Reserve Act which secretly set up the World’s largest private central bank in America which began printing Fiat “funny money” in unlimited amounts. Anyone that doubts this can merely consult the various value of the US Dollar charts which show the continual decline in value of the US dollar from 1913 to now when it is only worth about 2.5 cents or 2.5% of what it was originally.

This complete hijacking of the American monetary production and distribution system has produced political and corporate corruption at every level in American society and unending social and economic problems accompanied by out of control urban degeneration, crime and a continuing stream of illegal, unconstitutional, undeclared, unprovoked, unwinnable, perpetual wars of aggression in foreign lands that  are designed to weaken America, strip American assets and set up the target nations being attacked for complete natural resource stripping and massive depopulation.

Because the RKM has a long history of historical hatred toward Christian folks who have lived in Russia, Europe and America, one part of their secret evil Agenda is to deploy various ways to soft-kill and hard-kill white Christians they refer to in private only as “Goyim” (cattle for service and Luciferian sacrifice, i.e. slaughter) and they have used their massive, unlimited Bankster money power to make significant progress toward attaining this goal.

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