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Open Up Your Christmas Presence: Disclosure - Wilcock
December 27 2014 | From: DivineCosmos

Hear David Wilcock's 'disclosure' of the secret space program, the impending defeat of the Cabal and the joint ET-human alliance fulfilling the ancient prophecies of this event.

[ Well aware that his material may be considered somewhat boring and / or fringe; take from it what you might; there is some new and interesting perspective - otherwise it would not have been referenced here ]. Read "Cosmic Perspective On The Defeat Of The Cabal here.

The Jimmy Church Radio Show: Art Bell's Legacy Continues

As you may know, back in the 1990s there were only about three radio shows where people in the UFO field would have a platform to talk - Laura Lee, Jeff Rense and Art Bell.

Of these three, the Art Bell show -- Coast to Coast AM -- was by far the most popular, pulling an average of 20 million ( ! ) listeners per night and covering most AM radio stations in the country. Art Bell stepped down from his years-long nightly work as the "host of Coast" beginning in the early 2000s, and was replaced by my good friend George Noory.

More recently, Art started his own Dark Matter Radio Network. Jimmy Church has been filling in for him by hosting the prime-time nightly slot. Jimmy, who was involved with the rock and roll music business in its prime, emailed us over the weekend and asked me to do a holiday show. It seemed like the right time... so I went for it.

First Off: Why Has It Taken So Long?

Before we get rolling with the transcript, let me first apologize for how long it has been since our last post here. There is a LOT going on in the world right now. Events are continuing to happen so fast we can barely keep up with them.

Whereas there used to be perhaps 3 highly noteworthy stories to track per week, and they would nicely add up over a month's time into an obvious direction, that number is now up to 20 to 40 per week. Although each of these stories are vitally important, when seen as a whole they add up to something much, much bigger.

We no longer have enough time to cover them all individually -- so it is necessary to synergize the effort and look at the Big Picture.

Dream Guidance Has Been Saying The Same Thing Every Day

As you may know, I have been remembering and writing down my dreams every morning since September 1992, and have found the guidance extremely reliable.

This includes an ongoing number of prophetic dreams that prove to reveal future events with remarkable clarity and precision.

Well before I wrote our last mega-article, Cosmic Perspective on the Defeat of the Cabal, on October 27th, almost every morning I have been getting the same message:

"Drop everything and work on learning high-end video production. Do it now. Nothing is more important. Go! Go! Go!"

Currently there is an epic miniseries on disclosure going on that has been extremely popular -- with many new and mind-blowing data points in each episode.

In fact, many things I probably should have written about here are in those shows -- I just haven't had time to do anything else right now. What I am planning on doing with my YouTube videos is high-end, rapid-reaction videos to newsworthy events.

The intent is not to overshadow or replace my show on Gaiam, soon to become two shows in February -- but to add to them, and stay extremely current.


Something Big Is About To Happen

The reason I seem to be getting, by combining all the data in these very highly intense dreams with the equally intense insider data, is "something big is about to happen."

And by "something big," I mean that a secret group of power elites who have seized control of Western institutions, including the financial system, governments, militaries and media, is finally being opposed successfully.

Insignia of Skull & Bones

This opposition is occurring from a vast international alliance -- which I discuss in the show -- as well as a huge coalition of benevolent ET humans.

We were one of only very few sites talking about the terrestrial side of this effort, and facing lethal threats to leak critical data about it, long before it became as obvious as it is now.

There are so many complex, multifaceted and interconnected storylines here that it is absolutely mind-boggling. This radio show touches on a few of them.

Additionally, it has never been more dangerous to discuss this subject than it is now -- since it seems that a major police action is imminent.

Our first home-grown video with all the new bells and whistles should be out fairly soon -- and it should be awesome.

In the meantime, let's hit the ground running as I pulled away from the editing desk long enough to do this show with Jimmy Church -- just in time for Christmas.

This is about as deep and cosmic as my material ever gets... so if you like sci-fact that reads like sci-fi, this should be right up your alley!

Read the full story and listen to the audio at: DivineCosmos

Listen To The Show As You Read The Transcript

As we go to "print" here, the official audio version isn't out yet -- but here are some unprocessed bootleg versions of the show thanks to Kauilapele:

MP3s (each part 25 min., 11 MB) - [ A recommended listen, despite the pre-amble ]

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Complete show (1:15, 34 MB)

I will also say that Jimmy read a ten-year-old bio of me that did not include any of the more recent data -- the books, Ancient Aliens, et cetera -- but it's all good!

Reat the full story at: DivineCosmos

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Ben Swann: On This Christmas, Let Us Consider An “Intervention”
December 26 2014 | From: BenSwann

The most difficult part of journalism in our current culture is [The world's] America’s “truth deficiency”. What is truth deficiency? As I have traveled the country for the past year speaking and sharing with groups about media and truth in our culture, I have reminded listeners that the group most responsible for that deficiency is not “the right wing spin machine” or “left wing progressive talking points”. The biggest problem is US. You and I are the problem with the media.

You see, you and I don’t go to media to be informed. We don’t approach media with an open mind or ready to hear facts or even to get a glimpse of truth. Rather we turn to media for one simple function… to validate the belief system we already hold.

“When Fox News reports predictably on a story dealing with police protests or immigration or war, we as viewers are not turning to Fox to be informed. We turn to Fox because we already know what we believe on these subjects and the only purpose of Fox in our mind is to validate those beliefs. It happens with all media including MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, Al Jazeera, RT… it even happens here at Benswann.com.

This Christmas I hope that in your conversations, family gatherings and time with loved ones, you will remember that there are NOT two sides to every story (a belief rooted in the left/right paradigm) but that there are many sides to every story. Those sides are not as simple as points of view, but those sides are usually represented by real people.

Over the past few days I have been told repeatedly that I sponsor hate, that I do not control the behavior of commenters on my social network pages, that I lie and most of all “that I get a rise out of making people fight with each other.”

Nothing could be further from the truth. For those who know me, you know that the deepest desire of my heart is to stand up for people. All people. To defend the rights of people. All people. To never pit people against each other, rather to encourage humanity above all politics, all talking points, all media spin.

Just as there are those who celebrate Christmas as not a holiday but a holy remembrance of God’s intervention for us, I hope that you will continue to stand as a voice and as a force of intervention into this world. There are plenty of forces attempting to pit people against each other and I stand in opposition to those forces, I hope you do too.

Any voice, any media, any idea that robs people of dignity and lumps all people together into one group is not worthy of discourse. I would leave you with a scripture from Isaiah 59 which reminds us of why God’s intervention for us was necessary. Why that intervention is still necessary today:

“Justice is driven back, and righteousness stands at a distance; truth has stumbled in the streets, honesty cannot enter. Truth is nowhere to be found, and whoever shuns evil becomes a prey. The Lord looked and was displeased that there was no justice. He saw that there was no one, he was appalled that there was no one to intervene; so his own arm achieved salvation for him, and his own righteousness sustained him.”

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year - Ben Swann

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Making History & New Beginnings: Neil Keenan / Group K Update
December 22 2014 | From: GroupK

For approximately four years many have followed the extraordinary endeavors of Neil Keenan through numerous highs and lows.

But against all outrageous odds, his  perseverance and utter dedication to the mission have never swayed one bit.  He has held his vision and the deep understanding that he is holding the key and the right IDEAL – save the world.

Remaining steadfast in not allowing his thoughts and plans to be deterred by anyone or anything, he has always known the right way to move ahead.

There have been many opportunities to cause him to walk away from it all – incredible offers from the Cabal to go away, multiple assassination attempts on his life, and a severely painful leg injury for which he was told surgery was needed.

Any one of these events would have been enough for an ordinary man to give up, retire and wish the world good luck.  But he endured, stayed the course and kept pushing and pushing until the doors opened.  And now they have.

Not only has he and his team finally succeeded in opening the doors, the world can now see what is behind them.  Here is history in the making.

Naysayers, hateful betrayers, malevolent detractors, disinfo agents, sycophants, would-be assassins and Cabal criminals:  Rue This Day!

The Bunker Venture

In a historic precedent of enormous consequence, Neil is the first Westerner to ever enter one of the bunkers.  This one bunker (one of approximately 1,000) is a 16-acre, 4-level underground cavern filled with treasures deposited by the “Family” over many years until the present day.

Access to the bunker was not without multiple and unforeseen challenges.  A number of clearances by the Elders were required before Neil, Nelu and Jo could enter the bunker, but they remained undaunted by the long delays, lack of sleep and spare shelter conditions as they waited “on-call” for entry.

They even found some entertainment with listening to the loud mating calls of the indigenous lizards.  (Neil intends to use one of the lizard calls as a ring tone for his phone.)

A profoundly humble, pure-of-heart man, the Elder “gatekeeper” lead them to the bunker.  It is important to note that several years ago Neil underwent a ceremony conducted by the Elders to determine that his motivation was solely for the highest good — his own pureness of heart.  Only with this being indisputably established was Neil allowed to enter a bunker.

Although they were unable to obtain video inside the bunker during this first venture, what Neil and the team found were chests/boxes apparently filled with gold, jewels, museum artifacts, modern global currencies in all denominations (including 2015 US dollars printed by the Federal Reserve), and of equal magnitude, invaluable documents that detail the truth behind some of the atrocities committed against humanity.  (These documents will be used to fortify Neil’s lawsuit when it is refiled.)  If that wasn’t enough, there was even a full-sized helicopter stored inside.

Upon exiting the bunker, Neil was rewarded for his determination and courage.  The Elder gatekeeper presented him with numerous sealed and locked boxes which, as you will see in the video, required serious manual labor to break open.

Precious few have seen these boxes, much less seen them opened, because only a few have ever gotten close to them before.  Most don’t believe they exist but here is undeniable proof that they do in fact exist.  Here is the first disclosure of what one box might contain.

Before the box was opened, Neil joked that with the Keenan Team’s luck, the contents were probably from Al Capone’s vault that was moved to Asia.  In this one box were gold bars each weighing 1 kilogram (2.3 lbs) and worth approximately $50K.  The ravages of time and humidity have created oxidation and mold on the bars, but there’s no question about what lies beneath.

The Elders unequivocally support Neil and his efforts with a solid, long-term commitment to sustain his efforts.  On behalf of the world at large, we humbly thank the Elders for all that they are doing.

With these assets they are compensating Neil for some of his own expended funds and providing the backing to move forward with his operations to restore our world through humanitarian projects.  These beneficent and wise Elders have given him a “key” to enable the opening the Global Collateral Accounts.  Never before has there been such definitive proof that the Accounts exist!

While many people do not believe that there are Global Collateral Accounts, this is because the Cabal and their cronies have gone to great lengths for the world to accept this as truth.  They have everything to gain in perpetuating their programming that our destiny remains in their total control.

They would have us continue to believe that only carnage, terror and violence change the world overnight.  But we give you undeniable proof here and now that righteous and positive global events can and will manifest to transform our world.

It needs to be very clear, however, that this is not about Nesara or anything like it.  When the Accounts are finally opened, there will be much clean-up to be done and there will be humanitarian projects throughout this world, not just in the West where people will procure jobs.

There will be no hand-outs but only real work to be done to restore our civilization and live up to our potential in a reality where our species will thrive in harmony and prosperity.  These are the hard facts and to believe otherwise is nothing but delusion.

Build the Momentum!

For their part, the West must take action toward the ideal and what absolutely needs to get done.  They must find the courage to make a stand against all that is corrupt and bring real meaning to their lives with action that thwarts what is happening — the complete demise of our species.  Neil has risked all to get us to this point.

By example he has shown how one man can make a tremendous difference in this world.  It is now time to be known for your actions; to be known for leaving this world a better place than how you found it; to be known for the great potential that is inside each one of us.  Choose now the legacy that you will leave for your family and the generations to come.

Round #2 – Upcoming

What a spectacular beginning this is!  Obviously there is still an extraordinary amount of work ahead for Neil and the team, and soon the forthcoming ventures into the bunkers will yield video footage for all to see.

In watching this video you will know beyond a doubt that the Global Collateral Accounts do exist and understand how vital, and delicate, this matter will soon be.  We present this to give you an idea of some of the actual painstaking efforts involved, and, true to Keenan style, with a bit of humor.

And this is our Christmas present to you.  God bless us all – Peace and Joy to the World!

"The Opening of the Box" Video Part One

"The Opening of the Box" Video Part Two

"The Opening of the Box" Video Part Three

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New Independent Australian National Print & Online Newspaper Launches
November 20 2014 | From: AustralianNationalReview

Australia's newest National Newspaper is unlike traditional media organizations, The Australian National Review is a project that aims to provide news with a difference.

Whether it is in the world of politics, business or lifestyle, the purpose of our newspaper is to present unbiased information and opinion pieces that do not necessarily adhere to mainstream propaganda.

"21st Century Media has released its own national print newspaper 'Australian National Review' around the country since November 1st."

The second edition has now been published. I have personally met Jamie McIntyre and believe he is coming from the right place with this publication. While it is not 'hard-core truther' material it will serve as a good 'thin end of the wedge' in opening the eyes of the sleeping Australian public.

Some topics covered in the first two issues include: MH17, Ebola myths, the CIA in Australia, CIA & ISIS, Australian terror laws, proven alternative cancer treatments, mass surveillance, Assange's claims about Google and the NSA, natural alternatives to antibiotics, the dangers of sugar consumption, and meditation. All of this is served up with a mix of business and travel articles with a refreshing new twist. Even if it's not your cup of tea, it is clear that it will raise awareness in Australia.

"Finally Australia has a real free and independent press, one with no editorial control by the elite, but a paper that can generate critical thinkers and critical debate and hold those spreading mistruths and deliberate propaganda in mainstream media to account.

News with a difference that will be educational, compelling and create a platform for political and social change in this country and address the real issues facing this country and the world."

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The Dissolution Of Contrived Civilization
November 19 2014 | From: ZenGardner

Despite the furious efforts of the world’s Machiavellian destroyers, humanity is waking up. In our current paradigm, we’re seeing significant progress in exposing the ongoing brutal Ukraine and Gaza exterminations and furtive Syria incursion, the mass revelation of chemtrails and other neo-scientific programs, the disastrous effects of EMFs of every source, GMO food manipulation, tectronic surveillance and monitoring, and the front and center clearly induced global war and the militarisation of society.

We’re in the thick of it now. But it’s revealing itself as we speak. Don’t let these events and seeming contests of ideology throw you. There’s nothing level about this playing field, and the mass narrative is strong propaganda. Don’t even listen to it. Rely on your heart and alternative sources. Their only weapon is our consent by yielding to their lies and adopting their mindset.

Disinformation serves several purposes, the most insidious of which is to introduce doubt to your heartfelt convictions regarding the reality of what is obviously before you. Keeping the mass mind at bay is imperative to their program.

Why? If we woke up to the truth we’d stop our participation and rise up and overthrow them. And they know that.

Now factor in the genetic modification from every source, the pharmaceutical / vaccination onslaught especially on our children, the toxification of our skies, water and food, and the transhuman robotic assault – and you start to get the picture.

But we are many, they are few…never ever, ever forget that.

Major Signs of Awakening

As mentioned above, there are many manifestations that the Truth is flooding in to human consciousness. What we collectively do with this information is one thing; what we individually do with it is the key. We either activate, or we don’t.

The more who do, the greater the mass awakening. With or without the masses, the awakening is coming to pass anyway, come what may. That’s the wonderfully exciting reality.

What the naysayers and foot draggers do with it is their business, as well as their demise if they choose wrongly to ignore what is more obvious by the minute.

The onus is on humanity. And the alternative is becoming crystal clear.

The List Continues

If you need further encouragement, get involved. You’ll see signs of it everywhere. Major inroads of Truth are being made by the minute as these disgusting forces continue to attempt to forge their desired goal of a subservient, complacent and even happily servile work force. Damn them, and do it with gusto.

Don’t be deceived, it’s all a wicked charade. A ploy, a scam: a counterfeit civilization they’re trying to construct that true
conscious humanity is dissolving by the hour.

Disconnect – disobey – and de-enlist. Break your unconscious and conscious agreements. The parasites will shrivel up and disappear.

The time is now. It’s ours for the taking. And receiving.

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The Water Crisis Hoax: "Peak Water" - The New "Peak Oil" Myth
November 18 2014 | From: PrimaryWaterInstitute / NewScientist / ScientificAmerican / StopTheCrime

The Primary Water Institute: More scientific evidence that water Is renewable; Following on from the discovery that the earth creates oil in an ongoing process that does not take billions of years, it appears that the same is also true for water.

Click here to view a larger version of this diagram in a new window

Of course the myths of scarcity are used by the elite as tools to maintain control. In fact, we do not need to burn oil and oil derivatives at all, but by supressing free-energy alternatives and restricting us to the use of so-called "Scarce" resources we are kept in indebted serviture to the cabal. However this only work as long as the masses are uneducated as to the truth...

A recent study documented the presence of vast quantities of water locked far beneath the earth’s surface. That study confirmed:

"That there is a very, very large amount of water that's trapped in a really distinct layer in the deep Earth… approaching the sort of mass of water that's present in all the world's ocean"

- Scientific American

More scientific evidence emerges that water is renewable; that the Earth makes water deep within and that we can easily access it, but that we have been tricked by the powers that be into thinking water is scarce and we are running out.

We have not been told the truth. The Earth makes water continually, within.

A New Perspective On The Source Of The Post-Napa Quake Water

As Solano County enjoys an incredible new flow of water in local creeks after the recent Napa earthquake, experts are speculating what might be the source of this “bonus from nature”.

Officials report that at least 200,000 gallons of water per day are flowing from Wild Horse Creek, with many other areas reporting similar phenomena. Water quality tests performed by local public works officials confirm that the new water is pure enough to drink.

This new water is being added to municipal drinking water supplies which is a great blessing to local residents.
Although federal government geologists report that the new flow of water is likely “shallow groundwater" suddenly released from opening of fractures, other theories exist that offer great hope for a thirsty world.

During a recent interview, Pal Pauer, a respected American hydrologist, stated that this post-earthquake release is an excellent example of “primary water”, which comes not from rain-fed, shallow aquifers, but rather from very deep sources, far below typical aquifer levels.

Primary water sources are independent of rainfall, and appear to be virtually unlimited. Although the science of primary water is not widely known, there is much evidence to support its existence.

In fact, a recent study reported in the Scientifc American documented the presence of vast quantities of water locked far beneath the earth’s surface. That study confirmed "that there is a very, very large amount of water that's trapped in a really distinct layer in the deep Earth approaching the sort of mass of water that's present in all the world's ocean":

Although primary water originates from geological processes deep within the earth, Pauer said it can be tapped (and has been tapped) for use at or near the surface of the earth. This is because primary water naturally pushes up through fracture zones in the earth’s crust, as illustrated in the diagram above.

High pressures in the earth’s mantle make this upward movement of primary water possible and inevitable. It is not necessary to drill hundreds of miles deep in order to access this abundant [and valuable] resource. In some cases, primary water can be found at the surface of the earth, as demonstrated by many natural springs.

Primary water can also be accessed by drilling near the surface (less than 200 feet). In other cases, earthquakes, such as the recent one in Napa, can remove blockages and open channels for primary water. This can facilitate sudden release of this great gift from below.

Pauer points out that there are other indications that the new-found water in Solano County is, indeed, primary water. For example, there were no major reports of sinkholes or subsidence associated with the release. If this massive volume of water had been released from a shallow aquifer an equivalent volume of water would have had to replace the volume withdrawn so rapidly (over 1,000 gallons/minute, which is over 10 times the pre-quake flow).

Otherwise, massive sinkholes / subsidence would have appeared. The lack of sinkholes or subsidence indicates that the source of these new waters must not be shallow aquifers, but must be primary in origin, from much deeper, prolific sources. These primary water sources, in fact, were so prolific, they were able to sustain surface stability even as massive volumes of water were released.

In situations such as this, as depleted aquifers are replenished by primary water, variations in flow may be expected until equilibrium is reached.

After many decades of successful primary water studies and drilling projects, Pauer has proven that we can access this abundant source and supplement our current water supply. Primary water may be tapped directly, or may be found commingled with secondary water (e.g. aquifers) fed from atmospheric sources above.

As more people become aware of this little-known science, perhaps the Napa earthquake will be remembered for helping us look "down" instead of "up" for solutions to our current, epic drought crisis.

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Signs Of Cabal Defeat Are Now Obvious But, Expect One Last Big Push For War
November 12 2014 | From: Fulford / Wilcock / Keenan

The signs of cabal defeat are now proliferating to an extent that can no longer be hidden from any but the most deeply brainwashed people in the West. The most obvious sign is the APEC meeting winding up today in China.

Updated: See end of article for update

There three of the world’s largest oil producers, Canada, Russia and Qatar signed new deals to trade oil in Yuan. This makes it a mathematical certainty the petrodollar is finished. Russia also announced it was de-pegging the Ruble from the petrodollar.

In England, meanwhile, multiple senior politicians are working towards creating government currency to replace the 300 year old Rothschild fiat currency regime, according to MI5 sources. On November 20th, for the first time in 170 years, the British Parliament will discuss this issue. This is link to a paper on the subject that has been distributed to all British MPs.

The Japanese government is also seriously contemplating doing exactly the same thing. This means that all Japanese government debt will be written off in one fell swoop.

There are also indications the corporate government in the United States has gone into full crisis mode. For example,

When this writer tried to access the official Russian Ria Novosti news site from his computer and his tablet device, he was redirected to an obvious disinformation site called “Sputnik News.” This came after the Russian government news site put out reports that American mercenaries were shelling the crash site of Malaysian airlines flight 17. This can only be described as an attempt by the American fascist regime to prevent the Europeans from finding out it was their supposed US allies who shot the passenger plane down.

The other sign that something big is going down with the US regime is the fact the Pentagon has warned its troops to not go out with Russian or Chinese women. This is a sort of measure taken in war time to prevent military secrets from leaking out. Finally, CNN has shut down its Russian operations, again the sort of thing that happens in war time.

The Russians, for their part, have started a major push to seize the remaining ethnically Russian districts in the Ukraine as well as the gas fields in the Sea of Azov.

The US corporate government is in no position to win any war against Russia and China at this point in time because neither its NATO allies nor Japan are going to go along with such a suicidal and world-destroying plan.

The more likely outcome will be the overthrow of the US corporate government and the restoration of the Republic of the United States of America.

Another reason for cabal panic is a criminal trial that started on November 10th in London, England where evidence will be presented that the 311 tsunami and nuclear disaster in Japan was a terrorist attack. The trial is being held to determine whether UK lawyer Michael Shrimpton gave false warnings about a nuclear terror threat to the 2012 London Olympics. Here is a link to a Daily Mail article about the trial.

The defendant has lined up multiple witnesses to bolster his claim that the nuclear terror threat was real and that Japan had already experienced a nuclear terror attack. This writer is scheduled to be one of the witnesses at the trial.

The trial is important because it will bring lots of information that has appeared online under the forensic scrutiny of a criminal court. If the evidence is good, it will then lead to criminal charges eventually being filed against the perpetrators of 311. The Japanese and North Koreans involved in the attack have been offered, and have accepted, amnesty in exchange for providing information about 311.

The trial is expected to be a fair one because there are proliferating signs the UK is freeing itself of cabal influence. The ongoing investigation into a high level pedophile ring there is the clearest evidence of this. British newspapers are now reporting, for example, that Sir Peter Hayman, former Deputy Head of MI6 British foreign intelligence was a pedophile rapist. Investigators into the pedophilia network are particularly interested in cases where pedophilia was used to blackmail politicians and influence government policy.

The other indication is that the British and European dominated Financial Stability Board, an international financial regulator, has come up with regulations to make sure tax payers never again have to bail out “too big to fail” financial institutions like happened after the Lehman shock of 2008. This is clearly aimed at the big US banking institutions that own the Federal Reserve Board and looted US taxpayers in 2008.

Japan is also showing signs of being ready to make a decisive break with the cabal. On November 10th, for example, this writer spent much of the day in a Rupert Murdoch owned TV studio with a group of panelists who were allowed to openly discuss previously taboo subjects.

This writer talked about how ebola was a US cabal bio-weapon, that Malaysian Air flight 370 and flight 17 shot down in the Ukraine were the same plane and that ISIS was a creation of Mossad and US intelligence. Other panelists made similar claims. One of them, blogger Richard Koshimizu, talked about a homosexual blackmail network involving senior Japanese politicians.

It remains to be seen how much of this will appear when the show is broadcast after editing but the fact that Murdoch is recording such shows is a sign at least one corporate media oligarch is interested in the truth.

Japan is expected to hold another general election in December that could lead to fundamental regime change, multiple government sources here say. There will be a big fight behind the scenes between the old guard behind Abe and the Japan revolutionary faction over the coming days to decide this issue.

Abe has been damaged in Japan after he was forced promise to stop provoking China and to eat humble pie in in order to get a token meeting with Chinese strongman Xi Jinping.

In North Korea, the US agencies recently secretly helped keep Kim Jong Un in power and prevented the take-over of that country by a Chinese led faction, according to pentagon sources. That is why North Korea released its last two American prisoners.

The Pentagon forces in Asia know that it is the Japanese and Chinese who are paying their bills these days. That is why they have an interest in acting as a peace-keeper in the region.

Wilcock comments on Fulford's new post

This is exciting news - no doubt. There are a few things going on in the inside world that Ben didn’t get here.

First of all, the Republican sweep in the Congressional elections. Both parties are compromised at this point. Neither of them are acting in the public interest. In the past the Republicans have done significant harm, including forcing a government shutdown.

They also are the root of the Neocon agenda, which represents the Rockefeller / Israeli faction as opposed to the Rothschild / British Empire faction. Any time one of these factions gets too powerful, the other one rises up against it - and this war is now red-hot. They are using their own resources to destroy each other.

The story is no longer that simple, either, because of the Alliance, which is separate from either group but has elements within both working for a greater good.

The Alliance has a new pope in place who is radically altering the Vatican, and as Ben documented here, the British government is increasingly being transformed by the Alliance, because they don’t want to go down with the obviously-sinking ship.

So, as much as left-leaning people were upset by the midterms and saw it as a defeat, I see it just the opposite. The people who voted Republican did not support Republicans, necessarily - Congress has been down around 11 to 16 percent approval. They did this out of futility - the idea that “anything is better than this.”

However, from that sense of futility also comes the deep conviction that this is the “last chance” for the Republicans to do something different. If they repeat the behaviors they have done before, which they very likely will, then it will anger everyone. Most importantly, it will spur the Alliance to finally take action on a far more direct level than they have so far.

It does appear that things have to “hit bottom” before they have any hopes of getting better. We can fully expect that the Republicans will want to play with their new gun very soon, and government shutdown will be the ammo they test-fire. They will get everyone really, really pissed off in the process.

The other big thing I didn’t see here is what the TBRNews.org insider has been leaking. This showed up on November 6th:

“A gentleman of my acquaintance told me today, privately and not on the phone or the Internet, that if the new Republican-controlled Congress threatens Putin, he will respond by dumping, at once, Russia’s holdings of US Treasury notes in the amount of 118 millions."

“What I learned from another contact is that the Russians have discussed this with the Chinese, who hold 1,269 billions in the same notes. The Chinese, I am told, did not wish to dump their holdings but the Russians pointed out that if Russia dumped theirs, the market would drop swiftly and the Chinese would be holding relatively worthless paper. The Chinese have tentatively agreed but very reluctantly."

“And I know from two German contacts that the Deutsche Bank has printed up a large number of new Mark notes for domestic use when the inevitable collapse of both the dollar and euro are manifest."

“I do love to send these little comments out because of the disbelief they cause. And I have the chance to laugh later, believe me.”

This comment shows that things are definitely reaching a critical mass. It’s not likely to just keep on lumbering along at the gradual speed we are seeing now. We are definitely in a transitional phase.

There are also a series of articles coming out, all of a sudden, on the Nazi penetration of the USG. Then at the same time we have the new Nicki Minaj video very blatantly using Nazi imagery. This is going to be in the new article I write this week.

Regarding the situation with Neil Keenan, I do not believe he is a con artist. We were all following the story of his upcoming lawsuit with great interest here on Fulford’s blog in 2011, and then it actually did appear, and was highly intricate.

Associates of mine contacted his attorney William Mulligan and there is no doubt that this was a very real and very expensive lawsuit to produce. Ben also was personally involved in some of what happened.

Neil then contacted me and sent me an enormous amount of hard, provable data. This includes a wealth of documents I did not release, due to their sensitivity, as well as a staggering number of photographs of bonds, bond boxes and bond chests of all different sorts.

The Global Collateral Accounts are absolutely real. The bunkers are absolutely real. The gold stored in them is absolutely real. The bonds are real. All of this was independently verified to me by not one, not two, but multiple other insiders. The Joseph Riad case released more images of them.

I have met and spoken with people who have been in the bunkers and described the staggering, staggering amounts of gold in them. These people had described to me, privately, what the bonds looked like, which I had not published, BEFORE Neil sent the pics. By the time I saw them I already knew what to expect.

Since this whole story is indeed real, there are plenty of cases where people get access to these bonds and then attempt to sell them to others at a profit. As I documented in Financial Tyranny, the USG very quietly tries to buy the bonds back, and real criminal penalties occur.

The Italy case was also very significant, because bonds that looked exactly like what Neil sent photographs of were seized at the border and taken very seriously. It is all too easy to write off this whole case as if it is all fraudulent, but there is such a huge variety of data - including the very well-documented atrocities involved in the initial theft of this gold on such a massive scale - that the burden of proof has been satisfied.

There have been plenty of Internet scams that have come and gone, dating all the way back to the 1990s, where someone says the Fed is going to be wiped out and that if you buy into whatever they’ve got, you will make spectacular amounts of money. One of these rings went to federal court in 2000 and 13 people were convicted.

I have been told, breathlessly, about imminent payouts and sent emails to “Get In Now” ever since 1998. Not one of them has ever worked.

What has happened with Neil does not follow the pattern of a con artist looking to scam people. I have interacted with him dozens of times in private conversation. Never once did he ask me for a single dollar. Nor has he created any type of storyline for his audience, saying that if you send him money you will profit from the defeat of the Cabal later on.

Neil has not responded yet to Jean’s accusations. I feel that he has a right to make his own statements before I say anything else. He has spent most of his time in Indonesia, as is proven by his videos, and has also been bringing needed witnesses in and paying for everything. If he did borrow money from her, I do believe he intends to pay it back.

My policy has always been not to attack anyone who is working towards the same goals we all hope to achieve. If I had given someone money and felt cheated by them, I would not publicize it, regardless of what I felt of their character. Making negative statements of any kind about people on the internet has the almost invariable effect of backfiring and causing damage to the person who did it.

Jean has fought valiantly for truth and justice, as has Neil. She also did this without any type of donation or payment model in place for her services. I therefore encourage you to help her out if you have enjoyed her site, since she obviously is hurting.It does appear that Neil is working on some very, very big stuff, and this is the main reason why he has gone silent for the time being.

None of this epic battle for freedom has been predictable, but it certainly has been interesting. I had another dream this morning, which I haven’t even finished writing up yet, suggesting the Cabal is nearing an epic defeat. And I have rebuilt my strength, am making great progress on doing my own videos, and have much more to share in the coming days.

Updated: November 12 2014 | David Wilcock

I spent all day yesterday gathering new info from insiders. Things are ramping up VERY quickly. My mind has been blown wide open. Lots of new people are starting to come forward and they may just be the first wave.

Apparently the preferred method of how the Alliance will get the planet back is going to continue to involve behind-the-scenes work for a period of time. It may or may not depending upon how fast certain things move.

Although I do not at all advocate this approach, we have the number-one source available to one of my highest-level insiders saying that we are going to see major people getting knocked off and it will be made to look like accidents. This could go on for weeks or even months. This was independently confirmed by others.

There will be a decisive shift, I was told. Some of the intel suggested it could happen fairly quickly.

The most intriguing new tidbit was that it will reach a point where everyone knows about the Cabal and what they were up to on an extremely public level. Once this happens, the media will be MANDATED to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, whether they like it or not.

I am going to keep a steady focus on getting a video pipeline established. The dream I just woke up from told me to relentlessly focus on this. There will be a need for it soon enough, as if there isn’t already.

There is some intel, which I do not believe is credible, suggesting that things could very dramatically shift in just a few weeks. Part of this job is to assess the value of certain intel and not pass things along unless they seem to help.

Many times I have heard imminent-sounding things and decided not to pass them along, and then they didn’t happen. No matter who tries to plan what, things have their own speed of traveling. Windows open and windows close. Opportunities shift on an hourly basis with the political winds.

Some of the most exciting new information concerns the secret space program. There is no question that ET activity has dramatically ramped up in and around the earth. Disclosure is very much going to be a part of this, and part of what embarrasses our shadow government is there are so many different folks out there that they honestly don’t know what the heck is going on.

The “learning curve” is going to be significant. I have been charting the progress towards Disclosure on my show and there is much more to say on this. One insider said that all this fighting over the financial system, and how we change it, is valiant but also sadly foolish, as we are right on the brink of changes so massive that money will be as obsolete as the Pony Express.

“We will see the arrest and prosecution of top banksters, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, anyone who has been violating the law.

This will target people and groups who have used lobbyists to change a law from something that was real and good for humanity into something that would further their cause.

People who have blatantly violated laws and committed treasonous acts contrary to the life and living conditions of humans are strongly likely to be arrested or certainly thwarted. This will also include a significant majority of the senate and congress in the United States.”

There you have it. The other stuff that is imminent will be fascinating if it happens, and if so we don’t have to wait long, so I am content to just “sit here watching the wheels go round and round…”

I think the only weapon the cabal have left is the media. Ironically I had a dream that said exactly that just yesterday morning. The Cabal basically no longer exists except as a tired old story that they are telling in movies, pop music, video games and media disinfo.

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A Tangible Maths Lesson – Four Types Of Institutional Lies
November 11 2014 | From: WakeUpWorld

Despite the constraints of our educational systems, there are some excellent teachers. And there are some not so excellent instructors. We learn a lot in school, but it is also important to learn outside of school as well. Some of the most valuable lessons are not found in the teacher’s answer book, and yet some teachers operate by the book, at right angles, making no adjustments for the humanity of their students.

Not surprising given that the school system itself is geared toward creating two things: employment and expectation.

Like most people who are interested in history I dreaded math and algebra, and may actually have found my interest in history out of my disdain and fear of division and multiplication. What I didn’t realize then was how much addition and subtraction is actually involved in writing our history.

I remember the first time I learned how to add. I thought I had tackled the math thing then and there. I also remember the first time I was frozen in front of the class, unable to do long division on the chalkboard. And yet the mathematical lesson I have used the most since its revelation to me, and the one I remember most distinctly, turned out to be more than just a mathematical lesson.

A Tangible Maths Lesson

An elder grew up in a country where government lies and propaganda were commonplace. One day, when I was a child, he was grilling a friend and I on our multiplication tables. After a while he paused and said,

“Let me think of a hard one — alright, what is eight times seven?”

My friend and I deliberated and answered “fifty-six”.

“Wrong. Think again.”

Well we checked and double checked our arithmetic.



“It’s fifty-six, I think.”

“You’re wrong, it’s fifty-eight.”

“I think it’s fifty-six.”

“Wrong it’s fifty-eight.”

We held our guns, but because he was the authority figure, finally capitulated to his insistence that he held the correct answer.

“Ok fifty-eight.”

After we gave in, he explained the lesson.

Never submit to the half-truths, distortions and lies of authorities, particularly when you already know the answer.

Idiots and Elitists

The reality is, authorities are bound to distribute lies and half-truths in support of their own ends and agenda.

This lesson is huge part of George Orwell’s novels 1984 and Animal Farm. The removal and replacement of whole segments of language by those in control is a key part of the dystopian backdrop of 1984. Over time, the state dictionary shrinks, while events are changed or removed altogether from “history”.

In Animal Farm, the agreed social rules of the farm, posted in public for all to see, are progressively altered in both word and in spirit by an emerging power faction, who argue linguistic technicality while insisting that everything is unchanged and enforcing the altered “rules” to their own ends.

Orwell’s works were an eerily accurate exploration of the inherent potential for corruption in our heavily institutionalized society. The real world is full of similar such occurrences. Elitists often censor, suppress and obscure the truth, while information is removed, falsely discredited, even replaced or entirely conjured. Meanwhile, euphemisms are inserted into the wider vocabulary to steer not only people’s perceptions and decision making, but the very subjects they will reasonably consider.

“Idiots don’t question relevance and act on ignorance. Zealots question limitedly, in accordance to preconceptions. Elitists question in order to advance power and do not share information. Patriots question and share information openly.” - from The Matrix of Four.

In accordance with the Matrix of Four, there are four types of lie, all of them involving some nugget of truth. For the sake of this discussion, let’s look to the nuclear experimentation industry for examples.

The first type of lie is the addition of information. Sometimes the addition of a small bit of information can change the story entirely. For example: yes the ailing Fukushima reactor is still spewing radioactive pollution… but did you know, according to nuclear industry supporters, low level exposure to radiation is actually good for you?

The second type of lie is the subtraction of information. The removal of small key components can result in entirely different meaning. For example: with the nuclear site in Miami operating dangerous above standard ‘safety’ limits, the regulator temporarily increased the limit, averting an “emergency” by subtraction.

The third type of lie is multiplication of information. Exaggerations of situations connected with the story as well as exaggerations of extraneous information are included in the presentation to dilute it.

The fourth type of lie is division of information. The facts are interlaced with disconnects and the significance of information is separated or underplayed. To exemplify the third and fourth types: nuclear industry advocates claim nuclear energy to be ‘clean’ and ‘safe’. To support this belief (not fact), they exaggerate the relevance of nuclear’s low carbon emissions in comparison to other energy systems while ignoring or downplaying the permanent environmental destruction their nuclear waste causes and discrediting the science that clearly proves radiation exposure = cancer and death.

The problem for the ‘powers that were’ is, we each have a mind that can compute math tricks as well as self-serving political gimmicks – both of which are constants in today’s institutional operations.

Sure, this mixed up mathematics, irregular logic, circular reasoning and ill rhetoric is sometimes just due to a lack of information, combined with an unreasonable unwillingness to admit one doesn’t know everything. But given how extensive and common such twisted representations are in modern politics, one can only assume that, more often than not, we are witnessing a web of implicit agendas running counter to the assumed program of community governance. And we all know it.

So what is still sustaining a system we know is failing? Fear and hate.

Fear, Hate and Truth

Hate is the ultimate control mechanism. It prevents us from seeing the brotherhood in humanity. It enables institutions to promote (very profitable) war and killing. It creates closed-mindedness and closes the heart to spiritual healing. In is endemic to a war mentality, where both sides rationalize violent acts in the name of peace, liberty and freedom, all the while hating the evil “others” who are invariably demonized or dehumanized by the intentional rhetoric of war.

Fear is toxic and debilitating, and worst of all, much like ignorance – it is contagious. It’s no secret, most people don’t like change – particularly large scale change. Fear is by definition, an emotional response to the unknown, to a change that has not yet happened or something that does not yet exist.

And today, our institutions are designed to combat change of all kinds; we’re equipped for war, not peace. We’re busy fighting “climate change” instead of building sustainability. We have built entire institutions around such fears, constantly bracing against a perceived and mysterious threat to our future peace and security.

Ironically, it is by institutionalizing war and this culture of fear that we embed conflict, lack and separation into our collective consciousness. And it is from this point that acts of militarism and invasion become normalized in our minds.

[For a deeper look at the institutionalization of war, check out my previous article Where are the Peacemakers? Our Institutions are Designed for War]

The intentional seeding of fear and ignorance into our social psyche holds us back as a collective, limiting our knowledge of our actual (not perceived) world, our expectations and ultimately, how we manifest our future reality. Initiating a ‘flight or fight’ response, at a primal level, our self-protective impulses can propel us to take aggressive (re)actions, which in turn seed more hate and fear in those around us.

And when that fear relates to the question of social programming or collusion, the deep sense of trust and security that is embedded in our relationship with “society” and “the system” causes many to close their minds, fearful of even questioning such fundamental beliefs, and hateful toward those who do.

Truth, the antithesis of evil, exists without fear – of outsiders, of alternative perspectives, of other lifestyles, of what may be seen heard or spoken, of what may come next, of losing control, of truth itself.

In our ongoing search for truth, we invariably encounter both ignorance and pro-institutional propaganda. So, when encountering those who espouse the relative merits of our corrupted, failing structures (while often also mocking alternative views), it can very be difficult to understand which people are in fact idiots and which are entangled with elitist philosophies and institutions. Do they ignore the facts because of fear, imparted ignorance and mental numbness? Or do they perpetuate ignorance intentionally, in order to disempower – a common tactic in executing covert agenda.

The best mathematical lesson I ever learned taught me to question the deductions and answers of “authority” of all kinds. Where authority exists, so too does an imbalance of power, and from a point of imbalance, the truth is easily corrupted – by addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

When you encounter un-truths, you may wonder – are they idiots, zealots or elitists? Don’t waste your energy. Your best weapon is truth. True patriots question and share information openly, free of fear and agenda. Be a patriot.

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Scientific Study: 'Conspiracy Theorists' Are The Sanest Of All
November 9 2014 | From: HumansAreFree

I was so happy to finally see a study done on the psychology of conspiracy beliefs. It goes through the importance of belief systems in the acceptance or rejection of ‘conspiracy theories.’

If you consider yourself awakened and seeking the truth – especially in government matters, people are quick to label you a crazy conspiracy theorist just so they can validate themselves.

In this study, a large group of commenters were examined on a news website, surrounding the topic of 9/11. Out of the 2,174 comments collected, 1,459 were coded as conspiracist and 715 as conventionalist. Right away its evident more people are thinking critically about ‘conspiracies’ rather than just disputing them.

What they found was that conspiracist commenters were more likely to argue against the opposing interpretation and less likely to argue in favor of their own interpretation, while the opposite was true of conventionalist commenters.

In other words, the anti-conspiracy commenters we’re pushing on their own interpretations of the situation rather than focusing on what really happened.

The conspiracists were more likely to express mistrust and made more positive and fewer negative references. They focused more on the points of what happened, rather than putting the other people down.

The data also indicated that conspiracists were largely unwilling to apply the “conspiracy theory” label to their own beliefs. They realized that label carries a negative social stigma and there is no need to plaster on these labels when trying to decode the truth.

The most important part of this study found that the conventionalist arguments tended to be much more hostile. This is apparent all over the internet, people who are trying to spread truth and awareness usually aren’t mean about it.

When people refute these ideas, it seems to always be much more aggressive. They want to push their conventional mentality so they don’t have to broaden their minds. People who want you to truly open your mind to new possibilities do it in a way that isn’t forceful and demanding.

Seeking truth happens on your own means so people who are labelled as conspiracy theorists are just trying to help awaken our world. Being considered a ‘conspiracy theorist’ is truly a noble thing.

You are pushing through the barriers of existing belief systems in order to make room for broader, more accepting beliefs. People are still very afraid and want to defend the old paradigm.

If anyone has ever invalidated your attempts to uncover the truth – keep going, it’s a brave and necessary act as our world raises it’s consciousness.

Read more about the study here.

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The $9 Billion Witness: Meet JPMorgan Chase's Worst Nightmare
November 8 2014 | From: RollingStone

Meet the woman JP Morgan Chase paid one of the largest fines in American history to keep from talking

Chase whistle-blower Alayne Fleischmann risked it all

She tried to stay quiet, she really did. But after eight years of keeping a heavy secret, the day came when Alayne Fleischmann couldn't take it anymore.

"It was like watching an old lady get mugged on the street," she says. "I thought, 'I can't sit by any longer.'"

Fleischmann is a tall, thin, quick-witted securities lawyer in her late thirties, with long blond hair, pale-blue eyes and an infectious sense of humor that has survived some very tough times. She's had to struggle to find work despite some striking skills and qualifications, a common symptom of a not-so-common condition called being a whistle-blower.

Fleischmann is the central witness in one of the biggest cases of white-collar crime in American history, possessing secrets that JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon late last year paid $9 billion (not $13 billion as regularly reported – more on that later) to keep the public from hearing.

Back in 2006, as a deal manager at the gigantic bank, Fleischmann first witnessed, then tried to stop, what she describes as "massive criminal securities fraud" in the bank's mortgage operations.

Thanks to a confidentiality agreement, she's kept her mouth shut since then.

"My closest family and friends don't know what I've been living with," she says. "Even my brother will only find out for the first time when he sees this interview."

Six years after the crisis that cratered the global economy, it's not exactly news that the country's biggest banks stole on a grand scale. That's why the more important part of Fleischmann's story is in the pains Chase and the Justice Department took to silence her.

She was blocked at every turn: by asleep-on-the-job regulators like the Securities and Exchange Commission, by a court system that allowed Chase to use its billions to bury her evidence, and, finally, by officials like outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder, the chief architect of the crazily elaborate government policy of surrender, secrecy and cover-up.

"Every time I had a chance to talk, something always got in the way," Fleischmann says.

This past year she watched as Holder's Justice Department struck a series of historic settlement deals with Chase, Citigroup and Bank of America. The root bargain in these deals was cash for secrecy. The banks paid big fines, without trials or even judges – only secret negotiations that typically ended with the public shown nothing but vague, quasi-official papers called "statements of facts," which were conveniently devoid of anything like actual facts.

And now, with Holder about to leave office and his Justice Department reportedly wrapping up its final settlements, the state is effectively putting the finishing touches on what will amount to a sweeping, industrywide effort to bury the facts of a whole generation of Wall Street corruption.

"I could be sued into bankruptcy," she says. "I could lose my license to practice law. I could lose everything. But if we don't start speaking up, then this really is all we're going to get: the biggest financial cover-up in history."

Alayne Fleischmann grew up in Terrace, British Columbia, a snowbound valley town just a brisk 18-hour drive north of Vancouver. She excelled at school from a young age, making her way to Cornell Law School and then to Wall Street. Her decision to go into finance surprised those closest to her, as she had always had more idealistic ambitions.

"I helped lead a group that wrote briefs to the Human Rights Chamber for those affected by ethnic cleansing in Bosnia-Herzegovina," she says. "My whole life prior to moving into securities law was human rights work."

But she had student loans to pay off, and so when Wall Street came knocking, that was that. But it wasn't like she was dragged into high finance kicking and screaming. She found she had a genuine passion for securities law and felt strongly she was doing a good thing.

"There was nothing shady about the field back then," she says. "It was very respectable."

In 2006, after a few years at a white-shoe law firm, Fleischmann ended up at Chase. The mortgage market was white-hot. Banks like Chase, Bank of America and Citigroup were furiously buying up huge pools of home loans and repackaging them as mortgage securities.

Like soybeans in processed food, these synthesized financial products wound up in everything, whether you knew it or not: your state's pension fund, another state's workers' compensation fund, maybe even the portfolio of the insurance company you were counting on to support your family if you got hit by a bus.

As a transaction manager, Fleischmann functioned as a kind of quality-control officer. Her main job was to help make sure the bank didn't buy spoiled merchandise before it got tossed into the meat grinder and sold out the other end.

A few months into her tenure, Fleischmann would later testify in a DOJ deposition, the bank hired a new manager for diligence, the group in charge of reviewing and clearing loans. Fleischmann quickly ran into a problem with this manager, technically one of her superiors. She says he told her and other employees to stop sending him e-mails. The department, it seemed, was wary of putting anything in writing when it came to its mortgage deals.

"If you sent him an e-mail, he would actually come out and yell at you," she recalls.

"The whole point of having a compliance and diligence group is to have policies that are set out clearly in writing. So to have exactly the opposite of that – that was very worrisome."

One former high-ranking federal prosecutor said that if he were taking a criminal case to trial, the information about this e-mail policy would be crucial:

"I would begin and end my opening statement with that," he says. "It shows these people knew what they were doing and were trying not to get caught."

In late 2006, not long after the "no e-mail" policy was implemented, Fleischmann and her group were asked to evaluate a packet of home loans from a mortgage originator called GreenPoint that was collectively worth about $900 million. Almost immediately, Fleischmann and some of the diligence managers who worked alongside her began to notice serious problems with this particular package of loans.

For one thing, the dates on many of them were suspiciously old. Normally, banks tried to turn loans into securities at warp speed. The idea was to go from a homeowner signing on the dotted line to an investor buying that loan in a pool of securities within two to three months. Thus it was a huge red flag to see Chase buying loans that were already seven or eight months old.

What this meant was that many of the loans in the GreenPoint deal had either been previously rejected by Chase or another bank, or were what are known as "early payment defaults." EPDs are loans that have already been sold to another bank and have been returned after the borrowers missed multiple payments. That's why the dates on them were so old.

In other words, this was the very bottom of the mortgage barrel. They were like used cars that had been towed back to the lot after throwing a rod. The industry had its own term for this sort of loan product: scratch and dent.

As Chase later admitted, it not only ended up reselling hundreds of millions of dollars worth of those crappy loans to investors, it also sold them in a mortgage pool marketed as being above subprime, a type of loan called "Alt-A."

Putting scratch-and-dent loans in an Alt-A security is a little like putting a fresh coat of paint on a bunch of junkyard wrecks and selling them as new cars.

"Everything that I thought was bad at the time," Fleischmann says, "turned out to be a million times worse." (Chase declined to comment for this article.)

When Fleischmann and her team reviewed random samples of the loans, they found that around 40 percent of them were based on overstated incomes – an astronomically high defect rate for any pool of mortgages; Chase's normal tolerance for error was five percent.

One mortgage in particular that sticks out in Fleischmann's mind involved a manicurist who claimed to have an annual income of $117,000. Fleischmann figured that even working seven days a week, this woman would have needed to work 488 days a year to make that much.

"And that's with no overhead," Fleischmann says. "It wasn't possible."

But when she and others raised objections to the toxic loans, something odd started happening. The number-crunchers who had been complaining about the loans suddenly began changing their reports.

The process she describes is strikingly similar to the way police obtain false confessions: The interrogator verbally abuses the target until he starts producing the desired answers.

"What happened," Fleischmann says, "is the head diligence manager started yelling at his team, berating them, making them do reports over and over, keeping them late at night." Then the loans started clearing.

Read the full story at: RollingStone

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Cosmic Perspective On The Defeat Of The Cabal - Wilcock
October 28 2014 | From: DivineCosmos

The power structure is collapsing from within and without.

There is an international alliance taking down the so-called Illuminati power structure - and it is also collapsing from within its own member ranks.

The epic finale hasn't happened yet - but there is so much new information pointing in that direction, day after day, that we have been overwhelmed by it.

It appears that there are 12 to 25 times more "truth journalism" articles being written on a daily basis now than there were even four months ago.

So many things are happening, all at the same time, that it is impossible to keep up with it -- or even hope to write about all of it. For right now, there are some very significant stories that seem to demand attention first.

As you are about to see, messages forecasting high-level Cabal arrests have finally made their way into major motion pictures.

The "I told ya so party" has already begun

Since the Snowden disclosures in June 2013, vastly greater numbers of people have awakened to the basic truths we have been revealing here for years.

There most definitely appears to be a shadow government working behind the scenes through controlling the financial system, the media, corporations, military and elected officials.

Words like the Bilderbergers, the New World Order, the Illuminati and the Cabal all seem to be fairly interchangeable at this point -- for an ever-increasing number of people.

Hitler was perhaps the most visible proponent of this sort of an agenda - but the infrastructure behind him didn't simply disappear after World War II.

"The great masses of the people will more easily fall victims to a big lie than to a small one". - Adolf Hitler

This "big lie" has become something we cannot ignore - unless we wall ourselves off from conventional society altogether.

I celebrated 22 years of sobriety on September 21st. It's not always easy but I am much happier this way. In order to heal and release an addiction, you first have to acknowledge the problem. Then you need to fearlessly take steps to alleviate it.

Three words

Things are getting very, very surreal these days. Everything we thought we knew is being rewritten -- week after week.

There is no such thing as "the average person" anymore. Each person is waking up very quickly to a greater reality. It is quite amazing to behold. Once the largest arrests happen and the tribunals begin, everyone will be saying the same three words.

The more the Cabal is exposed, the harder they seem to be working to create a non-stop epidemic of hyperventilating fear-mongering in the corporate media.

The final stages in the exposure and defeat of the negative agenda are moving into position. They are becoming very clear, obvious and undeniable. You may not see it yet. You may not dare to believe there is a way out.

By design, the whole situation appears to be seemingly impossible to fix -- thus requiring the exercising of faith to see any positive path through this.

Nonetheless, the words everyone will be using once this globalist agenda finally crumbles apart are only three. They are very simple:

"We All Knew."

Read the full story at: DivineCosmos

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Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi
10 Signs The Global Elite Are Losing Control
October 21 2014 | From: ActivistPost

[ This is not a new article, however the observations remain correct and true today ]
Karma is coming for the elite in a big way. As the Powers That Be head toward a devastating defeat in their war plans for Syria, signs are emerging that their rule over humanity is rapidly diminishing.

Over the last decade the global elite have been on a mad dash to consolidate power over the world. It's always been their plan like some evil villain in a comic book, but after 9/11 the plan went into overdrive and then turbo charged during the financial crisis of 2008.

Yet it's doomed to fail because humans are meant to be guided by their own free will, not controlled like livestock. The more the elite try to control humanity, the more entropy occurs. Entropy, for those who don't know, is the lack of order or predictability; a gradual decline into disorder.

Although the elite still enjoy a huge wealth advantage over the masses, they are now resigned to behaving like tyrants to maintain control. This, in turn, exposes their dark side which has been cleverly concealed for ages. Not anymore.

People are waking up in droves, at least as fast as the elite can build their full-spectrum prison matrix. Let them try. To paraphrase Victor Hugo, "No army can stop an idea whose time has come."

Here are ten signs that the elite are losing control over the people:

1. Official lies no longer effective: The lies they tell simply don't work anymore. There was a time when official lies, especially about war and peace, were believed. Because, after all, how evil would it be to lie about such things? Generally people want to believe they are being told the truth when life and death is at stake. The boy who cried wolf has cried one too many times. Even if they told the truth at this point, very few would believe them.

2. No confidence in politics: US politicians have a paltry approval rating. The trust in government is at all-time lows here and around the world. Mainstream polls show only 10% of the public has confidence in Congress. In other words, 90% don't believe in them to be competent to govern.

3. No confidence in media: The most recent polls show that 77% of the population no longer trusts corporate TV news. Is it any wonder why the establishment media failed to sell the lies about the alleged Syria chemical event? With all their monopoly might over the airwaves, they can no longer claim that black is white simply because officialdom says so.

4. Bankers rejected: Hungary recently became the first country to follow Iceland's lead by shedding international bankers ( IMF ) and is considering pursuing prosecution of past prime ministers who enslaved the people with debt.
Look for this trend to continue even if nations decide to default to break free.

5. Vatican abruptly cleaning up its act: Under the previous Pope, Pope Benedict, scandals erupted from the Vatican ranging from covering up pedophile priests to money laundering and fraud. Benedict, in an unprecedented move, abruptly retired to make way for a seemingly much more likable Pope Francis. Pope Francis by all measures is working furiously to reclaim the church's peaceful and humble reputation. Whether this is genuine or a PR move, it's telling that the church was forced into such a drastic turnaround to save itself from losing all credibility.

6. Mutiny among soldiers: Finally. Soldiers, who are outlawed from making political statements, are steadily speaking out against US military adventurism. As Einstein famously said "The pioneers of a warless world are the young men (and women) who refuse military service."

7. Militarized police state: One of the darkest signs that the elite are losing their grip on power is the construction of the militarized police state specifically trained to combat domestic civil unrest. Local cops with tanks and other combat gear are working with Feds at Fusion centers, active Army units are on American soil for the first time in history, the NSA spy grid is being used by the IRS and DEA , and the elimination of due process for Americans under the NDAA are just some of the tyrannical moves made to secure the elite criminals from public backlash. They're clearly scared, and they should be given what they've done to the American people and the Constitution.

8. Serious secession movements everywhere: A state seceding from a larger political entity used to be an ultra-fringe concept, until now. In America, secession movements are winning over the public in parts of Colorado and California. In Europe, serious secession movements are happening in Spain and Scotland , as well as several EU nations flirting with the idea of dropping out of the euro. Decentralization = Entropy!

9. GMO food being rejected everywhere: Control the food and you control the people. True in theory, but much more difficult in practice. GMO leaders like Monsanto are being exposed . All of their economic and political strength cannot defeat the spread of knowledge about the dangers of pesticide-soaked Frankenfoods. GMO fields are being burned in protest in America and around the world , informed nations continue to reject their products , and labeling laws are gaining traction.

10. Cannabis liberation: Many reading this will think marijuana legalization is a superficial development. However, it is a major signpost that the elite's grip is fading. Enormous resources have been spent to keep cannabis illegal. Cannabis has been a powerful medicine for physical, mental, and spiritual health throughout the ages. This single plant represents a huge threat to the power structures and their industries, hence its seemingly senseless illegality. The approaching global reversal of the tyrannical policy of prohibition is the first of many concessions to come.

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How To Spot - And Defeat - Disruption On The Internet
October 17 2017 | From: WashingtonsBlog

The 15 Rules of Web Disruption

David Martin’s Thirteen Rules for Truth Suppression,  H. Michael Sweeney’s 25 Rules of Disinformation (and now Brandon Smith’s Disinformation: How It Works) are classic lessons on how to spot disruption and disinformation tactics.

We’ve seen a number of tactics come and go over the years.  Here are the ones we see a lot of currently.

1.  Start a partisan divide-and-conquer fight or otherwise push emotional buttons to sow discord and ensure that cooperation is thwarted.  

Get people fighting against each other instead of the corrupt powers-that-be.  Use baseless caricatures to rile everyone up. 

For example,  start a religious war whenever possible using stereotypes like “all Jews are selfish”, “all Christians are crazy” or “all Muslims are terrorists”.  Accuse the author of being a gay, pro-abortion limp-wristed wimp  or being a fundamentalist pro-war hick when the discussion has nothing to do with abortion, sexuality, religion, war or region.  Appeal to people’s basest prejudices and biases. And – as Sweeney explains – push the author into a defensive posture:

Sidetrack opponents with name calling and ridicule … Associate opponents with unpopular titles such as “kooks”, “right-wing”, “liberal”, “left-wing”, “terrorists”, “conspiracy buffs”, “radicals”, “militia”, “racists”, “religious fanatics”, “sexual deviates”, and so forth. This makes others shrink from support out of fear of gaining the same label, and you avoid dealing with issues.

2.  Pretend it’s hopeless because we’ll be squashed if we try.  For example, every time a whistleblower leaks information, say “he’s going to be bumped off”.  

If people talk about protesting, organizing, boycotting, shareholder activism, spreading the real facts, moving our money or taking other constructive action, write things to scare and discourage people, say something like  “we don’t have any chance because they have drones and they’ll just kill us if we try”,  or “Americans are too stupid, lazy and greedy, so they’ll never help out.”  Encourage people to be apathetic instead of trying to change things.

3.  Demand complete, fool-proof and guaranteed solutions to the problems being discussed.  

For example, if a reporter breaks the story that the big banks conspired to rig a market, ask “given that people are selfish and that no regulation can close all possible loopholes … how are you going to change human nature?”, and pretend that it’s not worth talking about the details of the market manipulation. 

This discourages people from reporting on and publicizing the corruption, fraud and other real problems.  And it ensures that not enough people will spread the facts so that the majority know what’s really going on.

4. Suggest extreme, over-the-top, counter-productive solutions which will hurt more than help, or which are wholly disproportionate to what is being discussed.  

For example, if the discussion is whether or not to break up the big banks or to go back on the gold standard, say that everyone over 30  should be killed because they are sell-outs and irredeemable, or that all of the banks should be bombed. This discredits the attempt to spread the facts and to organize, and is simply the web method of the provocateur.

5.  Pretend that alternative media – such as blogs written by the top experts in their fields, without any middleman – are untrustworthy or are motivated solely by money

F or example, use the derogatory term “blogspam” for any blog posting, pretending that there is no original or insightful reporting, but that the person is simply doing it for ad revenue).

6.  Coordinate with a couple of others to “shout down” reasonable comments. 

This is especially effective when the posters launch an avalanche of comments in quick succession … the original, reasonable comment gets lost or attacked so much that it is largely lost.

7.  Use an army of sock puppets

You can either hire low-wage workers in India or other developing countries to “astroturf” or – if you work for the government – you can use hire military personnel and subcontractors to monitor social media and “correct” information which you don’t like (and see this), or use software which allows you to quickly create and alternate between numerous false identities, each with their own internet address.

8. Censor social media, so that the hardest-hitting information is buried.

If you can’t censor it, set up “free speech zones” to push dissent into dank, dark corners where no one will see it.

9.  When the powers-that-be cut corners and take criminally reckless gambles with our lives and our livelihoods, protect them by pretending that the inevitable result - nuclear accidents, financial crisesterrorist attacks or other disasters

– were “unforeseeable” and that “no could have known”.

10.  Protect the rich and powerful

By labeling any allegations of criminal activity as being a “conspiracy theory”.  For example, when Goldman gets caught rigging markets, label the accusations as mere conspiracies.

The following 4 tactics from Sweeney are also still commonly used …

11. Become incredulous and indignant.

Avoid discussing key issues and instead focus on side issues which can be used show the topic as being critical of some otherwise sacrosanct group or theme. This is also known as the “How dare you!” gambit.

12. Use a straw man.

Find or create a seeming element of your opponent’s argument which you can easily knock down to make yourself look good and the opponent to look bad.

Either make up an issue you may safely imply exists based on your interpretation of the opponent/opponent arguments/situation, or select the weakest aspect of the weakest charges. Amplify their significance and destroy them in a way which appears to debunk all the charges, real and fabricated alike, while actually avoiding discussion of the real issues.

13. Hit and Run.

In any public forum, make a brief attack of your opponent or the opponent position and then scamper off before an answer can be fielded, or simply ignore any answer. This works extremely well in Internet and letters-to-the-editor environments where a steady stream of new identities can be called upon without having to explain criticism reasoning — simply make an accusation or other attack, never discussing issues, and never answering any subsequent response, for that would dignify the opponent’s viewpoint.

14. Question motives. Twist or amplify any fact which could so taken to imply that the opponent operates out of a hidden personal agenda or other bias. This avoids discussing issues and forces the accuser on the defensive.

15. Associate opponent charges with old news.

A derivative of the straw man usually, in any large-scale matter of high visibility, someone will make charges early on which can be or were already easily dealt with. Where it can be foreseen, have your own side raise a straw man issue and have it dealt with early on as part of the initial contingency plans. Subsequent charges, regardless of validity or new ground uncovered, can usually them be associated with the original charge and dismissed as simply being a rehash without need to address current issues — so much the better where the opponent is or was involved with the original source.

Postscript:  Over a number of years, we’ve found that the most effective way to fight disruption and disinformation is to link to a post such as this one which rounds up disruption techniques, and then to cite the disinfo technique you think is being used.

The reason this is effective is that other readers will learn about the specific disruption tactic being used … in context, like seeing wildlife while holding a wildlife guide, so that one learns what it looks like “in the field”.  

At the same time, you come across as humorous and light-hearted instead of heavy-handed or overly-intense. It works.

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Conspiracy Theorist - The New Normal
October 17 2014 | From: TheMindUnleashed

If you’re a conspiracy theorist, then you’re crazy, right? That’s been the common belief for years, but recent studies prove that just the opposite is true.

Researchers - psychologists and social scientists, mostly - in the U.S. and United Kingdom say data indicate that, contrary to those mainstream media stereotypes, “conspiracy theorists” appear to be more sane than people who accept official versions of controversial and contested events.

The most recent study was published in July 2013 by psychologists Michael J. Wood and Karen M. Douglas of the University of Kent in the UK. Entitled “‘What about Building 7?’ A Social Psychological Study of Online Discussion of 9/11 Conspiracy Theories,” the study compared “conspiracist,” or pro-conspiracy theory, and “conventionalist,” or anti-conspiracy, comments on news websites.

The researchers noted that they were surprised to find that it is now more conventional to leave so-called conspiracist comments than conventional ones.

Of the 2174 comments collected, 1459 were coded as conspiracist and 715 as conventionalist,” the researchers wrote.

‘The research showed that people who favored the official account of 9/11 were generally more hostile’

So, among people who comment on news articles, those who discount official government accounts of events like the 9/11 attacks and the assassination of John F. Kennedy outnumber believers by more than two-to-one. That means the pro-conspiracy commenters are those who are now expressing what is considered conventional wisdom, while the anti-conspiracy commenters represent a small, beleaguered minority that is often scoffed at and shunned.

Perhaps becoming frustrated that their alleged mainstream viewpoints are no longer considered as such by the majority, those who are anti-conspiracy commenters often showed anger and disgust in their posts.

“The research… showed that people who favored the official account of 9/11 were generally more hostile when trying to persuade their rivals,” said the study.

Also, it seems that those who do not believe in the conspiracies were not just hostile but fanatically attached to their own conspiracy theories as well. The researchers said that, according to the anti-conspiracy holders, their own theory of 9/11 - one which says 19 Muslims, none of whom could fly commercial airliners with any proficiency, pulled off an amazing surprise attack under the direction of a man on dialysis (Osama bin Laden) who was living in a cave somewhere in Afghanistan - is unwaveringly true.

Meanwhile, “conspiracists,” on the hand, did not have to pretend to have a theory that completely explained the events of 9/11. “For people who think 9/11 was a government conspiracy, the focus is not on promoting a specific rival theory, but in trying to debunk the official account,” the researchers said.

As reported by Veterans Today:

In short, the new study by Wood and Douglas suggests that the negative stereotype of the conspiracy theorist — a hostile fanatic wedded to the truth of his own fringe theory — accurately describes the people who defend the official account of 9/11, not those who dispute it.

A conspiracy theory about a conspiracy theory

The study also found that conspiracy believers discuss historical context, like viewing the JFK assassination as a precedent for 9/11, more than the antis. It also found that conspiracy believers do not like to be labeled as such.

These and other findings are contained in a new book, Conspiracy Theory in America, by political scientist Lance deHaven-Smith, which was published last year by the University of Texas Press. He explained why people don’t like to be labeled as conspiracy theorists.”

“The CIA’s campaign to popularize the term ‘conspiracy theory’ and make conspiracy belief a target of ridicule and hostility must be credited, unfortunately, with being one of the most successful propaganda initiatives of all time,” he said.

He further noted that, essentially, those who use the term as an insult are doing so as the result of a well-documented, undisputed and historically accurate conspiracy by the CIA to cover up the JFK assassination.

As noted by Global Research, It was the Central Intelligence Agency that likely played the greatest role in effectively “weaponizing” the term.

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‘Revolution Is Inevitable’: Russell Brand Hits Wall Street, Kisses RT Interviewer
October 16 2014 | From: RT

Russell Brand and some 200 Occupy Wall Street protesters descended onto New York City’s financial district on Monday, where the celebrity called for a “revolution” within the US. Brand explained his viewpoint to RT – and even kissed the correspondent.

The gathering began as part of a promotional event for his newly released book, titled 'Revolution.' However, after a reading at Zuccotti Park – where Occupy Wall Street protesters made global headlines for rallying against social and economic inequality – Brand and other attendees marched to Wall Street.

Once they arrived, Brand spoke about the need for a social and economic “revolution,” something he writes about at length in his new book. Brand mentioned the high disapproval ratings that have been reported regarding American institutions like Congress, arguing that the last time vast swathes of the country were taxed by “elites,” a revolution was sparked.

Speaking with RT’s Aleksey Yaroshevsky at the event, Brand said the arrival of his book comes at a time when Americans are bracing for similar revolutionary action.

“I think it’s inevitable,” Brand said. “When universal change is required, people will formulate and organize, and bring about that change. Now we are living under galling inequality, at the point of ecological crisis. People are misinformed, but the means for new communication are merging, and people are awakening.”

Brand noted the influence of Occupy Wall Street on his thinking, saying it brought a great deal of hope to people. It showed him that:

“revolution isn’t something that belongs to the past, but something that belongs to the future.”

When asked about police brutality and the situation in places like Ferguson, Missouri, Brand expressed optimism for the future.

“We are approaching a time where the police will return to serving the people that they took an oath to serve...instead of enforcing government authority,” he said.

At one point, Brand – true to his style – asked RT’s Yaroshevsky if he was an “actual Russian,” and kissed him on the cheek after he said he was, much to the amusement of the bystanders.

Read the full story at: RT

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Alec Baldwin, Russell Brand Blast Corporate Elite For Attacks On Workers
October 12 2014 | From: RT

In what host Max Keiser called “a transatlantic meeting of minds” Hollywood star Alec Baldwin and outspoken British comedian Russell Brand attacked the global financial system and had a crack at the US and UK governments, which don’t serve the people.

The pair who were in a semi collaborative mood discussed the ills of global capitalism and the gradual dilution of democracy and people power.

Underpinning most of the discussion was the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).

Alec Baldwin, who early in the show Brand refers to as “still quite dishy ”, kicks off on a serious note with another given, that banks and corporations in the US think they’re too big to fail and above the law.

“Wealthy people have put it up in neon: ‘Anyone who works hard is a chump, an idiot.’There’s no respect for workers, for union labor,” Baldwin said.

Russell Brand, who has been calling for revolution for a number of years now, jumps in on Keiser’s request and says why serious change is needed.

“Because of stuff like the TTIP, it’s preserving and preserving the rights of more and more elite bodies to operate above the law.”

Russell has just brought out a new book called Revolution where he argues that the poor are being shafted by the rich, the planet is being destroyed and it’s time to do something about it.

Keiser suggests that if TTIP goes through then the few communal services left that the Brits hold dear, particularly the NHS, will be dead.

Brand explains why something as terrible as the demise the NHS could happen.

“A great conjuring trick has been practiced upon us, the people of the Western world. We are told that within the political sphere no one has any real power, the Conservatives don’t offer an alternative, Labour doesn’t offer an alternative. None of us want the NHS dismantled, who is benefitting from it?

Why can’t we get any purchase on that power? Power hasn’t just disappeared, it has become more elusive, it has become something that we can’t directly confront, what’s required is direct action,”
implored the comedian.

Alec Baldwin kind of agrees but with a little less revolution.

“In the US people are so disenfranchised with democracy. They have no political power. The government gets elected and says we’re going to do whatever we’re going to do.They’ve transferred that Roman Coliseum connection to the tabloid media through thumbs up and thumbs down to public figures that has no political efficacy.”

And like a good many Americans Alec is more optimistic for the future than Russell and believes that “deep down they’re beginning to respond in some way and speak out in some way about this disconnect.” The cases of Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning may prove him to be right.

But on one thing Alec and Russell are absolutely hand in hand, and as Russell reminds us they have kissed each other before, at least in a film. Although Brand says he did for free whereas Alec says he needed “hazard pay”.

Alec asks if there was one thing you had to prioritize, give the leadership it needs and change it what would it be.

Russell goes for something social and immediate, which shows perhaps better than anything else, what’s happened to the UK over the last three decades.

“The biggest issue facing Londoners is housing. Normal folk can’t afford to live in London anymore. It’s becoming a playground for the superrich but already there are campaigns starting for people to claim back their homes.”

Alec Says it’s the same in New York and while banging the table for emphasis people can’t afford to live there. The US, government, he says, “is no longer in control of the situation”.

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I Won't Back Down - Neil Keenan Update
October 2 2014 | From: GroupK

The moment of truth draws near. We will, or we will not be. The choice is ours to make and if we do not decide then someone else will decide for us. My choice is made!! I won’t back down!!

Not all will make it through this darkness and there is no question that for some this is a terrible fright; and I pray that those who have no fear will be strong enough to protect each and every one of you. Not everyone can be courageous! It will take all kinds!

We have been fighting amongst ourselves which surely must bring a smile to our enemies. Then again, are we fighting amongst ourselves or is it they are also the enemy?

My read on the entire matter is that we must move forward, steadily, step by step; until we reach the doors that until now have been closed to us.

Once opened, then and only then, will we be aware of what has really happened to our forefathers, fathers, families and so on. We will see with eyes wide open what needs to be done to take care of the matters that confront us, in order to prevent this abomination from continuing forward or happening again.

Our children, grandchildren, grandparents and friends throughout this world depend upon our opening those doors and confronting and defeating what lays behind them (if anything at all), no matter what – in order to save what is everyone’s planet (not just politicians and bankers etc).

Once confronted, we must chop the head off the beast, bring it home, and wait for everything to come tumbling down! We already know who the beast is – or who they are.

Yes, it can be scary and I do not expect everyone to make it through, but enough of us will in order to ensure that our families and friends can continue on in this journey called life. I wish you all safety.

Neil Keenan

Part One

Part Two

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Nicky Hager: Question & Answer Session On Dirty Politics & More
September 28 2014 | From: WakeUpKiwi via NationalBusinessReview

Following are the most interesting and relevant of the questions put to Nicky Hager with regards to Dirty Politcs, in an email Q&A run by the National Business Review recently.

The more inane questions have been omitted here (and some superfluous detail such as the names of the questioners has been abridged) but the full Q&A session is available here.

#1 There were very few stories on the Ede - Slater link, yet I considered it to be the most damning point in your book. Do you think Media are complicit or colluding in ignoring the main thrust of the book? Most stories focused on stories around the periphery of the corruption you uncovered

Reply: I also considered that the prime minister's office/Ede/Slater links were an important part of the book. This is the subject that John Key and National tried hardest to avoid answering questions about and the country saw them refusing to answer questions about it despite lots of journalists trying.

So I didn't feel the media as a whole tried to ignore this. I think many news organisations did there best. If the people responsible won't front up and repeatedly won't answer questions, there's nothing much that can be done... apart from remembering and reminding the public in future about how they acted.

#2 What gives you the moral right to select only your political opponents for attack mostly by inference in Dirty Politics and then complain selectively about their moral conduct? And don't pretend they weren't your political opponents.

Reply: I would write exactly the same book about Labour or another party if they were running dirty tricks campaigns, systematically smearing their opponents in underhand ways or abusing government power. In fact, as you will know, I have done that in the past about Labour on what I saw as an abuse of power.

#4 Both your Dirty Politics book and Kim Dotcom's Moment of Truth event were about exposing corrupt systems within the Government, yet New Zealanders chose to dismiss these truths and elect National back into power for a 3rd term.

How do you feel towards the perception that the release of your book and the MOT event may have harmed the campaigns for the Left coined as "attack politics"? What could have been done differently to get the message out to initiate positive change related to these 2 significant topics? Different timing?

Reply: I think my book and the September 20 Auckland Town Hall meeting were totally different sorts of things. The meeting was organised by a political party. No one in any political party even knew I had a book coming or what I was working on.

I think public comments that my book may have harmed some parties' campaigns is just wrong. The argument was that it 'took oxygen' from the issues, but there are no more important issues than integrity in politics. Besides, if I had left the book until after the election, I am certain there would have been continued attacks and smears via the Whale Oil blog and other outlets that would have distracted off other party policies far more. Publishing the book and exposing the orchestrated attack activities got in the way of planned attacks and cleared space for some real politics.

#5 What is in the "public interest" can be quite subjective. By publishing books like 'The Hollow Men' and 'Dirty Politics' aren't you encouraging people to use criminal methods (such as hacking, burglary, etc) against their political opponents?

Deterring crime is strongly in the public interest, so how did you (or did you at all) balance that interest against what you saw as the public interest in publishing stolen private data?

Reply: Daniel, if you read the book, you will see that I try very hard to be ethical in what I write. Leaking can only be justified when there are serious political issues at stake that are being hidden from the public. This was certainly a case of that. When National or ACT are in opposition, they are happy to receive leaks.

But of course no government likes it when the leak is exposing their own actions. If we had more transparency in our government, leaks would not be necessary, but currently they are sometimes essential. Having said this, I believe strongly in people's rights to privacy. In the book, there are secrets about government and corporate activities exposed but I was very careful not to trespass on Cameron Slater's or other people's personal privacy.

They were lucky that it was me, who cares about privacy, who decided what got put in the book and what was not.

#8 Do you consider Judith Collins a scalp? (You barely mentioned the SFO/Adam Feeley controversy in Dirty Politics).

Reply: I'm not really into scalps. I was pleased to be able to show the public how unsuitable she is to be a Minister of Justice or a leader. Everyone has a right to know what their politicians are really like, not just how they want to spin themselves. However, I do think it was ridiculous when, after weeks of clear opinion polls and growing pressure for her to resign, John Key pretended that her departure had nothing to do with the book.

#9 What does Nicky think about Jason Ede's resignation from the National Party yesterday, and are his sources inside the National Party confident that there will be no further "dirty tricks" played to destabilise the Party leader and other leadership aspirants?

Reply: Like Judith Collins' departure, there is no doubt that Ede was hidden during the election campaign and then had to depart because of what the book revealed. However, he was only an employee. His managers and John Key will have known what he was doing. So it seems to me that Ede is being sent on his way so that the rest of them can try to avoid accountability for their collective strategies and actions.

#10 Have the 'moderate conservatives' inside the National Party (who Mr Hager claims as sources or tipsters for two of his books on the Party) won, and do they have clean hands?

Reply: I got support from people I described as moderate conservatives for my book The Hollow Men. Some of those people felt that, with Don Brash as leader, their party had been hijacked by the ACT party. They provided good evidence of this. Since then, Brash went on to be leader of the ACT Party, which was consistent with their concerns and what I had written in that book.

This recent book, as you'll know, had completely different sources. I talked to some National Party people during the research, but the heart of the story was the leaked Cameron Slater documents.

#11 Dotcom's "Moment of Truth" event - a useful complement to Dirty Politics, or an evidence-free three-ring circus that distracted from Dirty Politics, sparked a backlash that helped National get back with an increased majority?

Reply: As I wrote above, I think the 'Moment of Truth' was a completely different sort of thing to my book. I think that the surveillance issues raised there are important, but I wouldn't have personally timed them five days before the election in a political party event.

#13 National and John Key are back in power, with an increased majority. Do you think your book had any impact, or did it in fact galvanise National supporters?

Reply: I am very happy about the impact that my book has had and, I think, will continue to have. But this is not about votes on election day. I think National (and other parties) will be very careful not to be caught again involved in manufactured smears and personal attacks on the Whale Oil blog and elsewhere.

I think the National government will be much mor e careful about using official information for political purposes and other abuses of power. Generally, I hope that people across the political spectrum will think harder about their ethics and what is and isn't fair game in politics.

I feel optimistic about these things. When my book came out, John Key and National were shocked and very concerned that they could lose the election. I believe this will have a positive effect on how they are prepared to act in future. And this is ultimately the point of transparency (including transparency through leaking).

If political people think they can get away with being tricky, and will never be caught out, it is more tempting to act that way. But if they know it might blow up in their faces, they are more likely to only do things they wouldn't mind seeing in the news. This is better for the whole country.

#19 Rawshark/Whaledump released an email exchange in which Cathy Odgers/Cactus Kate. Cactus suggested revealing your home address (which was duly posted on Whaleoil) and wrote stuff like "Those Chinese can be very vicious when they lose face ... Chop chop for Nicky."

Do you fear for your safety, or do you think it was just "pub talk" as Cactus etc claim?

Reply: By the time I found the "chop chop for Nicky" e-mail and Slater giving her my home address, it was many months later. Obviously the Chinese mafia had not turned up at my door in the intervening months and I wasn't worried. I think it showed a nastiness of character (why deliberately pass around my address and post it on the Internet?) but I didn't take it as plan to have me done in.

#21 I think more information is almost always better, and it was useful to have a light shone on some of the murkier goings on in the Beehive. But are you willing to concede you made a couple of mistakes.

On a minor level (looking at page 20 of Dirty Politics, I've previously worked with John Key's ex-head of digital Francis Till, and I can confirm he is in fact a he, not a Ms. And David Farrar has strenuously denied organising a Young Nats "princess party".

He's also argued he's always been up front about his National Party affiliation. (Although he did also introduce new disclosure rules for Kiwiblog and apply to be covered by a media regulator. In hindsight, do you think you were a little rough on Farrar?

Reply: It is virtually impossible to write a whole book, with hundreds of source documents, footnotes etc, and not have some errors.

I'm only human and I am relieved that I got nothing substantial wrong. In the case of Francis Till, I was quickly informed about his correct gender and it was changed in all the subsequent printings of the book.

On David Farrar organising a princess party, some of his close mates said in writing that he organised it but there can easily be different views about something like that.

On the more important point of whether David Farrar has been up front about his political roles, I totally stand by what I put in the book. Farrar is the chief pollster for the National Party, briefing the prime minister virtually every day during an election campaign, and then he felt alright being a commentator on the elections without declaring this. That is really not good enough.

Just saying that he is a National Party member doesn't even begin to explain his central role in elections and National's management of issues. It would be like me writing a book about politics and then people finding out that I earn most of my living from some of the people I'm writing about.

I don't think I was rough on him at all. I think as a nation we need to do better at having genuinely independent commentators and I think political participants such as Farrar owe it to the public to be open about the roles he plays.

#22 Have you been Interveiwed by the NZ Police in relation to the hacking of Cameron Slaters Email?

Reply: No. I only proceeded with the book after legal advice that I was not breaking the law by using the leaked/hacked materials. I am obviously not going to reveal my source to an investigation.

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The Boys Respond To The Cuckoo’s Nest And More - Neil Keenan Update
September 26 2014 | From: GroupK

Our site has been quiet of late, but Neil knows that everyone looks forward to some word about what’s going on. So amidst this ongoing “lockdown,” he takes a much-needed, short break from all of the intense work for a bit of amusement as well as to provide a bit of information.

The good news is that the Global Accounts are soon to be opened. But war is at hand and the transition to the world we want to see will not be a smooth one. The members of the cabal walk freely among us every day and they need to be called out on the crimes that they are perpetrating. Neil declares: “Grab them all by their necks and drag them in the street. This will wake their asses up!”

The latest shenanigans by Denise and Jean are “pure bull” as Neil puts it. He’s not going to let them get away with much, and in fact, he is going to devote an entire Facebook page to them and what they call “pornography.”

Come on girls, this is 2014 not 1924. Granny pants are out, bikinis are in, and hey, it seems no public personality is without groupies. Because Denise and Jean are very obviously not happy or young, they feebly attempt to try to condemn those who are.

The reality is that we are all being killed off by the hands of the cabal every single day. We see the chemtrails in our skies every day. We know the deadly effects of their man-made viruses and lethal vaccines. We know that the GMO foods are poison to our bodies. They are trying to eliminate us without them having to dirty their own filthy hands. This is the fight we must bring to them!

To do this we have to wake up and acknowledge what is going on. We have to open our eyes and those of our children, our family, our friends and those that would be our friends. All of our lives are at stake here.

While the Cabal sleeps, we worry about what they are doing to us. Let’s turn the tables on them and not allow them to sleep. Let’s make them worry, and let’s get rid of those jokers in the White House.

Rattle some cages in any way you can – every day counts! It is time to take back what is ours. Our destiny is in our hands.

Neil sends his sincere thanks each member of the Keenan Team for their tireless efforts and also to all of our patient supporters. We hope to be back soon enough with news on the fruits of all of Neil’s work.

Video Part One

Video Part Two

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Muslim Scholars Release Open Letter To Islamic State Meticulously Blasting Its Ideology
September 26 2014 | From: HuffingtonPost

More than 120 Muslim scholars from around the world joined an open letter to the “fighters and followers” of the Islamic State, denouncing them as un-Islamic by using the most Islamic of terms.

Relying heavily on the Quran, the 18-page letter released Wednesday (Sept. 24) picks apart the extremist ideology of the militants who have left a wake of brutal death and destruction in their bid to establish a transnational Islamic state in Iraq and Syria.

Even translated into English, the letter will still sound alien to most Americans, said Nihad Awad, executive director of the Council of American-Islamic Relations, who released it in Washington with 10 other American Muslim religious and civil rights leaders.

"The letter is written in Arabic. It is using heavy classical religious texts and classical religious scholars that ISIS has used to mobilize young people to join its forces,” said Awad, using one of the acronyms for the group. “This letter is not meant for a liberal audience.”

Even mainstream Muslims, he said, may find it difficult to understand.

Awad said its aim is to offer a comprehensive Islamic refutation, “point-by-point,” to the philosophy of the Islamic State and the violence it has perpetrated. The letter’s authors include well-known religious and scholarly figures in the Muslim world, including Sheikh Shawqi Allam, the grand mufti of Egypt, and Sheikh Muhammad Ahmad Hussein, the mufti of Jerusalem and All Palestine.

A translated 24-point summary of the letter includes the following: “It is forbidden in Islam to torture”; “It is forbidden in Islam to attribute evil acts to God”; and “It is forbidden in Islam to declare people non-Muslims until he (or she) openly declares disbelief.”

This is not the first time Muslim leaders have joined to condemn the Islamic State. The chairman of the Central Council of Muslims in Germany, Aiman Mazyek, for example, last week told the nation’s Muslims that they should speak out against the “terrorist and murderers” who fight for the Islamic State and who have dragged Islam “through the mud.”

But the Muslim leaders who endorsed Wednesday’s letter called it an unprecedented refutation of the Islamic State ideology from a collaboration of religious scholars. It is addressed to the group’s self-anointed leader, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, and “the fighters and followers of the self-declared ‘Islamic State.’”

But the words “Islamic State” are in quotes, and the Muslim leaders who released the letter asked people to stop using the term, arguing that it plays into the group’s unfounded logic that it is protecting Muslim lands from non-Muslims and is resurrecting the caliphate — a state governed by a Muslim leader that once controlled vast swaths of the Middle East.

Ahmed Bedier, a Muslim and the president of United Voices of America, a nonprofit that encourages minority groups to engage in civic life said:

"Please stop calling them the ‘Islamic State,’ because they are not a state and they are not a religion,”

President Obama has made a similar point, referring to the Islamic State by one of its acronyms
“the group known as ISIL” - in his speech to the United Nations earlier Wednesday. In that speech, Obama also disconnected the group from Islam.

Enumerating its atrocities - the mass rape of women, the gunning down of children, the starvation of religious minorities - Obama concluded: “No God condones this terror.”

Comment: Then Perhaps Mr Obama should stop funding it.

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Brilliant Comic Of Banksy's Call To Arms Against Advertisers
September 20 2014 | From: FilmsForAction

Banksy is an anoynomous English street artist and activist who has become a cult hero for his anti-establishment and rebellious artwork.

Click here for the full comic.

Unlike someone I know, who stays in his house all day drawing comics and watchingSimpsons reruns, Banksy is a REAL artist who challenges the status quo, forces people to think and puts himself in danger, all while remaining a complete mystery to the world. I mean think about it, he’s one of the most famous artists on the planet, his work has been popping up in major cities for the past 10 years and sell for millions of dollars and no one knows who the hell this guy is! I take my hat off to the dude.

If you haven’t seen it, I recommend the documentary Banksy directed, Exit Through the Gift Shop. What was meant to be a film about Banksy instead turned into a movie about the man who was obsessed in trying to meet him. Although many have claimed that it’s a ‘mockumentary’ and the plot a set-up, it’s still a brilliant film. It not only documents the street art movement, it also deals with the meaning of art, and whether or not an artist actually needs any talent or can just survive on hype alone. Two thumbs up!

This quote was taken from Banksy’s 2004 book Cut It Out. Some of the passage was inspired/appropriated from an essay by artist Sean Tejaratchi. I rearranged the last couple of sentences for this comic.

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UN Climate Change: 1,000 Scientists Say No
September 19 2014 | From: JonRappoport

It’s a shocking 321-page report assembled by The Climate Depot:

"More Than 1000 International Scientists Dissent Over Man-Made Global Warming Claims.”

It names names. It lists reasons for the dissent.

Reality is engineered consensus. But when that doesn’t work, “experts” just assert there is a consensus when there isn’t.

"What the hell, let’s just say that ‘everybody agrees’ manmade warming is destroying Earth and we have ten minutes to solve it, and let’s get our friends in the press to shut out the naysayers. You know, media blackout.”

Science is supposed to be about evidence and proof, not consensus. But that idea is now laughed out of court. Science is about PR and who sits on the important thrones.

Which is why the UN is holding Climate Summit 2014 in New York in a few days. Yes, the city that never sleeps will be hosting the gala and also kicking off Climate Week NYC 2014.

And then there is this. The UN Secretary General has appointed Leonardo DiCaprio a “messenger of peace, with a special focus on climate change.” Messenger of Peace. Wow. Will Leo appear out of a cloud hovering above the Chrysler Building? Will an angel anoint Leo? Will anybody call the Ghostbusters?

Will Obama show up and read from the teleprompter, “The science is settled, the science is settled…”

Will a CIA drone zoom over Times Square and launch gluten-free electromagnetic love bombs on the adoring crowds?

Will a blimped-out Al Gore waddle into the UN General Assembly hall, trailing fumes from his jet and casting oil leases to a few favored ambassadorial hustlers?

The latest climate science tells us that upcoming freezing weather or boiling hot weather are both reasonable inferences from the basic Climate Change hypothesis. This is, logically speaking, a new brand of tautological “research.” Round and round it goes, inside its bubble.

"Useful predictions? We don’t need no stinkin’ useful predictions. We just need dupes, and we got plenty of them.”

Here are a few excerpts from the boggling Climate Depot report:

“We’re not scientifically there yet. Despite what you may have heard in the media, there is nothing like a consensus of scientific opinion that this is a problem. Because there is natural variability in the weather, you cannot statistically know for another 150 years.”
— UN IPCC’s Tom Tripp, a member of the UN IPCC [Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change] since 2004 and listed as one of the lead authors and serves as the Director of Technical Services & Development for U.S. Magnesium.

“Please remain calm: The Earth will heal itself — Climate is beyond our power to control…Earth doesn’t care about governments or their legislation. You can’t find much actual global warming in present-day weather observations. Climate change is a matter of geologic time, something that the earth routinely does on its own without asking anyone’s permission or explaining itself.”
— Nobel Prize-Winning Stanford University Physicist Dr. Robert B. Laughlin, who won the Nobel Prize for physics in 1998, and was formerly a research scientist at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

“The dysfunctional nature of the climate sciences is nothing short of a scandal. Science is too important for our society to be misused in the way it has been done within the Climate Science Community.” The global warming establishment “has actively suppressed research results presented by researchers that do not comply with the dogma of the [UN] IPCC.”
— Swedish Climatologist Dr. Hans Jelbring of the Paleogeophysics & Geodynamics Unit at Stockholm University.

“The whole idea of anthropogenic global warming is completely unfounded. There appears to have been money gained by Michael Mann, Al Gore and UN IPCC’s Rajendra Pachauri as a consequence of this deception, so it’s fraud.”
— South African astrophysicist Hilton Ratcliffe, a member of the Astronomical Society of Southern Africa (ASSA) and the Astronomical Society of the Pacific and a Fellow of the British Institute of Physics.

“In December 8 2009, 166 scientists from around the world wrote an Open Letter to the UN Secretary-General rebuking the UN and declaring that ‘the science is NOT settled.’”

“On May 1, 2009, the American Physical Society (APS) Council decided to review its current climate statement via a high-level subcommittee of respected senior scientists. The decision was prompted after a group of over 80 prominent physicists petitioned the APS [to] revise its global warming position and more than 250 scientists urged a change in the group’s climate statement in 2010. The physicists wrote to APS governing board: ‘Measured or reconstructed temperature records indicate that 20th – 21st century changes are neither exceptional nor persistent, and the historical and geological records show many periods warmer than today.’”

Consensus on manmade global warming? Are you kidding?

The “consensus” is in favor of something else: staging and maintaining a media blackout to conceal the dissenters, to pretend they don’t exist, to pretend “the science is settled.”

Leo DiCaprio, messenger of peace. We’re living in a cartoon of a cartoon.

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Dotcom's 'Moment Of Truth': With Glenn Greenwald, Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, Bob Amsterdam And Kim Dotcom
September 15 2014 | From: WakeUpKiwi

The following is a brief summary taken as-it-happened: (See below for video)

Laila Harre introduced the panel and speaks about democracy and the global importance of this event, making reference to the 'Powers that Were'.

Glenn Greenwald

Greenwald gave Key a fairly good dressing down over his unprofessional remarks ('henchman' and 'loser') and his knee-jerk reaction to what Key suspected might be revealed tonight. He noted that Key has responsed by de-classifying information that had selectively been 'classified' without being actually declared a risk to national security.

He noted that despite the Prime Minister stating that Greenwald is being paid to be here, he is not. Greenwald turned down financial compensation and asked that his usual speaking fee be donated to charity.

Greenwald pointed out that while people have different opinions on Edward Snowden, the quality and accuracy of the information Snowden released has never been questioned.

He said that while Key said that mass surveillance on New Zealanders was only a proposal that was ultimately dismissed, internal discussion within the NSA termed "Project Speargun" as underway, with Phase One (the undersea cable connections) being completed.

Greenwald pointed out that Key lied blatantly that the new internet bill would give the government any new powers for data collection.

Greenwald comments that the assumption was made that the law would pass in time such that actions taken by the government that were illegal at the time, would be covered once the legislation came into effect.

In his summary, he makes reference to Key's statement regarding resignation and the information recently disclosed.

Edward Snowden

Snowden pointed out that the NSA actually has facilities in New Zealand that John Key is aware of, one of those being in Auckland and one further north.

He described his most recent role at the NSA and spoke about XKeyscore and how it operates within the FVEY (Five Eyes) Network comprised of the security services of the US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

He descibed how the NSA has access to everyone's data, including how he could go about reading John Key's email and how he knows mass surveillance is happening in New Zealand as part of the NSA network is located here in NZ.

Snowden questioned Keys decisions in determining what New Zealanders should and should not know about data collection - and his motives for sudden document de-classification.

He asked the question, 'why did the release of this information not matter last year when New Zealander's rights were on the line, but it is relevant now that one persons [the Prime Minister's] reputation is on the line?'

Snowden reiterated that the NSA's proposed programs that were not legal in NZ at the time, and while they were illegally underway - said that NZ needed to pass new legislation in order to make the actions legal. And so a foreign power, the US, by way of the NSA - is dictating law in NZ.

Julian Assange

After a humourous moment with a vacuum cleaner, Assange pays tribute to New Zealand's own Nicky Hager for paving the way to this type of information release in the early 1990's with his book Secret Power.

He goes on to discuss the Five Eyes Alliance and how New Zealand, in conjunction with the other Five Eyes countries have tried to go about creating a new structure of civilisation - and how the people of New Zealand are not likely to back the actions of their government in the creation of such an Orwellian undertaking - should they be aware of it.

Assange noted that the 'powers that be' within the GCSB have exchanged the rights of New Zealanders in order to have this position within the Five Eyes Alliance. New Zealand is seen as a junior partner by some, however it is equal in status to the other countries in the alliance, except the United States.

He noted that covert agencies are not to be trusted as there is no scrutiny of them.

Dotcom thanked Snowden and Assange for what they are doing for all internet users worldwide.

Assange pointed out that all three of them (Dotcom, Snowden and himself) share the same prosecutor. He referenced that fact that the US is making efforts for their laws to be applied worldwide.

They are applying their laws in NZ, taking control of the New Zealand police force and attempting to dictate extraditions - the US effectively annexing New Zealand by way of the major power factions in Washington DC. This becomes a problem for the whole world, with 69 nations being called into extradition cases by the the NSA in Alexandria, Virginia.

Dotcom notes that there are two ways we can fight surveillance, the first being politically, and the second being encryption.

Both Julian and Edward were connected to the broadcast via Mega's new fully encrypoted video conferencing solution.

Bob Amsterdam

Amsterdam made reference to Key playing golf with Obama after the New Year holiday in Hawaii. He notes "free trade" and how Canada is now under 80% foreign ownership.

He warns that the TPP Agreement would see the loss of New Zealand's sovereignty and how this "free trade" agreement is driven by vested interests and Hollywood, forcing other countries to change their Intellectual Property laws to suit these interests.

Greenwald warns that with Key's background as a currency trader [with Merryl Lynch], he is now playing with a limited number of chips and is imporvising, with one of those chips being New Zealand law.

He noted that the New Zealand Law Society complained to the United Nations about our governments use of expediency in passing these laws.

He stated also:

"As I hear the use of the word 'terror' on the streets of Auckland - who is attacking New Zealand?"

Our governments are trying to alienate us from eachother and they are using terror to invade our homes, and to invade our internet accounts and to invade our most private constitutional rights.

These trade representatives have agreed amongst themselves that they need secrecy so we don't get pissed off - and they have that secrecy for four years.

In a democracy is that really how these trade aggrements should be undertaken?

He points out that our governments have agreed to this and that is how these agreements are taking place.

There is an exportation of American law and a militarisation of justice.

Amsterdam referenced the topic of dirty politics and observed that what is happening here in New Zealand now is like Watergate with email.

He suggests a Royal Inguiry into the behaviour of the Key government.

Amsterdam also observed that in the era of the internet, our Prime Minister, ( who is inherently a trader who doesn't adhere to the fundamental principles of human rights) that with what was done with the raid on Dotcoms home in a democratic society - the leader of that government should have resigned on that day.

Add to that, the recently uncovered information; as a country we really need to come together and put the feet of the next government to the fire - that what are or fundament rights cannot be taken away.

History shows that when a government becomes empowered with information that it will ultimately turn on its own citizens.

"It is time to stop the TPPA under its present conditions."

Laila Harre Sums up

Harre thanks Nicky Hager for kicking off this whole sequence of events with his book Dirty Politics and the framework that it provided.

She advised that with this education that people bear all of this in mind when the Prime Minister finds his diary and begins to make his excuses tomorrow.

Video: (Duration is 2:06 - Broadcast begins at 0:22)

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Emergency Terror Alert And Grande Lander Cabalist / General Electric Exposed
September 8 2014 | From: GroupK

An alert has been issued by the FBI and DHS about an imminent terrorist attack.

The areas of highest probability for attack are:

Greater Southwest areas of the U.S.

El Paso, TX

Las Cruces, NM

Tucson, Phoenix and Yuma, AZ

San Diego and the greater Los Angeles area, CA

This has been confirmed by local law enforcement on the NCIC DHS database system. For those who live in or around these areas, please be prepared with emergency evacuation plans that use other than the main highways, with rally points to staging areas where help can be given to patriots at other rally points.

Any new intel will be conveyed immediately when it is received. It is hoped with this information now being out in the open that the cabal’s devastating plans will be thwarted.

Grande Lander is General Electric (GE)

It has been discovered and verified that Grande Lander’s lie-filled blog has been traced to the General Electric Corporation in Fairfield, CT. Yes, GE, the criminal American corporation that pays zero U.S. taxes and sends all their jobs overseas, jobs that should rightfully be for Americans. GE, the cabal corporation with the ultimate hypocrisy in their slogan -- they absolutely do not bring good things to life.

You’re busted Lander, and so are your cabal cronies working with you: Dimce Giorgief (Rumormill News), Tom Simms (who writes for Jean Haines), BK Lim (Kuala Lumpur), Jason Leeuing (female), and Denise Rednour (the Drake turncoat we all know and love to hate). Know their names - all are traitors doing the bidding of the globalist cabal.

Neil addresses Jean Haines’ issues - the letter from Drake Bailey, her attempts to blackmail a member of our Team, and her vicious, erroneous attacks on the King of Hawaii and S.C. Chiang, aka Count Albert.

Note: The King of Hawaii, HM King Edmund Keli’i, will be featured on RT (Russian Today, the Russian-based international cable and satellite television channel) on September 9th at 9PM (please check RT’s schedule for your local time).

Egbert Sousé - Lander started his recent cabal blog with a comment originally posted by Egbert Sousé on our website, thus making it appear that Mr. Sousé had posted all of the information that followed. He did not. Mr. Sousé’s intent was to share some of his information and experience, but his comment was certainly not intended to be included as any part of this corrupt blog. Since communicating with Mr. Sousé directly, Neil discovered that he is an 87-year-old, highly intelligent gentleman of worldly experience. With Neil presently being on a close and personal basis with the Thai family, the information he has provided is current and accurate.

Edy Seno, a good friend of Neil’s, was also mentioned on Lander’s blog regarding a Cease & Desist that he supposed signed while in the hospital. While the facts around this C&E were dispelled some time ago, Lander featured the story once again, omitting the facts, including that the document did not have Mr. Seno thumb print which makes it official.

Inchul once again joins the Team in Jakarta - welcome back!

Video Part One:

Video Part Two:

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Salt Water Powered Car Gets European Approval
September 3 2014 | From: IntelligentLiving

A car which uses an electrolyte flow cell power system is now certified for use on European roads. The car is called the Quant e-Sportlimousine, which made its debut at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show.

Not only can this car run on salt water, but it is claimed that the car has peak power of 920 horsepower (680 kW), 0-62 mph (100 km/h) in 2.8 seconds and a top speed of 217.5 mph (350 km/h).

"We are delighted as pioneers to be able to present an automobile driven by flow cell technology on public roads, and one which achieves not only fantastic performance values but also zero emissions, a projected top speed of over 350 km/h (217.5 mph), acceleration from 0-100 in 2.8 seconds, a torque of four times 2,900 Nm (2,139 lb-ft) and a range of more than 600 km (373 mi)” said Nunzio La Vecchia, the visionary behind the development of the sports car.

After an in-depth inspection of the car, the German TÜV Süd in Munich handed over the official registration plate, now the company will be able to test the car on public roads in Germany and Europe as the company prepares for series production.

The flow cell system powering the Quant e-Sportlimousine’s four electric motors develops electricity from the electrochemical reaction created by two electrolyte solutions. This electricity is forwarded to super capacitors where it’s stored and distributed.

In an interview, La Vecchia stated the benefits of the NanoFlowercell system; “The power density of the nanoFLOWCELL® at 600 W per kilogram or per litre is greater than any comparable system; five times greater, to be specific.

That means you can drive five times further with our system than you can with a conventional battery system, including the most state-of-the-art lithium-ion batteries. The system is also extremely safe to operate and environmentally friendly. Most importantly, since there are almost no moving parts and it produces negligible waste heat, it has an efficiency of more than 80%. There has never been anything like it.”

Hopefully the company will take the NanoFlowcell technology beyond supercars, bringing it down to more affordable cars, however the potential of this technology reaches far beyond the road.

"We’ve got major plans, and not just within the automobile industry,” says NanoFlowcell AG Chairman of the Board Prof. Jens-Peter Ellermann.

“The potential of the NanoFlowcell is much greater, especially in terms of domestic energy supplies as well as in maritime, rail and aviation technology. The NanoFlowcell offers a wide range of applications as a sustainable, low cost and environmentally-friendly source of energy.”

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David Wilcock: Cabal Chaos Before “Moment of Truth”
August 31 2014 | From: DeusNexus

The Cabal has to pay up in September and they don’t have the money.

Everyone hates them because of the NSA snooping and the destruction of the world’s economy. The international community has lost its patience. BRICS is accelerating very rapidly as the Cabal is withering.

Therefore the Cabal has to go all out, and do everything they possibly can to create maximum chaos, before the end of September, as that apparently is their “moment of truth.”

Deus Nexus: Wilcock’s update in the comments section of Benjamin Fulford’s August 26th post provides considerable more information than Fulford’s own article.

David Wilcock Update Via Benjamin Fulford

There’s some pretty big stuff missing here but I guess it depends on who you’re talking to. The short answer is that:

"Everything bad the Cabal is hoping to accomplish is either being done now, or is about to be done.”

Thankfully they are being systematically counter-attacked. I now have three independent high-level insiders telling me the same thing about next month.

One of them has the intel from two completely different sources, so technically it’s four different very informed insiders saying the same thing. Each of these sources has access to the different major factions, so it constitutes a uniform consensus.

We’ve heard almost all of this story before and I have become skeptical and distrustful. That’s my disclaimer. There is no point in fearing this information and, as has been the case in at least seven other instances, whatever they plan doesn’t end up happening. Nonetheless, here is the gist of it:

The Cabal has to pay up in September and they don’t have the money. Everyone hates them because of the NSA snooping and the destruction of the world’s economy. The international community has lost its patience. BRICS is accelerating very rapidly as the Cabal is withering.

Therefore the Cabal has to go all out, and do everything they possibly can to create maximum chaos, before the end of September, as that apparently is their “moment of truth.”

Ben alluded to something big coming, and I have heard no specifics, other than that the Cabal seems to see the end of September as their deadline and whatever they do, it needs to be before then.

In the “moment of truth,” the USG will be forced to declare the Fed and its dollar to be bankrupt and in default - or it will be declared for them by others. We will shift from the FRN (Federal Reserve Note) to the TRN (Treasury Reserve Note).

Money will now be issued and backed by the US Treasury itself. No money will be allowed to be printed without collateral of some kind behind it.

I have heard conflicting reports of what the valuation of FRN to TRN will be. One of the highest insiders said, roughly two months ago, that if you have money in the bank it won’t change in value. FRN dollars will be able to be redeemed at full value, but only up to 10K at a time and only for a short period, say a week. Then the value depreciates considerably.

This is intended to get rid of a massive glut of “black cash” hoarded by criminals, and also tons of counterfeit 100s being printed by Iran to try to destroy the US. You can easily see the president making a speech about how this will be good for America and strike a killer blow against organized crime.

It will also seriously rejuvenate the purchasing power of the new TRN.

Anyway, apparently there are two factions now within the USG that are fighting over how much the TRN will have depreciated from the FRN. The group we could call the “good guys”, i.e. aligned with BRICS, are apparently now lobbying for 16 percent. [Again, this could be way off because another source told me it would not go down at all.]

The “bad guys” say this is only “kicking the ball around,” and “within 10 years we’re going to have the same problem” if they only devalue by 16 percent.

The “bad guys” apparently want an EIGHTY SIX PERCENT downgrade of the value of money — at least the American version. The excuse is that this will permanently resolve the problems in our financial system. We take the hit, tighten up our belts, and weather the storm for the benefit of future generations and a new, permanent stability.

The reality, which they gleefully are excited about, is that if it actually happened (which it won’t,) society would collapse. An announcement of this type may very well be the “Hail Mary Pass” they are hoping for, the last, best move they can make that would hopefully create the social breakdown they feel they so desperately need right now.

So here’s the deal. Ben hinted at it but didn’t really get the scope of it.

The Cabal are trying to fire every shot they’ve got right now. They deliberately sent agent provocateurs into Ferguson and goaded the police into maximum aggression with minimum thought behind it.

Some Cabal agents posed as police and worked alongside them, increasing the violence. They said they were there to help and swore them to secrecy. Anyone from the Ferguson police force who dares to speak out about this will very quickly decide they want to commit suicide and carry it out, possibly even leaving a note, or their car runs off the road in a tragic remote-controlled accident.

These guys were not part of the normal force, hence they did not have any badges on. This was widely reported and written off as the police not wanting to be profiled by civilians.

The Cabal’s hope is that Ferguson will be the spark that ignites a nationwide race war between blacks and whites. The corporate news heads are being good “heels,” in the carnival wrestling sense of the term. The more angry they can get the audience, so they root for the “face,” the better they do their job.

Of course, carnivals are organized crime. Every sideshow event is rigged, and the “face” and the “heel” laugh over beers after a match. Then the same carnivals that feature porn (girl shows), pharmaceuticals (snake oil), sports (wrestling), entertainment (clowns, sideshows), occult (palm and card readers), et cetera in the town go into the country.

Out come the Bibles. These same folks re-arrange their game to become tent revivalist preachers shouting the glory of God and the coming Apocalypse. It’s all about WHAT MAKES MONEY.

Now the same “barker” who was luring people into the girl show has a Bible in his hand. He is preaching the Good Word. The girl who just had a bottle in her hand, and elsewhere, is now behind him on stage — clapping her hands and leading the flock in the singing of the gospels.

The Bibles sell like hotcakes.

If you don’t believe me, read books on the history of carnivals. It’s all about making money. They’ve been run out of town after town and city after city and yet there still is no widespread understanding about how every single event is cleverly rigged so you don’t win unless they let you. The wrestling matches are completely staged.

The carnival was the main source for porn, because in the “girl show” you pay to get in and see her dance with skimpy clothes. Then she says “step behind this curtain and you’ll see me with this bottle and nothing else. I’ll teach you things that will make a woman do anything you want!”

Anyway, the big “reveal” is this: The same people stage both sides of the wrestling match, and the same people then move into a Christian country and pose as religious zealots to maximize profit.

This business is very, very ancient, far predating the time of television and movies, and therefore had a near-monopoly or at least a strong edge on industries including professional sports, pharmaceuticals, entertainment, occult and porn, and posed serious competition to the churches.

All you have to do is see that the Cabal is using this same “carnival strategy” on a much larger level. The person at the gate sees how much money you have, thanks to cleverly-positioned mirrors, and if you have a big wad, he pats you on the back with chalk and you become a “mark.” Then everyone knows to concentrate their focus on you.

They’re all in on it, working together, face and heel. They buy off the police and judiciary to avoid prosecution for ripping people off. It all sounds very familiar and it’s a really old game. They can only work one town for so long before they get run out.

Thankfully now there is a massive international alliance that has run out of patience - and the game is up.

So what we’re seeing right now is the worldwide carnival of doom breathing its final death-rattle.

They hope to spread Ferguson-type riots across the country. They are simultaneously trying to create a West Versus Muslims war with ISIS agitprop. I watched the “beheading” video, even after being told that I should honor James Foley by not seeing it.

I agree that there were tons of problems with it suggesting it was fake. It appeared to be a dull, fake stage knife, and they immediately start fading to black as soon as his neck is allegedly being cut. No visible blood gushes out, and if it had, wouldn’t they have wanted you to see it?

After the way I screamed and cried when I thought I was going to be murdered, and remembering what that felt like, I highly doubt James Foley is dead. I think he was given the opportunity to play along, read his cue cards and disappear with a new identity and a hairpiece for his freshly shorn head, probably along with a Lord of the Rings-style theatrical beard.

He probably doesn’t like the US after what happened to him, and his work as a journalist, and was given the offer he could not refuse. Remember the Northwoods documents… we know that they stage these things and tell their insiders “he didn’t really die, we just need to attack these villains while we still have a chance.”

That helps everyone play along, feel special for knowing how the masses are being fooled, and be part of a group that is using these deceptions for the greater good — so they think.

It is very unlikely that they will succeed in any large-scale strike against the US or elsewhere, due to a combination of an ever-growing alliance against them. This includes folks from here and other folks who have been called “angels” in the Bible.

That’s a complex subject, but we have a huge wealth of links showing “Divine Intervention” happening over and over and over again, systematically stopping them from succeeding in any of these plans.

Once you acknowledge that benevolent ETs do exist, and then acknowledge that they have systematically stopped us from having nuclear war, the next step is to see that they ARE involved - and they are protecting us from the Cabal so we can finish the job ourselves.

So September is where it all comes together, from what I’m hearing.

The Cabal is hoping to create a variety of simultaneous triggers that avalanche us into martial law, social collapse, gun confiscation, mass starvation and prison camps. The same old thing we’ve been hearing them lust for since at least the mid-1990s, which was when I first started learning about this.

I am tired of hearing it.

I highly, highly doubt this will work, but this is what they are hoping to achieve, and they will definitely be making their best effort in that direction. Yet, what we are seeing is that the same old tricks do not get traction.

Blow up an airplane, attack innocent people, stage riots, fake terrorism, chop people up, burn them, et cetera.

If you do this in times of peace it can create big results, but when you do it in a time of chaos, you get diminishing returns. Like a heroin junkie, you need a bigger and bigger “fix” to get any high at all.

They have desperately, desperately tried to do the big fix - and a lesser example is the utterly satanic nature of the music industry’s videos in the last four years particularly - but all the really big stuff is being thwarted by an impressive alliance.

The Cabal has been successful in using their HAARP-type technology to make it almost mathematically impossible for rain to fall in California, thus precisely driving us into an extreme emergency drought. This prevents food from being grown, which in turn can create mass starvation and the breakdown of a major city.

In this Rense post you can see the nice, straight-lined energetic wall they are creating that completely blocks any storm cells from getting in and raining. This has become very, very painfully obvious and profoundly unnatural. Why would ALL of California be singled out so that it never, ever frickin’ rains?

Additionally, the quake we just had in San Francisco was very likely a deliberate one. Again, the benevolents very likely intervened and distributed the stress in a way that was not planned. Their tech is far more advanced than the Cabal usually assumes it to be. The Cabal’s hope undoubtedly was that it would have been far bigger and more destructive than the 6.0 that we just saw.

The Cabal is also using HAARP to trigger the Bardarbunga volcano in Iceland to go off, because the ash field could plunge Europe into extreme cold temperatures, thus again creating a destabilizing condition. This could help staged riots be more “successful,” in their terms, and kill people off faster if they get displaced. This is a setup for when the pre-planned whites versus Muslims war gets going.

I have no direct involvement in any of this on either side, and only hear rumors. All I can say is that we live in “interesting times” and we may finally be seeing an end to this madness in sight.

Time to shut down the Carnival of Death and run ‘em out!

I do not advocate torturing and killing Cabal members. The vast majority of them are victims and / or heavily misled. We do not want to generate more atrocities and repeat the cyclical mistakes of history. We can step up and realize these are people, not creatures or robots, and draw boundaries with them, saying “Enough is enough,” without doing the same things to them that they’ve been doing to us.

We’re better than that. We can accept heroes who defect from their ranks and come forward to help. Now is the time.

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi
Let The War Begin - Neil Keenan Update
August 29 2014 | From: GroupK

There is a lot happening and we want you to be aware of this information before it is too late. You should take whatever we offer in terms of news, and work it into your parameters and thoughts.

After yesterday’s blow-out one would think that the Keenan Team would rest, but not so. Today began just as any other day that is filled with information and excitement.

This day Neil shows that yesterday was nothing special, and the news he had to bring to you was delayed for a day because of the unnecessary interference and interruptions brought on by days of malicious and erroneous statements by Jean Haines, Denise Rednour and others known and unknown. But let’s put this aside and get back to the real work.

There is a lot happening and we want you to be aware of this information before it is too late. You should take whatever we offer in terms of news, and work it into your parameters and thoughts.There is much to look at now that we near the end.

The Gold is becoming ever more paramount to the expanding plan of the Cabal but nevertheless dwarfing over a few Asian states. U.S. ships have blocked the gulf of Thailand to threaten the kingdom. At the request of the family of Thailand, the Dragon Family is being called upon to speak with Thailand’s elder son who is in charge — immediate assistance is needed.

You will understand once you take a good look that Manhattan and Stamford, CT are joined at the hip, or at least it seems that way. Are they planning another major event in the city that never sleeps? We hope not, but look and come to your own conclusions.

An attempt is being made by the U.S. Corporation to split Indonesia into pieces for less than $6 trillion dollars. In fact, there is more value in just a small portion of a gold bunker in Indonesia than the $6 trillion (of useless dollars) that is being offered to overthrow certain portions of the political structure. But it is doubtful that Indonesia will allow this to happen now or at any time in the near future.

Much more is included in this video, including:

South Korea is renewing her efforts to take 240K metric tons of gold, and since the Dragon Family has surveillance on this, once again, they are implored to take action.

The Elders who are dealing with the Clintons, Soros, Armitage, et al. are soon be facing international arrest, and Neil may be adding his signature to the arrest warrants.

The HAARP facilities are revving up their activity, which is costly and not done without a very good reason. This indicates that something is going to happen soon, so be aware and be prepared.

You cannot sleep when reading such news. It keeps on coming and it can’t help but give us the “willie jillies” knowing their plans for us. At the moment we cannot give any more hints about what is happening on the inside, but we promise you that we are all in for an extra bumpy ride if people do not stay out of the way of those that are working to rid the world of such destructive people.

It has to end. It MUST end or we will not be living in five years, and the change will see the globalists in complete control of what’s left of the planet. It is in our hands.

Video Part One:

Video Part Two:

Video Part Three:

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi
Assange To Help Dotcom Drop His September 15 Bombshell On Key
August 25 2014 | From: NationalBusinessReview

Kim Dotcom has told OneNews the big international name who will play a role in the bombshell he'll drop on the prime minister: WikiLeaks founder and fugitive Julian Assange, who's holed up in Ecuador's London embassy, is set to take part in a pre-election attack on John Key.

"I can give you a hint. Someone who is currently locked up in an embassy might be on a live video link," Mr Dotcom said.

Mr Dotcom had warned something big will come out on September 15, just five days from the election.

He has already hired journalist Glen Greenwald, who made public the Edward Snowden leaks. Now the addition of Mr Assange confirms the September 15 event will be about New Zealand's spying.

Asked will September 15 do more damage to Mr Key than the Dirty Politics book has, Mr Dotcom told OneNews: "I think so."

Separately, Mr Dotcom chirped on Twitter last night "BREAKING: WhaleOil hacker revealed & IT'S NOT ME!" - a reference to a hacker called "Rawshark" approaching Stuff and claiming to be the Whaleoil hacker.

The article Mr Dotcom linked to does not identify the person going under the Rawshark handle.

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi
Hail Hail The Gang’s All Here & Manhattan False Flag Warning - Neil Keenan Update
August 24 2014 | From: GroupK

At this very moment we are sitting here contemplating what to do with the actions that have been reported to us.

The Clinton Gang has ridden in on their private jets, the Japanese Emperor’s sister has also flown in on her jet, and money transfers have taken place through Bill Clinton’s Arkansas Foundation.

Said funds are illegal, confiscated Colombian drug funds which somehow found their way from Clinton’s Foundation to Indonesia , with the main objective being to steal what does not belong to either the Indonesians, Clintons or the Japanese Emperor’s sister.

We told you long ago that this was the plan, and of course the Japanese Military is on standby. Should they not be able to purchase, well, you get the message - they will get the funds one way or another!

Get Ready

Helicopters have been jamming the Wifi Systems between Stamford and Manhattan. Do not be startled if communications have been disrupted for you seeing that the banking system is making a move which more than likely tells us that Manhattan has become a designated false-flag target once again.

When you see such activity it sounds like it’s time to get out of Dodge or do something about it before things get real messy. It’s time to wake up.

Neil answers Jean’s “Orwellian” accusation with one simple statement: the Bank Records will make everything perfectly clear. With Jean having sole control of the accounts, it would be nice if she would provide everyone with a copy of the Bitcoin Bank Records by posting it on her site.

If not, do not be disturbed — we will have something up on our site shortly to document the Account History. Neil never received one cent! Let’s find out where the money went — we all would like to know.

We Have No Choice But to Stop This!

The people of the U.S. and the world need to stand up NOW and stop the actions of their tyrannical governments and the cabal organizations. There is more than enough historical and recent evidence about the actions taken by these psychopaths in executing their dark agendas.

Our silence only perpetuates the extreme suffering and ultimate extinction of humanity.

They need to stop killing us all by poisoning our land, sea and air and by creating wars! Start now, today, with being loud and vocal in letting your representatives and local officials know that you know what is happening!

If no action is taken now, then … it has been nice knowing you.

It is the END GAME and there are no more excuses.

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi
Sticks & Stones
August 23 2014 | From:GroupK

We are winning this global war to defeat those who are bent on exterminating the vast majority of humankind and enslaving the remainder. Our adversary is mortally wounded and its days are numbered.

In this brief NFK update however, Neil begins by reminding us of the clear and present danger we all still face, especially those of us on the front lines - and he implores Jean Haines and her associates to cease grinding the rumor mill; which is essentially is an act of aiding and abetting the enemy. “STOP IT!”

“Wall Street” is in the process of moving out of N.Y. City to Stamford Connecticut, closer to home for the Gordon Gekko rats of the world. Maybe they’re privy to the news Neil discloses in this post about the Obama plan to impose martial law, shut down the banks and to unleash on the American public a variety of deadly diseases? The Wall Street shove-off from the island of Manhattan makes a lot sense then, if all hell is about to be let loose!

Neil also updates us on the great progress made on the No-Fly Accords and mentions several positive changes which have ensued, following the filing of The Trillion Dollar Lawsuit and 2011 Monaco Accords. He will be leaving Jakarta soon in order to move things toward conclusion on the No-Fly Accords. There are currently 180+ nations ready to sign up!

Neil mentions the fact that whales and other sea life are being needlessly exterminated off the coast of Hawaii, and His Majesty Edmund Keli’i Silva, Juniors' recent admonition to the U.S. CORPORATION with regard to the matter.

Increased pressure is being put on the Elders as Neil reminds them and us as well that Indonesian President Soekarno himself, was only a holder for the Dragon Family! Twelve (12) more Elders names are released in our accelerated program to free-up the global accounts for the humanitarian purposes for which they were originally intended.

Aloha from The Keenan Team

Video Part One:

Video Part Two:

Pictures of the Gold Notes:


The names of a further twelve elders:

Here is the name of the Thirteenth Elder holding the depositors assets under the guise of the Global Accounts:

Identification Code 56400950. A.045
Country Code Djakarta 32009771
Indonesia 45005
Special Code INA 045 A.I. 54445 Bank Tani dan Nelajan
Transaction Code 340080979 C.D
Djakarta, 17, November 1960

Here is the name of the Fourteenth Elder holding the depositors assets under the guise of the Global Accounts:

Identification Code 56400951. A.045
Country Code Djakarta
Indonesia 45005
Special Code INA 045 A.I. 54445 Bank Tani dan Nelajan
Transaction Code 340080979 C.D.
Djakarta, 17 November 1960

Here is the name of the Fifteenth Elder holding the depositors assets under the guise of the Global Accounts:

Identification Code 56400952. A. 045
Country Code Djakarta 342009771
Indonesia 45005
Special Code INA 045 A.I. 54445 Bank Tani dan Nelajan
Transaction Code 340080979 C.D.
Djakarta, 17 November 1960

Here is the name of the Sixteenth Elder holding the depositors assets under the guise of the Global Accounts:

Identification Code 56400923. A.045
Country Code Djakarta 342009771
Indonesia 45005
Special Code INA 045 A.I. 54445 Bank Tani dan Nelajan
Transaction Code 340080979. C.D.
Djakarta, 17 November 1960

Here is the name of the Seventeenth Elder holding the depositors assets under the guise of the Global Accounts:

Identification Code 56400934. A.045
Country Code Djakarta 342009771
Indonesia 45005
Special Code INA 045 A.I. 54445 Bank Tani dan Nelajan
Transaction Code 340080979 C.D.
Djakarta, 17 November 1960

Here is the name of the Eighteenth Elder holding the depositors assets under the guise of the Global Accounts:

Identification Code 56400935. A.045
Country Code Djakarta 343009771
Indonesia 45005
Special Code INA 045 A.I. 54445 Bank Tani dan Nelajan
Transaction Code 340080979 C.D.
Djakarta, 17 November 1960

Here is the name of the Nineteenth Elder holding the depositors assets under the guise of the Global Accounts:

Identification Code 56400936. A.045
Country Code Djakarta 342009771
Indonesia 45005
Special Code INA 045 A.I. 54445 Bank Tani dan Nelajan
Transaction Code 340080979
Djakarta, 17 November 1960

Here is the name of the Twentieth Elder holding the depositors assets under the guise of the Global Accounts:

Identification Code 56400937 A. 045
Country Code Djakarta 342009771
Indonesia 45005
Special Code INA 045 A.I. 54445 Bank Tani dan Nelajan
Transaction Code 340080979. C.D.
Djakarta, 17, November 1960

Here is the name of the Twenty First Elder Elder holding the depositors assets under the guise of the Global Accounts:

Identification Code 56400938. A. 045
Country Code Djakarta 342009771
Indonesia 45005
Special Code INA 045 A.I. 54445 Bank Tani dan Nelajan
Transaction Code 340080979. C.D.
Djakarta, 17, November 1960

Here is the name of the Twenty Second Elder holding the depositors assets under the guise of the Global Accounts:

Identification Cod 56400940. A.045
Country Code Djakarta 342009771
Indonesia 45005
Special Code INA 045 A.I. 54445 Bank Tani dan Nelajan
Transaction Code 340080979. C.D.
Djakarta, 17, November 1960

Here is the name of the Twenty Third Elder holding the depositors assets under the guise of the Global Accounts:

Identification Code 56400941. A.045
Country Code Djakarta 342009771
Indonesia 45005
Special Code INA 045 A.I. 54445 Bank Tani dan Nelajan
Transaction Code 340080979. C.D.
Djakarta, 17, November 1960

Here is the name of the Twenty Fourth Elder holding the depositors assets under the guise of the Global Accounts:

Identification Code 56400942. A. 045
Country Code Djakarta 342009771
Indonesia 45005
Special Code INA 045 A.I. 54445 Bank Tani dan Nelajan
Transaction Code 340080979 C.D.
Djakarta, 17 November 1960

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi
New Nicky Hager Book: 'You Will Not Believe What You Read'
August 13 2014 | From: NewZealandHerald

Dirty Politics: Nicky Hager’s new book on the Key Government launched at Unity

Dirty Politics, the new book from author and investigative journalist Nicky Hager, will feature leaked emails between National Party figures and right-wing bloggers.

The book, which has been released in Wellington tonight, aims to tell the story of "how attack politics is poisoning NZ's political environment".

It includes email correspondence between Whaleoil blogger Cameron Slater and Jason Ede, one of the Prime Minister John Key's press secretaries, in relation to information found on Labour's website.

Mr Hager said the Prime Minister's office had been "collaborating" with National Party "proxies" who were carrying out attacks on behalf of Mr Key while working to preserve his image.

The book shows Mr Slater and Mr Ede discussed the information and how to avoid being caught.

"Part of the book is about how John Key has cultivated a very respectable image of being friendly and relaxed but at the same time there has been another part of his politics which New Zealanders have not seen or understood."

Speaking to reporters this evening, Mr Hager said the book was about the "unseen side of Mr Key's political management".

He denied he had a political agenda in releasing the book so close to the election.

"Any person, any of you who had access to the documents I have would have leapt at the chance to use this information because it's so illuminating about the Government."

"That's what the job is - to tell people before the election."

He said he got the material early this year and could have taken more time with the book.

"But I've worked like a dog because I believe that people have a total right to know this before the election.

"So have I hurried it out before the election - totally. Is it politically motivated? It's motivated by the public interest that I think people have in knowing what's going on."

Mr Hager said his book would show Mr Key "has some very serious questions to answer".

Many of those questions were about his long term press advisers who were doing things like "going inside the Labour Party's computers", organising other dirty tricks and feeding material to bloggers Mr Slater and David Farrar to orchestrate personal attacks.

"When you read the book you're going to find chapter after chapter of remarkable things that him as leader of the party... he's got a lot to answer for.

"In some cases it's political blackmail, there are many cases of digging sexual dirt to try and scare and threaten people. There are many cases that looked to the country as if they were spontaneous acts of politics which were actually orchestrated from the ninth floor."

Mr Hager described Mr Slater as an "obnoxious" blogger whose attacks on a young man killed in a car crash earlier this year had led to hackers attacking the Whaleoil website.

He said the attack knocked out the Whaleoil site for a number of days during which time a hacker had come away with "thousands and thousands" of documents.

He said the papers revealed an "an astonishingly cynical and ugly view" of the way National's "proxies" behaved in politics.

Mr Hager said people would become increasingly astonished as they read through the book because the "dirty politics" only got worse.

"You will not believe what you read and how bloody awful it is."

In a speech prior to the launch, the book was described as one which "implicates John Key and senior National Party staff".

It ''revolves around a cast of Key, Cameron Slater, Jason Ede, David Farrar, Judith Collins and other National Party figures''.

"It shows a very different side of John Key and his Government than most New Zealanders know'', the book's publishers said.

Hager's earlier books have included Seeds of Distrust, which threatened to ankle-tap former Prime Minister Helen Clark as she headed into the 2002 election.

Mr Hager followed with The Hollow Men which gave voters an inside look at the manipulations of National's 2005 campaign. His 2010 book Other People's Wars exposed New Zealand's intelligence and military activities in Afghanistan and Iraq during the "War of Terror" - a stark contrast to the friendly, public relations-driven view the New Zealand Defence Force had offered.

His previous access to well-placed intelligence sources have driven speculation he was preparing to release Edward Snowden-sourced documents about New Zealand's involvement in the US-led Five Eyes spying alliance. But talk around Wellington yesterday had some leaning towards an expose on political manipulations.

Ahead of today's launch, Prime Minister John Key dismissed Mr Hager saying: "Most people know that Nicky Hager is a screaming left-wing conspiracy theorist."

It's a view which is in contrast to praise from US journalism legend Seymour Hersh, who last year said: "Nicky Hager has more knowledge and understanding of the American intelligence world in Afghanistan - both its good and its very bad points - than any reporter I know."

The release of the latest book has been carried out in total secrecy. Publicity for the book ahead of the launch has been non-existent, although the launch itself at Wellington's Unity Books has become today's must-attend Wellington function.

Media commentator Russell Brown said Mr Key's comments should be seen as preparing the ground for whatever might be coming by attempting to diminish Mr Hager's credibility.

"They are generally stories people don't want told," he said of Mr Hager's work. "You can see that in the push back which comes before the book comes out."

Mr Brown, AUT's Journalist In Residence and frontman with Toi Iti for Maori Television's Media Take, said Mr Hager had proven his credentials repeatedly and should be regarded as credible.

"One very valuable thing about Nicky is that he operates at a different level to most journalists. He has a strong sense in the public interest. He can take a long time to get the detail right. We're lucky to have someone in his position."

Mr Brown said Mr Hager's books fell into either the "barnstormer" or "technical" category and he expected this one would be greeted as a "barnstormer".

Mr Hager's first book was Secret Power, published in 1996. It was a world-exclusive and remains the authoritative text on the United States-led pre-digital spying network called Echelon.

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Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi
Mainstream Magazine Covers Climate Engineering
August 9 2014 | From: GeoEnginneringWatch

SOCO Magazine has shown exceptional journalistic courage by posting a featured article covering the ongoing geoengineering insanity.

This is a breakthrough in many ways as more publications are now likely to follow their lead. Climate engineering is an immensely grave danger to each and every one of us.

As journalists and publishers realize the geoengineering threat affects themselves and their families, censorship of the greatest untold story on the planet will breakdown. SOCO’s publication of this article is a leap in the right direction for the cause of exposing and stopping climate engineering.

See the magazine article online at Issuu

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi
Russian TV Documentary On Positive Alliance Destruction Of Underground Bases
From: David Wilcock
August 8 2014 | From: DivineCosmos

21 million Russian-speaking people watched David Wilcock and Ben Fulford expose the secret war to defeat the "New World Order" being waged by an international alliance - including the astonishing destruction of at least 26 underground bases between August 2011 and January 2012.

Now you can see the show for yourself - complete with accurate English subtitles. It is amazing to see so much information leaking out in a prime-time network television special!

The Times they are A Changin'

On September 16, 2011, we published the (ahem) groundbreaking Disclosure Imminent? Two Underground NWO Bases Destroyed.

This huge investigation was more like a mini-novel than an article. It currently has 23,587 Facebook Likes and over 845,000 unique views.

The contents of this investigation are so strange that it might all seem like a big joke to many people.

It may be far more comfortable for you to look at it that way.

It has all the makings of a sci-fi movie thriller - complete with extraterrestrials, underground cities and a vast, shadowy group holding the earth in tyranny.

Nonetheless, our investigation was taken seriously enough to be turned into a major Russian television documentary - nearly three years later.

Now, today, you can see it for yourself -- with accurate English subtitles - from mainstream Russian media.

In the fullness of time, information that was once thought to be "crazy" might start making a lot more sense.

Monday Night, August 22, 2011: It Begins

The first strange event in this saga occurred on Monday night, August 22nd, 2011 - in a southern Colorado town called Trinidad, just before midnight.

The ground shook with a 5.3 earthquake at 11:46 pm - in a region that normally has hardly any seismic activity at all.

5.3 Earthquake in Trinidad, Colorado Unnerves Local Residents

An unusual swarm of temblors in southern Colorado accompanied the state's strongest earthquake in more than 40 years, shaking bricks and stones loose from buildings and rattling some residents....

The 5.3-magnitude earthquake hit Monday shortly before midnight, about 9 miles southwest of Trinidad.

Throughout the night and into Tuesday morning, aftershocks - several measuring at a magnitude of 3 or above - continued to unsettle residents. No injuries were reported....

[A] longtime resident said she is familiar with smaller earthquakes but has never been through one as powerful as Monday night's.

"It's piqued a lot of curiosity as to what's caused this," Mestas said....

While Colorado's quake is similar to one that occurred Tuesday afternoon in Virginia, there is nothing to indicate they were connected, Hayes [a seismologist at the U.S. Geological Survey's National Earthquake Information Center in Golden, CO] said.

Insiders Reveal this was an Elaborate Strike Against an Underground Facility

I was present at the Disclosure Project event in May, 2001, in which 39 high-level whistleblowers came forward to reveal the truth about UFOs.

Most of these people had worked in highly-classified government programs - and had firsthand knowledge that we were not alone.

Additionally, other insiders approached me through my work with Project Camelot - and also as an independent freelance journalist covering these subjects.

I was lucky enough to have launched this website you are now reading by February 1999, back when there was far less of this information available online.

Over the ensuing 15 and a half years, I have had the good fortune of being contacted by many different people -- and helping them reveal classified secrets.

Once You Go Black, You Never Go Back

It is quite an experience to talk to real insiders -- particularly the ones who work at a high-enough level that information is no longer compartmentalized.

The more highly positioned someone is in the world of "black ops", the more fantastic and seemingly unbelievable their data becomes.

And yet, when you talk to three, four or even five different people who independently say the same things, that have never been made public, you have to wonder.

Either they are all "in on it" and attempting to fool you - including by leaking information that later comes true in the news -- or they are telling the truth. I did have to weed out people who were obviously lying -- but the real ones could be extensively cross-examined and no holes appeared in their accounts.

Their testimonies began explaining many other data points -- including a wide variety of clues left behind by ancient civilizations all over the world.

The Greatest Mystery on Earth

Together, this evidence arguably forms the greatest mystery on Earth.

Nothing else has ever captured my interest the way this investigation has.

The story that appears is vastly, vastly more complex and fascinating than most people could ever imagine.

Instead of asking "I wonder if UFOs are real, and if so I wonder where they come from," the truth begs much greater questions.

One of many true signs of "higher intelligence" is how effectively this greater reality has been kept hidden from us -- by the ETs themselves.

There are plenty of available clues and provable pieces of evidence for those who go looking for them -- but it is still possible to doubt and deny everything.

However, that scenario may be changing a lot sooner than we think.
Finding Out About the Earthquake

It was from this same insider level that I soon heard about what had happened in the Colorado earthquake - even though the data was highly, highly classified. The ground had shaken because an entire underground city - large enough to comfortably hold 65,000 people - had been completely wiped out.

Over time, as I revealed here at Divine Cosmos, we found out that all the personnel and equipment in these bases had been "portaled out" over the course of 12 hours.

Then, once it was completely empty inside, there was a sudden, massive 20-fold increase in air pressure that cracked the hull. The entire city then collapsed in.

This was what caused the ground to shake so violently. The surrounding land made a sudden, thunderclap-like movement to fill in the void that had been created.

Each base was deep enough underground that no visible change occurred in the surface terrain -- such as a sinkhole - after this happened.

The Bases Were no Longer Safe Havens for the "New World Order"

Up until this occurred, these facilities were considered to be save havens and places of refuge for the "New World Order" crew.

However, on the night of August 22, 2011, that assumption changed forever.

The first underground city to go was directly connected to the infamous base many insiders insist was built under Denver International Airport.

Every time I fly in to tape episodes of Wisdom Teachings at the Gaiam headquarters in Boulder, I see the "suitcase gargoyles" in baggage claim.

It's undoubtedly creepy -- and yet is just presented as a "fun little joke" for people breezing through the airport.

Tuesday Afternoon, August 23rd, 2011: Strike Two

The next afternoon, just a few hours later, another very strange earthquake took place -- again in the continental United States.

The entire East Coast of the United States shook with a massive 5.9 earthquake that was deemed "highly unusual" for several reasons.

Reuters: Strong East Coast quake highly unusual: scientist: Strong East Coast Earthquake "Highly Unusual"

(Reuters) - The strong earthquake that rattled the eastern United States on Tuesday was highly unusual in its severity, though it was centered in a part of Virginia known for smaller quakes, seismologists said.

The initial earthquake, which registered a magnitude of 5.9 just before 2 p.m. EDT, was felt from the Carolinas to New England.

"One of this size is highly unusual," said Karen Fisher, a professor of seismology at Brown University and president-elect of the seismology section at the American Geophysical Union.

"This is the largest earthquake by far that I am aware of occurring there in recent history."

Largest Colorado Quake Since 1967 Shakes Homes

Monday night's magnitude-5.3 earthquake [in Colorado] struck just hours before a magnitude-5.8 temblor in Virginia – also rare for that area – shook much of Washington, D.C., and the East Coast.

The Washington DC Event Was no Ordinary Earthquake

According to multiple insiders with access to highly-classified information, the DC event again was no ordinary earthquake. Instead of a normal, slow buildup, it was already at maximum intensity the very second it started -- as you can see in the graph below.

This sudden jolt is normally what we see in the case of an underground explosion -- and is not at all typical of normal earthquake activity.

This quake also occurred at a much shallower depth -- much closer to the surface -- than with most quakes.

The massive shaking was apparently caused by the destruction of a huge underground facility just south of Washington, DC -- at the epicenter of the quake location.

Notice that the size of the red circle is almost as large as Washington DC itself.

Six Strange Anomalies with the Virginia Earthquake

Some independent bloggers noticed how unusual this quake was -- such as Eric Blair on Activist Post.

Activist Post: Six Strange Anomalies with the Virginia Earthquake

My first thought upon hearing the news of the rare 5.9 magnitude earthquake in Virginia this week was that it was not a natural occurrence.

After all, no one has ever felt or even heard of such a powerful temblor happening in this area in a lifetime.

As is usual for my cynical instincts, I hoped that I was wrong. However, several anomalies indicate that something is not normal with the Virginia quake....

1. Unusual, seismically inactive location.

2. Extremely shallow depth -- later altered by USGS to a more typical value.

3. Odd seismograph reading, beginning with a sudden spike. (Air Force insider leaks that it was an underground explosion.)

4. Shocks felt well over 500 miles from epicenter.

5. "Remarkably low" number of aftershocks.

6. Hurricane Irene was instantly knocked off course.

What Was this Underground City Near Washington DC Intended to be Used For?

The DC facility was intended to be used by members of Congress and other insiders to flee to - after they deliberately caused mass chaos and financial collapse in America.

As crazy and treasonous as that must sound, this plan had apparently been in place for many, many years.

To understand it, you have to move through some pretty ugly stuff - and that's what most of this Russian documentary you are about to see is dedicated to.

The shadow government, as some call it, had been trying - and failing - to get a massive social collapse to happen for quite some time.

9/11 was apparently well-known by this group in advance, and was hoped to create such a breakdown in our society.

Thankfully, our civilization held together despite these plans.

Seismograph of Virginia Earthquake in green. Normal quake in black. Washington and Lee University (85 miles from epicenter)

Which of the Two Camps are You in?

Already at this point you are probably quite comfortable in one of two camps.

You are either:

A) fascinated and intrigued; or,

B) you are already laughing, thinking "this is BS -- and I will enjoy picking it apart and skewering this skinny MF. He probably sat on a kitten to psych himself up to write this piece of s--t."

Those in the "skeptic" category typically try to find any tiny mistake or hole in the logic -- and then infer that this must mean the entire concept is bogus.

"Look, look! He misspelled a werd! He got a date wrong! One of his links doesn't work! GOTCHA, F__KER!"

[Ah, where would we be without the all-you-can-drink special of YouTube and social media hatorade?]

It was therefore highly gratifying to have the Russians take this seriously enough to devote a major prime-time TV special to covering it.

Fulford Was a Key Player

Our investigation into the missing underground bases included a fully transcribed interview with Benjamin Fulford.

In case you do not know this already, Fulford was the former Asia-Pacific bureau chief for the world's largest business magazine, Forbes.

This put him in contact with finance ministers and top insiders from most of the countries in Asia -- including China, Japan and Southeast Asia.

By the time this interview took place, Fulford had been almost the sole voice on the Internet describing an international alliance that had formed to bring down the "New World Order" group.

A significant part of this alliance originated in Asia - and has since morphed into what is now being called BRICS (Brazil, Russia, China, India, South Africa.)

Not All of Fulford's Leaks are Truthful

Fulford has certainly attracted a great deal of controversy - publishing a weekly newsletter where he leaks a wide variety of inside information. Not all of this information is credible. A variety of claims are made that end up being untrue.

Fulford hears information and passes it along. Some of it comes from clearly compromised sources. He leaves it up to you to decide what you want to believe.

Although there has been BS in his reports, many of his leaks have stood the test of time.

In my own case, I try to only reveal information that I feel is coming from the most reliable, impeccable sources.

If it's "second best" it doesn't make it here. If I catch an insider lying to me or spreading disinformation, they don't get a second chance.

Finally Major Media is Catching on

Now, nearly three years later, a major Russian network has created a three-hour TV special, with high production value, to explore what Ben and I discussed in our September 2011 interview.

Both Fulford and I were interviewed for this TV show -- which, I was told, used my original article as its primary blueprint.

It is a great honor to see another one of our investigations reach such a large audience -- and turn into a major TV special seen by 21 million people.

Massive Funding of the Military-Industrial Complex

For those unfamiliar with the greatest rumors and secrets you hear from the inside, the "learning curve" can be quite surprising.

The shadow government -- or Cabal, as we have been calling it -- has been diverting countless trillions of dollars into the military-industrial complex.

Since World War II, a variety of high-profile money-laundering operations have been conducted to pay for this vast, multifaceted, highly secretive operation.

This includes the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Apollo moon missions, the Cold War nuclear buildup, the two billion-dollar stealth fighter jets and much more.

The F-117 Nighthawk "Stealth" Fighter: Two BILLION dollars?

These are only a few examples of major operations that cost much, much less than what we have been told.

Classic cases of 700-dollar hammers and 1000-dollar toilet seats are another example.

Donald Rumsfeld announcing that the Defense Department "could not track" where 2.3 TRILLION dollars went, on September 10, 2001, is another example.

Each of these moves created vast supplies of cash.

It has gotten increasingly difficult for the Cabal to generate "money out of nothing" - and thus our global economy has now been squeezed to the breaking point.

The Most Important Question is "What are TheySpending All this Money on"?

It has now become obvious to most people that we have a "shadow government" that is conducting mass surveillance -- and has nearly bankrupted our entire world.

Here is the big question that a lot more of us need to be asking:

What the heck are they spending all this money on?

That is a question that very few people know the answer to - even now - but will increasingly become common knowledge over time.

Secret Preparations for a Massive Alien Invasion

Shortly after the end of World War II, the Roswell crash occurred -- putting the US military face-to-face with the reality of extraterrestrial visitors to our planet.

This and a variety of other events were kept highly classified after initial leaks embarrassed the government.

The military felt it was absolutely necessary to adopt a defensive position. Elaborate schemes were devised to divert vast sums of money into building a "breakaway civilization" that could be used to fight off any potential invasion.

This included the construction of what ultimately amounted to some 250 underground cities that could each hold 65,000 personnel.

Many, many different ships have been built that use anti-gravity propulsion systems - and can very easily travel throughout our solar system and beyond.

Any of the exotic fighter jets we've been allowed to see - including the Aurora - are kept mothballed. They look nice but were only used for money laundering.

The 'real' stuff is seen from time to time -- and are one form of what people are calling "UFOs", i.e. unidentified flying objects.

Reverse-Engineered Craft are Most Definitely Being Used - All Over

These home-grown ships were built after the 'real' crashed UFOs were reverse - engineered.

The original designs were carefully taken apart and then rebuilt - transforming them into working craft that could be built here, and used to travel off-planet.

Trillions of dollars of "missing" money have been used to build highly-classified colonies on the Moon and Mars, as well as certain other satellites.

Additionally, we now have over 200 very large spacecraft throughout our solar system - and beyond.

The irony is that we have been told exactly what is going on, over and over again, through a wide variety of films and television shows -- ever since Roswell.

The apparent wars happening on Earth served as a cover and source of cash for a much greater concern - defending us from an invasion.

Much like the Roman Empire, the Cabal's expansion into non-local territories has strained the homeland to the breaking point of looming financial collapse.

A Vast Community of Other People Out There

We will also find out, sooner than we think, that our "shadow government" already has extensive interaction with a wide variety of off-planet human civilizations.

One of the greatest secrets, as we have said all along on this website, is that there are many, many different human civilizations throughout our galaxy.

Almost every ancient culture on earth has extensive records of contact and interaction with these human-looking "Gods" - who had seemingly superhuman abilities and technology.

I am fortunate enough now to be in approximately 20 different episodes of Ancient Aliens on History Channel discussing this bizarre and fascinating subject.

I am in six episodes of Season Two and almost every episode that has come out since last October.

Don't Panic, it's Organic

Best of all, human life is a natural product of intelligently-guided evolution in our galaxy. We are only at the first stage in the evolution of what it means to be a human being.

Those who insist this is "nonsense" probably haven't read my first book, The Source Field Investigations, which has over 1000 academic references that make the case.

As I discussed in last week's episode of Coast to Coast, the 'real' reason we are here is to learn love -- and eventually evolve into a higher form of life.

Our transition into this higher form of human evolution has been called Ascension. This is apparently what happened to Jesus in the Resurrection.

160,000 similar events have been documented as occurring in China and Tibet -- where people attain the state known as "Rainbow Body."

In order to reach this state, it is necessary to achieve a level of discipline where every thought you think is a loving thought.

Thankfully, as a planet we are now moving through a transition where the "entry requirements" are much less intense than this.

If they Were Here, Then Where Did they All Go?

Prior to about 850 AD, contact and intermingling with these off-world humans was widespread - as you can see in many Ancient Aliens episodes and in Wisdom Teachings - but then it tapered off.

This change allowed us to finalize our development into a "modern" species. Most importantly, it gave us the opportunity to doubt the reality of extraterrestrial life.

Apparently this is an absolutely essential element to our spiritual growth. The ETs do follow a "Prime Directive" where we have to be allowed to sort our affairs out as a planet.

However, this only occurs for a finite period of time. There comes a point where we must re-integrate into this much-greater galactic family once more.

Certain Forces are Standing in the Way of This

As I have extensively documented in earlier episodes of my TV show Wisdom Teachings, ETs made strong efforts to welcome us into this greater community as of the early 1950s.

As soon as we developed nuclear weapons that could destroy our planet entirely, the Prime Directive changed in our favor.

A plan was put forth in 1952 for a widespread, worldwide disclosure event to occur - including over 5,000 massive ships appearing in our skies.

Not surprisingly, the plan was rejected. The benevolent ETs did not want to share any tech with us until we engaged in a major spiritual education program.

This program would have demonstrated the underlying core of love that all world religious teachers had originally intended to convey to us.

The Shadow Government Cut a Deal with the Bad Guys

Much, but not all, of our secret government unfortunately cut a deal with the "bad guys" - ETs who promised technology in exchange for a limited, monitored abduction program.

Our government was told the abductions would not hurt us and no one would remember what had happened to them.

Although abduction experiences are non-threatening, some people did remember them - and this has caused a great deal of fear.

The Good Guys Struck Back in Various Ways

The shadow government believed, for some time, that they could do whatever they wanted - without repercussions.

It appeared that the benevolent ETs could only 'watch' what they did - but were not allowed to intervene directly in any way, due to their Prime Directive.

However, certain lines were not allowed to be crossed. As the Disclosure Project and other events have documented, the ETs will not allow us to have a nuclear war.

Hiroshima and Nagasaki were not interrupted, in order that we understand the horror of what could be - but many other efforts have been thwarted.

It wasn't until August 22nd, 2011 that the benevolent ETs took a much more aggressive stance by portaling out a total of 26 underground facilities worldwide, that we know of.

Apparently they are doing this to guarantee that our planet's future will be a positive one - by removing the possibility of the negative to succeed in its ultimate goals.

It Appears that a Treaty was Signed

Some of our top insiders have speculated that a treaty was signed with the benevolent ETs - and that was the only reason the bases stopped being portaled out as of January 2012.

Others, such as Gordon Duff and Preston James of Veterans Today, have more recently revealed that such a treaty is, in fact, in place.

The treaty apparently calls for an end to secrecy and cover-ups by the shadow government. If they refuse to comply, they will literally be removed.

This does seem to parallel the "Harvest" metaphor in the Book of Matthew - in which it is said that the "tares" will be plucked from the field, one by one, at the time of Harvest. The tares are weeds, "sowed by the Adversary," that would normally ruin the taste of the wheat.

The plucking out of these underground facilities appears to be the beginning of the fulfillment of this prophecy.

To read the full story see: DivineCosmos

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi
The Phoenix That Wouldn't Rise
August 7 2014 | From: RemovingTheShackles

Over the past two years I have spoken several times about the templates that the "cabal" and "Powers that Were" continuously use in all of their activities.

These templates play out over and over again in all aspects of business / finance, war, "politics", "terrorism" / false flags, and "history".

Once you can identify the template that "they" are using, then you can see the entire scenario for what it is and know exactly how it is being played out.

Comment: This is actually (mostly) a very well written article, although the author is woefully misinformed on a few rather key points. Notes have been added in square brackets to point these misconceptions out.

The author is correct in that The Illuminati / Cabal / Nazi / Zionist / Khazarian / Satanist 'Phoenix' will not rise.

The people are rising in their place.

The template that was used for the Colorado theatre shooting, Sandy Nook school shooting, Sikh temple shooting, the Boston Marathon bombing etc. made it very very easy to spot the next "false flag" the moment it was perpetuated.

Hence the fact that now when they happen, the alternative media and quick witted people all over the world uncover the lies and deceptions within hours, if not minutes of the incident. Many of us have sat back and laughed and pointed fingers at "them" and said "Oh my god! What a bunch of idiots! I can't believe they thought that this would work!", and "How can they be so stupid?!". Yet it's not actually "stupidity" as such.

They literally cannot go outside the template that they have.

Let's look at the health "pandemic" template that they have (tried) to use on the public to further their "Martial law", "population reduction" and "fear and distraction" plans. Norwalk, SARs, H1N1, H5N1, H1N5, H1N7, H7N9.

Not one of these "pandemics" worked on any level of what "they" were trying to perpetuate. There was no mass die off of the human species, there was no martial law installed, there was no massive panic by the populous. None. It didn't work. "Their" template was a bust, and yet they can't break the template so they have to try again - with the same damn template.

Enter: The Ebola 'Outbreak'

"They" had to jump to their last resort "outbreak" out of desperation of a completely failed plan. "Desperation" because, even with 40 years of research and testing, "they" still haven't managed to weaponize Ebola into the bioterror weapon that "they" have been hoping for. As I have pointed out in the last two articles I published:

"The Ebola Outbreak: The pandemic that isn't" and "When is Ebola not Ebola? When it walks off an airplane"

"Their" attempted "pandemic" is a complete failure

The "Ebola pandemic" is running off of the exact same template as all the previous "pandemics" (because they can't change the template), using a failed chimeric frankenstein virus that hasn't even coming close to working they way they planned.

"Their" last ditch effort is aimed at distracting the public for as long as possible, and hoping that somehow they could figure out a way to at least scare people enough with the "Ebola" boogieman that they could finally get their "martial law" thingy in place which also won't work. Just like it never has worked before. Let's move on.

The "war" and "terrorism" templates are also identical and have been played out so many times now that the main stream media is literally just changing the names in the headlines.

From RT in January 2012: "EU places sanctions on Iran"
From RT in January 2014: "EU places sanctions on Russia"

The "sanctions" didn't work against Iran, and they aren't working on Russia either. Why? Because it's all fake.

There is no "war about to break out". "They" are trying to play out their "war" template, over and over, and yet it isn't working.

Let's look at that template:

Media hysteria over Syria didn't work

Media hysteria over Gaza didn't work

Media hysteria over Greece didn't work

Media hysteria over Iran didn't work

Media hysteria over Syria and toss in Turkey didn't work

Media hysteria over Gaza again didn't work

Media hysteria over North Korea didn't work

Media hysteria over Iran again didn't work

Media hysteria over Syria / Egypt again didn't work

Media hysteria over Ukraine / Russia didn't work

Media hysteria over Gaza... about to fade away [hopefully]

next up to bat is Ebola, on deck are Venezuela, Argentina, Syria or Iran.

Not one of these so called "wars" or "terrorist" driven violent actions has worked. Their template is seen over and over again and no matter how they try to twist the shape of it, each one is still within the same template.

There is still no "World War III", there is still no Martial Law, the FEMA camps are still empty (and costing them a fortune by the way), and not a single attempt to get more money for "their" militarys has worked either.

Now I would like to draw your attention to the grandaddy template of them all:

The PHOENIX Template


noun: phoenix; plural noun: phoenixes

(in classical mythology) a unique bird that lived for five or six centuries in the Arabian desert, after this time burning itself on a funeral pyre and rising from the ashes with renewed youth to live through another cycle.

Unlike the other templates we've discussed, the Phoenix Template is one that has been running for eons.

This simplistic template has been used over and over again through out history, and yet is rarely seen for what it is: the ultimate template. While the "Powers that were" have been pumping out all the smaller templates, such as "war" and "pandemic", the ultimate template has been quietly and continuously running in the background.

In my skype rooms people have heard both myself and Heather use the term "Phoenix template" or "the Phoenixing of the system".

The PHOENIX is literally the entire "system" burning itself out and then rising from the flames all fresh and new. Just as Fawks does in the book "Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets", the Phoenix get's old and crotchety and then it bursts into flame and out of the ashes is reborn- the exact same bird as before. This is exactly what has been done for eons on our planet.

History tells us that we have experienced many many "empires" over thousands of years- global empires and regional empires.

There was the Egyptians, the Persians, the Babylonians, the Greeks, the Romans, the Turkish Ottomans, the Spanish, the French, the British, the American..... (and yes, I've missed a few I'm sure, but I'm just listing them off the top of my head)... these were all perceived "empires", and yet they were all just a change of the Phoenix.

The historians try to tell us that each of these are separate and each of these "empires" were preceded by a "revolution". The truth is that each and every one of these supposed "changes", "revolutions" or "empires" was actually just a Phoenixing of the existing systems, by the controllers.

The Phoenix Template plays out like this:

A perceived "empire" (be it lineage, geopolitical, or religious in nature) is very simply just a tool of the "controllers" to make the public believe that they have power.

As each "empire" becomes decadent and/or dictatorial, the people get fed up and stage a revolt in some way, shape or form. at this point, the controllers toss the old "empire" onto the burning pyre of "revolution" and out pops another "empire" from the ashes to take control of the masses once again.

This "new empire" looks all shiny and new, spouts wonderful things to the public and the people cheer and dance in the streets, thinking that they "did it" and that life is now going to be wonderful and carefree. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, the always existing "controllers" are still in control of the system and still maintaining their "kingdom" just as they always have done.

Whether you want to call these "controllers" the Banksters, or something else entirely, the name you/we give them doesn't change their existence. They have been behind all the perceived "empires" since the very beginning and they have been working the Phoenix template continuously since the beginning of recorded history.

But whereas before all "they" had to do was stage a world war, an invasion, a revolution etc. and then just tell the public whatever cover story "they" came up with, today is a very different situation.

Enter the world of the Internet, mobile phones, Youtube and live stream net based "TV".

"They" have no choice at this moment but to re-phoenix the current system. But before they could attempt it in this new age of "the world is watching" they needed to do a test run.

Enter: Iceland

A tiny island nation way up north, with a small population and little global notoriety [save for Bjork].

I followed the "peaceful revolution" in Iceland that quietly snuck it's way into the alternative media's attention (albeit almost 2 years after it happened) with a very sharp interest to seeing how it would all roll out. At first I was elated. Here was proof that a "peaceful revolution" could happen! It was only once I began to understand the templates that were being used that I realized what was really going on. [It is true, the banksters were kicked out - only to be replaced by new banksters].

This was a test. A test of how "they" would roll out a global system reboot. A "Revolution". A whole "new" system.

Does this sound familiar?

Iceland was a perfect testing ground. I spent about a month this spring with a good friend who is from Iceland and who was there to witness the whole thing. She told me all about the arrests of the bankers and politicians who were supposedly responsible for the financial collapse of Iceland's bank in 2008.

About the creation of a "new" constitution, written "by the people", and the creation of a "new government" as voted on "by the people" and the writing of "new laws" as voted on "by the people"- it all looked so shiny and fresh and "new".

Until you look underneath the new dress and see what it actually is: the same ol' controllers. Iceland now has a new set of bankers that are in charge of their financial system and yet they all come from the same place as the old set of bankers that purported were put in prison (of which there is no proof).

The Icelandic people are being led to believe that they are the ones writing the new laws etc. and yet every law that has been passed so far has been done with no transparency nor any full explanation of what these laws actually mean.

I will give you an example: The Icelandic people just recently voted on a law that would limit bank / financial leveraging to "just" 3 %. The public were told that the "old" laws allowed for leveraging of over 5%, so now the people are all thrilled that they've gotten it down to a mere 3% -I mean, how awesome is that?

One problem. At no point did the "new" Icelandic government explain to the people of Iceland what leveraging actually is, how it was used to topple the Icelandic financial system, OR the fact that the 5% leveraging that they use to have laws for was not the reason for the financial collapse!

At no point did the "new" government tell the people that the reason that their banking system crumbled was because after leveraging their money the 5% that the "laws" allowed (ps: the same 5% that Canada and the US also has on the law books!), and then they took those leveraged funds to the City of London and re-leveraged them again to the tune of 90%!

So the people have voted on a law of which they had no understanding of and absolutely no transparency on, and just created yet another system of leveraging on the books for the "new" bankers and "new government" to use!

(This is one of the reasons that I laughed my ass off at the Main stream media earlier this year when the British "government" passed new laws to "protect" their banking industry and to "prevent" the collapse of the British Pound Sterling - because all of the major money laundering and leveraging done in the UK is perpetuated in The City of London, which is it's own country and not beholden to any laws that the British "Government" passes.

So, we have a "peaceful revolution" in Iceland, which is being held up as a shining example by the alternative media. The controllers still have absolute control of everything and yet the people are all happily smiling and patting each other on the back for a job well done - and nothing has actually changed.

Now comes the big Phoenix roll out. "They" have been preparing for this for a long long time, setting the stage through the alternative media, the various "patriot" movements, the "freemen" and "sovereign" movements, the constitutionalists, the "occupiers", the "common-law" supporters, the "RV'ers", the nesara supporters.

[Those who really believe that every single effort made to work against the 'powers that be / were' is infiltrated and co-opted are simply delusional or nowhere near as informed as they think they are.

Some of these 'truthers' are so damaged that they actually keep on going but seem firm in the belief thatwe are all screwed and doomed. I honestly do not know why they don't just stick their heads back in the sand with the rest of the sleepers].

Then you add the various groups and organizations: the Vatican, the Jesuits, the Masons, the Illuminati, the Zionists, the Dragons, the New World Order, the new earth nation, the new agers Swiss Indo, the list goes on and on. Each one is designed to pull in people to their order / organization / group / movement, and to perpetuate the idea of "Change" that they will bring to humanity.

They offer promises of Peace & Prosperity, of a "New Age" of paradise / enlightenment / ascension / heaven on earth and yet, it's all still the same controllers. [Incorrect].

I will be writing much more detail on this subject in a separate article. Part of the Phoenix is the big glitzy "New" financial system, the one that they have desperately been trying to put into place for the past year, the one where they have actually "pressed the button" at least 3 times since the middle of June and nothing has happened. [There is a new financial system in the works and it has nothing to do with "them" and the version to which the author of this article refers].

Each time the global financial system is rebooted, it is mirrored. Hence the "new" is just a reflection of the old, that keeps on chugging - same ol' same ol'.

In 1998 / 99 the entire system was completely re-mirrored. In January of 2010 that Mirror was pierced and it caused panic in the banking and insurance sectors.

In the end of 2010, during the manic flurry of the banking industry desperately trying to re-mirror their now compromised financial system, Heather Ann Tucci Jarraf expanded the investigation of the international banking system, that was industry specific, to a global level, an investigation that would result in the Paradigm Report being issued on March 6th, 2011.

From December 2011 to early July 2012, the investigation expanded it's scope from global to universal and that resulted in all the One People's Public Trust UCC filings between July 25th, 2012 to March 18th, 2013 - when all hierarchys, kingdoms, networks, and systems were reconciled and closed. [OPPT was a cabal - run fraud FYI].

This was the End Game for the perceived global financial system. Once all of the filings were done, the already pierced and crippled "financial system" completely collapsed. "They" could not "issue", "distribute", "release" or mirror any funds or currencies.

The populace are distracted by ever more prevalent and senseless distractions - multitudes of interactive 'talent' shows, celebrity worship, inane cooking shows, American / Swahili Samurai - Ninja nonsense - news of discombobulation and every imaginable 'reality' television concept that has no more basis in reality that the goddamn tooth fairy. It's a massive, desperate distraction game of 'look over here' while we try to get this other nasty shite past you stupid sheeple.

Just who was that pretty but ordinary person who re-sang that popular song and WHATTHE F8CK DOES IT MATTER?

Wake up much?

In a desperate attempt to cover up the fact that "their" system was now dead in the water, "they" have played a continuous game of "DISTRACT DISTRACT DISTRACT" for the past four years. "They" have continuously played out every template in their arsenal - from "terrorism" "false flags" "pandemic" "war" etc. - waving any shiny thing they can come up with to keep the public's attention away from the truth.

The "controllers" have lost all control of their systems of control.

While the Media continues to uphold the mythos that the world of finance is "business as usual", anyone following the perceived "global" markets and the economic undercurrent of the planet can blatantly see that the sky is falling and that all is not well in the realms of finance.

When the tellers start asking the bank managers why the vaults are empty you know that the gig is up. The global banks etc have spent two years pretending that they are "liquid" while in fact all they've been doing is pulling money out of their own personal savings and hidden accounts to create the illusion that they have money to lend.

Their pockets are now empty.

The reason that every time they have "pressed the button" - and we know that they've "pressed" it at least 3 times since mid June of this year, 2014 - nothing happens, is because there is no gold [that they have access to], there is no "money", there are no "global accounts" [that they have access to] , there are no hidden vaults [that they have acces to], there is no value [that they have access to] that they can use to back their "New" Financial Phoenix.

Some time today, "they" will be trading "bonds", that have no value, no backing, no basis in this reality in order to attempt to "prop up" a "new financial" system, and hide the fact there is no physical gold to directly implement the "Basel III" scheme (a long-planned phoenix of the "new world order"), the precursor requisite to attempt to implement "new governance" over the "human" capital, which is Source, in body, all bodies, the original depositories and true vaults of Source...I AM.

"They" think that they can just give the illusion of a "new" "legitimate" financial system, by issuing and trading allusions of "bonds" that pretend to have some sort of value. These bonds have less value than the paper they are printed on and that is not even slightly a joke or exaggeration.

"They" have already given everyone the "cash" in frozen accounts yet what will they do when the "cash" remains frozen because their Bonds are bunk?

The IMF can't keep up the illusion, and they can't be used as an excuse that they are "holding back" these accounts forever and at some point the lies will shatter no matter how many magical illusions are put in place.

"Their" Phoenix won't Rise.

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

Back Door Man - Neil Keenan Update
August 5 2014 | From: GroupK

Here in Jakarta the Ramadan holiday festivities are complete and the prayer intonations which fill the day and night no longer carry the celebratory explosions of fireworks.

It is Sunday and tomorrow morning things will return to business as usual with the roadways congested beyond belief, barely navigable as everyone here returns to the western template of 9 to 5.

In our previous post “The Last Line of Defense” we point out that in 2011 what became known as The Trillion Dollar Lawsuit proved to be the catalyst as well as the unifying component in the worldwide initiative to awaken the public at large to the reality, nature and diabolical agenda, of the transnational power elite.

For those just becoming aware of the depth and breadth of deception and deceit which has been intentionally cultivated and imposed upon humankind, these are exciting and perhaps even exhilarating times. One must however never lose sight of the fact that the true history of control, and process by which it has been established and sustained, is atrocious and nothing less than evil.

Awareness and understanding of that which is really transpiring here and now on planet Earth comes with a responsibility. Is it time now, whereby we must discern and choose between the real or unreal; who and what is genuine, and who and what is not. We are at a point in time where the chaff must be separated from the wheat.

In this latest video update Neil Keenan continues this process as he exposes imposter Soegiharto Notonegoro (claiming to be the king of kings) and his backdoor attempt(s) to steal Dragon Family assets.

Part One

Part Two

Here is the famous upside-down Indonesian flag outside the palace of the king of kings. The Police were onto him immediately:

Neil also gives us an update on Nelu’s imminent release and warns all pretenders and armchair critics the game clock has run out. We are cleaning house!

The next six names are those of the Elders under the Soekarno Umbrella who are directly, or family-related, attempting to sell or trade the assets belonging to the Dragon Family.

Many have passed on and their families are attempting to deprive humanity of its holdings deposited by the Dragon Family amongst others.

They are not nor ever have been owners and said assets are in danger of being lost in their clumsy attempts to bring them to the banks and as well sell them to the West.

If the West gets their hands on them you can count on another 100 years of desperation and death.

The proper owners need to take charge now of their own stead and of course take care of those that have watched their assets for many years. The roads, skies and seas are being watched there is nowhere to go and only one way to turn before the Japanese Military comes to claim what they want all to believe are their assets.

They forget the rape of Nanking where they stole all their assets. They no longer nor ever did own such asset or they would be registered in the BIS in their name. This is not so! Here are the next six names and all accounts are being held at the Union Bank of Switzerland:


Here is the name of the Seventh Elder holding the depositors assets under the guise of the Global Accounts:


Identification Code 56400962. A.045

Country Code Djakarta 342009771

Indonesia 45005

Special Code INA 045 A.I. 54445 Bank Tani dan


Transaction Code 340080979. C.D.

Djakarta, 17, November 1960

Here is the name of the Eighth Elder holding the depositors assets under the guise of the Global Accounts:


Identification Code 56400943. A.045

Country Code Djakarta 342009771

Indonesia 45005

Special Code INA 045 A.I. 54445 Bank Tani dan


Transaction Code 340080979. C.D.

Djakarta, 17 November 1960

Here is the name of the Ninth Elder holding the depositors assets under the guise of the Global Accounts:


Identification Code 56400945 A.045

Country Code Djakarta 342009771

Indonesia 45005

Special Code INA 045 A.I. 54445 Bank Tani dan


Transaction Code 340080979. C.D.

Djakarta 17 November 1960

Here is the name of the Tenth Elder holding the depositors assets under the guise of the Global Accounts:


Identification Code 56400946. A.045

Country Code Djakarta 342009771

Indonesia 45005

Special Code INA 045 A.I. 54445 Bank Tani dan


Transaction Code 340080979. C.D.

Djakarta 17 November 1060

Here is the name of the Eleventh Elder holding the depositors assets under the guise of the Global Accounts:


Identification Code 56400947 A.045

Country Code Djakarta 342009771

Indonesia 45005

Special Code INA 045 A.I. 54445 Bank Tani dan


Transaction Code 340080979 C.D.

Djakarta 17, November 1060

Here is the name of the Twelfth Elder holding the depositors assets under the guise of the Global Accounts:


Identification Code 56400948 A.045

Country Code Djakarta 342009771

Indonesia 45005

Special Code INA 045 A.I. 54445 Bank Tani dan


Transaction Code 340080979 C.D.

Djakarta 17, November 1960

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi
China & Switzerland Drop US Dollar
August 1 2014 | From: NASDAQ

Swiss, Chinese Central Banks Enter Currency Swap Agreement

The Swiss National Bank and the People's Bank of China reached a currency swap agreement on Monday, allowing the two central banks to buy and sell their currencies up to a limit of 150 billion renminbi, or 21 billion Swiss francs ($23.4 billion).

The deal will also allow the Swiss central bank to invest some of its huge accumulation of foreign exchange reserves in the Chinese bond market, the SNB said in a statement Monday.

The Zurich-based SNB said the agreement will further strengthen collaboration between it and its Chinese counterpart and is a "key requisite for the development of a renminbi market in Switzerland."

It could also facilitate trade and investment between the two countries, the PBOC said.

Switzerland is the latest of a series of countries to set up swap lines with China, which is keen to promote the international use of the yuan.

Last year China signed swap agreements with the European Central Bank and a clutch of others, including the U.K., Brazil and Indonesia.

The agreement between China and Switzerland has a term of three years and can be renewed thereafter, the PBOC said.

Also see: U.S. fiscal failure warrants a de-Americanized world

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House Votes To Advance Lawsuit Against President Obama
July 31 2014 | From: NBC / RT

For the first time in American history, a chamber of Congress has authorized its leader to sue the President of the United States.

Also See: RT

House Republicans on Wednesday voted to authorize a lawsuit against President Barack Obama for his use of executive actions as both parties attempt to utilize the suit to motivate voters ahead of the midterm elections.

In a strict party-line 225-201 vote, Republicans approved the legislation that accuses the president of exceeding his Constitutional authority by changing how his signature health care bill was implemented. The measure does not require Senate approvalNo Democrats voted for the bill.

Democrats, including Obama, have called the suit a waste of taxpayers time and money. Some have also said it is the first step towards Republicans ultimate goal of impeaching the president, something the president’s party has used as a rallying cry to raise campaign donations in recent days.

“‘Impeachment is off the table,’ why hasn’t the speaker said that?” Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said ahead of the vote. “Why are there those in your caucus who won’t deny that that is a possible end in sight for this ill-fated legislation?”

House Speaker John Boehner and his top aides have denied claims that the suit is a way to initiate the president’s impeachment.

"This isn’t about Republicans and Democrats, it’s about defending the Constitution that we swore an oath to uphold,"
Boehner said before the vote.

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China Looks Set To Introduce Gold-Backed New World Reserve Currency
July 31 2014 | From: ExposingTruth

The US dollar has been the world’s reserve currency for many decades now, but the trends seem to indicate that China is preparing to overtake the US in regards to being the “standard” currency.

The world’s monetary system has not had any direct involvement with gold since 1971, when U.S. president Richard Nixon ended the conversion of the dollar into gold.

China seems to be preparing itself for a big involvement in gold, potentially backing their currency with gold. The graph below shows that world reserve currencies come and go, and they change on average every 95 years.

It is impossible to know exactly how much gold China has, as their central bank is more secretive in this regard compared to other countries.

Read the full story at: ExposingTruth

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Russian Leader Warns, “Get All Money Out Of Western Banks Now!”
July 30 2014 | From: WorldTruth

A Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) “urgent bulletin” being sent to Embassies around the world today is advising both Russian citizens and companies to begin divesting their assets from Western banking and financial institutions “immediately” as Kremlin fears grow that both the European Union and United States are preparing for the largest theft of private wealth in modern history.

According to this “urgent bulletin,” this warning is being made at the behest of Prime Minister Medvedev who earlier today warned against the Western banking systems actions against EU Member Cyprus by stating:

“All possible mistakes that could be made have been made by them, the measure that was proposed is of a confiscation nature, and unprecedented in its character. I can’t compare it with anything but … decisions made by Soviet authorities … when they didn’t think much about the savings of their population. But we are living in the 21st century, under market economic conditions. Everybody has been insisting that ownership rights should be respected.”

Medvedev’s statements echo those of President Putin who, likewise, warned about the EU’s unprecedented private asset grab in Cyprus calling it “unjust, unprofessional, and dangerous.”

Read the full story at: WorldTruth

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Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

The Last Line Of Defense - Neil Keenan
July 29 2014 | From: GroupK

The speed of the demise of the cabal is directly proportionate to the awakening of the control and atrocities long committed by those pulling the geopolitical strings.

For those here on the front lines in the global battle to expose and defeat Tyranny it is also a time of celebration; More importantly it is a time for continued vigilance – as we press our adversary in every direction – to the edges of the Earth.

2014 07 28 19 11 56 from KeenanTeam on Vimeo.

Our hotel here in Jakarta Indonesia is located near a large mosque. Prayer chants can be heard throughout the day and night. Tonight those intonations are accompanied with the sound of fireworks. It is the eve of Idul Fitri, which in Arabic means newly reborn. Tomorrow, the last day of Ramadan, is a time of celebration for all the Muslim world.

For those here on the front lines in the global battle to expose and defeat Tyranny it is also a time of celebration; More importantly it is a time for continued vigilance – as we press our adversary in every direction – to the edges of the Earth.

On 11-23-2011 what was to become known as the Trillion Dollar Lawsuit was filed in the US district court in Manhattan, New York. This action, along with the plaintiff Neil F Keenan, would provide the catalyst in exposing to the American public gross criminal activities of the Zionist controlled US government. As the lawsuit process progressed, it would reveal to the world the organized enslavement of humanity and ongoing rape of the planet itself.

When first hearing of the lawsuit , Ben Fulford prophetically predicted that this single brave action could bring an end to worldwide financial tyranny. We’ve since learned the implications are even more far reaching.

In this posting “The last line of defense” it’s easy to see the interconnectedness of significant geopolitical events. Further, one can see the importance that the Keenan team remain focused and vigilant. Failure to stop, and bring down the cabal is not an option.

The end is near. To date the Keenan Team has gone from battle to battle and emerged victorious – but the battles which remain have narrowed down to those that will determine who is, and who is not in position to call the shots on Planet Earth. To the victor belongs the spoils and we are crossing that line in the very near future.

In this latest Neil Keenan video update, Neil describes more of the details surrounding the cabal’s recent foiled (for now) attempt to steal 240,000 metric tonnes of Dragon family gold. Neil names names and describes how and where the gold was smelted into one kilogram bars as well as who was behind the plot itself.

Neil talks about the ugly breakup between Karen Hudes and Wolfgang Struck. Yes they’ve broken up folks! – Even Wolfgang now refers to her as delusional! We must have hit a nerve or two in our “Three Strikes and You’re Out!” post.

The speed of the demise of the cabal is directly proportionate to the awakening to the control and atrocities long committed by those pulling the geopolitical strings. China and Switzerland are dumping the US dollar, and as the US economy is about to collapse – convoys of trucks filled with food and supplies lead to the underground bunkers designed and built to protect the power elite from any catastrophic events which might occur on the surface.

Neil has recently heard of a plan to kill 268 million unsuspecting US citizens!!

Things are speeding up and the heat in the kitchen is being heated seven times hotter than before. As the cabal grows increasingly desperate, intensifying and accelerating their efforts – so we do also.

The fourth, fifth and sixth elders are revealed and released in this post, as we initiate our plan of acceleration. Elders be forewarned – Japan (the west) has their eyes on the global account assets, and is positioning to come to Indonesia to get them!

At this time Neil would like to thank those who have stood side by side with him, putting their lives at risk. The list begins with Benjamin Fulford and David Wilcock, Drake Bailey, Thomas Williams and Jean Haines, Nelu, the King of Hawaii and Doctor Aidun, Michael Dunn, Michael Calhoun and Rob Miller, Peter Eyre, Shirley Pressnell, Jo Hutabarat and Inchul Kim, Tom Clines (deceased) and General Jack Myers (deceased), Richard de Montgomerie, Frank Amadeo, Nasco, Ticho and Ilko, and many more. Special thanks to Lorraine Ferris.

Fourth Elder:


Identification Code 56400953. A.045

Country Code Djakarta 342009771

Indonesia 45005

Special Code INA 045 A.I. 54445 Bank Tani dan


Transaction Code 340080979

Djakarta , 17 November 1960

Fifth Elder:


Identification Code 56400960. A.045

Country Code Djakarta 342009771

Indonesia 45005

Special Code INA 045 A.I. 54445 Bank Tani dan


Transaction Code 3400080979. C.D.

Djakarta 17 November 1960

Sixth Elder:


Identification Code 56400944. A.045

Country Code Djakarta 342009771

Indonesia 45005

Special Code INA 045 A.I. 54445 Bank Tani dan


Transaction Code 340080979. C.D.

Djakarta, 17 November 1960

All Elders assets are to be managed at the UNION BANK OF SWITZERLAND LETTERS signed in accordance to MR. WILLIAM VOUNCHER’S TESTIMONY

It is possible and most likely that many of the original names to be mentioned are individuals who have since passed away and the assets are now in the hands of their family members.

Therefore, the family members are demanded now to Cease and Desist their attempts to market the assets of the Global Accounts and / or the Soekarno Accounts.

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi
Chechnya Leader Puts 'Sanctions' On Obama, EU Officials
July 28 2014 | From: WorldBulletin

It's a home-made No-Fly: Chechnya leader puts travel, bank account ban on Obama, EU officials over Ukraine.

Ramzan Kadyrov, the Kremlin-backed leader of Chechnya, said on Saturday he would ban entry to and freeze any bank accounts of U.S. President Barack Obama and top EU officials for bringing "tragedy" to Ukraine, in a gesture of defiance after being hit by sanctions.

After the European Union imposed sanctions over Ukraine that for the first time included the Chechen leader, Kadyrov repeated Russian statements that Washington and Brussels were responsible for plunging Ukraine into turmoil.

"The whole world has witnessed the tragedy of Libyan, Syrian, Iraqi and Afghan nations. And the Ukrainian one recently," Kadyrov said on his Instagram feed.

"Under the pretext of exporting democracy, civilians are being killed in these countries and cities and religious ties are being destroyed. The United States and the European Union bear direct responsibility for all that is happening."

Washington and Brussels have stepped up sanctions on officials close to Putin and accuse Russia of supporting rebels fighting Kiev troops in eastern Ukraine.

Moscow denies arming or financing the rebels and says the West is guilty of encouraging Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko to press ahead with a military campaign against the rebels in the Russian-speaking east.

Kadyrov said that as well as Obama, the European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso, foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton and European Council head Herman van Rompuy were banned from travelling to Chechnya as of Sunday.

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi
Analyst: Germany Secretly Planning To Join BRICS
July 25 2014 | From: InfoWars

Financial analyst Jim Willie sensationally claims that Germany is preparing to ditch the unipolar system backed by NATO and the U.S. in favor of joining the BRICS nations, and that this is why the NSA was caught spying on Angela Merkel and other German leaders.

In an interview with USA Watchdog’s Greg Hunter, Willie, a statistical analyst who holds a PhD in statistics, asserted that the real reason behind the recent NSA surveillance scandal targeting Germany was centered around the United States’ fear that Europe’s financial powerhouse is looking to escape from an inevitable dollar collapse.

“I think they are looking for details on assisting Russia on dumping the dollar. I think they are looking for details for a secret movement for Germany to get away from the dollar and join the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.) This is exactly what I think they are going to do,” said Willie.

In another sign that BRICS nations are moving to create an entirely new multi-polar model adversarial to the west, the five countries are also constructing an alternative Internet backbone which will circumvent the United States in order to avoid NSA spying.

Read the full story at: Infowars

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

Current Events Overview: Fulford / Wilcock
July 23 2014 | From: BenjaminFulford / DavidWilcock

The arrest of nazionist mass murderers like George Bush Jr. and Benjamin Netanyahu and their fellow cabalists is imminent, according to Mossad and other sources.

These criminals and their fellow top cabalists have already been banned from traveling to over 180 countries and soon will be banned from traveling outside of their jail cells, the sources said.

The downing of remote controlled Israeli owned so-called “Malaysian Airlines flight MH17,” filled with dead and decomposing bodies, was one dirty trick too many for the nazionists and a turning point against them has now been reached within the world’s secret agencies and governments, according to multiple sources.

What we first saw in Syria were are now seeing in the Ukraine; a failed attempt to use a manufactured incident to start a war.

The nazionists created “Sarin gas attacks on civilians” in Syria and now “dead HIV scientists” in the Ukraine and used it to try to fool the US military into attacking. Only this time in the Ukraine, even more so than was the case with Syria, nobody is taking the bait.

We can see this in the nazionist controlled corporate propaganda media “attack Russia” PR campaign.

For example, UK nazionist puppet Prime Minister David Cameron has asked German PM Angela Merkel and French President Francois to press for more sanctions against Russia’s Vladimir Putin but this is just a PR stunt according to MI5 sources.

Cameron had to do that because he was being blackmailed by a nazionist media baron with threats to publicize his cocaine habit and his wife’s heroin addiction, the sources continued.

In any case, in the past such a public campaign by nazionist puppet leaders and the corporate propaganda media was used to condition the masses to accept an up-coming military event. Now though, nobody is buying it. No army is ready to do their bidding and even most the hired goons have stopped listening to them.

Furthemore, the internet and social media part of the nazionist campaign to vilify Russia “has been a total wipeout,” say sources in MI5 and other agencies.

For example: the U-Tube presented as proof of rebel and Russian cooperation was shown to have date stamps from before the shootdown, the tweets from “a Spanish air traffic controller in Ukraine” actually came from London , the internet Putin assassination angle was fake ( Putin is too smart to overfly Ukraine) and the film being shown of the plane being shot down was from the daytime even though the plane was supposed to have been shot down at night. They are clearly losing the plot.

Rand Corporation, 1776 Main St, Santa Monica, CA 90401, United States

This entire “Malaysian plane” incident is being managed out of the State Department and by the Rand corporation, according to US based CIA sources.

Now Germany and France are so disgusted by the nazionist stunts being run out of Washington D.C. and Tel Aviv, they have decided to join the BRICS alliance, according to CIA sources in Europe. The Germans and French are systematically purging their governments of nazionist agents.

And for good reason. The fake Malaysian plane filled with bodies from the morgue stunt was the nazionist response to the announcement last week by the BRICS nations they had set up a development bank and a financial stabilization fund as a way to by-pass the cabal controlled World Bank and IMF.

Think about it, here we have a group supported by over 188 nations announcing a plan to peacefully build economic infrastructure and the US and Israeli nazionists puppet governments react by shooting down a plane. Huh?

The other reactions were to brutalize the Gaza strip and keep pumping up a fake immigrant crisis in the US.

Furthermore, the WDS was also sent a whole new series of threats by these nazionists thugs last week. According to the latest threats “World War 3 has started,” the “US armed forces are ready to invade Russia,” etc. Do not believe it for a minute. As mentioned before, the armed forces of Russia, China, the United States and elsewhere have already come to an agreement to never let themselves be fooled into starting another world war.

Also, the campaign to rebrand the Muslim Brotherhood as ISIS is falling apart as the ever more ridiculous pronouncements coming out of ISIS via Jerusalem are becoming a joke. Check out this link for an example.

What we are witnessing is clearly the end game for the nazionists. Let us recap some of the big changes that have taken place in the campaign to oust these psychopathic killers from the top levels of world power.

The Queen of the Netherlands plus the Kings of Spain and Belgium have resigned

The top Warburg family member committed suicide

Richard Rockefeller died

Senator J. Rockefeller resigned

Pope malevolent resigned

200 nazi US military officers have been fired

Former French President Sarkozy was arrested

Last week 660 pedophiles were arrested in the UK

The Vatican has also fired over 400 pedophiles and is continuing a major purge of the Catholic church

The Vatican bank, which was used by the cabal to bribe world leaders, has shut down over 3000 corrupt accounts

We also received an e-mail last week from a source in a major charitable foundation who said “Bush Sr. passed away on Friday apparently from food poisoning, I hear bad fish. This has been confirmed via his personal security. It should hit the news sometime this week.” However, subsequently he was trotted out for a photograph in a local newspaper near his family’s estate in Maine.

In the picture nazionist Fuhrer Bush Sr. appears to be resorting to his old trick of acting senile, which he is not. Bush is not going to avoid arrest by pretending to be a poor senile old man; he is one of history’s worst mass murderers and will face justice, you can count on it.

The slow unraveling of the nazionist stealth takeover of the United States will continue its now unstoppable path. The Zionist brainwashed slave colony known as Israel will also be freed. If the so-called Jews (the word did not exist until the 19th century) study the history of Babylon they will found out that circumcision was historically something that was done to the males of defeated slave races.

The Europeans who have been brainwashed into thinking they came from ancient Judea will be set free. The world as a whole is well along in the process of being freed from Babylonian debt slavery.

There is expected to be a lot going on this autumn after a summer lull. Hopefully, if we all push for it, we will finally have or fall of the Berlin wall, or fall of the Babylon Fed Ziggurat, type of event in the US then.

David Wilcock's comment on Ben Fulford's new report:

A very interesting report this week. The signs are increasingly obvious that real change is occurring. We are seeing it happen “under the radar,” and my dream data corroborated that these latest stunts have created a “point of no return” for the Cabal.

They were desperate as it was, but I’m having dream after dream saying they have really blown it by this latest round of violence. They have finally created the initiative for the rest of the world to pull together and end this.

The only major thing I would add to this that was not in Ben’s report is the subject of a major new update I’m working on now. I’m in Colorado this week shooting my two TV shows, Wisdom Teachings and the new Whistleblower, so I will probably be too distracted to publish before then, but here’s the short version.

Preston James and Gordon Duff at Veteran’s Today are both saying that a critical shift has occurred in the relationship between the benevolent human ETs helping us and the Cabal. The Cabal has been given a final ultimatum. I do believe some form of divine intervention is required to actually clean up this mess due to how entrenched the power structure truly is.

The Cabal banked for a long time (literally and figuratively) on the idea that ETs will only watch what happens but are forbidden to intervene. That may have been true in the past, but the rules changed as of late 2011 when the ETs started portaling out a total of 28 underground facilities that we know of. Ben spoke of this and I have covered it extensively in earlier articles on divinecosmos.com.

This is only about 10 percent of what is there (~250), so it does appear that some sort of treaty was struck that halted the completion of this process. It began in August 2011 and continued through until about the following January or thereabouts.

This is only speculation, but the treaty may have included an agreement for disclosure to occur at a certain time, and for a benevolent stepping down of the Powers that Were. Despite the obvious technological superiority of the benevolent ETs, the pathos of the Cabal is such that they simply will dare them to make a move.

So according to James and Duff’s sources, the ETs have given the Cabal a final ultimatum. On the physical level I believe the creation of the BRICS bank not only creates an alternative infrastructure if the Cabal tries to torch the financial system — it also creates consent, on a spiritual level, for the ETs to intervene much more.

The ETs need our free-will permission to act. Until we were brave enough as a planet to step up and fight, and do something as tangible as to create this alternative financial infrastructure, the ETs couldn’t intervene as strongly as they can now that we’ve done the work.

It may still be some time before we understand the degree to which our extended family has assisted us through this whole process. However, another one of James and Duff’s key points is that there is a battle within the Cabal itself between older and younger members.

The younger members are not subscribing to the genocidal mindset and do not want to play along. These new leaks indicated that there have been positive moves made by the younger people to release all sorts of information that advances us as a planet.

I believe we are seeing this in the form of many stunning new leaps forward in the disclosure movement in mainstream media. There was a major advance on June 22nd, with three powerful stories that came out that same day or the day after, and there have been others since then. I watch content-aggregator news sites, so it was easy to see this happening.

I do believe, therefore, that the formula of “first the Cabal is defeated, then disclosure” will hold true. Any type of significant breaking of the facade will soon have the effect of a truth avalanche, where people will begin questioning everything they thought they knew.

This is a truly exciting time, as the things Ben, Neil Keenan and many others have been saying are coming to fruition now. The latest NSA leaks reveal the massive extent to which the Cabal has manufactured opposition to people doing what we’re doing online. We have no way of knowing how widespread this is.

I can comfortably estimate that as many as 75 jobs have been created in the past just through my work alone and the attacks that are being done. I know there was a pool in the CIA of who in this field would be snuffed out first and I was at the highest levels of the list for some time.

I understand people need to feed their families, but if they realized the murderous planet-destroying machine they are enabling by doing this, they would be horrified and drop it completely.

Now the proof is there. Tangible data points are increasingly replacing insider rumors and, in my case, intuitive data through a reliable source I’ve cultivated over 21 years of recording dreams every day. It’s a very exciting time!

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

It’s Show Time - Neil Keenan
July 22 2014 | From: GroupK

The cabal are desperate and are accelerating their efforts in line with their agenda to seize the global collateral accounts - Using 'military exercises' to cover massive heist

The United States Aircraft Carrier USS George Washington - Right now it awaits a shipment of stolen gold bullion with the intention of returning it to the Zionist Cabal in New York

Since arriving here in Jakarta nearly two weeks ago - both the pace and developments have been relentless. The past two weeks seem more like two months, as the scope and magnitude of what we do here appears to expand, not by the day - but by the minute!

The cabal is desperate as they accelerate their efforts in line with their agenda to seize the global collateral accounts.

Almost immediately following our recent “Three Strikes and You're Out!” video update, Neil Keenan received an urgent call from a high level contact based in South Korea.

We the people face an imminent danger which must be curtailed!

Joint naval exercises currently taking place off the coast of South Korea are a sophisticated cover for the biggest gold heist in history! In this urgent video message an unusually sombre Neil Keenan provides details of the plan, the perpetrators behind it and the vital imperative to expose and curtail it.

Now more than ever we must remain focused and vigilant in our mission to defeat the power elite, to thwart their last-gasp efforts to replenish their war-chest; cull the majority of human kind - and enslave the rest!

Here is the name of the third Elder holding the depositors assets under the guise of the Global Accounts:


He is to manage the people’s treasure at the UNION BANK OF SWITZERLAND GENEVA

Identification Code 56400933. A.045

Country Code Djakarta 342009771

Indonesia 45005

Special Code INA 045 A.I. 54445 Bank Tani dan Nelajan

Transaction Code 340080979. C.D.

Part one

Part two

It's Show Time, Folks!

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New Zealand Member Of Parliament Is Concerned The Reserve Bank Of New Zealand Is Overseas-Owned
July 22 2014 | From: NZNewswire / Yahoo

NZ First leader Winston Peters is trying to laugh off a 'serious misconception' held by one of his MPs

See also: International Ownership of New Zealand Banks - Who Owns New Zealand's Banks?

Asenati Lole-Taylor said in a Facebook post on Tuesday she was concerned about 90 per cent of New Zealand's banks being foreign-owned.

"Especially the Reserve Bank," she said.

Questioned about this by another Facebook user, who said the Reserve Bank was owned by the government, Ms Lole-Taylor responded:

"No, it's not. Our Reserve Bank is run by overseas bankers."

Mr Peters told reporters he didn't consider her comments were "strictly accurate" and veered off into criticism of the profits New Zealand's banks make.

"And who owns the US Federal Bank, you don't know, do you," he said before walking off.

Comment: Thanks Winston - Have you just confirmed without a doubt that you are bought and paid for?

See also: International Ownership of New Zealand Banks - Who Owns New Zealand's Banks?

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Three Strikes And You’re Out
July 20 2014 | From: GroupK

Reporting from Jakarta, Indonesia, 'Ground Zero' in the global war to conquer the Western cabal, Neil Keenan hits a bases-loaded grand slam in this video update.

In his usual direct and no-nonsense style, Neil brings us up to speed on developments in the fight to protect the global collateral accounts - and free them for the use and purpose for which they were originally indented.

Neil talks about Japan and the recent change in its post World War II military status. Neil discusses the significance of the timing and change, and how it directly affects the geopolitical setting in the region and the safety of the accounts and the Elders themselves.

Ms Karen Hudes and her plan for global financial salvation is also discussed in detail and shredded.

Neil reveals the bombshell news of Germany's imminent departure from NATO and the European Union, in favor of membership in the BRICS nation alliance (France is next), as well as insider knowledge of the real story behind downed Malaysian airlines flight MH-17.

Other topics include Updates on Nelu, the recent Cosmic Voice interview with Peter Eyre, Dr. Aidun and Robert J Miller.

Neil signs off with a thank you to H.M. Edmund Keli’i Silva, Jr., King of Hawaii and a warm Happy Birthday wish to his mother on her 80th birthday!

The second Indonesian person to be named on this very long list of elders under the Soekarno umbrella is:


Identification Code 56400932. A.045

Country Code: Djakarta Indonesia 342009771

Indonesia 45005

Special Code: INA 045 A.I. 54445 Bank Tani dan Nelajan

Transaction Code: 340080979. C.D.

It is possible and most likely that many of the original names to be mentioned are individuals who have since passed away and the assets are now in the hands of their family members.

Therefore, the family members are demanded now to Cease and Desist their attempts to market the assets of the Global Accounts and/or the Soekarno Accounts.

Part one

Part two

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Thousands Attend Pro-Palestine Rally In New Zealand
July 20 2014 | From: RT

Several thousand people are estimated to have marched through central Auckland to protest the Israeli ground invasion of Gaza, which, along with previous airstrikes, have resulted in over 300 deaths in under two weeks’ time.

Marchers with umbrellas, placards and Palestinian flags in hand took to the heart of New Zealand’s most populous city to show solidarity with the people of Gaza on Saturday. Estimates range between several hundred and several thousand attendees, though footage posted by OccupyNZ indicates the latter figure is likely more accurate.

Read the full story with more pictures and video at: RT

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It Has Begun - Germany To Break From US / UK, Join Russia / China BRICS Alliance
July 19 2014 | From: SilverDoctors

It is finally happening in full view, in unmistakable manner, in a way that the awake, the aware, and the conscious can perceive in alarming stunning terms.

The central force of Europe, the industrial juggernaut, the stable core, has begun to pivot East.

France is reportedly to make a similar move. If it emerges that both leave NATO then this could spell the end for the European Union.

The Germans have had enough, fed up with destructive US activities of all kinds. For the last few months, they have been laying out their indictment, their justification, their reasons to abandon the corrupt US-UK crowd. The bank wreckage, the market rigging, the endless wars, the sanctions which backfire, the sham monetary policy, the economic sabotage, the spying, the gold gimmicks, it has finally reached a critical level.

Germany has begun to move East in full view. Only the deaf dumb and blind cannot notice, and they will probably never notice. They are fodder.

The awaited signals seen by the Jackass have finally arrived.

Berlin is outraged by clear USGovt spying, and in process of conducting a Gold audit among their population. Germany is building motives to split from the Euro Monetary Union (common Euro currency) by forging stronger open ties with Russia & China. The justification is becoming plainly laid out, in four perceived indictment charges.

Germany will break from US/UK and its USDollar fiat currency regime over four primary thorny issues:

1) Good relations with Russia and continued energy supply from Gazprom

2) Displeasure over planned Draghi Euro Central Bank bond monetization

3) Disgust over NSA espionage by USGovt, with benefit for US corporations

4) Damage to German population from gold price suppression.

Exit US Dollar, Enter Gold Standard

The plan seem obvious for Germany, to exit the USDollar, but first to embrace the Euro as a caretaker currency platform before the Eurasian Trade Zone comes together and offers a gold-backed continental currency with broad shoulders.

All of Europe will rally around the Euro flagpole, hunker down during the other financial HAARP-like storm (bearing Weimar nameplate), and ride the storm until the Russian-Chinese hard asset currency arrives. The BRICS have invaded the mainstream Western stage and hold a banner for all to see. The stage has been altered, its weight shifted, leaning to the East. Tremendously important historical events are occurring.

The King Dollar is wounded mortally, having fallen off the throne, looking weakened, haggard, and ashen. Sympathy for the US-UK corrupt violent vindictive crew has vanished. Next comes the assaults on the European Commission, that corrupt den.

Read the full story at: SilverDoctors

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BRICS Establish $100bn Bank And Currency Reserves To Cut Out Western [Cabal] Dominance
July 16 2014 | From: RT

Many are quick to dimiss the efforts of the BRICS alliance. Perhaps we should not be so quick to dimiss what is quite possibly the last hope we have left in terms of circumventing the Nazi / Fascist / Zionist / atrocity that has come to power from the 'west' because we were, all of us, caught sleping.

The group of emerging economies signed the long-anticipated document to create the $100 bn BRICS Development Bank and a reserve currency pool worth over another $100 bn. Both will counter the influence of Western-based lending institutions and the dollar.

The new bank will provide money for infrastructure and development projects in BRICS countries, and unlike the IMF or World Bank, each nation has equal say, regardless of GDP size.

“BRICS Bank will be one of the major multilateral development finance institutions in this world,” Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday at the 6th BRICS summit in Fortaleza, Brazil.

The big launch of the BRICS bank is seen as a first step to break the dominance of the US dollar in global trade, as well as dollar-backed institutions such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank, both US-based institutions BRICS countries have little influence within.

“In terms of escalating international competition the task of activating the trade and investment cooperation between BRICS member states becomes important,” Putin said.

Russia, Brazil, India, China and South Africa account for 11 percent of global capital investment, and trade turnover almost doubled in the last 5 years, the president reminded.

Each BRICS member is expected to put an equal share into establishing the startup capital of $50 billion with a goal to reach $100 billion. The BRICS bank will be headquartered inShanghai, India will preside as president the first year, and Russia will be the chairman of the representatives. Each country will send either their finance minister or Central Bank chair to the bank’s representative board.

Membership may not just be limited to just BRICS nations, either. Future members could include countries in other emerging markets blocs, such as Mexico, Indonesia, or Argentina, once it sorts out its debt burden.

BRICS represents 42 percent of the world’s population and roughly 20 percent of the world’s economy based on GDP, and 30 percent of the world’s GDP based on PPP, a more accurate reading of the real economy. Total trade between the countries is $6.14 trillion, or nearly 17 percent of the world’s total.

The $100 billion crisis lending fund, called the Contingent Reserve Arrangement (CRA), was also established. China will contribute the lion’s share, about $41 billion, Russia, Brazil and India will chip in $18 billion, and South Africa, the newest member of the economic bloc, will contribute $5 billion.

The idea is that the creation of the bank will lessen dependence on the West and create a more multi-polar world, at least financially.

“This mechanism creates the foundation for an effective protection of our national economies from a crisis in financial markets," Russian President Vladimir Putin said.

The group has already created the BRICS Stock Alliance an initiative to cross list derivatives to smooth the path for international investors interested in emerging markets.

Russia has also proposed the countries come together under an energy alliance that will include a fuel reserve, as well as an institute for energy policy.

"We propose the establishment of the Energy Association of BRICS. Under this ‘umbrella’, a Fuel Reserve Bank and BRICS Energy Policy Institute could be set up,” Putin said.

Documents on cooperation between BRICS export credit agencies and an agreement of cooperation on innovation were also inked.

Bringing emerging economies closer has become vital at a time when the world is guttered by the financial crisis and BRICS countries can’t remain above international problems, said Brazil's President Dilma Rousseff.

She cautioned the world not to see BRICS deals as a desire to dominate.

“We want justice and equal rights,” she said.

“The IMF should urgently revise distribution of voting rights to reflect the importance of emerging economies globally,” Rousseff said.

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

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BRICS Countries Near Development Bank Deal To Rival International Monetary Fund, World Bank
July 10 2014 | From: RT

Comment: There is a new financial system coming online, spearheaded by the non-aligned / BRICS group of nations that is a strategic direct blow against the corrupt cabal / globalist system that the world has been subjected to for over 100 years.

The BRICS developments are the most visible emergence of this news in the mainstream media.

President of the Federative Republic of Brazil Dilma Vana Rousseff, Prime Minister of the Republic of India Manmohan Singh, second left, President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, President of the People's Republic of China Xi Jinping and President of the Republic of South Africa Jacob Zuma, from left, pose for group photographs.

The emerging economies of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, are a couple of days from agreeing the $10 billion BRICS development bank, as well as a $100 billion currency pool. It could challenge global lenders like the IMF and World Bank.

The bank will be called the New Development Bank, and will provide finance for infrastructure projects. Its creation will meet the needs of emerging and poorer economies according to Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov.

In a speech Wednesday he confirmed the funding would be divided equally, Russia will contribute $2 billion in initial capital for the BRICS bank over seven years.

The bank will start with $10 billion in cash and $40 billion in guarantees. The $50 billion will be eventually built up to $100 billion.

The bank will be able to start lending in 2016, the minister says.

The final decisions concerning the creation of the bank are expected to be made by the BRICS leaders at a summit in Brazil on 15-16 July.

Apart from the BRICS countries other UN members may also participate in the bank’s development, but their total share won’t exceed 45 percent.

The location of the headquarters is still not decided, but Siluanov said the two favorite cities are Shanghai and New Delhi.

BRICS leaders are also expected to sign an agreement to establish an additional $100 billion fund to steady the currency markets.

We have reached an agreement that, in the current conditions of capital volatility, it is important for our countries to have this buffer a so-called “mini-IMF”- a financial organization which could quickly react to capital outflow, providing liquidity in hard currency, in particular in US dollars,” Siluanov said.

The need arose after the long inflow of cheap dollars which fueled a boom in the BRICS countries for a decade reversed into a sharp outflow in 2013.

Even though the new bank will be a small rival to the World Bank which has capital of $223 billion, or the International Monetary Fund, it will serve as a reminder to the US of the shift in the global economy towards the developing world.

Currently BRICS countries make up over 40 percent of the world’s population and account for more than 25 percent of global GDP.

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi
Some Kind Of Major Show-Down Is Looming This Month As New BRICS Bank Set To Launch
July 8 2014 | From: BenjaminFulford / DivineCosmos

There are many signs the ongoing financial war for the future of the planet is heading for a major inflection point as the BRICS heads of state meet July 14-16 to formally set up their alternative to the cabal controlled IMF and World Bank. The cabal has already signaled its displeasure by blowing up a bridge in Brazil, according to CIA sources.

The cabalists are also trying to make their own move to pre-empt the BRICS, by using the Abe slave government in Japan. World Bank lawyer (apparently she never quit) Karen Hudes was in Tokyo recently where she sent messages to over 70 governments falsely claiming Japan would provide the gold needed to back a new financial system, according to CIA sources in Asia who monitored her activities.

Hudes did not respond to an e-mail asking for her reply to these allegations. In any case, Japan does not have the requisite gold, according to Bank of Japan sources.

The Abe government works according to a script written in part by Nazi drug smuggler and murderer Richard Armitage and Mossad scum bag liar Michael Green. Green lied to Asian gangsters that this writer was a “speed addict who beat women,” in an attempt to get them to agree to carry out a murder contract on me. Message to Green and Armitage: you are going to jail.

The plot written by these criminals for Abe also mentions the 311 nuclear and tsunami mass murder and terror incident as a great opportunity for the Japanese and US military to work together. The report can be seen here.

In any case, the attempt to use Abe to fool the world about non-existent Japanese gold may be connected to the cryptic occult numerology press conference by IMF head Christine Lagarde, as reported last week, that seems to indicate some big event is planned for July 20th.

Alert readers of this newsletter also forwarded this link where a high level insider gives concrete evidence the cabal expects a new financial system to be in place by August.

As always, we recommend readers to take predicted dates with a grain of salt because so many have come and gone without the predicted event happening. However, it is clear from many seemingly unrelated events that tensions are reaching a crescendo.

For example, there is also a cabal plot to stage a coup d’etat in Indonesia after Presidential elections on July 9th, according to a White Dragon Society source in Indonesia.

The cabal wants the coup d’etat because opinion polls show the gold rich people of Indonesia are likely to elect Joko Widodo, an honest non-cabal candidate supported by the 177 nation BRICS alliance. The White Dragon Society warns the military to stay in their barracks and let the people choose their leader.

The situation for the cabal is not like it was back at the time of the Kennedy assassination where they had to power to remove President Sukarno and murder 500,000 Indonesians in order to prevent Indonesian gold from being used to finance development projects.

These days, the cabalists are being purged on multiple levels. Last week saw the death of Richard Mellon Scaife, one of the owners of the Federal Reserve Board. He follows Richard Rockefeller, several members of the Warburg family and many others.

The Bush J.P. Morgan nexus is also under serious attack. Last week saw the unannounced deaths of at least 5 more bankers associated with Bush. Now J.P. Morgan Chairman Jamie Dimon has announced that he has cancer. Sources close to Dimon say he is planning to fake his death before it becomes real. The murders are being carried out to silence the bankers and prevent them from fingering Fuhrer Bush Sr. Message to Bush: they are coming to after you there is nowhere to hide.

The arrest of former French Prime Minister Nicolas Sarkozy on corruption charges last week was also part of the ongoing worldwide purge of the cabal’s top ranks.

French ex-President Nicholas Sarkozy

Perhaps the biggest attack against the cabal is taking place in London. The British press is full of articles about a major pedophile scandal involving dozens of politicians. “These are some of the most horrific child abuse allegations you can imagine,” was how the UK Daily mail put it.

The newspapers are also reporting that 114 files relating to child sex rings have been “lost.”

What the British press are still not reporting is that blackmail of politicians over pedophilia have been used to manipulate British politics, according to MI5 sources. In particular, the fact that popular BBC television personality Jimmy Savile “procured boys for the Westminster [British Parliament] pedophile rings also supports the claims that he supplied [former Prime Minister] Ted Heath with boys, some of whom were killed,” the MI5 source says.

Furthermore as soon as “Heath formed a government in June 1970 in his first Cabinet meeting he ordered the drawing-up of papers to join the Common Market to be ready for the next meeting in four days,” the source continues. In other words, the source implied, the Prime Minister of the UK was being blackmailed into ceding sovereignty to the EU because he was being blackmailed over raping and murdering small boys.

This sort of man/boy sex seems to be fairly widespread. In another example, “in 1977 a boy of 16 years gave a speech at the Conservative Party National Conference which was headline news. The boy who was sponsored by Leon Brittan [the man who “lost” the 114 files on child sexual abuse by politicians] was William Hague who became Conservatiove Party Leader and is now Foreign Secretary. Hague is one of the candidates vying to replace current Prime Minister David Cameron.

The murdered journalist Christopher Story also regularly accused former Prime Minister Tony Blair of being a pedophile. Blair, as we all know, is a war criminal who blindly followed George Bush Jr. into the rape and pillage of Iraq. Was he also blackmailed?

In any case, the fact that newspapers in the UK are writing about this and police are investigating is a sign the British are cleaning up their political system.

The situation with child abuse and child murder is said to be far worse in Washington D.C. but so far nothing is being done about it inside the United States.

However, the rest of the world is continuing to isolate the rogue regime in Washington D.C. Most tellingly, Christian Noyer, head of the Bank for International Settlements and governor of the French central bank last week, in an interview with a specialist magazine, called for the Euro to be split from the US dollar.

Christian Noyer and Christine Lagarde

This is huge because it has been the European central bank via Euroclear that has recently bought $200 billion worth of US Treasuries and prevented the bankruptcy of the Federal Reserve Board and its Washington D.C. subsidiary.

The Germans are also on the warpath against the Feds. This week, as Chancellor Angela Merkel visits China for the 7th time, German authorities arrested a US spy. What makes this arrest unusual is that the Germans are using it as an excuse to create a split with Washington D.C.

The Germans and French are angry, as are the Russians, with the Washington D.C. subsidiary the Rand Corporation’s ongoing operations in the Ukraine. They do not like having their gas link with Russia being cut off by mercenaries sent by the D.C. corporate government.

The ongoing ISIS activity in the Middle East, straddling another major pipeline route, is for its part is now moving in on Kuwait. There are now, or so it seems, new controllers of the Middle Eastern oil reserves meaning the control of petrodollar, as we knew it, has fallen into a new set of hands.

Almost every government on earth is now insisting that the Pentagon must move in on Washington D.C. and start making arrests. It is either that or sit back and witness an economic implosion and chaos in the US.

Excellent Review [ David Wilcock ]

We have a new insider source telling us that the plan for a massive geo-political change is definitely real. An ever-increasing number of people in the USG and other Cabal-run institutions are being clued in on it now that it’s so close.

This sounds weird, but I will tell you what I heard:

The “White Hats” in our military who are doing this are at least to a large degree right-wing Republicans who embrace the Constitution, the Second Amendment and Christianity, seeing that they are literally battling the devil in its form as the Cabal.

It is important to remember here that nothing is perfect, and even if you disagree with this political view, this is the group that has been willing to step up and take decisive action to save the planet from people who quite literally will kill us and kill everyone and everything, and migrate somewhere else, if they had the chance.

Bearing that in mind, what I heard from very credible new sources was quite interesting.

Do you remember the very strange Supreme Court decisions this past week? There was much more to it than most people realized.

According to this source, each Supreme Court justice was individually approached and clued in on what is about to be happening. Apparently it is a very big change, involving mass arrests. It will probably lead to a huge housecleaning of all three branches of government, and particularly Congress and perhaps the high levels of the executive branch.

They were told that if they sided with the group that is soon going to be arrested, and agreed with this group politically, they themselves would be arrested along with them. The change will be big enough that being a Supreme Court Justice won’t mean anything, apparently.

This was wild, wild information. Who knows if it’s true. It is very interesting that there was a unilateral 9-0 vote on things this past week, and that two of the female justices discussed resigning.

This could be ‘messy’ but I am having dreams suggesting that we are indeed very close. I don’t want to see people get hurt or killed. I also understand that some of that is unavoidable in order to accomplish this goal.

I will read the update now and see if anything else comes to mind. I don’t know if Ben got this piece of intel or not but I doubt it. If it didn’t come from such a good source I would have laughed it off, but there you have it.

Ben is doing a good job of summarizing the large, multi-faceted campaign that is going on now to create change. It is becoming increasingly obvious.

Many people thought we were crazy, and completely blowing smoke, when describing the idea of a mass-arrest scenario against the Cabal. And yet, IT IS HAPPENING NOW, just not as quickly or suddenly as we may have expected.

Nonetheless there is going to be a decisive tipping-point.

I hope to release a radio show I did on Sirius XM soon where I discuss some of what’s going on right now. I have been highly distracted with major rewrites on our Convergence film, which is almost finished (finally,) preparations to start my new Gaiam TV show Whistleblower (which will be awesome,) and intensive work learning Adobe After Effects CC 2014 to be able to do high-level motion graphics on my own and more effectively work with others who also can do it.

I am continuing to get one dream after another telling me that an epic change is upon us. Given the intensity of these dreams I’m actually quite surprised it hasn’t already happened. I thought it was going to happen last September / October / November, based on very good intel we had, but the timing just wasn’t right. Now it feels like it may be.

I can also say that there appears to be an energetic component to all of this, the science of which I discuss in both Source Field and Synchronicity Key. On the personal level it seems as if everyone is broke and hurting, regardless of what level of our social strata they are at.

These are the wildest, most intense times we’ve ever seen — and yet the strangest thing about it is you can look around you and everything seems EXACTLY THE SAME. You look out the window — all the same. Take a drive — all the same. Smell the breeze — all the same.

There have been no big, epic changes — yet — but on a personal level it seems that everyone I know personally, as well as everyone they know, is going through maximum trial, difficulty, pain, initiation, fear, depression, et cetera.

If you can work through it — and that’s the ‘if’ — you have the potential to be very spring-loaded and make progress. You vanquish one villain, get a boost, and then immediately seem to face the next one. It can happen multiple times per day.

This does seem to be energetic in nature and it is fascinating to watch. Reality is far more interconnected than the typical “Highly Intelligent Skeptic” realizes, and it does appear that we are going through a mass, collective consciousness event right now where everyone is getting all their buttons pushed simultaneously.

There may be a major “pressure release” coming up, much like the idea of sexual tension building to climax. The tension right now in the world seems to be enormous. It would be nice if we don’t have to keep going through this, ratcheting up more and more, for another six months, a year, or more. We could all use some good news!

The personal angle is so obvious to me, and to others I know who are familiar with the scientific case I’ve made, that it’s almost overwhelming.

The pervasive nature of SAMENESS in the midst of all of this is, by far, the weirdest thing of all. It’s never been scarier, harder or more difficult, and yet everything keeps on working out.

If you get caught up in the fear currents you can believe it’s all a nightmare and it’s all over — and many people are falling for that — but not most.

Overall, we’re all working through this “collective initiation” in our own ways.

I would just say “remember to have fun!” - David Wilcock


Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi
The Life Of The Land Is Preserved In Righteousness
July 8 2014 | From: GroupK

“The surrounding ocean and life within and beneath are under my protection. Our history and all the bones of the dead are under my protection. Our culture and traditions are under my protection. Every Kanaka Maoli and non-Hawaiian, who is a citizen or subject of the Kingdom, is under my protection.

Everything throughout this Archipelago, to include all the sacred Heiau and ancient burial sites, is under my protection. It is my anointed and sacred duty to protect our Kingdom and perpetuate our culture and traditions so that they continue throughout the ages, well after the time when we are all gone.

Every good and bad thing that happens throughout this Kingdom is my kuleana; I am the King and answerable only to Akua, God of the Most High.” His Majesty Edmund Keli’i Silva, Jr., King of Hawaii

As we continue along the golden brick road toward a deeper understanding of relevant geopolitical events occurring on both the national and worldwide stage, let us turn our focus of attention toward The Kingdom of Hawaii. It is little known in the West the process by which the Kingdom of Hawaii was annexed by THE UNITED STATES CORPORATION and later in 1959 to “officially” become its 50th State.

On January 17, 1893, facing the threat of personal injury and possible death of her loved ones, Queen Lili’uokalani was forced to abdicate Hawaiian Sovereignty. Composed primarily of U.S. nationals and backed by the U.S. military, an emergency provincial government seized total control of Queen Lili’uokalani’s nation. The details leading to and surrounding this surrender and subsequent theft of the Hawaiian Kingdom are abominable, illegal and indisputable.

A land of great beauty and mystery, Hawaii was first defiled by Western “discovery” on January 18, 1778, by British naval commander James Cook on his third voyage into the Pacific. At that time, the Hawaiian Islands, effectively isolated from the rest of the world, had an estimated population upwards of one million people and a sophisticated eco-based system of government and self-sufficiency.

Initially revered as gods, Commander Cook and his crew, ironically brought disease and death to the indigenous population and opened the door to end their harmonious way of life and autonomous sovereignty. In less than two years after Cook’s initial contact, death from disease claimed all but 88,000 of the Hawaiian population. Today there are less than 5,000 full-blooded Hawaiians left alive!

Read the full story at: GroupK

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi
The Times They Are A-Changin' + Let's Start Naming Names
July 6 2014 | From: GroupK

What are Neil Keenan and his Team up to?

While things seem to have been so quiet, be assured that still waters run deep and the Keenan Team does not allow grass to grow under their feet.

Silence is truly golden because what has been developing is nothing less than earth-shaking.

In this global campaign to defeat the cabal, what some people may think necessary to reveal and discuss may not be what one may think, even to those who closely follow world events and alternative news.

Each day volumes of information and news items spanning the globe come to us, and even our readers contribute news for everyone’s awareness, for which we thank them.

The Keenan Team understands too well that the way to stop the cabal’s “heart” is through their financing, and it is precisely here where Neil Keenan has been fighting the vicious battle to save the Global Accounts from the hands of those who intend to use them for the destruction of humanity and our planet.

The Team hears news behind the scene, but it does take time to bring it to you. Now that the end game is so very near, and direct roads have been cleared to the front line, you will no longer hear of the skirmishes or dog fights in the streets with such groups as OITC, OPPT, Swissindo, and Karen Hudes, who has supposedly returned to work with the World Bank (say what?).

And gone are the court fights to free Nelu. The good news is that Nelu will soon be a free man and will be able resume his vital work for both his country of Indonesia and the world at large. It has been a long time coming, but it has finally arrived.

What we are left with in regards to the Elders is this; the Accounts and the tactical battles to prevent the West from continuing to create catastrophic problems for our planet. It is now open season on the Elders! Names will be named on an ongoing basis so that the world will know exactly who these Elders are that would sell the assets to line their own pockets, assets which are intended solely for humanitarian projects.

Neil states: I have promised the name of an Elder and I always try to keep my promises.

The first one to be named is an Elder who was under Soekarno’s umbrella and {is} therefore the first Elder to be revealed as Holder or Manager of Accounts that belong to the Family.

He (is) holding back the Accounts from their rightful Depositors, all the while possibly attempting to market said assets to the very same individuals who have held us back for more than 90 years, thus depriving the Indonesian people of the World Humanitarian Packages.

It is possible that he is not one of those pushing for the sale of said assets, but all will be mentioned one by one until those assets are where they should be, which means not in the hands of George Soros, Richard Armitage or anyone representing the Globalist Elites.

The first person to be named on this very long list of Holders is:


Identification Code 56400961. A.045

Country Code: Djakarta Indonesia 342009771

Special Code: INA 045 A.I. 54445 Bank Tani dan Nelajan

Transaction Code: 340080979

It is possible and most likely that many of the original names to be mentioned are individuals who have since passed away and the assets are now in the hands of their family members.

Therefore, the family members are demanded now to Cease and Desist their attempts to market the assets of the Global Accounts and/or the Soekarno Accounts.

Much more is happening, yet it would seem that things are developing at a snail’s pace. It is important to remember that nothing so big and monumental happens quickly, but when it happens, it sticks — that’s what real and lasting progress is.

The following video takes Neil through his usual range of emotions being the Irishman he is. He provides the background on how the road is clear, that the War is now and it is everyone’s War. Let the cabal’s arrogant, well-used term “New World Order” take on its new and rightful meaning: We the People are the NEW WORLD ORDER!

May God bless us all now that we are near the end!

See the full article at: GroupK

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi
Remaining Snowden Documents Will Be Released To Avert 'Unspecified US War' – Cryptome
July 1 2014 | From: TheRegister

Not by us, though, says coy leaker tweet.

“All the remaining Snowden documents will be released this month, according to whistle-blowing site Cryptome, which said in a tweet that the release of the info by unnamed third parties would be necessary to head off an unnamed "war".

Cryptome said it would "aid and abet" the release of "57K to 1.7M" new documents that had been "withheld for national security-public debate [sic]".

The site clarified that will not be publishing the documents itself.

Transparency activists would welcome such a release but such a move would be heavily criticised by intel experts and military officials, who argue the dump of intelligence documents have set intelligence efforts back years.

As things stand, the flow of Snowden disclosures is controlled by those who have access to the Sn‪o‬wden archive, which might possibly include Snowden confidants such as Glenn Greenwald and Laura Potrias.

"July is when war begins unless headed off by Snowden full release of crippling intel. After war begins not a chance of release," Cryptome tweeted on its official feed. "Warmongerers are on a rampage. So, yes, citizens holding Snowden docs will do the right thing," it said.

"For more on Snowden docs release in July watch for Ellsberg, special guest and others at HOPE, July 18-20: http://www.hope.net/schedule.html," it added.

HOPE (Hackers On Planet Earth) is a well-regarded and long-running hacking conference organised by 2600 magazine. Previous speakers at the event have included Kevin Mitnick, Steve Wozniak and Jello Biafra.

In other developments, Cryptome has started a Kickstarter fund to release its entire archive in the form of a USB stick archive. It wants to raise $100,000 to help it achieve its goal. More than $14,000 has already been raised.

The funding drive follows a dispute between Cryptome and its host Network Solutions, which is owned by web.com. Access to the site was blocked following a malware infection last week. Cryptome founder John Young criticised the host, claiming it had over-reacted and had been slow to restore access to the site, which Cryptome criticised as a form of censorship.

In response, Cryptome plans to more widely distribute its content across multiple sites as well as releasing the planned USB stick archive.

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Russian Scientists Revive Nikola Tesla's Designs With Help From Crowdfunding
June 29 2014 | From: InternationalBusinessTimes

Russian Scientists Revive Nikola Tesla's Designs With Help From Crowdfunding

What if electricity could travel the way data does, unburdened by clunky infrastructure as voltages flow wirelessly?

That was inventor Nikola Tesla’s vision more than a century ago. Now, Russian scientists are attempting to turn his concepts into reality with the help of an $800,000 crowdfunding campaign.

The basic idea is to pump electricity into homes and other buildings not by traditional power lines or electrical substations, but via 10-story-tall transmitting towers. Each tower can handle voltages in excess of 3 million volts, which it then sends to wireless receivers by creating currents in the ground. (U.S. electrical wall sockets, by comparison, take only 110 volts).

Leonid Plekhanov and Sergey Plekhanov, both graduates of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, have spent more than five years conducting research and experiments on the Planetary Energy Transmitter project, and they previously raised $40,000 through a Russian crowdfunding campaign, the TreeHugger blog noted earlier this month.

The scientists have tinkered with original designs by Tesla, the namesake of Elon Musk's electric car company Tesla Motors. The new plans use more lightweight materials to ease the construction of transmission towers. Tesla’s original Wardenclyffe tower prototype weighed more than 60 tons, while the new design will weigh just 2 tons, Smart Grid News said. The Russians have also integrated advanced electronics into the design.

If the tower and receivers function as intended, the system could “allow the transmission of large amounts of energy via ground to any kind of distances — instantly, safely and without losses,” say the scientists, who prefer that the towers transmit emissions-free solar energy in particular.

On their website, Global Energy Transmission, the Plekhanovs dismiss concerns that wireless energy transmission will turn the planet into a microwave oven or function like giant, super-powerful antennae. They say it’s all in line with the basic laws of physics and electrical engineering. A purportedly “simplified explanation” of the design offers more details.

The current crowdfunding effort runs through July 25 on the IndieGoGo site. So far the project has reached 1 percent of its goal.

For the full story and links visit: InternationalBusinessTimes

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Ex-CIA Officer Claims That Open Source Revolution Is About To Overthrow Global Oligarchy
June 28 2014 | From: TheGuardian / LibertyBlitzkrieg

The open source revolution is coming and it will conquer the 1%

' This article that I am highlighting today is the most powerful and optimistic piece I have read in all of 2014. It also follows on perfectly from my post this past weekend, which I strongly suggest reading before continuing titled: Networks vs. Hierarchies: Which Will Win? Niall Furguson Weighs In.

I want to know what’s to stop this revolution from turning into a violent, destructive mess. Steele is characteristically optimistic. “I have struggled with this question. What I see happening is an end to national dictat and the emergence of bottom-up clarity, diversity, integrity, and sustainability.

Individual towns across the USA are now nullifying federal and state regulations – for example gag laws on animal cruelty, blanket permissions for fracking. Those such as my colleague Parag Khanna that speak to a new era of city-states are correct in my view.

Top down power has failed in a most spectacular manner, and bottom-up consensus power is emergent. ‘Not in my neighborhood’ is beginning to trump ‘Because I say so.’ The one unlimited resource we have on the planet is the human brain – the current strategy of 1% capitalism is failing because it is killing the Golden Goose at multiple levels. Unfortunately, the gap between those with money and power and those who actually know what they are talking about has grown catastrophic.

The rich are surrounded by sycophants and pretenders whose continued employment demands that they not question the premises. As Larry Summers lectured Elizabeth Warren, ‘insiders do not criticize insiders.’

Whereas Niall questions whether networks will ultimately prove able to topple hierarchies in the face of being co-opted by the status quo, Robert David Steele, like myself, has little doubt. More importantly, his opinion holds a lot more weight than mine. Mr. Steele is an incredibly impressive character.

A former Marine, CIA case officer, and US co-founder of the US Marine Corps intelligence activity, he is also the number one Amazon reviewer for non-fiction across 98 categories. In his latest book, The Open-Source Everything Manifesto: Transparency, Truth and Trust, he lays out his optimistic, decentralized and open-sourced vision of the future.

Robert David Steele, former Marine, CIA case officer, and US co-founder of the US Marine Corps intelligence activity, is a man on a mission. But it’s a mission that frightens the US intelligence establishment to its core. With 18 years experience working across the US intelligence community, followed by 20 more years in commercial intelligence and training, Steele’s exemplary career has spanned almost all areas of both the clandestine world.

Widely recognised as the leader of the Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) paradigm, Steele went on to write the handbooks on OSINT for NATO, the US Defense Intelligence Agency and the U.S. Special Operations Forces. In passing, he personally trained 7,500 officers from over 66 countries.

In 1992, despite opposition from the CIA, he obtained Marine Corps permission to organise a landmark international conference on open source intelligence – the paradigm of deriving information to support policy decisions not through secret activities, but from open public sources available to all. The conference was such a success it brought in over 620 attendees from the intelligence world.

But the CIA wasn’t happy, and ensured that Steele was prohibited from running a second conference. The clash prompted him to resign from his position as second-ranking civilian in Marine Corps intelligence, and pursue the open source paradigm elsewhere. He went on to found and head up the Open Source Solutions Network Inc. and later the non-profit Earth Intelligence Network which runs the Public Intelligence Blog.


So why isn’t it happening yet?

“Preconditions are not the same as precipitants. We are waiting for our Tunisian fruit seller. The public will endure great repression, especially when most media outlets and schools are actively aiding the repressive meme of ‘you are helpless, this is the order of things.’

When we have a scandal so powerful that it cannot be ignored by the average Briton or American, we will have a revolution that overturns the corrupt political systems in both countries, and perhaps puts many banks out of business. Vaclav Havel calls this ‘The Power of the Powerless.’ One spark, one massive fire.”

“Our entire commercial, diplomatic, and informational systems are now cancerous. When trade treaties have secret sections – or are entirely secret – one can be certain the public is being screwed and the secrecy is an attempt to avoid accountability. Secrecy enables corruption. So also does an inattentive public enable corruption.”


So how does open source everything have the potential to ‘re-engineer the Earth’? For me, this is the most important question, and Steele’s answer is inspiring.

“Open Source Everything overturns top-down ‘because I say so at the point of a gun’ power. Open Source Everything makes truth rather than violence the currency of power.

Open Source Everything demands that true cost economics and the indigenous concept of ‘seventh generation thinking’ – how will this affect society 200 years ahead – become central. Most of our problems today can be traced to the ascendance of unilateral militarism, virtual colonialism, and predatory capitalism, all based on force and lies and encroachment on the commons.

The national security state works for the City of London and Wall Street – both are about to be toppled by a combination of Eastern alternative banking and alternative international development capabilities, and individuals who recognise that they have the power to pull their money out of the banks and not buy the consumer goods that subsidise corruption and the concentration of wealth.

The opportunity to take back the commons for the benefit of humanity as a whole is open – here and now.”

Read the full article at: TheGuardian

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Boehner Confirms Lawsuit Against Obama For Executive Actions
June 27 2014 | From: NBC

House Speaker John Boehner will file a lawsuit against the Obama administration for its use of executive actions to change laws, he formally announced Wednesday.

House Speaker John Boehner will file a lawsuit against the Obama administration for its use of executive actions to change laws, he formally announced Wednesday.

"I believe the President is not faithfully executing the laws of our country, and on behalf of the institution and our constitution standing up and fighting for this is in the best long term interest of the Congress," he said.

Boehner would not say which executive action the lawsuit would target specifically.

The specifics and mechanics of the suit have yet to be worked out, but Boehner could enlist an organization called the Bipartisan Legal Advisory Group (BLAG) to carry it out.

Because that body is controlled by the Speaker, the Majority Leader, the Majority Whip, the Minority Leader and the Minority Whip, Republicans could order the lawsuit to go ahead even if Democrats objected.

The speaker insisted Wednesday that the lawsuit does not amount to an effort to impeach the president.

"This is not about impeachment, this is about his faithfully executing the laws of our country," Boehner said.

White House press secretary Josh Earnest said he is confident the president has operated well within the confines of the law and that Republicans have brought the suit simply because they disagree with Obama's policies.

The GOP's unwillingness to compromise has forced the president to take more executive actions, Earnest said.

"The fact that they are considering a taxpayer-funded lawsuit against the president of the United States for doing his job, I think, is the kind of step that most Americans wouldn't support," Earnest said.

"This lawsuit is not going to consume the attention of the White House," he added.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., on Wednesday called the lawsuit "subterfuge."

"They're doing nothing here and so they have to give some aura of activity," she said.

- NBC's Andrew Rafferty and Carrie Dann contributed to this report.

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United States New York Attorney General Files Lawsuit Against Barclays Bank: Accusation Of 'Dark Pool' Fraud
June 26 2014 | From: BBC

Barclays accused of deceiving investors

Comment: Astute obervers will note that as part of the ongoing struggle-for-dominance infighting within the cabal, the loosely describable 'UK and US' factions are taking pot-shots at one another. Another example has just emerged:

A fraud lawsuit against Barclays in the United States has been filed by the New York attorney general.

The lawsuit alleges that the bank falsified documents and misrepresented systems in place to protect certain investors from aggressive trading.

It relates to the bank's "dark pool" trading operations, which allow clients to trade large blocks of shares while keeping prices more private.

Barclays said it was taking the allegations "very seriously".

Prosecutors said Barclays misrepresented the kinds of investors that were using the dark pool.

'Full of predators'

New York attorney general Eric Schneiderman said: "The facts alleged in our complaint show that Barclays demonstrated a disturbing disregard for its investors in a systematic pattern of fraud and deceit."

"Barclays grew its dark pool by telling investors they were diving into safe waters. According to the lawsuit, Barclays' dark pool was full of predators - there at Barclays' invitation," he said.


Samira Hussain, BBC business reporter, New York:

“Dark pools are under the spotlight.

There are at least 40 operating in the US where they compete against traditional exchanges.

But these private platforms operate outside the public eye.

And that's becoming a big issue, especially in this post-recession era, when banks have been blamed for a crippling financial crisis.

Regulators are taking a much closer look at everything banks do, especially things that can so easily fall under the radar.

The lawsuit said that Barclay's marketing material was misleading over the extent of high-frequency trading in its dark pool.

High-frequency traders use fast, sophisticated trading software and can make large profits on very small moves in share prices.

The lawsuit accused Barclays of telling investors trading was being closely monitored and "predatory" traders would be held accountable."

'Inside help'

But in fact Barclays did not prohibit a single trader from operating in its dark pool, the lawsuit said.

In addition, the lawsuit alleges that Barclays operated its dark pool to favour high-frequency traders and "actively sought to attract them".

In a statement the bank said: "Barclays has been cooperating with the New York attorney general and the SEC and has been examining this matter internally. The integrity of the markets is a top priority of Barclays."

The attorney general said that the investigation had been significantly helped by a number of former Barclays' employees.

Other investigations

Barclays has been the subject of several investigations, fines and settlements in recent years.

In May it was fined £26m by UK regulators after one of its traders was discovered attempting to fix the price of gold.

In April, Barclays agreed to a $280m (£167m) settlement with the US Federal Housing and Finance Authority (FHFA).

The agreement settles claims by the FHFA that Barclays misled US mortgage lenders Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac during the housing crisis.

In 2012 it was fined £290m by UK regulators for attempting to manipulate an important lending rate, known as Libor.

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Big Power Plays By Rothschilds, Rockellers Leave Putin On The Defensive And China In The Middle
June 24 2014 | From: BenjaminFulford with comment from DavidWilcock

The unfolding geopolitical chess game between Western oligarchs and their puppet governments featured many big moves last week, notably in the Ukraine, the Middle East and the UK. These moves have, for now, left Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, uncharacteristically on the defensive.

The game being played in the Ukraine, by what are almost certainly proxy mercenary forces working for the Rockefellers and the Federal Reserve Board crime syndicate, is now clearly a move to cut off Russian gas exports to Europe. First, the new puppet Fed government in the Ukraine refused to pay for gas, then, when the Russians cut off the gas, the pipeline sending gas to the rest of Europe was blown up.

This was a response by the Feds to a Russian Gazprom move to price over 90% of Russia’s gas exports in Euros, Rubles and other non-Fed currencies.

Not only that, but, according to French intelligence, the Fed puppet government in the Ukraine has been given nuclear weapons and is threatening to use them if Russia moves militarily against them. This means the Feds are holding the German’s gas and the Russian’s foreign earnings hostagethrough threats of violence.

That is almost certainly why anti-Fed riots broke out all across Germany last week. It is also why Putin’s economic adviser publicly called for an anti-dollar alliance.

It also gives us a possible motive for the probable murder of Richard Rockefeller on Friday, June 13th.

Richard Rockefeller who died on June 13th was head of Medicines Sans Frontieres, a group that has pledged to vaccinate all children under five years of age in the world. Given the huge amount of misinformed Malthusian propaganda emitting from Rockefeller think tanks about the need to reduce the world’s population, it is hard to imagine Richard wanted to vaccinate all those kids in order to help increase the world population.

The Rothschilds, for their part, have made a move against the other big Russian gas export pipeline running through Iraq and Syria. The ISIS army in Iraq, run by a Saudi Prince and using US supplied weaponry, has the ability to cut off Russian gas exports running through land it controls.

And now it turns out that Nathaniel Rothschild has begun exporting oil out of the new nation of Kurdistan on the northern border of ISIS through Israel:

See this stoty at: HurriyetDailyNews

See this story at TheTelegraph

So Putin is now reeling under a Rockefeller/Rothschild double punch. It might not be a good time for Nat to fly small airplanes.

The other big moves last week were seen as a result of the visit to the UK by Li Keqiang, China’s number 2 power broker. During his visit with Queen Elizabeth, Li, who is probably a member of the dragon family, was shown a hand written message sent to the Queen by a different member of the dragon family, according to MI5 sources.

Li Keqiang is the current Premier of the People's Republic of China and party secretary of the State Council

The message in part asks for the Queen’s support for “a campaign similar in size and ambition to a world war only this time the enemy will be poverty, ignorance, environmental destruction and all else that plagues this beautiful but fragile planet we all share.”

Li for his part, made a very friendly speech at a combined gathering of the Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House) and the International Institute for Strategic Studies think tanks. In the speech Li promised China would import $2 trillion annually worth of products and invest $100 billion a year overseas for the next five years.

He also promised the new government would make environmental protection and new energy technology major themes. The speech also explained in details plans to provide decent urban residences for 300 million more Chinese over the coming years.

Opium baron James Sassoon, head of the China Britain Business Council, held a 650 person gala for Li and his entourage at the Natural History Museum. The general trend of the business discussions was for the British to offer to transfer technology and know-how to China in exchange for China transferring money to the UK.

The end result of all the discussions was that the British Pound became directly tradable for Chinese Yuan and London was designated as the largest Yuan financial trading center outside of China, according to MI5 an other sources.

The Fed response to this big anti-petrodollar move was to use their proxy mercenary armies to issue yet another nuclear terror threat against London.

In Summary

So, to summarize the situation here, Federal Reserve Board mercenary armies have cut off two Russian energy export chokepoints, one in the Ukraine and one in Iraq, prompting the Russians to ask for an international alliance against the Federal Reserve Board.

The Germans, French, Austrians and others have expressed support for this idea. At the same time, the British have made a big move to have the Chinese Yuan replace the US dollar as a linchpin to the London financial markets.

So, what is the next move going to be?

The future has yet to be written so many outcomes are still possible. However, it is clear the American oligarchs like the Rockefellers, who run the Federal Reserve Board and gave us a 20th century of misery and war, are running out of friends and allies.

For those of you who still think the Rockefellers are a bunch of has-beens, remember they have, according to Wikipedia and other sources, funded and or led the following institutions:

The Council on Foreign Relations - David, David Jr., Nelson, John D. 3rd, John D. IV (Jay), Peggy Dulany, Rockefeller Foundation, Rockefeller Brothers Fund.

The Trilateral Commission -David, Rockefeller Brothers Fund.

The Bilderberg Group – David, John D. IV.

The Asia Society
– John D. III, John D. IV, Charles, David.

The Population Council – John D. III.

The Council of the Americas – David.

The Group of Thirty – The Rockefeller Foundation.

The World Economic Forum - David.

The Brookings Institution - Junior.

The Peterson Institute (Formerly the Institute for International Economics) – David, Monica.

The International Executive Service Corps – David.

The Institute for Pacific Relations – Junior.

The League of Nations – Junior.

The United Nations – Junior, John D. III, Nelson, David, Peggy Dulany, Rockefeller Brothers Fund.

The United Nations Association – David. Monica.

Remember that Richard Rockefeller who died on June 13th was head of Medicines Sans Frontieres, a group that has pledged to vaccinate all children under five years of age in the world.

Recently departed: Dr Richard Rockefeller

Given the huge amount of misinformed Malthusian propaganda emitting from Rockefeller think tanks about the need to reduce the world’s population, it is hard to imagine Richard wanted to vaccinate all those kids in order to help increase the world population.

The Federal Reserve Board families have presided over the introduction of sperm killing chemicals into household products like shampoo, soap and tooth-paste and cancer causing chemicals into our daily foods.

They have also turned the US medical establishment into a bunch of goons who poison cancer patients with radiation and chemicals. They have also dumbed down the education system and hijacked the political system.

A lot of Americans are angry and want revolution. Last week alone the Governor of Louisiana said rebellion was brewing against Washington while the South Dakota Republican Party called for the impeachment of President Obama.

The military and the agencies have in their possession a full list of all the names and addresses of the members of the families that own the Federal Reserve Board. If anybody else wants to find out who they are, all they need to do is go to the local library and look them up in a Who’s Who.

Here is a message to David Rockefeller:

“An old age is ending and a new age is beginning, it is time to pass on the torch with honour and dignity.”

[ Comment: A very accommodating thought, but good luck with that. ]

Let us set up a huge series of world-wide celebrations and announcements to celebrate the transition to an age of world peace and harmony.

Comment from David Wilcock

Kudos to Ben for a brilliant analysis this week. Seeing ISIS as an organized “surprise attack” against the Alliance, intended to fight the oil wars, makes a lot more sense than his initial leaks had said last week. The Fed group is struggling like crazy not to have its profits cut off — but everything they try is failing, again and again.

In fact, the more of this kind of violence they do, the more they embolden and strengthen the Alliance — and the harder they can expect the next moves will be.

It is quite amazing to play “connect the dots” like this and see the form that emerges. We are watching the equivalent of a very complex movie, with lots of plot twists and punch / counterpunch fighting, taking place in the world.

It is obvious that for the Fed side to try to pull through this and actually succeed, as everyone is ganging up against them more and more, they would need to first make some sort of decisive ‘win’ that gives them a financial supply, and then make a decisive strike that creates some sort of mass trauma that they can then manipulate.

Their strategy, even when losing like this, is to create game changers that can sway the situation back in their favor. So, as is increasingly the case, we can expect they will still be trying some sort of “Hail Mary Pass” move to try to stunningly shift the game.

As I said in the Flight 370 article, they tried to create a story where the plane had been hijacked and flown into a meeting of world leaders discussing nuclear security.

They had a full stand-down order on all the emergency radio services in that area of the Netherlands, ostensibly to prevent clogging the airwaves. They probably had incendiary devices ready to ensure that the plane crash did everyone in.

Thankfully, that plane was intercepted in the air and diverted, as I wrote in the Flight 370 piece, which you should definitely read if you haven’t yet.

My point is that if this had been successful, it would have very much shifted the game. Alliance leaders therefore must be very careful right now about appearing in one place together to any large degree.

The dreams I’m having, morning after morning after morning, blatantly reveal that the defeat of the Cabal is a foregone conclusion. They will not be permitted to succeed in any of these plans, no matter how devious or ingenious they think they might be.

This combination of being highly intelligent and sociopathic is their whole game. They get off on it. They enjoy the power, the dominance, the control and the sense of infallibility -

- but they are running scared now.

Everything they do backfires. I suspect it will only be a matter of weeks before this ISIS idea backfires as well. They are getting very bold by putting out the “brand identification” of the name of the female aspect of Lucifer in their religion into the name of the group they financed and started. Yet no one has any interest in following them into another war.

Isis - the origins of the Illuminati date back to the Egyptian mystery schools

Obama is still very conflicted, torn between lethal pressure from the Cabal, perhaps equally intense pressure from the Alliance, and then whatever he feels inside himself, which could be different than either of these camps. I did find it interesting that he openly refuted the Cabal plans to go into Iraq in speeches he made in the last few days. He can see the signs and doesn’t want to side with the losing team when things are this close.

It may seem like this is just going to go on and on, back and forth, but that’s not the sense I’m getting from the latest dreams. Even though this is all relatively quiet, in the sense that no major wars actually start, they keep trying. When the Cabal gets as desperate as they are now, they run the strong risk of complete surprise-attacks against them that may have been in the works for years. It does appear that the plans are very thorough and extraordinary restraint is being used to only follow this plan in a certain order.

Remember that the bulk of the US military is now working against the Cabal, with the Alliance, along with an ever-increasing international coalition. The Cabal is trying to sway the game with a dwindling supply of mercenaries who are only as loyal as their next paycheck. Therefore, even though they are creating news-worthy events, they don’t have the infrastructure anymore to carry through with them and get the wars they are hoping for.

Once the BRICS bank goes fully online, ostensibly as of July 1st, the final stages are in place for mass arrests to occur. I do think the Cabal knows this, and this is why we are seeing these frantic last-minute moves to try to change the game. They may very well try a few others, and sadly this could involve people dying in some upsetting manner somewhere.

One of the dreams I had recently was that I was part of a small group that was precision-trained to expose and defeat Satanists on a global level.

These people in the group were generally misfits and what we all shared was extreme bravery, loyalty to humanity and a sense of honor. In order to successfully wage this battle it was important for us to thoroughly understand how these people think, how they feel, what motivates them, what they want and how they intend to get it.

Ben continues to do this every week, which is commendable, as I get so caught up in a variety of intersecting initiatives that it’s easy to drop the ball. However I will say that the push into making regular YouTube videos is going very nicely.

I would prefer to ignore this whole situation, and many others undoubtedly do — but this is all very real and the more of us stand up, the fewer innocent people have to die and the faster we co-create the world and the life we want.

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133 G77 Nations Vow To Destroy America’s New World Order
June 23 2014 | From: AmericanOutrage

The American and European media are doing everything they can to black this news out.

But it’s not going to stay a secret for long. As of this weekend, there’s a new New World Order on Earth and its enemy is the United States, the EU, the UN Security Council and the world’s shadow government led by the IMF and WTO.

This new alliance of poor countries wouldn’t be much of a threat, except it includes two-thirds of the world’s nations including China and India.

It’s a sad day for the American people when their government and state-sponsored news industry blacks out such an important news story. Americans actually have to rely on outlets like the Havana Times in Cuba, The Times of India, and United Nations press releases.

There’s a reason this news is being censored across the West. And it’s only the latest global news story over the past two weeks on this subject blacked out from the American people. Read on to find out why.

End of the New World Order

When the richest and most powerful nations on Earth formed the G7, G8, G20 and the like, they united to combine their dominance over the remaining 175 countries that make up humanity. And for decades, the wealthiest 20 countries led by the US have gotten exponentially more wealthy at the expense of the poorest 175 nations, who in turn have gotten even poorer.

That’s been the result of the West’s ‘New World Order’, led mainly by self-appointed global governments like the International Monetary Fund and the World Trade Organization.

Christine Legarde of the embattled International Monetary Fund

133 of those 175 countries have had enough of the New World Order’s rigged global financial system based in New York and London. They’ve seen their economies destroyed by corrupt corporations and global governments that create a cycle of never-ending dependence and poverty.

They’ve seen their nations’ vast resources stolen by multinational corporations. Their agriculture landscape has been poisoned. Their citizens bankrupted by the IMF and Wall Street. And their democratically elected leaders overthrown by foreign agents from countries like the US.

They’ve had enough of the New World Order. And an alliance of 133 countries, two-thirds of the nations on Earth, signed an agreement this weekend to end the West’s New World Order and replace it with a fair, honest and legitimate World Order - one that lets everyone participate and benefit, not just the super rich.

The Next World Order

The organization is officially called the ‘Group of 77 and China’, but the alliance actually includes 133 nations. Showing just how much influence they have, their meeting this weekend in Bolivia was opened with a keynote speech by United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.

In the audience were over 30 heads of state from around the world and official representatives from over 100 more governments. Also illustrating the organization’s growing influence, China isn’t even a member of the G77, but insisted on participating anyway in a show of unity with the globe’s Next World Order.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro participated, telling the gathered nations they had to unite to, “fight for fair and sustainable economic growth and for a new world economic order.” Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa went one step further, telling the gathered national leaders and representatives, “Only when we are united across Latin America and united around the world will we be able to make our voice heard and change an international order that is not just unfair, it is immoral.”

A report from AFP on Yahoo News, about the only report found in Western media, describes how Cuban President Raul Castro also participated, but reserved his comments for a call to help their top ally Venezuela. Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia and a number of South American countries have insisted they are currently under attack by the United States and the CIA, who they insist are desperately trying to orchestrate coups to overthrow their democratically elected, pro-socialist governments the same way they are accused of doing in the Ukraine recently.

Iran and the UN

An announcement published by the United Nations this weekend touts UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon’s enthusiastic participation in the G77 meeting. It discusses how important this massive alliance is to the goals of the UN, particularly with regard to reversing the world’s growing economic inequality among nations. Moon and the UN are also sponsoring a separate but related meeting of nations in September to draft new climate resolutions to be enacted in 2015.

Ban-Ki-moon, reportedly appointed to the position of Director General of th UN because his handlers believed that an Asian leader would be a 'good look'. This backfired however as none of the Asian countries trust him; they see him as a sell-out.

The announcement describes a private meeting between the UN Secretary General and Iran’s Vice President, ‘On the margins of today's summit, Mr. Ban met with the First Vice President of Iran, Eshaq Jahangiri, to discuss development issues, as well as the potential role that Iran could play in restoring stability in Iraq and Syria.

The Secretary-General added that he looked forward to Iran's positive involvement on climate change and said he very much hoped that President Hassan Rouhani would attend the climate summit this September.’ The report also says the two leaders discussed Iran’s nuclear ambitions and the coming July deadline for compliance with past mandates.

Threats of America’s “Second Vietnam”

Many of the government leaders in attendance took the opportunity to strike a blow against what they consider to be the biggest enemy of world peace, democracy and economic freedom - the United States. One leader even went as far as calling out President Obama by name and threatening the United States with a second Vietnam.

It's not the people of the United States that are the biggest enemy of world peace, but rather the NWO run 'government'; lead by this farcical hood-ornament

As reported by the Times of India, the G77 conference’s host this weekend - Bolivian President Evo Morales - threatened the United States and the American President telling the gathered heads of state, “If Mr. Obama keeps assailing the people of Venezuela, I am convinced that, faced with provocation and aggression, Venezuela and Latin America will be a second Vietnam for the United States. Let us defend democracy, natural resources, our sovereignty and our dignity.”

Cuba’s President Raul Castro was possibly the most pointed and focused in his remarks regarding the agenda of the participating countries.

As reported by the Havana Times, Castro told the alliance of 133 nations, “It is necessary to demand a new international financial and monetary order and fair commercial conditions for producers and importers from the guardians of capital, centered in the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, and from the defenders of neoliberalism grouped in the World Trade Organization, which are attempting to divide us. Only unity will allow us to make our ample majority prevail.”

UN Civil War - Dissolving the UN Security Council

One of the more ambitious goals of the G77 and its 133 participating countries is the elimination of the United Nations Security Council. World leaders insist it is little more than a five-nation tyranny over the full UN body. With five permanent members of the UN Security Council having veto power over the rest, UN policies and actions have been dictated by those five countries - US, UK, Russia, France and China.

Members of the G77 want the Security Council eliminated so the UN can go back to being a purely democratic body.

The Cuban leader went on to describe a global economic system run by American hypocrisy and financial corruption, “The principles of International Law and the postulates of the New International Economic Order are brazenly violated, concepts that attempt to legalize meddling are imposed, force is used and threats of force are made with impunity, the media are used to promote division.”

Dominoes Beginning to Fall

This is just the latest organized attack on a global financial system rigged by corrupt governments and the multinational corporations that control them. Just last month, Russia and China signed a long term trade alliance that represents the first major crack in the US Dollar bubble.

The two countries agreed to stop using US Dollars in their transactions and instead use their own two currencies. The two largest banks from both countries immediately announced they would be dumping the US Dollar as well.

On top of that, the world’s ‘BRIC’ countries - Brazil, Russia, India and China - have publicly declared their goal of replacing the corrupted US Dollar with some other global default currency. Now that Russia and China have finally taken actual steps to do that, the remaining two-thirds of the world will most likely begin making preparations to stop using the US Dollar as well. It was only this weekend that 133 of them pledged to do just that.

The scary part for Americans is that both Washington and Wall Street have promised this would never happen, because if it did, it would destroy the US economic system and possibly the US itself. Read the Whiteout Press article, ‘Russia-China Deals move US Dollar closer to Collapse’ for more information.

To view a full list of the 133 nations that make up the G77, visit the Group of 77 website.

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Putin Orders Central Russian Troops On 'Full Combat Alert'
June 23 2014 | From: Yahoo

Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered his troops in central Russia to be on "full combat alert" Saturday as a new wave of attacks by rebels supportive of his regime placed pressure on a ceasefire agreement in Ukraine.

According to Agence France-Presse, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu told Russian news agencies the order took effect Saturday morning.

"In accordance with his (Putin's) order, from 11:00 am Moscow time (0700 GMT) the troops of the central military district ... have been put on full combat alert," Shoigu was quoted as saying.

Putin's order came about 13 hours after Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko ordered a ceasefire Friday between his troops and pro-Russian rebels in the east of the country. Poroshenko's ceasefire announcement was part of his plan to decrease tensions between his government and the rebels following months of tensions in Ukraine after protests that saw the country's pro-Moscow President Viktor Yanukovych ousted earlier this year and led to elections where Poroshenko was installed earlier this month.

Poroshenko's ceasefire deal was immediately threatened by what the Ukrainian government described as multiple rebel attacks Friday night and Saturday morning. Rebel leaders said Ukrainian troops were the ones ignoring the ceasefire. According to The Associated Press, prominent rebel leader Pavel Gubarev told the Rossiya-24 TV channel Ukrainian soldiers were either disobeying Poroshenko or the president was "lying" about the deal.

"There is no ceasefire at all," Gubarev said.

Putin's "full combat alert" order also came shortly after Russia beefed up its military presence on the Ukrainian border last week. According to The Associated Press, Shoigu said troops in Russia's central military district, which includes the Volga region and the Ural mountains, will conduct combat drills from June 21 through June 28 as a result of the order.

Russian chief of the general staff, Valery Gerasimov, said the order would affect over 65,000 troops, according to AFP. Gerasimov also said more than 180 planes and about 60 helicopters would be involved in the "full combat alert" drills.

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Putin's Aide Proposes Anti-Dollar Alliance To Force US To End Ukraine's Civil War
June 19 2014| From: VoiceOfRussia

Sergey Glazyev, the economic aide of Vladimir Putin, published an article outlining a plan for "undermining the economic strength of the US" in order to force Washington to stop the civil war in Ukraine. Glazyev believes that the only way of making the US give up its plans on starting a new cold war is to crash the dollar system.

In his article, published by Argumenty Nedeli, Putin's economic aide and the mastermind behind the Eurasian Economic Union, argues that Washington is trying to provoke a Russian military intervention in Ukraine, using the junta in Kiev as bait.

If fulfilled, the plan will give Washington a number of important benefits. Firstly, it will allow the US to introduce new sanctions against Russia, writing off Moscow's portfolio of US Treasury bills. More important is that a new wave of sanctions will create a situation in which Russian companies won't be able to service their debts to European banks.

According to Glazyev, the so-called "third phase" of sanctions against Russia will be a tremendous cost for the European Union. The total estimated losses will be higher than 1 trillion euros. Such losses will severely hurt the European economy, making the US the sole "safe haven" in the world. Harsh sanctions against Russia will also displace Gazprom from the European energy market, leaving it wide open for the much more expensive LNG from the US.

Co-opting European countries in a new arms race and military operations against Russia will increase American political influence in Europe and will help the US force the European Union to accept the American version of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, a trade agreement that will basically transform the EU into a big economic colony of the US.

Glazyev believes that igniting a new war in Europe will only bring benefits for America and only problems for the European Union. Washington has repeatedly used global and regional wars for the benefit of the American economy and now the White House is trying to use the civil war in Ukraine as a pretext to repeat the old trick.

Glazyev's set of countermeasures specifically targets the core strength of the US war machine, i.e. the Fed's printing press. Putin's advisor proposes the creation of a "broad anti-dollar alliance" of countries willing and able to drop the dollar from their international trade. Members of the alliance would also refrain from keeping the currency reserves in dollar-denominated instruments.

Glazyev advocates treating positions in dollar-denominated instruments like holdings of junk securities and believes that regulators should require full collateralization of such holdings. An anti-dollar coalition would be the first step for the creation of an anti-war coalition that can help stop the US' aggression.

Unsurprisingly, Sergey Glazyev believes that the main role in the creation of such a political coalition is to be played by the European business community because America's attempts to ignite a war in Europe and a cold war against Russia are threatening the interests of big European business. Judging by the recent efforts to stop the sanctions against Russia, made by the German, French, Italian and Austrian business leaders, Putin's aide is right in his assessment.

Somewhat surprisingly for Washington, the war for Ukraine may soon become the war for Europe's independence from the US and a war against the dollar.

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Developing Nations Denounce US Imperialism, Welcome Russia, China
June 18 2014 | From: PanamaPost

Over the weekend, the United Nation’s Group of 77, joined by China, met in Bolivia to discuss sustainability, the war on poverty, and “equal” development.

Despite the name, the bloc’s membership has swollen to 133 developing nations from Latin America, Africa, and Asia, with presidents and leading representatives meeting in Santa Cruz de la Sierra on the multilateral bloc’s 50th anniversary.

More than the environment and equality, though, anti-imperialism dominated the debate among the heads of state.

Among the Latin-American presidents who attended the summit were José Mujica (Uruguay), Horacio Cartes (Paraguay), Nicolás Maduro (Venezuela), Ollanta Humala (Peru), Rafael Correa (Ecuador), Cristina Fernández Kirchner (Argentina), Raul Castro (Cuba), and Evo Morales (Bolivia), who holds the pro tempore presidency of the bloc.

Developing-nation leaders gather in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, for the latest G77 summit

“Towards a New World Order to Live Well” was the theme of the G77+China summit, and Bolivian President Evo Morales urged member countries to move toward a new paradigm of sustainable development. He advocates “living well and connecting with Mother Earth.”

UN Secretary General General Ban Ki-Moon also attended the summit, where he asserted the bloc’s contribution towards the development of its member countries:

“Over the years, this diverse group, which currently represents over half of the world’s population, and about two thirds of the member states of the United Nations, has enabled the global South to speak with a common voice.”

The decisions taken during this summit will contribute to the UN Post-2015 Development Agenda.

“Inclusive” Development, but without the United States

“Very pleased, very happy,” were the words that President Morales used during his speech to reflect on the expulsion of US Ambassador Philip Goldberg from Bolivia, along with the DEA and USAID agencies:

“Now there’s no need to ask for permission from the US Embassy… we indigenous people have been the victims of different empires.”

Morales also took the opportunity to warn about the possibility of “a second Vietnam” in Latin America if the US “aggression” towards Venezuela continued. After his strong remarks, the Bolivian president publicly invited Russia to join the the bloc.

Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa also warned about threats against progressive governments in Latin America. “Clearly, there’s a conservative restoration at a regional level that aims to put an end to progressive governments.”

The anti-imperialism thread also addressed the United Nations system. During his speech, the G77+China president proposed to eliminate the UN Security Council, “because instead of guaranteeing peace among nations, it has sponsored wars and invasions of powers.”

A New Financial Order

In addition to anti-imperialism and anti-free market rhetoric, there was another motion on the agenda: the “independence of the current international financial system and the construction of a new financial architecture.”

Cuban President Raúl Castro proposed to substitute institutions like the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for other ones that were more inclusive towards the South and its needs. In this regard, Morales suggested the creation of a Bank of the South (Banco del Sur) that would allow greater participation from developing countries in the decision-making process.

The need for a reform was also addressed by Argentinean President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, who urged G77 members to speak up against “anarcho-capitalism,” which according to her, “puts into risk the financial system and the world economic system.” Fernández apparently applied the term “anarcho-capitalism” to describe a growing system “even worse than capitalism.”

A G77 Strategy of More Than Words?

Víctor Mijares, visiting researcher at the GIGA German Institute of Global and Area Studies and assistant professor in international relations at Simón Bolívar University, talked exclusively to PanAm Post on the bloc’s newest radical stand.

This kind of discourse, he says, “has had an important impact on Latin America, and has become the flag for left-wing groups and parties.” Since the bloc’s anti-imperialism speech is directly aimed towards United States, it’s expected that these countries look favorably upon other powers that are outside the regional scope, such as Russia and China.

However, Mijares emphasizes that these extra-regional powers have their own agenda as well. They are seeking to recover their own scopes of influence, and therefore, “this [approach] is not advisable for a group that advocates an ‘anti-imperialism’ world movement.”

Regarding the proposal to eliminate the UN Security Council, Mijares calls it “unlikely.” If Morales is inviting Russia to join the bloc, and at the same times puts forward the dissolution of the Security Council, “he’s basically asking Moscow to renounce its formal status as a power and give away its diplomatic advantage,” explains the analyst.

“I think Morales’s speech can only be interpreted as an effort to justify its ideological stand, with a domestic purpose, but with little realistic sense in the international arena.”

“There’s no doubt that a financial governance system is still pending,” he continues, “but the Argentinean president fails to recognize that the multipolarity she describes as excess financial freedom, it’s the same process that has allowed secondary powers like Argentina to have greater international autonomy.”

For Mijares, the overall proposals presented by the heads of state is what one should expect from a G77 summit: “aspirations that, beyond reflecting genuine concerns, lack of realism for their extremism.”

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Putin Responds In Force After Obama Orders Atomic Bombs To Europe
June 18 2014| From: EuropeanTimes

A truly apocalyptic report issued hours ago by the Ministry of Defense (MoD) today says that President Putin has ordered over 80,000 troops to “deploy immediately” to their forward operating “stations” on the Ukrainian border and the “immediate” cut-off of all natural gas supplies to Ukraine after he received confirmation that President Obama has placed US atomic weapons and their “delivery systems” in Europe.

According to this report, Russian military intelligence officials received confirmation yesterday from their counterparts at the Foreign Intelligence Service of the Czech Republic (UZSI) that the two B-2 Stealth Bombers (Call signed Death11 and Death12) ordered to the UK by Obama last week, along with the three B-52 Stratofortress bombers currently deployed at RAF Fairford in Gloucestershire, have all been equipped with subsonic AGM-86 air-launched cruise missiles (ALCM) equipped with W80 nuclear warheads.

Further to be noted, this report says, is that the Slovakian Intelligence and Security Agency (SOVA) further confirmed to their MoD counterparts that an exercise of this formidable nuclear first-strike force in attacking Russia was “directly responsible” for the disappearance of civilian aircraft from air-traffic control radars in Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic and Slovakia last week endangering the lives of thousands.

Important to note, this report says, are that NATO troops and bases not welcome in the Slovakia and Czech Republics as the Obama regime and its allies continue to push for total war with Russia.

As evidence of the fact of the West preparing for total war against Russia, this report continues, NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said in an interview published yesterday that it is preparing measures to help Ukraine defend itself in its stand-off with Russia, and must adapt to the fact that Moscow now views it as an adversary. And Germany’s highly influential Heinrich Böll Foundation further stated “This is a war, and Russia is involved”.


To the atrocities and war crimes that the Obama regime backed Ukraine government has committed against its own peoples that have caused over 122,000 of its own citizens to flee to Russia for protection, this report says, it should be noted they will not escape punishment. And as exampled by Investigative Committee head Sergei Bastrykin who this past week warned that those who are guilty of committing military crimes in eastern Ukraine will be punished, “even if they hide at the bottom of the ocean”.

As even Pope Francis this week warned that the global economy is near collapse, and as the American elites responsible for it are on trial in the court of public opinion, and the verdict is just about to come in (as evidenced by the stunning election defeat of one of their top war leaders, Eric Cantor, last week), this report grimly states, the Obama regimes “main propaganda mouthpiece”, the New York Times, published an editorial last week stunningly saying that “Lack Of Major Wars May Be Hurting Economic Growth”.

And as the Obama regime and is bankster allies continues their push for a nuclear war against Russia, this report concludes, it should not be forgotten that what the US is doing now it has done many, many times before, including in 1917, when after almost two years of heavy anti-German propaganda in the US press that built an overwhelming public support for our joining that war against Germany, Congress found that in March 1915;

“J.P. Morgan interests had bought 25 of America’s leading newspapers, and inserted their own editors, in order to control the media” so that American would join the war on England’s side.


All that remains unknown now, and before the nuclear bombs start falling, is if the American people will awaken and stop the madness of their crazed war leaders before it’s too late for everyone.

Read the full article with links at: EuropeanTimes

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Tower Pulls Drinking Water Out Of Thin Air
June 16 2014 | From: SmithsonianMag

Designer Arturo Vittori says his invention can provide remote villages with more than 25 gallons of clean drinking water per day.

In some parts of Ethiopia, finding potable water is a six-hour journey.

People in the region spend 40 billion hours a year trying to find and collect water, says a group called the Water Project. And even when they find it, the water is often not safe, collected from ponds or lakes teeming with infectious bacteria, contaminated with animal waste or other harmful substances.

The water scarcity issue—which affects nearly 1 billion people in Africa alone—has drawn the attention of big-name philanthropists like actor and Water.org co-founder Matt Damon and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, who, through their respective nonprofits, have poured millions of dollars into research and solutions, coming up with things like a system that converts toilet water to drinking water and a "Re-invent the Toilet Challenge," among others.

Critics, however, have their doubts about integrating such complex technologies in remote villages that don't even have access to a local repairman. Costs and maintenance could render many of these ideas impractical.

“If the many failed development projects of the past 60 years have taught us anything," wrote one critic, Toilets for People founder Jason Kasshe, in a New York Times editorial, "it's that complicated, imported solutions do not work."

Other low-tech inventions, like this life straw, aren't as complicated, but still rely on users to find a water source.

It was this dilemma—supplying drinking water in a way that's both practical and convenient—that served as the impetus for a new product called Warka Water, an inexpensive, easily-assembled structure that extracts gallons of fresh water from the air.

The invention from Arturo Vittori, an industrial designer, and his colleague Andreas Vogler doesn't involve complicated gadgetry or feats of engineering, but instead relies on basic elements like shape and material and the ways in which they work together.

Read the full story at: SmithsonianMag

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Tesla Motors: All Our Patent Are Belong To You
June 14 2014 | From: Scoop

Comment: This article references the statement "All of your bases are belong to us". If you are not familiar with this then you might want to look it up before continuing in order to ensure coherence. It's quite obviously a geek thing.

Yesterday, there was a wall of Tesla patents in the lobby of our Palo Alto headquarters. That is no longer the case. They have been removed, in the spirit of the open source movement, for the advancement of electric vehicle technology.

Tesla Motors was created to accelerate the advent of sustainable transport. If we clear a path to the creation of compelling electric vehicles, but then lay intellectual property landmines behind us to inhibit others, we are acting in a manner contrary to that goal. Tesla will not initiate patent lawsuits against anyone who, in good faith, wants to use our technology.

When I started out with my first company, Zip2, I thought patents were a good thing and worked hard to obtain them. And maybe they were good long ago, but too often these days they serve merely to stifle progress, entrench the positions of giant corporations and enrich those in the legal profession, rather than the actual inventors. After Zip2, when I realized that receiving a patent really just meant that you bought a lottery ticket to a lawsuit, I avoided them whenever possible.

At Tesla, however, we felt compelled to create patents out of concern that the big car companies would copy our technology and then use their massive manufacturing, sales and marketing power to overwhelm Tesla. We couldn’t have been more wrong. The unfortunate reality is the opposite: electric car programs (or programs for any vehicle that doesn’t burn hydrocarbons) at the major manufacturers are small to non-existent, constituting an average of far less than 1% of their total vehicle sales.

At best, the large automakers are producing electric cars with limited range in limited volume. Some produce no zero emission cars at all.

Given that annual new vehicle production is approaching 100 million per year and the global fleet is approximately 2 billion cars, it is impossible for Tesla to build electric cars fast enough to address the carbon crisis. By the same token, it means the market is enormous. Our true competition is not the small trickle of non-Tesla electric cars being produced, but rather the enormous flood of gasoline cars pouring out of the world’s factories every day.

We believe that Tesla, other companies making electric cars, and the world would all benefit from a common, rapidly-evolving technology platform.

Technology leadership is not defined by patents, which history has repeatedly shown to be small protection indeed against a determined competitor, but rather by the ability of a company to attract and motivate the world’s most talented engineers. We believe that applying the open source philosophy to our patents will strengthen rather than diminish Tesla’s position in this regard.

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BRICS Bank To Offically Launch On July 15 - Shanghai Favourite To Become HQ
June 4 2014 | From: RT

Shanghai is considered to be the frontrunner between Russia, China, India and South Africa to become home to the new BRICS bank, media reports. The bank is an attempt by emerging economies to challenge the US-based global lending institutions.

The city's financial district in Shanghai

Four of the BRICS countries – China, Russia, India and South Africa are putting forward cities to host the new financial institution. However Brazil is not nominating a city.

The choice of city is expected to be made at the leaders’ summit in Brazil on July 15, but Shanghai is seen by analysts as the firm favorite, says the Financial Times (FT). The leadership of the bank will be decided in the same month, and will be likely rotated every five years.

The bank is scheduled to be officially launched at the same summit.

China is starting a separate bilateral institution in Asia which is a rival to the Asian Development Bank, which is considered to be over influenced by the US and its allies.

The Research Center of Shanghai's Fudan University says China has a strong advantage in terms of economic and political stability compared to India and Russia.

China is the world’s second largest economy, with the largest trade and investment volumes, the research report added.

On top of that, “China’s total bank-scale ranks among the highest in world, demonstrating its strong ability to resist risks,” the Fudan University report concluded.

Each BRICS member is expected to put an equal share into establishing the startup capital of $50 billion. BRICS officials also plan to set up a joint $100 billion emergency swap fund for financial crises available only if needed to meet the bank’s obligations. To compare, the World Bank has capital of $223 billion, and most of it is callable.

Despite initially being a small rival to the World Bank or the International Monetary Fund, it will serve as a reminder to the US of the shift in the global economy towards the developing world.

“This is a considerable group of countries from around the world that have come together to create something without US or European involvement, this is significant,” the Financial Times quotes Oliver Stuenkel, Assistant Professor of International Relations at the Getulio Vargas Foundation in São Paulo.

Since 2010 the US Congress has received proposals to increase the influence of emerging nations in the International Monetary Fund; however the program has not yet faced further development.

“Congress is not ratifying [the changes] and that has caused a certain amount of disquiet and unease among the BRICS countries,” said Jose Graça Lima of Brazil's external affairs ministry.

“This arrangement [the BRICS bank and reserve fund] is not a response to that [but] it is an indication that it is possible among the BRICS to create mechanisms to realise certain objectives,” Graça Lima added.

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Full Text of Putin’s Address To The Russian Diplomatic Corps
June 3 2014 | From: PaulCraigRoberts

'Below is President Putin’s complete address to the Russian diplomatic corps. It reveals Putin to be a person well aware of the threats that US unilateralism poses to the entire world'.

Washington’s belief that the US is exceptional and indispensable results in dictatorial behavior toward other countries and the overriding of their legitimate national interests.

From such arrogance, wars are launched. Putin’s remarks show him to be a leader of restraint who responds to provocations with reason and not with anger and who is working to avoid conflict and war. Putin is well aware that he is getting no help from Washington or EU leaders.

Putin’s address shows that he is, without question, the most important leader on the world scene at this time.


I would like to stress that what happened in Ukraine was the climax of the negative tendencies in international affairs that had been building up for years. We have long been warning about this, and unfortunately, our predictions came true.


Unfortunately, President Poroshenko has resolved to resume military action, and we failed – when I say ‘we’, I mean my colleagues in Europe and myself – we failed to convince him that the road to a secure, stable and inviolable peace cannot lie through war.

So far Mr Poroshenko was not directly linked to the orders to begin military action, and only now did he take full responsibility, and not only military, but political as well, which is much more important.


More new hotspots are appearing on the world map. There is a deficit of security in Europe, in the Middle East, South-East Asia, in the Asia-Pacific region and in Africa. The global economic, financial and trade systems are becoming unbalanced, and moral and spiritual values are being washed out.


Our contacts with the United States of America are of great importance for the whole world. We do not intend to shut down our relations with the USA. True, bilateral relations are not in their best shape, but – I would like to stress this – not through Russia’s fault. We have always tried to be predictable partners and conduct our affairs on the basis of equality. However, in return, our lawful interests were often ignored.

Read more at: PaulCraigRoberts

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The 15 Quadrillion Dollar Vatican-Sultan Of Sulu Deal That Would Have Sunk The Planet
June 8 2014 | From: GroupK

“We are fighting the worst sons-of-bitches that ever existed on the face of the planet.”

- Neil Keenan, May 19 2014

It is good to remind ourselves and all those aware and engaged in this global conflict characterized by deceit and deception that these are the most perilous times in our collective history. A time in which our freedoms and very survival are at stake. For those who are aware of the depth and severity of what the world now faces, that understanding is both a privilege and a responsibility.

History as taught to us in the West is a concocted fairytale. What has not been deliberately altered, has been suppressed. This is true of all traditionally accepted and taught historical references but especially true when it relates to the Orient and ancient China, which influences our perception of the China of present day.

For example, we were taught in school that America was discovered in 1492 when Columbus sailed the ocean blue – “Yo Ho Yo Ho the leader of the three, the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria!” It may be true that Christopher Columbus sailed to the Americas in 1492 but he sure as hell did not discover it, regardless of the fact that we in the U.S.A. “officially” acknowledge or accredit Columbus for the discovery of our continent.

We in the West have been sold on an Anglo-Euro version of history. It is in fact erroneous and bears little resemblance to reality. To see and understand the real truth or larger picture requires a letting go of false concepts and dogma – or at least a willingness to look beyond what you think you know. In other words to look and think outside the box that has been meticulously constructed around us.

To dispel the Columbus discovery myth and begin to realize we have been lead down the rosy path of make-believe history, we must acknowledge the fact that there were already indigenous people living in the Americas, i.e., Mayan, Inca, and numerous Indian tribes; and, secondly, abundant evidence exists that the Americas had been previously visited or “discovered” by other Euro and Asian cultures and civilizations long before Columbus.

A deeper look into the real historical facts will be helpful in understanding the scope of deception and corruption that has been deliberately imposed upon the “non-elite,” intentionally misleading and misdirecting the general world populace to this present day.

In 1405, nearly nine decades preceding Columbus, Zheng He was appointed Admiral of the Imperial Fleet of China. He was a Muslim and a eunuch, both characteristics quite distinctive and unique, yet in Western culture we hear nothing about him.

From 1405 -33, Zheng He embarked on seven voyages each time commandeering a fleet of 300 ships with combined crew, and soldiers of 30,000. His ships were 400′ long and 160′ wide. They were equipped with livestock and enough food and supplies to feed crew and soldiers for years at a time. These aqua fortresses were awesome feats of engineering.

Researching Admiral Zheng, his annals in the Chinese Archives date back to 1405 A.D. It was Zheng He not Bartholomew Diaz or Vasco De Gama who discovered the Cape of Good Hope. By 1433 China had already circumnavigated the globe, acquired unimaginable wealth by having established a vast network of trade and diplomatic alliances– essentially harnessing the seas and conquering the world.

This is when they erected the Great Wall of China – a barrier to keep the heathens out.

Now more than ever is it imperative for those on the right side of the ledger to express truth and accuracy. Recently certain suppositions and statements regarding the Global Accounts have been made by those in positions of influence which have not been entirely accurate. It is time to set the record straight. Since the 2011 Monaco Accords, it is Neil Keenan’s position to do just that.

The Global Accounts were originally established to fund humanitarian projects throughout the world. The Western cabal, via the IMF, World Bank, and BIS, has controlled and used the accounts not to enhance the quality of life, but to enslave humanity.

Here in the United States of America our so-called federal government is beyond corrupt. It has been hijacked and turned into an instrument of evil. Everything being done in the name of “national security” and affordable healthcare is designed to corral, control, and eventually kill us.

Our individual rights and liberties have been literally stripped from us; and the NSA and a long list of other alphabet agencies track and record our every move — all achieved and enforced in the name of national security. Yes, “transnational corporate security” — where big business is in bed with government, and those at the top use fear, greed, intimidation and even murder to achieve and retain secrecy and their exalted positions.

Let us never be fooled into thinking they have our best interests at heart. The truth is, they want the vast majority of us DEAD! It’s high time we fully wake up to this!

Most recently the Vatican in collaboration with an entrusted Elder, The Sultan of Sulu, a guardian / holder of The Dragon Family Global Account assets, attempted to steal fifteen (15) Quadrillion dollars from the Dragon Family.

Their attempt was thwarted. Had this transaction been allowed to take place, the cabal’s coffers would have been replenished and the results for humanity would have been disastrous! Truly the world dodged a fateful bullet only days ago!

The arrogance and recklessness of this attempt is indicative of a false sense of ownership or entitlement present on the part of some of those entrusted to protect those assets. In some cases two and three generations have passed between the time of the original guardians or keepers of the assets, so it must now be reiterated to all the Elders: you cannot give away or sell what does not belong to you! Guardianship is not ownership!

The Book of Conveyance was established by President Sukarno, the original M1, for such a time and such a reason.

The Book of Conveyance documents and clearly indicates the role and responsibilities as guardians and keepers of the Dragon Family assets. The Dragon Family who are the only rightful owners of these assets, have had enough!

The world at large, those who have been manipulated and hoodwinked generation upon generation, have had enough! It is time that the false prophets and usurpers of the West be exposed and held accountable to the whole of humanity for who and what they are — a den of thieves.

A study of history and of the true facts reveal that the real wealth resides in the East, and always has. This is why the East is now establishing its own economic alliance, a separate economic system from the West and the United States and the petro-dollar. BRICS is product of this new paradigm away from the U.S. and world Zionist domination.

“World Zionists can best be described as the world’s largest organized crime syndicate. They appear to be soulless parasites upon the human race.

They are empowered by the Zionist City of London private Central Banksters who specialize in Babylonian Money-Magick and making money from nothing (debt-based notes presented as money) and pernicious usury.

They are generally recognized by numerous Intel insiders to be parasites on the world, war profiteers, and mass murderers behind every major war, as well as the hidden-hand behind most drug trafficking, pornography, sex trafficking, slave labor, massive banking, mortgage fraud and other and financial frauds and scams.

Using their Imaginary debt-based pretend money, they have bought and now own almost every single US Congressperson, most Supreme Court Judges, and almost every federal judge.”

- Preston James, Veterans Today

Those who choose to work with and serve these dark forces of death and destruction are being watched, and they themselves are now being “outed” and restricted of free movement upon the planet.

Each day more and more people around the world are cognizant of the atrocities committed by the Zionist/Nazi secret societies and government elite, and they are the proponents and participants of the Keenan-initiated NO FLY ZONE.

Soon there will be nowhere for them to find sanctuary or a place to hide. Their world and time upon it is rapidly shrinking.

Sultan of Sulu we are watching you!

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Guardian Launches SecureDrop System For Whistleblowers To Share Files
June 6 2014 | From: TheGuardian

SecureDrop platform allows sources to submit documents and data while avoiding most common forms of online tracking

SecureDrop makes use of well-known anonymising technology such as the Tor network and the Tails operating system

Access the Guardian's SecureDrop system here.

The Guardian has launched a secure platform for whistleblowers to securely submit confidential documents to the newspaper’s reporters.

The launch comes a year to the day since the Guardian posted the first of a series of NSA documents leaked by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, sparking a worldwide debate on surveillance, privacy, and civil liberties.

Free speech and privacy groups alongside popular sites including Reddit, BoingBoing and Imgur, are marking the day with a Reset the Net campaign, encouraging internet users to take direct action to secure their privacy online. Several technology companies are also expected to announce new steps to protect users’ privacy over the course of the day.

The SecureDrop open-source whistleblowing platform provides a way for sources, who can choose to remain anonymous, to submit documents and data while avoiding virtually all of the most common forms of online tracking.

It makes use of well-known anonymising technology such as the Tor network and the Tails operating system, which was used by journalists working on the Snowden files.

Read the full story at: TheGuardian

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Updated No-Fly List
June 5 2014 | From: GroupK

Updated June 6

Neil Keenan wants to thank everyone for their help in developing the deserving globalist candidates for the No Fly Accords.

Many bad guys are squawking loudly about being on the list, but they are going to stay there because they have earned their place on that list. And many others have been added to it.

We have a wonderful network of smart and thoughtful people who have joined forces in our efforts, and they have come through in living color with names that we have overlooked — we are grateful.

The next step is for the various countries to sign and execute. Some will pass into legislation.the various countries for signatures. Each country will customise it according to their own laws.

Download the latest version of the No-Fly Accords here.

Update: June 6

The NO FLY ACCORD constitutes a world’s response to a small fascist clique of zionist rogue nations.

t is rather simple in terms but powerful in implementation. With people in political positions in this clique abusing their powers with impunity it is necessary for all other nations to be able to protect their citizenry and sovereignty from the fascist movement of this generation.

The way to do this is simple. As our mothers and fathers taught us, we just close the doors to unwanted visitors. We cannot and do not need to allow foreigners and enemies into our homes creating divisiveness and eventually taking them over entirely in our stead.

The NO FLY ACCORD prevents the opening from occurring in the first place. But we must be careful because the Globalist spit their venom on all of us at every opportunity.

With God’s help – and we know he is there watching us every second of the way – we will turn the corner and sprint across the finish line. Let us pray that the Nations that join this noble accord move quickly and either sign this accord directly, or pass it through their legislation so that it is implemented for the safety of us all.

If we fail to act and do our duty to defend our rights, our families, our homes, our nations and our environment, we just might be looking at World War III.

One thing I would like for you to look at is the list of names. Do you see what I see? Almost all of them are Zionist! How did we ever allow them to worm their way into lording over us? They will do what they want until we say NO — and that is what will be accomplished with this accord.

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Cabal Payback For Donetsk Referendum With Unarmed Urban Civilian Slaughter - Neil Keenan Update
May 28 2014 | From: GroupK

With original and exclusive footage from sources inside Donetsk (see below) Neil is angry and cannot for the life of him understand how no one is stepping up to put a halt to the unarmed civilian slaughter in Donetsk. This is cabal payback for the good citizens of Donetsk having the courage to take a stand for their right to self-determination.

More can be seen in the videos below and on the Group K website

With original and exclusive footage from sources inside Donetsk (see below) Neil is angry and cannot for the life of him understand how no one is stepping up to put a halt to the unarmed civilian slaughter in Donetsk.

This is cabal payback for the good citizens of Donetsk having the courage to take a stand for their right to self-determination.

See more video at GroupK

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Russia’s Rise To Global Power
May 26 2014 | From: PaulCraigRoberts

Western propaganda about events in Ukraine has two main purposes. One is to cover up, or to distract from, Washington’s role in overthrowing the elected democratic government of Ukraine. The other is to demonize Russia.

The truth is known, but truth is not a part of the Western TV and print media. The intercepted telephone call between US Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland and the US Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt reveals the two coup plotters discussing which of Washington’s stooges will be installed as Washington’s person in the new puppet government.

The intercepted telephone call between Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet and EU foreign policy official Catherine Ashton revealed suspicions, later confirmed by independent reports, that the sniper fire that killed people on both sides of the Kiev protests came from the Washington-backed side of the conflict.

To summarize, when Washington orchestrated in 2004 the “Orange Revolution” and the revolution failed to deliver Ukraine into Western hands, Washington, according to Victoria Nuland, poured $5 billion into Ukraine over the next ten years. The money went to politicians, whom Washington groomed, and to non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that operate as educational, pro-democracy, and human rights groups, but in fact are Washington’s fifth columns.

When President Yanukovych, after considering the costs and benefits, rejected the invitation for Ukraine to join the European Union, Washington sent its well-funded NGOs into action. Protests broke out in Kiev demanding that Yanukovych change his decision and join the EU.

These protests were peaceful, but soon ultra-nationalists and neo-nazis appeared and introduced violence into the protests. The protest demands changed from “join the EU” to “overthrow Yanukovych and his government.”

Political chaos ensued. Washington installed a puppet government, which Washington represented as a democratic force against corruption. However, the ultra-nationalists and neo-nazis, such as the Right Sector, began intimidating members of Washington’s stooge government. Perhaps in response, Washington’s stooges began issuing threats against the Russian speaking population in Ukraine.

Areas of southern and eastern Ukraine are former Russian territories added to Ukraine by Soviet leaders. Lenin added Russian areas to Ukraine in early years of the Soviet Union, and Khrushchev added Crimea in 1954. The people in these Russian areas, alarmed by the destruction of Soviet war memorials commemorating the Red Army’s liberation of Ukraine from Hitler, by the banning of Russian as an official language, and by physical assaults on Russian-speaking people in Ukraine broke out in protests. Crimea voted its independence and requested reunification with Russia, and so have the Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

Washington, its EU puppets, and the Western media have denied that the votes in Crimea, Donetsk, and Luhansk are sincere and spontaneous. Instead, Washington alleges that the protests leading to the votes and the votes themselves were orchestrated by the Russian government with the use of bribes, threats, and coercion. Crimea was said to be a case of Russian invasion and annexation.

These are blatant lies, and the foreign observers of the elections know it, but they have no voice in the Western media, which is a Ministry of Propaganda for Washington. Even the once proud BBC lies for Washington.

Washington has succeeded in controlling the explanation of the “Ukrainian crisis.” The unified peoples in Crimea, Donetsk, and Luhansk have been branded “terrorists.” In contrast, the Ukrainian neo-nazis have been elevated to membership in the “democratic coalition.” Even more amazing, the neo-nazis are being described in the Western media as “liberators” of the protest regions from “terrorists.” Most likely, the Russophobic neo-nazi militias are becoming Washington’s stooge government’s army, because so many units of the Ukrainian military have been unwilling to fire on peaceful protestors.

The question before us is how will Russia’s leader, President Putin, play this game. His hesitancy or reluctance to accept Donetsk and Luhansk again as part of Russia is used by the Western media to make him look weak and intimidated. Within Russia this will be used against Putin by Washington-funded GGOs and by Russian nationalists.

Putin understands this, but Putin also understands that Washington wants him to confirm their demonized portrait of him. If Putin accepts requests from Donetsk and Luhansk to return to Russia, Washington will repeat its allegation that Russia invaded and annexed. Most likely, Putin is not weak and intimidated, but for good reasons Putin does not want to give Washington more propaganda to employ in Europe.

Washington’s press for sanctions against Russia has an obstacle in Germany. The German Chancellor, Merkel, is Washington’s vassal, but Germany’s foreign Minister, Frank Walter Steinmeier and German industry are no friends of sanctions. In addition to Germany’s dependence on natural gas from Russia, thousands of German companies are doing business in Russia, and the employment of several hundred thousands of Germans is dependent on economic relations with Russia.

Former German Chancellors, Helmut Schmidt and Gerhard Schroeder, have slammed Merkel for her subservience to Washington. Merkel’s position is weak, because she has stupidly put herself in the position of sacrificing the interests of Germany to Washington’s interests.

Putin, who has demonstrated that he is not the typical dumb Western politician, sees in the conflict between Washington’s pressure on Germany and Germany’s real interests a chance to break up NATO and the EU. If Germany decides, as Yanukovych did, that Germany’s interests lie in its economic relations with Russia, not in being a puppet state of Washington, can Washington overthrow the government of Germany and install a more reliable puppet?

Perhaps Germany has had enough of Washington. Still occupied by Washington’s troops 69 years after the end of World War II, Germany has had its educational practices, its history, its foreign policy, and its membership in the EU and euro mechanism coerced by Washington. If Germans have any national pride, and as a very recently unified peoples, they might still have some national pride, these impositions by Washington are too much to accept.

The last thing Germany wants is a confrontation, economic or military, with Russia. Germany’s vice chancellor, Sigmar Gabriel, said that it “was certainly not smart to create the impression in Ukraine that it had to decide between Russia and the EU.”

If the Russian government decides that Washington’s control of Ukraine, or whatever part remains after secession, is an unacceptable strategic threat to Russia, the Russian military will seize Ukraine, historically part of Russia. If Russia occupies Ukraine, there is nothing Washington can do but resort to nuclear war. NATO countries, with their own existence at stake, will not agree to this option.

Putin can take the Ukraine back whenever he wants and turn his back on the West, a declining corrupt entity mired in depression and looting by the capitalist class. The 21st century belongs to the East, to China and India. The enormous expanse of Russia sits above both of these most populous of all countries.

Russia can rise to power with the East. There is no reason for Russia to beg the West for acceptance. The basis for US foreign policy are the Brzezinski and Wolfowitz doctrines, which state that Washington must prevent the rise of Russia. Washington has no good will toward Russia and will hamper Russia at every opportunity. As long as Washington controls Europe, Russia has no prospects of being a part of the West, unless Russia becomes Washington’s puppet state, like Germany, Britain, and France.

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No-Fly Swatter & Straightening Out Some Family Matters - Neil Keenan Update
May 20 2014 | From: GroupK

Always two steps ahead of the cabal, Neil has moved the No-Fly Accords forward in due course. Many countries have reached out to Neil expressing their support for his latest efforts and pledging their country’s participation in this all-important effort.

Sweden and Libya have already taken well publicized actions against well known Zionists breaching their airspace against their national will. While each country must take action to accept and enforce the No-Fly Accords as it applies to their own sovereign airspace, depriving the Cabal airspace will box them in and deprive them of the room they need to further implement their genocidal Agenda 21.

While international waters cannot easily be included without time-consuming and complex multi-national treaties, depriving the Globalists airspace on a country-by-country, and then region-by-region basis effectively terminates their ability to travel internationally. When enough countries join, Cabalists’ flights patterns will look like pretzels to avoid a violation, interception, and detention, effectively grounding these self-appointed elites.

Orchestrating the Monaco Accords has been a tremendous success for Neil. They have led to the unprecedented cooperation of Asian economic powers, giving rise to BRICS, the Asian IMF, and the rise of Asian international banking and trade severed from the oppressive colonial policies of the West. Neil has full confidence that the No Fly Accords will have the same success at grounding, alienating, and quickening the decline of the Cabal.

The No Fly Zone shows the ease with which Neil turns the tables on the Cabal to the point that they have nowhere to go to achieve their sociopathic goals. The Cabal and their Agenda 21 is snowballing into a living hell on Earth and has to be cleaned up; and we have to do the cleaning – all of us have to do our part. This situation cannot survive much longer, so it’s best we deal with it now and not give them an opportunity to hurt another generation.

Closing the doors on their airspace is pounding the snews-articles-4take into the heart of this vampire. It sucks their energy out of them; it leaves them no place to run, and no place to hide.

Read the full story with video and the documentation here.

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Operation American Spring: Militias Promise To Oust Obama, Boehner, Holder, Pelosi And Other Top Officials This Friday
May 16 2014 | From: RT

A retired United States Army colonel expects as many as 30 million like-minded individuals will descend on Washington, DC this week and demand that President Barack Obama and other members of his administration be booted from office.

Those are just some of the demands that Col. Harry Riley, founder of “Operation American Spring,” said he’ll ask the Obama administration to adhere to when militia members and patriots of all sorts arrive in the nation’s capital on Friday and begin demonstrating against a government the group considers to be in violation of the principles established by the founders of the country.

“We are calling for the removal of Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Harry Reid, Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, Nancy Pelosi and Eric Holder as a start toward constitutional restoration,” Riley told the Before Its News website during an interview earlier this year.

“They have all abandoned the US Constitution,” he said, and “are unworthy to be retained in a position that calls for servant status.”

Riley told Before Its News in January that he expects his Operation American Spring movement will provoke anywhere from 10 million to 30 million Americans to mobilize this week and arrive in DC, where they will participate in a “massive, gigantic effort as a last stand before America moves into a more devastating condition.”

Read the full story at: RT

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Rand Paul: Audit The Fed Or I will Hold Up Nominees
May 14 2014 | From: RT

United States Senator Rand Paul says he plans to hold the appointment of three new likely members of the US Federal Reserve unless colleagues in Congress hold a vote on auditing the Fed.

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY)

A long-time opponent of the central bank, Paul wrote Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nevada) informing him of his plans to stall the nomination process for the new Fed members unless a bill of his brought up for a vote.

“As the Senate debates the Federal Reserve Board nominees, there is no more appropriate time to provide Congress with additional oversight and scrutiny of the actions and decisions of the central banks,” Paul wrote Reid. “Therefore, I request that my bipartisan legislation, S. 209, the Federal Reserve Transparency Act, be scheduled for an up or down vote concurrently with nominees to the Federal Reserve Board of Governors.”

Introduced in February 2013, that bill, if approved, would require a full audit of the Fed’s Board of Governors and the entire central banking system.

In an extract from Greenwald’s new book, titled “No Place to Hide,” the journalist states the NSA “routinely receives – or intercepts – routers, servers, and other computer network devices being exported from the US before they are delivered to the international customers.”

"The Fed's operations under a cloak of secrecy have gone on too long and the American people have a right to know what the Federal Reserve is doing with our nation's money supply," Paul said when he proposed it last year. "Audit the Fed has significant bipartisan support in Congress and across the country and the time to act on this is now."

Read the full story at: RT

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Karen Hudes: What The Flack? - Keenan Group News
May 9 2014 | From: NeilKeenan.com

The secret cabal’s control over international markets is becoming less of a mystery as increasing numbers of markets reveal themselves so obviously to be fixed.

Carribbean Nations join the Cabal no-fly effort

This could be considered an update, but it’s a little different than usual. I noticed a post that had gone up on my site, from what I understand quite by accident, stating that Karen Hudes is a cabal shill. It was not written or approved by me. It was a draft written by a team member which was mistakenly posted before it was reviewed and approved by myself, which is required for all posts on my site. The post itself most likely would have never have reached you. But it did. It was only up for a few minutes and it went viral! Ms. Hudes responded to it saying that there was no proof of her being a cabal shill but that she has taken a lot of flack from me. It is her use of the word “flack” that I disagree with.


Now let me give you a quick insight as to what is happening in the world today with the information I have. The Asian and Russian nations are now being joined by the Caribbean nations who have reached out and requested that they also be allowed to join the NO FLY ZONE accords. Is it possible we can box the bad guys into one place with nowhere to hide?

Bear in mind that this has nothing to do with you, but with them. It will assist anyone who would need to enter the US to track them down. But I have to make sure it does not hurt any of you, as in the case of your being on a flight along with blacklisted individuals, which now number over 600. As for the NO FLY ZONE accord itself, it is still being worked out with the various parties that are joining it, or will be impacted by it. This is not as simple as one would think, but once completed it will have an immense global effect. I am working hard to see that everything I do is timely.

Read the full story at: NeilKeenan.com

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132 Nations Want Out Of The Cabal Banking System
May 8 2014 | From: NationOfChange

The secret cabal’s control over international markets is becoming less of a mystery as increasing numbers of markets reveal themselves so obviously to be fixed.

And a financial storm continues to brew. Many a clanger to come

Just in case you haven’t been keeping up with the ‘tin-foil’ hat conspiracies, increasingly proven to be true, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, is the center of a secret global economy that has bailed out American International Group Inc., huge insurance companies like AIG, Goldman Sachs Group Inc., Merrill Lynch & Co., J.P. Morgan,Societe Generale and Deutsche Bank AG, among others.

The secret cabal’s control over international markets is becoming less of a mystery as increasing numbers of markets reveal themselves so obviously to be fixed. The cabal cheats the 99 percent with Libor interest rates, foreign exchanges, and gold, silver, and platinum price fixing.

Then there’s high-frequency trading (HFT), where Wall Street banks use supercomputers to monitor incoming stock market orders, analyze their likely impact on prices, and place orders ahead of those trades to capture a bit of the price impact, called ‘stealing’ if it were properly named.

HFT data helps to explain the frenzy in today’s markets: The most aggressive firms tend to earn the biggest profits, hence the incentive to trade as quickly and as often as possible. Furthermore, these traders make their money at the expense of everyone else, including less-aggressive high- frequency traders. It is simply the latest and greatest scam on stock holders looking for real value in a company, thinking they can compete with the big guys.

Just a few weeks ago, 132 nations decided they’ve had enough of the ‘secret’ money jig we’ve all been dancing to. One of the largest coalitions of developing nations in history has urged Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon, to provide, “as soon as possible…alternative options for banking services.” 132 countries, including China are done with the funny money scheme.

Read the full story at: NationOfChange

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Judge Jeanine Unleashed: Impeach Obama - Yet Another Call To Stop The Farcical Faux-President
May 5 2014 | From: WND

Yet another call for the impeachment of a man who has been told he is untouchable. However, if Barry Soetero (or whatever his real name is this week) is not a natural born American, then he cannot legally hold the office of The President of the United States of America (The Chief Exectutive of the United States of America Corporation perhaps - which is what he is) - and so therefore he cannot be impeached. Felonious corporate activities?

Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro has launched a scathing, on-air indictment of President Barack Obama, calling for his impeachment from office.

On Saturday night’s broadcast of “Justice with Judge Jeanine,” Pirro uncorked a blistering verbal assault on Obama in connection with his handling of the fatal onslaught of the U.S. mission in Benghazi, Libya, on Sept. 11, 2012, and the subsequent cover-up.

“Mr. President, it’s called an abrogation of duty,” Pirro said. “You have not taken your oath to honestly and faithfully execute the duties of your office. As commander in chief, you have NOT protected us. This dereliction of duty as commander in chief demands your impeachment.”

“You, Mr. President, have violated your constitutional oath. You have not faithfully executed your duties in the office of the president.”

Watch a 90-second clip of Judge Jeanine Pirro calling for Obama’s impeachment:

Read the full story at: WND

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Defiant Apple, Facebook And Other Tech Companies Will Inform Public Of NSA / Government Surveillance Requests
May 2 2014 | From: RT

The same technology companies that the US intelligence community has relied upon to disclose email records are now refusing to keep surveillance requests secret and informing customers when they are the subject of such requests.

In the nearly ten months since former US National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden revealed extensive surveillance efforts on everyday Americans’ online activity, the companies that were forced to facilitate that surveillance have come under harsh public scrutiny.

The embarrassment ignited a series of comments from executives at Google and Facebook, among others, calling on the NSA and other agencies to either stop forcing them to provide the communications that customers trust them with, or allow them to be more transparent.

Now, according to a Thursday report in the Washington Post, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, and Google have updated their policies to routinely notify customers when law enforcement has requested information about them.

Yahoo enacted such a change in July, with the Post reporting Thursday that companies “have found that investigators often drop data demands to avoid having suspects learn of inquiries."

With such influential companies announcing that they will essentially ignore the warning attached to subpoenas asking them to keep knowledge of the requests to themselves, experts say other companies that spend less time in the public eye will be more willing to do so.

“It serves to chill the unbridled, cost-free collection,” Albert Gidari Jr., a partner at the firm Perkins Cole who represents multiple technology companies, told the Post. “And I think that’s a good thing.”

Not all requests will be made public. Orders from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, which has denied only one NSA request in five years, will still be kept classified, as will National Security Letters from the FBI.

Peter Carr, a spokesman for the US Department of Justice, warned that the companies’ divergence from the norm constitutes a massive security flaw. He told the Post there is at least one recent example in which an early disclosure put a cooperative witness in danger, though he refused to provide any further detail.

These risks of endangering life, risking destruction of evidence, or allowing suspects to flee or intimidate witnesses are not merely hypothetical, but unfortunately routine,” Carr said.

Law enforcement’s job is also complicated by the growing number of magistrate judges who are skeptical of the government’s requests. The judicial ideology has quietly spread to courts through the country, frustrating prosecutors as much as it has excited civil libertarians.

Perhaps the most outspoken opinion, though, came from Washington DC Magistrate Judge John M. Facciola, who ruled against government requests to access the Facebook page of Navy Yard gunman Aaron Alexis and a request to search the iPhone of a Georgetown University student accused of making ricin.

Facciola has consistently sought narrower, more specific requests from investigators, as evidenced by an April ruling in a case unrelated to the two aforementioned investigations.

“For the sixth time,” he wrote, as quoted by the Post, “this court must be clear: if the government seizes data it knows is outside the scope of the warrant, it must either destroy the data or return it. It cannot simply keep it.”

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Putin: Washington Behind Ukraine Events All Along, Though Flying Low
April 30 2014 | From: RT

The US has been behind the Ukrainian crisis from the beginning, but was initially flying low, Russian President Vladimir Putin has said. He added that if sanctions continue, Russia will have to reconsider who has access to key sectors if its economy.

“I think what is happening now shows us who really was mastering the process from the beginning. But in the beginning, the United States preferred to remain in the shadow,” Putin said, as quoted by RIA Novosti.

Putin stated that since the US has taken a lead role in resolving the political crisis in Ukraine, it is “telling that they originally were behind this process, but now they just have emerged as leaders” of it.

The "Maidan cookies" policy paves the way to a broader crisis, Putin warned, referring to US officials showing up in central Kiev and encouraging protesters during demonstrations.

Reat the full story at: RT

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US-Based Ex-Barclays Staff Charged By UK In Libor Sandal
April 29 2014 | From: RT

The UK filed its first criminal proceedings against scandal-struck US-based Libor traders on Monday over the alleged rigging of global benchmark interest rates. Three former Barclays traders are to be charged, according to the UK’s Serious Fraud Office.

Jay Vijay Merchant, Alex Julian Pabon and Ryan Michael Reich are the three former New-York based Barclays employees who have been charged by the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) with conspiracy to defraud.

“He is not guilty of this offense and will vigorously contest these allegations at his forthcoming trial,” British law firm Hickman & Rose, which is representing Reich, said in a statement. The lawyers for the remaining two men were not available for comment, reported Reuters.

While the SFO confirmed that the trio are in the US, they are due to appear at Westminster Magistrates Court in London on May 27. The occasion could set the ball rolling for the first extradition to the UK from the US in what has been a lengthy investigation into Libor (London interbank offered rate) manipulation.

The Libor scandal dates back to 2005. Libor is the average interest rate that underpins trillions of dollars worth of loans, contracts and mortgages through the interest rates of major London banks. The scandal drew in some of the world’s biggest financial institutions, including the Royal Bank of Scotland, UBS, and Barclays.

Barclays was the first bank to settle in the wake of the rate manipulation accusations, paying some $450 million in fines in 2012 after admitting misconduct.

The subsequent backlash forced out four top Barclays directors, including chief executive Bob Diamond in 2012, who had previously insisted that he would not resign.

So far, US and European authorities have fined 10 banks and brokerages a total of $6 billion.

Twelve people are now facing criminal charges in the US and UK, among them the three from Barclays for the manipulation of denominated Libor. Twenty-two potential co-conspirators have also been identified, but not publicly named.

The charges fall at a time when a parallel investigation is underway into foreign exchange market rigging. On March 5, the Bank of England was forced to suspend a member of staff.

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Keeping The Fox Out Of The Hen House & The Rothschilds Go Into Hiding
Neil Keenan Update
April 24 2014 | From: TheKeenanTeam/GroupK

Little is known what to expect from Neil Keenan. Just when you think you have him pegged, he turns it around, letting you know that you have no idea what he is actually thinking..

Once you let the fox in the hen house only bad things can happen. He brings to our attention the fact that Obama is flying to Asia only to upset the political structure and relationships between the Chinese and the Asiatic allied members of the U.S. Obama is filling their heads with promises of support and finance (“we will never desert you”) when in fact the US has been deserting everyone that they have pledged to defend.

With the proposed NO FLY ZONE, Neil delivers the idea that in the near future Obama and his cronies will have to enter through the back door, Japan, which means flying over the Pacific Ocean rather than Europe. Their quest to poison Asia is still on the table, but it cannot be accomplished without encountering serious dangers that they never expected.

Who in this world ever expected Neil Keenan to propose a NO FLY ZONE to the Russians, Chinese, Dragon Family and many others in order to eliminate from our world the poisons, death and destruction that we are now suffering from?

In point of fact, a NO FLY ZONE makes perfect sense when we look at everything happening around us. If the fox does not get into the Asiatic and Russian hen houses, then we can safely predict that their efforts to create a New World Order will be in vain. This is precisely where Neil and his team will be working with sure and swift efficiency – the No-Fly documents are being finalized now.

This is a new time – a new world! Let us take action to conquer these evils so that we can take back our world. And only by taking real action can we ever achieve this.

Featured in this post:

The atrocities happening in Donetsk, Ukraine which are not being reported by any media.

A question posed: where are the Rothschilds hiding? Putin has put the fear of the “lord” into the Rothschilds, and rightfully so seeing that even their devils cannot help them anymore.

Neil announces that our team has now been joined by extremely powerful new allies from the West, all the more assurance that our efforts will be successful.

This update is let you know what is happening and give you a taste of what’s to come.

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No-Fly Zones For The Cabal And Quid Pro Quo - Neil Keenan Update
April 18 2014 | From: NeilKeenan/GroupK

In this update, Neil announces the creation of a powerful new proposal — a No-Fly Zone Asian accord to stop the cabal from entry into Asian countries where their sole intention is for more war and terrorist activities to advance their world hegemony.

The time has come for the catalyst of an Asian No-Fly Zone. It is a first step toward putting these psychopaths behind bars where they rightfully belong.

Another plan of action that Neil’s announces is the project to expose known criminals and mercenaries by publicizing pictures of their homes and families: Is this YOUR home and family? We cannot continue to keep our eyes wide shut; and they can no longer be allowed to hide behind secrecy.

For their crimes, they enjoy a life of luxury that has been built upon the suffering and lives of humanity. The fathers, mothers, daughters, sons and related family members will be identified for the crimes that they directly or may even indirectly support. They will be uncovered for who they really are.

Neil is championing our rights every step of the way. In support, we encourage each of you to step up the plate and take action according to what you are able to do. The time is now.

“Our problems are man-made, therefore they may be solved by man. No problem of human destiny is beyond human beings.” - John F. Kennedy

A legal agreement with Russia, China and Asia for a No-Fly Zone over these countries is now in the process of being completed. This would mean all entry would be barred into these countries by the Western global elite: Obama, Cheney, Soros, the Bushes, the Rothschilds, and all related members of the cabal. The No-Fly document will be in the hands of Russia, China and Asia within a few days and will then served on these cabal individuals.

In his meetings with various government officials, Neil has put forth the recommendation that if the cabal criminals cannot be kept from entry into these countries, then they need to be arrested upon arrival and charged with their war crimes, terrorist activities, and depopulation crimes against humanity.

The Rothschild family has been particularly singled out by Putin as needing to be eliminated, but it cannot go without saying that the Bushes and Rockefellers are equally guilty.

Neil emphasizes his support of our readers who have taken the brave action to deal with the UN mercenaries who unlawfully invaded their neighborhood. The neighborhood’s “Special Force” showed these misplaced soldiers pictures of their own homes and families, after which they left the area. If our readers have any information and/or pictures of those who need to be exposed for their crimes, or who are unlawfully invading their neighborhood with their armed presence, we encourage you to send it to The Keenan Team. We will see to it that it gets into the right hands and that the personal details of their lives are exposed for all to see. This is quid pro quo – they are poisoning and threatening our lives and our families’ lives. We will use their own tactics against them and bring a halt to their crimes and terror in a peaceful and effective way.

Recently members of BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) met with the financial controllers in Washington, D.C. BRICS nations (including China who is a significant stakeholder in the Global Accounts) were actually being conciliatory in their offer to include the West in funding from the Collateral Accounts. While the Collateral Accounts don’t belong to the West, these greedy criminals had the audacity to decline any agreement whatsoever.

The death-knell of the U.S. dollar is happening now. Russia and China are aggressively by-passing all use of the U.S petro-dollar for trade, and that spells the end of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency and FED domination over the world’s economy.

Lawyers specializing in international law are needed. Please contact The Keenan Team if you are able to contribute your expertise to this effort.

For those who question the difference between the cabal and the Dragon Family, be assured that the cabal will never part with a dime to help humanity and have for years consistently stolen from the Dragon Family. There will be no funds going into individuals’ pockets; the Dragon Family’s intent is to provide funds to establish humanitarian projects, opportunities for humanity to be able to help itself, something that the cabal always has and always will do all in their power prevent.

Discussion of the fraudulent Swissindo and OPPT are a complete waste of time.

Soros made a brainless statement recently to the U.K. government that if they pulled out the European Union (something that most Brits want), all of the major manufacturing will also be pulled out of England. This points to the obvious fact that those corporate manufacturers are part of the global elite. As can be seen in the U.S., during the past 30 years, most of our manufacturers have already moved overseas. This is all a Rothschild game.

It must be remembered that the Ukraine separated from Russia to begin with because Reagan, Mitterrand and Wanta (who is no white-hat), stole funds from the Global Accounts and used them to destroy the Russian ruble.

To read the full story and video visit: NeilKeenan

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Russia Completely Bans GMOs - It's Official
April 18 2014 | From: CollectiveEvolution

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev recently announced that Russia will no longer import GMO products, stating that the nation has enough space, and enough resources to produce organic food.

If the Americans like to eat GMO products, let them eat it then. We don’t need to do that; we have enough space and opportunities to produce organic food.” – Medvedev

Russia has been considering joining the long list (and continually growing) of anti-GMO countries for quite some time now. It does so after a group of Russian scientists urged the government to consider at least a 10-year moratorium on GMOs to thoroughly study their influence on human health.

“It is necessary to ban GMOs, to impose moratorium (on) it for 10 years. While GMOs will be prohibited, we can plan experiments, tests, or maybe even new methods of research could be developed. It has been proven that not only in Russia, but also in many other countries in the world, GMOs are dangerous.

Methods of obtaining the GMOs are not perfect, therefore, at this stage, all GMOs are dangerous. Consumption and use of GMOs obtained in such way can lead to tumors, cancers and obesity among animals. Bio-technologies certainly should be developed, but GMOs should be stopped. We should stop it from spreading. ”

– Irina Ermakova, VP of Russia’s National Association for Genetic Safety

A number of scientists worldwide have clearly outlined the potential dangers associated with consuming GMOs. I recently published an article titled “10 Scientific Studies Proving GMOs Can Be Harmful To Human Health,” you can read that in full here. These are just a select few out of hundreds of studies that are now available in the public domain, it seems that they continue to surface year after year.

Russia completely banning GMOs, such a large, developed nation is a big step forward in creating more awareness with regards to GMOs. Ask yourself, why have so many nations banned GMOs and the pesticides that go with them? It’s because evidence points to the fact that they are not safe, they are young, and we just don’t know enough about them to safely consume them. They just aren’t necessary, so why produce them?

Within the past few years, awareness regarding GMOs has skyrocketed. Activism has played a large role in waking up a large portion of Earths population with regards to GMOs. People are starting to ask questions and seek answers. In doing so, we are all coming to the same conclusion as Russia recently came to.

In February, the State Duma introduced a bill banning the cultivation of GMO food products. President Putin ordered that Russian citizens be protected from GMOs. The States Agricultural Committee has supported the ban recommendation from the Russian parliament, and the resolution will come into full effect in July 2014.

This just goes to show what we can do when we come together and demand change and share information on a global scale. Change is happening, and we are waking up to new concepts of our reality every day.

GMOs are only the beginning, we have many things to rid our planet of that do not resonate with us and are clearly unnecessary. We are all starting to see through the false justifications for the necessity of GMOs, no longer are we so easily persuaded, no longer do we believe everything we hear and everything we’re presented with. Lets keep it going!

To read the original story with links: CollectiveEvolution

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Italian Senator Calls For Declassification Of Chemtrail Documents
April 18 2014 | From: Infowars

Have you noticed increased cases of Alzheimer’s and Autism? The CDC recently admitted that autism numbers have doubled in a decade and more than 5 million Americans have a form of dementia.

While there are multiple contributors to these phenomenon, including the increased use of pesticides and herbicides, the decline of real food, and the degradation of our environment as a whole, it is likely chemtrails play a significant part in the cognitive decline of our nation as well.

Our politicians, however, refuse to comment on the subject, with the exception of a rogue informant often put swiftly back into his place by mainstream media and their puppeteers. Now, an Italian senator is demanding that important state secrets be declassified so that the world can understand what is really happening in the sky above.

Senator Domenico Scilipoti is not a champion for every Italian, often accused of taking party sides wherever it will benefit him personally, but he is aiming to abolish the classification of documents regarding the death of Ilaria Alpi, an Italian journalist killed in 1994 after she discovered radioactive toxic waste was being shipped to Somalia. There is a free documentary people can watch here, but it is not allowed in the US. Quite some censorship. Why?

The Senator wants chemtrail or weaponized weather documents to be declassified as well. The reason? Because through Vittorio Prodi, the USA signed a bilateral agreement on climate research. In 2003, former Minister Martino authorized the USAF to fly over Italian airspace. The Senator of the ‘Forza Italia’ party is now hoping to expose State Secrecy on chemtrails – the same ones we are still denying exist.

Read the full story at: Infowars

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BRICS Countries To Set Up Their Own IMF
April 15 2014 | From: RussiaBeyondTheHeadlines

Very soon, the IMF will cease to be the world's only organization capable of rendering international financial assistance. The BRICS countries are setting up alternative institutions, including a currency reserve pool and a development bank.

[ This is what terrifies the Cabal as it means the end of their international control by way of the Petrodollar / Global Reserve Currency ].

The BRICS countries have already agreed on the amount of authorized capital for the new institutions: $100 billion each

The BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) have made significant progress in setting up structures that would serve as an alternative to the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, which are dominated by the U.S. and the EU. A currency reserve pool, as a replacement for the IMF, and a BRICS development bank, as a replacement for the World Bank, will begin operating as soon as in 2015, Russian Ambassador at Large Vadim Lukov has said.

Brazil has already drafted a charter for the BRICS Development Bank, while Russia is drawing up intergovernmental agreements on setting the bank up, he added.

In addition, the BRICS countries have already agreed on the amount of authorized capital for the new institutions: $100 billion each. "Talks are under way on the distribution of the initial capital of $50 billion between the partners and on the location for the headquarters of the bank. Each of the BRICS countries has expressed a considerable interest in having the headquarters on its territory," Lukov said.

It is expected that contributions to the currency reserve pool will be as follows: China, $41 billion; Brazil, India, and Russia, $18 billion each; and South Africa, $5 billion. The amount of the contributions reflects the size of the countries' economies.

By way of comparison, the IMF reserves, which are set by the Special Drawing Rights (SDR), currently stand at 238.4 billion euros, or $369.52 billion dollars. In terms of amounts, the BRICS currency reserve pool is, of course, inferior to the IMF. However, $100 billion should be quite sufficient for five countries, whereas the IMF comprises 188 countries - which may require financial assistance at any time.

BRICS Development Bank

The BRICS countries are setting up a Development Bank as an alternative to the World Bank in order to grant loans for projects that are beneficial not for the U.S. or the EU, but for developing countries.

The purpose of the bank is to primarily finance external rather than internal projects. The founding countries believe that they are quite capable of developing their own projects themselves. For instance, Russia has a National Wealth Fund for this purpose.

Loans from the Development Bank will be aimed not so much at the BRICS countries as for investment in infrastructure projects in other countries, say, in Africa,” says Ilya Prilepsky, a member of the Economic Expert Group. “For example, it would be in BRICS' interest to give a loan to an African country for a hydropower development program, where BRICS countries could supply their equipment or act as the main contractor."

If the loan is provided by the IMF, the equipment will be supplied by western countries that control its operations.
Asian markets offer a way out for Russia

The creation of the BRICS Development Bank has a political significance too, since it allows its member states to promote their interests abroad. "It is a political move that can highlight the strengthening positions of countries whose opinion is frequently ignored by their developed American and European colleagues. The stronger this union and its positions on the world arena are, the easier it will be for its members to protect their own interests," points out Natalya Samoilova, head of research at the investment company Golden Hills-Kapital AM.

Having said that, the creation of alternative associations by no means indicates that the BRICS countries will necessarily quit the World Bank or the IMF, at least not initially, says Ilya Prilepsky.

Currency Reserve Pool

In addition, the BRICS currency reserve pool is a form of insurance, a cushion of sorts, in the event a BRICS country faces financial problems or a budget deficit. In Soviet times it would have been called "a mutual benefit society", says Nikita Kulikov, deputy director of the consulting company HEADS. Some countries in the pool will act as a safety net for the other countries in the pool.

The need for such protection has become evident this year, when developing countries' currencies, including the Russian ruble, have been falling.

The currency reserve pool will assist a member country with resolving problems with its balance of payments by making up a shortfall in foreign currency. Assistance can be given when there is a sharp devaluation of the national currency or massive capital flight due to a softer monetary policy by the U.S. Federal Reserve System, or when there are internal problems, or a crisis, in the banking system. If banks have borrowed a lot of foreign currency cash and are unable to repay the debt, then the currency reserve pool will be able to honor those external obligations.

This structure should become a worthy alternative to the IMF, which has traditionally provided support to economies that find themselves in a budgetary emergency.

"A large part of the fund goes toward saving the euro and the national currencies of developed countries. Given that governance of the IMF is in the hands of western powers, there is little hope for assistance from the IMF in case of an emergency. That is why the currency reserve pool would come in very handy," says ambassador Lukov.

The currency reserve pool will also help the BRICS countries to gradually establish cooperation without the use of the dollar, points out Natalya Samoilova. This, however, will take time. For the time being, it has been decided to replenish the authorized capital of the Development Bank and the Currency Reserve Pool with U.S. dollars. Thus the U.S. currency system is getting an additional boost. However, it cannot be ruled out that very soon (given the threat of U.S. and EU economic sanctions against Russia) the dollar may be replaced by the ruble and other national currencies of the BRICS counties.

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Neil Keenan Update | Our Cattleman Bundy, US Blunders In Ukraine, Suicided Banksters, & Swissindo Shenanigans
April 14, 2014 | From: NeilKeenan

The Cabal Are Killing Their Own + Suicided Banksters

As noted in previous posts, the cabal has authorized a list of 1,500 bankers to be slated for “suicide.” These are the scapegoats who will no longer be able to point their fingers up the pyramid when the FED dollar inevitably loses its world reserve status and the proverbial S.H.T.F. That list has grown by another 1,700 names, approximately. Advice: Sing now or forever hold your peace.

Now . . . others have gotten into this game, which has alarms going off within cabal circles. Top echelon banksters are beginning to tick off – except they were not on the cabal list – they ARE the cabal!

The “Robin Hood of Liechtenstein” is reportedly responsible for the recent untimely demise of Bank Frick & Co. CEO Juergen Frick, who also was Chairman and CEO of Crystal Fund Management.

In another “unauthorized” termination, the former CEO of Dutch Bank ABN Amro and his family were found killed or murdered in what authorities are misrepresenting as a “family tragedy.”

It seems to be open season on the cabal – they’re being hunted under Bushes, and under a Rock – fellers are dropping like flies. The Rothschilds, and even that scumbag pedophile, Etienne Davignon, should start looking over their shoulders.

Also in this update:

Cattle Rancher Bundy Knows How To Treat FED Over-Reaching

Obummer Blunders: It’s Geopolitical Amateur Hour

Swissindo Shenanigans

Read the full story at: NeilKeenan

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SHTF Plan - Update: Up To 5,000 Armed Militia Members Will Be Arriving In Bunkerville, Nevada Today
April 11 2014 | From: BeforeItsNews

Many comments have been mad as to how this event could be a tinderbox "trigger" event, depending upon how it plays out.

Update: Word on the street from sources close to the militia movement is that up to 5,000 armed militia members will be arriving in Bunkerville, Nevada sometime today. (See full report below)

SHTFplan.com Editor’s Note: It is apparent that the Federal government was under the impression that they could simply move into the ranch land surrounding Bunkerville, NV and have their way with the property and livelihood of the Bundy family. What they didn’t count on was the outcry from Americans across the country.

And now things may be headed to the next level. As Kim Paxton of The Daily Sheeple notes, citizen militias in several states have been called up. Many members of those organizations are taking up arms and are making their way to Nevada.

And it’s not just the citizen militias that are preparing to take action. The governor of Nevada has officially condemned the federal government’s actions, though he has yet to take any steps afforded to him under State law. Sheriff Richard Mack of Gilbert, Arizona has weighed in and calls the actions “terrorism.”

At last count there were some 200 federal agents from various agencies on the ground in Nevada and it appears that hundreds, perhaps thousands, of armed militia members will soon arrive to confront them.

The Federal government will no doubt step up their efforts, as they are facing the possibility of a widespread rebellion resulting from their actions against a private citizen whose only “crime” was to graze his cattle on the land his family has used for this purpose for over a century.

It would not be at all surprising to see the President of the United States call up National Guard troops and more militarized law enforcement officials for fear of having this spiral out of control. A declaration of martial law to go along with already established First Amendment Areas is not out of the question.

We may well be on the cusp of a serious stand-off involving thousands of people. Keep in mind that most of them will be armed.

Given the circumstances, things could turn very bloody very quickly. Whatever comes of this situation may very likely have international implications in terms of a potential precursor trigger.

Read the full story at: BeforeItsNews

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Flight 370: The Straw That Breaks The Cabal's Back?
April 8 2014 | From: DivineCosmos

Flight 370 could have become the most devastating terrorist attack in recorded history. Could this Boeing 777 -- or one just like it -- have been used to murder the leaders of the top 53 nations on Earth?

Why were 20 scientists with Cosmic Top Secret clearances on Flight 370 -- and did some group feel it was absolutely necessary to stop them?

Did one of the passengers on Flight 370 successfully send out a message indicating he was being held on a "prison ship" near the biggest US/UK military base in the Indian Ocean -- and that the other passengers were still alive?

The secret powers running the military-industrial complex, the Federal Reserve banking system and key Western nations -- i.e. the Cabal or "Illuminati" -- may have just tried to achieve the ultimate world coup. Thankfully, they failed.

Had their plan succeeded, it would have become the defining story of our time -- and almost certainly would have started a world war.

Thankfully, the shadowy, elusive group that was likely responsible for this "botched job" may be on the brink of true defeat.

By not fearing them, and being brave enough to objectively examine the evidence, Flight 370 may well be the straw that breaks the Cabal's back.

Read the full story at: DivineCosmos

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Putin Flushes The US Dollar: Russia’s Gold Ruble Payments System Delinked From United States Dollar Global Reserve Currency?
March 31 2014 | GlobalResearch

A New Financial System independent from Wall Street & city begins to take shape concretely in Russia?

Russia “forced” by the sanctions to create a system independent from the Dollar.

Russia announces that it will sell (and buy) his products and commodities – including oil – in rubles; not anymore in dollars

Putin has been preparing this move — the creation of a payment system in rubles completely independent and protected from the Dollar and the killer speculations of the big Western financial institutions — for a long time.

After sanctioning several Russian banks to punish Russia for Crimea, the Washington politicians were told by the financial power-to-be to step back because obviously, the Wall Street vampires understand that putting Russian banks outside the reach of their blood sucking teeth is never a good idea.

For Wall Street and the city’s financial services, countries like Russia should always have an open financial door through which their real economy can be periodically looted. So Washington announced that it was a mistake to enforce sanctions on all those Russian banks; only one, the Rossiya bank shall be hit by sanctions, just for propaganda reasons and to make an example out of it.

It is what Putin needed. Since at least 2007, he was trying to launch an independent Ruble System, a financial system that would be based on Russia’s real economy and resources and guaranteed by its gold reserves. No tolerance for looting and financial speculation: A peaceful move, but at the same time a declaration of independence that Wall Street will consider as a “declaration of war”.

According to the Judo strategy, the sanction attack created the ideal situation for a “defensive” move that would redirect the brute force of the adversary against him. And now it’s happening. Bank Rossiya will be the first Russian bank to use exclusively the Russian ruble.

The move has not been done in secret. On the contrary. A huge golden ruble symbol will be set up in front of bank Rossiya headquarters in Perevedensky Pereulok in Moscow “to symbolize the rouble’s stability and its backing by the country’s gold reserves,” the official agency Itar-Tass explains quoting the bank officials.

In fact, the officials are very clear on their intention to punish the western speculators that have been looting their country for a long time:

“Russia, at its present stage of development, should not be dependent on foreign currencies; its internal resources will make its own economy invulnerable to political wheeler dealers.”

This is only the first step, declared Andrei Kostin, the president of VTB, another bank previously sanctioned:

“We have been moving towards wider use of the Russian rouble as the currency of settlement for a long time. The ruble became fully convertible quite a long time ago. Unfortunately, we have seen predominantly negative consequences of this step so far revealed in the outflow of capital from this country. The influx of foreign investments into Russia has been speculative and considerably destabilizing to our stock markets.”

According to Itar-Tass, Kostin was very precise and concrete:

“Russia should sell domestic products – from weapons to gas and oil – abroad for roubles and buy foreign goods also for rubles….Only then are we going to use the advantages of the rouble being a foreign currency in full measure.”

Putin himself lobbied for the new siystem in meetings with members of the Upper House of the Duma, the parliament, on March 28, overcoming the last doubts and indecisions: “

“Why do we not do this? This definitely should be done, we need to protect our interests, and we will do it. These systems work, and work very successfully in such countries as Japan and China. They originally started as exclusively national [systems] confined to their own market and territory and their own population, but have gradually become more and more popular…”

Also see:

Nasqaq: Putin Calls For Creation Of Banking Payment System

Itat-Tass: An Action In Support Of Bank Rossiya To Take Place In Moscow

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Putin Inspires Terror In New World Order: Dr. Barrett
March 24 2014 | From: PressTV

Russian President Vladimir Putin is standing up against West’s aggression aimed at completely destroying traditional nations and values and creating a New World Order global dictatorship, an analyst says.

Ongoing Western attempts to destabilize Ukraine, Syria and Iran as well as other countries are the “most recent examples of a decade-old pattern of aggression” which the Russian president is countering, Kevin Barrett, a professor of Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies, wrote in an article for Press TV website.

“In short, the New World Order – a shadowy group of global banking oligarchs bent on establishing a one-world dictatorship – is trying to overthrow every leader on earth who resists. Russian President Putin is resisting. That is why the Western propaganda machine is calling him names,” Barrett said.

He noted that Russia and Iran are both successfully resisting a New World Order dictatorship.

The commentator noted that the establishment of the Islamic Republic of Iran was a landmark event signaling an end to the “20th-century wave of militant secularism and atheism – and a revival of traditional religion.”

He said the Russian president enjoys overwhelming popularity in his country for his defense of traditional religious values.

“Putin is stopping New World Order ‘creative destruction’ in Syria and Ukraine. He is part of a growing coalition opposing the NWO – not just religious traditionalists, but also progressive anti-globalization forces, including [late Venezuelan President] Hugo Chavez inspired anti-imperialists in Latin America,” Barrett pointed out.

He added that the world today is facing an epic struggle between those who espouse sacred values such as justice and decency and those who desire to destroy all values.

Barrett expressed hope that God would bless Putin, “who is putting the fear of God into the New World Order.”

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95.7% Of Crimeans Give The Finger To The White House Tyrant
March 17 2014 | From: PaulCraigRoberts

In an unprecedented turnout unmatched by any Western election, Crimeans voted 95.7% to join Russia. As I pointed out earlier today, under the twisted logic of Washington Crimea has never been a part of Ukraine as Russians were not allowed to vote when the Soviet dictator Khrushchev stuck the Russian province of Crimea into Ukraine in 1954.

While Crimeans celebrate in the streets and international observers declare the referendum to be totally fair and free of all interference and threat, the neo-Nazi White House declared that “we don’t recognize no stinking vote.” The moronic White House spokesperson said that the White House and “the international community”–Washington in its arrogance thinks that it is the voice of “the international community”–do not recognize the results of democracy in action.

Democracy is not acceptable to Washington, or to the two-bit punk American puppets who rule for Washington in Germany, UK, and France, when democracy does not serve Washington’s agenda of hegemony over the entire world. The neo-Nazi White House spokesperson lied through his teeth when he claimed that the referendum, which has been declared by international observers to have been completely free, was “administered under threats of violence and intimidation.”

This statement, which the entire world now knows to be false, marks the government in Washington, and its subservient media, as the worst and most dangerous liar the world has ever experienced. All Washington is capable of is lies: Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction and al Qaeda connections, Syrian President Assad used chemical weapons against his own citizens, Iran has a nuclear weapons program, Gaddafi gave his soldiers viagra so they could better rape Libyan women, Russia invaded Crimea, Osama bin Laden was the mastermind of 9/11. I could continue with hundreds of incidences of Washington’s lies. Indeed, among aware people the word Washington has become synonymous with liar.

When will the world sanction the criminal enterprise that pretends to be a government of the United States?

When will the War Crimes Tribunal and the International Criminal Court issue arrest warrants for Obama and his entire criminal regime as well as the criminal regimes of Bush and Clinton?

When will the assets of the US government and its criminal members be seized?

How long will the world tolerate Washington’s incessant destruction of countries and peoples from Somalia to Afghanistan to Iraq to Libya to Pakistan to Yemen to Syria to Ukraine, with Russia, Iran, and China waiting in the wings?

The United States government is the worst criminal enterprise in the history of the world. Not a single member of the government has told the truth about anything in the entire 21st century. The executive branch lies consistently to Congress, and the cowardly, weak, despicable fools sit there and take it. Congress is so useless it might as well be abolished. I expect Obama to issue an executive order abolishing the useless institution at any moment.

But “we have freedom and democracy.”

The truth is that the entire evil of the universe is concentrated in Washington. It is this evil that is destroying millions of lives, and it is this evil that will destroy the world.

From: PaulCraigRoberts

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Thousands 'March In March' To Protest Australian Federal Government
March 17 2014 | From: SBS

Rallies have been held across Australian cities as part of a grassroots campaign against the federal government.

Thousands of people haved marched against the Australian government at rallies across the nation.

March in March protests, spawned from a Facebook conversation in January between several people, started in regional cities on Saturday and took place in state capitals today. Organisers say the protests are part of a grassroots movement that has no affiliation with political parties.

They have been promoted by organisers as peaceful rallies to protest against the federal government's policy decisions.

The Melbourne chapter of the nationwide March in March featured speeches on indigenous rights, education funding and university cuts. But the event, which organisers say is a grassroots, non-partisan peaceful protest, represented a grab-bag of issues.


Signs in Melbourne read: "Transit not tolls" and "Turn back the AbBoat". Unions were present, as were ordinary families.

Shauna Burstin and daughter Mikhayla, 8, came to express their support for same-sex marriage. Blackburn couple Dyan and Andrew brought their three kids Dylan, Harper and Marlo because they thought it was important to teach their children not to stay silent if they don't agree with the government.

"I'm not going to treat refugees as second-class citizens," Dyan told AAP.

"I've never been moved as much by any other government in my life as this to protest."

The three-day event will culminate on Monday when a statement of no confidence in the Abbott government is delivered to Parliament House. Canberra organiser Loz Lawrey says the idea started as a conversation between a handful of people on Facebook in January.

"They said to each other, we can't just keep complaining to each other about this government, we have to do something about it," Mr Lawrey told AAP.

"As that conversation became more public, people started saying: We'd like to be involved."

He says the movement has 45,000 supporters. The invitation to march, circulated via social media, calls on people to "participate in democracy".

"Democracy doesn't end at the ballot box," the invitation says.

"It is the right, if not duty, of all Australians to hold our elected representatives to account; to remind them that they are, above all else, public servants."

Mr Lawrey said organisers made an effort not to allow any individual or group to own the movement.

"We're all just ordinary Joes," he said.

Federal Opposition Leader Bill Shorten distanced himself from the rally, telling reporters the Labor Party was not formally involved. "But I do get people want to express their views. It's a free country," Mr Shorten said. The invitation to march, circulated via social media, calls on people to "participate in democracy".

"Democracy doesn't end at the ballot box," the invitation says. "It is the right, if not duty, of all Australians to hold our elected representatives to account; to remind them that they are, above all else, public servants."

Prime Minister Tony Abbott told reporters he thought the only large rally being held in Sydney was to do with St Patrick's Day.

For more images see the story at: SBS

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Operation Independence Continues - Anonymous Exposes United States Invasion Plans In Ukraine
March 16 2014 | From: VoiceOfRussia

By tomorrow, the 15th of March 2014, the United States, through its agents in Ukraine, will begin a series of false flag attacks on targets in Ukraine which have been designed to make it look as if they were carried out by the Special Forces of the Russian Federation.

This information has been made available and was released through several forums used by Anonymous Ukraine. Members of Anonymous Ukraine, who are involved in what Anonymous has called Operation Independence, have independently verified that Anonymous is the source for the e-mails.

Among the three key e-mail is one containing the initial instructions from the US Army Assistant Army Attaché Jason P. Gresh to a senior official of the General Staff of the Ukrainian Army named Igor Protsuyuk. Again Anonymous has exposed treason by Ukrainian officials and the egregious illegal meddling of the United Sates into the affairs of a sovereign nation.

Anonymous Ukraine is operating in what can only be described as a hot war zone where almost all communications and internet access are either completely controlled and intercepted or have been shut down. Contacts in Anonymous Ukraine have also stated that there is a campaign by the US Government and the current illegitimate regime which illegally seized power to demonize and discredit Anonymous.

Anonymous Ukraine does not support what they call "the Bandera Nazis" because: they do not represent the Ukrainian people, they have deposed the democratically elected president, they have destabilized the country, they have killed hundreds of peaceful Ukrainian and they have completely taken over the media and the internet.

Anonymous Ukraine has therefore stated that those running the Facebook page under "Anonymous Ukraine" are CIA and US Government lackeys who are promoting nazis and destroying their country before selling it to NATO, the US and the EU.

Members of Anonymous Ukraine are in fear for their safety and have stated that the Bandera nazis have issued orders to execute those responsible for previous releases of their hacked e-mails and the recording of telephone conversations that have been made available on-line. They have also noticed heightened activity by the NSA and CIA against all of their web resources.

For the full story and audi visit: VoiceOfRussia

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Crimea Parliament Declares Independence From Ukraine Ahead Of Referendum
March 12 2014 | From: RT

A woman walking by a poster calling people to vote in the upcoming referendum, in the Crimean port city of Sevastopol (Reuters / Baz Ratner)

The parliament of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea has adopted an independence declaration from Ukraine which is necessary for holding a March 16 referendum.

“We, the members of the parliament of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the Sevastopol City Council, with regard to the charter of the United Nations and a whole range of other international documents and taking into consideration the confirmation of the status of Kosovo by the United Nations International Court of Justice on July, 22, 2010, which says that unilateral declaration of independence by a part of the country doesn’t violate any international norms, make this decision,” says the text of the declaration, which was published by the Crimean media.

The document was adopted during an extraordinary session of parliament.

78 of 100 members of the parliament voted in favor of the declaration.

The Crimean parliament’s vote to become an independent sovereign state paves the way for the March 16 referendum for the Crimean Autonomous Republic and the city of Sevastopol to join Russia.

Read the full story at: RT

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German Diplomat Blows Whistle on United States Coup In Ukraine - Says The Plans Were Made During The Clinton Administration
March 12 2014 | From: PaulCraigRoberts

US Abandoned International Law, Follows The Law Of The Jungle

Willy Wimmer was state secretary at the German Defense Ministry and vice president of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE).

This is what this well-informed member of the European Establishment told RT

The translation is not very good, but the message comes through.

Western powers are following an agenda to partition the map of the European region under which a portion of the Black Sea territory will be under US domination, former vice president of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly, Willy Wimmer, told RT.

The veteran German politician, who served as a Defense Ministry state secretary, reminded that no Western government is talking about the extreme right element of the government in Kiev.

RT: More than a decade ago, you told your country’s leadership of a disturbing connection between NATO’s bombing of Yugoslavia and plans for the alliance’s expansion. We have some extracts from the letter you wrote to then-Chancellor Gerhard Schröder after a conference organized by the US State Department. You raised concerns over some of the conclusions reached, such as: “It would be good, during NATO’s current enlargement, to restore the territorial situation in the area between the Baltic Sea and Anatolia (modern-day Turkey) such as existed during the Roman Empire…” Do you think these plans still exist? And, if so, could the Ukrainian crisis be playing a role?

Read the full story at: PaulCraigRoberts

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KONY 2012 Scam - Bankers Outsmarted by Millions of Young Activists
March 13 2012 | From TheContrail

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Fitch Downgrades Greece to "Restricted Default": Greeks Tell Globalist Bankster Fascists Where to Go
March 9 2012 | From BusinessInsider

International Criminal Banking System has been Given Notice: Meritocracy Based System About to Emerge

Fitch just downgraded Greece from "C" to "restricted default."

This designation hardly comes as a surprise, since the ratings agency had previously said that the country's planned debt restructuring would throw it into restricted default.

Fitch's decision mirrors a recent downgrade from Standard & Poor's which put Greece in "selective default."

Unlike a disorderly default, in a "restricted" or "selective" default Greece has not actually been declared insolvent.

Fitch said it will raise Greece's issuer rating from "RD" after its debt swap has been completed on March 12.

Read the full story at: BusinessInsider

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Alex Jones: Explosive Interview with Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins
March 9 2012 | From InfoWars

Billy Corgan, founder and frontman for the rock band The Smashing Pumpkins, talks frankly about the music business, the role of the musician in society, the ever mutating left-right paradigm, the Occupy Wall Street movement, and the indisputable spiritual awakening that threatens a mass awakening that will take down the globalist agenda.

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Financial Fascism - Political Analyst: "Greeks Should Revolt Against Debt Slavery!"
24 February 2012

It's been a tough night in Brussels where Eurozone ministers have reached a deal on a second bailout for Greece.
It took them several hours to agree on the one-hundred-and-thirty-billion euro cash injection, expected to save the country from default.
Earlier the Greek Parliament went through a storm of public outrage and several internal conflicts to approve the austerity measures demanded by international creditors.

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Greece Politely Declines German Annexation Demands
January 29th 2012 | From: AotearoaAWiderPerspective and ZeroHedge

That didn't take long did it? What's next? Without the annexation there is not going to be a bail out so prepare for the collapse of the Global financial system when Greece defaults and Portugal, Italy and Spain follow.

Following yesterday's frankly stunning news that the Troika politely requests that Greece hand over its first fiscal, then pretty much all other, sovereignty to "Europe", here is the Greek just as polite response to the Troika's foray into outright colonialism:


What is interesting here is that unlike the highly irrelevant IIF negotiations which will end in a Greek default one way or another, the real plotline that should be followed is this one: because unless Germany, pardon the Troika, gets the one condition it demands, namely "absolute priority to debt service" and "transfer of national budgetary sovereignty", as well as a "constitutional amendment" thereto. there is no Troika funding deal. Furthermore, since as a reminder the PSI talks are just the beginning, the next step is ensuring compliance, as was noted yesterday ("[ceding sovereignty] will reassure public and private creditors that the Hellenic Republic will honour its comittments after PSI and will positively influence market access"), any refusal to implement such demands is an automatic dealbreaker.

Read the full story at: ZeroHedge

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India Joins Asian US Dollar Exclusion Zone, Will Transact With Iran In Rupees
January 22nd 2012 | From: AotearoaAWiderPerspective

Another one bites the dust. India will avoid the dollar in order to be able to buy oil from Iran. That’s Russia, China and India. This is not looking good for the dollar. Who would have thought that one day the Rupee would be worth more than the US dollar.

Two weeks ago we wrote a post that should have made it all too clear that while the US and Europe continue to pretend that all is well, and they are, somehow, solvent, Asia has been smelling the coffee. To wit: “For anyone wondering how the abandonment of the dollar reserve status would look like we have a Hollow Men reference: not with a bang, but a whimper… Or in this case a whole series of bilateral agreements that quietly seeks to remove the US currency as an intermediate.

Read the full story at AotearoaAWiderPerspective

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The Trillion-Dollar Lawsuit That Could End Financial Tyranny and The Rule of The Old / New World Order
December 19, 2011

Benjamin Fulford (Former Asian Bureau chief of Forbes Magazine from 1998 to 2005 and author of over 30 books) and David Wilcock (author of The Source Field Investigations) have exposed a multinational banking theft ring and have been threatened with death.

There is documented and undeniable proof that a lawsuit has been filed in the Southern District Court of New York,
naming the United Nations, World Economic Forum, the Italian Republic and the Italian Financial Police as defendants - among others.

Please download and review for yourself this Civil Action document filed at the Southern District of New York on 23 November 2011

This lawsuit is one visible manifestation of an international, 122-nation campaign that is actively bringing down the "Old World Order." This secretive cabal has been destroying our planet with bubble money - which is backed by nothing but hot air.

You can download and listen to the radio interview which covers this material here. The 117-nation consortium has made its move to bring down the international banking cartel by filing a lawsuit.

Also see this from Benjamin Fulford.

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A Letter to Congress, from the Guys That Invented the Internet...
December 18, 2011 - From DigitalMusicNews.com

The following open letter was recently sent to members of US Congress, with an urgent warning to vote against SOPA. It comes from 83 engineers and innovators responsible for creating the internet, including TCP/IP creator and "father of the internet" Vint Cerf and Paul Vixie, author of the widely-used DNS server software BIND.

"We, the undersigned, have played various parts in creating a network called the Internet

We wrote and debugged the software; we defined the standards and protocols that talk over that network. Many of us invented parts of it. We're just a little proud of the social and economic benefits that our project, the Internet, has brought with it.

Last year, many of us wrote to you and your colleagues to warn about the proposed "COICA" copyright and censorship legislation. Today, we are writing again to reiterate our concerns about the SOPA and PIPA derivatives of last year's bill, that are under consideration in the House and Senate. In many respects, these proposals are worse than the one we were alarmed to read last year.

If enacted, either of these bills will create an environment of tremendous fear and uncertainty for technological innovation, and seriously harm the credibility of the United States in its role as a steward of key Internet infrastructure. Regardless of recent amendments to SOPA, both bills will risk fragmenting the Internet's global DNS system and have other capricious technical consequences. In exchange for this, such legislation would engender censorship that will simultaneously be circumvented by deliberate infringers while hampering innocent parties' right and ability to communicate and express themselves online.

All censorship schemes impact speech beyond the category they were intended to restrict, but these bills are particularly egregious in that regard because they cause entire domains to vanish from the Web, not just infringing pages or files. Worse, an incredible range of useful, law-abiding sites can be blacklisted under these proposals. In fact, it seems that this has already begun to happen under the nascent DHS/ICE seizures program.

Censorship of Internet infrastructure will inevitably cause network errors and security problems. This is true in China, Iran and other countries that censor the network today; it will be just as true of American censorship. It is also true regardless of whether censorship is implemented via the DNS, proxies, firewalls, or any other method. Types of network errors and insecurity that we wrestle with today will become more widespread, and will affect sites other than those blacklisted by the American government.

The current bills -- SOPA explicitly and PIPA implicitly -- also threaten engineers who build Internet systems or offer services that are not readily and automatically compliant with censorship actions by the U.S. government. When we designed the Internet the first time, our priorities were reliability, robustness and minimizing central points of failure or control. We are alarmed that Congress is so close to mandating censorship-compliance as a design requirement for new Internet innovations. This can only damage the security of the network, and give authoritarian governments more power over what their citizens can read and publish.

The US government has regularly claimed that it supports a free and open Internet, both domestically and abroad. We cannot have a free and open Internet unless its naming and routing systems sit above the political concerns and objectives of any one government or industry. To date, the leading role the US has played in this infrastructure has been fairly uncontroversial because America is seen as a trustworthy arbiter and a neutral bastion of free expression. If the US begins to use its central position in the network for censorship that advances its political and economic agenda, the consequences will be far-reaching and destructive.

Senators, Congressmen, we believe the Internet is too important and too valuable to be endangered in this way, and implore you to put these bills aside."

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Canada Pulls Out Of Kyoto Protocol
December 13, 2011

The Canadian environment minister, Peter Kent, said Canada was invoking its legal right to withdraw. Kyoto did not represent the way forward for Canada or the world, he said.

Canada, Japan and Russia said last year they would not accept new Kyoto commitments, but Canada is the only country to repudiate it altogether.

The protocol, initially adopted in Kyoto, Japan, in 1997, is aimed at fighting global warming. Canada’s previous Liberal government signed the accord but did little to implement it and current prime minister Stephen Harper’s Conservative government never embraced it.

“The Kyoto protocol does not cover the world’s largest two emitters, the United States and China, and therefore cannot work,” Kent said. “It’s now clear that Kyoto is not the path forward to a global solution to climate change. If anything it’s an impediment.”

Read the full story at Guardian.co.uk

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Mike Butler: Whistle Blown On Government Separatist Corruption
9th December 2011

John Robinson’s book “The Corruption of New Zealand Democracy” has been acclaimed as the “smoking musket” that shows how government agencies create information to con the public into believing its “treaty guilt trip”. His 120-page treaty overview was sparked when the Crown Forestry Rental Trust, in 2000, told him to rewrite demographic research that undermined treaty orthodoxy or not get paid.

Read the full story at BreakingViewsNZ

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Five things you can do right now to help stop the economic plundering of our world
6th December 2011

The economic plundering of our world is well under way, with the Goldman Sachs “white shoe boyz” taking over entire national economies as they confiscate the wealth of the working class.

They aren’t the only evildoers wreaking havoc across the world, of course: A cabal of powerful and criminally-insane corporations are destroying the future of food, plotting to keep citizens suffering from disease, and even perpetuating war so they can earn obscene profits from selling more bullets, bombs and missiles.

You can help resist this economic imperialism by taking simple actions that protect your wealth and pull it out of the hands of the globalists who are actively destroying our world. Here are five of the most powerful action steps to take that can turn the tables and restore economic sovereignty at every level — household, community, state, nation and the entire globe.

Read the full story at InfoWars.com

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WikiLeaks release "The Spy Files"
2nd December 2011

Mass interception of entire populations is not only a reality, it is a secret new industry spanning 25 countries. Read the full story at Scoop.co.nz

See the Spyfiles world map here.

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David Icke Talks with Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change New York at Occupy Wall Street
An exellent interview

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Positive Developments

Part One: Click here

Part Two: Click here

Part Three: Click here

Part Four: Click here

Part Five: Click here

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