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How The Fight Over American [Western] Freedom Will Probably Escalate & Decoding Davos - The Global Endgame
May 7 2023 | From: AltMarket / TruthUnmuted / Various

Three months ago in December I published an article titled ‘Is The Globalist Reset Failing? The Elites May Have Overplayed Their Hand’.

I was specifically interested in the development of the pandemic “crisis”, the lockdown mandates of governments worldwide, the bizarre vaccination campaign for the new and under-tested mRNA cocktail which was rushed out to the public in the span of six months, the World Economic Forum’s open statements that they hoped to exploit the pandemic as a springboard for their globalist agenda, and the public’s reaction to it all.

Is The Globalist "Reset" Failing? The Elites May Have Overplayed Their Hand

I have to say, I continue to see a divergence in what the elites clearly wanted to happen vs. what has actually happened.

If the Event 201 pandemic war game on a coronavirus outbreak, held two months before the actual outbreak occurred in China, is any indication, then the globalists greatly overestimated the fear effect of Covid.

They predicted at least 65 million deaths from a coronavirus outbreak, but over a year has passed since the pandemic went international and the official death count stands at 2.5 million, with over 40% of deaths in the US attributed to nursing home patients that were ALREADY dying from preexisting conditions.

Removing suspect nursing home deaths from the equation, the death count is probably closer to 1.5 million, again, if we adhere to official estimates.

To put this number in perspective, the CDC states that global deaths from the flu virus peak at around 649,000 depending on the year. Deaths from the flu and pneumonia reach as high as 1.4 million globally per year.

Studies funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation find annual pneumonia death stats that are comparable to the CDC’s.

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Yet, we never saw Bill Gates calling for economic lockdowns, mask mandates and medical passports because of the flu or pneumonia. Why is that?

Today, the death rate of covid is 0.26%, FAR below initial predictions by globalist institutions and governments.

It is now widely proven that the lockdowns did NOTHING to slow the infection spread of the virus, and now many areas of the US are starting to experience what the lab coat “professionals” affectionately call “herd immunity”.

Infections and deaths are plunging, and the lockdowns and mask mandates were useless.

Like the vast majority of all viral illnesses, humans simply get sick, endure, build immunity and get healthy. Some of us die, as we always have, and government intervention is not needed nor is it welcome.

This is why large portions of US and European populations are refusing to accept the lockdowns and the vaccines. Why destroy the economy and submit to a potentially dangerous genetic cocktail over a disease that 99.7% of the population is sure to survive?

The establishment elites really blew it this time.

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My suspicion, my “conspiracy theory” if you will, is that the globalists announced their reset agenda under the assumption that the death rate for covid would be MUCH higher than it is. They were expecting something biblical, and instead they got something not much more dangerous than the flu and pneumonia.

There is now mass public resistance to the vaccinations and medical passports. This is probably why they rushed out the vaccines in the span of 6 months instead of a year to 18 months as they hinted at in early 2020.

They are trying to get as many people as possible to take the experimental vaccines before the citizenry realizes that covid is a nothing-burger.

I can say that in my area the majority of people never wore the masks and the majority of local businesses never tried to enforce them.

And though they initially went along with the first economic shutdown, they will not be complying with another. In my state of Montana, there are 1,300 deaths attributed to covid. In my county, the estimated infection rate is over 25% (which means almost everyone has probably already been infected), and there are only 13 deaths total.

No one is scared of this thing. Almost no conservative is going to wear a mask, and many people in Red states (and some in Blue states) are going to refuse to take the vaccines or accept medical passports.

This means that the globalists have a big problem. They obviously invested a lot into this pandemic. It is the key to their entire Reset agenda.

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Without a frightening pandemic killing tens of millions, the globalists will not be able to lock down the public and prevent them from traveling or organizing.

They will not be able to institute the medical passports and contact tracing apps that would allow them to watch the public 24/7. They certainly won’t get most people to go along with the cashless society and the centralized global governance the elites are so obsessed with.

The fear of cronavirus is waning. The globalists have indeed failed in epic fashion. But, this doesn’t mean that they are going to give up.

If my experience studying psychopathic people tells me anything, it is that when these lunatics are cornered they tend to double and triple down on their failures.

The question is, what will happen next? The establishment will need maximum instability and chaos in the near term if they hope to salvage their Reset project.

If they wait too long awareness will spread and they might not get another chance for many decades to come, if ever.

Here are the events I expect to see over the course of the next year…

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Covid Mutation Hype

The globalists are doomed unless they can keep the pandemic panic rolling forward. For now, puppets like Biden and Fauci are going to pretend as if a full reopening of the economy is going to happen.

This us a lie. Already we are seeing Biden waffling on when a reopening will take place. He has indicated that it will be at least a YEAR before the shutdowns will completely end, and this is predicated on the majority of Americans submitting to vaccinations and medical passports.

In other words, the establishment is telling us that they intend to hold the economy hostage until we take the jab and give up our freedoms.

Now, are these inbred totalitarians just out of their minds?

Well, probably, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a Plan B. Just look at all the hype surrounding “covid mutations” in places like South Africa and Brazil; the narrative will be that a “new covid variant” that is more dangerous and deadly than the first virus is spreading, and that the lockdowns must return for the greater good of the public.

As a recent article from ‘The New Scientist’ states:

"Existing vaccines should stop people getting severely ill and dying if they do get infected by the P.1 variant.

However, because many people remain unvaccinated, plans to ease lockdown restrictions would have to be rethought if this variant causes a resurgence in case numbers.

Plus, any variant that circulates widely will have more opportunities to evolve into a more dangerous form."

The New Scientist does not seem to understand basic science. The overwhelming majority of viruses circulating in the world usually evolve into less deadly forms of their original iteration.

Viruses need to survive too, and they don’t do this by mutating into more and more deadly monstrosities that kill their favorite hosts.

There is still no evidence that the new covid mutations are any threat whatsoever, but the establishment is already staging the narrative that new lockdowns are coming.

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Federal Lockdowns

If the mutation narrative continues on the path it seems to be following, then I expect the Biden Administration to attempt a national federalized lockdown similar to the Level 4 lockdowns used in Europe, New Zealand and Australia, and it will be announced sometime this year.

This program will trigger several reactions; most importantly, most conservative states and counties will refuse to follow federal mandates. I know that my county and probably most of Montana will defy any new shutdown.

There will be several economic consequences that will erupt from this conflict; some positive and some negative.

Domestic Economic Warfare

This phase of the crisis will happen within a month to two months of any national shutdown. Red states will refuse to comply. State politicians, even if they are part of the agenda, will be too scared to try to enforce federal mandates.

They will be compelled by the conservative citizenry to keep their states open. Most people in these areas will ignore mandates.

This will lead to a red state fiscal boom, at least in the beginning, as business continues to thrive in conservative areas while blue states suffer under medical tyranny.

Companies will flee leftist states by the thousands and move to any states that remain open and accommodating. This will be short lived, though.

Biden and the federal government will try to retaliate, first by cutting off federal funds to any state that does not bow to their power and refusing to give stimulus to any businesses that relocate.

Related: #TheStorm - How To Prepare For A Global Corruption Purge?

Blue states will be flush with stimulus cash while red states will be forced to reduce or eliminate welfare programs and some pension funds.

Of course, the government has no real money to give, they only have our tax dollars and the fiat that the central bank creates from thin air.

The likely response will be that conservative states and citizens will simply stop paying federal taxes. Another reaction will be red states taking over federal lands and utilizing the resources on those lands to rejuvenate their industry and make up for the federal dollars lost.

What this amounts to is a soft secession of conservative regions, which will eventually lead to federal attempts at physical intervention (the economic war will turn into a shooting war).

The argument from the establishment will be that conservatives are putting the rest of the country “at risk”, that we are “selfish” and “literally killing grandma”.

Complete Erasure Of Conservatives From The Internet

I expect Biden and Big Tech to further pursue their current witch hunt against conservative voices, far beyond what we have already seen.

In order to win a fight with conservatives they will first have to silence us so that our side of the argument is never seen or considered by the rest of the population.

If they allow us to be heard, we will undoubtedly win because facts and moral reason are on our side.

It is hard to demonize people that simply want to be free.

Related: The Great Transition: The Shadow Ruling Force Behind The Central Banks Secrecy Is Repugnant In A Free And Open Society

But, if you can silence conservatives and moderates, then the narrative can be rigged. The establishment spin doctors can tell people that we don’t actually want freedom; we want something else, something evil and nefarious.

They can tell people we are “fascists”, and that we are “racists” and that we actually want tyranny. Who is going to tell the public otherwise when we are removed from all available platforms and our websites are booted off service providers due to “dangerous ideas”?

Gun Control Madness

I know that some people think that leftists under Biden will not try to carry out a widespread gun crackdown and that much of the current talk is merely hollow rhetoric. I disagree.

I think the globalists are going for broke, and they need to get as many combat capable firearms as they can from Americans soon. Democrats will push hard for legislation like HR 127.

They will then offer a “compromise” with Republicans and the NRA, cutting out portions of the bill. This will be a trick to make the public think that the new restrictions are a “reasonable compromise”. They think we will breath a sigh of relief and say “Well, at least they didn’t take everything…”

The gun grabbers are delusional.

What will really happen is millions of gun owners will pass local and state laws negating federal restrictions.

No conservatives are going to give up their gun rights, allow red flag laws to be implemented or allow high capacity firearms to be limited; not at this stage in the game.

Related: New Zealand PM: ‘I Don’t Understand’ Why U.S. Hasn’t Imposed Gun Control + Trump Agrees Repealing Second Amendment Would Be ‘Tyranny’

International Intervention

Eventually, leftists and the establishment will realize that conservatives will be harder to subjugate than they expected. They will discover that a large part of the US military and law enforcement is on our side.

They will start to see mutiny among the people that they rely on as cannon fodder to carry out their dictates.

Even now, there are sheriff’s departments across the country refusing to enforce lockdown orders. And, 30% to 50% of medical professional say they will not be taking the covid vaccine depending on the state.

When the rebellion goes live, this is when the globalists will have to pursue extreme options. They will not be able to win using domestic forces. Instead, they will seek out an international response, probably through the United Nations.

The rationale will be that the US has an enormous nuclear arsenal and that the international community cannot allow these weapons to fall into the hands of “white supremacists”.

This is when the real fight will begin. If international intervention fails in the US, the globalists will find their heads on the chopping block.

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If the globalists win the fight in the US then there will be very few people left to resist them in the years going forward.

I have had numerous readers from all over the world write to me, saying that they believe in the face of the pandemic lockdowns it is now all up to Americans to turn the tide.

I agree. A successful rebellion against globalism in America will lead to rebellions elsewhere, but the fact remains that if we lose, no one else will dare lift a finger. The future is in our hands.

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Decoding Davos - The Global Endgame

This in-depth documentary will take you on a journey of Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum’s bid for total control of the planet.

Transcript - Decoding Davos: The Global Endgame

Related: Globalists Unite: Elites Target Trump, Nationalism At Davos

George Orwell’s chilling line about “a boot stomping on your face forever” from his book 1984 is very close to its ultimate fulfillment.

You see, the people who boldly announced that “by 2030 you’ll own nothing and be happy” and that you’ll merely “rent whatever you need” met during the week of Jan. 25, 2021 to discuss plans for a total reshaping of the planet.

That’s right, I’m talking about the World Economic Forum also known as, the Davos Class.

The conference kicked off with remarks from Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman, World Economic Forum who claimed 2021 is “a pivotal and crucial year” for our future.

The weeklong conference was attended by representatives from government, banking, business, academia, media, Big Tech, and Big Pharma. Some of the more notable speakers included:

Anthony S. Fauci, Director, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID)

Bill Gates, President, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General, World Health Organization (WHO)

Kristalina Georgieva, Managing Director, International Monetary Fund

Al Gore, Former Vice-President of the United States

John F. Kerry, US Special Presidential Envoy for Climate

Christine Lagarde, President, European Central Bank

Angela Merkel, Federal Chancellor of Germany

Sundar Pichai, Chief Executive Officer, Alphabet; Chief Executive Officer, Google Inc.

Rajiv Shah, President, The Rockefeller Foundation

There were also Special Addresses delivered by:

António Guterres, Secretary-General, United Nations

Emmanuel Macron, President of France

Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel

Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation

Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission

and Xi Jinping, President of the People’s Republic of China

The 7 main themes of this year’s Davos meetings were:

How to Save the Planet

Fairer Economies

Tech for Good|

Society & Future of Work

Better Business

Healthy Futures

Beyond Geopolitics

Sounds good right?

Well, if you would like everything in your life decided by a cabal of rich, self-congratulating, well-connected insiders then I’m sure it sounds wonderful.

For the rest of us, who value independence, freedom, and privacy, Davos’ goals of saving the planet and transforming society sound more like authoritarian battle cries the likes of which even George Orwell would be horrified by.

Related: The Global Takeover Is Underway & A Skeptical Look At The ‘Great Reset’: A Technocratic Agenda That Waited Years For A Global Crisis To Exploit

No Return to Normal

Davos front man, Klaus Schwab has openly stated that the COVID-19 pandemic was the perfect opportunity to “reimagine our world” and even wrote an entire book about how to do it called COVID-19: The Great Reset. In fact, Schwab proudly proclaimed the world would never go back to normal after the pandemic as if this was an awful thing.

In COVID-19: The Great Reset, Schwab doubled down on his stance of not returning to normal, stating:

"Many of us are pondering when things will return to normal. The short response is: never. Nothing will ever return to the “broken” sense of normalcy that prevailed prior to the crisis because the coronavirus pandemic marks a fundamental inflection point in our global trajectory."

 – Klaus Schwab

Predictably, Schwab wasn’t the only one who felt this way. He was joined by many government and business leaders who eerily began echoing almost the exact same statements in the media.

It was Schwab’s World Economic Forum along with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and John’s Hopkins Center for Health Security that sponsored Event 201 back in October 2019.

This pandemic preparedness exercise presented an almost carbon copy of what would take place in real life just a few months later.

We’ll leave the subject of the virus’ true origins and nature for another time. But as the panel of experts predicted during Event 201, everything did change and very quickly once the World Health Organization declared a pandemic on March 11, 2020.

Related: COVID-19 Lockdown: A Global Human Experiment & Ten Years Ago The World Health Organisation Faked A Pandemic

The very same day, the World Economic Forum announced the creation of its COVID Action Platform, serving as a blueprint for reshaping global economic response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Also released was the Strategic Intelligence Platform developed to “explore and monitor the issues and forces driving transformational change across economies,” industries, and global issues. In other words, seizing control of everything vital to life on the planet and its population.

With these efforts and more, the Davos Class wasted no time with its plans to reshape the world. As former Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel (and brother to Dr. “no return to normal” Zeke Emanuel) once stated;

"You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. And what I mean by that is an opportunity to do things that you think you could not do before."

But the real issue has always been about advancing an agenda to create a global government.

The pandemic was the excuse used to accelerate this scheme. And oh, what a scheme it is.

Related: COVID: The Plan To Control The Whole World

But let’s once again let globalist stooge Klaus Schwab set the stage for the real mechanism that would be used to bring forth all the desired changes of the Davos Class. Fear!

Again, it was Schwab who recognized that;

"The spread of infectious diseases has a unique ability to fuel fear, anxiety and mass hysteria."

- Schwab, Klaus. COVID-19: The Great Reset

Indeed, the fear-induced hysteria from a public health crisis caused the exact scenarios Event 201 had gamed out just months earlier. COVID-19 served as a wrecking ball unleashed to upend every facet of life.

This worldwide social engineering experiment proved largely successful as societies worldwide were transformed in a couple of months into totalitarian regimes demanding compliance with draconian measures enacted to “stop the virus from spreading.”

In the US, it was billed as “15 Days to Slow the Spread”. Citizens consented to measures that prior to the outbreak would have been considered unthinkable such as social distancing, face coverings, contact tracing, business closures, and travel restrictions.

All aspects of life were totally upended. Fortunately, the death rate from the virus was nowhere near what was predicted in Event 201.

However, suicide rates, domestic violence, depression, and substance abuse all surged as the lockdown itself proved more menacing than the virus.

Related: Ending The 1901 Plan

But guess what? All of this human suffering was predicted by the Davos Class. They knew it would be especially difficult on developing nations and minorities.

They were fully aware a crisis of this magnitude would further widen the wealth gap between the rich and the poor. They had foreknowledge of the extreme damage that would be done and the toll it would take on human health, wealth, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

But these sick, twisted, power-hungry vampires would use all of this chaos as part of their endgame. Their hope is that by making these inequities more visible, you will more readily accept their pre-planned solutions.

And this is how they plan to do it.

Decoding Davos: The Global Endgame

Building Trust for Global Governance

One of the main themes of January’s Davos meetings was centered around “building trust.” In fact, Schwab believes that one of the most critical issues for their plans to succeed is a renewal of trust.

The Davos Class are pulling out all the stops to get you to agree with their plans.

They can’t do this smoothly without your trust. You see, this global game works by manufacturing your consent through sophisticated propaganda, predictive programming, and flat-out brain washing.

Unless you explicitly say no and do something to resist the plans of the Davos class, they’ll take your silence and complacency as permission to proceed with their agenda.

This is why they love to use words like inclusive, equitable, resilient, sustainable, multi-polar, collaborative and social justice to make it seem like you’re being invited to the table to help make decisions.

In reality, all of the decisions have already been made for you. And none of them are truly for your benefit.

Related: Australia Is A Full Scale Pilot Test For The New World Order & The Totalitarian Future Globalists Want For The Entire World Is Being Revealed

But the Davos Class isn’t stupid. They realize that many are on to their schemes and have even acknowledged that The Great Reset sounds like a nefarious global conspiracy.

So, they’re resorting to gaslighting tactics like this video about The Great Reset to get you to doubt your suspicions and paint anyone contradicting their narrative as a quack.

Yeah, they love to dismiss any reports of their wicked agenda as “conspiracy theories.” But this sort of propaganda is nothing more than a magic trick. It’s street corner sleight of hand with professionally produced videos, reports, and clever marketing.

They desperately want you to believe they care deeply about you and are appalled by any resistance. How dare you even think to question them and seek out answers for yourselves!

Trust the experts. Trust the government. Trust the bankers. Trust the science. Trust the plan. Trust the Davos Class!

The COVID pandemic is just the first phase of the plan to get you to surrender to their objectives. What else do they have in store?

Agenda 21/2030 and Collectivism

"In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill…

All these dangers are caused by human intervention and it is only through changed attitudes and behaviour that they can be overcome. The real enemy, then, is humanity itself."

– Dr Alexander King, Co-founder of the Club of Rome

The First Global Revolution, A Report by the Council of the Club of Rome by Alexander King and Bertrand Schneider 1991

The diabolical plans to formulate a global government were fomented long ago.

The Club of Rome has played a huge role in it going all the way back to 1972 with the publication of its report, The Limits to Growth which essentially blames all societal problems on there being too many people consuming too many things.

Related: The Conspiracy to Rule the World: #55 The Club of Rome

One of the primary ways this global syndicate of banking tycoons, intellectuals, scientists, bureaucrats and their cronies planned to achieve their New World Order was by promoting the threat of Global Warming, which today has morphed into Climate Change.

It is the ruse of Climate Change that’s giving global technocrats the pretext to change the world by demanding Net Zero Carbon Emissions that would destroy the fossil fuel industry and completely alter the way the world operates.

"The threat of environmental crisis will be the ‘international disaster key’ that will unlock the New World Order."

– Mikhail Gorbachev

After centuries of running all of the industries that pollute the earth and filling it with poisons, they now want you to believe they have a plan to right all these wrongs.

But the Club of Rome, World Economic Forum, and United Nations aren’t the only groups advancing this scheme. There’s also the World Government Summit (WGS), among a slew of other organizations and thinktanks working to bring about their dream of global government.

The modern offshoots of The Limits to Growth report are Agenda 21 and the Sustainable Development Goals of Agenda 2030 developed by the United Nations.

Is it a mere coincidence that a global pandemic happened at the start of 2020 just in time to “usher in a decade of ambitious action” in a bid to seize complete control of the planet?

Is it by accident that this pandemic has also been used to propel the climate change agenda into overdrive?

Another relevant question is who gave the UN this authority? I never voted for António Guterres the current Secretary-General of the United Nations or any of the previous ones and I’m sure you didn’t either.

But back in 1992, a bill was passed in the United States House of Representatives to commit the country to implementing Agenda 21. It was sponsored by none other than current House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and supported by current Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Senator Bernie Sanders.

Related: Agenda 21: Awareness And Activism + UN 2030 Agenda Decoded: Blueprint For The Global Enslavement Of Humanity Under Corporate Masters

Though this bill never passed in the Senate, many of its principles have been put in place over the years. No matter where you live, chances are your country has enacted similar laws without your consent.

Concepts like social justice, universal basic income (UBI), and Green New Deal policies all stem from Agenda 21 and when fully in place will do much more harm than good.

Thinking that most people are either in agreement with these plans or still locked into the matrix of false reality, the UN even had the audacity to create a website declaring a New World Order with “happiness, well-being, and freedom of all life on Earth by 2050” that brought so much blowback that they eventually removed it.

The Davos Class and their globalist minions love to pretend that their plans will benefit all humanity while continuing to hold most of the world’s wealth and resources within their own coffers.

While they promise global equity, they never reveal that it means everyone will be equally poor and dependent on technocratic overlords for every crumb on the table.

Over the years many brave souls such as Rosa Koire, author of Behind the Green Mask and Patrick Wood, author of Technocracy Rising, have exposed their attempts to pull a bait and switch and leave the 99% with absolutely nothing.

At the heart of Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, Build Back Better, Climate Change, and The Great Reset is collectivism.

As a pioneer of research into plans for global government, G. Edward Griffin has also explained how collectivism is nothing more than a marketing ploy to get people to give up their individual rights and for countries to give up their sovereignty to global elites.

The Insidiousness of Public Private Partnerships

"Indeed, the World Economic Forum’s main purpose is to function as a socializing institution for the emerging global elite, globalization’s “Mafiocracy” of bankers, industrialists, oligarchs, technocrats and politicians. They promote common ideas, and serve common interests: their own."

– Andrew Marshall, World Economic Forum: a history and analysis

One of the biggest takeaways from Davos 2021 was the constant call for public-private partnerships to lead the way in achieving global change.

This “ppp” buzzword is just a fancy way of saying fascism, or the merging of corporations and government into one totalitarian entity.

What could go wrong with merging the efforts of global corporations like Bank of America, BlackRock, Facebook, Goldman Sachs, Google, JPMorgan Chase, Microsoft, Palantir Technologies, Pfizer, Thompson Reuters, and VISA with government agencies, and civil society?

After all, according to Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff, CEO’s were the heroes of the pandemic! The scary part about all of this is that Davos men like Benioff really believe this and insist that you believe it too. After all, they’re really the “good guys” in all of this.

By cooperating with governments these and many other transnational corporations have completely seized control our food supply, economic systems, transportation, technology, media, utilities, natural resources, health systems, and entertainment industries.

These powerful multi-million-and billion-dollar corporations have grown into a beastlike system of control that dictate the rules of the game in each of their industries and are out to destroy independent operators.  

Related: New Elite Whistleblower Smashes Global Warming Science + UN Official Says Global Warming Is About Destroying Capitalism

Enter Stakeholder Capitalism

"If we are the new American slaves, then who is our master? The New Master, like some monster escaped from the laboratories of a noble experiment called the American dream, is the sum total of an amoral coupling between government and business.

It looms as a monolith hybrid that is neither government nor business and is composed of individual strands of power that include the president, Congress, the courts, a multitude of governing bureaus and agencies, and an immense cluster of multinational corporations, some as wealthy as great nations."

– Gerry Spence, Give Me Liberty!

To deal with the growing backlash to the greed and control exerted by the Davos Class of powerful CEOs and bureaucrats, Klaus Schwab has invented a new economic model called Stakeholder Capitalism, where private corporations are granted the role of trustees of society.

Here’s where that “trust” word comes up again. Along with the new book, Schwab has penned The Davos Manifesto, redefining the role of a company to fulfill a broader role in achieving environmental, social and good governance objectives.

Schwab again attempts to gaslight the public into believing that corporations can become altruistic, uphold human rights, and level the playing field to achieve equality.

This is like trying to convince people that a leopard really can change its spots. They are trying to persuade us that the billionaire club is tired of operating soulless, money-grabbing machines, destroying the environment, and really, yes really want to help the little guy.

Be warned though, because as the Bible says, Satan’s ministers love to transform themselves as angels of light!

And following this pattern, greedy globalists like John Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, and of course Bill Gates all transformed themselves into “beloved philanthropists”. It seems like this is also the future path of current wealthiest man alive Jeff Bezos of Amazon.

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But how can anyone in their right mind believe this given that Bezos’ company conspired with Google and Apple to remove an entire social media platform (Parler) from the internet?

Big Tech companies have obliterated free speech and it has nothing to do with the Democrat/Republican divide, but whether or not you agree with the tenets of the Davos Agenda.

On the surface, Stakeholder Capitalism sounds good, but dig a little deeper and all you’re going to find is a pyramid scheme with a smiley face sticker and you still at the bottom.

Stakeholder Capitalism and The Davos Manifesto will only serve to increase the control corporations and their billionaire owners exert over every area of the human experience.

Davos’ newly polished schemes would completely usher in the age of full technocratic dominion. They already proclaimed they want the 99% to own nothing.

Why would anyone in their right mind believe this new wave of propaganda promising that mega-companies will become instruments of good?

The Fourth Industrial Revolution and Promised Utopia

"The world is at a crossroads. The social and political systems that have lifted millions out of poverty and shaped our national and global policies for half a century are failing us…

Public trust in business, government, the media and even civil society has fallen to the point where more than half of the world feels the current system is failing them…

It is in this precarious political and social context that we face both the opportunities and the challenges of a range of powerful, emerging technologies - from artificial intelligence, to biotechnologies, advanced materials to quantum computing - that will drive radical shifts in the way we live, and which I have described as comprising the Fourth Industrial Revolution."

– Klaus Schwab, Shaping the Fourth Industrial Revolution

The real Davos Agenda centers around using the fraud of Climate Change to usher in a technocratic, transhuman, Fourth Industrial Revolution complete with autonomous vehicles, the internet of things, advanced artificial intelligence, smart cities, and an internet of bodies to connect all humans with machines.

Yes, Schwab has openly stated that “the future will challenge our understanding of what it means to be human, from both a biological and a social standpoint.” 

The Davos Class wants to control the land, air, water and every resource on the planet, including humans. It’s why you and I are and all resources on the planet referred to as “capital” in Stakeholder Capitalism.

It’s also why COVID-19 provided the perfect gateway to advance the agenda to digitize everything and accelerate authoritarian control.

Without the guise of a pandemic, where people were made to fear for their lives, they would have never been able to get this far, so fast.

Related: Responding To The “Nothing To Hide” Argument In Support Of Mass Surveillance + We Are All Targeted Individuals Now with Dr. Katherine Horton

Digital currencies, digital IDs, worldwide 5G coverage, biometric security and an advanced global surveillance state is the true endgame. The Davos con cannot be fully implemented without it.

With talk about how much leisure humans will have once robots and artificial intelligence are taking care of the menial tasks people used to do, many have bought the lie that the Fourth Industrial Revolution will bring freedom and a new utopian era.

Maybe this will happen for the Davos class, but what will become of the millions and even billions who will lose their jobs and livelihoods thanks to all this automation?

Perhaps more future planned pandemics will spare them the indignity of becoming a serf or mere chattel serving the ruling class. Bill Gates sure seems to be thrilled with the possibilities (of another pandemic).

Perhaps no one has laid out the true agenda of the Davos Class better than the late Aaron Russo, who stated:

"The end goal is to get everybody chipped, to control the whole society, to have the bankers and the elite people control the world. "

This journey has taken us inside the devious minds of those who believe they are better, smarter, and worthy of making decisions for the rest of us. Decisions that will take away all of our God-given freedoms and plunge us into the depths of slavery and genocide.

But it is we who need to be reminded to use the tools God gave us to defeat the evil within ourselves and in this world. Though this is not fairy tale the lessons of one of the most iconic tales still stand true.

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To overcome increasing despotism, we need to stop cowering in fear and find courage like the Cowardly Lion. We need to disengage from propaganda and utilize the full capacity of our brains like the Scarecrow.

We need stop allowing them to divide us and have our hearts renewed and filled with love like the Tinman. We need to awaken out of the dreamlike state we’re in like Dorothy and realize what is taken place.

When we arise from the slumber induced by the media shills and globalist entities pulling their strings, we’ll see that they are just mere men and women behind a curtain trying to manipulate us like the Wizard of Oz.

The only way they win is by deception, fear and misplaced trust.

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George Soros In Davos: 2020 Election Will Determine 'Fate Of The World' + Trump At Davos: “The Great American Comeback”

The World Economic Forum Talks About “Mind Control Using Sound Waves” & Total Individual Control Technology – Insider Exposes How You And Your DNA Are Being Targeted

Trump On Establishment Media: “Truth Doesn’t Matter To Them” & Leaked 49-Page Memo Documents How George Soros Is Behind Social Media Censorship

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

How To Stop The Media From Controlling Your Mind + Why The ‘Red Pill’ Has Become So Big
May 6 2023 | From: TheUnboundedSpirit / CollectiveEvolution / Various

Our beliefs are powerful beyond imagination: They influence our perception of reality, which in turn influences the way we live.

Therefore, those who control our beliefs control our lives.

Related: If You Question The Establishment You Are Guilty Of Espionage, Says Corporate Media - Because Russia + The “Fake News” Furor And The Threat Of Internet Censorship

And what are our beliefs comprised of? Well, fundamentally of a bunch of information that we have accepted as truth - even when we don’t have strong evidence to support it.

In Brief:

The Facts: During this lockdown, people's attention has shifted from that which keeps them 'distracted' each day, to having to quiet down, reflect and even explore the reality of what is going on in our world.

Reflect On: More 'difficult' times often serve as an opportunity to collapse old paradigms, shift and create anew. Is this part of what we are seeing now?

Much of the information concerning what’s going on in the world is presented to us by the mainstream media. Every day, television channels, newspapers and news websites pump a flood of information into our heads that we rarely question.

This information then leads us to perceive the world in a certain way, and act in it accordingly.

The problem is, most people don’t realize that mainstream media outlets tend not to show us the entire truth, but only a tiny aspect of it, and in a very biased way.

Why? Mainly because they have vested political and financial interests (although, of course, they don’t publicly admit it).

Have you ever wondered why, when you visit several major news websites, you often come across information about the exact same events presented in different, even antithetical ways? Well, there’s an explanation for that:

The mainstream media usually shows only what it wants to show you.

Truth isn’t the object, manipulation is. The manipulation of your very mind.

Related: ‘Cultural Schizophrenia’: Media Shift To Feelings Over Facts Tearing US [West] Apart & You Are Being Bombarded By Fake News, Fake News “Filters,” Fake People, Fake Food, And Fake Medicine

To be clear, I’m not saying that all mainstream media always intends to manipulate you. Sometimes, journalists and others who work for the mainstream media truly and deeply believe in the ideas behind the content they’re putting out to the world.

In fact, usually they themselves have been brainwashed into certain ideologies after years upon years of propaganda and social conditioning.

Hence, it’s not that they are evil or bad, contrary to what many people think. Rather, they are also victims of the cultural environment they live in.

The point I want to make is simple: The mainstream media isn’t to be trusted. In fact, no media is to be trusted. Period. Even what I’m writing here might be utter bullshit, based on my own hidden agendas. So, I don’t want you to trust me. I really don’t. I want you to seek the truth for yourself.

The important question is, how to stop the media from controlling your mind? Here’s my time-tested advice:

Firstly, when it comes to any serious issue under discussion, be sure to expose yourself to as much information as you can, from as many - even conflicting - sources as possible, in order to develop a spherical view of the situation.

Secondly, remember: Just because Jesus, the Pope, Trump, Obama, Putin, Deepak Chopra or your favorite YouTube persona said something, that doesn’t mean it’s true.

Related: The Business Of Journalists Is To Destroy The Truth & Americans Think The Media Is More Destructive Than Banks & Corporations + The Normals vs. Conspiracy Theorists

So, don’t take anything on blind belief. Rather, question everyone and everything, do plenty of research, and come to your own conclusions using critical thinking.

The media only has the power we give it. Therefore, it’s in our hands to stop it from controlling our lives, right now, if we really want to.

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Corporate Mass Media Controls Your Mind

Six Ways To Break The Hypnotic Spell Of The Mainstream Media

Behold, The Cognitive Dissonance Of The Media In One Graph

Sharyl Attkisson: How Media Narratives Became More Important Than Facts & Every Nation Must Declare War Against Big Tech

Why The ‘Red Pill’ Has Become So Big

The metaphorical ‘red pill’ comes from the movie The Matrix whereby the main character Neo is offered the opportunity to see ‘the real world’ that is hidden behind the matrix all humans are plugged into and convinced is reality.

Neo has the choice between the red pill to show him the truth, or the blue pill to allow him to go on believing that the world he has been programmed to believe in is in fact reality.

Related: Escaping The Matrix: 10 Ways To Deprogram Yourself

Since Neo was someone who always had an inkling that something wasn’t ‘quite right’ with the world and he could feel there was more, he decides to take the red pill and understand what’s really going on.

Today, humanity has been faced with a number of opportunities to take the red pill. In our world, the blue pill would represent accepting all that government tells people is truth.

It would mean that the mainstream media is always providing truth to the public and there is nothing more to the story. It would mean that we are beings who simply have 5 senses, and our material world is all there is to experience.

We are animals [human animals, as the cabal see us], disconnected from one another, should be in competition to one another and are inherently violent creatures.

The red pill, however, would allow you to see beyond the agendas and narratives within mainstream media and government.

It would open you up to who you truly are and the true nature of reality, in that we are all connected to one unified field and are individual aspects of that field playing together in a vast experience we call ‘ the human experience.’

Related: Society Is Made Of Narrative – Realizing This Is Awakening From The Matrix

Our true nature is peace and love, and that what we are playing out today as our reality simply comes from how we have been programmed to forget who we truly are and what we should accept about the world around us.

While this metaphor has been used by many different groups for many different purposes, I’d like to contextualize this conversation by saying that to me, taking the ‘red pill’ is simply about seeing through the deceptions and lies put forth from mainstream media and government about how our world functions.

I also feel that it’s about starting to understand the true nature of our reality, who we are and why we are here. It’s an inner journey of consciousness as much as it is an outer journey of understanding more about how our society operates.

That said, my latest video below explores why, for some of us, this ‘red pill’ has become so big and so much to take all at once.

For others who have been open for many years to exploring new ideas little by little, doses of the ‘red pill’ remained small, but now for some of us, this pill has become something that is blowing our minds wide open to what is going on in our world – and for some, it’s a lot to handle.

Related: FBI Document Adds “Fringe” Conspiracy Theories As Next Big Domestic Terror Threat & CIA, Climate And Conspiracy: More Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix

During this coronavirus lockdown, we’re seeing many narrative battles, disagreements about what is going on and things occur that simply don’t make sense. It can be frustrating for some, but all of it serves as an opportunity to make us ask questions and reflect.

Sometimes the ‘ridiculousness’ of things or the ‘struggles’ has to become very clear and obvious for us to truly begin questioning what is really going on.

So in that sense, these ‘tougher times’ serves as an opportunity to collapse old paradigms, shift and create anew.

Why The 'Red Pill' Has Become So Big

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How Facebook Has Become The Strategic Media Mouthpiece For The Global Elite & The Impact Of Social Media On Young People's Mental Health

Fear-Based Manipulation: How Politicians, Marketers And The Media Create Panic To Control The Masses

The war on media comes home

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

Why Mandatory Vaccination Is Unethical And Immoral + California Medical Doctor Explains How Doctors Receive No Medical Training on Vaccines – Indoctrination On Belief In Vaccines & First-Ever Peer-Reviewed Study Of Vaccinated Vs Unvaccinated Children Shows Vaccinated Kids Have A Higher Rate Of Sickness, 470% Increase In Autism
May 5 2023 | From: Stuff / VaccineImpact / TheStarAcademy / Various

Compulsion is being proposed as the way to address factors affecting vaccination uptake: low confidence, complacency and convenience.
 It is not. 

We should not allow governments make our "informed consent" decisions for us, and then force those decisions upon us, argues Amanda Vickers

It is also the least ethical option. Ethically, various codes have been designed to protect us from unconsented medical intervention.

Related: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.: The CDC Is A [Criminal] Vaccine Company

Ethically, various codes have been designed to protect us from unconsented medical intervention.

The Nuremberg Code set out to ensure no person had medical procedures performed without explicit consent.

With the formation of the United Nations came the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. New Zealand has a Bill of Rights (1990).  

The National Party has proposed withdrawing benefits for parents who don't vaccinate their children, and Botany candidate Christopher Luxon has suggested extending the "no jab,no pay" idea to Working for Families benefits too

Related: A Writ of Summons against the Commonwealth of Australia (Australian Government) Coercive Vaccination Policies has been successfully filed in the High Court of Australia by a 75 year old Australian Aged Pensioner

These all seek to protect against any "greater majority" who would trample our individual rights. However, they are only as strong as the will of citizens to uphold them. 

The premise of the "greater good" is being used to support arguments for forced medication of the population. In terms of protecting the very young, the very old and the very sick, it is important these groups are sufficiently well cared for, so as not to contract any illness, regardless of whether the rest of the population has been vaccinated or not. 

The question that needs addressing is whether it is for our "greater good" to have the government make our "informed consent" decisions for us, and then force those decisions upon us. Our forefathers would likely not have seen this imposition as a "greater good"

Mandatory vaccination would entail the state appointing itself authority over the most sacrosanct – our bodily sovereignty.

Doing so gives it the ability to deliver, to whom it wants, directly into our bodies, what it wants, in any amount it wants, whenever it wants. 

Related: An Anti-Vaxx Billboard Appears Outside Portland, at the Height of Flu Season

Of course, the delivery of vaccine-mandate legislation would never really look as draconian and authoritarian as that. It would instead be introduced gradually, but nonetheless by coercion.

Make no mistake, coercion is a mandate to those with little choice, just as a pig with lipstick is still a pig. Unavoidable coercion soon expands to affect everyone, and everything – the ability to go to school, or to travel and work.

Where would that end? Would doctors be required to administer medication against the will of their patients? How would that fit with their Hippocratic oath? Would police be obliged to undertake enforcement? How would that fit morally with them?

Where do Māori stand? The second article of the Treaty of Waitangi guarantees them chieftainship over their taonga. Did it intend that Māori cede sovereignty over their bodies?

Upholding our freedoms, and the application of our hard-won protections, should be an overriding principle in our proud nation.

The National Party is discussing, and ACT is proposing, vaccine coercion, while Winston Peters has personally endorsed mandatory vaccination

This is not just any old election policy announcement. This is New Zealand political parties seeking to remove our personal rights to bodily autonomy. It should be big news.

We Don’t Vaccinate Because Vaccines Cause Harm And Are Not Needed

Eight educated parents share the many reasons why they no longer vaccinate, or never vaccinated.

Reasons include: near death, uncontrollable screaming, horrible adverse reactions, getting the disease for which vaccinated against, high fever, vomiting, seizures, skin reactions, vaccines are poison, natural immunity is superior, high risk, cancer, aborted fetal cells, population control, vaccines cannot be made safe, and more. Please share widely!

Related: Rise in childhood cancer baffles experts, prompts calls for urgent investigation

Thankfully, Labour has had the sense to stand firm against mandates – for now.

Social Credit has an overriding principle in its constitution – that the individual is more important than the state – and it opposes any form of political authoritarianism, including mandatory vaccinations. 

Preserving personal liberty should be the most important mandate evoked – even when seeking to maintain the public's health in the 21st century.

Our history shows New Zealanders stand, among other things, for fairness, for freedom and for respect. 

Let's keep it that way.

Because no matter what our view of vaccinations, these principles should be our overriding consideration.

California Medical Doctor Explains How Doctors Receive No Medical Training on Vaccines – Indoctrination On Belief In Vaccines

Dr. Gary Foresman was recently interviewed by Polly Tommey on the VAXXED II tour bus.

He starts out the interview by stating that he received no medical training regarding how vaccines work, or even what ingredients are contained in vaccines, only what the vaccine schedule was and how many vaccines to give to patients.

Related: Dr. Suzanne Humphries - are vaccines safe ?

"Doctors don’t understand what is in a vaccine. We basically assume it’s saline, and some killed virus, or killed bacteria."

Dr. Foresman compared today’s medical training, which forces most doctors into huge debts, as “the indoctrination, almost the indentured servitude of the average physician” coming out of medical school.

He goes on to explain that doctors come out of their training wanting to think they have all the knowledge after spending so much money, and that it is hard for them to admit there are gaps in their knowledge.

"Today’s doctor, they’re spending hundreds of thousands of dollars, and then when you go through medical school and residency, and you put your life on the line, you’ve been on call every four nights – you’ve had some of the worst nights of your life overnight in the ICUs, and I have, you do not like to come out of that training, and think you don’t have all the knowledge."

Dr. Foresman started his career pro-vaccine, because he was taught vaccines were the greatest thing for mankind, and you were not supposed to question it.

Can Vaccines Cause Autism? Exclusive Interview With Del Bigtree

We talk to Del Bigtree about ICAN's recent lawsuit against the CDC where the CDC was unable to provide studies to prove their statement that "vaccines don't cause autism."

Stipulated Order Proving CDC Has No Studies To Support Claim That Vaccines Given in First 6 Months of Life Do Not Cause Autism

"It’s an indoctrination system.

They (medical students) become very pro-vaccine because of the indoctrination process… towards a way of believing about medicine, more so than even understanding it.

And that’s part of the fear we have about seeing MDs for everything.

The average physician is a pre-programmed automaton who comes out of school with very little knowledge. They’re not trained on how to prevent disease almost at all."

Dr. Foresman talks about how medical training is about how to diagnose diseases, not prevent them.

"Doctors are taught patho-physiology, meaning how to diagnose disease – not on how to prevent disease. Our key courses are about how to diagnose disease, and assuming they are there, not how to prevent them.

The little bit we know about prevention is “I wish we had a vaccine for everything."

Watch the entire interview:

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Vaccine revolution in one State of the union

Paul Offit Finally Acknowledges a Vaccine Injury

Corbyn Cordingley Dead 14 Hrs After Flu Shot

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. on the Stunning Corruption in the Vaccine Industry that has Killed Hundreds of Thousands of Americans

RT America Interviews Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Informed Consent Action Network: The Vaccine Debate

RN Discovers Vaccines are Injecting Cancer!

Infants Organs harvested, 76 fetuses, skin, tongues, hearts, vaccine ingredients

Great Question, Terrible Answer (Regarding Vaccine Safety)

Forbidden history: Raggedy Ann is an iconic symbol for vaccine induced injury & death

My conversation with State Senator and doctor who exposes Medicare payouts for COVID-19 patients

First-Ever Peer-Reviewed Study Of Vaccinated Vs Unvaccinated Children Shows Vaccinated Kids Have A Higher Rate Of Sickness, 470% Increase In Autism

In a development that autism parents have long anticipated, the first-ever, peer-reviewed study comparing total health outcomes in vaccinated and unvaccinated children was released on line recently.

According to sources close to the project, the study had been reviewed and accepted by two different journals, both of which pulled back on their approval once the political implications of the findings became clear. That’s largely because, as parents have long expected, the rate of autism is significantly higher in the vaccinated group, a finding that could shake vaccine safety claims just as the first president who has ever stated a belief in a link between vaccines and autism has taken office.

Related: Cancer epidemic due to the introduction of viruses through vaccinations, SV-40 on trial

Working in partnership with the National Home Education Research Institute (NHERI), Dr. Anthony Mawson led a research team that investigated the relationship between vaccination exposures and a range of over 40 acute and chronic illnesses in home schooled children, a population chosen for its high proportion of unvaccinated children.

Surveying families in four states–Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi and Oregon - the study (officially titled Vaccination and Health Outcomes: A Survey of 6- to 12-year-old Vaccinated and Unvaccinated Children based on Mothers’ Reports), reported a number of startling findings.

Vaccinated children were significantly more likely than the unvaccinated to have been diagnosed with a neurodevelopmental disorder: most notably, the risk of being affected by an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) was 4.7 fold higher in vaccinated children; as well, ADHD risk was 4.7 fold higher and learning disability risk was 3.7 fold higher.

Overall, the vaccinated children in the study were 3.7 times more likely to have been diagnosed with some kind of neurodevelopmental disorder.

Vaccinated children were also significantly more likely to be diagnosed with an immune-related disorder. The risk of allergic rhinitis (commonly known as hay fever) was over 30 times higher in vaccinated children, while the risk of other allergies was increased 3.9 fold and the eczema risk was increased 2.4 fold.

Related: Newly Discovered Autism Causes Ignored

With respect to acute illness and infectious disease the outcomes were in some respects surprising.  As might be expected, unvaccinated children were significantly (4-10 times) more likely to have come down with chicken pox, rubella or pertussis.

Perhaps unexpectedly, the unvaccinated children were less likely to suffer from otitis media and pneumonia: vaccinated children had 3.8 times greater odds of a middle ear infection and 5.9 times greater odds of a bout with pneumonia.

The study was based on a survey with participants recruited in a process led by NHERI and coordinated through 84 state and local homeschool groups. The survey itself was, according to the authors, “nonbiased and neutrally worded.”

These findings in a study population of 666 children, 261 of whom (39%) were unvaccinated, are sure to stir controversy, in part because it is the first of its kind. The scientific literature on the long-term effects of the vaccination program is virtually silent.

Most studies on the safety of vaccines only consider immediate or short-term effects. There was no obvious explanation for the differences in health outcomes observed between the vaccinated and unvaccinated groups of children other than vaccination itself.

The finding that vaccination is a significant risk for autism is the most explosive finding in the paper. For well over a decade, parents concerned that vaccines were involved in autism’s sharp rise have been calling for what has long been labelled the “vax/unvax” study.

Related: Cot Deaths Linked To Vaccinations + Harvard Medical School Doctor: Vaccine Science Is Not Settled

Public health officials such as Paul Offit have resisted these calls with claims that a comparative study of autism risk and other health outcomes in unvaccinated and vaccinated children would be retrospectively impossible and prospectively unethical.

Despite opposition from those like Offit, attempts to launch a formal vax/unvax study have been made for many years. In 2006, Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney (D, NY) authored what is now called Vaccine Safety Study Act.

Said Maloney to the opponents, “Maybe someone in the medical establishment will show me why this study is a bad idea, but they haven’t done it yet.”

In 2007, Generation Rescue (one of the Mawson study’s sponsors) retained a market research firm to undertake a similar survey (it is available on line and had similar findings but was never published in a scientific journal).

Less formal surveys focused on whether or not autism was present in the unvaccinated have also been undertaken in unusual populations, including the Amish and the patients of alternative health practitioners. Age of Autism founder Dan Olmsted investigated autism in the Amish, who vaccinate less frequently.

Autism is rare among the Amish and the only autistic Amish children we discovered were also vaccinated. (Others reported cases in Amish children with birth defects, but not “idiopathic autism,” the kind that occurs in otherwise typical children who are the heart of the current epidemic).

The late Mayer Eisenstein reported in his HomeFirst practice in Chicago that he delivered more than 15,000 babies at home, and thousands of them were never vaccinated. Of these unvaccinated children, none had autism.

Related: Another Big-Screen Movie Just Released Investigates Vaccines For Autism Implications

The link between autism and vaccination became a hot topic in this year’s presidential election. Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton once tweeted “The science is clear: The earth is round, the sky is blue, and #vaccineswork. Let’s protect all our kids. #GrandmothersKnowBest.”

In contrast, President Donald Trump has long been outspoken about the likely connection between vaccines and autism. As early as 2007, Trump remarked;

“When I was growing up, autism wasn’t really a factor. And now all of a sudden, it’s an epidemic. Everybody has their theory, and my theory is the shots. They’re getting these massive injections at one time. I think it’s the vaccinations.”

In the absence of any published evidence on the question, the call for a vax/unvax study has become a rallying cry for autism advocates. Now it appears, the results confirm what many have long suspected.

These findings, especially the significant link between autism risk and vaccination, are certain to increase pressure on public health officials inside and outside the government to acknowledge the legitimacy of a concern they have long dismissed.

Like any study, this one is open to critique. One will be its relatively small sample size, relatively high ASD rate (3.3% overall as compared to 2.24% in the closest comparable CDC study) as well as the funding sources.

Most studies that have found no link between autism and vaccination have been pharma or government funded, and the media has not considered that significant enough to mention.

Related: Mainstream Medicine Accidentally Handed Us Hard Core Backhanded Proof That Vaccines Cause Autism

Nonetheless, expect a hue and cry that money for this study came in part from sources concerned about a possible vaccine-autism link.

Note: Here is the funding statement from the leaked paper. “This study was supported by grants from Generation Rescue, Inc., and the Children’s Medical Safety Research Institute, charitable organizations that support research on children’s health and vaccine safety.

The funders had no role or influence on the design and conduct of the research or the preparation of reports.” Generation Rescue is a Founding National Sponsor of Age of Autism. -
Article From: ageofautism.com

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Aluminium could be a factor in Alzheimer's disease, new research finds

“He Died As A Direct Result of the HPV Vaccine” – Mother Of Deceased Teenager Claims

U.S. Govt Loses Landmark Vaccine Lawsuit & Expert Study Shows Vaccinations Actually Turn Your Own Bodies Immune System Against You

One Year Old Dies After Vaccination, Death Ruled Unexplained Due To Natural Causes & Questions To Ask Pro Vaxers

Vaccines For Profit And Destruction & You Cannot Be Pro-Freedom And Pro-Forced Vaccinations At The Same Time

Facebook Bans All Content On Vaccine Awareness, Including Facts About Vaccine Ingredients, Vaccine Injury And Vaccine Industry Collusion & Mark Zuckerberg Goes All-In With The Deadly Vaccine Industry In Sweeping New Plan To Censor All Posts That Question Big Pharma’s Vaccine Dogma

Harvard Immunologist: Unvaccinated Children Pose Zero Risk To Anyone And Here’s Why + New York Times Confirms Natural News Investigation: Mumps Now Spread Mostly By Vaccinated Children

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Mandatory vaccinations not best way to encourage participation, study finds

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Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

Here Are The 147 Transnational Companies That Run The World
May 4 2023 | From: TechnocracyNews / Various

[Historical but Relevant] A study by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich found that a mere 147 corporations control the world – orchestrating events and controlling governments.

These companies are run by Technocrats who are all busy perfecting the the ultimate and interconnected global supply chain. The list is not necessarily perfect, but it is representative of a class of super-companies who are running the global show. 

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The analysis, which looked at the relationships between 43,000 transnational corporations, identified that only a tiny handful of mega-corporations, mostly banks, had a disproportionate amount of power over world events.

Newscientist.com reports: “Reality is so complex, we must move away from dogma, whether it’s conspiracy theories or free-market,” says James Glattfelder. “Our analysis is reality-based.”

Previous studies have found that a few TNCs [Trans-National Corporations] own large chunks of the world’s economy, but they included only a limited number of companies and omitted indirect ownerships, so could not say how this affected the global economy – whether it made it more or less stable, for instance.

The Zurich team can. From Orbis 2007, a database listing 37 million companies and investors worldwide, they pulled out all 43,060 TNCs and the share ownerships linking them. Then they constructed a model of which companies controlled others through shareholding networks, coupled with each company’s operating revenues, to map the structure of economic power.

The work, to be published in PLoS One, revealed a core of 1318 companies with interlocking ownerships. Each of the 1318 had ties to two or more other companies, and on average they were connected to 20.

Top 10 Evil Corporations

“Thought big companies got to the top by being nice? This video might make you think again, starting with IBM.”

What’s more, although they represented 20 per cent of global operating revenues, the 1318 appeared to collectively own through their shares the majority of the world’s large blue chip and manufacturing firms – the “real” economy – representing a further 60 per cent of global revenues.

When the team further untangled the web of ownership, it found much of it tracked back to a “super-entity” of 147 even more tightly knit companies – all of their ownership was held by other members of the super-entity – that controlled 40 per cent of the total wealth in the network.

“In effect, less than 1 per cent of the companies were able to control 40 per cent of the entire network,” says Glattfelder. Most were financial institutions. The top 20 included Barclays Bank, JPMorgan Chase & Co, and The Goldman Sachs Group.

John Driffill of the University of London, a macroeconomics expert, says the value of the analysis is not just to see if a small number of people controls the global economy, but rather its insights into economic stability.

Concentration of power is not good or bad in itself, says the Zurich team, but the core’s tight interconnections could be. As the world learned in 2008, such networks are unstable. “If one [company] suffers distress,” says Glattfelder, “this propagates.”

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“It’s disconcerting to see how connected things really are,” agrees George Sugihara of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography in La Jolla, California, a complex systems expert who has advised Deutsche Bank.

Yaneer Bar-Yam, head of the New England Complex Systems Institute (NECSI), warns that the analysis assumes ownership equates to control, which is not always true. Most company shares are held by fund managers who may or may not control what the companies they part-own actually do. The impact of this on the system’s behaviour, he says, requires more analysis.

Crucially, by identifying the architecture of global economic power, the analysis could help make it more stable. By finding the vulnerable aspects of the system, economists can suggest measures to prevent future collapses spreading through the entire economy.

Glattfelder says we may need global anti-trust rules, which now exist only at national level, to limit over-connection among TNCs. Sugihara says the analysis suggests one possible solution: firms should be taxed for excess interconnectivity to discourage this risk.

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One thing won’t chime with some of the protesters’ claims: the super-entity is unlikely to be the intentional result of a conspiracy to rule the world. “Such structures are common in nature,” says Sugihara.

Newcomers to any network connect preferentially to highly connected members. TNCs buy shares in each other for business reasons, not for world domination. If connectedness clusters, so does wealth, says Dan Braha of NECSI: in similar models, money flows towards the most highly connected members.

The Zurich study, says Sugihara, “is strong evidence that simple rules governing TNCs give rise spontaneously to highly connected groups”. Or as Braha puts it:

“The Occupy Wall Street claim that 1 per cent of people have most of the wealth reflects a logical phase of the self-organising economy.”

So, the super-entity may not result from conspiracy. The real question, says the Zurich team, is whether it can exert concerted political power. Driffill feels 147 is too many to sustain collusion. Braha suspects they will compete in the market but act together on common interests. [Comment: If you are reading this then you should already know what's going on.]

Resisting changes to the network structure may be one such common interest.

The Top 50 of the 147 Superconnected Companies

1. Barclays plc
2. Capital Group Companies Inc
3. FMR Corporation
4. AXA
5. State Street Corporation
6. JP Morgan Chase & Co
7. Legal & General Group plc
8. Vanguard Group Inc
10. Merrill Lynch & Co Inc
11. Wellington Management Co LLP
12. Deutsche Bank AG
13. Franklin Resources Inc
14. Credit Suisse Group
15. Walton Enterprises LLC
16. Bank of New York Mellon Corp
17. Natixis
18. Goldman Sachs Group Inc
19. T Rowe Price Group Inc
20. Legg Mason Inc
21. Morgan Stanley
22. Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group Inc
23. Northern Trust Corporation
24. Société Générale
25. Bank of America Corporation
26. Lloyds TSB Group plc
27. Invesco plc
28. Allianz SE 29. TIAA
30. Old Mutual Public Limited Company
31. Aviva plc
32. Schroders plc
33. Dodge & Cox
34. Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc*
35. Sun Life Financial Inc
36. Standard Life plc
37. CNCE
38. Nomura Holdings Inc
39. The Depository Trust Company
40. Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance
41. ING Groep NV
42. Brandes Investment Partners LP
43. Unicredito Italiano SPA
44. Deposit Insurance Corporation of Japan
45. Vereniging Aegon
46. BNP Paribas
47. Affiliated Managers Group Inc
48. Resona Holdings Inc
49. Capital Group International Inc
50. China Petrochemical Group Company

If You Hate Poverty, You Should Love Capitalism

A look into why Capitalism is the best thing that ever happened to average citizens.

Arthur Brooks, president of the American Enterprise Institute, explains how Capitalism is struggling to attract new followers despite helping millions of average people control their own destinies and accumulate wealth through hard work.

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Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

Out Of Shadows
May 3 2023 | From: OutOfShadows / Various

The Out Of The Shadows documentary lifts the mask on how the mainstream media & Hollywood manipulate & control the masses by spreading propaganda throughout their content.

Our goal is to wake up the general public by shedding light on how we all have been lied to & brainwashed by a hidden enemy with a sinister agenda.

This project is the result of two years of blood, sweat, and tears by a team of woke professionals. It’s been independently produced and funded and is available on many different platforms for free for anyone to watch.

Patriots made this documentary with the sole purpose of getting the truth out there. If you like the documentary, please share this video.

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Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

After Decades Of Brainwashing, MSM & Governments Are Losing Control Of The People
May 2 2023 | From: DinarDaily / Various

The mainstream media and governments are losing control of people all over the globe.

Humans are finally standing up for their rights to live not as slaves, but as free sovereign people capable of making their own decisions without rulers and elitists calling the shots

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Never before have we seen global tyranny at this scale. But, never before have we seen a mass uprising against governments and their propaganda outlets (the mainstream media) either.

As more and more people get off their knees and stand up for their basic human right to live freely, governments and the elitists that control them lose power.

We are at that point where power will return to the people and the elitists will be the ones living in fear. All we have to do, is be free.

The mainstream media is going to continue its smear campaign against anyone who dares to believe they have the right to live freely so long as they aren’t harming others and take life’s risk upon themselves.

But as fewer people tune in to listen to their propaganda, fewer people will be brainwashed by it.

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A lot of people have lost everything in the tyrannical liberty-crushing demands put upon them, and now that they have nothing to lose, they are finally realizing their rights don’t come from the government or elitists.

And no smear campaign by government lapdogs will stop people from waking up at this point. The media has been enslaving our minds so the government won’t have to enslave our bodies.

But it’s out now and in broad daylight and people have had enough. The veil has been lifted.

People are realizing that we own ourselves. And we are finally standing together to let the “masters” know that we are not their slaves.

The quote in the movie, a Bug’s Life can be applied today with a simple change of words.

"It’s not about food. It’s about keeping those ants in line!”

We all know at this point, “it’s not about health. It’s about keeping those people in line!”

Take notice of the clips of this movie on YouTube. The comments have been disabled, not by those posting the videos, but by YouTube. It’s just another means to keep people “in line.”

They censor us, they brainwash us, and they expect us to obey their commands stay as their slaves. But people have had enough!

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Mass civil disobedience, where people are going to cease to obey laws that control them is already happening.

Governors who locked people in their homes and barked commands that some close their businesses will lose the power to dictate once enough people disobey, and that day is coming.

This horrific cycle of violence and slavery is ending and it’s panicking those who have had control of us for so long. You can read it in their headlines.

"Fear the second wave.”

“Anti-government extremists.”

“We can’t reopen or people will die.”

Well, guess what? You don’t own us. And your fear-mongering is falling on deaf ears.

Free platforms are rising up during the mass censorship and fear-mongering propaganda pushing:  

Humanity is finally moving in the right direction 

The last step is to just live. Protesting is begging the master to let you be free. Just live free. Don’t ask permission.

Conduct your life as the free, sovereign human being you were born as, and let the ruling class panic. If you don’t buy their fear, they cannot control you.

The fact that humans are finally realizing they had this power all along is incredible. Live your life your way!

That’s the biggest middle finger we can give to any tyrant, whether it be a cop, a governor, a politician, an elitist, or anyone else who wants our compliance and enslavement.

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Freedom is not negotiable and rights are not gifts from governments or others. We all have the basic human right to be free and live our life the way we see fit

As more people realize this, our power grows and the mainstream media’s fear campaign fails. After all, if there are no order followers, there are no orders.

It’s about time we all stand together and abolish the last shred of modern-day slavery! 

I will not sit back and allow anyone to continue life as a slave if I can help it! I might not be able to do much, but I can promote peace, liberty, and the abolishment of all forms of slavery.

Some say the pen is mightier than the sword, maybe that’s true, maybe it’s not.  

But I am tired of being told I have to give up my rights to live free for a false sense of security. 

I will no longer be owned or commanded. This is MY life and I am peacefully choosing to be free.

A Bug's Life - Revolution

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Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi
May 1st: The Day The Illuminati Slavery System Transferred From Monarchies To The Corporations
May 1 2023 | From: Geopolitics / Various

On May 1st, the world labour movements commemorate once again their tangible contribution to our collective development as a human species. This is also the day when they blow their horns on the massive inequality and the continued exploitation of the labour force.

There was never a year when the movement celebrated this day for the kindness of the Corporatists. It doesn’t exist. That’s never the intention.

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"Although several groups called themselves “Illuminati” in the past, the most influential and memorable of them was the Bavarian Illuminati. Founded on May 1, 1776, the organization created by Adam Weishaupt blurred the line between “spiritual” and “political” Secret Societies.

By mixing the occult sciences of Freemasonry and Rosicrucianism while conspiring to achieve precise political goals, the Illuminati became an actor on the world stage.

While most Secret Societies of the time catered to rich people and their fascination with occultism, the Bavarian Illuminati actively sought to profoundly change the world."

- The Order of the Illuminati: Its Origins, Its Methods and Its Influence on the World Events

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May Day and the Posthumous Influence of the Illuminati

Occult Holidays and Sabbats

The May Day celebration has its pagan roots, which traditionally marked the return of spring [northern hemisphere], and is actually performed with the girls circling and dancing in jubilation around a pole, or the Phallus.

Related: 13 Days of Preparation | Occult Significance of May Day and the 13 days of April 19th – May 1st

Viewed from the top, the ribbons signify the sun rays.

This ancient practice is carried on by the most vicious Usurper of them all.

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The Vatican has its own Phallus at the center of the Ovum, and not only the ladies are dancing on its palm, but every living soul on this planet.

Even those who persevered just to get closer to the King and be allowed to enter the temple of the High Priest are mere slaves, too, in the larger scheme of world affairs.

Pope Francis shakes hands with United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

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The establishment of different religious groupings has been the earliest tool for social control. However, this divide and conquer method have its limit in the growing awareness of the subjects.

The era of the Reformation came as a shock to the Vatican-led world order of the day. This was started in 1517 with the publication of the Ninety-Five Theses by Martin Luther, and continued on by John Calvin, Huldrych Zwingli, and other Protestant reformers in the 16th century.

The Reformation Movement would later be hijacked by the Jesuits by embedding itself with Freemasonry.

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The underlying idea is to prevent the full destruction of the Roman Empire, disguised as the Vatican Church, by transferring power perceptively away from the Crown itself and into the Corporation, i.e. the management of the working class, or slaves, from the direct control of the monarchies and the dukes at that time, into a shell of private corporations, which they will ultimately control from the top.

The relationship between the Jesuits, Knights of Malta, Freemasons, Knights of Templar, and the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia, is fairly well established, and the lines between them has been blurred over the years.

Tim Cook of Apple paying homage to their emperor, the Jesuit pope

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Indeed, the Jesuits and Freemasonry continue to play their cloak and dagger games until today. And it serves us better if we assume that we are much better off taking care for ourselves than trust any of them.

In response to the Reformation Movement, another Order must be established by these various control freak European secret societies. Since then, the global game between serfs and landlords had been upgraded.

As a result of this major system’s upgrade, the slaves are now allowed to house and feed for themselves in an atmosphere of the freedom of movement across continents, so that their inherent creativity and industry can be exploited along the way.

Note the Maltese cross

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"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.”

- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

This novel idea of a “free thinking slave” comes from the Enlightened Ones of the Bavarian Illuminati, which was founded on May 1, 1776, purposely to establish the New World Order, a world order where they are still in full control of through a Pyramid of Cartels.

The first stage of this counter-reformation, however, only “freed” the White Slaves, but the colored race will not enjoy their illusion of freedom for another century with the Emancipation Proclamation of Abraham Lincoln on January 1, 1863.

It could be said that even the establishment of the United States of America itself was a major part of this Jesuit-hijacked Reformation Movement that was sweeping across the Atlantic, which was established on July 4, 1776, exactly 65 days from the establishment of the Bavarian Illuminati.

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While the establishment of the American republic saw the explosion of human creativity, it also was showing its potential of an uncontrollable society in much of the 20th century. Something must be done about it.

So, the Globalists started to transfer their industries to the tamed and more controlled population of the East, to show the Western population how to behave properly amidst a growing economic prosperity.

Remember, they can only allow relative prosperity for the mass slaves in only the latter would allow themselves to be “guided” by them – the self-proclaimed “Enlightened Ones.”

"The Vatican word Corporation comes from corpus, or corpse, a dead body; Holocaust means a burnt offering, whether from a “Thirty Years War” or from a false flag.

From the great Reformation started in the 1500s, to the New World Order of the late 1600s, to the Vatican / UN-led “all-inclusive” global economy, Agenda 2030, the slaves must continue to work for the Elite, even if current technological realities have superseded labor in all facets of human existence.

Instead, the Control Maniacs are now moving in for the kill by maximizing the full potential of artificial intelligence, a product of the slave’s creativity, to automate the control of the more sophisticated slaves of the day.

This is now an ongoing system’s upgrade known as Technocratic Dictatorship.

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As always, they are still steps ahead of the working class because what has raised the latter’s awareness in the last 3 decades, is also making them apathetic to the fundamental problems of the day. At most, the majority are only content of waging their dissent against the slavery system with mere poking at the keyboard.

Unless the ongoing social media revolution is not translated into an actual raising of the pitchforks and torches, the will of the sick minority will always rule the day - the First of May will always be the Day of the Illuminati.

We created these tools of science for the purpose of gifting  freedom to the multitude. We did, while the Elite engaged themselves in worthless club functions, mass orgies, and in their boredom, plan which country they could reduce to rubbles next.

The self-proclaimed “Enlightened Ones” turned out to be the Deluded Ones. Their continued use of aggressive force, blatant lies and deceptions to control populations does not emanate from an enlightened thinking.

We are the saner bunch, always have been. They aren’t.

EU Abolishing Cash to Facilitate Technocratic Dictatorship; BRICS Using Asset-backed Currencies Only

They might have successfully projected themselves as a powerful organization through the establishment of various groups, think thanks, foundations, financial institutions, but all of these are merely part of the House of Cards that they are hiding themselves from.

Now that the people are beginning to wake up to the mind games that they’ve been playing along, the entire House of Cards is shaken, just like in the early days of the Reformation. But only a potent action could finish the job and bring the entire control system down, this time around.

Power is never given. It must be taken away from them.

The Slavery System by any other name, i.e. from Monarchy to Corporatocracy, to the current trajectory of Technocracy, must be brought down for good.

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The Corporation

Rule By The Corporations - Paul Craig Roberts

The New Zealand Government: A United States SEC Registered Corporation

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi
Lucifer Revisited: The Testimony Of Eracidni Murev Te & Christopher Lee Describes The Power Of Satanic Rituals In 1975 Video
April 30 2023 | From: CollectiveEvolution / VigilantCitizen / Various

The 7-part Lucifer Series I wrote last summer for CE, based on the testimony of an alleged bloodline family insider, has garnered vastly more reader emails than any other article I have written.

This speaks to a great interest on the part of our readers in the discussion of the metaphysical and spiritual underpinnings of our life here on Earth, of the nature of Good and Evil.

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As such, I am taking the opportunity here to continue this conversation by diving into the testimony of another alleged insider who claims to be part of an esoteric group that provides a ‘counterbalance’ to the activities of the individuated Lucifer Group Soul on the planet.

In Brief:

The Facts: Interesting testimony from an insider who claims to belong to a group that serves as a 'counterbalance' to the incarnated Lucifer soul group on this planet recently appeared in the 'Godlike Productions' Forum.

Reflect On: Are we willing to stretch our paradigm of reality in order to consider testimony that purports to present deeper truths about how the world and the universe work?

This individual, who uses the handle Eracidni Murev Te (trans: ‘to share in truth’), is saying that he represents an incarnated group on the ‘positive’ side that serves to keep the ‘negative’ Lucifer group in check, although this individual is careful to use such dualities as positive/negative, good/evil and dark / light in the relative sense rather than in an absolute sense.

I highly recommend reading my Lucifer Series before embarking on this testimony, simply because I will not be fully repeating the context created there within this series.

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Is This Source Credible?

Whether or not this individual is who he says he is should be an important question for any discerning mind.

It is not the only factor in determining the value of his testimony, but we should look carefully at the credibility and self-consistency of what he says in order to determine if we believe he has direct access to what he speaks about or is simply someone well-versed in esoteric and occult knowledge based on his careful reading of his own recommended book list (The Kybalion, the Emerald Tablets, the Dao, and the Law of One / Ra material).

If you have read the Lucifer series you will recall that the individual that posted answers to questions on the ‘Above Top Secret’ forum in October 2008 went by the moniker ‘Hidden-Hand’ and claimed to be a generational member of one of the ruling bloodline families.

His explanation for why he, being part of the covert dark side, would have any reason or motivation to speak the truth of what is going on, is as follows:

"Every so often, as per the directives of the Law of our Creator, a brief window of opportunity opens, whereby a select handful of our Family are required to make communication with our subjects, and offer you the chance to ask us any questions you would like answered."

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Our new source Eracidni Murev Te (who I will refer to as EMT) started posting on the ‘Godlike Productions’ Forum in December 2018 and had a similar if not more convoluted reasoning for coming out to share profound hidden truths with us:

"Every so often, the opportunity arises for our counterbalance to share with the world certain aspects of being and how our world is run that traditionally have been hidden. They are obligated to use this opportunity to do so by Fundamental Law and a compromise made long ago – with us.

Recently, our counterbalance informed us the “Karmic” cost of the last diffusion was greater than anticipated and declined to participate this year. We agreed to accept responsibility in their place for the time being.

We are a much smaller and much less politically-positioned group tasked with, well, record keeping. However, the nature of our tasks puts us in a unique position to fulfill the duty of our counterpart.

As such, I am here to share that which the questions allow."

My first impression from reading this was that it was a gimmick being used by the writer to insert himself into the story of the ruling bloodlines by casting himself and his (much smaller) group as a ‘counterbalance’ to the activities of the Lucifer Group Soul - something that I don’t recall reading anything about in the Hidden-Hand material.

That said, it’s worth suspending disbelief long enough to properly analyze the entire set of threads to see if the wisdom is consistently laced with that other-worldly quality about it.

As truth-seekers we should leave no stone unturned, and of great interest to me is to see if there are some new and profound insights brought in through this testimony.

Related: Black Magic: Satanists Rule The World, Not Politicians, Bankers Or Military Heads [Although They Are Usually All One And The Same] + Another Illuminati Whistleblower Speaks Out

Fundamental Law

EMT made it a point to reference ‘Fundamental Law’ in his introduction before answering any questions:

"If you ask a question in accordance with Fundamental Law, I will answer.

If your question is not in accordance with Fundamental Law, I will say so and answer as much as your question permits. I will not provide false answers to any question

In the initial Q/A that came from a forum participant, we can get more insight into what this ‘Fundamental Law’ refers to:

Q: Why now?

EMT: Recently, we all have “leveled-up,” so to speak. When this happens, it is sometimes necessary to provide wisdom and information about the new modalities of being available to “individuals” so that the transition happens smoothly. It happens to be that the last several times this has happened diffusion was deemed appropriate.

Q: How long until 5D?

EMT: This both is and isn’t up to you and everyone else. I cannot fully answer this question because doing so would violate Fundamental Law.

Q: What can I do?

EMT: That depends on what you intend reality to be.

It seems as though ‘Fundamental Law’ here refers to human free will, and the conditions by which EMT is able to answer questions will be contingent on the answer not impinging on individual free will.

In the second question above, being asked to predict when humanity will ascend to 5D (Fifth Density, a higher plane of existence than we are currently in) might negatively impact choices people will make individually going forward in their endeavor to grow spiritually.

If he says that moving to 5D is preordained to occur on a certain date, for example, it might prevent people from doing the sometimes arduous personal work that is necessary for their personal evolution.

The ‘Law of One‘, material channeled from an entity called ‘Ra’ and regarded by some as one of the best sources of esoteric and spiritual truth, is a very good reference for this discussion.

Related: It’s Time To Tell The Truth About The Global War On Christianity (And The Rise Of Satanism)

 It identifies free will, or finity, or the limit of the viewpoint, as the ‘first distortion’ (13.1215.2199.5).

The created universe that we experience is the Creator’s exploration of Itself through the first distortion, which Ra also calls the Law of Confusion (27.10).

In other words, free will is a distortion of Unity / Oneness, which is ultimate reality, and has been manufactured into our reality through limiting our perception of the One.

This does not make it ‘false’ as such, just limited to certain realms of existence, and extremely valuable in helping to foster a whole range of important experiences that are available to us as individuated human beings.

The fact that EMT has promised to be truthful but also respectful of individual free will is a good starting point for our deeper exploration of his content, and certainly in accord with the testimony of ‘Hidden-Hand’ that I wrote about previously.

Going forward, let’s suspend disbelief until we have a firm handle on what Eracidni Murev Te has to tell us.

What's The Difference Between Lucifer and Satan?

The Bible kind of wanders back and forth between definitions, conflating the various terms. Examples, for reference can be found:

Bible Verses About Lucifer

But I think we're dealing with a bunch of cult-like superstitions and hearsay and folklore, that only partially contains overlap with actual reality.

That's why it's so messy and hard to sort out - like arguing the difference between Saint Nick and Kris Kringle which is the american santa claus. Anyway, that's all I have on that at the moment. Diving deep into what the Church of Satan teaches isn't my cup of tea to say the least.

- Montalk.net

Related: “A Children’s Book of Demons” Teaches Children How to Summon Demons

The Takeaway

Grasping the esoteric truths that underpin our experience here on Earth is not necessary for many of us to fulfill our purpose here at this time.

But for those with inquiring minds into these matters, such knowledge may be exactly what triggers us to make meaningful changes in our lives.

If you have read up to this point and will continue to explore with me as this series moves forward, then you are likely such a person.

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Occult Holidays And Sabbats: Why Holidays Are Satanic Rituals

Christopher Lee Describes The Power Of Satanic Rituals In 1975 Video

In this rare interview, actor Christopher Lee discusses the power of black magic and satanic rituals, adding that there’s “nothing fictitious” about them. He also explains why there was a resurgence of interest in occultism at the time. His answer remains fully relevant today.

Christopher Lee’s career in the film industry was a long and fruitful one.

Related: Learn Who Sold Their Souls

While younger people know him for his role as Saruman in The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit trilogies, Lee’s filmography goes way back (nearly 70 years) and includes a long list of movies and television shows (over 200).

When one looks at roles taken by Lee throughout his life, two constants emerge: He often played the role of the villain and he often played in movies with dark, occult themes.

For instance, Lee played the role of Count Dracula in eight movies, the last one being The Satanic Rites of Dracula (1973).

The Satanic Rites of Dracula begins with a satanic ritual taking place in an English country house with four prominent members of society: A government minister, a peer, a general and a famous scientist. Literally the occult elite

Related: The Luciferian Vatican Empire Is Imploding & As Many As 8 Million Children Are Kidnapped And Trafficked Into Sex Slavery Every Year By Global Pedophile Networks – Of Which Many Politicians Are Members

The 1968 movie The Devil’s Bride is about a Satanic cult in South England.

In The Devils Bride, Baphomet himself makes an appearance

Related: Lucis Trust, Alice Bailey, World Goodwill And Lucifer - The False Light Of The World

In the 1976 movie To the Devil a Daughter, Christopher Lee plays the role of a “priest” in a Satanic cult who offers a 14-year-old girl to the devil.

Disturbing fact: The girl is greatly sexualized in the movie and there’s even full-frontal nudity.

In To the Devil a Daughter, a Black Mass takes place in front of an inverted cross and an inverted “Jesus”

Related: Jeffrey Epstein "Commits Suicide" & Epstein Arrest Supports Q Anon Claims Of Global Satanic Cult Blackmailing Political Elites

The least one can say is that Christopher Lee appeared to know a thing or two about black magic and satanic rituals.

In an interview about To the Devil a Daughter, Lee serves a lesson on black magic to the interviewer while explaining the power and the danger surrounding these rituals.

While the interview took place over 44 years ago, everything he says remains true and relevant today.

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The Peace Sign And Satanism

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

Belittling Of Language: You Can’t Say ‘Blind Spot ‘ - It’s Not Inclusive Enough, Say Liberals In Their Hunt For Power
April 29 2023 | From: RT / Various

In a misguided attempt at protecting the so called “marginalized” individuals, the regressive left continues to ban an ever-increasing list of words
– an action that only serves as a tool for oppression.

Thanks in large part to the intrusive nature of the internet in our daily lives, an annoying trend has taken root where any and every thing we say comes under scrutiny from complete strangers.

Related: Employers Should Censor ‘Sports Talk’ Among Male Workers, Says ‘Gender Balance Expert’

More so now as a new community of victim olympians scour the net for things to take umbrage with. 

Did you know you’re not supposed to say “blind spot” anymore? You know, that thing everyone has on the periphery of their vision.

It might sound absurd that such a common phrase could be deemed offensive, but as we now live in clown world, that’s exactly what has happened. The same goes with “turn a blind eye” and “tone deaf.”

Related: The Origins Of Political Correctness

The reasoning for this is that such terms are viewed as “ableist”, a word that by its dictionary definition means “discriminating against disabled or handicapped people.”

Now maybe it’s because I don’t suffer from the mental handicap that is being “woke”, but I struggle to see how “tone deaf” is discriminatory. 

As for other “ableist” words, you’re no longer supposed to say stupid, crazy, psycho, dumb, idiotic, insane, lame, moron, nuts, mad, and mental.

Even gimp is a no-no, a topic that periodically becomes a problem for the free photo editing software of the same name.

Similarly, do you have a crippling fear of something? Well, I hope not, because “crippling” is ableist too. So stop using it. Although, don’t rely on a dictionary as a crutch to find new words, as “crutch” is also offensive. 

It may be overused, but a common phrase on the web is the “victim olympics", and at the risk of sounding cliche’, it’s hard to disagree with that sentiment.

There’s a whole swath of individuals racing towards the bottom who take pleasure in becoming the most victimized.

Journalists such as David Perry go out of their way to call people out for being “ableist”, even going so far as to eat his own.

Meanwhile, people from other groups come up with their own ways to limit which words are acceptable.

As has previously been reported on, saying “transgendered” with an ‘ed’ at the end can get you labeled transphobic. The same occurs with saying transwomen instead of trans (notice the space) women.

Their reasoning for taking offense is that it’s bad grammar, yet no rational person gets offended over whether a word ends in ‘ed’ or not. 

Related: In Socialist Theocracy, Getting ‘Woke’ Brings Absolution

The last time I checked, using the wrong form of your / you’re might earn an eye roll from someone who knows better, but they certainly won’t see that grammatical error and assume you’re a bigot.

Too many people just want to be oppressed, so they’re creating new ways to feign oppression. It’s a circus freak show we should all be able to just stare and make jokes at, yet this display isn’t confined, and outside the tent we are seeing real world effects. 

College newspapers are adapting rules to push students towards avoiding “ableist” language. Twitter bans people for minor slights deemed transphobic. Time Magazine helps push the notion that an ‘ed’ at the end of transgender is something to not be used.

Entire cities are banning gendered words like “manhole” and “firemen”. And other colleges are trying to limit the use of the word “American” because it is not inclusive enough.

Related: Orwell’s 1984 No Longer Reads Like Fiction - It’s The Reality Of Our Times & The Propaganda Ministry Known As “The Free Press”

In George Orwell’s seminal book ‘1984’, he wrote:

"Don't you see that the whole aim of Newspeak is to narrow the range of thought? In the end we shall make thoughtcrime literally impossible, because there will be no words in which to express it.

Every concept that can ever be needed will be expressed by exactly one word, with its meaning rigidly defined and all its subsidiary meanings rubbed out and forgotten."

That quote was a forewarning to what we see today, as context no longer matters and specific words are offensive just because someone said so.

Thoughtcrime has very much become real, a tragic turn of events, as not only is this a dumbing down of the populace, but it’s a dumbing down of our language as a whole. 

Related: New Study Shows Vast Majority Of Non-White Americans Reject Political Correctness

When it comes to words we speak, context is one of the most important aspects. No single word is inherently bad.

Some definitely have more weight to them, but even the most vile combinations of letters can become re-appropriated to mean something else.

Perhaps the best example of this is the use of the n-word within black communities where it’s become a term of endearment. 

The problem with context though is that it requires thinking, and these days people simply don’t want to put the most minuscule amounts of time or effort into determining how something is being said.

Especially as it pertains to those who would rather run on emotion and find reasons to be victimized at every turn. 

Underscoring all of this is that the education system, big tech, small government, and the media are all too happy to oblige individuals who want nothing more than for the world to cater to them.

It’s a coddling of the American mind, and it’s doing far too much damage. Not only to the basis of speech, but to a large portion of the population. Quite frankly, victim culture is setting them up for failure. 

Related: Western Culture Has Died A Politically Correct Death

Life is not easy. Bad things happen, loved ones die, and trauma can be around the next corner. Success as a conscious being requires coping skills, something the regressive left’s insistence on emotional self destruction does not allow. 

If someone is getting offended over two letters at the end of a word, or freaking out because an internet stranger uttered a sentence about blindspots, how are they going to handle life when it hands them an actual problem?

The answer is they aren’t going to. 

Depression is on the rise, and it’s easy to see why. People are weakening their minds. It is a regression into an infantile state, as evidenced by the constant crying we hear daily.

And as someone who values the written and spoken word, I refuse to let babies dictate what can and cannot be said. 

Our society is quickly devolving into one similar to 1984, but in our timeline, instead of it being drab and dystopian, it’s padded and colorful.

Related: Act Leader David Seymour: Kiwis Need To Resist An 'Orwellian Future' & Zuckerberg Complains About FCC’s Lack Of Free Speech Regulations - Wants More Silencing Of Voices, But Especially Conservative Voices

A perfect nursery for those who’d prefer a nanny take care of all their ills. But, like every toddler ever, they need guidance, and it’s time for people to get some tough love. Not only for their own benefit, but also for adults who are tired of the crying

Baby talk is not a real language, but at the rate we’re going, it might soon be the only one that’s allowed. 

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Google Whistleblowers: Search Engine Penalizing All Sites That Don’t Conform To Political Correctness & Everything You Need To Know About Net Neutrality

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

In Socialist Theocracy, Getting ‘Woke’ Brings Absolution
April 28 2023 | From: TheEpochTimes / Various

Double standards are a hallmark of socialist movements.

The infamous “community organizer” Saul Alinsky established their tenets simply: “Accuse the Other Side of That Which You Are Guilty.”

Related: Globalism, Socialism, Technocracy: Three Names For The Same Thing

And in their hypocrisy, they extend this tenet to their cohorts, under Alinsky’s rule to “never strike left.”

Because of this, a politician can loudly claim to oppose racism in all forms, yet turn a blind eye when a member of his own camp is exposed as a racist.

A basketball star can claim to oppose oppression, then defend state oppression in the next breath. They can march in lockstep, crying foul about all the wrongs of the world, while ignoring the wrongs in their own camp.

It all comes down to the sins of the fathers. In Western religion, this goes back to the story of original sin, the temptation in the Garden of Eden, and the curse from the Tree of Knowledge.

It holds that man is born into sin, and that through baptism and repentance, we may find redemption.

The socialist religion also holds that people are born into sin, but the extent of this sin is determined by the color of each person’s skin, their gender, and how closely they follow the traditions, or “old ideas,” that socialism seeks to eradicate.

Related: The Original Sin – A Myth Whose Time Is Up

Rather than believing that people can repent and improve themselves to overcome original sin, socialism holds that white people should be forever guilty of historical slavery, men should be forever guilty of patriarchy, and the wealthy should be forever ashamed of their own gains.

Yet they offer their own form of repentance: getting “woke.”

To be forgiven for politicized sin, the socialists must proclaim their hatred of who they are.

The white person must proclaim their hatred of “white privilege,” the man must proclaim his hatred of “toxic masculinity,” and the business owner must announce his opposition to “capitalism.”

After being born again through this political baptism, they’re no longer held accountable to the narratives of their camp. By proclaiming their wokeness to the church of the state, they are granted absolution from all political sins past and present - just as long as they continue to voice their hatred of all they once were.

Socialism is very much a theocratic system. In its destruction of God, it aimed to replace God; and in its destruction of morals, it has looked to create a new morality.

Related: Academic Warns: Young People’s Ignorance Of Socialism Risks “Absolute Catastrophe” & Goodbye To The Internet: Interference By Governments Is Already Here

The statist theocracy now rules, and those who sit in its pews can preach to their masses about how they, too, were once lowly sinners in the ever-changing crimes of political correctness.

History is merely repeating itself, regardless of how the adherents to this state belief try to separate their “new” socialism from the tyrannical history of the “old” socialism.

Thomas Molnar explained this principle in his book “Utopia: The Perennial Heresy,” saying that in every practical regard, socialism functions as a theocracy.

And to guard its forced theocratic rule, it demands that all beneath proclaim their enthusiasm: to speak their wokeness, lest the unclean elements of society should rise up in revolt.

Theocracy, Molnar explained;

"May never relent, for, as long as danger exists - and the very absence of enthusiasm for theocratic rule is interpreted as danger - the repressive force may not relax.

Wielders of such force must be shown proof that their subjects, candidates for perfection, live in a permanent state of enthusiasm.”

And because danger to such systems will always exist, he explained, “the elect will insist on regular enthusiastic demonstrations of consensus.”

Related: "The UN's 'Woke' Climate Change Propaganda Is An Insult To Science" + “What They Haven’t Told You About Climate Change.” – According To The Co-Founder of Greenpeace

He adds:

"Under Communist regimes, for example, the individual may not simply retire into silence; he must enthusiastically speak, write, approve, and proclaim louder than the next fellow.”

Of course, socialism has no problem contradicting its own principles - and this has held true for leaders of its systems and ideology from the get-go. Pol Pot killed the intellectuals but was an intellectual himself.

Marx hated the bourgeois class, of which he and his aristocratic wife were a part. Lenin killed the peasants to protect the working man. And Mao destroyed belief to create consensus for his own.

The vague political goal always shines on the horizon, and the socialist tyrant points to it, claiming that we can reach it tomorrow, if only the privileged elements of society could be destroyed today.

Related: The Origins Of Political Correctness

Tyranny and oppression then become the tools to destroy “oppression,” and through their contradictory double-think, the socialists believe that through their own tyranny, they’ve fought tyranny.

Molnar explains that this contradictory thought - and the demand in socialist regimes that all “true believers” demonstrate their enthusiasm for its principles, lest they fail to be absolved of the past - is part of the ongoing hypocrisy that has always plagued socialist Utopianism.

Molnar explains, “The same paradox characterizes all Utopian thinkers: they believe in unrestrained human freedom; at the same time, they want so thoroughly to organize freedom that they turn it into slavery.”

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Deliver Justice To Any Obama Officials Who Committed Crimes

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

Why So Many Of Us Feel Lonely These Days
April 27 2023 | From: The UnboundedSpirit / Various

We are living in the most connected period in human history, yet there has never been a time before when people felt as isolated as we do.

Although we have easy access to communication technology that allows us to instantly communicate with people from across the world, hundreds of millions of us feel disconnected from the rest of humanity.

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And this is not just me saying that - there have been plenty of studies to confirm it.

In the United Kingdom, for example, 60% of 18-34-year olds report that they often feel lonely. And in the United States, 46% of the entire population say they’re lonely on a regular basis.

Loneliness, as you might know, sucks. To live in a world where you don’t have anyone to genuinely connect with can be soul-crashing.

It can make you feel insecure, anxious, unimportant and undeserving of love and respect. In other words, loneliness feels like being thrown heavy blows in the psyche.

And since the psyche and the body are not separate but intrinsically connected, what is hurting as psychologically is also hurting us physically.

Research has shown again and again the detrimental effects of chronic loneliness on our health. For example, one study found that suffering from chronic loneliness can be twice as deadly as obesity and as dangerous as smoking a pack of cigarettes a day.

Related: Loneliness – The Dilemma Of The Awakening Mind

Another study found that lonely people were three times more likely to catch the common cold than people who had plenty of healthy relationships.

And yet another study found that isolated people were two to three times more likely to die during a nine-year period of time than highly connected people.

One of the main reasons why loneliness is so harmful is that it tends to go hand-in-hand with high levels of stress, which has been shown to significantly weaken our immune system, and thus to accelerate aging as well as cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, and all sorts of other diseases.

Loneliness, therefore, is a very serious health issue.

Yet we rarely hear or talk about it, which itself is a crystal clear sign of social disconnection - a reflection of our modern, globalized world, wherein loneliness has become an epidemic in recent years.

Day by day, more and more people feel lonely, starting from a very early age. So what could explain that? What changed over the last few decades that lead to this sense of isolation that so many of us experience?

Related: Loneliness More Hazardous To Your Health Than Obesity Or Smoking

I can mention a lot of things here, but I think that at the root of our loneliness lies the cultural belief that we don’t depend on each other.

This belief is mainly the result of our modern-day socioeconomic system, which is driven by profit and is largely based on the conversion of relationships into paid services.

In this system, most of us are conditioned to think that we can purchase everything we need, without having to form relationships or ties to other people.

Do you want to eat a delicious meal? Pay your local restaurant and it will be prepared for you.

Do you feel the urge to have sex? Pay a prostitute (if the law allows it) and an attractive person will sleep with you. Do you want someone to take care of your kids while you’re busy? Pay a nanny and she’ll help you out.

All that we desire is within our reach, we believe, provided that we possess the necessary funds to pay for it.

Therefore, as long as we work enough and earn enough, we’ll be able to satisfy our wants. In other words, we’ll be “independent” - a word that implies personal success in our culture.

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Other cultures, however, considered this kind of independence as a sign of failure.

In earlier times, people used to feel dependent on one another. They saw themselves as part of a wider community which they served and was serving them.

If, let’s say, someone wanted to move a heavy object out of her house, she’d not hesitate to ask her neighbors for a helping hand (instead of paying some company), and the neighbors were pleased to come over and help.

Or, if someone wanted to have fun and play, he’d likely meet with his friends and sing, dance, play sports or maybe create something together (instead of paying for entertainment).

Being embedded in their communities, people felt much safer and happier. Not only did they have the support of their neighbors when in need, but they also formed intimate relationships with them.

Nowadays, we think that we don’t really need anyone. We pay strangers - who can be easily replaced by other strangers - for pretty much anything we need.

Not surprisingly, the sense of community has almost completely disappeared. Each one of us feels like a tiny island in a vast ocean, separated from each other by the wild currents of a cold and indifferent existence.

Related: Scientists Explain How Earth’s Magnetic Field Connects All Living Systems

And the emotional cost of this sense of separation is affecting everyone - some of us more, others less - but we all experience a certain degree of alienation, and the resulting feelings of fear, insecurity and anxiety.

Our loneliness is further intensified by the fact that in our society people are constantly competing with one another in order to maximize their personal financial gain.

That’s because we’re living in a scarcity-based economic system where money isn’t enough to go around. In this system, more for one person means less for another.

Hence, nearly everyone is trying to outdo others, something we’ve been conditioned to do since the age of five or so - that is, when we were first sent to school, where we were trying to perform better than our classmates in order to please our parents and teachers.

Is it any wonder, then, that so many of us feel lonely? When we feel that our success is threatened by the success of others, how can we trust other people?

Related: Studies Show What Happens To The Human Body When We Walk Barefoot On Earth

When we’re hurt again and again by others since our very early childhood, how can we dare to open up our hearts, embrace others and offer them a place in our lives?

It feels nearly impossible. Rather, we prefer to insulate ourselves from the world to find protection from it.

But the problem is, the more we seek security away from others, the more we lose it, because true security can only come from a sense of communal belonging.

Whether we like to admit it or not, we are all, in a sense, dependent on each other - and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Just like we depend on the sun, the sea and the air, we also depend on other people.

We are social beings with an inherent need to connect with others. And, contrary to what many of us think, money can only buy us short-lasting substitutes of what we’re actually looking for.

Related: Why Nutritional Psychiatry Is The Future Of Mental Health Treatment + Depression Is A Symptom Of Nutrient Deficiency; Treating It With Drugs Is Not Only Ineffective But Dangerous

Yes, we can pay someone to prepare for us a good meal, but would that be the same as a meal prepared by someone who sincerely cares for us?

Yes, we can pay a band to play music for us, but would that be the same as a beloved one serenading us? And yes, we can pay a stranger to sleep with us, but would that be the same as having sexual intercourse with someone who knows us inside and out?

I’m sure that everyone deep down knows the answer to those questions: Money can’t buy us connection.

But our belief that we don’t need each other has made us stray away from what’s truly important to us.

Once we realize that as truth, we’ll start reaching out to other people and begin working together on creating new social systems that will help us build bridges between our hearts, instead of walls all around them.

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The Quantum Theory On Mind-Body Connection + Morphic Resonance: The Science Of Interconnectedness

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Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi
Critical Thinking Has Never Been More Important
April 26 2023 | From: LibertyBlitzkrieg / Various

There are several reasons I spend so much time discussing and analyzing the current state of affairs.

The primary motivation, aside from a drive to share personal opinions and spread awareness, is to encourage people to think critically.

Related: Propaganda Is The Art Of Overwhelming Logic

I don’t want readers to agree with everything I say, I want people to become inspired to think for themselves.

The ruling class doesn’t want you to think, they want you to simply accept the nonsensical stories they tell you.

By contrast, I don’t want readers to blindly accept any of my conclusions, rather, I want my work be a case study on how to deploy independent logic and insight to a variety of topics and situations.

While I haven’t discussed the 2020 presidential campaign much here, I comment on it quite a bit over at Twitter, and people often ask why I discuss the circus at all.

The reason isn’t because I expect a politician to come save us and make everything right again, but because the establishment response to populist-type candidates is so instructive.

Related: Propaganda, Human Consciousness, And The Future Of Civilization

Although Trump hasn’t [visibly] done much of anything to address our nation’s core fundamental problems; such as a two-tier justice system, central bank power, financial feudalism, aggressive militarism/empire, rogue intelligence agencies, civil liberties abuses and tech giant censorship, his unexpected victory over chosen one Hillary Clinton nevertheless exposed many individuals and institutions for the frauds they are.

Bernie Sanders’ run is doing the same thing.

You don’t have to like the specific policies of Trump or Sanders to appreciate how any candidate with even a hint of grassroots populism puts the “elites” into panic mode.

Related: What They Want You To Fear Versus The Real Threats We Face

It’s important to understand the ruling class doesn’t actually fear Trump or Sanders individually - any one person can be dealt with.

What they really fear is you.

They fear people flocking to unapproved candidates and then talking about things the establishment doesn’t want them talking about.

This is the main reason the whole Russiagate fantasy was unrolled against Trump and pushed hysterically by mass media.

By ensuring “the resistance” to Trump revolved around some invented intelligence agency narrative, the power structure was able to prevent large numbers of people from talking about anything real or significant for four years straight.

Although it didn’t remove Trump from office, it successfully reduced hitherto thoughtful people into emotionally broken mental midgets.

Related: The Three Trigger Terms Being Used To Stop Critical Thinking

This is the reason the exact same tactic was just unrolled against Bernie Sanders, with Jeff Bezos’ Washington Post reporting the day before the Nevada caucuses that Russia is also supposedly helping Sanders.

It’s ridiculous, but you have to understand the strategy here. If Sanders can’t be prevented from winning the nomination, the establishment needs a plan B, and that plan appears to be Russiagate all over again. These people aren’t very creative.

When it became clear Trump couldn’t be stopped he was smeared with being a tool of the Russians, and the same seeds are being planted around the Sanders campaign.

It doesn’t matter how preposterous it is, the primary goal is to ensure nobody ever talks about anything important.

Absent Russia hysteria, a Sanders vs. Trump matchup would quickly become a battle of who’s more populist, and issues that make so-called elites very uncomfortable would become widely discussed. 

The ruling class doesn’t want the public talking about such things so they need to turn the election into a complete circus if Sanders can’t be blocked.

Instead of talking about economic insecurity, healthcare, the cost of college and wars for empire, the goal is to make Sanders and Trump spend the entire campaign season arguing about who hates Russia more.

Related: Breaking The Fear Factor - Defeating The Criminal Elite & Neoliberal Dictators

The important takeaway here is how completely terrified and decrepit the ruling class of this country really is. They have no argument or philosophy about anything important.

As such, their only tactic is to overwhelm the public with nonsense and invented narratives in order to divide, befuddle and control the masses while keeping the imperial oligarchy running exactly as it has for decades.

Once you see the game, it’s impossible to unsee it, but the good news is we all possess within ourselves the power they fear most. The power to think for ourselves and to reject ridiculous lies.

This is why we need to place relentless pressure on these people and never let up. When they feel pressure, they get scared.

When they get scared, they become desperate. When they become desperate, they make mistakes. After enough mistakes, we win.

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Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi
For ANZAC Day: All Wars Are Bankers' Wars
April 25 2023 | From: MichaelRivero / Various

A very eloquent and relatively concise video discourse on how and why the title of this piece is so tragically true, followed by a very detailed article for those who wish to read more.

This really is a must see / must read piece to be aware of the real history of banking and warmongering over the last 100 years - along with the how and why such nefarious plans were implemented; and to what ends.

This exposes the same plan that is being rolled out globally, not just in the United States.

Landings at Normandy - 666: In 1944, on the 6th day of the 6th month at 6am, Allied troops set out on landing craft, arriving ashore at Normandy in occupied France in one of the most significant events of the Second World War. Was there more to the "sacrifice" made by those brave young men that day than they realised?

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"The common enemy of all human kind are private central banks issuing the public currency as a loan at interest, and as history will show, they will do anything up to, and including global war - to keep their lock on yours and your children's economic wellbeing and productivity.

We are not a free society. Media will tell us that we are free, but we are not free.

We are slaves, our slave chains are made of paper - and that paper is the Federal Reserve note [including the central bankster issued debt-based-notes of every other country]."

Too few of our leaders have tried to stand up to this system of enslavement, usually with lethal results. But if all of the people of the world stood up at the same time and said "No more private central banks", it will come crashing down, just as slavery did, just as rule by divine right did and we will be embarking on a new era in human history where the emphasis on human development is on the people and not on the money junkies.

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[Note: This does not mean we should not remember the dead, who were duped into giving their lives for lies.]

"Banking was conceived in iniquity and was born in sin. The Bankers own the Earth. Take it away from them, but leave them the power to create deposits, and with the flick of a pen they will create enough deposits to buy it back again.

However, take it away from them, and all the fortunes like mine will disappear, and they ought to disappear, for this world would be a happier and better world to live in. But if you wish to remain slaves of the Bankers and pay for the cost of your own slavery, let them continue to create deposits."

- Sir Josiah Stamp, President of the Bank of England in the 1920s, the second richest man in Britain

All Wars Are Bankers Wars

I know many people have a great deal of difficulty comprehending just how many wars are started for no other purpose than to force private central banks onto nations, so let me share a few examples, so that you understand why the US Government is mired in so many wars against so many foreign nations. There is ample precedent for this.

The United States fought the American Revolution primarily over King George III's Currency act, which forced the colonists to conduct their business only using printed bank notes borrowed from the Bank of England at interest.

Interest Bearing bank note from the Bank of England, 1764

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"The bank hath benefit of interest on all moneys which it creates out of nothing."

- William Paterson, founder of the Bank of England in 1694

King George III

After the revolution, the new United States adopted a radically different economic system in which the government issued its own value-based money, so that private banks like the Bank of England were not siphoning off the wealth of the people through interest-bearing bank notes.

"The refusal of King George 3rd to allow the colonies to operate an honest money system, which freed the ordinary man from the clutches of the money manipulators, was probably the prime cause of the revolution."

- Benjamin Franklin, Founding Father

Following the revolution, the US Government actually took steps to keep the bankers out of the new government!

"Any person holding any office or any stock in any institution in the nature of a bank for issuing or discounting bills or notes payable to bearer or order, cannot be a member of the House whilst he holds such office or stock."

- Third Congress of the United States Senate, 23rd of December, 1793, signed by the President, George Washington

But bankers are nothing if not dedicated to their schemes to acquire your wealth, and know full well how easy it is to corrupt a nation's leaders.

Just one year after Mayer Amschel Rothschild had uttered his infamous "Let me issue and control a nation's money and I care not who makes the laws", the bankers succeeded in setting up a new Private Central Bank called the First Bank of the United States, largely through the efforts of the Rothschild's chief US supporter, Alexander Hamilton.

Alexander Hamilton

Founded in 1791, by the end of its twenty year charter the First Bank of the United States had almost ruined the nation's economy, while enriching the bankers.

Congress refused to renew the charter and signaled their intention to go back to a state issued value based currency on which the people paid no interest at all to any banker.

This resulted in a threat from Nathan Mayer Rothschild against the US Government, "Either the application for renewal of the charter is granted, or the United States will find itself involved in a most disastrous war."

Congress still refused to renew the charter for the First Bank of the United States, whereupon Nathan Mayer Rothschild railed,
"Teach those impudent Americans a lesson! Bring them back to colonial status!"

The British Prime Minister at the time, Spencer Perceval was adamently opposed to war with the United States, primarily because the majority of England's military might was occupied with the ongoing Napoleonic wars.

Spencer Perceval was concerned that Britain might not prevail in a new American war, a concern shared by many in the British government.

The First Bank of the United States

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Then, Spencer Perceval was assassinated (the only British Prime Minister to be assassinated in office) and replaced by Robert Banks Jenkinson, the 2nd Earl of Liverpool, who was fully supportive of a war to recapture the colonies.

Click for larger image of the Geneva Gazette for July 1, 1812, reporting on the assassination of Spencer Perceval together with the declaration of the War of 1812

"If my sons did not want wars, there would be none."

- Gutle Schnaper, wife of Mayer Amschel Rothschild and mother of his five sons

Financed at virtually no interest by the
Rothschild controlled Bank of England, Britain then provoked the war of 1812 to recolonize the United States and force them back into the slavery of the Bank of England, or to plunge the United States into so much debt they would be forced to accept a new private central bank.

And the plan worked. Even though the War of 1812 was won by the United States, Congress was forced to grant a new charter for yet another private bank issuing the public currency as loans at interest, the Second Bank of the United States.

Once again, private bankers were in control of the nation's money supply and cared not who made the laws or how many British and American soldiers had to die for it.

The Second Bank of the United States

Bank Note from the Second Bank of the United States

Once again the nation was plunged into debt, unemployment, and poverty by the predations of the private central bank, and in 1832 Andrew Jackson successfully campaigned for his second term as President under the slogan, "Jackson And No Bank!"

True to his word, Jackson succeeds in blocking the renewal of the charter for the Second Bank of the United States.

"Gentlemen! I too have been a close observer of the doings of the Bank of the United States. I have had men watching you for a long time, and am convinced that you have used the funds of the bank to speculate in the breadstuffs of the country.

When you won, you divided the profits amongst you, and when you lost, you charged it to the bank. You tell me that if I take the deposits from the bank and annul its charter I shall ruin ten thousand families. That may be true, gentlemen, but that is your sin!

Should I let you go on, you will ruin fifty thousand families, and that would be my sin! You are a den of vipers and thieves. I have determined to rout you out, and by the Eternal, (bringing his fist down on the table) I will rout you out!"

- Andrew Jackson, shortly before ending the charter of the Second Bank of the United States.

From the original minutes of the Philadelphia committee of citizens sent to meet with President Jackson (February 1834), according to Andrew Jackson and the Bank of the United States (1928) by Stan V. Henkels

News report of Jackson shutting down the Second Bank of the United States, Geneva Gazette, October 2, 1833

President Zachary Taylor, ca 1850

President James Buchanon

President Abraham Lincoln

Shortly after President Jackson (the only American President to actually pay off the National Debt) ended the Second Bank of the United States, there was an attempted assassination which failed when both pistols used by the assassin, Richard Lawrence, failed to fire.

Lawrence later said that with Jackson dead, "Money would be more plenty."

President Zachary Taylor opposed the creation of a new Private Central Bank, owing to the historical abuses of the First and Second Banks of the United States.

"The idea of a national bank is dead, and will not be revived in my time."

- Zachary Taylor

Taylor died on July 9, 1850 after eating a bowl of cherries and milk rumored to have been poisoned. The symptoms he displayed are consistent with acute arsenic poisoning.

President James Buchanan also opposed a private central bank. During the panic of 1857 he attempted to set limits on banks issuing more loans than they had actual funds, and to require all issued bank notes to be backed by Federal Government assets.

He was poisoned with arsenic and survived, although 38 other people at the dinner died.

The public school system is as subservient to the bankers' wishes to keep certain history from you, just as the corporate media is subservient to Monsanto's wishes to keep the dangers of GMOs from you, and the global warming cult's wishes to conceal from you that the Earth has actually been cooling for the last 16 years.

Thus is should come as little surprise that much of the real reasons for the events of the Civil War are not well known to the average American.

"The few who understand the system will either be so interested in its profits or be so dependent upon its favours that there will be no opposition from that class, while on the other hand, the great body of people, mentally incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantage that capital derives from the system, will bear its burdens without complaint, and perhaps without even suspecting that the system is inimical to their interests."

- The Rothschild brothers of London writing to associates in New York, 1863

When the Confederacy seceded from the United States, the bankers once again saw the opportunity for a rich harvest of debt, and offered to fund Lincoln's efforts to bring the south back into the union, but at 30% interest.

Lincoln remarked that he would not free the black man by enslaving the white man to the bankers and using his authority as President, issued a new government currency, the greenback. This was a direct threat to the wealth and power of the central bankers, who quickly responded.

Lincoln's Greenback - Click for larger image

"If this mischievous financial policy, which has its origin in North America, shall become endurated down to a fixture, then that Government will furnish its own money without cost.

It will pay off debts and be without debt. It will have all the money necessary to carry on its commerce. It will become prosperous without precedent in the history of the world.

The brains, and wealth of all countries will go to North America. That country must be destroyed or it will destroy every monarchy on the globe."

- The London Times responding to Lincoln's decision to issue government Greenbacks to finance the Civil War, rather than agree to private banker's loans at 30% interest.

In 1872 New York bankers sent a letter to every bank in the United States, urging them to fund newspapers that opposed government-issued money (Lincoln's greenbacks).

"Dear Sir: It is advisable to do all in your power to sustain such prominent daily and weekly newspapers... as will oppose the issuing of greenback paper money, and that you also withhold patronage or favors from all applicants who are not willing to oppose the Government issue of money. Let the Government issue the coin and the banks issue the paper money of the country...

[T]o restore to circulation the Government issue of money, will be to provide the people with money, and will therefore seriously affect your individual profit as bankers and lenders."

- Triumphant plutocracy; the story of American public life from 1870 to 1920, by Lynn Wheeler

"It will not do to allow the greenback, as it is called, to circulate as money any length of time, as we cannot control that." -- Triumphant plutocracy; the story of American public life from 1870 to 1920, by Lynn Wheeler "Slavery is likely to be abolished by the war power, and chattel slavery destroyed.

This, I and my European friends are in favor of, for slavery is but the owning of labor and carries with it the care for the laborer, while the European plan, led on by England, is for capital to control labor by controlling the wages. THIS CAN BE DONE BY CONTROLLING THE MONEY."

- Triumphant plutocracy; the story of American public life from 1870 to 1920, by Lynn Wheeler

Goaded by the private bankers, much of Europe supported the Confederacy against the Union, with the expectation that victory over Lincoln would mean the end of the Greenback. France and Britain considered an outright attack on the United States to aid the confederacy, but were held at bay by Russia, which had just ended the serfdom system and had a state central bank similar to the system the United States had been founded on.

Tsar Alexander II of Russia, who prevented France and Britain from invading the US during the civil war.

President James Garfield

President William McKinley

Left free of European intervention, the Union won the war, and Lincoln announced his intention to go on issuing greenbacks.

Following Lincoln's assassination, the Greenbacks were pulled from circulation and the American people forced to go back to an economy based on bank notes borrowed at interest from the private bankers.

Tsar Alexander II, who authorized Russian military assistance to Lincoln, was subsequently the victim of multiple attempts on his life in 1866, 1879, and 1880, until his assassination in 1881.

With the end of Lincoln's Greenbacks, the US could no longer create its own interest free money and was manipulated during the term of President Ruthford B. Hayes into borrowing from the Rothschilds banking system in 1878, restoring to the Rothschilds control of the US economy they had lost under Andrew Jackson.

Messrs. Rothschild & Sons to Mr. Sherman.
[Cable message.]

April 12,1878.
Hon. John Sherman,
Secretary of the Treasury, Washington D. C.:

Very pleased we have entered into relations again with American Government. Shall do our best to make the business successful.


James A. Garfield was elected President in 1880 on a platform of government control of the money supply.

"The chief duty of the National Government in connection with the currency of the country is to coin money and declare its value.

Grave doubts have been entertained whether Congress is authorized by the Constitution to make any form of paper money legal tender.

The present issue of United States notes has been sustained by the necessities of war; but such paper should depend for its value and currency upon its convenience in use and its prompt redemption in coin at the will of the holder, and not upon its compulsory circulation.

These notes are not money, but promises to pay money. If the holders demand it, the promise should be kept."

- James Garfield

"By the experience of commercial nations in all ages it has been found that gold and silver afford the only safe foundation for a monetary system.

Confusion has recently been created by variations in the relative value of the two metals, but I confidently believe that arrangements can be made between the leading commercial nations which will secure the general use of both metals.

Congress should provide that the compulsory coinage of silver now required by law may not disturb our monetary system by driving either metal out of circulation.

If possible, such an adjustment should be made that the purchasing power of every coined dollar will be exactly equal to its debt-paying power in all the markets of the world."

- James Garfield

"He who controls the money supply of a nation controls the nation."

- James Garfield

Garfield was shot on July 2, 1881 and died of his wounds several weeks later. Chester A. Arthur succeeded Garfield as President.

In 1896, William McKinley was elected President in the middle of a depression-driven debate over gold-backed government currency versus bank notes borrowed at interest from private banks.

McKinley favored gold-backed currencies and a balanced government budget which would free the public from accumulating debt.

"Our financial system needs some revision; our money is all good now, but its value must not further be threatened.

It should all be put upon an enduring basis, not subject to easy attack, nor its stability to doubt or dispute. Our currency should continue under the supervision of the Government.

The several forms of our paper money offer, in my judgment, a constant embarrassment to the Government and a safe balance in the Treasury."

- William McKinley

McKinley was shot by an out-of-work anarchist on September 14, 1901, in Buffalo, NY, succumbing to his wounds a few days later. He was suceeded in office by Theodore Roosevelt.

Finally, in 1913, the Private Central Bankers of Europe, in particular the Rothschilds of Great Britain and the Warburgs of Germany, met with their American financial collaborators on Jekyll Island, Georgia to form a new banking cartel with the express purpose of forming the Third Bank of the United States, with the aim of placing complete control of the United States money supply once again under the control of private bankers.

Owing to hostility over the previous banks, the name was changed to "The Federal Reserve" system in order to grant the new bank a quasi-governmental image, but in fact it is a privately owned bank, no more "Federal" than Federal Express.

The Federal Reserve; it is neither "Federal" nor does it have any actual "Reserves", creating as it does money out of thin air.

30 Plus Cold Hard Facts About The IRS: An Agent Of A Foreign Corporation - A Collection Entity For The Federal Reserve Bank

In 2012, the Federal Reserve attempted to rebuff a Freedom of Information Lawsuit by Bloomberg News on the grounds that as a private banking corporation and not actually a part of the government, the Freedom of Information Act did not apply to the "trade secret" operations of the Federal Reserve.

"When you or I write a check, there must be sufficient funds in our account to cover the check; but when the Federal Reserve writes a check, there is no bank deposit on which that check is drawn. When the Federal Reserve writes a check, it is creating money." -- From the Boston Federal Reserve Bank pamphlet, "Putting it Simply."

"Neither paper currency nor deposits have value as commodities. Intrinsically, a 'dollar' bill is just a piece of paper. Deposits are merely book entries."

- "Modern Money Mechanics Workbook" - Federal Reserve of Chicago, 1975

"I am afraid the ordinary citizen will not like to be told that the banks can and do create money. And they who control the credit of the nation direct the policy of Governments and hold in the hollow of their hand the destiny of the people."

- Reginald McKenna, as Chairman of the Midland Bank, addressing stockholders in 1924

"States, most especially the large hegemonic ones, such as the United States and Great Britain, are controlled by the international central banking system, working through secret agreements at the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), and operating through national central banks (such as the Bank of England and the Federal Reserve)...

The same international banking cartel that controls the United States today previously controlled Great Britain and held it up as the international hegemon.

When the British order faded, and was replaced by the United States, the US ran the global economy. However, the same interests are served.

States will be used and discarded at will by the international banking cartel; they are simply tools."

- Andrew Gavin Marshall

1913 proved to be a transformative year for the nation's economy, first with the passage of the 16th "income tax" Amendment and the false claim that it had been ratified.

"I think if you were to go back and and try to find and review the ratification of the 16th amendment, which was the internal revenue, the income tax, I think if you went back and examined that carefully, you would find that a sufficient number of states never ratified that amendment."

- U.S. District Court Judge James C. Fox, Sullivan Vs. United States, 2003.

Later that same year, and apparently unwilling to risk another questionable amendment, Congress passed the Federal Reserve Act over Christmas holiday 1913, while members of Congress opposed to the measure were at home.

This was a very underhanded deal, as the Constitution explicitly vests Congress with the authority to issue the public currency, does not authorize its delegation, and thus should have required a new Amendment to transfer that authority to a private bank.

But pass it Congress did, and President Woodrow Wilson signed it as he promised the bankers he would in exchange for generous campaign contributions.

News report of Wilson's signing the Federal Reserve Act. Under the Constitution, only a new Amendment could transfer the government's authority to create the currency to a private party.

President Woodrow Wilson

Woodrow Wilson later regretted that decision.

"I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country.

A great industrial nation is now controlled by its system of credit.

We are no longer a government by free opinion, no longer a government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but
a government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men."

- Woodrow Wilson 1919

Thomas Edison, arguably the most brilliant man of the age, was also well aware of the fraud of private central banks.

"People who will not turn a shovel full of dirt on the project nor contribute a pound of material, will collect more money from the United States than will the People who supply all the material and do all the work.

This is the terrible thing about interest ...

But here is the point: If the Nation can issue a dollar bond it can issue a dollar bill.

The element that makes the bond good makes the bill good also.

The difference between the bond and the bill is that the bond lets the money broker collect twice the amount of the bond and an additional 20%.

Whereas the currency, the honest sort provided by the Constitution pays nobody but those who contribute in some useful way.

It is absurd to say our Country can issue bonds and cannot issue currency.

Both are promises to pay, but one fattens the usurer and the other helps the People.

If the currency issued by the People were no good, then the bonds would be no good, either.

It is a terrible situation when the Government, to insure the National Wealth, must go in debt and submit to ruinous interest charges at the hands of men who control the fictitious value of gold."

- Thomas A. Edison

The next year, World War One started, and it is important to remember that prior to the creation of the Federal Reserve, there was no such thing as a world war.

In 1913, the Rothschild KM was able to establish a beachhead by bribing crooked, treasonous members of Congress to pass the illegal, Unconstitutional Federal Reserve Act on Christmas Eve without a required quorum. The Act was then signed by a crooked, bought off President, who was a traitor to America, like the members of Congress who voted for it.

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Archduke Franz Ferdinand, whose assassination triggered World War One

Hitler as TIME's man of the year

World War One started between Austria-Hungary and Serbia with the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand.

Although the war started between Austria-Hungary and Serbia, it quickly shifted to focus on Germany, whose industrial capacity was seen as an economic threat to Great Britain, who saw the decline of the British Pound as a result of too much emphasis on financial activity to the neglect of agriculture, industrial development, and infrastructure (not unlike the present day United States).

Although pre-war Germany had a private central bank, it was heavily restricted and inflation kept to reasonable levels.

Under government control, investment was guaranteed to internal economic development, and Germany was seen as a major power.

So, in the media of the day, Germany was portrayed as the prime opponent of World War One, and not just defeated, but its industrial base flattened.

Following the Treaty of Versailles, Germany was ordered to pay the war costs of all the participating nations, even though Germany had not actually started the war.

This amounted to three times the value of all of Germany itself.

Germany's private central bank, to whom Germany had gone deeply into debt to pay the costs of the war, broke free of government control, and massive inflation followed (mostly triggered by currency speculators), permanently trapping the German people in endless debt.

When the Weimar Republic collapsed economically, it opened the door for the National Socialists to take power.

Their first financial move was to issue their own state currency which was not borrowed from private central bankers.

Freed from having to pay interest on the money in circulation, Germany blossomed and quickly began to rebuild its industry.

The media called it "The German Miracle".

TIME magazine lionized Hitler for the amazing improvement in life for the German people and the explosion of German industry, and even named him TIME Magazine's Man Of The Year in 1938.

Once again, Germany's industrial output became a threat to Great Britain.

Germany's state-issued value based currency was also a direct threat to the wealth and power of the private central banks, and as early as 1933 they started to organize a global boycott against Germany to strangle this upstart ruler who thought he could break free of private central bankers!


"Should Germany merchandise (do business) again in the next 50 years we have led this war (WW1) in vain."

- Winston Churchill in The Times (1919)

"We will force this war upon Hitler, if he wants it or not."

- Winston Churchill (1936 broadcast)

"Germany becomes too powerful. We have to crush it."

- Winston Churchill (November 1936 speaking to US - General Robert E. Wood)

"This war is an English war and its goal is the destruction of Germany."

- Winston Churchill (- Autumn 1939 broadcast)

Click on the image above to view a larger version in a new window

As had been the case in World War One, Great Britain and other nations threatened by Germany's economic power looked for an excuse to go to war, and as public anger in Germany grew over the boycott, Hitler foolishly gave them that excuse. Years later, in a spirit of candor, the real reasons for that war were made clear.

"The war wasn't only about abolishing fascism, but to conquer sales markets. We could have, if we had intended so, prevented this war from breaking out without doing one shot, but we didn't want to."

- Winston Churchill to Truman (Fultun, USA March 1946)

"Germany's unforgivable crime before WW2 was its attempt to loosen its economy out of the world trade system and to build up an independent exchange system from which the world-finance couldn't profit anymore. ...We butchered the wrong pig."

-Winston Churchill (The Second World War - Bern, 1960)

As a side note, we need to step back before WW2 and recall Marine Major General Smedley Butler. In 1933, Wall Street bankers and financiers had bankrolled the successful coups by both Hitler and Mussolini. Brown Brothers Harriman in New York was financing Hitler right up to the day war was declared with Germany.

Marine Corps Major General Smedley Butler

And they decided that a fascist dictatorship in the United States based on the one on Italy would be far better for their business interests than Roosevelt's "New Deal" which threatened massive wealth re-distribution to recapitalize the working and middle class of America.

So the Wall Street tycoons recruited General Butler to lead the overthrow of the US Government and install a "Secretary of General Affairs" who would be answerable to Wall Street and not the people, would crush social unrest and shut down all labor unions.

General Butler pretended to go along with the scheme but then exposed the plot to Congress. Congress, then as now in the pocket of the Wall Street bankers, refused to act.

When Roosevelt learned of the planned coup he demanded the arrest of the plotters, but the plotters simply reminded Roosevelt that if any one of them were sent to prison, their friends on Wall Street would deliberately collapse the still-fragile economy and
blame him for it.

Roosevelt was thus unable to act until the start of WW2, at which time he prosecuted many of the plotters under the Trading With The Enemy act.

The Congressional minutes into the coup were finally declassified in 1967, but rumors of the attempted coup became the inspiration for the movie, "Seven Days in May" but with the true financial villains erased from the script.

"I spent 33 years and four months in active military service as a member of our country's most agile military force - the Marine Corps.

I served in all commissioned ranks from second lieutenant to Major General. And during that period I spent more of my time being a high - class muscle man for Big Business, for Wall Street and for the bankers.

In short, I was a racketeer, a gangster for capitalism. "I suspected I was just a part of a racket at the time.

Now I am sure of it.

Like all members of the military profession I never had an original thought until I left the service. My mental faculties remained in suspended animation while I obeyed the orders of the higher-ups. This is typical with everyone in the military service.

Thus I helped make Mexico and especially Tampico safe for American oil interests in 1914. I helped make Haiti and Cuba a decent place for the National City Bank boys to collect revenues in.

I helped in the raping of half a dozen Central American republics for the benefit of Wall Street. The record of racketeering is long.

I helped purify Nicaragua for the international banking house of Brown Brothers in 1909-12. I brought light to the Dominican Republic for American sugar interests in 1916.

In China in 1927 I helped see to it that the Standard Oil went its way unmolested. During those years, I had, as the boys in the back room would say, a swell racket.

I was rewarded with honors, medals and promotion. Looking back on it, I feel I might have given Al Capone a few hints. The best he could do was to operate his racket in three city districts. I operated on three continents."

- General Smedley Butler, former US Marine Corps Commandant,1935

President John F. Kennedy

As President, John F. Kennedy understood the predatory nature of private central banking. He understood why Andrew fought so hard to end the Second Bank of the United States. So Kennedy wrote and signed Executive Order 11110 which ordered the US Treasury to issue a new public currency, the United States Note.

Presidents Kennedy and Soekarno

Kennedy was working with President Soekarno of Indonesia who was at that time the signatory for the Global Collateral Accounts which were intended to be used for humanitarian purposes but which were subverted at the time of the Bretton-Woods agreement at the end of WWII.

The intention of Kennedy and Soekarno was to end the reign of the globalist privately owned central banking system - which is the main reason that Kennedy was killed, and for his part Soekarno remained under house arrest for the rest of his life

The efforts to regain control of the Global Collateral Accounts are now being led by Neil Keenan.

The West had been stealing from the Collateral Accounts for nearly 100 years but this has now been stopped by Neil Keenan and his associates, who have gone to considerable expense and risk in their mission to ensure the Global Collateral Accounts are accessible - for the humanitarian purposes for which they were established.

Kennedy's United States Note - with the lack of reference to the FEDERAL RESERVE

Kennedy's United States Notes were not borrowed from the Federal Reserve but created by the US Government and backed by the silver stockpiles held by the US Government. It represented a return to the system of economics the United States had been founded on, and was perfectly legal for Kennedy to do.

All told, some four and one half billion dollars went into public circulation, eroding interest payments to the Federal Reserve and loosening their control over the nation.
Five months later John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas Texas, and the United States Notes pulled from circulation and destroyed (except for samples held by collectors).

John J. McCloy

John J. McCloy, President of the Chase Manhattan Bank, and President of the World Bank, was named to the Warren Commission, presumably to make certain the banking dimensions behind the assassination were concealed from the public.

As we enter the eleventh year of what future history will most certainly describe as World War Three, we need to examine the financial dimensions behind the wars.

Towards the end of World War Two, when it became obvious that the allies were going to win and dictate the post war environment, the major world economic powers met at Bretton Woods, a luxury resort in New Hampshire in July of 1944, and hammered out the Bretton Woods agreement for international finance.

The British Pound lost its position as the global trade and reserve currency to the US dollar (part of the price demanded by Roosevelt in exchange for the US entry into the war). Absent the economic advantages of being the world's "go-to" currency, Britain was forced to nationalize the Bank of England in 1946.

The Bretton Woods agreement, ratified in 1945, in addition to making the dollar the global reserve and trade currency, obligated the signatory nations to tie their currencies to the dollar. The nations that ratified Bretton Woods did so on two conditions.
The first was that the Federal Reserve would refrain from over-printing the dollar as a means to loot real products and produce from other nations in exchange for ink and paper; basically an imperial tax.

That assurance was backed up by the second requirement, which was that the US dollar would always be convertible to gold at $35 per ounce.

The Bretton Woods resort, New Hampshire

The Federal Reserve, being a private bank and not answerable to the US Government, did start overprinting paper dollars, and much of the perceived prosperity of the 1950s and 1960s was the result of foreign nations' obligations to accept the paper notes as being worth gold at the rate of $35 an ounce.

Then in 1970, France looked at the huge pile of paper notes sitting in their vaults, for which real French products like wine and cheese had been traded, and notified the United States government that they would exercise their option under Bretton Woods to return the paper notes for gold at the $35 per ounce exchange rate.

The United States had nowhere near the gold to redeem the paper notes, so on August 15th, 1971, Richard Nixon "temporarily" suspended the gold convertibility of the US Federal Reserve Notes.

Nixon announced the end of gold convertability

Later termed the "Nixon shock", this move effectively ended Bretton Woods and many global currencies started to delink from the US dollar.

The "Nixon Shock"

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Worse, since the United States had collateralized their loans with the nation's gold reserves, it quickly became apparent that the US Government did not in fact have enough gold to cover the outstanding debts.

Foreign nations began to get very nervous about their loans to the US and understandably were reluctant to loan any additional money to the United States without some form of collateral.

So Richard Nixon started the environmental movement, with the EPA and its various programs such as "wilderness zones", Roadless areas", Heritage rivers", "Wetlands", all of which took vast areas of public lands and made them off limits to the American people who were technically the owners of those lands.

But Nixon had little concern for the environment and the real purpose of this land grab under the guise of the environment was to pledge those pristine lands and their vast mineral resources as collateral on the national debt. This was part of the forerunner to the UN Agernda 21 "Sustainability" farce.

The plethora of different programs was simply to conceal the true scale of how much American land was being pledged to foreign lenders as collateral on the government's debts; eventually almost 25% of the nation itself.

All of this is illegal as the Enclave Clause of the Constitution limits the Federal Government to owning the land under Federal Government buildings and military bases, and that Enclave Clause was written into the Constitution by the Founding Fathers to specifically to prevent the Federal Government simply seizing the land belonging to the people to sell off, pledge as collateral, or rent!

Related: Agenda 21: Awareness And Activism + UN 2030 Agenda Decoded: Blueprint For The Global Enslavement Of Humanity Under Corporate Masters

With open lands for collateral already in short supply, the US Government embarked on a new program to shore up sagging international demand for the dollar.

The United States approached the world's oil producing nations, mostly in the Middle East, and offered them a deal. In exchange for only selling their oil for dollars, the United States would guarantee the military safety of those oil-rich nations.

The oil rich nations would agree to spend and invest their US paper dollars inside the United States, in particular in US Treasury Bonds, redeemable through future generations of US taxpayers.

The concept was labeled the "petrodollar". In effect, the US, no longer able to back the dollar with gold, was now backing it with oil.

Other peoples' oil. And that necessity to keep control over those oil nations to prop up the dollar has shaped America's foreign policy in the region ever since.

But as America's manufacturing and agriculture has declined, the oil producing nations faced a dilemma. Those piles of US Federal Reserve notes were not able to purchase much from the United States because the United States had little (other than real estate) anyone wanted to buy.

Europe's cars and aircraft were superior and less costly, while experiments with GMO food crops led to nations refusing to buy US food exports.

Israel's constant belligerence against its neighbors caused them to wonder if the US could actually keep their end of the petrodollar arrangement. Oil producing nations started to talk of selling their oil for whatever currency the purchasers chose to use.

Saddam Hussein

Related: Why Do We Allow Private Banks & Families To Control The World’s Money? +The Truth Is Out: "Money" Is Just An IOU, And The Banks Are Rolling In It

Iraq, already hostile to the United States following Desert Storm, demanded the right to sell their oil for Euros in 2000 and in 2002, the United Nations agreed to allow it under the "Oil for food" program instituted following Desert Storm.

One year later the United States re-invaded Iraq under the lie of Saddam's nuclear weapons, lynched Saddam Hussein, and placed Iraq's oil back on the world market only for US dollars.

The clear US policy shift following 9-11, away from being an impartial broker of peace in the Mideast to one of unquestioned support for Israel's aggressions only further eroded confidence in the Petrodollar deal and even more oil producing nations started openly talking of oil trade for other global currencies.


Over in Libya, Muammar Gaddafi had instituted a state-owned central bank and a value based trade currency, the Gold Dinar.

Also see: Libya: From Africa’s Richest State Under Gaddafi, to Failed State After NATO Intervention

Gaddafi announced that Libya's oil was for sale, but only for the Gold Dinar. Other African nations, seeing the rise of the Gold Dinar and the Euro, even as the US dollar continued its inflation-driven decline, flocked to the new Libyan currency for trade.

This move had the potential to seriously undermine the global hegemony of the dollar. French President Nicolas Sarkozy reportedly went so far as to call Libya a “threat” to the financial security of the world.

the United States invaded Libya, brutally murdered Qaddafi (the object lesson of Saddam's lynching not being enough of a message, apparently), imposed a private central bank, and returned Libya's oil output to dollars only. The gold that was to have been made into the Gold Dinars is, as of last report, unaccounted for.

General Wesley Clark blew the whistle on US plans to conquer the oil-rich Middle East, to attack and take over 7 countries in 5 years.

According to General Wesley Clark, the master plan for the "dollarification" of the world's oil nations included seven targets, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Iran (Venezuela, which dared to sell their oil to China for the Yuan, is a late addition).

What is notable about the original seven nations originally targeted by the US is that none of them are members of the Bank for International Settlements, the private central bankers private central bank, located in Switzerland.

This meant that these nations were deciding for themselves how to run their nations' economies, rather than submit to the international private banks.

Now the bankers' gun sights are on Iran, which dares to have a government central bank and sell their oil for whatever currency they choose.

The war agenda is, as always, to force Iran's oil to be sold only for dollars and to force them to accept a privately owned central bank.

Malaysia, one of the few remaining nations without a Rothschild central bank, is now being invaded by a force claimed to be "Al Qaeda" and has suffered numerous suspicious losses of its commercial passenger jets.

With the death of President Hugo Chavez, plans to impose a US and banker friendly regime on Venezuela are clearly being implemented.

Germany's gold bullion. Where is it?

The German government recently asked for the return of some of their gold bullion from the Bank of France and the New York Federal Reserve. France has said it will take 5 years to return Germany's gold. The United States has said they will need 8 years to return Germany's gold.

This suggests strongly that the Bank of France and the NY Federal Reserve have used the deposited gold for other purposes, most likely to cover gold futures contracts used to artificially suppress the price of gold to keep investors in the equities markets, and the Central Banks are scrambling to find new gold to cover the shortfall and prevent a gold run.

So it is inevitable that suddenly France invades Mali, ostensibly to combat Al Qaeda, with the US joining in. Mali just happens to be one of the world's largest gold producers with gold accounting for 80% of Mali exports. War for the bankers does not get more obvious than that!

Mexico has demanded a physical audit of their gold bullion stored at the Bank of England, and along with Venezuela's vast oil reserves (larger than Saudi Arabia), Venezuela's gold mines are a prize lusted after by all the Central Banks that played fast and loose with other peoples' gold bullion.

So we can expect regime change if not outright invasion soon.

You have been raised by a public school system and media that constantly assures you that the reasons for all these wars and assassinations are many and varied.

The US claims to bring democracy to the conquered lands (they haven't; the usual result of a US overthrow is the imposition of a dictatorship, such as the 1953 CIA overthrow of Iran's democratically elected government of Mohammad Mosaddegh and the imposition of the Shah, or the 1973 CIA overthrow of Chile's democratically elected government of President Salvador Allende, and the imposition of Augusto Pinochet), or to save a people from a cruel oppressor, revenge for 9-11, or that tired worn-out catch all excuse for invasion, weapons of mass destruction. Assassinations are always passed off as "crazed lone nuts" to obscure the real agenda.

Related: ANZACs - Cannon Fodder No More

The real agenda is simple. It is enslavement of the people by creation of a false sense of obligation.

That obligation is false because the Private Central Banking system, by design, always creates more debt than money with which to pay that debt.

Private Central Banking is not science, it is a religion; a set of arbitrary rules created to benefit the priesthood, meaning the owners of the Private Central Bank.

The fraud persists, with often lethal results, because the people are tricked into believing that this is the way life is suppoed to be and no alternative exists or should be dreamt of.

The same was true of two earlier systems of enslavement, Rule by Divine Right and Slavery, both systems built to trick people into obedience, and both now recognized by modern civilizatyion as illegitimate.

Now we are entering a time in human history where we will recognize that rule by debt, or rule by Private Central Bankers issuing the public currency as a loan at interest, is equally illegitimate.

It only works as long as people allow themselves to believe that this is the way life is supposed to be.

Related: Central Banks Are Trojan Horses, Looting Their Host Nations

But understand this above all; Private Central Banks do not exist to serve the people, the community, or the nation. Private Central Banks exist to serve their owners, to make them rich beyond the dreams of Midas and all for the cost of ink, paper, and the right bribe to the right official.

Behind all these wars, all these assassinations, the hundred million horrible deaths from all the wars lies a single policy of dictatorship. The private central bankers allow rulers to rule only on the condition that the people of a nation be enslaved to the private central banks.

Failing that, said ruler will be killed, and their nation invaded by those other nations enslaved to private central banks.

The so-called "clash of civilizations" we read about on the corporate media is really a war between banking systems, with the private central bankers forcing themselves onto the rest of the world, no matter how many millions must die for it.

Indeed the constant hatemongering against Muslims lies in a simple fact. Like the ancient Christians (prior to the Knights Templars private banking system) , Muslims forbid usury, or the lending of money at interest. And that is the reason our government and media insist they must be killed or converted. They refuse to submit to currencies issued at interest. They refuse to be debt slaves.

So off to war your children must go, to spill their blood for the money-junkies' gold. We barely survived the last two world wars. In the nuclear/bioweapon age, are the private central bankers willing to risk incinerating the whole planet just to feed their greed?

Apparently so. This brings us to the current situation in the Ukraine, Russia, and China.

The European Union had been courting the government of the Ukraine to merge with the EU, and more to the point, entangle their economy with the private-owned European Central Bank.

Related: Exposed: The Nazi Roots Of The European Union

The government of the Ukraine was considering the move, but had made no commitments. Part of their concern lay with the conditions in other EU nations enslaved to the ECB, notably Cyprus, Greece, Spain, and Italy. So they were properly cautious.

Then Russia stepped in with a better deal and the Ukraine, exercising the basic choice all consumers have to choose the best product at the best price, dropped the EU and announced they were going to go with Russia's offer.

It was at that point that agents provocateurs flooded into the Ukraine, covertly funded by intelligence agency fronts like CANVAS and USAID, stirring up trouble, while the western media proclaimed this was a popular revolution. Snipers shot at people and this violence was blamed on then-President Yanukovich.

However a leaked recording of a phone call between the EU's Catherine Ashton and Estonia's Foreign Minister Urmas Paet confirmed the snipers were working for the overthrow plotters, not the Ukrainian government. Urmas Paet has confirmed the authenticity of that phone call.

This is a classic pattern of covert overthrow we have seen many times before.

Since the end of WW2, the US has covertly tried to overthrow the governments of 56 nations, succeeding 25 times.

Examples include the 1953 overthrow of Iran's elected government of Mohammed Mossadegh and the imposition of the Shah, the 1973 overthrow of Chile's elected government of Salvador Allende and the imposition of the Pinochet dictatorship, and of course,
the current overthrow of Ukraine's elected government of Yanukovich and the imposition of the current unelected government, which is already gutting the Ukraine's wealth to hand to the western bankers.

Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa have formed a parallel financial system called BRICS, officially launched on January 1, 2015.
As of this writing some 80 nations are ready to trade with BRICS in transactions that do not involve the US dollar.

Despite US economic warfare against both Russia and China, the Ruble and Yuan are seen as more attractive for international trade and banking than the US dollar,
hence the US attempt to fan the Ukraine crisis into war with Russia, and attempts to provoke North Korea as a back door to war with China.

The US Corporate Government: "These are the enemies of everything we hold dear in America: Your children must kill them for us..."

Flag waving and propaganda aside, all modern wars are wars by and for the private bankers, fought and bled for by third parties unaware of the true reason they are expected to gracefully be killed and croppled for.

The process is quite simple. As soon as the Private Central Bank issues its currency as a loan at interest, the public is forced deeper and deeper into debt.

When the people are reluctant to borrow any more, that is when the Keynesian economists demand the government borrow more to keep the pyramid scheme working.

When both the people and government refuse to borrow any more, that is when wars are started, to plunge everyone even deeper into debt to pay for the war, then after the war to borrow more to rebuild.

When the war is over, the people have about the same as they did before the war, except the graveyards are far larger and everyone is in debt to the private bankers for the next century. This is why Brown Brothers Harriman in New York was funding the rise of Adolf Hitler.

As long as Private Central Banks are allowed to exist, inevitably as the night follows day there will be poverty, hopelessness, and millions of deaths in endless World Wars, until the Earth itself is sacrificed in flames to Mammon.

The path to true peace on Earth lies in the abolishment of all private central banking everywhere, and a return to the state-issued value-based currencies that allow nations and people to become prosperous.

"Banks do not have an obligation to promote the public good."

- Alexander Dielius, CEO, Germany, Austrian, Eastern Europe Goldman Sachs, 2010

"I am just a banker doing God's work."

- Lloyd Blankfein, CEO, Goldman Sachs, 2009

From the film "The International" which tells the story of the take-down of the corrupt Bank of Credit and Commerce International which was the 7th largest private bank in the world.

'The question the people of the world should be asking is not whether to raise debt ceilings, but rather why our governments, which are authorised to create and issue interest-free money, instead borrow that money at interest from a privately-owned central banking system, thereby plunging future generations into debt slavery to that bank?'

Three steps from Private Central Bank to World War:

Step 1: Enslave the nation to a private Central Bank issuing the public currency as a loan at interest to trap the people in unpayable debt

Step 2: When the people cannot borrow any more, have the government borrow on their behalf (and without their permissiono) to keep the pyramid scheme working

Step 3: When both the people and the government can no longer borrow, start a world war to conquer other nations wealth to "balance the books"

An Revealing Look at the Interests of the United Nations bodies of NATO and the WTO:

Click the image above to open a larger version in a new browser window

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Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi
“What Is The Great Reset?”: A Blatant Propaganda Video By The World Economic Forum
April 24 2023 | From: VigilantCitizen / X22Report / Various

The World Economic Forum recently posted a video promoting the Great Reset while addressing the conspiracy theories surrounding it.

The result: A bizarre Orwellian video that announces the death of capitalism as we know it.

Related: Orwell’s 1984 No Longer Reads Like Fiction - It’s The Reality Of Our Times & The Propaganda Ministry Known As “The Free Press”
The video “What is the Great Reset?” is a bizarre piece of PR / propaganda.

At face value, it appears to say “don’t worry about the Great Reset, we love you all very much”. However, through coercive words and powerful symbols, the message most people get is “we’re doing this… whether you like it or not”.

Through its condescending tone and obnoxious, over-simplistic phrasing, the video is basically about the elite talking down to the peasants, especially those who dare question its plans.

And, if the goal of this video was to quell concerns about the Great Reset, it failed miserably. Proof: About 99.9% of the comments on YouTube are extremely negative. Here are some examples.

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Here’s the video:

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This video is important and worth analyzing for several reasons. First, it was produced by the World Economic Forum (WEF) itself.

As stated in several past articles, the WEF is one of those non-democratic elite organizations that set social and economic policies on a global level. In other words, if the WEF releases a video about something, it has the power to actually make it happen. In fact, it is probably already happening.

Second, this is not one of those feel-good “let’s fight the pandemic together” videos.

It actually announces the “death of capitalism as we know it” – in those very words. It announces drastic, historical, and structural changes on a global level. It announces a New World Order.

Related: NWO Control System Vs. The Awakening - Which Will Win?

This is the video description on YouTube:

"The pandemic has radically changed the world as we know it, and the actions we take today, as we work to recover, will define our generation.

It’s why the World Economic Forum is calling for a new form of capitalism, one that puts people and planet first, as we come together to rebuild the world after COVID-19."

The first sentence of this description sets the overarching narrative: The pandemic destroyed the world and the elite is going to fix it.

However, that description contains one glaring omission: The pandemic itself did not “radically change the world” – it is the response to it that changed it. And this response was dictated by the very elite that is now lecturing us about a Great Reset.

Indeed, instead of tackling the pandemic with a balanced and targeted approach that’s focused on people who are actually at risk, the elite insisted on shutting down small and medium businesses for months, eliminating millions of jobs in the process.

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Meanwhile, elite-owned mega-corporations were allowed to strive.

Then, after suffocating the masses for nearly a full year, the WEF says that the system is broken. But they broke it. And before they broke it, we were actually in the midst of the longest economic recovery on record. 

I am not saying that capitalism as we know is perfect. However, we are being presented a “solution” to a problem they’ve purposely created. In short: Order of out chaos. Here’s a look at this video.

In Your Face

Usually, PR efforts by elite organizations hide their true intentions with flowery words and meaningless sentences. But this thing is blatant.

Of course, it has to start with the elite’s complete obsession with seeing the entire world wearing masks. They’re particularly excited when children wear them.

At the beginning of the video, we see a bunch of people donning masks in a semi-ritualistic manner: A sign of submission to the elite

Related: The COVID-19 RT-PCR Test: How To Mislead All Humanity - Using A “Test” To Lock Down Society + Former Pfizer Science Officer Reveals Great COVID-19 Scam

Then, we hear UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres describing the pandemic as an “opportunity”.

Related: U.S. Govt Loses Landmark Vaccine Lawsuit & Expert Study Shows Vaccinations Actually Turn Your Own Bodies Immune System Against You

In a weird shot that includes a massive full-moon, Guterres talks about “hope” brought by vaccines.

He also adds: “there’s no vaccine for the planet, nature needs a bailout”.

In other words: If COVID hysteria ever goes away, it will immediately be replaced by global warming hysteria.

Related: Exposing The Bogus "97% Consensus" Claim Over Climate Change 'Science' & Top-Level Climate Modeler Spills The Beans On The ‘Nonsense’ Of ‘Global Warming Crisis’

Then, the video treats us with the image of a building crumbling down as the narrator says:

"With everything falling apart, we can reshape the world in ways we couldn’t before”.

That’s powerful, near-subliminal imagery.

Not unlike the building above, the world is actually being subjected to controlled demolition. And they’ve placed the dynamites themselves. Why?

Related: Is The Globalist "Reset" Failing? The Elites May Have Overplayed Their Hand

The narrator then says: “That’s why so many are calling for a Great Reset”.

Nobody (except for the elite) is calling for a Great Reset.

Everybody (except for the elite) is calling for the complete restoration of freedoms.

Then, in a bizarre twist, the narrator talks about how the Great Reset sounds like a conspiracy.

"Great Reset? That sounds more like buzzword bingo masking some nefarious plan for world domination”.

While these words are uttered, powerful symbols are displayed.

Related: Changes That Are Coming: The Deep State’s Control Is Fast Coming To An End

While this image is meant to ridicule theories regarding the Great Reset, it actually depicts, with relative accuracy, what the Great Reset would achieve:

The hand of the elite pulling the strings of the global economy.

Related: ‘Cultural Schizophrenia’: Media Shift To Feelings Over Facts Tearing US [West] Apart & You Are Being Bombarded By Fake News, Fake News “Filters,” Fake People, Fake Food, And Fake Medicine

Then, a fake newspaper with the headline: “Global Elite’s Plan For Your Future”.

Once again, while this headline is meant to address critics, it is also unconsciously assimilated by viewers to the first degree. The contents of this fake article are quite revealing:

The Great Reset is Well-Documented.

The Great Reset has been labeled a conspiracy theory and parts of it sounds like a conspiracy theory, but everything we know about it comes from the global elites themselves, who have been quite open about it.

“This is not a conspiracy theory, this is a well-documented movement among many of the world’s most powerful people,” says Justin Haskins, the editorial director at the Heartland Institute and a leading authority on the Great Reset, “fundamentally, this is a radical and complete transformation of everything that we do in our society,” Haskins adds, “it will change the way businesses are evaluated, it will coerce businesses to pursue left-wing causes.”

The Great Reset was unveiled at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, where many of the world’s most powerful people go to offer solutions to the world’s problems. They have said that the coronavirus pandemic as a historic opportunity to change the way the world operates.

COVID-19 pandemic as an “opportunity” to change everything.

A World Economic Forum video warns, “Right now we’re facing a crisis of international proportions. It’s going to have a long-term impact on us”.

And their solution is essentially global socialism. Think of the Green New Deal combined with the COVID-19 lockdown restrictions and throw in something called the Fourth Industrial Revolution, in which technology is supposed to radically change the way we live and work.

Haskins says: “The elites, the technocrats in society, the most educated people”, see the chance to “control and manipulate society, pull the levers in society so that it’s in their minds, perfect.”

As you can see, the contents of this newspaper are not gibberish.

It mentions Justin Haskins of Heartland Institute, a researcher from an actual think tank who has been warning about the massive scope of the Great Reset.

Related: They Live, We Sleep: Beware The Growing Evil In Our Midst

Right after, the video replicates a classic scene from the movie They Live (read my article about it here). Through the lens of truth, the words “Great Reset” turn into “Obey!”

So the video acknowledges that the Great Reset sounds like a massive conspiracy to use COVID-19 to usher in global socialism. Then, instead of quelling these concerns, the video basically confirms them.

The narrator argues that the World Economic Forum is about “bringing people together”.

She says:

"Whether its politicians, CEOs, academics, activists or you, we’re all about getting people together.”

Were YOU invited to the WEF?

No, you weren’t. They don’t even want you to leave your house.

Related: Agenda 21: Awareness And Activism + UN 2030 Agenda Decoded: Blueprint For The Global Enslavement Of Humanity Under Corporate Masters

To illustrate people “coming together”, the video shows us this collage of powerful people (and elite-owned pawns).

The image above immediately reminded me of the very symbolic Economist cover from 2015 featuring figures of the world elite:

Related: Secrets Of The Rothschild “The World In 2016” Economist Cover Decoded

Then, citing the pandemic and global warming, the video gets rather extreme.

Related: Why Capitalism Creates Useless Jobs

The video says: “Capitalism as we know it is dead”. To make things perfectly clear for us peasants, they’ve literally depicted a tombstone that says Capitalism RIP 2020.

About 23 seconds prior, the video was “addressing” critics claiming that the Great Reset was about global socialism. Then it literally shows a tombstone with the words “Capitalism RIP”.

Once again, powerful imagery coming from a powerful place.

Then, the video introduces “stakeholder capitalism” – a system that would drastically change the way businesses and economies function.

"It’s for these reasons that the forum talks about something called stakeholder capitalism which would shift businesses away from just profit because, if we want to change where the focus of our recovery will go, then we need a new dashboard for the new economy. And that needs to encompass people, planet, prosperity, and institutions.”

While capitalism is based on a self-regulating system of offer and demand, the Great Reset looks to redefine the way businesses are evaluated through new parameters.

The main one: Compliance to the elite’s social and political agendas...

Hayley Wolf Marshall: COVID Questions to Government we all Should be Asking:

If I Get Vaccinated:

1. Can I stop wearing the mask?

- No

2. Can they reopen restaurants etc and everyone work normally?

- No

3. Will I be resistant to covid?

- Maybe, but we don't know exactly, it probably won't stop you getting it

4. At least I won't be contagious to others anymore?

- No you can still pass it on, possibly, nobody knows

5. If we vaccinate all children, will school resume normally?

- No

6. If I am vaccinated, can I stop social distancing?

- No

7. If I am vaccinated, can I stop disinfecting my hands?

- No

8. If I vaccinate myself and my grandfather, can we hug each other?

- No

9. Will cinemas, theatres and stadiums be reopened thanks to vaccines?

- No

10. Will the vaccinated be able to gather?

- No

11. What is the real benefit of vaccination?

- The virus won't kill you

12. Are you sure it won't kill me?

- No

13. If statistically the virus didn't kill me anyway ... Why would I get vaccinated?"

- To protect others

14. So if I get vaccinated, the others are 100% sure I'm not infecting them?

- No

Where Does This Leave Us Then?

So the shot / shots do not provide immunity

Does not eliminate the virus

Does not prevent death

Does not guarantee you won’t get it

Does not prevent you from getting it

Does not stop you passing it on

Does not eliminate the need for travel bans

Does not eliminate the need for business closures

Does not eliminate the need for lockdowns

Does not eliminate the need for masking

So... What the Hell is Actually Going on?

Highly Important:
Dr Andrew Wakefield: This Is Not A Vaccine It Is An Irreversible Genetic Modification

Shortly after, the narrator utters this enigmatic sentence:

"And that’s all about getting the right people in the right place at the right time”.

While the video doesn’t quite explain what this sentence actually means in real-life situations, its implications are rather chilling.

Instead of allowing successful individuals and businesses to grow organically, the elite’s system would interfere to “get the right people at the right place at the right time”, in accordance with its agenda.

In other words, the system would be rigged and compliance to a wider agenda would be mandatory in a new economy.

The video ends with a call to viewers to get involved. However, of course, you’re not actually invited to the WEF. What they really want you to do is to shut up, wear a mask and stay home.

Highly Recommended: Game Theory, The Take Down Will Be On The Patriots Timetable

The Deep State / Mainstream Mediais now being brought down a path where they are going to be trapped, this is game theory.

The [DS] doesn’t know the plan, Trump and the patriots are controlling the optics, which means it seems nothing is happening until it happens all at once. The timetable has already been established, public opinion and the trap is now moving forward.

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Dr. Steve Pieczenik Returns! Claims Trump Is Still President!

Bill Maher nervous about Trump's 'radio silence' since leaving office: 'Does that not alarm you a little?'

DHS Sting Operation Rumors Of Massive Voting Fraud + Intelligence Expert Steve Pieczenik Claims 2020 Election Was A “Sophisticated Sting Operation” That Has Trapped The Democrats In The Most Massive Criminal Election Fraud In History

Declass Begins, CNN Complicit In Capitol Raid + Trump Declassifies 'Foot-High' Stack Of Russiagate, Obamagate Documents; Set For Release Within Days

Trump - Existential Threat To New World Order

In Conclusion

If one watches the various videos posted by the World Economic Forum on YouTube, a common thread is easily discernable.

1. Scare people with catastrophic disasters (this video focused on COVID and global warming).

2. Present a drastic solution that involves a non-democratic elite entity regulating the entire world.

To justify the Great Reset, the WEF mentions “economic disparities” caused by COVID-19. However, these disparities were caused by economy-killing policies dictated by the World Health Organization – another elite organization that is largely funded by China.

By forcing massive lockdowns, they knew exactly what would happen. They created chaos, and now they’re looking to restore order.

Despite all of the words being thrown around, the real issue at hand is freedom. A free market allows any citizen to create a business and make a living from it.

Related: Ending The 1901 Plan

And, as long as there’s a demand for it, the business can grow and everyone involved prospers. Free enterprise is a vector of freedom and allows those who succeed to live a comfortable life – no matter their social or political allegiances.

It is all about numbers.

The Great Reset is looking to break this vector of freedom by introducing social and political components to the free market.

If you do not comply, you do not succeed. Instead, they’ll put “the right person, at the right place, at the right time”.

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Why Mainstream Economists Don't See Recessions Coming

The World’s Best Economist

Former Morgan Stanley Chief Asia Economist: "Don't Listen To The Ruling Elite, The World Economy Is In Real Trouble"

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

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The Truth About MMS (Chlorine Dioxide) That They Don’t Want You To Know
April 23 2023 | From: JordanSather / Various

For the past several weeks the fake news media has been in an all out rampage against a chemical compound called chlorine dioxide (ClO2) and against me because I discuss the truth about it.

This media barrage was started by Will Sommer for the Daily Beast in an article called “QAnon’ers Magic Cure for Coronavirus: Just Drink Bleach!” and the newswires spread it internationally.

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Promoters of this narrative inaccurately refer to ClO2 as an “industrial bleach” and label me as a YouTube conspiracy theorist who “promotes drinking bleach to cure everything.”

Nope. Not. At. All.

That’s why we call them the fake news after all, right? And if you think the news is fake, imagine how fake their science is! Media attacks against this chemical compound and those who talk about it are nothing new.

This article will discuss what chlorine dioxide actually is, some of my personal experiences with it, and the misrepresentation that our media and Pharma owned medical “authorities” give us on the subject.

So, What is This Stuff? Is it Actually Bleach?

Let's start with basic semantics. By designating something that has the ability to decolorize and sanitize as a 'bleach' is confusing a process with a product.

A verb instead of a noun. For example, lemons can bleach, the sun bleaches, but we don’t necessary label those as 'bleach'.

And just like lemons and the sun, ClO2 can also decolorize and sanitize, and is used industrially to do so, but this doesn't make it harmful for humans in every capacity.

“Clorox bleach itself is sodium hypochlorite, which of course, is not chlorine dioxide, and has far different mechanisms of action.”

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Whenever a media or science talking head states that ClO2 is “essentially bleach,” either they didn’t pass high school chemistry or they’re knowingly misguiding you - trying to confuse people into thinking it’s the same as the commercial Clorox tucked away in our laundry cabinets.

Clorox bleach itself is sodium hypochlorite, which of course, is not chlorine dioxide, and has far different mechanisms of action. And what's funny is that Chlorine dioxide is a gas, so when the media says "drink bleach" they're just further revealing their ignorance.

So as you can see, there's a total misrepresentation of what ClO2 actually is - a gaseous compound that works to disinfect pathogens very effectively through oxidation.

Clorox bleach itself is sodium hypochlorite, which of course, is not chlorine dioxide, and has far different mechanisms of action.

Chlorine Dioxide Kills Harmful Bacteria?

Yes. ClO2 kills bacteria, viruses, cancer cells - it will selectively target anaerobic pathogens and kill them through oxidation, an electrical reaction where one chemical steals the electrons of another.

Some in the health community may be familiar with the oxidative capacity of food grade hydrogen peroxide and ozone therapy, chlorine dioxide oxidizes similarly. When a ClO2 molecule comes into contact with a virus or bacteria cell, it rips electrons from the cell and destroys it.

Because of its sterilization ability and relative cheapness, this compound is commonly used in a variety of industries such as hospitals and restaurants. The Environmental Protection Agency has it registered for these purposes.

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However, ClO2 isn't just used as an industrial cleaner, a stabilized version is commonly used by hikers and campers to kill waterborne pathogens for clean drinking water.

These potable water drops and tablets have chlorine dioxide listed as the main ingredient and can be easily purchased at any camping supply store such as REI or online shopping websites like Amazon.

So, if chlorine dioxide is not a "toxic bleach," why are people like myself being ridiculed by mainstream media for discussing it? And why is there no mention of suppliers like REI and Amazon?

Two reasons - one is simply shoddy and the other is downright shameful. Shoddy journalism is to blame when only the biased FDA is used as a resource.

For example, the FDA puts out warning letters about ClO2, calling it a deadly bleach without explanation, citing zero science or research about the compound.

Yet, the military and the EPA use ClO2 at high dosages to tackle extreme contaminants like Anthrax and Ebola, and the USDA and even the FDA itself have chlorine dioxide registered to decontaminate with.

And take a look at this - studies have been done showing chlorine dioxide to be effective at killing the coronavirus too. Take that, propaganda peddlers!

And it goes to note that while high dosages of most decontaminates are not safe to be around, low doses (like what hikers use for potable water and those drinking it internally to kill pathogens) can be very safe.

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Anything can harm or help depending on how you use it. Conscious usage is key. And the shameful part of this issue? The medical establishment is trying to suppress the sharing of any potential health benefits of ClO2 because it is inexpensive and effective.

What Does All This Have to do With MMS?

Some folks who have used and taught about chlorine dioxide for health supporting purposes call it the “master mineral solution" and “miracle mineral supplement” or MMS for short.

I prefer to call it what it is - chlorine dioxide, because it removes any preconceived notions. It’s not magically “miraculous,” it’s just reality! The most notable proponents of MMS are Daniel Smith of Project Green Life and Jim Humble, who has been heavily denigrated by Big Pharma.

In 2015, Smith was sentenced to 51 months in federal prison for (basically) teaching too many people about MMS. You can find/support him at standbydaniel.com.

And Humble is attacked routinely by the press even though, as his name suggests, he's a very humble man. His resources are incredibly helpful in understanding chlorine dioxide protocols and can found on his website JimHumble.co.
A helpful resource for information on ClO2 is an “MMSWiki” page that highlights Humble’s research in a Wikipedia style format. And on a side note, Wikileaks released an email regarding MMS/chlorine dioxide in their 2012 Global Intelligence Files data dump.

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It consisted of public disclosure for a number of internal emails between the employees and clients of Stratfor, a geopolitical intelligence company. For some reason, a private company that works with the intelligence community on information analysis, Stratfor, had collected an email on MMS.

I find that intriguing. You can read that email here. And before YouTube censors any of them, check out these interviews with European professional Andreas Kalcker. They are top notch!

How is MMS Information Being Suppressed?

Due to the viral nature of social media and with so many people waking up, information about MMS has become widespread. The FDA has attempted to counter with two press releases.

The first in 2010 was then rereleased in 2019, entitled: “FDA warns consumers about the dangerous and potentially life threatening side effects of Miracle Mineral Solution."

This from the FDA - a financially motivated agency that racks up millions in user fees per year (as part of their Prescription Drug User Fee Act), has approved deadly drugs like opioid painkillers, and only approved 'medical marijuana' after a man-made pharmaceutical version was created.

In April of 2017, I released a short 4 minute video about MMS on my Destroying the Illusion YouTube channel and in just over a year it had amassed 250,000 views.

It was ranked #1 on YouTube’s search results for "MMS." Consequently, YouTube started censoring my video from searches and in May of 2019, they completely removed it and added a strike to my channel.

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This was followed by a targeted media blitz against MMS led by Business Insider and other media outlets during the summer of 2019, culminating in the FDA warning letter.

See how they operate? Censor the truth beforehand, then publish smears and lies afterward so no one can search for any real information.

Then, once they print that it’s a dangerous-deadly bleach and claim people were harmed, the FDA is “forced” to take action. Information warfare.

So How Does Someone Find and Use It?

I personally don't sell it, but there are still some active vendors as well as a few different ways to make your own ClO2 gas. An easy way to make it is by combining sodium chlorite and citric acid solution in a small 1:1 ratio of drops in a clean glass and allow 30-60 seconds to activate.

That’s pretty much it. When mixing the drops, it’s commonly referred to as 1 “drop of MMS/chlorine dioxide” when 1 drop of sodium chlorite is added to 1 drop of citric acid. 1+1=1 drop MMS.

Easily dispensable bottles of sodium chlorite and citric acid can be purchased online at kvlab.com. Now, let’s discuss when to take these drops and how many.

One of the more well known (but intensive) regimens is Humble’s Protocol 1000, whereby one would take 3 drops of MMS (3+3) every hour for 8-12 hours a day.

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With a protocol like this where a small amount of ClO2 is getting into the blood for a prolonged period of time, it allows the compound to do more work on the pathogens in the body.

If it were only taken twice a day, even in higher amounts, it still wouldn’t be in the body as long. I have never done this protocol myself and I rarely use MMS in general these days, but I have the bottles and the knowledge on hand, just in case.

What I have done in the past are “maintenance doses” of 5-10 drops of MMS once or twice a day. I’ve also used chlorine dioxide gas to help clear and cleanse my sinuses and respiratory tract by gently inhaling, holding, and exhaling for a few repetitions.

An important warning about using ClO2 is the “Herxheimer Effect”, named after the doctor who first studied it. Essentially, if the body detoxifies too fast, it can cause nausea, stomach distress, or diarrhea. As such, it's important to start slow when detoxing the body.

How Did I Discover all This?

In 2011, I became acquainted with an individual who had medical experience but was fed up with the establishment medical system. He decided to continue helping people through natural modalities.

After he taught myself and some of my colleagues about MMS, we spent a few years experimenting with it—both cleaning and using it internally.

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One of my favorite experiences with MMS was when I met a woman with stage 4 ovarian cancer. She refused chemotherapy and successfully healed herself with a modified regimen of MMS and the Gerson Therapy.


Be aware that many organizations have special interests and will cite their own sources to promote a particular narrative.

You can believe what the fake news and fake science would have you believe, or you can research for yourself and put their narratives to the test. I’ve always found there to be no better teacher than personal experience.

No source can surpass the knowledge you’ve gained from witnessing something first hand. The more knowledge you have from your research and experiences, the more you will know the truth of what’s really going on in the world, and how to manage any circumstances that may arise.

I don't refer to anything as a "cure," for truly there are no cure-alls. I don’t believe in banking on one compound or pill to be our savior, which is why I don’t refer to chlorine dioxide as “magic.”

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Instead, I believe that we should be looking holistically at ourselves to figure out how we can practice prevention or to keep a situation from progressing.

There are many powerful substances that are cheap, safe, natural, and readily available that can be used as part of this holistic regimen. It is only through our own ignorance that we don't know how to use them, let alone realize they exist.

We must undo the mass programming. Knowledge is power.

Comment: If you are interested in ordering MMS in New Zealand, please email us and further details will be provided.

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Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi
The Sequel To The Fall Of The Cabal
April 22 2023 | From: GreatAwakeningProject / Various

From the creators of the documentary series Fall of The Cabal, now bring you The Sequel.

In this now 23 part series, the Cabal is fully exposed.

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As time is running out, the creators of this documentary will upload one part every week. This Sequel is not about Q, nor Trump. It is about the Cabal. It will give you info that will blow you off your socks. Crime, murder, money laundering, cartels, high treason, all of which under your noise… Meet the Cabal.

Documentary by: Award Winning Researcher Janet Ossebaard

DISCLAIMER: All statements, claims, views and opinions that appear anywhere on this site, whether stated as theories or absolute facts, are always presented by The Great Awakening Report (GAR) as unverified - and should be personally fact checked and discerned by you, the reader.

Any opinions or statements herein presented are not necessarily promoted, endorsed, or agreed to by GAR, those who work with GAR, or those who read or subscribe to GAR.

Any belief or conclusion gleaned from content on this site is solely the responsibility of you the reader to substantiate.Any actions taken by those who read material on this site are solely the responsibility of the acting party.

You are encouraged to think for yourself and do your own research. Nothing on this site is meant to be believed without question or personal appraisal.

Part One:

Part Two:

The Wrath of the Jesuit Council… From Weishaupt and the creation of the Order of the Illuminati to Napoleon and WWI. Follow their trail of destruction in order to know whom we are dealing with.

Part Three:

About the Russian Revolution, the Great Depression and WWII… all instigated by the Cabal. Through manipulating the Stock market, by pushing Cabal puppets forward, and by ruthlessly killing millions of people who stood in their way. With one goal, and one goal alone…

Part Four:

The Protocols of Zion.

Part Five:

About the Georgia Guidestones, Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, the UN, and the ‘Peacekeepers’.

Part Six:

About Henry Kissinger, Population Policy, the UN and its many NGOs, the UN Population Fund, Population Control, forced abortions & sterilizations, and Planned Parenthood and Margaret Sanger.

Part Seven:

About the 5500 NGOs, connected to the UN, who do so-called charity work. Upon investigating their very own financial papers, we discovered that NGOs are nothing but the perfect business model to launder money (billions of dollars!), to avoid paying tax, and to invest in the Cabal’s main target: depopulation and world dominance.

Join us to peel off a few more layers of this onion, to found who the Cabal truly is!

Check back for Part Eight and more...

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Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi
New Zealand Is Regarded Internationally As A Great Place To User-Test, What Does This Mean For Kiwis?
April 21 2023 | From: Stuff / Various

For years New Zealand has been utilised by app developers, social media companies and software developers to test new technologies, but the risks and benefits for Kiwi consumers and businesses remain unclear. Ged Cann reports.

If you want to test it, come to New Zealand.

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That's the mantra overseas, where New Zealand's advantages as a testing ground have been common knowledge in the international tech industry for decades, according to one world-wide developer.

AirG is a Canadian App and Social media company with more than $100 million in annual revenue, operating in nearly 40 countries.

Founder and managing director Frederick Ghahramani said he was first awakened to the potential of New Zealand in 1998.

"It was a CEO of some company giving a speech and he randomly blurted it out: 'If you every want to test something the easiest place to do it is New Zealand'," he said.

Companies that have user-tested here include Facebook, which trialled a Snapchat competitor and their new Marketplace function; Microsoft tested website-creator app Sway; and Dominoes Pizza, which teamed up with drone business Flirty to bring Kiwis the first aerial-delivered pizza.

As far back as the 1980s Kiwis were user-testing a revolutionary method of payment – EFTPOS.

New Zealand was also among the first to receive PokemonGo.

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The idea stuck with Ghahramani, and when the time came to launch his first mobile game, Atomic Dove, in 2001 there was only one place to user-test.

In 2016 airG was back to launch Just10, a Facebook-alternative which guaranteed information security and basic encryption.

There was an added reason Ghahramani decided to test this particular product in New Zealand – Kiwis were among the most privacy conscious customers in the world.

A Privacy Commission Report in 2014 showed 40 per cent were very concerned about individual privacy online.

Kiwis' awareness of privacy was linked, in Ghahramani's mind, to their use as guinea pigs.

"It seems everyone has been burned in New Zealand," he said.

But Victoria University head of school for information management Benoit Aubert said Kiwis faced no greater threat as testers than regular customers.

"People don't even read the disclosure that companies provide so in that sense it is risky but no more risky than accepting those that are already out there," he said.

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"Yes you can test something, but if it's wrong – who wants to be the first to test the Samsung 7? Nobody."

Mr Aubert said New Zealand's recent placement at the top of the World Bank's 2017 Doing Business Report, which examines regulations that enhance or constrain business activity, reinforced the appeal.

"You want places where population is educated, receptive to technology, well connected, so we fit the parameters of different countries. Then the beauty is that it's a small market," he said.

This kept costs down, Aubert said, and meant if a new service fell flat it did not damage the company's reputation in a significant way.

There were advantages as well, according to Ghahramani, chief among which was bringing Kiwi developers into contact with large foreign companies as they seek local partners.

"Participating in the digital economy is half the battle. Getting a piece of the value chain, it's always better to be first and be early," Ghahramani said.

On the flip-side Mr Ghahramani said it meant local companies were competing with international players for the same pocket share.

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"Everyone looks at Kiwi consumers as more affluent,  more successful, more educated on average than American consumers, so obviously we are there to get your time, your money, your attention,"he said.

LinQ is a small Wellington-based start-up focused on optimising information handling.

Chief technology officer David Swann said international presence in the technology market was a double-edged sword.

"The fact that we have the big boys in town is sucking up the talent. Right now the pace of talent coming into the market isn't keeping up with demand. For a start-up that's a nightmare."

On the other hand LinQ chief executive Stew Darling said international presence helped home-grown talent think broader and prepared start-ups for the challenges of a global market.

"If you want be global from birth you have to think global from birth," he said.

Facebook, Google, Apple and Microsoft all declined to comment for this article.

Being English speaking, a common law market, and having a clear taxation system are also key advantages airG founder Ghahramani identifies.

"It might as well be a province or Canada or a county of the UK," he said.

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"To incorporate in New Zealand is very low cost, withholding taxes are very transparent and straightforward."

The ability to set up and close down companies quickly is also important in an industry that moves fast and takes no prisoners.

"We build and destroy things in a week or three weeks. We want to try it, if it doesn't work - just shut it down and walk away with no consequences," he said.

Industry knowledge puts the average Kiwi customer's astuteness in the top 20 percent of the USA, according to Ghahramani.

"You get a data set of people who are internet aware, internet savvy, they know what they want. That's exactly what you want from a focus group, you don't want people who are the great unknowing masses."

To get the kind of feedback collected for Just10 in the USA Ghahramani said you have to pay professional testers anywhere between $15-100 per person.

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 Domino's using drones to deliver pizza

 Pokemon Go Plus launches

 Domino's rolls out electric bike pizza deliveries

 Drones, self-drive cars and 'car butler' in our near future

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi
Anna von Reitz: The Banking System Including Specifics On The World Bank And Karen Hudes
April 20 2023 | From: PhiBetaIota / Various

The banks are crooked. All of them. They have no other choice. And THAT is the problem.

We have, whether we know it or not, created a criminal banking system and then stood back and let it roll. What kind of results do we expect from that?

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A train wreck is what I expect from that, and “transitioning” out of this crooked system is made difficult by the fact that both alternative models, the gold-backed system and the quantum system, are known to be crooked, too.

What bothers me is that the bankers know this and I know this and you should know it if you don’t - but nobody is talking about this fundamental fact.

The Federal Reserve [Worldwide Reserve Banking] system is a fantasy built on grossly criminal practices requiring impersonation, enslavement, and barratry.

The IMF system is built on a currency commodity rigging scheme - the “Exchange Stabilization Fund”.

The BRICs system is built on manipulation of gold reserves and artificially restricting access to gold - commodity rigging, again.

The Quantum system is another fantasy built on manipulation of old MS-DOs programming and manipulation of digits, more rigging...

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It’s all about manipulation of “perceived values” of symbols and artificially controlling access to commodities. It’s all crooked. And if you think about it more than five minutes, it’s also crazy.

It’s idolatry. Just like people used to carve statues and worship the “image of God” they had themselves created, we create these “symbols of value” - coins, pieces of paper, etc. - and give them value based on our belief that they have value.

Years ago I waved a dollar bill at a friend who was staring at me like I was nuts.

I said to him, “Look at this! What is it? It’s a piece of paper! And it’s not even a useful piece of paper. It’s printed all over, so not good to write on. It’s too stiff and hard-surfaced to use for toilet paper.

What in the hell do you think this is? What gives it any “value” if not your pig-headed belief that it HAS value?”


And it is the same thing with a gold coin. Sure, gold is a metal, so relatively speaking, more valuable than paper.

It’s even a fairly rare metal with some special properties as metal, which increases its value for some industrial applications.

Related: Gold Standard Versus Keynes: Which Is Economically Illiterate?

But, when you get right down to it, what good is it to you? Can you eat it? Wear it? Will it keep you warm or fuel your car?

And if you don’t use gold or silver, what other commodities are you going to arbitrarily pick? Blueberry jam? Seltzer water?

You see, this whole system of thinking and doing things is crazy, so instead of arguing over which idiot-system we are going to use, let’s stop being idiots.

There is only one (1) and exactly one (1) honest form of money possible.

And that is money based on the value of all traded commodities and all labor, worldwide.

A currency based on all traded commodities and all labor immediately guts the motivation for rigging commodities and buffers everyone against losses. It also puts a curb on “futures trading” - because every country is a producer of “currency standard goods”, and so, at least potentially, is every individual.

So, we could have honest money, free trade, and global harmony for the cost of issuing a currency based on the total value of traded goods and labor, worldwide.

It could be issued by one international Think Tank and all the various countries could take turns sending their own oversight teams to make sure nobody was fudging anything.

Related: Helen Clark, Don McKinnon Front NZ Chapter Of US Think-Tank & The Mundane Reality Of Think Tanks

That takes care of the fear that there would be one bank controlled by one set of all powerful bureaucrats.

Along with this, strict and permanent accords would have to be adopted guaranteeing every living man and woman the absolute right to engage in trade and to use this global currency without restriction or fear of losing access to it and the transfer systems related to it.

Our money would stand for the labor, both skilled and unskilled, of workers in China as well as Belize, Germany, and all the other countries of the world. It would stand for all the commodities traded on every stock exchange worldwide.

So a gain in the value of skilled labor in Bangladesh would increase the value of the money worldwide, and a new forest planted in Brazil would increase the value of the money worldwide.

In this way, the monetary system would encourage everyone to do better and to help each other.

It would also encourage every government on Earth to be diligent in guarding against counterfeiting and hoarding and other evils, because they would know that it was their money being victimized by these practices, along with everyone else’s.

Related: Reserve Bank Funding Agreement Ratified - But Who / What The Hell Is "The Reserve Bank Of New Zealand"? 

Ah, but what about the Eternal Problem? How to pay for the disabled, the sick, the elderly, the infants - all those who, for one reason or another, are not able to pull their weight?

We simply value them more, and in our new banking system, we give them extra tokens.

Life itself is infinitely valuable, beyond price.

So we need to stop focusing on the comparatively petty issue of how do we feed the poor and infirm - and start focusing on the much larger issue of properly valuing life and thereby valuing our brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers, friends and neighbors, the dogs at our feet and the trees lining our streets.

Comment: The following links were articles recently released by the 'Reserve Bank of New Zealand.'

In an utterly obsurd attempt to keep the narrative going that the local chapter of a Rothschild-run private central bank has any legitimacy to lend currency to a nation - they bang on about being inclusive of all racial groups - and get this - even pat themselves on the back for winning a central bank award for transparency?

Transparency from a central bank? Who are they kidding?


These lying criminals can see the writing on the wall.

“It is important for our legitimacy that a broad cross-section of New Zealanders – rather than a few technical experts or regulated institutions – are interested in and understand our activities. Where we fit, what we do, and what we don’t do. We are working for all current and future New Zealanders.”

"We want to be a ‘Great Team, Best Central Bank’ and transparency plays a crucial part to get there. This award recognises our efforts to bringing a higher level of transparency and accountability in achieving our mandate,” Mr Orr said. "

These quotes are absolute nonsense.

The people are waking up - and in this context they are now repeating the most important question of all relating to this:

“Why is a privately owned and run banking institution issuing and controlling the currency of my country?”

Aiming for Great and Best for Te Pūtea Matua

RBNZ Monetary Policy Handbook internationally recognised for transparency

After all, everything that we trade and everything that we earn from work and services, is all predicated on being alive and having needs and desires as living people.

Most of us are both producers and consumers, but those who are only able to consume are vitally important as well.

It is the consumers who give meaning and value to what the producers produce, whether it is goods or services.

Consumers are the ultimate source of “perceived value” in any such system. Put another way, it’s my hunger that makes your hot dog valuable in the first place.

Related: Why Gold Is Money - Fiat Money Creates An Immoral Society: Money With Real Value Is Crucial

If we remember these simple facts when we create economic service systems - and that is all that banking and insurance and stock and bond markets are - and properly value consumers for what they contribute, then everything falls back into balance. Both the yin and the yang have their due.

From that perspective, it then becomes possible for people to see that all of this, whether honest or crooked in its factual operation, is arbitrary.

It’s a game. We are keeping tally and nobody really knows why.

That simple act of keeping track of what goes into the system and what comes out of the system and into “your” account and “my” account, is what creates the illusion of limitation, separation, and value. Accounting makes rich men rich and poor men poor.

Accounting is the mechanism of enslavement, just as law is the instrument of condemnation.

So we need to ask ourselves - what are we accounting for? Why?

Perhaps it might make sense if the purpose of accounting was to make sure that everyone gets a fair share, or to make sure that something pencils out in terms of effort going into it versus benefit coming out of it, but instead, the main purpose of accounting in the modern world is to keep track of digits and shunt them here and there, to keep a tally of symbols - signifying what? Non-existent piles of silver? Hours that nobody ever worked?

Related: The Bankers’ Scam - The Power Of Money: Beat The Bankers Through Debt Termination & Commonwealth Bank Of Australia: One Of The Largest Banks In The World Just Accused Of Laundering Millions For Drug Cartels

This might be harmless enough in a theoretical world, but our actual experience tells us that it is harmful, because people forget it is a game and charlatans make false claims in commerce based on these tallymarks.

They take actual homes and farms and factories “in return for” - well, nothing at all.

Yes, I will give you credit for reading this, because most people can’t bear to think about these things - and I will note that there is no big difference between me “giving you credit” for reading this and any bank giving you credit for filling out a loan application, pledging your assets to them, so that they have credit to loan you.

You finally see how stupid this is? How important it is to know what you are valuing? And how that value is accounted fof?

Value, like beauty, is actually in the eye of the beholder. It doesn’t exist external to the relationship between individual Producers and individual Consumers.

So focus the economic services industry on the relationship between Consumer and Producer, and properly value the Consumers.

The simpler, more mindful, more direct, and more honest we can make the interface between Consumers and Producers on a worldwide basis, the better.

Related: Central Bank Issues Stunning Warning: "If The Entire System Collapses, Gold Will Be Needed To Start Over" & If You Borrow Money From The Bank, It Holds A Grip (‘Death Pledge’) Over You

Instead of quibbling about what physical material we use to make tokens - our little Tiki gods made of gold, plastic, paper or what-have-you - or what form the tokens take, our attention should be on what we value and why we value it and how we account for it.

The more abundant and the more widely dispersed the tokens are, whatever we use as tokens, the better.

We don’t need to be coy or chintzy about our reasons for distributing tokens, either, so as to make them seem more valuable by being scarce. We can freely give every man, woman, and child on this planet more than enough tokens to live and live well, which should be the goal of any sane economic system.

And then, we need to ask ourselves a lot of disturbing questions like: do we really need ten Barbie dolls?

Do we need to eat meat every night of the week? What impacts do our consumer choices have on the planet? The plants, the animals, and other people?

Do we need to make other choices and value other things? Or value different things more?

Maybe love and health should hit the scales and weigh in as being “valuable”? These are the worthy questions, and the answers we give can change the world.

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It really doesn’t matter whether we use gold, paper, plastic, or digits as a “medium of trade”.

Whatever tokens we use to represent value, they remain tokens, in the same way that a statue representing a saint remains a statue.

So let’s re-focus our thinking and the worldwide debate about banks and “money” and currencies, and most of all about “value” - and let’s squarely face such questions as, “Can value be stored?”

I, for one, don’t believe that value can be stored in a gold coin like storing electrons in a car battery; rather, I see that some delusions are more durable than others. People more readily believe that gold has value, so according to their belief, it does.

But that’s like saying I believe in ghosts, so I am more scared when I hear something go bump in the night.

It’s not a reflection of the value of gold. It’s a reflection of people’s long term belief in the value of gold.

Let’s ask - what is our standard for assigning “value” to a cord of wood, or an hour of time? Let’s ask why your hour as a brain surgeon is so much more valuable than my hour cleaning ten toilets?

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Most of all, let’s ask who all this really belongs to - because to be honest, none of us created any of what we are trading.

Even our ability to walk around and think and perform work is being constantly created for us by powers we don’t begin to comprehend.

So, in the final analysis, what are we doing, but indulging in an adult game of “Pretend”?

Let’s look at what we are doing, why we are doing it, and how we are doing it. And then answer the real question that we are being asked by the entire Universe: what do you want? Do you want things to be like this?

And if not, let’s change it.

Related: Karen Hudes: What The Flack?

Karen Hudes is a flak for the World Bank - but this statement requires analysis of what the “World Bank” is. It’s a bank of banks, controlled by bankers from all over the world.

So what happens when the World Bank does things that endanger or offend the member banks?

If things get bad enough and the implications liability-wise are clear enough, those member banks that stand to lose the most will need a “whistleblower” to dampen down the improper actions being taken by the World Bank.

The same scenario could develop within the World Bank itself. The Directors could find themselves being outgunned and out-maneuvered by several very powerful member banks - in effect, forced to do immoral or illegal things and left to take the blame for it.

Enter Karen Hudes.

That is the kind of “Whistleblower” she is - not the brave, lonely figure alerting the world to criminal wrong-doing, but the Insider being employed to blow the whistle because internal organizational control mechanisms aren’t working.

You might think of her as the person being paid to pull the emergency brake on a runaway train.

Related: The Conspiracy to Rule the World: #33: The World Bank

So, she’s certainly not an enemy of the World Bank. She still indirectly works for them and so, last time I looked, does her husband.

She was, in fact, taking action to help at least some factions within the World Bank and most likely, her activities stem from the second scenario - that is, most likely she was working for some of the directors of the World Bank to save the World Bank.

My beef with Karen is that she either doesn’t know or chooses not to tell the truth about the American issues. She misrepresents American history and does so in a way that undermines efforts to settle accounts.

And why that is?

She has spent her life in Europe and even many Americans who grew up and stayed in this country for a lifetime don’t know their own history, so it is completely plausible and even likely that she simply doesn’t know that she is misrepresenting what went on here.

It could also be that she knows the history and is - again - protecting the World Bank.

The World Bank has reasons why it does not want to hear about what it owes Americans.

Related: The Rothschild Bloodline: Financial Wizards & Wealthy Cults

For starters:

1. We know that FDR collected by his own admission 20,000 tons of privately held American gold.

We know that 6,000 tons of that was used to capitalize the Federal Reserve System, and 14,000 tons was used as a bankruptcy guarantee for the other Secondary Creditors - the World Bank and IBRD (International Bank of Reconstruction and Development).

We know this gold stash was used as a collateral guarantee backing both the World Bank and IBRD as a result.

We also know that when the bankruptcy of “the” United States of America, Incorporated was finally settled in November of 1999 - that gold was not returned to the Americans.

World Bank and IBRD claimed it as “abandoned assets” - and made no attempt to contact us and return the assets to the lawful heirs - the living people of this country.

I have a problem with that.

It’s bad enough that they had the free use of our assets as collateral for 66 years without our consent and even worse that FDR stole our assets at gunpoint in the first place - which they also had cause to know - without adding injury to insult by purloining the assets once the bankruptcy was over.

Related: The Khazarian Bankster Cult That Hijacked The World & Worthless Pieces Of Paper - Interest On Fake Money Is Confiscating Your Freedom

We want the 14,000 tons of American gold returned to the lawful government of this country, to be returned for the direct benefit of the heirs of those it was stolen from.

It’s just simple law and decency. If your Grandmother was forced at gunpoint to “donate” her wedding ring, you’d feel the same way I do. It’s not even the thought of any riches. It’s the thought of justice and property being returned to the lawful heirs and owners.

Second Bone to Pick:

Upward of $21 trillion dollars worth of credit owed to Americans is also owed by the banks - and the World Bank and its members certainly have cause to know this.

The “system” adopted in 1913 and completely implemented in 1934 is a debt-credit system using a private military script I.O.U. known as the FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE - FRN’s, as currency.

Like any other “Note” this is just a piece of paper promising to pay at some later date.

Related: $21 Trillion Of Unauthorized Spending By US Government Discovered By Economics Professor

But to be legal there has to be a redemption date and there is none published on these notes - why?

Because the debt was transferred to Treasury Bonds that are issued in tranches and paid off on specific dates - to the purported investors, the Federal Reserve Banks.

But are the Federal Reserve Banks the actual investors?

No. They are just a bunch of check kiters, illegal securities brokers, and crooks..

The American States and People are the actual investors - again, at gun point, forced to “invest” by Legal Tender Laws.

So let’s look a little deeper at the actual situation.

They are using debt as legal tender which results in what is known as a debit-credit system.

I give you an I.O.U. and you give me a hamburger.

Have I paid you for the hamburger?


I have promised to pay you back sometime in the future.

In this way the “US National Debt” accumulated, and so also did the American National Credit.

Related: Why The Whole Banking System Is A Scam - Godfrey Bloom MEP

All the Americans who exchanged their actual labor and actual hamburgers for I.O.U.s are owed pre-paid credit for every penny of the US National Debt.

Plus interest.

This is a fact that none of the banks want to face, because they all benefited from using this credit that was in fact owed to us. They purloined it, leveraged it, invested it, cashiered it away so that we couldn’t have any direct benefit from it, and now, they don’t want to admit what they did and return it.

In fact, they can’t return it, but they could make a good faith effort to benefit the people they wronged by carrying through on the promised remedy passed by their Congress back in 1934, and honoring a system of Mutual Offset Credit Exchange Exemption, which the miscreants never actually disclosed to the public or fully implemented.

In a MOCEE system both parties owe each other debts.

In this case, we owe them for government services and they owe us for the goods, services, credit, etc., that they receive from us - so we simply agree to “offset” our debts.

I owe you $10, you owe me $100, so we agree that henceforth, I owe you nothing and your debt to me is reduced to $90.

Confirmed - Loans & Mortgages Are Created Out Of Thin Air By The Banks

This stunning news clip from New Zealand TV news show 'Seven Sharp' confirms the revelations shared by 'The Money Masters' and other such pioneering thinkers and researchers who have long sought to bring forward the truth about how money works.

The is as stunning as it is simple: whenever you apply for a loan or a mortgage THE BANK YOU APPLIED TO CREATES THE MONEY OUT OF NOTHING.

It is not lent to you from the banks' holdings, it is not borrowed from other accounts. It simply is entered into a bank account digitally and from that day forth you are contractually responsible for paying back the created money PLUS all the interest that accrues.

This fiat currency is destroying the confidence, trust, and agreements that we hold with one another and with merchants on a daily basis by corrupting the medium of exchange that we all collectively agree to use.

Many will go on to expound the details of promissory notes, double entry book keeping and all sorts of other confusing details, but it is essential that this video or the source for it at Seven Sharp should be shared with every one you know.

Please, take 5 minutes now to share this video and explain why it is so important that everyone knows that the banks are hoodwinking the people and it does not need to be this way any more.

Ken O'Keefe Exposes the Economic & Financial Slavery & Rothschilds

If the rats had simply carried through and made this available to the Americans, the US Debt would have been kept in check and never “blossomed” into a $21 trillion dollar behemoth. Plus interest.

Now the “US” Corporations, including the Federal Reserve System, responsible for this theft and embezzlement of pre-paid credit owed to the Americans, applied for and received bankruptcy protection because of the bogus “US National Debt” that should have been offset -but clearly, this was all predicated on fraud and embezzlement of credit owed to us, so that no bankruptcy protection should have been allowed.

Those who benefitted from this theft and who protected the perpetrators - the Pope and the Queen - remain on the stick for it, but all the banks worldwide benefitted, so Karen’s buddies at the World Bank are squeezing their knees together, too.

It’s an absolutely staggering amount of pre-paid credit that was extracted from us and the interest owed on it has taken on a life of its own.

The pre-paid American National Credit is the elephant in the downstairs bathroom.

We know that they can never pay us back in actual fact, but they can begin to make amends by doing what they agreed to do in the first place. They need to be authorizing Mutual Offset Credit Exchange Exemptions for all Americans, allowing us to offset all public debts.

Related: The Fraudulent Monetary System & The Occult Meanings Of Mortgage: Why A Mortgage Is A Pledge To The Dead

In real time that means that we would be able to offset mortgage payments (which are public debt, not private - but that’s another story), college loans, utility payments, and various other bills.

This could be done simply by issuing a special purpose credit card.

In this way, Americans would finally obtain relief and the Perpetrators would finally be paying some of their own bills and nobody would have to go broke over it.

So far, they are trying tooth and nail to obscure and cover up the facts, but both the history and the very nature of a debt-credit system belie them.

They are stuck and they either come to terms to provide relief that is owed, or eventually enough “wolves” will wake up - enough other countries will realize that they have been or are being victimized in exactly the same way, and then all bets are off.

I suspect that this latter fact is what makes the World Bank so nervous.

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Growth and profits are good things for corporations - and that includes banks, but not at the cost of enslaving people you are supposed to serve, and not at the cost of fraud, embezzlement, and all the other crimes involved.

This is just "the credit side" of things. There’s more that puts us - Americans - at odds with Karen and the World Bank on the actual assets side.

In 1868, the Scottish Government chartered a commercial corporation calling itself “The United States of America, Inc.”

They then gained access to our credit using this semantic deceit.

Their plan and the plan of every other corporation operating in this manner ever since, was simply to charge up our credit cards to the limit, claim bankruptcy protection for themselves, and claim that we were their co-signers - so as to leave us holding the proverbial bag.

Before their planned bankruptcy, however, they did a number of things that have still to be corrected or accounted for.

Most significantly, they bought the Philippine Islands “for” us, using our money to do it, and then, they transported all our physical gold to the Philippines for “safe-keeping” offshore.

Yeah, right.

Related: The Connection Between 9/11, JFK And The Global Collateral Accounts

That original Doppleganger went bankrupt in 1906 and the next Doppleganger, “the” United States of America, Inc. pulled the same basic trick, inflated the currency, ran up the stock market, caused the whole “Roaring Twenties” and Prohibition mark up, went bankrupt in 1933 - and in 1934, their Board of Directors calling itself a “Congress” passed legislation “creating and independent government for the Philippines”.

This created a situation wherein we owned the land of the Philippines lock, stock, and barrel, but now the Philippines had an “independent government” to act as the Trustee for all our gold that was packed off and stored there.

This is the connect between Marcos and the Philippines and our gold and President Kennedy and the various agreements that various Presidents made “for” us and that Karen keeps hooting about - the Bilateral Minefields and Green Hilton and so on.

Comment: Anna's knowledge on matters in the East (and especially with regards to deposited historical gold and other assets in bunkers in Eastern Asian countries) is outside of her otherwise extremely well-versed sphere of expertise. Therefore some of her comments on Eastern matters are not always well informed.

To put it mildly, all that went on back then by any sane evaluation, is piracy.

And by Maxim of Law, “Possession by Pirates does not change ownership.”

Everything that they stashed over there still belongs to us and we have the shipping and docket and flat and box numbers and everything else from those days down to this. We even have their supreme Bank Trustee in our jurisdiction, and are working with him to sort this Mess out.

Related: Ghost Money, Burnt Money And Dead Money

So, that is stroke Number Three that Karen Hudes and the World Bank don’t want to face.

Don’t get me wrong. The Americans don’t own all the gold that is cashiered in the Philippines and Indonesia. We do, however, own a very goodly part of it, and we own it outright.

Our gold and silver deposits collateralize many, many, many banks and the loss of that collateral is what ultimately terrifies the banks.

As with so many other bunko schemes they changed the meaning of “Depositor” to allow themselves to seize deposits left in their keeping, but our deposits were made before those surreptitious changes away from a “normal course of business” - so we are unaffected and grandfathered-in.

Karen and her Employers at the World Bank don’t know whether to stand up or sit down as a result. Nobody knows what to do, and at the same time, nobody wants to talk to us - because they are afraid of us.

They know how mercilessly we have been cheated and defrauded and they expect no mercy in return.

I can only assume that they judge others by themselves.

Related: Governments Are Corporations & The Gold Standard Will Break Up The Banking Cartel

However, in the broad scheme of life, it does no good for anyone to seek the destruction of others. That just opens up another avenue for nasty people to profit themselves at everyone else’s expense, so no, we are not proposing vengeance.

We are proposing a peace and reconciliation process to discharge odious debt and open up credit resources and restore a sane economic system, at the same time that we fully restore our own government - putting Americans in control of America again.

This should be good news for people worldwide, as it dawns on them that “the US” is not America.

It should also be a relief that we are proceeding in a lawful and peaceful manner and not being vengeful.

At the same time, Mr. Trump and the Pope and the Queen, need to talk directly to the actual Creditors and dispense with any pretense that we are anyone or anything but what we are: the American States and People, doing business as The United States of America [Unincorporated].

Obviously, Karen and the World Bank and the community that she represents professionally have tried to avoid these facts and tried to explain them (and us) away, and that is why I have a less-than-high regard for Karen.

Related: Let’s Contemplate A Future Without Money & How It Would Work

I see her as someone who is grinding her own wheel and actually protecting interests that have been less than honest and forthcoming both now and in the past.

That doesn’t mean that they can’t change, and it doesn’t mean that we won’t talk to them in the interests of resolving all these issues. It just means that the facts as we know and observe them don’t jive with the story that Karen is selling.

A Final Comment from Anna:

[This comment is not part of the original article. It came to me from Anna today, February 23 2020 via email. I told her that I wanted to republish this article from PhiBetaIota and asked her for any additional comments:]

The fact is that the same parties control all the world’s gold just as they control oil supplies and soon hope to control water supplies.

The game now is to locate, jail, or otherwise neutralize these whackjob criminals.

I stand by everything I said in that article and it does not matter what you choose for your idol - paper, gold, crude oil - nor does it matter if it comes from the East or the West.

It’s all crooked, it’s all idolatry, and if the Pope or the Mullahs or the leaders of the Synagogues of the world were worth their salt, they would all be denouncing it and calling for the honest currency system I described.

Until we adopt such a system there will be commodity rigging and fraud. I am sorry but that is just the way it goes. Human nature is what it is.

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Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi
The Importance Of Being Awake
April 19 2023 | From: FinalWakeUpCall / Various

Society is Falsified on all Levels.

Fear is the cabal’s Weapon of Control.

Related: New Zealand False Flag By Zionist Israel With Police & Freemason Complicity

If the ruling elites have to murder a few thousand innocent citizens with a dirty bomb, a chemical weapon, virus, vaccine, or have to execute a scripted nuclear terrorism accident that is fine with them.

Anything to stay in power is justified in their minds, no matter how destructive and cruel. Fear is their weapon of choice to control people’s obedience.

They try to influence everyone’s mind by staging, the Covid pandemic, wars, violence, terrorism and so on.

The Deep State’s main source of power is their control over the creation and distribution of money, through their ownership of most of the world’s central banks.

They use this money-power to bribe, blackmail and assassinate people at top levels of power in order to enforce their control, over virtual everything of importance.

They control the corporate media and have been using every propaganda tool at their disposal to rig society in a false pandemic and manipulate markets where necessary.

Related: The Three Varieties Of Money

Sweeping monetary change is necessary and coming forward with the implementation of QFS. Difficult times may lie ahead. Many issues have to be resolved.

The monetary system is rigged, and must be abolished, to return the money creation into the hands of the people. Now, begins the time for change. Here is a short plan, to materialise just that;

Honest money; Re-establish a gold-backed currency. Abolish all Central Banks.

Smaller government – Do away with all taxes, except a sales tax on new hardware. With balanced budgets.

These two simple points will instantly eliminate the Elite’s power. Real money and a balanced budget will force big cutbacks.That should end useless wars.

The misallocation of scarce resources. People will once again borrow, lend, spend, and invest real money, carefully. As a result, real wealth is going to soar.

Related: The Silent War On "Q" Continues

The Gnostics recruit geniuses of all ages who are not part of the ruling Archon bloodline families. These archon families who are now in a state of absolute panic, fight literally for their survival and try to flee to their Antarctic bases, with the intention to pull off something horrifying.

The Deep State cabal is working overtime to render the citizenry powerless with the fake pandemic that doesn’t even exist. There are 23 renowned laboratories that undertook peer reviewed research and none where able to locate the virus.

The Elites apply government organised power grabs, corruption and abusive tactics. This is fascism in its most covert form, hiding behind public agencies and private companies to carry out their dirty actions.

If there is anything the Deep State requires, it is an undisclosed, uninterrupted cash flow and the confidence that things will go on as happened in the past. Cultural issues are organised, as useful distraction from their 2030 agenda.

Society is Falsified on all Levels

The voting process, the economy, the media, the government, the courts – practically everything is rigged in favour of the Establishment status quo.

The Central Bankers’ fake money – along with a multitude of rules and regulations imposed on the people – has done its mischief. And now, with the key-lending rate dropping below zero for the past ten/twelve years, the economy has been misled, distorted, and depleted.

Related: The COVID-19 RT-PCR Test: How To Mislead All Humanity - Using A “Test” To Lock Down Society + Former Pfizer Science Officer Reveals Great COVID-19 Scam

Corporations alone have doubled their debt load since the crisis began in 2008.

The time for action is now. People see their world changing and they want to understand what is happening, and why. They want to be informed and being prepared.

They want the freedom and insight to make educated choices, instead of being told what to do by the very individuals and institutions that constant lie and deceive, and have led the economy into today’s terrible chaos.

The awakening is erupting. Awakening comes with a price; it may have been difficult, when working on it.

Convincing others by challenging circumstances and conditions to open eyes and minds is even more difficult. It has become a struggle against time when seeing all these injustices that easily could have been avoided.

It’s very sad to see un-awakened humanity walking around with stupid face masks impatient waiting for vaccination with toxins and a control chip included, without having a clue as to what all is really going on, and whether it is necessary.

They should know; everything is designed for a “manipulated” transformation, either to be killed or to be led into the world prison as planned and described many years ago in Agenda 2030.

Related: Agenda 21: Awareness And Activism + UN 2030 Agenda Decoded: Blueprint For The Global Enslavement Of Humanity Under Corporate Masters

Everyone must come to their senses and escape this false reality. Researching alternative media sources will learn what’s going on, stumbling on realities they never considered or could have imagined possible.

Once, the truth is known, the awake are responsible to share it ardently with others, and honoured being in the know. Not always pleasant, but a duty that must be fulfilled. The hour is late and the timeframe we are living in is terrible, the necessity requires optimal awareness and prompt action. There’s no alternative left and time to loose.

The Entire Human Race is in Severe Danger

It’s virtually us or them, life or death, truth or lies, freedom or slavery, the entire human race is in severe danger.

Truth comes with a cost – it is the end of lies and illusions on which people have based their entire live.

Many across the full spectrum of humanity feel lost and are afraid of something that doesn’t even exist. This deliberate creation of chaos is designed to do just that.

Most may not recognise the rising energetic changes at work, but these are. Awakening is a destructive process, eliminating everything that is unreal and inhibitive of personal development and progress.

Related: Eleven Common Symptoms Of The Global Depopulation Slow Kill

The first step to undertake is education. Study Agenda 2030, to see for yourself how far this crisis has advanced the Deep State’s plans with the implementation of almost every aspect, then, you’ll know exactly what to expect.

Agenda 2030 is the agenda for the year 2030 that refers to global fascism/communism. Here is a summary of what is included: ‘Sustainable’ development – don’t use more than can be replaced – sounds sensible enough at first, until is realised what this and ‘biodiversity’ really mean in the context of their conspiracy.

Because, ‘Sustainable Development’ and ‘Biodiversity’ is pursuing to impose:

Termination of national sovereignty

State planning and management of all land resources, ecosystems, deserts, forest, mountains, oceans, and fresh water; agriculture; rural development; biotechnology; and ensuring ‘equality’ in other words; equal enslavement

State defines the role of business, and financial resources

Abolition of private property – as it is not ‘sustainable’

‘Restructuring’ the family formation

Children are raised by the State

Telling people what their job will be and where to live

Major restrictions on movements, being implemented through electric vehicles

Creation of ‘human settlement zones’

Mass resettlement as people are forced to vacate their land and homes where they currently live

Dumbing down education – already achieved

Mass global depopulation in pursuit of the above – in progress.

Originally, labelled Agenda 21 that has been planned over two hundred years ago. Indicating the completion phase during this century before 2030.

The secret plan of the New World Order is to reduce the world population to a “sustainable” level “in perpetual balance with nature” by a ruthless De-Population Control Agenda via Reproduction Control.

A Mass Culling of the populace, via Planned Parenthood, toxic adulteration of water and food supplies, release of weaponised man-made viruses, followed by vaccination with control chips and toxins to shorten life-span.

Related: Is The Globalist "Reset" Failing? The Elites May Have Overplayed Their Hand

The Protocols of Zion

Be awake and realise; The Protocols of Zion are the Blueprint for the Deep State’s One World Government-control-operation. Protocol 12 affirms;

"In our official statements, we always use an opposite view, and continually do our best to look honest and cooperative. The words of a statesman do not have to correspond with his actions”.

It is wise to take fifteen minutes of your time to read the Protocols of Zion. Don’t just read them, but study them. They explain in precise detail what is going on in the world today and why.

The world must wake up to the fact that for our entire live we have been lied to. From where we come from, to where we are heading, everything is a huge lie.

But the lie we have been living is about to come to a squealing halt. As evidence, the people are being shown the huge electoral fraud and the Corona Hoax, because seeing for themselves makes them believe what is really happening in front of their eyes.

Related: Understanding "Jewish" [Khazarian Zionist] Power

If you found this information interesting, explanatory, valuable, and/or insightful, please share it with everyone you know to help awaken and prepare them.

And don’t forget to put up your national flag showing the world you are awake, and motivate the silent awake majority to follow suit. The more flags out show the cabal is losing their grip of power over us.

Unity is Power

Our liberation process cannot be stopped anymore.

Uniting with others who are like minded people creates and shapes our best reality.

Related: How Science Arrived At The Doorstep Of Spirituality

Worldwide networks of awakening people are being created, such as in Spain in the Marbella / Malaga area, which attracts an increasing number of participants.

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Zionists On Tape: “We Control America”

May 1st: The Day Slavery System Transferred From Monarchies To The Corporations

Governments Are Corporations & The Gold Standard Will Break Up The Banking Cartel

What Is The Real Purpose Of The Lockdowns? + How A False Hydroxychloroquine Narrative Was Created

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi
Why Medically Caused Deaths Continue To Be Ignored
April 18 2023 | From: JonRappoport / Various

More than any other reporter, I have continued to champion and spread the word about Dr. Barbara Starfield’s revelation: The US medical system kills 106,000 people a year with its medicines. Extrapolate that number for a decade: more than MILLION DEATHS.

I have reported, many times, on Starfield’s review, “Is US Health Really the Best in the World,” published in the Journal of the American Medical Association on July 26, 2000.

Related: Renowned Doctor Slams Medical Education & Says We Have “An Epidemic Of Misinformed Doctors”

I interviewed her in 2009, when she told me that her death numbers (106,000 per year) were conservative, and that the federal government was doing NOTHING comprehensive to fix the ongoing disaster.

Imagine that, coming from a doctor who was a revered public health expert at the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health.

Since I’ve written more articles about Dr. Starfield’s revelations than any reporter around, I also know the reaction of the mainstream press over the years: SILENCE. And more silence. And more.

So this time, I thought I’d explain the main reasons for the silence.

On one obvious level, it stems from the fact that the pharmaceutical industry buys enormous amounts of ads on and around news media. Do not bite the hand that feeds you.

Related: The Eradication Of Natural Alternatives: Big Pharma Wants To Eliminate The Competition

And of course, blaming the medical system for a million deaths per decade…well, if you’re the New York Times and you’re making this into a take-no-prisoners ongoing building story, you’re going to incur considerable heat. Blowtorch heat.

Then there is this: nowhere in the medical literature is there any evidence, based on published studies of drugs, that these substances do such catastrophic damage. In fact, the studies and reports of clinical drug trials are largely glowing.

Only one conclusion can be reached: the medical literature is rife with fraud from top to bottom.

This fact would immediately throw the reputations of the most prestigious medical journals in the world into garbage landfills.

Indeed, we have, on the record, an editor of one of these publications broadly confessing to a mind-boggling reality: Dr. Marcia Angell, editor of The New England Journal of Medicine for 20 years, has written:

"It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines.

I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as an editor of The New England Journal of Medicine.”

- NY Review of Books, January 15, 2009, “Drug Companies & Doctors: A Story of Corruption”

Related: Science Is Broken, And The Peer-Review Process Produces “Utter Bulls##t” Parading Around As Real Science

Next: if the press dug deep into the guts of the Starfield story, the FDA, which must approve all medical drugs before they are released for public use, would go down with a blinding crash.

No one would be able to defend the Agency. Its profound criminal alliance with Pharma would come full force to the surface.

Multiple medical schools would come under the gun for their relationships with Pharma, and their basic practice of teaching monopolistic drug medicine and not nutritional medicine.

These schools pretend “the evidence of safety and efficacy” for drugs is wide-ranging and invariably clear. Therefore, they, the schools, are abetting what amounts to a capital crime.

And what of the basic Hippocratic oath to “first do no harm”?

Where is that vaunted pledge that tries to establish the practice of medicine as supremely ethical?

Related: The Zombie-Like Lives Of Sheeple From Birth To Death

As you can see, a whole long line of dominos would fall, if the Starfield story were pursued, by the mainstream, with time, energy, money, and passion for the truth. (Starfield is not the only citation on medically caused deaths. I have documented others in the past.)

Finally, we arrive at a psychological and even philosophical reason for press silence on this ongoing holocaust: for millions of people, the institution of medicine is a foundational pillar of Reality in the world.

Attachment to it is, in a way, mythological. Loyalty to the medical system runs the gamut from hope for raw physical survival to spiritual sustenance.

Creating doubt, widespread doubt, about such a powerful building block of Existence - that would be tinkering with the very structure of things, “meddling with the primal forces of nature.”

But here, on these pages, I’ll meddle with anything I want to. If you can’t handle that, so be it. If I want to make a true fact into a sledgehammer and use it over and over, I will. And on this issue of medical caused deaths, I’d be crazy not to.

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Cot Deaths Linked To Vaccinations + Harvard Medical School Doctor: Vaccine Science Is Not Settled

The Criminalization Of Science Whistleblowers + The Connection Between Sudden Infant Death, Vaccines And Vitamin C

Profits Before Safety: Why Are Legal Exemption Lines Drawn For Big Pharma?

More than 9 million older Americans suffer from adverse drug reactions EACH YEAR; why are we not being told of the dangers of pharmaceuticals?

Why Have Insect-Delivered Diseases Tripled Since 2004?

Court Orders EPA to Stop Sales of Pesticide Linked to Brain Damage in Kids

YouTube declares war on natural medicine, begins banning channels that promote botanical healing that might hurt the profits of Big Pharma

Aluminum is far from harmless – here’s how to reduce your exposure

Johnson & Johnson ordered to pay $6.32 billion in talcum powder cancer case

Colloidal Silver’s Advantage Over Pharmaceutical Antibiotics

Got a cold? Take 8,000 mg of vitamin C

After NYT declares war on Vitamin D, nutritionally illiterate Harvard professor claims coconut oil is “pure poison”

Health Benefits of Sunbathing Far Outweigh Risks, World Health Organization Says

Harvard quack spreads fear about coconut oil, claims it’s “pure poison” and recommends eating LARD instead

Google, Amazon and IBM all trying to acquire your hospital records; issue statement demanding end of patient privacy

Common painkiller may substantially increase the risk of heart disease

FDA Approves Painkiller 1,000X More Powerful Than Morphine Despite Epidemic of Drug Overdoses & Natural Alternatives

Ask yourself: Why are there no prescription medications without horrific side effects?

Taking multivitamins can reduce your risk of death from any illness by up to 70%

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi
Cycles Of History Ignored - Canceling History
April 17 2023 | From: DrDans / Various

Historians have incessantly warned us not to disregard the lessons of history lest we repeat failures that could have been avoided. 

1933 Berlin Book Burning

Nevertheless, humanity has habitually and often flagrantly ignored past mistakes regardless of how costly or disastrous.

Related: Cycles Of History Ignored – Selective Ignorance

History, however, teaches us the valuable lesson that not everyone disregards the past. Evil never sleepss.

In ancient times, when a people or nation was conquered, the new rulers obliterated the history of the vanquished. 

Prior to the availability of printed books, history was passed from one generation to the next orally, on handwritten scrolls, or carved in stone on monuments and shrines. 

The conquering armies routinely destroyed statues, sanctuaries, tombs, and any physical trace of the previous civilization. 

"8 Now there arose a new king over Egypt, who did not know Joseph. 9 And he said to his people, “Look, the people of the children of Israel are more and mightier than we; 10 come, let us deal shrewdly with them, lest they multiply, and it happen, in the event of war, that they also join our enemies and fight against us, and so go up out of the land.” 11 Therefore they set taskmasters over them to afflict them with their burdens."

- New King James Version (NKJV)

After Joseph saved the Egyptian people from famine, the Children of Israel were welcomed into Egypt and became valued members of Egyptian society. 

Many years later, a tribe from the south conquered Egypt and, in a heartbeat, the Children of Israel became scapegoats and slaves to the new rulers.

Artist O. Von Corven interpretation of the Library of Alexandria based on archaeological evidence

Related: “Negative Hallucination” Hypnosis Experiment Demonstration Video & The Weaponisation Of History And Journalism

During the Greek and Roman eras, books were handwritten but were often kept in libraries and used for education and study. 

One of the most famous was the Library of Alexandria which was estimated to have contained over 500,000 books and documents and was home to over 100 scholars for many decades. 

The library was burned to the ground during several wars and various periods of unrest. Centuries of human history was lost forever.   

In 1440, Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press, and books became available in greater numbers. The result was an exponential growth in knowledge, education, science, and philosophy. 

Literacy, formerly a privilege available only to the ruling class, suddenly became a dangerous tool that could be used by common folks to challenge the power and authority of the elite.

Tyrants, recognizing that an enlightened public is a risk to their authority, always attempt to control what information is available to the people and how it is disseminated. 

Related: Eliminating Free Speech The Smart Way

Joseph Goebbels, the Reichsminister for Propaganda and Public Enlightenment, controlled all radio, press, cinema, and theater in Nazi Germany and regulated German culture. 

His often-quoted philosophy of propaganda continues to be a tool used by diabolical dictatorial regimes:

A lie told once remains a lie but a lie told a thousand times becomes the truth

Propaganda works best when those who are being manipulated are confident they are acting on their own free will.

Propaganda must facilitate the displacement of aggression by specifying the targets for hatred.

The most brilliant propagandist technique will yield no success unless one fundamental principle is borne in mind constantly – it must confine itself to a few points and repeat them over and over.

It is the absolute right of the State to supervise the formation of public opinion.

A law against hating Jews is usually the beginning of the end for the Jews.

Related: Mainstream Media Assaults On Freedom Of Speech: “The Truth” Is No Longer “Important” & Google: Time To Kill Free Speech

Under Goebbels’ leadership, literature and books that did not promote and support the goals of the Nazi regime were burned in public events. 

"The book burnings took place in 34 university towns and cities. Works of prominent Jewish, liberal, and leftist writers ended up in the bonfires.

The book burnings stood as a powerful symbol of Nazi intolerance and censorship. The Nazi University Student Association created blacklists of works by literary and political figures such as Bertolt Brecht, Erich Maria Remarque, and Ernest Hemingway that were to be thrown into the flames.

In the aftermath of the book burnings, the Nazi regime raided bookstores, libraries, and publishers’ warehouses to confiscate materials it deemed dangerous or “un-German.”

- Author(s): United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Washington, DC

In a symbolic act of ominous significance, on May 10, 1933, university students burned upwards of 25,000 volumes of “un-German” books, presaging an era of state censorship and control of culture – United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Washington, DC

Related: A Discourse On The Little-Known History Of The Global Banking System

German schools substituted indoctrination for education, and “truth” in public media was defined by the political needs of the regime. 

Goebbels’ propaganda machine blamed Germany’s economic and social problems on the Jews, providing the Nazi regime with a convenient and familiar scapegoat for the Holocaust. 

Isn’t that exactly what is going on in our country [the West] today? 

In order to force all of us to sign on to their agenda of a one-world collectivist tyranny, the elite globalists must first destroy American / Western history, ignore the philosophy of our founders, and outlaw our foundational concepts of private property, self-protection, and individual rights.     


Fallen Christopher Columbus statue outside the Minnesota State Capitol, St. Paul, Minnesota, June 10, 2020

Related: Houston Anthropologist Reveals Irrefutable Proof That Recorded History Is Wrong

American History is the anchor that binds each of us to American culture, and the collectivists are desperate to separate us from the traditions that guarantee our freedom. 

They tear down our statues, falsely condemn dissent as racism, denounce our founders as white supremacists, refuse to teach true American History in schools, and ban books, films, television programs, and public figures at will, often for the most specious and ridiculous reasons. 

These destructive actions are absolutely the same outrageous and barbaric behavior as German university students and Hitlerjungend burning books in the public square. 

And they dare to call us Nazis. The sad truth is whatever radical progressives and the collectivist elite call us is exactly what they are doing.

The ability to disseminate knowledge on a global scale via the Internet can grant even one single person the power to change the future of humanity either for the better or, unfortunately, for the worse. 

Related: So, Who Guards The Guardians? & The Enemies Of Free Speech Have Seized The Moment

"Where books are burned, in the end people will be burned, too."

- 19th-century poet Heinrich Heine

We can no longer sit idly by and allow the arrogant global elite to be the only voice heard.

Resist Tyranny and Trust in Freedom!  

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Microsoft Now Conspiring With Pro-Monsanto Front Group “NewsGuard” To Censor All Anti-GMO News On Mobile Devices

Facebook Bans All Content On Vaccine Awareness, Including Facts About Vaccine Ingredients, Vaccine Injury And Vaccine Industry Collusion & Mark Zuckerberg Goes All-In With The Deadly Vaccine Industry In Sweeping New Plan To Censor All Posts That Question Big Pharma’s Vaccine Dogma

Google = Fascist Censorship: Employees Seek To Weaponize IT Services To Aid Left-Wing Agenda - Proffessor

RT Brings You A New Censorship Buster & Google Admits In Court Documents That It Believes Free Speech Is “Disastrous” For Society

Hanne Herland Explains How Universities Became Globalist New Left Propaganda Tools And Enemies Of Free Speech

Act Leader David Seymour: Kiwis Need To Resist An 'Orwellian Future' & Zuckerberg Complains About FCC’s Lack Of Free Speech Regulations - Wants More Silencing Of Voices, But Especially Conservative Voices

Julian Assange On The War On Free Speech: “Everyone Else Must Take My Place” & Julian Assange Is Guilty Only Of Revealing The Evil Soul Of US Imperialism

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

A Generation Of Poisoning With Gender-Bender Chemicals Has Created A New Class Of Youth Who Fail To Recognize Gender At All
April 16 2023 | From: NaturalNews / Various

The success of the globalists in perverting the minds of Western youth is evident in a new study by the Innovation Group, which found that most people between the ages of 13 and 20 – what the mainstream media and social engineers have dubbed "Generation Z" – no longer believe in strictly-defined gender identities like "male" and "female."

These gender "binaries," which are really just the pronouns humanity has been using since the beginning of time to differentiate between individuals with external reproductive equipment versus internal reproductive equipment, are now "old-fashioned" to the youth of today, which the study found are more comfortable than previous generations using gender-neutral (and grammatically incorrect) pronouns like "they" and "them" to describe a single, genderless individual.

Related: Finally Parents Begin Removing Their Children From Public Indoctrination Center Over Teaching Transgenderism

A majority of Gen-Z respondents, 52 percent, indicated that they aren't completely heterosexual, while 35 percent – an 11 percent increase compared to "Millennials" – admit that they fall somewhere along the spectrum of bisexuality. This spectrum identification for sexuality is further reflected in the more than 38 percent of Gen-Zers who claim they don't believe gender defines a person.

As far as the types of clothes and accessories they buy, 13–20 year-olds are much more fluid when it comes to sticking to a gender norm. Only 44 percent of Gen-Zers buy clothes exclusively designed for their own gender, while an astounding 70 percent say they support the idea that bathrooms become "genderless," welcoming anyone and everyone who wants to use them.

Related: People To Be Allowed To Pick Their Own Gender Without Doctor's Diagnosis, Under UK Government Plans & American College Of Pediatrics Reaches Decision: Transgenderism Of Children Is Child Abuse

Gen-Z is likewise more accepting of others who don't identify by any specific gender pronoun, or who identify by "non-traditional" gender pronouns like "ze;" 74 percent of Gen-Zers fall into this category compared to just 62 percent of older Millennials between the ages of 21–34. But the one thing on which both Gen-Zers and Millennials agree? More people than ever are experimenting with their gender identity.

A 16-year-old pansexual (genderless) student from Nebraska by the name of "Madeleine" told VICE that "it" (for lack of a better pronoun) learned more about gender and identity from its peers than from older people, and that "agender," or no gender at all, is a young people's phenomenon.

"I also notice that people my age are more open to gender and sexuality being fluid and subject to change," Madeleine told VICE. "For a while, I identified as asexual, but as time went on and I changed, I realized that maybe I wasn't that way anymore."

Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals are Eliminating Sex, Gender

This lack of clarity about biological identity is a product of two things: relentless media propaganda and chemical poisoning with gender-bending chemicals found in plastics, herbicides and pesticides sprayed on our food, and environmental pollution.

Chemicals like bisphenol-A (BPA), glyphosate, soy and other hormone-disruptors are altering human genes and producing next-generation "robot" humans with no gender, and thus no identity.

Related: The Rational Argument Against The Normalization Of Transgenderism

It's sad, really, because it could have been prevented through reforms that protect the people rather than the chemical and drug industries that produce these toxins.

Food, water, air: It's all tainted with endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs) that, more often than not, mimic the effects of estrogen, meaning they deplete testosterone and create hormone imbalances that not only confuse children, but also affect their growth and development.

Young girls are becoming more "masculine," while young boys are becoming more "feminine" – an alchemy of the two sexes both physically and mentally that's changing the landscape of culture and civilization.

We've identified many sources of EDCs through our ongoing work at the Natural News Forensics Food Lab, which I encourage you to check out in order to learn more.

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America’s First Non-Binary Person Renounces Transgenderism, Says, “I Have Always Been Male” & Who Are The Rich, White Men Institutionalizing Transgender Ideology?

The Transhumanist Agenda And The [Attempted] Future Of Humanity

Transgender Mania Is A Symptom Of Cultural Collapse

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

Science Confirms That People Absorb Energy From Others
April 15 2023 | From: Tinnuochan / Various

Did it ever happen to you to feel a bad vibe when you were with another person, as if this person was absorbing your energy?

Related: Energy Depletion In A Human Being

“Everything is energy” is one of the main axioms of science, and human beings are no strangers to energy transformations.

An interesting study was conducted at the University of Bielefeld, Germany, which shows that plants can absorb energy from other plants. Olivia Bader-Lee, a physician and therapist, followed the results of this investigation.

The science that studies the behavior of energy in living things is called bioenergetics.

This research was conducted in algae, specifically in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. It was discovered that in addition to photosynthesis, it also has an alternative source of energy and that would be to absorb energy from other algae.

Related: What Is The Ether, Dark Matter And Dark Energy? + The Big Secret Of Quantum Mechanics

The charge of this research is the German biologist Olaf Kruse, and its findings were reported on Naturesite.com.

According to Bader-Lee, our bodies are like sponges, absorbing energy that is around us.

“This is exactly why there are people who feel uncomfortable when they are in a certain group with a mixture of energy and emotions”.

“The human body is very similar to a plant that sucks, absorbs the energy needed to feed your emotional state, and can energize the cells and increase the amount of cortisol and catabolize, feed the cells depending on the emotional need. ” continues Bader-Lee.

That is why many people can change their mood which leads to being nervous, stressed, angry, anxious, sad, but also happy, optimistic and laughing.

Bader-Lee says that over the centuries, man has lost that connection with nature, in which the exchange of energy could bring enormous benefits to humanity.

Related: This Is How Your ‘Aura’ Affects Your Health & Those Around You + Magnetic Fields Of The Human Body And Their Functions & 13 Signs You Are Experiencing A Spiritual Awakening

Ultimately, the spirit is energy, and what we call “supernatural” is nothing more than the manifestation of different energies in the world.

This was known in ancient cultures from every continent, but science has decided to ignore it and only few scientists dare to address these issues, for fear of criticism and rejection by the scientific community.

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Energy Follows Thought

Extracting Energy From The Quantum Vacuum: Can Zero-Point Energy Power Our Planet? & More

Spirit Led Activism - The True Power Of The People + Rites Of Passage - Encountering Spiritual “Initiations” On The Path

In Harmony With All Life: The Open Source Way + Lifting The Veil: Merging Science And Spirituality

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Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi
New Zealand Researcher Malcolm Scott - New Zealand's Climate Of Secrecy
April 14 2023 | From: SageOfQuay / Various

As part of his post graduate work, Malcolm Scott is writing a thesis on whether New Zealand’s Ministry for the Environment is engaged in a practice of intentional disinformation regarding the ongoing and persistent aerosol program in New Zealand.

Malcolm is a post-graduate student and researcher at the University of Canterbury. He is recognized by the New Zealand Tertiary Education Commission. Prior to joining the University of Canterbury Malcolm has held academic appointments with the University of Otago, Christchurch College of Education and the Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology.

Related: Congress Now Funding “Controversial” Geoengineering “Plan B” To Spray Particles In The Sky To Cool Earth

Malcolm’s interest was piqued when after submitting a freedom of information request – known as an OIA in New Zealand – he received back, by accident, an internal document detailing how the Ministry responds to geoengineering inquiries. That response entailed denying that any such program exists.

That document has lead Malcolm to conclude that the New Zealand government is aware and complicit in covering up the covert operation to geoengineer the atmosphere.

Related: Geoengineering And Weather Modification Exposed

Malcolm is a post-graduate student and researcher at the University of Canterbury. He is recognized by the New Zealand Tertiary Education Commission. Prior to joining the University of Canterbury Malcolm has held academic appointments with the University of Otago, Christchurch College of Education and the Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology.

New Zealand Ministry for the Environment Document

Declassified: Naval Concepts of Chemical and Biological Warfare Department of Defense (1952)

Weather Forecaster Discusses Military Chaff (Chemtrails)

Related Articles:

Chemtrails & Geoengineering

Mainstream Scientist Exposes The Dangerous Reality Of Chemtrails And Geoengineering

Do You Know What We Are Breathing In From Weather Geoengineering Efforts?

Same Media That Once Deemed Chemtrails A Conspiracy Theory Now Openly Promotes Chemtrailing The Entire Planet To “End Climate Change” & Global Geoengineering (Chemtrails) Experiment Pushed By Bill Gates Also Funded By Nazi-Linked Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, Linked To Eugenics And Depopulation

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

From The Archives: "The End Game Is A New World Order"- Former Canadian Minister Of Defence Speaks Out + The Globalists Say It In Their Own Words
April 13 2023 [July 31 2016] | From: EMN / AustralianNationalReview / Various

"They decided to use the monetary system to crush countries instead of armies." - Paul Hellyer

Paul Hellyer is one of Canada’s best known and most controversial politicians. As Former Minister Of Defence, Hellyer has been exposed to the inner workings of Canada’s political and military systems.

Related: Ex Canadian Minister Of Defence Hon. Paul Hellyer Calls On Citizens To Oust The Cabal

Comment: It seems we are in dark days. Things are not always as they seem. The people who are not aware of what has been going on, had to be shown. You cannot tell them - they must see what was planned for themselves. Take heart. This was never going to be easy but we will get through it.

At The Hearing on UFO Disclosure sponsored by the Alien Cosmic Expo in Brantford, Ontario this past June 25, 2016, Hellyer addressed a filled convention hall of people, cameras and reporters, asking the question; “Who is the next Empire?”

Pointing to the cabal of banking cartels, the oil cartel, big transnational corporations, the trilateral commission, intelligence agencies in the USA, UK, Israel, and the American military who are working in concert to crush countries economically and rule the world, Hellyer states that the cabal is running the US for the last half century to the point where Presidents have been little more than talking heads with the Congress being clueless as to what is going on.

“The end game is a world government, the New World Order, unelected and accountable only to them.”
Heller exclaims.

“That’s what they are doing. They decided to use the monetary system to crush countries instead of armies.”

If what we are seeing in Europe with BREXIT and the entire European Union experiencing financial turmoil, Paul Hellyer and his message needs to be heard!

And here's Obama's video, sheesh why don't you say what you really think, Barack?

"And for the international order that we have worked for generations to build.

Ordinary men and women are too small minded to govern their own affairs.

That order and progress can only come when individuals surrender their rights to an all-powerful sovereign."

- Barack Obama [See video below]

And if we haven't got your attention yet, here's this original old doozey from George H.W. Bush on September 11, 1991:

Followed By This synopsis - David Rockefeller & Co: The One World Order Theory Is True

David Rockefeller, one of the oldest billionaires in the world who is turning 101 this June, has said that he is proud to be accused of creating a ‘One World Order,’ a group of selected elites who planned to exploit America for their own interests.

“Some even believe [the Rockefellers] are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterising my family and me as ‘internationalists’ conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure – one world, if you will. If that’s the charge, I stand guilty, and I’m proud of it.”

- David Rockefeller, 2002.

Enjoy some more juicy NWO quotes here: 150+ New World Order Quotes

David Rockefeller, whose family has been one of the most influential ones in the US
- to the extent that they were equated as the Royal Family of the US- does not regret the charges. Nor does he regret that his family has been at the receiving end of the conspiracy theory.

Governor Nelson Rockefeller of New York

In an article entitled "Rockefeller Bids Free Lands Unite: Calls at Harvard for Drive to Build New World Order"
New York Times, February 1962

The United Nations, he told an audience at Harvard University, "has not been able - nor can it be able - to shape a new world order which events so compellingly demand." ...

The new world order that will answer economic, military, and political problems, he said, "urgently requires, I believe, that the United States take the leadership among all free peoples to make the underlying concepts and aspirations of national sovereignty truly meaningful through the federal approach."

Senator Jay Rockefeller

John Davison " Jay " Rockefeller IV roasts Pat Buchanan in 1991 shows his true colors of a globalist psychopath out to manipulate and control the world:

On the other hand, David Rockefeller says he is happy that his family’s name has been dragged into the conspiracy theory, which wants to establish that the Rockefellers and other rich and famous wanted to benefit at the expense of the poor.

The only billionaire in the world over 100 years old, David’s family has a tradition of being involved in such controversies. His grandfather John D Rockefeller who died in 1937 was the founder of Standard Oil and the world’s richest individual at that time.

Over the years, the family has had its own time under the sun and was associated with wealth, power, politics, finance, diplomacy, philanthropy, marijuana prohibition, aliens, UFO’s and finally the infamous conspiracy theories.

Of course the NWO is not just about the Rockefellers, they an American offshoot - and have probably been more loose-lipped about the NWO agenda than others.

In Europe of course we have the Rothschilds along with a number of other "Illuminati" / Khazarian Zionist families with many interrelated factions and networks.

Related: The Top Of The Pyramid: The Rothschilds, The Vatican And The British Crown Rule World

Congressman Larry P. McDonald

US Rep. , Killed in Korean Air Lines 007, 1983 - killed in the 747 that was shot down by the Soviets

"The drive of the Rockefellers and their allies is to create a one-world government combining supercapitalism and Communism under the same tent, all under their control....

Do I mean conspiracy? Yes I do. I am convinced there is such a plot, international in scope, generations old in planning, and incredibly evil in intent."

As per the purported ‘One World Order’, the elites have been accused of setting up institutions such as the 'Trilateral Commission’ and the ‘Bilderberg Group’ among others to advance their interests nationally and globally.

The Bilderberg Group is a good example of part of the NWO network - the connections are quite clear visually:

Just how hyperbolic are allegations that the Bilderbergs run the world? To help readers decide, here is a chart laying out the linkages and various connections - financial, political, statutory and otherwise - between the handful of people who comprise the Bilderberg core and the rest of the world:

Click on the image above to open a larger version in a new window

Their aim is to create an international world order to deal with global issues, initiated and controlled by western countries. The order was accused of trying to dominate and manipulate the weak and the fragmented people of the world.

Related: The Conspiracy To Rule The World - An Interactive History

Even though the Rockefellers were the most prominent family during their heydays, David is [supposedly] only 603rd among the list of top billionaires in the world.

His grandfather John D Rockefeller, in contrast, has assets equal to 1.5 per cent of US GDP. The falling wealth and prospects of the family have not stopped the Rockefellers from donating to charity and even last year, he donated USD79m and is believed to have donated USD900m over his life time. [These figures are grossly under reported, and in any case the vast majority of funding goes towards Gloablist projects - under the guise of "philanthropy" and "charities."]

David Rockefeller

Founder of the Trilateral Commission, in an address to a meeting of The Trilateral Commission, Baden-Baden, Germany, June 1991 (a meeting also attended by then-Governor Bill Clinton and by Dan Quayle)

"We are grateful to the Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years.

It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years.

But, the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries."

Five of his siblings are dead and David is the last one left and perhaps the most influential of them all. As a child, David was reserved and solitary, with a passion for collecting beetles. As an adult, he is believed to be suave and non-confrontational.

During his youth, he knew every politician who mattered on the planet and a journalist and former LBJ aide Bill Moyers once called him “the unelected but indisputable chairman of the American establishment”.

Above Jacob Rothschild with David Rockefeller

The left saw the rich man’s club, promoted by Rockefeller, as promoting free markets and perhaps that is how the rumours spread. However, the Rockefellers have taken the criticism in their stride and are even proud of it.

David Rockefeller

In a statement to the United Nations Business Council, 1994

"We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order."

Related: Who / What is "The Crown"?

Related: Holy Smoke And Mirrors - The Vatican Conspiracy

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

How An Austrian And British Malthusian Brainwashed A Generation Of Americans [Westerners]
March 12 2023 | From: Zerohedge / Various

The creation of false opposites has been a long-standing obstacle to human progress.

From the ancient pleasure-seeking Epicureans who argued against the logic-heavy Stoics of ancient Rome to the war of “salvation through faith vs works” that schismed western Christianity, to the chaotic emotional energy driving the Jacobin mobs of France whose passions were only matched by the radical Cartesian logic of their Girondin enemies; humanity has long been manipulated by oligarchs who knew how to set the species to war against itself.

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Although these operations have taken many forms, the desired effect has always been the same: divide-to-conquer bloodbaths which drowned out the saner voices of Cicero (executed in 44 BCE), Thomas More (executed in 1535 CE), or Jean Sylvain Bailly (executed in 1793 CE).

Today’s polarization across the Trans-Atlantic world has reached a fevered pitch with the “right wing conservatives” shouting for liberty and less government while left wing liberals call for more government and top-down reforms of the system (with Great Reset technocrats laughing in the background).

Everyone with half a brain should be able to sense that the danger of civil war and economic meltdown hang over our destinies like a sword of Damocles, but instead of hearing calls for restoring the SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN traditions of American System banking that author Ellen Brown recently documented in her powerful new essay, we find only feuding sects that assert we must EITHER have top-down centralized planning OR bottom-up free markets laissez faire policies devoid of any government intervention.

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To the degree that this false debate continues the overtones of France’s 1789-94 bloodbath will be heard growing louder with every passing day.

Keynes vs Hayek: A False Dualism

In this first of a three-part series, I will argue that the source of this confusion among Americans was first concocted in London during the height of the depression, centering on the figures of two London-based Malthusian hedonists.

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One was top-down economist John Maynard Keynes (1883-1946) and the other played the role of his supposed opponent in the form of “bottom up” advocate Friedrich von Hayek (1899-1992).

To put it another way, these two fundamentally anti-republican ideologues whose lives were each devoted to the hereditary systems of empire constructed a widely publicized debate that asserted two opposing economic theories, either:

1. Government must spend arbitrarily to create jobs or:

2. Government must cut budgets, end social safety nets and public services and let the strong survive leaving each unit of society to its own (supposedly) self-regulating passions.

The constants among both apparent opponents (who remained friends throughout their lives) were that:

1. Neither believed that INTENTION or MIND should govern economic policy (Keynes believed in arbitrary “make work” which could not differentiate between the qualitative difference of a $100 paycheck to a digger of random holes vs $100 paycheck to an engineer building a dam), an:

2. Both believed equally in the universal validity of Malthus’s population theories, and of Bernard Mandeville’s satanic belief that personal vice creates public virtue. Both theories have underpinned British imperial grand strategy for over two centuries.

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It is also important to hold in mind that this 1932 debate emerged at a time that the world government agenda driven by the Bank of England and League of Nations were on the ascendency.

This operation, in which both Keynes and von Hayek were thoroughly enmeshed, demanded fascist regimes control the world under a “scientifically managed” bankers’ dictatorship.

One month after the London Times October 17, 1932 publication began to print arguments from proponents of both schools on how to best end the depression, Franklin Roosevelt was elected to the U.S. presidency.

With his presidential victory, a specific form of economic planning was restored to the republic that had nothing to do with either school of Keynes or Hayek and everything to do with something uniquely embedded in the U.S. Constitutional traditions that petrified the hereditary empires of Europe’s old nobility.

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In the years leading up to his victory, FDR had worked closely with a grouping of bipartisan American congressmen and senators to revive a form of political economy which involved the paradoxical coexistence of increased government involvement together with massive increase in entrepreneurism, and private sector growth.

The fact that FDR is attacked by communists for being a capitalist shill while being simultaneously attacked by capitalists for being a communist shill to this very day is a sign of this ongoing confusion and a testament to the effectiveness of British intelligence propaganda.

The systemic inability for modern Americans to resolve the ‘FDR paradox’ today is due entirely to a sleight of hand pulled by the very same imperial power that has never forgiven the USA for declaring its independence in 1776.

What Ben Franklin Created

When Benjamin Franklin (1705-1790) had orchestrated his life-long project of establishing a new nation on this earth founded upon the principle of the sanctity of the individual (enunciated in the 1776 Declaration of Independence) and the sanctity of the General Welfare (as outlined in the Constitution’s 1787 pre-amble), he and his leading co-thinkers demonstrated a profoundly philosophical understanding of the political economy and also nature of true freedom which citizens must re-learn – quickly.

In order to give practical meaning to the ideals of individual (bottom up) freedom and national (top down) collective well-being enshrined in America’s founding documents, a new system of political economy was created by Franklin and his closest followers among the founding fathers.

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This new system did not arise ex nihilo but was itself based upon the greatest traditions of French dirigisme of Jean-Baptiste Colbert (1619-1683), and earlier Cameralist schools of economic planning which grew out of the creation of the first modern nation states of France’s Louis XI and England’s Henry VII.

For the first time in history (at least since the short-lived effort by Charlemagne in the 8th century), the idea of “money”, “value”, “profit” were tied not to the passive capital off which feudal landlords fed parasitically, or bounty to be looted, but rather the improvement of the lives of people from whom the legitimacy of government was recognized to originate.

Throughout the 18th century, Benjamin Franklin became a leading American force for this school of thought which was outlined in his 1729 On the Necessity for a Paper Currency.

In this influential essay, the young scientist argued for a system of finance, colonial scrip, and value governed by the growth of manufacturing and full spectrum economics. In his essay Franklin battled the British establishment who argued that the colonies should forever remain agrarian, backward and cash cropping, saying:

“As Providence has so ordered it, that not only different Countries, but even different Parts of the same Country, have their peculiar most suitable Productions; and like wise that different Men have Genius’s adapted to Variety of different Arts and Manufactures, Therefore Commerce, or the Exchange of one Commodity or Manufacture for another, is highly convenient and beneficial to Mankind.”

Some of Franklin’s leading protégé’s who carried this tradition into the 19th century included the first U.S. Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton (1755-1804), John Jay (1745-1829), Gouverneur Morris (1752-1816), Robert Morris (1734-1806), Isaac Roosevelt (1726-1794) (great-great grandfather to Franklin Roosevelt) and later Henry Clay (1777-1852), John Quincy Adams (1767-1848), Matthew Carey (1760-1839). Matthew Carey’s son Henry C. Carey (1793-1879) became a leading economic advisor to Abraham Lincoln.

All of these figures defended the right of the young republic to develop “full spectrum economics” in order to gain true independence from the City of London.

Leaders of the American System: Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, Isaac Roosevelt, Gouverneur Morris, Robert Mirris, Matthew Carey, Henry Clay, John Quincy Adams, Henry C. Carey

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Henry C. Carey’s Seminal works that rallied the nation’s patriots to the cause of the American System included The Principles of Political Economy (1840), How to Outdo England Without Fighting Her (1865), Unity of Law (1872) and more. It was in The Harmony of Interests (1856) that Carey famously foretold of the emerging global fight between open vs closed systems that would define the post Civil War decades:

“Two systems are before the world; the one looks to increasing the proportion of persons and of capital engaged in trade and transportation, and therefore to diminishing the proportion engaged in producing commodities with which to trade, with necessarily diminished return to the labor of all; while the other looks to increasing the proportion engaged in the work of production, and diminishing that engaged in trade and transportation, with increased return to all, giving to the laborer good wages, and to the owner of capital good profits…

One looks to pauperism, ignorance, depopulation, and barbarism; the other in increasing wealth, comfort, intelligence, combination of action, and civilization.

One looks towards universal war; the other towards universal peace. One is the English system; the other we may be proud to call the American system, for it is the only one ever devised the tendency of which was that of elevating while equalizing the condition of man throughout the world.”

What Did the “American System” Do?

While the British System of laissez fair free trade demanded that governments do nothing, regulate nothing and plan nothing in order for the magical creative animal spirits of the self-regulating markets to “do their thing”, the American System took a very different approach.

By applying protectionism, national banking, internal improvements and public credit, the American System was driven by the idea that “value” was located not in money or any material thing existent in the ephemeral “now” but rather in the development of the creative powers of mental activity of the people.

Lincoln outlined this concept beautifully in his powerful “On Discoveries and Inventions” (1858) and this principle governed the creation of the Greenbacks when private bankers made every effort to cripple the Union’s access to credit needed to win the war.

Using protection, all nations have the right and even duty to prevent the cheap dumping of foreign goods by imposing a tariff upon imports, thus ensuring that local production be favored.

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Dumping was an old practice of economic warfare which the British had honed since the 17th century crushing its colonies’ efforts to build up local manufacturing on countless occasions (and continues to be a key element of economic warfare masquerading behind the veneer of globalization in our current age).

As demonstrated in the LPAC documentary 1932, whenever American System-followers in Russia, Germany, Italy, Japan, China, Spain and France applied protection, rail, and dirigiste credit, prosperity, independence and abundance flourished. Whenever these policies were abandoned, those nations were crippled and manipulated into wars by foreign interests.

Between 1880-1930, this system was led by nationalist forces affiliated with President Garfield (1831-1881), President Ulysses Grant (1822-1885), Governor William Gilpin (1813-1894), President McKinley (1843-1901), Secretary of State James Blaine (1830-1893), and President Warren Harding (1865-1923). Each time it began to take hold the system was derailed by timely assassinations and it was only able to emerge once more in 1932.

Post-Civil War American System leaders: President Garfield, President Grant and Governor Gilpin, President McKinley, Secretary of Stae Blaine and President William Harding

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How Franklin Roosevelt Revived the American System

With Roosevelt’s entry into office, the British Empire (using its Wall Street lackies) that had intentionally orchestrated the Great Depression in 1929 had realized that the American System was coming back to life for the first time in decades.

While Warren Harding’s short-lived presidency saw a few noble attempts to resurrect the McKinley-Lincoln traditions of the republican party, his convenient “death by oyster poisoning” in 1923 ensured that the revival of the American System would not succeed.

Over Harding’s dead body, free trade, bank deregulation, and speculation ran rampant throughout the “roaring twenties” led by Andrew Mellon, the Morgan dynasty and their puppet Calvin Coolidge.

This decay turned the once-productive industrial economy of America into a casino of bubbles built on unpayable debts and over-extended broker call loans that went up in smoke in 1929.

The “solution” that the financial oligarchy provided to the world in anticipation of the fear and starvation unleashed by the planned meltdown of the banking system was a novel economic miracle solution called “fascism”. This system soon swept the world from Italy, Germany, Austria and Spain.

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Within Britain, Canada and the USA, Wall Street/London sponsored fascist movements arose with lightning speed offering to solve all financial woes “and put food on the table” for millions of traumatized citizens. In a world of fear and instability, the masses were proving all too willing to ignore Ben Franklin’s sage advice by giving up their liberties to achieve a bit of security.

It was within this context that Franklin Roosevelt’s call to kick the money changers out of the temple and declare war on the abuses of Wall Street was an unexpected breath of fresh air for millions of suffocating citizens.

With FDR’s sabotage of the 1933 London Conference, the empire gasped as their carefully laid plans for world government run by local fascist enforcers were going up in smoke. Wall Street’s assassination plot in February 1933 and a military coup plot in 1934 failed, as the Pecora Commission shone the light of truth upon the abuses of those bankers that created the great depression.

After putting dozens of leading bankers in prison, prosecutor Ferdinand Pecora described the operation years later: 

“Under the surface of the governmental regulation of the securities market, the same forces that produced the riotous speculative excesses of the ‘wild bull market’ of 1929 still give evidence of their existence and influence.

Though repressed for the present, it cannot be doubted that, given a suitable opportunity, they would spring back to their pernicious activity.”

In Washington, a bi-partisan network of patriotic statesmen representing the Lincoln-McKinley-Harding traditions rose to prominence and shaped in large measure the policies which came to be known as the New Deal together with associated bank reforms of the Glass-Steagall, national credit, protectionism, and large-scale megaprojects known as the “four corners” vision (Tennessee Valley authority/Rural Electrification, Hoover Dam, Grand Coulee dam/Colorado River development, and St Lawrence Seaway).

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Much like the Belt and Road Initiative today, these large-scale macro projects governed the tens of thousands of smaller state, county and municipal “micro” projects within a top-down dynamic.

The Keynesian Myth

Even though today’s popular narrative has asserted that FDR’s New Deal was a Keynesian innovation managed by the nebulous “Brain Trust”, the reality is that Keynes believed that FDR was a buffoon and FDR believed the Fabian eugenicist could only be considered a detached ivory tower mathematician but not a competent economist.

In her autobiography, FDR’s Secretary of Labor Frances Perkins recorded the 1934 interaction between the two men when Roosevelt told her: 

“I saw your friend Keynes. He left a whole rigmarole of figures. He must be a mathematician rather than a political economist.”

In response Keynes, who was then trying to coopt the intellectual narrative of the New Deal stated he had “supposed the President was more literate, economically speaking.”

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The ‘American System’ Caucus

Those forgotten forces who have been nearly written out of history were American statesmen who had battled against the Federal Reserve Act in 1913, stood up to the police state apparatus begun by Teddy Roosevelt’s FBI in 1908, and against America’s turn towards imperialism with the death of McKinley.

They were the men who risked much to stand up against the League of Nations World government schemes launched in 1919, and against the Wall Street / CFR takeover of U.S. foreign and internal policy.

Senator George Norris showcasing the web of controls managed by the Wall Street oligarchs

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These names which should be celebrated today, interfaced closely with FDR and his allies Harry Hopkins and Henry Wallace. Some of their names include Senator Robert Lafollette Jr (R-Iowa) (1895-1953), Sen. Robert Wagner (D-NY) (1877-1953), Sen. Peter Norbeck (R-SD) (1870-1936), Sen. Edward Costigan (D-Colo.) (1874-1939), Senator George Norris (R-Neb) (1861-1944) and Rep. William Lemke (R-N.D.)(1878-1950).

These were a few of the leading men that some historians have dubbed “the American System Caucus”, and while this article doesn’t leave room for their story, rest assured that more will be said about them in a future installment.

While it would be a lie to say that there was no such thing as a “Brain Trust” or that Keynesian economists and Rhodes Scholars were not to be found among this group, the idea that this was the “cause” of the New Deal is a pure fiction.

American System Caucus: Senator Robert Lafollette, Senator Robert Wagner, Senator Peter Norbeck, Senator George Norris, Senator Edward Costigan, Representative William Lemke

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Taking Back Control of Credit Policy

While surgery was begun on the cancerous financial system and unpayable debts depriving the nation of the credit needed to commence a reconstruction policy of the physical economy (over 50% of U.S. industrial potential was destroyed and unemployment hit 25%), Franklin Roosevelt’s long time ally Harry Hopkins worked with Harold Ickes to provide emergency work for over 3 million people in the first months under the Public Works Administration and Works Progress Administration.

Although FDR could not destroy the private Federal Reserve that had taken control of U.S. monetary policy 30 years earlier, he was able to impose his own man (Marinner Eccles) onto it in 1934, forcing the beast to start obeying national law for the first time ever.

Despite this maneuver, Wall Street oligarchs continued to sabotage FDR’s recovery by constricting credit, refusing to purchase treasury notes at strategic moments, or even speculating against the U.S. dollar itself.

To get around these manipulations, the Reconstruction Finance Corporation (RFC) was brought online to function as a surrogate national bank channeling billions of dollars into small and medium businesses, industrial growth, and infrastructure projects.

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Psy Ops vs the New Deal: The Rise of the Austrian School

Throughout the 1930s and 1940s, Mellon-Morgan-Rockefeller interests ran a multifaceted psychological war against the population. After their coup plans failed due to Gen. Butler’s brave whistleblowing in 1934, these groups created a think tank calling itself the “American Liberty League”.

The irony of the word “Liberty” used by an organization whose controllers sponsored fascism before and even during WWII should not be lost on anyone.

Through powerful oligarchs like William Randolph Hearst, Henry Luce, the Morgans, the Warburgs, the Duponts, and the Rockefellers, the Liberty League controlled the majority of mainstream media outlets, radio stations, and publishing houses in the USA, at the same time they co-ordinated with the newly re-organized FBI under J. Edgar Hoover.

These groups worked hard to paint FDR as a Keynesian who only created inflationary “make work jobs” without any concrete intention for the future productive powers of labor.

Through this sleight of hand, FDR’s enemies were able to invent a straw man that they could then refute by promoting the anti-Keynesian model known as the “Austrian School” that had formerly grown out of the British System inspired theories of Carl Menger (retainer for the Habsburg empire) and his aristocratic disciples Ludwig von Mises, Friedrick von Hayek, Frank Knight, and Sir John Claphan.

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By 1940, the American Liberty League formerly disbanded. However with FDR’s death its cabal of controllers spawned dozens of new think tanks that were enmeshed with the Council on Foreign Relations and Mont Pelerin Society mothership founded in 1947 by von Hayek and a group of eugenics-loving oligarchs whom we will encounter in a following report..

Over the coming decades, the Liberty League morphed into hundreds of new think tanks which began with the American Enterprise Association (AEA) [later American Enterprise Institute] founded by Liberty League leader Raymond Moley and sponsored by General Mills, Chemical Bank and Bristol Meyers.

Other think tanks built up by this network over the years included the Heritage Foundation, Cato Institute, Hudson Institute, Mises Institute, Manhattan Institute etc… which would set the groundwork for the later “conservative revolution” of the 1970s.

This “Austrian School” revolution would spring to life once the 1945-1971 Keynesian perversion of Bretton Woods ended with the 1971 floating of the dollar off of the fixed exchange rate gold reserve system.

Under this post-1971 era, a new god of the “markets” would replace the old god of “the state” and a new ethic of post-industrial consumerism would replace the former system of Keynesian controls that defined the post-WWII era. 

Those anti-Keynesian leaders of the American System
 tradition such as Henry Dexter White, Franklin Roosevelt, Wendell Wilkie, Sumner Welles, and Harry Hopkins were taken out of power through various means between 1945-1946 as the Anglo-American establishment regained control over U.S. foreign and internal policies.

This Keynesian takeover destroyed the positive potential of the Bretton Woods Institutions which were designed originally to internationalize the New Deal via the creation of cheap credit for global development and win-win cooperation.

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Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

Fifty Small Ways To Increase Your Happiness
April 11 2023 | From: HuffingtonPost / Various

Would you love to get happier but you’re feeling busy or overwhelmed?

Making a few small changes to your daily routine and attitude can add up to positive results for your life and happiness. Here are 50 small ways to increase your happiness.

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1. Choose a simple mantra for the day to keep your thoughts positive and empowering (for example: I am enough. Today I choose happiness. I am thankful for the good in my life.)

2. Meditate for 3-5 minutes each day.

3. Switch your jarring morning alarm tone for an inspiring song.

4. Start a gratitude practice by writing down 3 things you are grateful for.

5. Take a few moments each morning to notice the sun has risen and feel appreciation for the new day ahead.

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6. Have compassion for yourself - when you are feeling down, treat yourself with unconditional love and kindness, not judgment.

7. Nourish your body with whole foods, water and sufficient sleep.

8. Start a journaling practice to get your swirling thoughts on paper and out of your head.

9. Pause for a deep belly breath and surrender all of your worries momentarily.

10. Put up post-it notes reminding you of your favorite positive truths or quotes.

11. Spend time in nature as it has a naturally calming and restorative effect.

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12. Decide how you most want to feel (e.g. free, inspired, abundant, relaxed) and consciously cultivate these feelings in your being as you go about your day.

13. Read a few pages of an inspiring book to feed your mind.

14. Have a short dance break to get you out of your head and back in your body.

15. Write down a list of your current goals and desires and what they mean to you.

16. Perform small acts of kindness and see how amazing it feels to help others.

17. Take a new route or try a new coffee shop or hobby - mixing up your routine can shake you out of autopilot mode and get you back in the present moment where beauty and joy exist.

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18. Replace worry with wondering what the best case scenario could be - ask yourself often: what is the best thing that could happen?

19. Let go of a habit or relationship that no longer serves your highest good.

20. Look at the stars, ocean or forest and marvel at the mystery and beauty of life.

21. Praise and compliment yourself - rather than solely relying on other people to fill your emotional cup.

22. Create a morning ritual to help you ground in the right energy before the day begins.

23. Move your body with a form of exercise you enjoy - it releases natural feel-good chemicals.

24. Make time in your schedule to do the simple things you love - like walking in the park, reading or having dinner with friends.

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25. Place your hand on your heart and wish yourself well.

26. End the day by reflecting on everything good that happened.

27. Let your creativity flow through writing, painting or making art.

28. Do something that scares you - tapping into courage is hugely satisfying.

29. Write a list of people and memories you are willing to forgive and let your past pain go.

30. Cultivate an abundance mindset by noticing everything you have in your life - you might have an abundance of freedom, fresh air, food, friends or inspiring ideas.

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31. Take small steps towards an important or meaningful goal you have.

32. Ask your soul and the Universe for more miracles and magic in your life.

33. Soak up and savour the simple pleasures - like your morning coffee, sunshine on your back or the comfort of fresh sheets in your bed.

34. Spend a few moments thinking about what a privilege it is to be alive and having an adventure on planet earth — the odds of you being born at this time to your parents are about one in four hundred trillion. You and your life are a miracle.

35. Write a list of your gifts, passions and interests - having clarity on these things can help you bring more meaning into your life.

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36. Practice accepting the things you cannot change and spending your energy on the things you can.

37. Believe in yourself a little more by telling yourself often: I can do this. I’ve got this.

38. Feel your feelings instead of numbing them - if you sit and feel what’s going on in your emotional body without adding a mental story, your pain will soon dissolve and you will feel whole because you are reconnecting with yourself.

39. Mentally sending blessings to the people you encounter during your day.

40. Feel gratitude and excitement for your dreams - your appreciation will call them into your life faster.

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41. Think of a way to use your gifts today - you have been given them for a reason.

42. Be led by love, not fear. As you make daily decisions, ask yourself: What would love do here?

43. Drop comparison and competing with others for a new goal: being the best you.

44. Decide to be a light of love and inspiration for others. As the poet Rumi wrote: “Be a lamp, or a lifeboat, or a ladder. Help someone’s soul heal. Walk out of your house like a shepherd.”

45. Quiet your mind for a moment and listen to what your soul or intuition is guiding you to do.

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46. Surround yourself with people who are positive, loving and bring out your best.

47. Know your values (e.g. connection, creativity, adventure) and incorporate them into your life.

48. Remember your inherent worth and remind yourself often that you are enough.

49. Celebrate the light in others instead of judging them for their human imperfections.

50. Energy flows where attention goes so make a daily commitment to focus on the things you like about yourself and your life - and watch how you flourish as a result.

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Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

Core Edicts Of The Khazarian Zionist Mafia Top Command (Part III)
April 10 2023 | From: VeteransToday / Various

A core edict of the Khazarian Zionist Mafia Top Command is to transform the masses into self-hating, self-defeating, mind-kontrolled dupes who can never understand what is being done to them by the Khazarian Zionist Mafia.

The Khazarian Zionist Mafia (KM) has an age-old inter-generational agenda, and it us necessary for the KM to maintain abject secrecy otherwise the masses will revolt with pitchforks:

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We now know for certain there is a method and an age-old inter-generational agenda behind the seeming madness and unimaginable evil of the KM’s Top Chieftains, the soulless criminal psychopaths that control the Khazarian Mafia and set USG policy.

"Yet the individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists. The American mind simply has not come to a realization of the evil which has been introduced into our midst.

It rejects even the assumption that human creatures could espouse a philosophy which must ultimately destroy all that is good and decent.”

- FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, The Elks Magazine, August 1956.

The Khazarian Zionist Mafia agenda is specific:

It is now known that the KM has a specific Agenda. That agenda is to establish the KM’s desired end state, a One-world Global NWO system governed by Lucifer. These Top KM Chieftains believe they will be regenerated to immortality upon the arrival of their descended master Lucifer.

And the Khazarian Zionist Mafia has a select set of methodologies deployed to attain this evil agenda:

And it is now known that the KM has a set of select methodologies used over the last 1,000 years to attain their agenda which is now close to attainment.

And these methodologies include sophisticated mind-kontrol, deployment of synthetic terror and manufactured wars, induced drug addiction slavery, Fiat debt slavery, and a general strategy of “divide and conquer” to create ongoing chaos.

They would perhaps already have attained their unimaginably evil agenda but for recent blockages due to the alternative news of the Internet and a spontaneously emerging populism inside America and Europe because of it.

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In their quest to always improve their ability to spy on the masses, the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) which is a KM creation, set up the Internet, believing it would be the greatest spy tool yet devised.

That turned out to be true, but there was a serious side-effect that the Top Chieftains of the KM never expected. That was the quick emergence of the alternative media on the Internet and the steady increase in its users who left their Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) to habitually use it to get the news and to start researching current events as well as historical events of the past.

The KM countered this by setting up hundreds of misinformation websites. However, in order to gain any following at all they had to play the “limited hangout” game. They had to include a fair proportion of truth in their stories or no one would use their sites or be subject to any of their propaganda as “bad payloads”.

A lot of these misinformation websites supported by KM Cutouts and proprietaries would put out about 70-80% good info with a periodic very bad misinforming payload. Glenn Beck has been fingered by some as a typical example, others identify Alex Jones too, but there are likely many others. It is known that both periodically do carry some good stories too.

Top of the Pyramid kissing their god of the black sun Satan

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What ended up happening with many users was that they became so sophisticated in their processing and understanding of how the world really works that they were not fooled by this”limited hangout” strategy.

Many of these alternative news website users have been able to ignore the bad payloads and select the truth nuggets and connect these dots from many different websites in their heads, and come up with composites of what is really happening that are fairly accurate.

Plus, there are some alternative media websites like Veterans Today or Rense.com which are often the first to dump serious hidden facts and Intel out there for all to use as they wish.

What is the Specific End Game for the Top Chieftains of the Khazarian Zionist Mafia? 

These Select Few KM criminal psychopaths believe that as they seat Lucifer in their NWO temple in Jerusalem to be their ruling world master, they will personally be transformed into eternal gods, and will rule the universe forever with their master Lucifer.

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The sad fact is that this Khazarian Mafia is just the current expression of this secret sect of Luciferians, going back all the way to ancient Babylonia and beyond. It is the Order of the Snake, but has many other names and is ancient Baal worship driven by a set of root beliefs called Babylonian Talmudism, but it is also known as Luciferianism, Satanism, High Freemasonry, OTO, and many more.

The big problem the KM’s top Chieftains now face is the fact that slowly but surely the masses are finding out about who they are specifically and what their evil agenda is.

Should these KM Top Chieftains be surprised when Goyim find out about this and want them indicted, arrested, jailed and executed for a whole laundry list of unimaginably evil capital crimes including mass-murder, war crimes, terrorism and crimes against humanity, and before the KM can complete its notoriously anti-human, anti-Goyim Globalist NWO Agenda?

More Actual Core Belief Patterns of the KM Top Chieftains

The actual core belief patterns of the KM Top Chieftains are based on their deep Babylonian Talmudic (Luciferian/Satanic) values
which they use to determine their Core Edicts by which they establish policies while sitting at the top of their pyramidal Establishment Hierarchy.

The actual core belief patterns of the KM Top Chieftains is an age old secret of these inbred “bloodline” families that form the nexus of the Khazarians and old black nobility. It is allegedly all based on their common secret occult network which insiders call the “Order of the Snake”.

Others have called it the Black Sun, the Reich of the Black Sun, the Great Dragon (the alien ET beast, Draco), the Serpent”, but they all represent the Order of the Snake and ancient Babylonian Talmudism, aka secret Baal worship.

It has been reported that this occult network which covers most of the world, is nothing more than the deep secret of the worldwide Satanic Cult network that is centered in the USA, the UK and Europe that serves up little kids to pedophiles to abuse and more than rarely tortures and sacrifices them.

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Here is a secretly recorded, later leaked video clip from a High Freemason ritual in which the first part involved hired women to provide “special” entertainment. You can only guess what is not included in this video clip, former High Freemasons who have attended such special meetings have suggested that these events ended up getting pretty spicy with top floors of expensive hotels rented and prepaid high class hookers for all.

The UK is run by High Freemasonry top to bottom, the police, the courts, the government and this is a poorly kept secret.

In America a lot of these institutions are run by smaller numbers of High Freemasons and OTO members, but this is a closely guarded secret. Some are openly members of the Satanic / Pedophile network that traffics in child sex victims over the whole western world and much of the rest of the world too.

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Hitler and his top Nazi command were deeply involved in the Reich of the Black Sun, believed by some researchers to be covert Satanism. Some researchers believe human sacrifice rituals were done in the basement pit of Wewelsberg Castle. And during a short time, it was reported that 17,000 political prisoners were sacrificed in a special building that had hydraulically operated guillotines.

"The only reference I could find was a UK story that documented 16,500 executions by guillotine, but no mention of the hydraulic guillotines."

The Core Edicts of the KM Top Chieftains are oriented to managing Western institutions and culture in such a way to mind-kontrol and manipulate the masses and We The People become dirtied up with drugs and alcohol and self-defeating, shameful behaviors.

But these destructive behaviors also appear to cause individuals to self-hate, self-abuse further, and can lead also individuals to become self-defeating enemies of themselves, their families and society. This of course makes the KM’s attainment of their evil Globalist NWO Agenda so much easier.

In order for the Khazarian Zionist Mafia to attain it Globalist NWO Agenda, the KM must attain its goals:

Destruction of normal male female sex roles;

Diversity, perversity and political correctness as the “new normal”;

Loss of American borders, culture and language;

Out of control medical costs and costs of living due to inflation built created and mandated by the private Federal Reserve System;

No more living wages for employment;

The destruction of the family unit;

No more interest on saving and investments that will match the inflation caused by FRS FIAT “fake money”;

Massive unemployment and no more job security;

The end of unions;

And massive taxation, massive debt slavery and usurious credit card loans;

Corruption of the Judiciary and discarding of the US Constitution by the USG and the Judiciary at all levels;

Proliferation of weird occult networks and sometimes secret promotion of strange blood practices to extend the life of the rich super-elites;

Massive weapons and drug trafficking into American Urban centers by the CIA and the promotion of gangs and use of terror entrapment ops to gain more central power and taxpayer financing;

Socially engineered massive addiction to legal and illegal drugs and alcohol to promote gangs, foment massive chaos, and to destroy the general morality and character of the American Masses;

A generally poor and completely irrelevant public education system secretly designed inside the beltway to dumb kids down and make them good KM mind-kontrolled debt-slaves;

To poison the food and water with GMOs and endocrine disruptors;

To over-vaccinate with toxic vaccines that often cause mini-strokes and autism spectrum disorders in alarmingly high rates in innocent children unable to give adequate consent for themselves with parents too dumbed-down to know better; and

To entrain the masses through super high tech psychotronic induction means, including orbital based Helium 3 powered scalar transmitters, use of cell phone systems and WI-FI, mass-mind-kontrol through TV “programming”, as well as certain secretly deployed ELF ground wave systems and the little understood Lilly waves which can be transmitted through the power grid.

But all these KM curses being deployed against the American Masses have only been able to be deployed because they first got control of almost every single institution, including those of the Federal and State governments, the Judiciary, the Congress, private business, the NGOs and private foundations and think-tanks, the Administration, the High Military Command, American Intel and a now largely militarized LE system absorbed by the new KM-created and -run Homeland Security (DHS).

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"Unless people wake up soon and start standing against these KM monsters en masse at every level inside and outside the governments and even within the KM itself, the West will be soon destroyed, depopulated by 90% and there will be no future for our young children at all."

Your mind is always the main target of the Top Command of the Khazarian Zionist Mafia, then your assets and then your very life...

Without the Earth shattering disclosures made by Gordon Duff at the International Counterterrorism Conference in 2014, you would never be reading about the Khazarian Mafia by name anywhere on the Internet, even here.

It was VT Chairman Gordon Duff that first disclosed that the root cause of so-called “world terrorism” was actually the world’s largest organized crime syndicate.

Gordon Duff did not specifically name this world’s largest organized crime syndicate in the first part of his speech which was unclassified and made public. Within minutes of its delivery, this historical ground-breaking speech was scrutinized by every major government and Intel agency, and sent shock-waves around the world.

A short time later it was VT’s Financial Editor and Talk Show host Mike Harris that named this world’s largest organized crime syndicate publicly for the first time ever, and referred to it specifically by its proper name as the Khazarian Mafia. 

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Without these bold first-time disclosures of Gordon Duff and Mike Harris, VT readers would not have been able to connect the dots and begin to understand what the Khazarian Mafia (KM) is or how it has parasitized America and most of the world.

Comment: Some of these statements are a bit blow-hard, as many have been aware of the 'New World Order' agenda for some time now. All these people really have done is to identify the Khazarian / Zionist element.

Nor would they be able to understand what the KM has done to rise to such world power and where it is within striking distance to take down the whole world and complete its evil Globalist NWO one-world agenda.

And without these bold disclosures you would continue seeing and feeling the negative effects of this world’s largest organized crime syndicate the KM everywhere in your daily life, but you would not know its name, its history, its composition, what empowers it.

Nor would you understand what the overall agenda of this world’s largest organized crime syndicate is. And this syndicate’s agenda just happens to be asset stripping, induced death, war and destruction for profit, power, and world domination, all intended to produce Globalist NWO one-world government end-state run by this world’s largest organized crime syndicate.

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And it is now pretty clear that without the emergence of some very high level, very informed and very disgusted Intel Cowboys from all over the world, there would be no major leaks of the secret evil that the Khazarian Mafia (KM) has been perpetrating all over the world and in America, their home economic and military base.

The KM has always known that if various renegade Intel disclosed their secret evil this could be a serious threat to their syndicate’s power.

"That is why they set up so many advanced procedures to compartmentalize all areas of Intel - the higher you go, the more narrow the scope."

This has all been done in an effort to keep high ranking Intel from connecting the dots and understanding that they are working as part of system to destroy their own nation, their own families and humankind itself.

Because when some Intel gain too much information about the KM crimes committed under the cover of invoked “national security” a certain percentage will secretly rebel. That secret rebellion can take the form of sandbagging (working hard but producing little) or leaking damaging information through various complex means.

In recent years Intel Cowboys from all over the world have rebelled because they could not accept the big picture they discovered in their jobs. Some have organized into groups which have become such powerful factions that are able to openly speak out and resist the evils of the Khazarian Zionist Mafia.

It is now known beyond any shadow of a doubt that the KM Top Chieftains who sit at the top of the pyramidal Establishment Hierarchy are the top policy-makers and maintain a set of Core Edicts upon which they base their policy mandates on. These are reflected in USG Laws and most large corporate policies.

This series of articles has disclosed many of their Core Edicts. It’s a fact that the Top Chieftains of the KM control the CIA and other Intel agencies and use so-called “National Security” as cover for their crimes.

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The KM cannot continue to exist without their ability to maintain abject secrecy and everyday the Internet, the world’s New Gutenberg Press is eroding that secrecy.

Use of National Security as cover for these serious RICO and International crimes by the KM is itself a most serious crime against the USA, We The People and the World.

The KM is the biggest RICO crime syndicate in America and commits the most serious US and International crimes ever.

Some of these crimes are so serious that they are almost unimaginable such as engineered staged wars with millions of dead and wounded with many are innocent civilians, women and children.

Right now the main Intel agency used by the KM inside America is the Central Intelligence Agency. The CIA is bifurcated and employs many innocent analysts and agents who collect Intel by various means but do not engage in evil, anti-human covert operations.

But there is an evil covert part of the CIA which engages in frequent wetwork, abroad and inside the USA, massive mind-kontrol operations against We The People using super high tech Psychotronics, working with the US Military to traffick in trillions of dollars of illegal narcotics and weapons to raise “off the books” black ops money.

Limitless off-the-books Black Ops money underwrites synthetic terror and advances fascistic agendas

Related: Shocking Government Report Finds $6.5 Trillion In Taxpayer Funds "Unaccounted For"

"But the most important function that the CIA and the other Intel agencies that are completely controlled by the KM are the covert operations deployed to create synthetic terror, fake enemies, which are needed to start wars and justify huge military deployments. Mercenaries are hired for this, but there are even more sinister methods used."

Saudi Arabia has always provided a great deal of funding to pick up young orphans off the street and place them in special schools to raise them and mind-kontrol them to function as crazed, suicidal terrorist bombers, painted as Islamic extremists.

These mind-kontrolled subjects can then be triggered anytime they are needed to sacrifice themselves and produce the mass terror needed to start wars and justify more and more centralization of KM power exhibited as invisible Secret Shadow Government (SSG) power and visible USG power.

The Khazarian Zionist Mafia Top Chieftains love to consolidate institutions, and industries in order centralize power and make it much easier for themselves to exert control over the USG and We The People.

That is why they used their Gladio-style, inside-job false-flag attack on America on 9-11-01 as an excuse to consolidate all American Alphabets and Law Enforcement into one centralized hierarchy they labelled Homeland Security (DHS). The name “Homeland Security” itself a mockery of the US Constitution and everything our Founding Fathers fought for in the Revolutionary War.

This new Centralized hierarchical control of all such agencies by the KM’s Top Chieftains makes it easy for the KM to implement their Core Edicts as USG policies (many remaining secret, some made public).

These Top Chieftains of course installed perverted, deeply compromised doofuses at the head of DHS to run it, soulless dupes who will do whatever the KM Top Chieftains mandate, no matter the US Constitution and common decency.

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Anyone who crosses them significantly gets whacked by their soulless wetboy teams, usually “arkencided”, a term that arose because of all the Dixie Mafia murders for the CIA surrounding the Mena operation and the Clintons.

The term “arkencide” is when the CIA wetboys murder a whistle-blower or someone deemed as a potential threat for knowing too much that they could become an unnecessary risk later on, or someone who has stepped outside allowed parameters.

In the typical arkencide, it is customary for local police to stand-down at the request of Intel and for a crooked coroner and mortuary to be used. Absurd circumstances are knowingly created to serve as a warning message to anyone else who might be tempted to step outside of allowed parameters.

Here is the bottom line of the Core Edicts of the KM Top Chieftains: To foment large criminal operations to make vast fortunes by which they plan to buy up the whole world and run it themselves, step by step.

These operations include: massive counterfeiting (their own private Fiat Currency rented out to the American users); massive illegal drug trafficking; massive illegal and legal arms trafficking; massive money laundering; bust out schemes against the American People using color of law like the S&L scam, the Enron Scam, the Mortgage Bubble/MERS scam, and the “Bailouts”; Wall Street Plunge Protection Street scam where the USG has acquired about 1/2 of all US stocks through proprietaries, thus driving the stock prices up synthetically; sophisticated eugenics programs to promote obesity, disease and mass death in order to thin the herd by 90%; a secret space war program and secret alliances with certain Alien ET groups; electronic weather control and warfare; and last but the most important operation, large scale psychotronic mind-kontrol.

This Jesse Ventura interview with Dr. Robert Duncan can not be embedded in this article, but for the time being can be watched here.


The bottom line is that the KM is driven by an unimaginably evil inter-generational Globalist NWO Agenda to create a one-world government run by them alone.

Their power is gained and exercised through their counterfeit FIAT Money Power. They have been able to capture most of the world in their spider web of fake money which is nothing but printed and issued debt notes.

And the rest of the world is now catching on, especially the Russian Federation and China. Khadafy caught on, and the KM murdered him and plundered his nation through US Dept. of State doofus Cutouts.

Assad and Syria have caught on and the KM is working overtime trying to depose Assad and destroy Syria’s infrastructure and Putin and the Russian Federation have now completely checkmated the KM in Syria and have decimated the KM/Israeli/USG created ISIS mercenaries.

Related: Western Media Finally Investigates Alleged Chemical Attack In Syria And Finds “No Evidence” + There’s A Good Chance We’re Being Lied To About The Chemical Attack In Syria

Iran has caught on and you can bet that the Russian Federation will also protect this ally from KM destruction like they have Syria. The whole world is now closing in on the KM, and it’s going to be a battle to the end; the KM is going to go down hard, but it will go down.

The KM’s game has always been to take over the whole world and rule it themselves as kings running a feudal kingdom, with everyone else their serfs and slaves – at least those remaining 10% who have not all been mass murdered by the time they plan to exercise complete world control.

To complete their evil Globalist NWO one-world Agenda, the KM must continue creating massive wars and running large scale international organized crime scams. They must control the lives and hearts and minds of We The People and convince us that our serfdom is desirable, or at least we are powerless to do anything about it.

Every day the KM’s control is waning, as more and more of their Colossal lies are revealed. We are now all in a race to the finish point, there is only room for one victor, We the People or the Top Chieftains of the Khazarian Mafia. You can be sure of this one thing however.

"If the KM were to have won and complete their agenda they would whack all their doofus Cutouts because they would no longer need them. None of these folks would ever expect such a result, but it’s a given if the KM would have won this battle for Planet earth."

Looking at you John - you are just "the help" - no matter what your higher-up psychopaths have sold you in on

Related: Key’s True Legacy & The Farce Of His Knighthood

Yes, it’s now a major race between the KM’s efforts to control
the people and the people’s public activism to expose these large scale KM crimes anstop them before they mass-murder most of us.

If We The People lose this battle, darkness will ded scend completely over America and the rest of the world.

Putin and the Russian Federation and the Chinese are now hip to this KM evil Agenda and have created a major financial firewall against the KM consisting of the BRICS Nations, the AIIB and new Chinese money wire system and the coming silk road railway and commerce lanes.

In time, this will likely produce an end to the US Petro Dollar as the world’s exchange currency, and may push America over a financial cliff. That alone could mean the end of the KM hegemony.

How much better it would be if We The People rose up at every level and organized to take control of our government before that happens.

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Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi
Globalism: A Psychological GPS System For The Masses
April 9 2023 | From: JonRappoport / Various

Globalism presents a conception of space, in which billions of people fit into their “best slots.” That’s the theme. That’s the construct.

Of course, its proponents and bosses sell it as if the world couldn’t exist in any other form.

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All isms operate in this fashion. Once the definition is laid down, the fictional field is laid out, and people are urged to navigate to their places.

“If you don’t, dire things will happen.” People aren’t generally aware of fictional spaces and their psychological impact. Therefore, they go along.

This is why a museum can be so instructive. A thousand paintings, each with its own area. I’m not talking about a place on a wall, I’m talking about interior space, which the artist invents and shapes on the canvas.

With Globalism, the space is all about establishing control and distribution points for goods and services. It’s about erasing borders and nations. It’s about co-opting the notion of a unified planet, in order to broadcast fake cheesy messages of universal “share and care.” It’s about every individual “having his place.”

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When I began painting in 1962, one of the first things I noticed was the abundance of space - on each canvas. Waiting to be shaped. The psychological carry-over was enormous. The notion of “fitting into a position in life” disintegrated. It made no sense and had no impact.

Globalism is a hustle in a long, long line of planetary hustles. It erects a space and claims it is the future for all. It’s a minor, minor painting by a group of minor artists, hardly worthy of a spot on the wall of a second-rate museum.

If we were living in a reasonably aware society, many people would be asking themselves: “What space do I want to invent, and for what purpose?”

Which of course takes things back to the individual and his inner resources. And away from overarching ideologies with their perverse themes.

If you were a painter, what would you paint? That question is a lot like asking: if you could invent your future and all the space that comes with it, what would you do?

To come up with an answer, you don’t need any of the GPS reference points of Globalism. They would only be a hindrance.

They would be delusions, masking your power.

“Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure - one world, if you will. If that is the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.”

- David Rockefeller, Memoirs, 2002

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The man who wrote those words represents a family that has dominated banking, oil, modern medicine, behind-the-scenes politics, and powerhouses of Globalism (e.g., the Council on Foreign Relations) for a century.

Globalism asserts that no nation can be independent from “the family” of other nations, as if it were a matter of fact beyond dispute. A nation claiming its sovereignty thus becomes a lunatic traitor to the natural order of things.

What really binds nations to one another is propaganda, and treaties which are based on the same propaganda, resulting in engorged super-profits for mega-corporations.

Globalism is a secular piece of messianic hype. A Disneyesque altruism is the prow of the ship. Spend 10 minutes educating any street hustler on Globalist principles, and he would recognize it as a standard con.

Obama’s warning to the Brits, that their withdrawing from the Globalist European Union would put them at the back of the line in negotiating a separate trade treaty with the United States, was sheer fiction.

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Britain, or any nation, that has goods to sell and a desire to buy will find trade partners. An agreement could be scratched out on a napkin over dinner.

Impending trade deals like the TPP and TTIP are thousands of pages and take so long to negotiate, because the heavy hitters at the table are looking for new ingenious ways to cut and paste the world into larger profits for themselves.

Globalism, hiding behind thousands of academic analyses, picks up jobs from one nation, where wages are reasonable and working conditions are tolerable, and dumps them in hell holes where wages are nearly invisible and conditions are poisonous.

It’s that simple, and any moron could see how the job-exporting nations would suffer…if by nations we meant people.

Instead of criminal corporations and criminal investors. But all this is layered over with “share and care” sop.

The United States government could repeal the NAFTA, CAFTA, and GATT trade treaties tomorrow, and throw current TPP and TTIP negotiating documents out the window…and all would be well. Better. Much better.

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For instance, without NAFTA, US producers wouldn’t have been able to flood Mexico with cheap corn, throwing 1.5 million Mexican corn farmers into bankruptcy, leading many of them to cross the border and come to the US to find work.

No US President since Nixon has disturbed the march of Globalist “free trade.” All Presidents since then have been on board with the Rockefeller plan. And the US economy - which is to say, jobs - has thus faltered.

The 2008 financial crash was only one factor in the decline. The promise of cheap imports for sale in the US - the justification for free trade - doesn’t work when people here have no jobs and no purchasing power.

Major media, fronting for free-trade, have panicked over Donald Trump’s claim that he’ll reject Globalism. They would have panicked over Bernie Sander’s similar promise, if they thought he had any chance of defeating Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination. The media have their orders from on high - the deck is stacked, the cards were dealt long ago.

Related: Hanne Herland Explains How Universities Became Globalist New Left Propaganda Tools And Enemies Of Free Speech

Hillary Clinton mouths pathetic and empty generalities about creating jobs. Small tax breaks for small businesses that “share profits with employees,” the “removal of government red tape,” “funding breakthroughs in scientific and medical research,” “expanding job training opportunities” - the truth is, her basic method for stimulating the economy has always been: find a war, any war, and fight it.

Now, let us consider The Individual. Is he just a tiny force pitted against a colossus?

No. Unless he sees himself that way. But what can he do?

First: find the thing within himself that defies the odds, supersedes the “normal response,” casts aside all ordinary formulations of what he is.

That thing, that power is imagination. Imagination has the ability to come up with solutions and strategies - on both a personal and planetary level - that have never been considered before. Imagination is the wild card.

Imagination belongs to The Individual.

The individual is not the group.

“Exercises and techniques for accessing and deploying imagination…these would be essential. Exercises that allow the individual to reinstate his basic creative position in life. Exercises that allow the individual to use his imagination in many different ways. Ramping up power.”

- Preliminary notes for Exit From the Matrix, Jon Rappoport

What does the individual have to offer? He has everything he is capable of doing, when he liberates himself from petty ideas and limitations about what he is. That journey of liberation is his own. It isn’t anybody else’s.

It is, as I’ve pointed out many times, a journey of imagination. Imagination lets a person know what could exist but doesn’t now exist. Imagination lets a person know what he could invent. Imagination lets a person know that, despite claims to the contrary, the future is open and unwritten.

Imagination lets a person know that he can think thoughts that have never been thought before. The journey of individual liberation is, therefore, much more than discovering what already exists in one’s own mind.

The world as it is, things as they are, Globalism as it is, collectivism, the group - this is the sensation of depleted imagination.

Of course, imagination never diminishes, it just waits. For you.

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The deployment of imagination unlocks hidden energies. A power, sought after and never found in other endeavors, appears.

Imagination is larger than any universe. It needs no sanction from the world. It is not some secret form of physics. It is not religion. It is not cosmology. It is not any one picture of anything. It’s what you invent.

The Collective does not have imagination. It poaches on individuals with imagination. The Collective is a graveyard where imagination has been downgraded and forgotten.

Imagination soars. It is the individual at the edge of his own exploration.

Imagination was the source for the building of modern civilization. But then civilization became dedicated to itself AS THE GROUP.

The individual never goes away, and neither does his imagination. Imagination can light up a room, a house, a city, a nation, a planet, a galaxy, a universe.

So what will the individual do about Globalism?

The challenge isn’t going to be resolved by taking mere traditional approaches. It isn’t going to be solved by thinking along traditional lines. People tend to ask for answers - but what if the ordinary answers don’t work?

What if something else has to happen?

What if many individuals have to wake up to the range and scope and power of their own imaginations…and come up with new answers? What if that’s the case?

What if that’s the exit from the situation in which we find ourselves?

It IS the exit.

Soros Hacked: US Billionaire Manipulated Europeans Into Accepting Maidan

The bulk of George Soros' documents hacked and published on DC Leaks website shed the light on the magnates' meddling into Ukrainian affairs and shaping public opinion in Western Europe regarding the February coup of 2014 in Kiev through a series of projects and media campaigns.

DC Leaks' release of almost 2,576 files from groups run by US billionaire George Soros, has exposed the magnate's involvement in Ukraine's Euromaidan affairs as well as manipulation of public opinion in Western and Southern Europe in order to "legalize" the February 2014 coup in Kiev.

"The emergence of a New Ukraine carries with it the opportunity to reinvigorate the European project,"
read a 2015 document by the Open Society Initiative for Europe (OSIFE) entitled "The Ukraine debate in Western Europe."

"However, this is complicated by the reluctance of some EU actors to accept the Maidan revolution as democratic and the Ukrainian government as legitimate.

These actors have their own agendas - related to geopolitical and economic considerations with Russia - and will therefore be difficult to influence,"
the OSIFE document underscored, adding that "for other groups and individuals, on the political left and across various social movements, one can detect confusion regarding the state of affairs in Ukraine."

OSIFE specified that this "second group" comprised key opinion-makers, a number of traditional mainstream players, emerging political parties - especially in Southern Europe - such as M5S in Italy, Podemos in Spain and Syriza in Greece, and "a wide range of liberal NGOs in western Europe."

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In order to tackle the "problem," the organization offered to kick off a series of initiatives aimed at shaping public opinion in the West regarding the Ukrainian affairs.

The document revealed that OSIFE pursued three major objectives.

First, it sought to "stimulate debate and doubt in those democratic left movements, parties and audiences of Western Europe where a negative perception of the transformation of Ukraine is hegemonic, or very preponderant."

Second, it wanted to "discredit the idea that the independence and integrity of Ukraine is an ideological cause of the Right."

Third, OSIFE intended to "influence the way information about Ukraine is heard and perceived in Southern Europe, especially among the group of doubters."

The issue was dramatically complicated by the fact that the major driving forces of the so-called "Euromaidan Revolution" of February 2014 were the Ukrainian far-right groups, most notably the nationalist All-Ukrainian Union Svoboda and Right Sector, founded by ultra-right Trident and the Ukrainian National Assembly-Ukrainian National Self-Defense (UNA-UNSO) paramilitary group.

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Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi
Pyramid Of Lies
April 8 2023 | From: KingFarouk / Various

Power is built on Lies - Lies start at the top of the Pyramid.

Lies corrupt the entire Pyramid with deceit, fraud and fallacies of fantasies.

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Our generation has inherited this Pyramid of Lies and only now are we beginning to see its tentacles of deception within our societies, governments, financial institutions, and even families as this web has entrapped us.

Some say that this all began with the Father of all Lies - Satan - but how many people have actually met this bloke of smoke? Or is he just a religious fantasy of distraction - The Blame Game?

Actually the Lie begins with YOU and ME as we are the ones that give credence and support and repeat the Lie over and over again as part of our personal Belief systems.

So if change is to occur, it has to come from personal understanding and recognition of the Lies and then doing what needs to be done by exposing the Lies in the light of Truth and then presenting viable Solutions.

That is the gist of this essay.

Upside Down Pyramids

Most of us think of pyramids as being large at the bottom and pointed at the top. We are programmed to believe that this is the proper shape and model that we should follow.

All our social, religious, political, governmental, financial, economic and corporate structures are based on “Top-Down” models with the “All Seeing Eye” of the FEW (0.1%) at the TOP who make the rules for their untouchable benefit - always.

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In reality that is a fallacious Lie as the actual structure is an “Upside Down Pyramid” with the small pointed end being the FOUNDATION POINT upon which a larger structure of lies is constructed.

A simple example is the basic government structure. You have a small portion of a population that are full time non-governmental workers paying taxes to support government workers that create welfare and budget deficit programs that create inflation and that then impoverish the workers that are holding up the whole system...

So by design or stupidity, the whole pyramid collapses and from the rubble of war a new phoenix pyramid system emerges which historically repeats the LIE.

In the US, 100 million workers support 50 million government employees that support 160 million people dependent upon some form of welfare that the government finances by issuing trillions of Dollars in Debt that supports banks and financial markets that leverage this through fractal banking to create $2-5 quadrillion in derivatives and $56 quadrillion in loans to hedge funds that cannot service the interest on these loans so the system is doomed to failure, especially if you kill off or tax to death the foundation of creative workers.

This is all by design based on Lies and Greed.

The Financial Casino Pyramid

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So the Financial Debt Pyramid of Lies is based on a small foundation of fungible REAL MONEY in gold, silver and precious metals often loosely referred to as “The Global Collateral Accounts” as the real assets backing the fraudulent fractional global financial system.

To this is added Annual GDP which is what is actually created new assets produced by the productivity of hard working people. This is the base that supports the fake colored paper debts and their “phantom assets” or “Ghost Money”.

And even the amount of gold above ground as determined by the London Gold Council is limited to only 190,000 tons mined since the beginning of time, whereas, current annual global gold extraction is accounted at 6,000 tons per year.

Extrapolate 6,000 over 50 years of modern mining and you have potentially over 300,000 tons above ground. And going back in time you add Sumarian gold, Solomon’s mines, South Africa, Spanish/American hoards, California, Alaska and Yukon Gold Rushes, Russian and Asian gold reserves and London Liars are called out.

Keep the amount available small and the price goes higher, that is the con and lie perpetrated.

And the real gold money supporting the financial pyramid at current gold price of $ 1,500/oz the 190,000 tons would be worth only $ 9.164 Trillion but only 13% of physical gold is in financial bars or coins held by banks, central banks, institutional investors and private holdings.

That is only $ 1.2 Trillion physical collateral supporting the actual financial pyramid.

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This financial Debt morass also supports organized and rigged casinos like paper gold, stocks, bonds, derivatives and financial debt instruments of all kinds.

These paper casinos are all based on a small foundation of assets that are always in a “disconnect” with the paper that they represent as a direct result of fractal banking leveraging at 10:1, 100:1 or even higher.

Take for example the “rigged gold price”. Commodity markets like the London Bullion Metals Association (LBMA) and COMEX in Chicago deal principally in “Paper Gold” which is “phantom gold” created out of thin air with little or NO physical gold backing or physical gold delivery.

The daily “price” is FIXED in a back room with no transparency or accountability for the true value of the fake paper that it is based on. The fantasy fraud pricing then enters the market as a key valuation basis for other financial contracts and the phantom gold is then used as collateral!

The only real gold physical delivery occurs on the Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE) but that price is linked to the fake LBMA and COMEX paper prices and none of the physical gold transacted can leave China so it is not a real trade market.

And now as Chinese banks are failing, the Chinese Government is considering confiscating GOLD! Sounds like 1933 in the US all over again.

So what happens if there is a “disconnect” between fake paper gold and real physical gold? Simply the price of physical gold will go UP and paper gold will become worthless.

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The Great Greed and Debt Fraud Casino Scam

The basic financial model is one based on GREED and DEBT. It is a SCAM MODEL. It is based on the old carnival saying that “a sucker is born every day”.

The modus is based on a “get rich quick” approach by selling a piece of colored paper and a glorious false promise that the paper will be worth a fortune some day.

The paper is then traded in a rigged casino where the sheep always get fleeced because the originators of the colored paper sell it for higher and higher prices, selling out at a peak and then cause a market collapse that leaves the sheep sheared.

The most recent financial scam is the “crypto-currency scam” better known as “Bitcoin”. This scam starts off with the issue of a fixed number of “digital coins” on the originators computer. He then sells 50% to the gullible public say at a penny a coin.

The coin Buyers then sell some of their coins at 2 cents and make 100% profit. The next Buyer sells his coins at 4 cents and makes 100% profit. This doubling of profits accelerates rapidly with the number of greedy Buyers bidding up coin prices and cashing in on daily on-line trading.

But remember that the underlying value per coin is only a penny and that the originator of the coins kept 50% which he cashes-in and becomes an instantaneous digital millionaire.

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The whole price structure is just based on greed and the more greedy ignoramuses that can be encouraged to buy into the scam the better.

And now you can buy 0.1 % of a coin, or a derivative based on coin price movements, or swap one crypto for another, which are scams based on scams. And the feeding frenzy continues!

But be AWAKE! Governments and major banksters (IMF) are now actively promoting “cashless societies” where everything you do is digitally recorded - well, at least until someone hacks the system or pulls the plug.

This is a major society “control” model - all based on fraudulent money created out of thin air and false promises. And people believe it is good for them! Model Programming for the brain dead.

But the Casino Scam Model is also seen in Stock Markets, Bond Markets, Currency Markets, Commodity Markets, Derivative Markets and in so many creative paper scams around the world.

I personally own the controlling stock in the London Bridge. Any Buyers? I just printed out the certificates.

And why are Stock Markets rising to record levels at the same time that the FED is printing BILLIONS of digits out of thin air to prop up the liquidity shortfall of major banks by funding the Overnight Market, where the loans then get extended to 3-days, 7-days, 1-month or 1-year.

The banks get low interest (essentially FREE) money which they use to play the markets through their own financial subsidiaries or loans to their hedge fund buddies - all pocketing huge profits.

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The FOREX (Foreign Exchange) Markets are in on it too. Trading in currencies is $ 6.6 TRILLION PER DAY with 88% Dollar denominated on one side of the trades instigated by institutional banks, brokers funded by banks and bank financial subsidiaries that account for 90% of all trades.

And this is based on only $6.0 TRILLION in global currencies in physical circulation! So where do the currencies come from? “Only the Phantom knows for sure”.

And the banksters are actively promoting these frauds by creating more fake money colored paper out of thin air and loaning it to whomever they can.

This is the classic “Debt Slavery Model” where one tries to buy oneself out of debt with more debt in an ever increasing death spiral. And the creation of more money to feed the interest deficit is what causes the devaluation of money through INFLATION.

Simply in this Debt based financial model, whenever there is “interest” more money has to be CREATED.

Look again at the QUADRILLIONS AND QUINTILLIANS of colored paper and computer digits that make-up the Financial Pyramid of Lies. Think for a minute how much 1% INTEREST is and that has to be CREATED each year OUT OF THIN AIR!

NOW you are beginning to see why the Debt / Slavery Model always collapses and the Elites then send the stupid masses to WAR and devastation and distraction while they then resurrect a NEW Debt / Slavery Model from the ashes.

WAKE-UP People! It didn’t work before. It won’t work again that way either!

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On the Brink

So now you see that we are on the brink of another global financial collapse. No one can meet the humongous global interest payments.

Now the talking heads are tooting GCR’s (Global Currency Resets), RV’s (Revaluations), Debt Jubilees and all kinds of nonsense that will never happen as THEIR solutions are just a REPEAT with new colored paper. No real system changes. The Elite stay IN CONTROL.


What Needs to be Done?

Capitalism works if you have real market forces determining prices of goods and services. But the current model does not allow for free open markets, only controlled casinos. That has to change.

A famous Swiss study found that 187 major multinational corporations, energy giants and large banks through their interlocking Boards virtually control the entire global economy.

They own the land, factories, communications, transportation, pharmaceutical, energy and the financial structure that controls all including the “incorporated” governments and central banks - and through Birth Certificates, they claim that they own YOU (and the Pope claims he owns YOUR SOUL!).

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Obviously such a control system needs to be reigned-in with more effective “anti-monopoly” laws and the cutting of cross linkages at Board levels, but even deeper structural changes have to take place.


The fundamental foundation of MONEY is based on FAITH. Do WE BELIEVE in the intrinsic value of what we assume is MONEY.

Originally MONEY was based on precious metals which had tradable value based on the commonly accepted “perception” that a piece of metal with a picture on it was worth so much of a commodity or hours of labor.

Thus the Elite created the CON of TOKENS and controlled the mints and printing presses to their advantage.

But what is the true value of MONEY? Is it the value of PRODUCTION? Or is it the value that CONSUMERS give to PRODUCTION? Is it the value of LABOR inputs to PRODUCTION?

But what about those in society that cannot be productive like children, elderly, physically disabled, addicted, lazy, etc.?

Obviously humanity is at a transition point where the real VALUE of MONEY has to be determined on a global basis. It is a delicate process of balancing the YIN (PRODUCTION) with the YANG (CONSUMPTION).

This transitioning is happening NOW regardless of fraudulent attempts to reboot the old defunct model. Going back to the “Gold Standard” or creating a phony “Cyber Alternative” is doing the same stupid thing all over again. But these are transitory steps in the Game to create real monetary VALUE. They are NOT the End Game.

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Several years ago I wrote a paper promoting the creation of an “International Dollar” (an ID or $ with a single line through the S).

This was another transition proposal whereby all overseas US Dollars being held as reserve currencies and used in active commodity TRADE would be converted into new International Dollars managed by an independent International Board that would be responsible for determining and pegging the Exchange Rate between the ID and each nation’s currency being valued against REAL PRODUCTION AND CONSUMPTION statistics.

This is a closer step to a proper economic goal but again it is NOT the end-all approach.

The VALUE of MONEY is a matter of FAITH.

FAITH is the result of doing things the RIGHTEOUS WAY and universally from a position of GIVING.

Our focus should be on what WE value and why WE place such a value on something, then we have to agree on how we account for it We are the Consumers and Producers so WE determine VALUE. Markets must be OPEN and not determined by “Backroom Boys”, syndicates or banksters and their buddies.

VALUE is a honest and moral foundation of a global society. Creating such a foundation from the current model will be a slow process as it is based on fraud, but perseverance and transitioning from the old model to a new one IS taking place.

Reverting back to a Gold Standard, creating equitable digital algorithms, re-valuations or an International Dollar that all currencies can be pegged to, are steps along the way provided there is a global moral consensus and an equitable balance created.

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Economic structuring in our immediate future is up to all of US and we can easily do this without going to devastating wars simply because one country or another has run out of real MONEY to back its debts.

We can have wealth, prosperity and health for all by just shifting some of the insane phantom money from the casinos into PRODUCTION and LABOR thereby creating CONSUMERS.

For only USD30 Billion we can provide clean drinking water for everyone. Another USD40 Billion and we feed all the hungry and starving of the world. Why does the US need over $1.0 TRILLION per year for Defense Budgets when such a small portion of such budgets can heal and prosper the entire World?

MONEY is changing. WE are awakening. It is time to review what can be done is now. WE all need to seek viable and righteous alternatives and give this to the collective consciousness.

The old Debt/Slavery Model is worn out. WE are changing OUR MONEY. The Who, What, Where, When, Why and How is now up to US to determine. The next Model, however, will not be based on FRAUD and a Pyramid of Lies.

It will be based on real asset values and be equitable for all mankind.


As of 2018 the Money Game has changed. It was at that time that the World had a new elected AMANAH (the Global Collateral Trustee) who is now recognized as the principal Trustee for many of the historical bunkered assets in Asia stored there by various Dragon Family members .

As the principal Trustee, the AMANAH is responsible for these assets as investments and for funding global humanitarian projects.

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The estimated wealth stored in vaults and bunkers in Asia is currently valued in QUADRILLIONS of US Dollars of real physical assets such as gold and precious metals, gem stones, currencies, bonds and titles and priceless artifacts.

The AMANAH thus has sufficient wealth to provide clean drinking water and food for all mankind in short order. He is also investing in providing “free energy” devices to those in need, and advanced frequency based healing computers to heal the poor for free.

These planned humanitarian projects will have an immediate impact on humanity by improving health and by creating more opportunities that will increase human PRODUCTION and CONSUMPTION.

This is currently outside current economic models thus it will be a major GAME CHANGER.

And that is just the beginning. Since the AMANAH’s entrusted wealth is principally in “hard” assets, this will form a new financial foundation that is very much stronger than the Pyramid of Lies. This is real collateral backing of REAL MONEY.

The countries of the EAST will be the first to benefit and their economies will strengthen. The WEST’s fiat colored paper will suffer unless they become more cooperative in curbing their fraudulent ways.

The casinos will suffer as their tokens and colored paper will lose value.

The AMANAH is a harbinger of financial and economic CHANGE.


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Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi
All The World’s A Cult
April 7 2023 | From: ZenGardner / Various

It’s funny how people get all self righteous about not being religious or belonging to some group and condemn anyone who they think is or has been.

Naturally most people attempt to be careful about what they align themselves with, but do we really see what all of society is made up of and what we’ve each unwittingly participated in to varying degrees?

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Religions don’t have a corner on the market. Perhaps all of us have been cult-ivated in some way.

Cult-ure is called just that for a reason. It’s pretty blatant nomenclature. Merriam-Webster defines culture as the following:

Simple Definition of culture

The beliefs, customs, arts, etc., of a particular society, group, place, or time

A particular society that has its own beliefs, ways of life, art, etc.

A way of thinking, behaving, or working that exists in a place or organization (such as a business)

That just about includes every societal behavior or activity. So-called cults, the word derived from the Latin colere meaning to cultivate, are mere start-ups of new and old ideas of group conformity for some objective.

In the 60’s these were everywhere as groups and individuals attempted to harvest the spiritual awakening and longings of an entire generation looking for alternatives to the mad military industrial complex-bound world around them.

Some were labeled cults by the orthodox minded, but these included a wide range of groups, organizations, alternative learning centers, spiritual fellowships, institutes, break away churches or other so-called “new religious movements” as they preferred to be called.

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And the followers were enthusiastic, the word enthusiastic derived from “spirit, or god within us”. Just about any alternative was deemed good, or at least an effort to break free from the system, so there was a lot of experimentation going on.

Some of those groups still exist today. Many have been absorbed by the New Age amoeba and yet others grew into powerful organizations.

Mind cotroll experimentation was rife at this time as well as the deliberate introduction of mind altering drugs and manipulated music in an effort to scramble society, diffuse dissent, and make it malleable for further indoctrination.

Little did we know. But now we do.

Cults and More Cults

When you finally become awakened and grow detached from this massive matrix ensnaring the world you begin to realize it’s all cults.They’ve simply externalized the idea so we don’t recognize the cults we’re already in.

Cult of the personality for example, where sycophantic adoration towards an individual takes place.

There are the obvious cases as in showbiz and the media and charismatic religious or social leaders, but this is much more prevalent than people would like to realize.

It could be anyone in our lives we’re overly enamored with to the point we relinquish our rational thought.

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And even worse, our autonomy and individualism, to the charismatic or domineering authority of another, resulting in great devotion to whatever the object and their eventual unquestioned control and spiritual and even physical abuse.

These are all forms of disempowerment or containment, the symptoms to look out for. I’ve written about religion and belief systems quite a bit in this regard, but few realize how social and spiritual pressures are brought to bear via many seemingly innocuous relationships, especially with groups and even loose associations.

Think about school and all the pressures we felt to conform and survive in that packaging facility. That’s a cult, a carefully structured one with a very clear purpose – entrainment and uniformity.

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How about clubs, fraternities and sororities, or the whole sports scene, never mind the military.

The even more obvious examples are business organizations and “work” relationships. Then there are the guys at the bar, or the ladies’ coffee cliques. Speaking of cliques, remember those from your school days? They still exist not only in school environments but in adult social circles.

Then you get to the source – the oc-cult cultivators. They are the ones that set the imprint. They are all avid adherents to cult control of the very worst and most insidious sort. They may seem to act autonomously or as having authority, but they aren’t and they don’t. They’re under heavier control than any of us could imagine.

It’s a blood agreement and they’ve sold their souls to move up the pyramid of control, both in this world and other realms. This is a big subject covered extensively in many books as well as other articles by myself and other researchers.

Cultivating Culture – The Open Hidden Hand

The media, corporations and government have a field day playing on this weakness for group think and the need for acceptance, to the extent they’ve created a society that’s complete mush, with the intent that big corp and the nanny state can be the lead dogs in everyone’s life.

When you think about how many people are glued to the boob-toob today it’s easy to understand why the masses behave as they do, dress as they do, and eat and drug themselves as they do.

Related: The Disintegration Of Western Society

It’s learned. And there is a lot of direct as well as implied pressure to fit in, or else you’ll be mocked, marginalized and excluded, to the extent that any seemingly “anti-social” behavior is now considered suspicious and to be reported, the fear of terrorism coursing through their programmed neurons like molten nano metal.

Most of us are aware of these traps and devices, but the vast majority have no idea. They’re swayed like sickened seaweed in an artificially rippled pond of liquified sewage.

Detachment – The Only Way to Live Fully Free

This may sound like some vague concept but it really isn’t. If you’re not invested in their sticky entrapping webbery you can live outside of it. Sure, we all have to interact with this engineered madness but we don’t have to give it our energy and obeisance.

But it will take some sacrifices and dealing with our own shadow work seeing how we’ve succumbed to this in our past.

Each of us have to deal with our own entanglements. Besides religious and belief systems, there are financial interactions with the beast, social obligations we think we have to submit to or endure, or employment entrapments we’d rather have nothing to do with.

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Do what you can, but get free, in mind, body and spirit, even if you’re still in it. Some costs will not be comfortable. Old stuck in the mud friends who only bring you down and sap your energy, living or working circumstances that make you curse your situation and absently long for freedom, or how you portray yourself on a daily basis.

This is perhaps the most important. Are we being who we truly are? Do we respond honestly, or has the cult-ure of our micro environment, usually hinged on the macro, force us to compromise our convictions and water down what we know to be true, honest and loving?

Do you like yourself when you’re forced into artificial social situations and to compromise for the sake of momentary convenience? We all face these situations.

These are questions we all ask ourselves, consciously and definitely subconsciously. They need answers. And appropriate action, or inaction, needs to be taken.

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The hour is late. It always is when it comes to snapping out of the matrix of deceit. Otherwise it will kill you – spiritually and physically.

Something to think about. Time to bust out of the cult of everything. It’s not the real world, it’s fabricated, and often with our permission and subservient compliance.

Stop empowering it. Break out and change the world by being your authentic self. Wisely and lovingly, and with centered conviction. This is the stand we each need to make.

The rest will follow.

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Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

How To Reprogram Your Mind To Take An Active Role In Your Personal Evolution
April 6 2023 | From: WakingTImes / Various

For a long time we’ve been taught that evolution is a process that is happening to us. Thankfully we’re living in times where the human race is finally getting a grasp on the fact that we’re actually actively involved in how we evolve as a species.

As humans, our bodies are constantly changing in response to the environment around us. Our muscles change according to whether we choose to use them or not.

Seven Signs Our Consciousness is Shifting to Higher Dimensions

The enzymes in our digestive system change in response to the foods we choose to eat. Our endocrine system is in a constant feedback loop with our emotions which can change dramatically according to what’s happening in the world around us.

As Dr Bruce Lipton put it, “the cell is a carbon-based ‘computer chip’ that reads the environment”, and the field of epigenetics teaches us that our DNA changes in quality – again, according to our environment.

When science talks about ‘environmental influence’ it seems to imply ‘all that which is outside ourselves’.

It’s easy to overlook the fact that that our conscious choices about which environmental factors we engage with are part of what shapes the way our bodies restructure.

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We are part of the environment that influences our own development; our free will lets us choose and change the environment.

We participate in our own evolution during our lifetime and what we do in our own lives can also affect future generations.

In this way, personal evolution is collective evolution, and nowhere is personal evolution more apparent than how we are capable of rewiring our own brain.

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How Reprogramming the Mind Is Helpful To Us

Humans work really well with routines. We repeat the same pattern over and over, and through neuroplasticity our brain wires itself so that it doesn’t have to think too much about that task anymore, it just runs that established electrical pathway.

To riff off Noel Burch, it’s like when we learn to drive a car: we move from unconscious incompetence ‘I don’t know how bad at this I’m going to be’; to conscious competence ‘I now know how bad I am at this’; to conscious competence ‘OK, I can do this but I have to keep my mind on the job’; to unconscious competence ‘I can wind the window down, change the radio, turn a corner and change gears all at the same time, without even thinking about it’.

We program ourselves all the time with repetition, so we don’t have to waste energy engaging isolated focus on every task. The question is whether these are routines we are choosing for ourselves or that have been imposed on us? If they are imposed, are they helpful to us both personally and as a species?

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When Are We Most Easily Able To Wire And Re-Wire Our Mind?

During early childhood our brains are wiring themselves for the first time. While this process slows after the intense surge of development in first few years, our brains are still establishing the wiring we will largely use for the rest of our life throughout childhood. 

When we hit our teenage years we experience the second surge of new wiring and there is an opportunity for patterns to be created during this time that can setup behaviours for years to come. After this period, neuroplasticity still occurs but it just isn’t as fluid as it was before.

So you can teach an old dog new tricks, it’s just a slower process.

The problem here is that our subconscious is overhearing everything our conscious mind is hearing, and is therefore to a being programmed by whatever influence we’re being exposed to. The Jesuits knew this 400 years ago. They would boast:

"Give me a child until it’s seven, it will belong to the church for the rest of its life.’” 

- Dr Bruce Lipton, paraphrasing Jesuit priests.

We Are Always Programming Ourselves

I like to imagine the subconscious mind is like an autopilot system. It is overhearing everything we ever think or say, and it’s mission (in the background and whenever possible) is to guide us towards whatever we want… or at least whatever it thinks we want according to what it overhears.

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Their Functions & 13 Signs You Are Experiencing A Spiritual Awakening

An extra level of challenge is introduced when we imagine that the conscious mind has the capacity for judgment its higher expression – discernment. The subconscious, however, doesn’t have that ability. When it is overhearing everything you think and every word you say it simply hears the topic, not the context.

‘I don’t want to be fat’ with the judgment of ‘I don’t want’ removed becomes the topic only: ‘be fat’. The subconscious ‘overhears’ the topic of what is active in your conscious mind and it is listening for repetition. This is how it figures out for how ready we need to be for that particular thought process.

Repetition Is The Key. Repetition Is The Key

If we lift weights we are using repetition to say to the muscles, ‘be ready for this, we may need to do this at any moment, so restructure yourself’. 

Scientists have found the fastest way to get fit is to do interval sprints, which is basically a physical way of saying to the body through repetition ‘you need to restructure yourself so we can sprint at top speed at any time, at the drop of a hat’.

Rest, get your breath back and sprint again, over and over.

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This repetition tells the body that it’s a high priority to restructure and be ready for this at all times. My observation is that the same appears to be true for our brain. When our subconscious overhears our thoughts and words and there is repetition, there is an increased likelihood of neural rewiring. After all – neurons that fire together wire together.

The Path of Least Resistance

When attempting to re-wire an old habit or behaviour pattern, it is useful to remember the old adage from high school science: electricity follows the path of least resistance. Imagine the old pattern as a well-established electrical pathway in your brain.

As you put conscious focus into creating a new electrical pathway to replace the old pattern, you make that new electrical pathway fatter.

As soon as you stop putting conscious focus into running the new behaviour pattern the electricity will revert to the old cable for as long as it is the fatter of the two cables, as that is the path of least resistance.

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As soon as the day comes when the new electrical pathway is thicker than the old one you have a new program in your autopilot system, that will now run on it’s own without you needing to focus conscious intention on it.

You have reached a level of conscious competence. According to Dan Coyle a key to making the consciously chosen wiring stick is holding the intention that ‘I want to know this for the rest of my life’.

Coyle suggests this causes the brain to coat the new electrical pathway in the brain with myelin insulation, making it much more permanent.

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Taking Care With the Programs We Allow OurSubconscious to Overhear

As stated earlier, our autopilot system is taking direction from everything you’re experiencing – which includes the media we watch, the people we surround ourselves with and more.

For this reason, one of the most powerful things we can do is exercise discernment around the kind of experiences we expose ourselves to, and their level of intensity and repetition.

"It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.” 

- Frederick Douglass

More importantly is the need for extra care in exercising this discernment on behalf of the children in our care and teaching this discernment to teenagers as, in both cases they are in a heightened state of neuroplasticity and are more susceptible to influence.

To be clear, I am by no means advocating prudishness or avoidance of the truth, just a higher level of awareness of how we are either consciously or inadvertently being programmed all the time.

In the video below Bruce Lipton speaks passionately on this very subject, citing this discernment on behalf of our children as a clear solution to war and conflict.

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Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi
Nine Indisputable Truths About “Conspiracy Theorists”
March 5 2023 | From: ZenGardner / Various

The day the masses wake up and understand what the term “conspiracy theory” really means and recognise the truth about “conspiracy theorists,” who they are, what they stand for, the world ruling elite’s hold on humanity will be over.

Their deceptive cover would have been blown wide open and indeed there will be consequences.

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So, in light of the above, here are 9 indisputable truths about “conspiracy theorists.”

“Conspiracy Theorists”

1. …have to put up with much ignorance, and as a knee-jerk reaction, baseless accusation of “conspiracy theory.” “Conspiracy theory” carries with it the deriding insinuation that there are no conspiracies (no conspiracy facts, just theory). Who could be so brainwashed, unquestioningly ignorant, or naïve enough to believe that no country has ever conspired?

2. Are conspiracy factualists. Using evidence they expose the truth about what’s really going on in the world. They expose the deceitful criminal perpetrator networks and authorities. Therefore, the term “conspiracy theorist” is a misnomer.

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3. Give credible accounts of events, diligently challenging the official versions filled with lies, inconsistencies, fake bogeymen enemies and false paradigms… manufactured for power, profit and political gains. Many official versions of these false flag events have big enough holes in their stories to drive double-decker buses in and out of.

Further, they expose financial, health, environmental, educational and war agendas, the secret occult societies, paedophilia, organ harvesting and black ops projects… the ruling elite enslavers don’t want you know about.

Then there are the eugenics, trans-humanism and depopulation agendas… these blatantly obvious conspiracy facts are there for all to see.

4. As a consequence of 3, are perceived by the ruling elite and their associates as a threat. In order to get away with their crimes and deception they know that “conspiracy theorists” have to be ignored, invalidated, or ridiculed by the masses:

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The term “conspiracy theory” was originally a 1960s’ CIA invention. Over the years the ruling elite’s owned and controlled intelligence agencies such as the CIA and their mainstream media propaganda machine have used this term to expand its effect of negatively stigmatizing “conspiracy theorists” so that the masses will never realize that these people were right all along.

5. …Therefore are truther messengers running the risk of getting shot. They are targeted individuals. Targeted by the likes of the UK’s ex-Prime Minister David Cameron, calling them “non-violent domestic extremists” as one of the many attempts to silence such people who have seen right through the phoney baloney.

6. Are not “coincidence theorists.”  How can anyone dismiss the overwhelming number of coincidences pointed out by “conspiracy theorists” to be indicators of crimes and cover-ups tied in with false flag events? Is it really a mere coincidence that it’s always the elite few; the banksters, the puppet senior politicians, the owner/controllers of mega-corporations that benefit from these events?

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7. Are the freethinking minority able to think for themselves against the backdrop: a world full of sheep-like people going into agreement with the general consensus of the masses while blindly accepting authority viewpoints blurted out in the ruling elite’s bought-off, owned and controlled mainstream media

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8. Consistent with Arthur Schopenhauer’s statement, in time, with their conspiracy facts, could be the majority stage-3: “…accepted as being self-evident.”  

9. …Are who the world’s needs most: Unstoppable, increasing in numbers and gathering in momentum. They are laudable investigators.

They are peaceful activists, spreading the truth about what’s really going on in the world. Many do their inner work to co-create a turnaround, away from the planned doom and gloom.  Thus, it is their intention to co-create freedom: A new paradigm experience, a world that truly makes a difference for everyone.

A shift in mass consciousness is the underlying key principle. This is how these consciously awakened individuals will bring about that freedom.

Not an attempt at an exhaustive A-Z account, I realize, but that concludes my 9 indisputable truths about “conspiracy theorists.”

“Conspiracy theorists,” just keep on keeping on!

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Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

How The Frankfurt School Changed American / Western Culture
April 4 2023 | From: GarretGalland / Various

How many times have you heard someone lament how much the world has changed from the good old days? You know, the simpler pre-PC period when the world operated according to fairly predictable principles.

But then we woke one day in a world with every bastion of what some might call normalcy under attack. Institutions that 100 years ago appeared unassailable - marriage, for example - are increasingly seen as antiquated. Even the idea of a national character is viewed as wrong-minded and, in the successful societies of the West, as exclusionary and even racist.

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How did all this come about? Or, more colloquially, what was the number of the bus that hit us? This article shines the light on the Frankfurt School, an insidious movement that set down roots in the early 1900s.

As you’ll read, it is at the feet of the Frankfurt School that we can lay much of the blame for setting the modern world culturally adrift.

After reading, please pass this edition along. People need to understand the agenda behind much of what is now accepted as the new normal.

How the Frankfurt School Changed American [Western] Culture

The 1950s were a simple, romantic, and golden time in America. California beaches, suburbia, and style. Atlas Shrugged was published, NASA was formed, and Elvis rocked the nation. Every year from 1950–1959 saw over 4 million babies born. The nation stood atop the world in every field.

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It was an era of great economic prosperity in The Land of the Free. So, what happened to the American traits of confidence, pride, and accountability?

The roots of Western cultural decay are very deep, having first sprouted a century ago. It began with a loose clan of ideologues inside Europe’s communist movement. Today, it is known as the Frankfurt School, and its ideals have perverted American society.

When Outcomes Fail, Just Change the Theory

Before WWI, Marxist theory held that if war broke out in Europe, the working classes would rise up against the bourgeoisie and create a communist revolution.

Well, as is the case with much of Marxist theory, things didn’t go too well. When war broke out in 1914, instead of starting a revolution, the proletariat put on their uniforms and went off to war.

After the war ended, Marxist theorists were left to ask, “What went wrong?”


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Two very prominent Marxists thinkers of the day were Antonio Gramsci and Georg Lukács. Each man, on his own, concluded that the working class of Europe had been blinded by the success of Western democracy and capitalism. They reasoned that until both had been destroyed, a communist revolution was not possible.

Gramsci and Lukács were both active in the Communist party, but their lives took very different paths.Gramsci was jailed by Mussolini in Italy where he died in 1937 due to poor health. 

In 1918, Lukács became minister of culture in Bolshevik Hungary. During this time, Lukács realized that if the family unit and sexual morals were eroded, society could be broken down.

Lukács implemented a policy he titled “cultural terrorism,” which focused on these two objectives. A major part of the policy was to target children’s minds through lectures that encouraged them to deride and reject Christian ethics.

In these lectures, graphic sexual matter was presented to children, and they were taught about loose sexual conduct. Here again, a Marxist theory had failed to take hold in the real world. The people were outraged at Lukács’ program, and he fled Hungary when Romania invaded in 1919.

The Birth of Cultural Marxism

All was quiet on the Marxist front until 1923 when the cultural terrorist turned up for a “Marxist study week” in Frankfurt, Germany. There, Lukács met a young, wealthy Marxist named Felix Weil. Until Lukács showed up, classical Marxist theory was based solely on the economic changes needed to overthrow class conflict. Weil was enthused by Lukács’ cultural angle on Marxism.

Weil’s interest led him to fund a new Marxist think tank - the Institute for Social Research. It would later come to be known as simply The Frankfurt School.

Freud (above) was the uncle of Edward Bernays who was an Austrian-American pioneer in the field of public relations and propaganda, referred to in his obituary as "the father of public relations". Bernays' public relations efforts helped to popularize Freud's theories in the United States. Coincidence?

Is Psychiatry Bullshit? Some Psychiatrists View The Chemical-Imbalance Theory As A Well-Meaning Lie + Psychotropic Drugs, Are They Safe? Fourteen Lies That Our Psychiatry Professors Taught Us In Medical School

In 1930, the school changed course under new director Max Horkheimer. The team began mixing the ideas of Sigmund Freud with those of Marx, and cultural Marxism was born.

In classical Marxism, the workers of the world were oppressed by the ruling classes. The new theory was that everyone in society was psychologically oppressed by the institutions of Western culture. The school concluded that this new focus would need new vanguards to spur the change. The workers were not able to rise up on their own.

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As fate would have it, the National Socialists came to power in Germany in 1933. It was a bad time and place to be a Jewish Marxist, as most of the school’s faculty was. So, the school moved to New York City, the bastion of Western culture at the time.

Coming to America

In 1934, the school was reborn at Columbia University. Its members began to exert their ideas on American culture.

It was at Columbia University that the school honed the tool it would use to destroy Western culture: the printed word.

The school published a lot of popular material. The first of these was Critical Theory. Critical Theory is a play on semantics.

The theory was simple: criticize every pillar of Western culture - family, democracy, common law, freedom of speech, and others. The hope was that these pillars would crumble under the pressure.

The schedule of damaged created by Marx. Click on the image above to view a larger version in a new window

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Next was a book Theodor Adorno co-authored, The Authoritarian Personality. It redefined traditional American views on gender roles and sexual mores as “prejudice.” Adorno compared them to the traditions that led to the rise of fascism in Europe.

Is it just a coincidence that the go-to slur for the politically correct today is “fascist”?

The school pushed its shift away from economics and toward Freud by publishing works on psychological repression. Their works split society into two main groups: the oppressors and the victims. They argued that history and reality were shaped by those groups who controlled traditional institutions. At the time, that was code for males of European descent.

From there, they argued that the social roles of men and women were due to gender differences defined by the “oppressors.” In other words, gender did not exist in reality but was merely a “social construct.

A Coalition of Victims

Adorno and Horkheimer returned to Germany when WWII ended. Herbert Marcuse, another member of the school, stayed in America. In 1955, he published Eros and Civilization.

In the book, Marcuse argued that Western culture was inherently repressive because it gave up happiness for social progress. The book called for “polymorphous perversity,” a concept crafted by Freud. It posed the idea of sexual pleasure outside the traditional norms. 

Eros and Civilization would become very influential in shaping the sexual revolution of the 1960s.

Marcuse would be the one to answer Horkheimer’s question from the 1930s: Who would replace the working class as the new vanguards of the Marxist revolution? Marcuse believed that it would be a victim coalition of minorities - blacks, women, and homosexuals.

The social movements of the 1960s - black power, feminism, gay rights, sexual liberation - gave Marcuse a unique vehicle to release cultural Marxist ideas into the mainstream.

Railing against all things “establishment,” The Frankfurt School’s ideals caught on like wildfire across American universities.

Marcuse then published Repressive Tolerance in 1965 as the various social movements in America were in full swing. In it, he argued that tolerance of all values and ideas meant the repression of “correct” ideas.

It was here that Marcuse coined the term “liberating tolerance.” It called for tolerance of any ideas coming from the left but intolerance of those from the right.

It was here that Marcuse coined the term “liberating tolerance.” It called for tolerance of any ideas coming from the left but intolerance of those from the right.

One of the overarching themes of the Frankfurt School was total intolerance for any viewpoint but its own. That is also a basic trait of today’s political-correctness believers.

To quote Max Horkheimer, “Logic is not independent of content.”

Recalling the Words of Winston (Not That One)

The Frankfurt School’s work has had a deep impact on American culture. It has recast the homogenous America of the 1950s into today’s divided, animosity-filled nation.

In turn, this has contributed to the undeniable breakdown of the family unit, as well as identity politics, radical feminism, and racial polarization in America.

It’s hard to decide if today’s Western culture is more like Orwell’s 1984 or Huxley’s Brave New World.

Never one to buck a populist trend, the political establishment in America has fully embraced the ideas of the Frankfurt School and has pushed them on American society through public miseducation. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, the beacons of progressivism, are both disciples of Saul Alinsky, a devoted cultural Marxist.

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And so we now live in a hyper-sensitive society in which social memes and feelings have overtaken biological and objective reality as the main determinants of right and wrong.

Political correctness is a war on logic and reason.

To quote Winston, the protagonist in Orwell’s dystopia, “Freedom is the freedom to say that 2+2=4.” Today, America, and the West, are not free.

Here Come the Clowns

Canadian lawmakers vote to make the national anthem gender neutral. Because after all, folks, budget deficits are too much work, and well, it’s 2016. 

Segregation is back! At this school, white children are taught about their “privilege” while black children are coddled and brought to dedicated spaces to “voice their feelings.” Thank God for their “diversity director.”

Even 22 years after the end of apartheid, there is still racist architecture in Cape Town

Ever wish you were a child again? Well, now it is possible. Just attend adult playschool in NYC! Prices range from $333–$999 per class. A bargain! 

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Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

Once We Awaken
April 3 2023 | From: OpedNews / Various

Do you get a sense, that something is wrong, like that dissonance, that does not belong?

As we move through the journey of life, many people are experiencing a sense of dis-ease, that something is off-kilter, that the narratives we are receiving do not match the reality we are experiencing. There is great hope in this knowledge because once one recognizes this dissonance the process of awakening begins.

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Deep down way inside, you may have suspicions that much what we're told, are but veiled omissions.

The narratives are controlled by a small handful of people who determine what issues and discussions we should be examining.

As we watch the main stream news and follow social media, the news and discussions we see are mostly spectacle designed to boost ratings with little or no coverage of the real issues such as: our wars without end, corporate and big money control of government and media, or anything critical of the powers that be.

Most of the journalists we see on the main stream media are basically celebrity faces who no longer practice journalism, but are simply parroting what those in power want them to say with little effort made to investigate and corroborate the stories.

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There is great hope in recognizing this knowledge, as it allows one to view the narratives more critically and to filter out what does not resonate with them.

Why do we listen, to those who would divide those who leave us empty, with our humanity denied

Both of the main stream political parties support the Military/Industrial/Security Complex.

Both of the main stream political parties support the multiple simultaneous wars and occupations of other nations.

Both of the main stream political parties support a foreign policy of economic and military sanctions on nations that wish to pursue paths that do not fit interests of the global central banking system.

Both of the main stream political parties support their corporate donors over their constituents.

Both of the main stream political parties voted to extend the surveillance of citizens.

Both of the main stream political parties have made little or no attempt to stop the flood of big money into political campaigns.

However, the powers that be are very successful at projecting that there is a real difference between the two political parties [This is an American article, but the principle is the same throughout the West].

Both political parties are successful in getting people to fight each other over social issues that in the big picture are really not the key issues.

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Then, as long as the people are focused on fighting each other, those who orchestrated this fight enjoy the benefits of this effective diversion, keeping people from paying attention to the criminal syndicate that has taken over the government.

There is great hope in recognizing this old divide and conquer tactic because once one does recognize it, one can stop fearing or hating "the other" and recognize that we have far more in common than what is dividing us.

We can stop with name calling and finger pointing, and instead engage in meaningful conversations.

So many listen to the main stream media where sensationalism such as murders, car crashes, kidnappings, sex scandals and the like dominate the content. This is the same media where 90% of the media is owned by 6 corporations.

One does not need a PhD to understand that this concentration of control over the narrative that people experience is not a positive development. Those that control the news keep the masses living in fear. This fear can take many forms, but often it is physical, economic, or social.

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This is the same media that now has 36% of its hourly content filled with commercials. The fact that people are recognizing this is good news because they will become more discerning about who they give their money to. They will start to question whether they really need that product or service, or do they just want it.

Once we will awaken, things won't be the same we will manifest, an end to their game. Once we will awaken, the angels will observe as those with dark souls, we'll no longer serve.

Our current political system has been totally corrupted by those with vast accumulations of money. This cuts across all ideologies and political party lines. This system of legal bribery has even been ratified by the highest court in the land which opened the floodgates to even more money corroding our system.

How can someone represent you when they are being paid millions to represent others? What we need now goes beyond simple reforms and enters the realm of transformational change.

Many articles and videos (mostly those in the alternative media space) connect these dots so that more and more people are becoming aware. This awareness or awakening is a critical step as it opens up the possibility for transformational change to take place.

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The changes we are seeking will not take place from the top down, they will take place from the bottom up. Those who benefit from the current paradigm have little motivation to implement meaningful changes.

Once we are ready to accept our own roles in this process, we will realize that what needs to happen is that we have to change ourselves.

Once we stop playing their game of competing with each other, we will start cooperating instead. Local, self sufficient, and resilient communities will spring up like wild flowers in a field where they grow much of their own food, start their own currencies, and their citizens will stop buying from the big corporations, instead they will patronize their local businesses.

The current system of how we create and distribute money is at the very heart of most of the problems we face.

It is absolutely amazing that people will work a significant portion of their lives away to earn money, and yet have only the most elementary understanding of how our debt based monetary system works.

What does debt based monetary system mean? When was the last time your main stream media covered this?

When was the last time your school taught you this? Why is this information withheld?

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This debt based monetary system perpetuates and amplifies the inequalities of how Earth's abundant resources are distributed. Our very existence on this planet is being threatened as unlimited economic growth within a finite biosphere remains the current paradigm.

Until we move to a totally new monetary system, we are only hacking away at branches, and not getting to the root of the problem. There can be no effective transformation of our societies until this happens.

The models for a new monetary system are already in place. However the private individuals who have been given the monopoly power to create money and are benefiting from the current system will fight to make sure that knowledge of these systems does not spread widely.

Those benefiting from the current system will work hard to make sure it stays firmly entrenched. When was the last time you heard a corporate media network discuss monetary reform?

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Once we have local control of money, food production, energy generation, and governance, the current paradigm of corporate and big money control of our systems will simply become obsolete. It will simply fade into oblivion as it becomes less and less relevant. There will be no need to confront the system. Once we awaken and change our ways, we will "manifest an end to their game".

Those who sell their souls, for their daily bread may not take the time, to think of what's ahead.

There have always been those who would sell their souls and use the excuse "it's my job" to justify their actions.

[Looking at the likes of you Jacinda and Rebecca. *Waves*].

From those who tortured Jesus to more modern times with concentration camp guards to even more currently the mercenaries who were hired to confront those seeking to protect their water supplies from pipeline companies.

Think about this, these mercenaries are people who left the communities they pledged to "protect and serve" to answer a call to "protect and serve" corporate interests in another community, while these same corporate interests were placing local people's water supplies at serious risk.

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These mercenaries were the tip of the spear, there were many behind the scenes who acted as enablers for their behaviors. There were the corporate executives, prosecutors, judges, minor bureaucrats, and politicians without whose support, such injustices could never take place.

Those who served helping these forces have "sold their souls for their daily bread."

"It was my job" is not an acceptable response when it curtails the access of life sustaining necessities of fellow human beings.

It is very easy to develop an "I see nothing" attitude, or to allow oneself to be silenced by monetary gain by "playing along" with those who control and manipulate the system. It is time to witness, it is time to speak up, it is time to resist when you see injustice taking place.

Once we awaken we will no longer serve those who think only of themselves and their own self serving schemes.

YOU can start making a huge difference by the way you spend YOUR money. Think about this, when you give your money to someone or some corporation, as you are transferring some of your your power to them. Is this really something you wish to do?

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Do you shop at a local merchant or do you save that 35 cents by buying from Amazon? Do you give a percentage of every purchase to the big banks by using credit cards or do you pay in cash?

Do you buy animal products humanely produced? Do you buy organic food or food produced using chemicals that threaten our ecosystem (and your health?)

Do you bank at a "too big to fail bank" or a local community bank or Credit Union? Sometimes the lowest price or convenience is not the best buy and can carry an even higher unseen cost.

As we develop our own resilient local communities and economies, our dependencies on the corporate model will be reduced, weakening their tight grip on us. Mother Teresa once said "I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples."

This is the best part of the awakening process. It is easy to think that the problems we face are overwhelming and that nothing can be done.

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The powers that be want us to think that way. Yet as we awaken, it becomes very clear that there are so many more of us that feel this same way than we originally believed.

Once we awaken we become aware of others who have broken free. It is very empowering once we realize we are not alone. A critical mass is forming. It turns out that it takes only 10% of a population to bring about real changes.

We live in a world of abundance. There is enough air, water, and food for every person, animal, and plant on the planet. We have the resources and ability to make our existence here a paradise, to continue to develop socially, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually.

It is within our power to create a true golden age on this blue oasis floating through space and attain wondrous levels of development on a personal, family, community, regional, and global level while creating this paradise.

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Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi
The Mainstream Media Lies
April 2 2023 | From: FinalWakeUpCall / Various

The media is the Deep State’s most valuable tool - How to protect yourself against brainwashing.

Disinformation: The world is waking up to the fact that for our entire lives we have been lied to. From where we come from, to where we are headed, everything is a huge lie. But the lie we have been living is about to come to a screeching halt.

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The Protocols of Zion are the Blueprint for the Deep State’s One World Government-control-operation. Protocol 12 affirms; “In our official statements, we always use an opposite view, and continually do our best to look honest and cooperative.

The words of a statesman do not have to correspond with his actions”. It is advisable to take fifteen minutes of your time to read the Protocols. Don’t just read them. Study them. They explain in precise detail what is going on in the world today and why.

“The media will print halve truths, they will lie, fabricate facts or contradict themselves. We will tranquillise the public mind on political matters, persuade and confuse them. 

Related: Corporate Mass Media Controls Your Mind

We will triumph over our opponents, who do not own the press and cannot give full expression to their views. Journalists will be bound by professional secrecy. Not one journalist will betray this secret. To practice journalism, they must have a dark past and the fear of it being exposed”.

The Protocols further explain that the goal of world domination will be achieved by controlling the thinking of the public by monitoring what it hears and by creating new conflicts or restoring old relationships through hunger, poverty, and the spreading of pests and diseases, seducing and diverting the attention of the youth.

“With the help of these methods and more, we will weaken the countries so that they are forced to offer us control over the world”; at least this is their way of thinking; their goal.

Control the narratives over economics and commerce and you control economics and commerce. Control the narratives about politics and government and you control politics and government. This control mechanism is used by the controllers to funnel power to the Elite, in this way effectively turning society into one giant energy farm for the elite class.

Related: The Diseased, Lying, Condition Of America’s [The Wests'] ‘News’ Media

So, the media serves selfish goals; often mindlessly; unjustly and untruthfully. The majority of the public have no idea of ​​the fact on whose side the press stands. “We must keep the press firmly under our control. No message may reach the public outside of our consent.”

Thus, in other words, don’t trust the mainstream media to explain the socio-political processes shaping our world with any real accuracy and certainly not without infusing it with their own insidious agendas.

Society is made up of narratives; identity, language, etiquette, social roles, opinions, ideology, religion, ethnicity, philosophy, agendas, rules, laws, money, economics, jobs, hierarchies, politics, government.

They’re all purely mental constructs which exist nowhere outside of the mental noises in our heads.

Zealous journalists learn that they progress much further in their careers by advancing narratives that favour the establishment upon which the plutocrats who own the big media companies have built their kingdoms. They manipulate the narratives of groups.

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The master manipulators, are the corporate kings of the modern world. They have learned the secret that every ruler since the dawn of civilisation has known:

Whoever controls the narratives that are believed by a society, is the controller of that society. And that is exactly what President Trump and his Team are doing now.

The Mainstream media may be more widespread because they are better funded but while they have the power of money, we have the power of many. And we have the facts on our side. We need to unite in our fight against the disinformation machine and there are many ways in which everyone can help.

Remember, the mainstream media didn’t just happen one day. It dates back to hundreds of years ago. Media has always been a part of their tactics. Fast forward to today; be aware that government Intelligence took control of the media as early as 1948 and probably even earlier.

The media, to government and their control system is very important. It is their most valuable tool. They can push away any thoughts or arguments that do not serve their agenda.

That is what mass media news is all about. All innocent, honest news can be brushed aside. – The Trump Team has said from the beginning that the Cabal Media will be the last to fall. People are now witnessing the turn of the cabal media happening in real time.

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How to Protect Yourself Against Brainwashing

Here are three simple things you can do to read mainstream media news and know instantly what to make of the story and how to categorise the story in your mind, instead of believing it blindly, just because you saw it on TV or read it in a mainstream media newspaper, magazine, or on a website. Think of this as an exercise in mental freedom.

1. Look at the news through the eyes of history. Does it fit into what is known of historical events? Or are those enforcing mainstream media narratives asking you to believe a sequence of events or a narrative that doesn’t add up logically?

An example; mainstream media reports yet another new war on terror, but historically speaking, it is widely known that the war on terror equals massive loss of liberties and freedoms, massive increases of the State’s power and control over we, the people, while there is no real evidence of the purported terrorism being stopped.

So why accept this piece of mainstream media news?

2. Look at the news in the light of the stated goals of the Nation; on a ship, no one would ever go out to sea without a compass and a map. So why believe blindly mass media news for what it is, without gauging where this story is heading?

The government and the control system is focused on getting their new world order implemented.

They have admitted and stated this publicly and many papers have been written outlining this. Illegal wars have been launched, and decisions and legislation have been passed consistent with these publicly stated goals of wanting to control the world.

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Believe the seriousness of these clearly stated goals of the Deep State and then consider all pieces of mass media events in the light of these clearly stated goals.

Then try to see how the agenda fits into the goals. People actually believe the direction of the world and the news is all one big coincidence without any connection between them. Which is untrue.

3. People have been brainwashed into thinking that the simple and easy patterns we observe are all a This magical coincidence theory of life and news is the signature of a brainwashed state and a symptom to be avoided at all costs.

Try to grasp what the media is not saying. Look at the news from the inside out, critically analysing mainstream media news. Focus on what they are not saying.

Mainstream media has admitted that their stories are controlled by the government. They are not even hiding this fact. It is up to the people to critically walk through the process and convince yourself why you will not blindly believe mainstream media news.

Break Through the Mainstream Media Hypnosis

These three suggestions will help you to break through mainstream media hypnosis and arrive at the other side, otherwise known as reality.

It’s about reshaping how people think and arming their thinking with common sense in the light of known historical events and stated goals instead of being sucked in by professional powerful Deep State-propaganda.

You may think that propaganda won’t get to you, but these propaganda tricks and media techniques have been proven to work very subtly.

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They have been proven to convince even the smartest of people throughout history and they will fool you too if you are not astute and watching carefully with a vigilant mind.

The above techniques are simple methods you can apply to be smarter, instead of a brain-dead zombie who absorbs increasingly more mainstream media lies and propaganda with every day that goes by.

Keep in mind that literally, while you sleep at night they are brewing new stories for the next day. It is all about protecting your mind and your thoughts from the outside world of deception and lies.

Solidly Grounded in Truth and Mental-Reasoning, Free from Fakery and Deception

In time, you will notice, as you become solidly grounded in truth and reason, that mainstream media is not even that good at shaping their lies and deceit. You will start to see the comedy and the surreal nature of the whole circus known as mainstream media news.

You will also see the wide disconnect mainstream media has from the actual reality of truth and reason.

Once you see it this way, you will notice that you are completely mentally free from fakery and deceptive government-controlled mainstream media lies. And, that will be a good reason to celebrate hugely.

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As an example; waking up to the news of ISIS is no big deal. ISIS is another new fake terror experiment that the Intelligence agencies have funded and armed in order to maintain their long-term plans. The stated goals are clear and easy to understand.

Mental Stability

Understanding these simple techniques to help shape your mental discernment prior to hearing mainstream media breaking news stories, will give you a mental stability that you cannot imagine.

Just become conscious by choosing it. By acting on those synchronicities, the so-called meaningful coincidences: Acting on calls for moves that inspire us, by taking action through listening to your inner voice coming from your inner-being; your inner-knowing.

Discernment is made possible by paying attention to these instinctive feelings and basic intuitions.

Consciousness means coming from the heart, getting in touch with and going into a state of intuitive knowing. Hence, in contrast to accessing the internet, consciousness allows us to access our ‘inner-net.’

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Detaching from the Mind Control Programming

Choosing to become conscious, means detaching oneself from the mind control programming; escaping the effects of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual prison, devised and erected by the Deep State.

Choosing consciousness puts us on a pathway that’s been denied to us as a race since ancient times.

Not many people know this, but they need to raise their heads above the cosy fortifications and have the courage and conviction to express their intuitive inner thoughts with regard to right and wrong.

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Having broken free from the mind programming and the imposition of others, with multidimensional consciousness, escaping the dualistic confinements of matter, energy and space-time, makes anything possible.

The Foundations of Physical Freedom

In fact, there are only two kinds of people on earth and not more. Those who want to control and oppress and those who want to be left alone and be free. Life really is that simple.

Once we see the simplicity of it all, you can be sure that we will begin to taste ‘true freedom’; mental freedom, which is akin to spiritual freedom which is where true freedom actually begins.

The controllers know that their armoury is a lot more fragile, weaker and more vulnerable than what they have led us to believe. They have simply created a fake reality for us to live in, built on air and false words.

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Remember, the foundation of physical freedom is the freedom we tend to think of as the only kind of freedom. On the contrary, before you can truly be free, you must be mentally and spiritually free.

Are you taking steps toward the latter? Or are you vulnerable to enslavement with each waking day?

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Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi

Wake Up Kiwi Wake Up Kiwi
The Secret Meaning of April Fool’s Day - Including: Bread And Circus, Medication And Conditioning, Omission And Denial
April 1 2023 | From: GnosticWarrior / Various

April Fools’ Day is a special day dedicated to playing practical jokes and pranks.

In English- speaking countries it is known as an April fool; in France, an April fish; in Scotland, he is an April gawk.

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But most people who partake in the foolish fun have no idea why we still celebrate this day filled with gags.

It makes you wonder who is being played the fool here.

The secret meaning of April Fools’ Day surrounds the story of the old Gnostic, pagan celebrations, and Christ being Crucified.

My research shows that it was created by the Church in order to fool and ridicule the followers of various rites that were celebrated on April 1st surrounding the competing cults of the Roman Saturnulia and the Druidical rites.

April Fool’s Day is but a corruption of All Fool’s Day; and that it is borrowed from the Roman “Festum Fatuorum,” Feast of Fools, a Fool‘s Holiday.

A sort of foolish Christian propaganda they would employ to play jokes on who they may have thought were pagan fools.

Bread and Circus, Medication and Conditioning, Omission and Denial

This is Big Sports and Entertainment have been designed to keep the masses appeased so they don’t have time to become concerned about how the Establishment is ripping them off at every level nor any inclination to be motivated to stop them from doing so.

And it's not a new trick but a variation on a theme developed by the elite in Roman times.

This is where the great schism lies. The awake and aware have snapped out of the control system. Those who haven't are being tooled around like puppets on a million nano strings. When you don't know, you don't know that you don't know...and are very easy to keep being fooled.

When you've woken up, the world is completely reversed from everything you were told and believed before. You now know that you now know! And everything rights itself and all is clear.

It takes some cobweb clearing to get a handle on the real picture but it happens, and in a relative hurry.

Truth not only defends itself, but drives itself.

The Romans came up with the idea that if you keep the people fed, watered and entertained - distracted - the 'elite' can get away with anything, behind the scenes. Today we have professional sports hysteria, mass media movies, mindless reality TV and music filling that role nicely, while subconsciously programming the masses with the themes and thoughtforms the elite decide on to further their agendas

"Bread and circuses" (or bread and games; from Latin: panem et circenses) is metonymic for a superficial means of appeasement. In the case of politics, the phrase is used to describe the generation of public approval, not through exemplary or excellent public service or public policy, but through diversion; distraction; or the mere satisfaction of the immediate, shallow requirements of a populace, as an offered "palliative."

Its originator, Juvenal, used the phrase to decry the selfishness of common people and their neglect of wider concerns.
The phrase also implies the erosion or ignorance of civic duty amongst the concerns of the commoner.

Much of the violence and filth we have to live with can be directly attributed to this powerful mind-kontrol system which operates by the power of 60 HZ conditioned susceptibility, hypnosis for many. Hollywood superstars are paid big money because what they do is important to the Establishment Hierarchy, in terms of mind-kontrolling the masses and much of the world.

How do they maintain this illusion? Mental conditioning is the name of the game for the designers and propagators of the matrix.

Distraction: The Major Mass Media Cartel

This is best described as the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM). It uses an Intel proprietary to vet every single story carried by the news networks which actually function as a virtual and illegal Monopoly.

This Khazarian Mafia proprietary is a major Investment House that claims to be on the Vanguard of progressive investments.

Distraction: Mass Entertainment

This is based on the sophisticated mind-kontrol served up by Hollywood and the Television networks and movie theaters. It controls the culture, values and mores of the group mind and and keeps the massed sedated and satiated.

When folks experience frequent “shoot em up” action scenario’s sitting in front of large screen TVs and in movie theaters and frequently see the impossible, this satiates their expectations and exhausts their motivation to actually change society for the better.

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Many have become so “programmed” mentally by the TV and movies that they have trouble distinguishing between fantasy and reality and easily accept their mind-kontrolled state.

Once the pattern is established in its captive subjects, the more you can pour the lies on without them being noticed.
Also disguised is the fact that their every intention for humanity is for control and exploitation....at any cost or consequence to these expendable "human resources".

To achieve this conditioning requires quite an effort on their part, because we are ultimately irrepressible and they know that. It's like chemtrails. If they don't keep spraying the required concentration of their toxic soup the effects start to wane, like the fluoride dosing and the rest. To keep the vast majority sleep walking they use all kinds of methods and have to maintain them.

"The more we do to you, the less you seem to believe we are doing it."

- Josef Mengele

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It's also inspiring...because no matter what they do to us they can't put us out of commission. Unless they kill us off entirely, but that's just a promotion to the next level.

Tools that Numb

But what specifically do they control us by? They flood our bodies with drugs delivered by any means possible; deprivation of nutrition, sunlight and clean air, water and food; dumbed down education and a fully controlled media with mind numbing false news and so-called entertainment; electromagnetic smog blasting on the human nervous system wavelength; violence and oppressive fear and terror tactics, and on and on.

They do this with impunity. Imagine the world is a massive internment camp where the captors give the illusion the inmates are free by letting them have a few choices within this massive facility, and disguise the barbed wire fence as gorgeous murals, and the control devices as modern marvels for their advancement.

Wars are a perfect example. All supposedly for our defense, safety and security, when it's the exact opposite.

All Wars Are Bankers' Wars

Basic Simple Questions

Some fundamental questions that beg answers that are evident before any clear thinking individual:

How can a government usurping monstrosity like the United Snakes Corporation and its affiliate thugs gang rape a planet and make it look benevolent?

How can obviously lying elitist politicians bought off by the highest bidder be taken as serious entities in governing institutions?

How can known secretive government sponsored agencies pull off assassinations and staged bombings and shootings in plain sight?

How can the most murderous, supremacist, fascist, arrogant, racist people on earth be called "the chosen ones" and given title to anything they want including their own sanctioned Zionist territory and ravenous, genocidal agenda and be given complete religious, social and political immunity and massive financial support? All supposedly based on clearly misguided insane religious zeal?

How can sweeping freedom destroying measures be instituted by "executive order" and other means in a representative republic, or any supposedly democratic regime?

How can the food, water and air be deliberately poisoned in public knowledge and in plain sight?

How can the genetic modification of not just plants and animals but human beings be tolerated, no matter the stated justification?

How can technocratic electro-surveillance, artificial intelligence, robotic warfare and social and mental manipulation be known and accepted as legitimate human altering science and in full implementation for mass control?

....and on and on...why wouldn't people in such an abused situation not go virtually berserk in protest, or a least speak out on a massive scale?

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From Pagan Celebrations to the Crucifixion of Christ

The majority of modern scholars favour the date 7 April, 30 AD to be when Christ had been crucified. Another popular date is Friday, April 3, AD 33. This date I believe later became the holiday we now call April Fools’ Day or All Fools’ Day.

In Italy, France and Belgium, children and adults traditionally tack paper fishes on each other’s back as a trick and shout “April fish!”

The Koine Greek word for fish: ἰχθύς, (capitalized ΙΧΘΥΣ or ΙΧΘΥϹ) is a symbol consisting of two intersecting arcs, the ends of the right side extending beyond the meeting point so as to resemble the profile of a fish, used by early Christians as a secret Christian symbol and now known colloquially as the “sign of the fish” or the “Jesus fish.”

In order to catch a fish, you have to fool it with some bait that is concealing a sharp hook. Once the fish bites the bait, he has been fooled and by Jesus, you caught a fish.

Only this time, they are fishers of men…

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Supporting Research:

The origin of this custom has been much disputed, and many ludicrous solutions have been suggested, e.g. that it is a farcical commemoration of Christ being sent from Annas to Caiaphas, from Caiaphas to Pilate, from Pilate to Herod, and from Herod back again to Pilate, the crucifixion having taken place about the 1st of April.

What seems certain is that it is in some way or other a relic of those once universal festivities held at the vernal equinox, which, beginning on old New Year’s day, the 1st of March, ended on the 1st of April.

This view gains support from the fact that the exact counterpart of April-fooling is found to have been an immemorial custom in India.

The festival of the spring equinox is there termed the feast of fool, the last day of which is the 1st of March, upon which the chief amusement is the befooling of people by sending them on fruitless errands. It has been plausibly suggested that Europe derived its April-fooling from the French.

They were the first nation to adopt the reformed calendar, Charles IX., in 1564 decreeing that the year should begin with the 1st of January.

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